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Current I am Comptia A+ and N+ certified. Need to get a Job.
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Well, many words, acronyms ,idioms and names were created to describe things as concisely, effectively and efficiently as possible.
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Well, I want alchoholic ginger beer! i want to burn my throat with ultimate fire water!
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Like this if you desire to hug a fluffy warm Arcanine.
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Sweet child of mine, You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L Nobody's on your level This freedom trail you're walking is A long road to your apocalypse


Hi all, I am Fer1323.
Info about me:
Sex: male
Country: South Africa
Rp likes: any
Fav singer/band: Tryhardninja
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1: White knight chronicles 2
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4: Phantasy star portable 2
5: Lightning returns

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The shop was only a short distance away, ivy growing up its walls, flower-filled hanging baskets by the door. The windows displayed elaborate suits and dresses, along with an array of collars, scarves and other accessories for Pokemon. Opening the door to a comfortably rustic interior, Ramie smiled at the suit-clad man at the desk. "Hey! I brought you a customer, along with supplies," she giggled, handing over the basket. "And I hope you don't mind, but this young man helped me when I ran into trouble in the woods just now, so would a discount be possible?"

The other tailor nodded. "Certainly! How did it all go, are you ok?"

Ramie nodded. "We're fine, thanks. Hmm, I might need a Fire or Flying type though..."

The two frilled jellyfish Pokemon floating by the man, one pink and one blue, drifted over to Oscar. "Frill? Frill-ish?" Slowly, they circled him.

The man laughed. "Oh don't you worry, for all the stories you might've heard about Frillishes, Rex and Rhiannon won't hurt you. They're really friendly." The blue Frillish turned round, using Psychic to open a desk drawer and pull out a measuring tape, which unrolled and floated like a streamer. "Now," the tailor continued, "how can we help?"

Oscar smiles at the warm welcome from the royal duo before taking a moment or few to think about his request, looking at all the suits and dresses. He thinks back to songs generally heard in previous contests and his childhood in general. He could only think of one that stands out to him that would be great to his current team should be able to pull off spectacularly.

”I am looking for a suit suited for a desert and sandstorm protection but looks like it is well used and battered. I would like an outfit and saddle of the same theme for my arcanine if possible. I am willing to help and work off my debt if too expensive.”

Oscar hopes it is not a tall order and not too expensive as it will make the contest idea harder without the outfits as they are a big part of the plan.

The man nodded. "That's doable, I'll just need measurements, for you and your Arcanine." He took his notepad and stood, gesturing to a spacious, empty part of the shop. As Rex and Rhiannon floated around Oscar, taking his measurements, the tailor noted them down.

"For a matching trainer and Pokemon set," he told Oscar, "you'll get another discount. And it'll be ready in two days, so in time for the contest, but if you need it for rehearsals, we can try to have it done before then."

Ramie, meanwhile, sketched in a notepad of her own. "Is this what you're looking for?" she asked, showing Oscar a rough design of a weathered-looking jacket, shirt and trousers combo that wouldn't look out of place in a post-apocalyptic movie.

Oscar lets out Skoll so his measurement can be taken as well from the two jellyfish. It takes some effort from Oscar to keep Skoll from playing with the pokemon taking his measurements or the man taking them down. Skoll is panting and wagging his tail cos of the chin scratches and other attention from Oscar while attempting to lick Oscar’s face. Oscar manages to lessen the severity by dodging or deflecting Skoll’s licks.

Both tailors chuckled. "Well, you're quite the playful one, aren't you?" the man addressed Skoll, stepping back to avoid being bowled over. The Frillishes giggled, continuing their work despite the considerable difficulty.

Oscar Looks at Ramie’s notepad and nods while being satisfied at the design ”That will do perfectly. Thanks a lot.” Oscar smiles as everything seems to be going smoothly.

Ramie beamed. "No problem! I hope you like it when it's done!" She showed the other tailor, who nodded and set about calculating the price. The Frillishes, done with their measuring, watched the Arcanine while keeping a safe distance.

"A Pokemon that lively is going to love contests, I just know it," she commented. It'd be a great way for Skoll to use that pent-up energy, even if he still needed to get used to his new form. "If you want to get your registration in, the contest hall's right at the centre of town."

Oscar smiles and thanks Ramie and the tailor for their help. He says he will come back to pay for the outfits in two days once he makes arrangements with registration, gym battles and such. He gestures for Skoll to come outside and waves good-bye for now to the tailors. Once outside, Oscar climbs onto Skoll and gets him to run towards the contest hall for registration.

Considering Skoll's speed, it wasn't long until the town came into view. A quaint, cheery town, flowers of every colour lining streets and overflowing from cottage window ledges, perfuming the air. Tiny little Flabebes hopped around, giggling and playing, while Hoppips and Cottonees drifted overhead on the breeze, weaving around trees on either side of the paths. Vareena simply brimmed with life.

"Well, here we are," Ramie announced, peering down the main street through bright green hair that whipped at her face. "I take it you'll want to stop by the Pokemon centre to rest up. Our Pokemon will need it, after that." Potions helped, but the machine would heal any remaining wounds and fatigue. She gestured down a path leading off of the main one. "It's just this way."

Oscar nods and steers Skoll down the path and soon enough, they come across the pokecenter. ” I assume you live here? Was that pokemon attack normal around these parts? And have you heard any other such stories? And what of team noble?
Oscar plans to gather more varied stories and info about team noble and their endeavours as well as other worrying issues.

In response to Oscar's first question, Ramie nodded. "Yep, Vareena's a good place for contest tailors." At his second, her sunny smile dimmed. "Attack? I heard on the news about an attack near Mesalon... It isn't often something like that happens, this area's usually pretty quiet and friendly."

As Oscar mentioned Team Noble, Ramie became pensive. "As for Team Noble... Well there are rumours, and reports of kidnappings, but nobody knows why. League challengers, from what I've heard. Apparently the league's been having to increase its security." She thought back to the stories she'd heard, ones that often contradicted each other. Word even had it that a coordinator around here had had some kind of run in. Yet there hadn't seemed to be any outright attacks linked to Team Noble, not until now.

[color=28eb69]"This attack..."[color=28eb69] She gave a little frown of concern. "You weren't affected, were you? If I'm prying too much, I apologise."

Oscar gives a slight smile to Ramie and gives off Skoll before helping Ramie off of him too. "I wasn’t affected directly. Key word: Directly. There are friends that were affected." Oscar then adopts a sombre face as he recalls Skoll. "Thou I have made my mind up to get as strong as I can while learning about them and their actions to learn their plans"

Ramie's frown deepened as she headed into the Pokemon centre alongside Oscar. "Your friends, are they ok?" She couldn't blame Oscar for wanting to look into the matter himself, but did he know what he was dealing with? From the looks of it, nobody knew much about Team Noble at all.

Ahead of them, a hyped up girl stood by the desk, bubbling about how it had been a close call but she'd finally gotten the Bloom Badge. Ramie looked from her to Oscar. "If you want to get stronger, battling the gym leader will certainly help," she told him. "And speaking of the gym leaders, here's hoping they can deal with all this - but what a position some will have found themselves in." Someone like Saki, skilled as she was, shouldn't have to be involved.

”They are fine mostly thou one of them is tiring and stressing herself needlessly and constantly. I worried about her. I even meant and promised to be here with her but I came here early to have time to myself and have time to think myself and center myself while give myself a direction.”

Oscar gives a faint smile as he looks at the hyped girl doing her personal self victory celebration and thinks back to his first gym battle. ”Well, I have earned my first badge recently and it was a good battle experience and more. I think I will be able to win this one with minimal to medium difficulty depending on typing“

Oscar looks inside himself for a moment. Can he help or succeed where others , even the gym leaders, are failing and struggling? Can he be the person that will be vanguard of this region and prevent any more suffering?

At Oscar's mention of his friend, Ramie sighed. "I've seen that sometimes. Trainers and coordinators stressing themselves trying to be the best. Is it something like that? If you're ok talking about it, that is..." She fell silent, glancing at the desk.

The girl at the counter thanked the nurse and practically danced away. As Ramie headed over to get her Pokemon healed, she shifted to the brighter subject. "Congratulations on the badge though! As for typing, like I said before it does help, but people say strategy is the most important thing."

”It is okay. Don’t worry. It seems like she doesn’t like the thought of failure or being second best to anyone. At least to me.” Oscar lets Ramie heal her pokemon and thank the nurse before asking the nurse to heal his own. He thinks back to his letter and how Sophie is doing and if she won her gym battle.

Oscar snaps out his brooding and smiles at Ramie. ”Well, maybe practicing with some of the gym trainees or for a local contest can give me some ideas for strategies. I think I will use Skoll for the gym and contest but may need some help on attire. Can you help with that ”

Taking back her Pokemon, Ramie waited for Oscar to heal his own. “If you ask me,” she replied, “it’s sad how some people take competition too seriously. But anyway.” She returned Oscar’s smile. “I work at Twineedle Tailors, just along this street. It’s my day off, but I could take you there when you’re ready, so you can put in a request.”

Oscar joins Ramie with his healed pokemon and says with a sheepish smile.
”Please can you take me there? Also how much would a request cost normally? I am not exactly swimming in money currently.”

"Well, it depends what kind of outfit you want," Ramie explained as she led Oscar outside, "but considering how you helped back there, I'm sure you could get a discount!"
I can count on binary on my fingers, letting me count to 31 on one hand and hunrends in both hands

what pokemon do you have in mind?


Zanavy needs input!
owo. I cant wait for others to meet up with the leader Oscar. He needs some company
oof. any reason why?
MAgical wolves kingdom! Yes! i want that the most

yhere are a few others I dont either
Jean Ambiphian

Jean looks up at his guest from his brooding and gives a small bow. "I think some sun and fresh air is in order. I would like to show you around the grounds and gardens first. It gives me a good cause to inspect how the hedges and flowers are doing. It is spring after all so most should be blossoming now if not soon." Jean leads Gabrielle through the house to the ornate wooden door leading to behind the house.

Gabrielle can see a fountain, in the distance, made with a white marble primarina on top shooting out a jet and Brionne on the four cardinal positions holding the top platform and also shooting water. The fountain is surrounded by hedges, gravel pathways and stone benches. On the opposite side, there is a curated and well-keeped flower bushes and patches among some small orchards of fruit trees like olives, lemons, apples, oranges and more.

"Want to sit in silence and listen to the sounds of the garden or want to smell the flowers and pick out one that suits you? I am a big believer in symbols and flowers is a big one that has been instilled in me by my father. He speaks about the flower of our family being the protea cos of the protea's resourcefulness and daring attitude as it needs fire and adversity to survive. What is your true symbolic flower?"

monster hunter rp?
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