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5 mos ago
Current who remembers timesplitters?
5 mos ago
I am into seeing a wall of deat with the mad max song by tryhardninja
5 mos ago
Arcanine is best big fluffy doggo.
6 mos ago
@unicorgi Aibohphobia (fear of palindromes) is a palindrome in of itself. So there is someone that is an epic but cruel prankster.
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6 mos ago
i prefer my pizza with salami, feta, crushed garlic, cayene pepper spice and ground ginger.
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Hi all, I am Fer1323.
Info about me:
Sex: male
Country: South Africa
Rp likes: any
Fav singer/band: Tryhardninja
Fav Video game/s:
1: White knight chronicles 2
2: Dragon's dogma
3: Timsplitters Future perfect
4: Phantasy star portable 2
5: Lightning returns

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Adult life sucks fyi
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