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Current Fun fact: Lestho is entirely landlocked by Republic of South Africa.
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when poeple fight over coffee and tea, I sit in the back drinking my liquers, ciders,
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when someone calls me a weeb, intends it as an offence and expects me to be angry, I shrug and ask "so? I can not be defined by one mere word. No one can and shouldn't be."
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Pokemon Transformation anyone?
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YOU dig giant robots I dig giant robots WE dig giant robots. Nice.


Hi all, I am Fer1323.
Info about me:
Sex: male
Country: South Africa
Rp likes: any
Fav singer/band: Tryhardninja
Fav Video game/s:
1: White knight chronicles 2
2: Dragon's dogma
3: Timsplitters Future perfect
4: Phantasy star portable 2
5: Lightning returns

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Well, could there be an apoacorthy or a person that is a contact for some lethal substances? There is also the concept of spealizing in a stylenof killing like accidents or natural deaths or robberies gone wrong.
Interested. I have a interesting idea or few already

Porscine is up early and busy making much of the more complex and involved breakfast dishes. He makes fried tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, flapjacks, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and more. All the frying is done in clean pans with olive oil from the olives grown on the property. While he makes those, the various berry jams arranged in the correct order of colours so each one blends into the next. There is double thick yoghurt, rolled oats, milk, honey and more. The sheer number of choices, smells and freshness will amaze most people including those like Gabrielle and her family.

Jean Ambiphian

Jean wakes up and takes a slow morning to get ready. Thou he does not need to clean his face of hair or have a full suit like his old routine, he has a new morning routine that includes a nice cream liquor made with the best moo moo milk and various berries femented from the property. He puts on a white and red coat and takes his cream liquor on the rocks to the dining room. He arrives later than Gabrielle and does not seem as stressed about looking or appearing social correct thou he does look good despite that fact. "Morning all. Morning M'lady. Thanks Mira and Aylssa for helping making and setting up. Mira, please go and thank the chef for me please." Jean goes to the food and dishes up a flapjack and put on bacon with some honey. "Dish up while it is all hot and fresh. This sort of treatment doesn't and won't last long and often. Enjoy the warm welcome as long as you are still on my good side."
I want to join. I have an idea for tech. How much can a person be legally be bionic or robot? I was playing around with the idea for my character to have lost some body parts ( a forearm and one eye are the two most important but will think/ add more for flavor if allowed). Obvoisly my character is going to be a techie and possibily an egineer or some other one like . Depends on the final tech in the implants.
I think it is good to be protective if you have poured a lot of time and effort in the project thou it does not mean you can get into a blind rage if someone dislikes or critizes it. Each to their own. As long as they respect it while doing so and if not, then you be composed about and kindly say screw off while finding someone who will enjoy the world as much as you. If someone gives their reasons why they dislike it or if they critize it, use that as a means to make the world better or different from others. If every sci fi world was like star trek or star wars, it would feel limited and boring imo. Add and make veriatiy while keeping somethings that poeple are familiar with and enjoy. Best of both worlds.
Hi all.

I am planning to do an aberrant campaign (which is conrempory setting where super humans are possible but less like those in DC or marvel and more like those in My hero academia or one peice).

You will be part of a homebrewed faction, DRRT angency (Diaster Reponse and Relief Tatics). Thou at first you will be normal humans or 'baselines' that 'erupt' due to some and the same stimuli (like a diaster, an attack from a mugger or even anotjer superhumann's powers) that is usually dangerous to one health or life. You will get each powers in reponse to the stimuli that is almost always to that character in some way. After the eruption events, you will be recuited into DRRT agency thou you soon find that there is more at first glance and more covert operations are to be taken around the globe to achieve your assigened duties.

I will have all needed material and I will freely answer any question to the best of my abilties.
Oscar Berg


Oscar smirks as Sophia seems a little more like her high and mighty self as she explains her goals. Arceus willing, they might all practice together. Oscar does not matter if he loses to a person that worked hard and is more creative or risky in his or her routine. All the better as it means that the quality is of the highest caliber possible. Quality rarely comes easily in anything and it takes time and hard work. Something that Sophia needs to understand, Oscar muses.

After Amber and Aedre come and explain the package, Oscar muses. "it must be really valuable in monetary terms or critical slash important for something. either way, we won't know for sure." Oscar is intrigue but not utterly interested to dedicated any resources to it now. He has bigger fish to fry. "Well, I am off to get a room. See you all later." He waves goodbye to everyone as he takes all of his pokemon and gets a room. In the room, He lets them all out to get comfortable. SkoLL, Nomia and kushala form a group while RR and Aurora form another. Diasho looking out of place is invited to sleep with Oscar.
@LuckyBlackCat sorry for being inactive. Internet is down atm and won't be fixed for about a week or so. Sorry about this.
I am interested in the aversian one. Ready to pm when you are
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