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4 mos ago
Current That moment when some asks you genuinely if taxidermy has anything to to with taxes. I mean.... Sales tax maybe?
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1 yr ago
Gonna try to get replies out but it's kinda hard. Out of state till 27th
1 yr ago
Looooong drive ahead of me starting tomorrow. Will reply as I can.
1 yr ago
Heaven got an ecstatic angel this morning. Bit too soon for me though. Won't reply for a bit
2 yrs ago
Replys are gonna slow a little. Having some family... Issues.


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*distant ferret sounds*
Oh look, a bump after all this time.
Oh look at that, it's a bump
I'd imagine they would~ Although ferrets would fit equally as well in a trickster fae role~
Ferrets are neat yo
~Be able to string together basic sentences. I will allow one paragraph posts, that's fine! A couple of lines? That be cool too. But I do need more than one liners please.
~Romance! Just about everyone loves it. And I don't mind it. But if two characters don't have chemistry, they don't. I'm not going to mold my characters just so they can be with someone else's.
~ Adding this because it's starting to become a problem. I WILL NOT DO ROMANCE FOR THE SAKE OF ROMANCE. Nor will I play just a male because you want to play a female in a romantic situation. Usually I will role play one man and one woman at the very least. If my male, whenever he comes into the role play, does not click with your female, there will not be romance between them. Likewise, my ladies, if they come in, don't need no man in their lives. All of my characters are designed to function without a S/O. Plot comes before romance. At every time. No matter what. This is not an action movie where our heroes will stop saving the world to make out while the world is exploding. They got priorities.
~18+ Stuff. I am willing to not fade to black. Or we can fade to black if you like. I don't mind rping sexy times. But if they drag on and on... I'll get bored. So very bored. Not to say we can't have a smutty rp. Sometime's it's fun. But again... We can't ONLY do sexytimes. No one has that much stamina.
~If you don't want to rp anymore, or need plot/ideas added, feel free to let me know! We'll work on it. Too awkward and uncertain to talk about it to me? That's fine! If you haven't posted in a month, I'll assume it's over. No hard feelings here.
~Here's something a bit different about me, to add to the stuff above. If you just stop replying... I really don't judge. Sometimes you think you've replied when you actually haven't. Sometimes you just forget. And sometimes you lose interest. It happens. I might message you after a week to see if you're still interested, but if you don't reply after that? I'll live. Again... Really no hard feelings. And if you think I haven't posted in a bit... for the love of fudge harass me. I am caretaker for multiple disabled family members. And going to college. I get frazzled. If I have not given you a reason I have not replied, POKE ME.
~This will be over PM. That's the only place I rp.
~I am chatty, fair warning. Expect to be chatted with and told stories about my assortment of pets.
~I happily play male or female roles. What am I irl? It doesn't really matter, I think. Too many people let it color what people assume one is able to role play.
~I do mxm, fxf, and mxf equally. Or if you want things can be platonic! Whatever works

Really only interested in new rps of the Skyrim variety right now. Just a craving I'm having. I don't have any set plots in kind, but if you have any I'd love to hear or we can hash something out.
*insert something witty*
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