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2 yrs ago
Current Being tiny, curious as hell, cute and incredibly clumsy, I find Meltan surprisingly relatable for a lump of metal with a nut for a head.
2 yrs ago
I didn't know I had a favorite steel-type pokemon until Meltan. Not to be dramatic, but I'd die for that little fella
2 yrs ago
Everyone wants to be special, yet nobody seems to realise that being special isn't always a good thing.
3 yrs ago
Aren't ghost-type trainers just the necromancers of the pokemon universe?
3 yrs ago
@Delta44 oh, that's a lot! I got 600 to pay (we split the ticket). @RabidRabbit: but I'm a girl...


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Noot! Noot!
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Never stop believing with Old faithful. She will never let you down.
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Hey! I'm just thinking, FaithfulMuse is so amazing! Have a great day!
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You didn't have any visitor messages, so I made one for you. *hugs*
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