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1 yr ago
Current After nearly three years, I caught covid.
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3 yrs ago
Someone stole a jar of melatonin from the store that I work at. I hope it keeps them up at night.
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6 yrs ago
Being tiny, curious as hell, cute and incredibly clumsy, I find Meltan surprisingly relatable for a lump of metal with a nut for a head.
6 yrs ago
I didn't know I had a favorite steel-type pokemon until Meltan. Not to be dramatic, but I'd die for that little fella
6 yrs ago
Everyone wants to be special, yet nobody seems to realise that being special isn't always a good thing.


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Bump! Added a story idea!
Hey there, welcome to my interest check!

As the title states, I'm looking for a new and fun 1x1 rp and possibly a new friend. So, first off, some things about me:
-I am a 28 year old woman.
-English is not my first language, but I feel like I'm pretty good at it. There might be some grammatical errors, which I'm hoping you'll be willing to overlook.
-I'm not willing to write sex scenes. Other than that, I'm fine with mature themes.
-I have a job and am doing a study from home. Because of this, I will not be able to reply daily. Once a week is my average.
-I don't do fandom rps.
-I am open to a lot of genres.
-I write about one to two paragraphs per post on average.
-I'm most used to rping female characters, but am open to playing different genders if requested. Though please keep in mind, I might not be the greatest at it.
-Romance is optional, but by no means neccessary to me.

Now that you have a bit of an idea of who I am, here's what I'm looking for:
-Someone who's 18+, or mature enough to handle any mature themes that might occur.
-At least one short paragraph per post
-ooc chat isn't a requirement at all, but I enjoy it a lot. I love to get to know the person I'm writing with!
-Honesty. If there's anything that bothers you or you feel like dropping the rp, please let me know. I don't mind, as long as you tell me.

And that's it! Now, in terms of ideas... I finally have one!

That's all I have! For this this idea, I am willing to play either male or female, but if you ask me to play a male, please be patient with me, as I have little to no experience writing one. I have no role in mind for your character, so feel free to create someone with their own motivations and goals and let me know! Hopefully it'll turn into an interesting rp.

So if you've read all that and are interested, feel free to reply to this topic, or shoot me a pm!
Bump, a new plot has been added (and one is removed, perhaps temporarily, or permanently)
Bump, I deleted some taken idea and added two new ones.
Bump, I Added three new ideas!
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