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4 yrs ago
Current I'M BACK! Hit me up!
4 yrs ago
Leaving 20 September until 30 October. Going to be a shitty time in the field. Probably going to be a week after that before I even think about writing again.
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4 yrs ago
Going on exercise as of 19 September. Not sure if I am going for 3 or 6 weeks...
4 yrs ago
Vacation time! Will try to keep posting, but can't guarantee anything, please be patient.
4 yrs ago
RIP in peace, Bauble. We barely knew ye...
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Course is over! Whoop! Whoop!
I have no fucking clue what the fuck is going on.
Posting speed and availability is subject to change without notice, and I won't have internet when my vacation ends, which is tomorrow...
Thank you, have a nice day!

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Better than I was a few weeks ago. Just gotta try and get my writing back together.
Hey! I am okay, I think. We're not together any more, but she's out of the hospital and doing okay. Just working on getting my inspiration back at this point.
I'm really sorry. I'm not sure I can do it right now. Having some major personal issues. Girlfriend is in the hospital and work is being stupid and I feel like my creativity is being drained. And then I feel worse because I know I told you I'd post. It's like a vicious cycle of shitty, uncreative bullshit, and I'm sorry. I think I need a break. I dunno how long it'll be either...
I have one in progress, will post asap.
I'm really sorry. I don't know how two weeks got away on me like this.
Oliver reacted quickly when he realized what was going on. Sanguine had easily stopped the trio of thugs that had thought to back up their compatriot. But now there was a new threat storming in their direction. The woman was shaking, her voice filled with that about-to-crack roar so characteristic of someone ready and willing to make rash decisions in the name of rage. The Cleric produced his tomahawk and slowly eased his way into the woman's path before she could reach his partner.

The violence with which this woman strode toward the vampire was impressive, but she was no match for either of her opponents, let alone both of them. The Paladin gently pressed the flat top of his tomahawk against the woman's neck, keeping her from moving any further forward unless she wanted to try her luck with the blade or the spike of the axe. "How about we start by calming down?" he challenged. "You don't get to talk to her like that." he added firmly, waiting for an excuse to wipe the floor with the woman. She started to yell again, but didn't get out a whole syllable before the warrior had smacked her across the face with the flat of his throwing axe. "You calm the hell down, or I'll do it for you." he promised. He'd struck her just hard enough to hurt, but not hard enough to do any real damage. He was just trying to make a point.

Lucky for her, she managed to take a deep breath. Angry as she was, the woman did seem to understand that she could, quite possibly, be out of her league. "We'd be more than happy to replace your potion. You're going to have to show us some patience, though." he started. "You can start by telling us what kind of potion it was. Do you have a recipe, or know where we can get one?" If she bought it straight off the shelf it would be a different story, but at this point he was pretty sure it would be easier to make her a new potion than it would be to buy it, if she really had saved for a whole year to get it. Whatever it was...
Oliver was excited to get a quest, so he didn't notice the man about to bump into him until it was too late. He immediately recognized the tactic though. Hazing the new guy. The Cleric stood stoically, thinking that if he beat down the meanest dog in the junkyard, maybe the others would show him some respect. The warrior didn't get a chance to act before the man who'd bumped into him was demanding that Sanguine stay and drink with them. The Paladin remained deadpan. The vampire was his, and he was about to demonstrate that. "Yeah, naw, I'm good thanks. Let's take this outside, mate. Settle this like the savages you lot clearly are."

If the taunting didn't work, Oliver was fully prepared to step in past the man's guard and elbow him in the neck as hard as he could. Lucky for him, though, the man took the bait. It started as a complete flushing of the man's face as rage built up. He turned bright red, and the others behind him shuffled a little, clearly waiting for this man to make a move before they did anything.

"You lot can wait here. We're going to step outside." he informed his assailant's supporters. They looked a mixture of relieved and enraged at their dismissal.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Oliver's newest rival demanded to know.

"Let's go find out, mate." the Paladin offered in reply. He turned his back on the man to step toward the door, fully anticipating the haymaker that followed. Hazing the new guy wasn't going so well, and this adventurer was about to learn the consequences of unchecked anger. The man had to good sense to step in, using his whole body to propel his fist toward the Cleric. Unfortunately for him, Oliver's senses were heightened, waiting for the sound of a dishonourable swing. He stepped off the line, swinging his body under the flailing fist, and shooting his elbow into the man's solar plexus. He followed it with another elbow to the ear, and then completed his about turn, using his momentum to kick the man's left knee out from under him. The adventurer collapsed, his silver pendant unable to keep him from being brilliantly outclassed.

To add insult to injury, the fighter grabbed his opponent by the head with both hands, and gently bumped his temple with his knee, emphasizing the force he could have put behind the blow. Then he whipped out his tomahawk and smacked the fallen adventurer on the back of the head with the flat of it. "You're a dead man." he stated. He wondered if he was going to regret such bold actions, realizing that he hadn't been paying attention to anything else while he taught the other man a lesson. He supposed he was about to find out...
If they fuck the party over, start doing what my gm does, make the world more lethal by incorporating npcs with class levels. In major cities and such the guards are often tenth level fighters, or the equivalent. Then slightly ramp up the response if they go murderhobo, and just pull your punches a tiny bit with the people not fucking the party over XD
ah, I guess that makes sense. 7 people, fuck that's a lot. That should be a pretty successful party assuming they don't split up.
I will work on that.

Oh nice, that sounds like fun. We just got back into it Saturday, and we're starting up Shadowrun for every second week. What did your players decide on for characters? did you let them talk to each other to create the party?
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