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2 days ago
Current Hit my head pretty hard today. nothing serious, but the headache is making it difficult to write proper posts. my apologies in advance.
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1 mo ago
tfw you have a perfect immune system and haven't been sick in years, but suddenly get sick one day before your sister's wedding
2 mos ago
As a geek gamer girl, it feels good to be challenged to a fighting game kick two guys' asses


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Bump, I deleted some taken idea and added two new ones.
Bump, I Added three new ideas!
Welcome to my interest check!

First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m FaithfulMuse, Faith for short, a 23 year old student from Holland looking for a few fun roleplays to keep me entertained in my free time. I’m a bit of a geek/dork, especially when it comes to superhero and fantasy stuff. I’m a fan of DC although I may not know all about all the characters, but also love Marvel. Aside from that, I love fantasy, no matter in what setting, and love to read about greek mythologies and whatnot. I’m also quite fond of watching Netflix in my spare time, adult colouring books, drawing and every so often I also like to read. I love OOC chat, so if we’ll be doing a roleplay together, feel free to send me a friendly message.

Don’t find anything that interests you in here? Don’t worry, I’m open to a lot of genres, pairings and whatnot! Feel free to send me a pm and see if we can find something that interests us both! Hopefully I’ll hear from you soon!
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