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Current who remembers timesplitters?
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I am into seeing a wall of deat with the mad max song by tryhardninja
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Arcanine is best big fluffy doggo.
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@unicorgi Aibohphobia (fear of palindromes) is a palindrome in of itself. So there is someone that is an epic but cruel prankster.
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i prefer my pizza with salami, feta, crushed garlic, cayene pepper spice and ground ginger.
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Hi all, I am Fer1323.
Info about me:
Sex: male
Country: South Africa
Rp likes: any
Fav singer/band: Tryhardninja
Fav Video game/s:
1: White knight chronicles 2
2: Dragon's dogma
3: Timsplitters Future perfect
4: Phantasy star portable 2
5: Lightning returns

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Oscar Berg


Anyone who entered Vareena Forest would be greeted by a myriad of sounds. The song of Fletchlings flitting from branch to branch, Cutieflies buzzing around wildflowers, rustling leaves as Panpours, Pansears and Pansages climbed trees in search of berries. Over the backdrop of nature, a human voice rose.

"Ah! Sorry there little one! I didn't mean to step on you... Eheheheh..." Several Pokemon yells accompanied thumping footsteps. "Leavanny, hold them off! Lopunny, Gothorita, please help out!"

In a clearing, a strangely-dressed woman - her clothing mostly made of leaves and flowers - backed away from where a mushroom Pokemon shuddered on the ground, as several green-capped, lizardlike ones closed in. Next to her, a Leavanny dodged a punch and leapt forward, retaliating with sharp blades. The other two Pokemon followed, the Lopunny leaping into the air and knocking out one of the attackers with a kick, the Gothorita calmly unleashing a multicoloured beam from her eyes that sent another reeling.

The Brelooms who still stood snickered at their fainted comrades and rushed at the defending Pokemon, one kicking the little Shroomish out of the way before sending the Lopunny flying with a blow from its tail. It was clear this gang of thugs didn't so much want to protect their own as pick a fight.

Meanwhile, Oscar and his band of pokemon had their food and fun and packed up before heading into the forest that was in the distance. A short while after entering, Oscar hears screams and shouts of distress. Oscar gets a face that Roadrunner knows all too well and runs after him. As the pair gets closer to the source, they hear sounds of fighting, and soon as they get in sight, they see a damsel in distress and her Pokemon being overwhelmed by skoomish and breloom.

In a split moment of quick thinking, Oscar sends out Skòll and Nomia. "skòll and RR, concentrate on clearing a path. Nomia, be supportive and help the other Pokemon get a reprieve." Oscar also snaps off a nearby branch quickly and starts to join in on the fight by swatting any breloom in the head when they distracted or playing golf with skoomish.

The trainer gave a sigh of relief as reinforcements arrived. "Thanks, but... Careful!" One of the Brelooms released a cloud of orange dust - Stun Spore. The Lopunny staggered to his feet. He jumped in front of the trainers and their Pokemon, shaking his head so his ears wafted the powder away from them. His fur showed flecks of it, but oddly enough, they didn't seem to affect him.

"Whew, good move there Lopunny," the woman commented. "Ok, hit back with another Bounce! Gothorita, use Psyshock, and Leavanny, X-Scissor!" As her Pokemon launched once more into action, she joined the fray herself, taking off her backpack and using it to knock a Breloom aside.

Cos of the Fire type advantage, Skòll and Roadrunner cleave through the grass type numbers with East. With Oscar and Nomia helping keep from many to focus on Skòll, Roadrunner and others, the horde slowly gets culled to a lonely skoomish. Before it can be knocked out fully, Oscar takes out a pokeball and throws at the skoomish. With a flash of light, it disappears into the ball and with three wiggles, it locks in the ball. But as Oscar picks it up, it disappears as a ping comes from his pokedex. He takes out his pokedex and reads the notification.

Leavanny, who'd moved to protect the Shroomish from any more attackers, started in surprise as it disappeared. Looking up at Oscar, the bug gave a happy cry, face brightening with a smile. The trainer wore a similar, albeit more reserved look, contrasting with Oscar's disappointment as the Pokeball disappeared. "I see you've already got a full team. Don't worry, the Shroomish will be better off somewhere safe than around them." She glanced at the unconscious Brelooms while she bent down, taking a Super Potion from her backpack and spraying it on the bruised Lopunny.

He has a sigh of defeat before he turns and addresses the female, but before he gets one word out, Nomia glows and Oscar's and his other pokemon's eyes are on her, especially Skòll's eyes. Her small glowing eevee form grows into a bigger form and as the glowing dims, Nomia blinks as she shakes her green-tipped ears and wags her leafy tail. Skòll looks to be in awe and yips happily before going to nuzzle her but found it hard due to their current difference in size and height. As Skôll whimpers, Nomia gives a loving smile and leans down to give some tender nuzzles to him.

The foliage-clad woman's smile widened. "Congratulations! This is a popular place for trainers to evolve their Eevees," she told Oscar, gesturing to a large, moss-covered rock in the clearing. "The energy from this rock turns them into Leafeons. What can I say, all's well that ends well."

Beside her, Leavanny wasted no time in cutting several leaves from a shrub, biting holes in them, and threading them together with silk from her mouth. "Leeee! Leeee!" She draped the necklace over the flats of her blades and presented it to Nomia.

The trainer gave a soft chuckle. "Looks like it's a mix of a thank you gift and a celebration one. It'll last a long time, Leavanny thread preserves the leaves they use for clothing and accessories."

Nomia looks appreciative of the flower necklace and walks around, flaunting her new form and piece of fashion while Skòll looks at her in awe with a weak smile. Oscar notices this and turns to the saved female. " well, introductions are in order. My name is Oscar. The combusken is Roadrunner, the growlithe is Skoll and the last one that evolved is Nomia. May I get an introductions in return?"

"Oh! Do excuse me," the woman replied. "I'm Ramie, nice to meet all of you. Leavanny and I were out here collecting materials. We make contest wear."

Her eyes flicked back towards the two dogs. "I think Skoll might need a Fire Stone to solve the height difference issue. Actually, now I think about it, that'd just create a new one," she joked. She'd only seen a few Arcanines, mostly in contests, but they were far from small.

"Hmmm. I may have one from helping out a spelunker or someone that works in caves." Oscar takes off his backpack before he rummages through it and takes out the red stone with a flame inside. "I assume this is one and it should make Skòll evolve if what you say is true. Skòll, catch!"

Oscar throws the stone towards Skòll and Skòll turns, runs, and jumps to catch in mid-air. As Skòll lands, he starts to glow and grows several times his size. As he stops glowing, a mountainous mass of floofy is his place, with now duller firestone in his maw.

Nomia lets out a cry of joy and runs to nuzzle him, only to be in the same place Skòll was moments ago. Skòll leans down and nuzzles her and Nomia murrs, not minding being smaller than him. Oscar seems to be taken aback a bit on how big Skòll is but seems to hold his composure quite well. For some aspiring trainers who has a keen ear and memory, would remember hearing stories of how radical some Pokemon go when they evolve.

Ramie stared up in awe, as did her Pokemon. "That Fire Stone was quite the lucky reward then! Although if I'd known you had one, I'd have said..." She paused, feet turning inwards. "When some Pokemon evolve by stone, their movepools become limited. That's just in terms of leveling up though, they can still learn plenty of moves through TMs and tutoring. I'm sure the gym leader in Fratmenson will be happy to help out!"

She looked at the huge Fire type again, then at Oscar. "Speaking of gym leaders, if you're a league challenger and you have yet to battle Saki in Vareena, an Arcanine will be a great help."

Oscar nods in acknowledgment to both statements. He looks at Skòll and looks deep in thought. [color=green]" I heard some rumors of arcanines and some passing jokes from my parents about how majestic they are and how fast they are. Do you want a lift back to town? That is if you think it a good idea to do so. I mean so soon after evolution. His size and the rumored speed has gotten me thinking for a contest routine."[color]

"That'd be great, thank you!" Ramie nodded as she hauled her backpack onto her shoulders. "As long as carrying two people isn't uncomfortable for him." Turning to her Pokemon, she took several Pokeballs from her belt. "You ok returning for now?"

Lopunny hopped into his Pokeball, the other two Pokemon followings and disappearing into theirs. "How familiar are you with Vareena Town?" Ramie asked Oscar, clipping the devices to her belt and approaching Skoll. "I can give you directions if you want - this forest's pretty big, and more like a jungle in places. If you like contests, though, you'll love Vareena."

"That will be a great help since I am new to the region. Let us climb on our steed before we head off." After Nomia in her ball and convincing Roadrunner to do so as well, for the time being, Oscar and Ramie mount Skòll and head towards Vareena town with a nice easy brisk pace.

@Bria The Human

Can I be a shiny eevee
Count me in. Will make a 's in the morn
Oscar Berg


Oscar stops for lunch and releases all his pokemon. He gives them all some food before they go and form their groups. Oscar sits on a rock nearby in deep thought. He is thinking about Team Noble's true intentions and how information about other teams from other regions can help him if at all. He also thinks about the others like how Ty is oblivious to the events unfolding and how Sophia is fixated on impressing her parents and her reputation more than doing a good deed for no reward in return.

Diasho instantly picks up on Oscar's emotionly state and after the others have eaten and before they can play or anything else, He talks to them about cheering their trainer up. Skoll and Roadrunner were onboard quickly with fiery passion. Aurora smiles slyly, loving how passionate her future mate is as she joins in too. Nomia was a little shy and reluctant at first but smiles and joins with a smile. Kushala was the last to join in as he is still getting used to having all these pokemon and Oscar as family and still be traumatized but was eventually convinced to join in.

what they ended up deciding is some playful mischief. First, Roadrunner went up and swiped Oscar's lunch and before Oscar could react, Roadrunner passed to to Kushala who ran and gave it to Skoll. Oscar smirked as he saw what they were doing and it was working. Oscar decided to play their game and took chase. He had fun bonding with his pokemon as the passed the food to one another, keeping it out of Oscar's reach.
i can help with sci fi if you want. I have experiance with a fair amount of scifi tropes from the common to niche. Just ask
thanks. I will try to finish my character progression so you can approve or disapproved of anything you dont like. I have done feats and point buy stats so far.
I dont mind a discord occ thou it is a little differcult for me atm to access discord reliably on a regular basis. Sad to say. If it is a must, i will make a plan.

I do think we need a fourth if I remember correctly
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