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Current who remembers timesplitters?
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I am into seeing a wall of deat with the mad max song by tryhardninja
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Arcanine is best big fluffy doggo.
7 mos ago
@unicorgi Aibohphobia (fear of palindromes) is a palindrome in of itself. So there is someone that is an epic but cruel prankster.
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i prefer my pizza with salami, feta, crushed garlic, cayene pepper spice and ground ginger.
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Hi all, I am Fer1323.
Info about me:
Sex: male
Country: South Africa
Rp likes: any
Fav singer/band: Tryhardninja
Fav Video game/s:
1: White knight chronicles 2
2: Dragon's dogma
3: Timsplitters Future perfect
4: Phantasy star portable 2
5: Lightning returns

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Oscar Berg


Oscar stops for lunch and releases all his pokemon. He gives them all some food before they go and form their groups. Oscar sits on a rock nearby in deep thought. He is thinking about Team Noble's true intentions and how information about other teams from other regions can help him if at all. He also thinks about the others like how Ty is oblivious to the events unfolding and how Sophia is fixated on impressing her parents and her reputation more than doing a good deed for no reward in return.

Diasho instantly picks up on Oscar's emotionly state and after the others have eaten and before they can play or anything else, He talks to them about cheering their trainer up. Skoll and Roadrunner were onboard quickly with fiery passion. Aurora smiles slyly, loving how passionate her future mate is as she joins in too. Nomia was a little shy and reluctant at first but smiles and joins with a smile. Kushala was the last to join in as he is still getting used to having all these pokemon and Oscar as family and still be traumatized but was eventually convinced to join in.

what they ended up deciding is some playful mischief. First, Roadrunner went up and swiped Oscar's lunch and before Oscar could react, Roadrunner passed to to Kushala who ran and gave it to Skoll. Oscar smirked as he saw what they were doing and it was working. Oscar decided to play their game and took chase. He had fun bonding with his pokemon as the passed the food to one another, keeping it out of Oscar's reach.
i can help with sci fi if you want. I have experiance with a fair amount of scifi tropes from the common to niche. Just ask
thanks. I will try to finish my character progression so you can approve or disapproved of anything you dont like. I have done feats and point buy stats so far.
I dont mind a discord occ thou it is a little differcult for me atm to access discord reliably on a regular basis. Sad to say. If it is a must, i will make a plan.

I do think we need a fourth if I remember correctly

I am mostly done my character progression. I have my background which is most done in my head. mechnically I am ready to start once my character has been approved.

Btw, I might ahve a friend who is coming and might be a healer as either a druid or cleric.

Also, I know that I will survive. I played warframe long enough to know how to battle and overcome overwhelming odds.

Well, I am planning to be a damage tank elditrich knight. I am going in 5 levels as conjuration wizard, at least two in fighter, 4 in rouge and 9 in eldritich knight. I am going to be human for that bonus feat. 16 int (14 point buy, +2 from race), 14 dex (point buy), 12 con (point buy), 10 str and wis and 8 chr.

Can I request one nerf to the metamagic feat "still spell"?

Or at least your thoughts on Arcane spell failure. It states that Arcane failure only applies if the spell has somantic aspect. By multiclassing and getting two levels in fighter is op for almost every wizard or sorcer or arcane spellcaster with that feat. The fact that it increases spell level by one makes it more op. The fact that an 18 level wizard can cast level 7 spells like delayed blast fireball and summon creature 7 in full plate adimanite armour is discerning.

I know that it was my plan to use it and i should not meta game but it is one feat that is unbalanced to me as leadership to others.


I would love to do this plot thou it has to happen in dms so send me one
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