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Jeri wandered over to the group gathered around Honey and nodded in approval at their questions.

"Good to get out all the questions here," the Dunsparce remarked. "We'll hafta stay real quiet in the woods if we wanna avoid a fight." Jeri gave a sidelong glance to Vi, who seemed most likely to disrupt the quiet, either through her own over-enthusiasm or frightening someone else into screaming.

As for her own questions... Jeri thought hard for a minute but couldn't come up with any additional queries. She was never very good at that. Jeri had always struggled to put her general confusion into concrete terms, and by the time she knew what she needed to ask, it was too late and the test was already in front of her.

"We gotta figure out how we're gonna arrange ourselves," the Dunsparce commented, happily moving away from biology to battle tactics. "Whoever can take a hit can go up front. Lookin' at you, walkin' suit of armor. Snipers... uh, ranged fighters... go in the back. If yer scared about fightin', stay in the middle and keep an eye out for surprises."

On the inside, Jeri knew she'd probably fall into the meat shields up front category. Her only ranged ability was a roaring ball that still exploded in her own face half the time. And she sure as heck was not gonna be no chicken.

The Dunsparce did her best to mask her fear with brave and commanding battle orders. Perhaps bossy to some, but soothing to her. And besides, she reassured herself, there were lots of allies. Instant healing berries existed in this world. Zombies were bad, but they only came out at night. Things will be fine...

Ty Westgrove

Mesalon Pokecenter ---> Mesalon Gym

Ty nodded in agreement as Amber discussed trying the grape trick for some of the other bladed Pokémon in the group.

"I think any of them could already start working with something still," the punk trainer added. "Something small and soft like strawberries. It's cool to find ways to train your Pokémon without any real bloodshed. Only juice-shed."

While the group began walking toward the gym, joined by a new trainer who seemed to know some of them, Ty envisioned epic blade-fighting scenes between their Pokémon. Armored warriors sword-fighting alongside their companions, the stark ring of clashing blades, a Mega Charizard spewing fire and smoke in the background. Ty relished the thought and the way it helped take his mind off his Scyther's near miss.

Ty snapped back to reality as he noticed Aedre begin speaking to him.

"Ty Westgrove," he responded to the greeting, extending a hand for a firm handshake. "Stunt Pokémon Trainer. Well... future."

Ty nodded politely at the Pokémon Aedre introduced. His expression turned contemplative as she asked about Reaper.

"Yeah, I caught him not too far from here," he began. "Weird to see one as close to civilization as he was. Didn't seem to be doing very well there, either. He was already hurt when I spotted him, and luckily, a Sing was able to put him over the edge."

Ty frowned down at Reaper's pokeball and sighed.

"I wish I had a more epic story," Ty admitted. "Reaper probably thinks I cheated. That I'm too weak to catch him fair and square. He can get cranky if I try to tell him to hold back. He has been getting better about that lately, but I'm worried this last incident might set him back..."

Ty walked quietly for a minute, gears turning to try to put an optimistic spin on this. Then he shrugged with a light smile.

"Or maybe, it means his behavior has gotten pretty good. He looked like he felt really bad about his mistake and walked away instead of arguing about it."

"But anyway, YOUR turn!" Ty addressed Aedre. "How did you get your sword Pokémon? And what kind of research do you do? I'm not much of a book smarts person, but researchers like you really help the rest of us out."

The leather-clad trainer expected the self-proclaimed researcher to babble ceaselessly about science stuff that sounded like it would be interesting if only he could hope to understand it. It was okay if he could only smile and nod, though. His fellow traveler might enjoy the chance to build up some camaraderie, and it would pass the time while they approached the gym.
@ItMeGritty Hi fren :) Check out the character creator sheet in the first post of OOC and start working on your character. Last time I knew, we could have up to 6 Pokémon up to level 16. Most of us are expected to have a spread of levels, with some Pokémon close to 16 and some a few lower. Make sure @LuckyBlackCat approves your character before you start posting.

Most of our characters are on the way to the normal-type gym in Mesalon City. The gym would probably be a good place for you to start and get integrated into the group. Nyxx is already there, if you'd like to strike up a conversation with her.

If you have any questions... you should probably ask LuckyBlackCat, they're the one who's actually in charge. XD
Hidden Power just can’t be Normal Typr.

Because, deep on the inside, nobody is Normal. :P
@Rune_Alchemist Hidden Power Fairy doesn't exist, bruh. XD Unless Lucius is willing to make an exception to a rule that only makes sense for math/game data reasons. According to Lucius' instructions as written, it should work?
T__T RNG was so good! Granted, it landed on a not super useful type... But, character development! Turns out Jeri's anger was her strength, not a weakness, the whole time. Now she just has to figure out how to use her anger better. T_T T_T <3 I wuv my jerk Dunsparce.

I'm also excited to see everyone else's hidden powers c:

Jeri frowned at Seraph's guidance to 'empty your thoughts.' It sounded like some hippy meditation mumbo jumbo. Though, this was a new world with weird rules, so perhaps mumbo jumbo would actually do something here.

The Dunsparce tried very hard to focus on nothing. She couldn't think about her home. The big wrestling match she missed. She definitely couldn't think about the chilly raindrops that fell on her pancake body now and then. And she most certainly did not think about the crows, the zombies, the raining forever, and how stupid and frustrated she felt right now. Even as her mind faded to black for a second, Jeri realized with an audible huff that even blackness was a thing, and she wasn't supposed to think about things!!

The thoroughly frustrated Jeri opened her eyes a crack. Some of her companions were already starting to get ephemeral blobs of brief color. She briefly glared at them, then at Seraph, who talked like all this mind emptying stuff was so freakin easy!

Her fellow students may have had their lack of thoughts interrupted by a sudden sloshing sound as Jeri dug a hole into the soggy mud and followed her tail in backwards. She didn't care. Jeri just needed to be alone for a minute, away from the wind and possible threats, away from anyone who was getting this Pokémon stuff better than her. The dark, confining hole felt soothing to this Pokémon's instincts.

Don't think about Hidden Power, Jeri coached herself. One step at a time. Just stop being mad first.

Even that was easier said than done. But Jeri recalled her practice, her anger management skills from way back, before sports and high school, back when aggression was not acceptable for a little girl. Jeri breathed deeply and counted slowly from 10 to 1. As many times as it would take.

After several minutes, the emotions and numbers both numbed into vague form. All that remained was a little ball of ancient rage, small but dense, a core fragment that could never be removed...

Jeri opened her eyes to see a penny-sized ephemeral sphere floating in front of her face. A deep blue-violet mixed with small orange swirls. The instant an excited breath caught in her throat, the sphere exploded out with a roaring sound. The Dunsparce froze, wide-eyed for a second. Then she emerged from her hole, mud and a grin plastered on her face.

"Well, somethin' happened," Jeri remarked. "Not sure what type, but it was pretty dope. How 'bout y'all?"

I'm literally gonna do a random number generator to choose mine. It seems more true to how it would go in the games, and it's kinda fun to not have total control ^_^
Hi friends! Thanks for waiting. I have about 1.5 months left of working two jobs, and then my schedule should get more stable for a while.

Also, Ty still hasn't noticed that Sophia is a psychic. XD One day he's gonna be like WHAT THE HECK?
Ty Westgrove

Mesalon Pokecenter

"Hm?" Ty uttered, turning toward the trainer who sheepishly offered a napkin. Then he noticed the orange goo covering one of his jacket's sleeves. Well, that was impressive.

"Bro, those chunks flew really far that time!" the punk enthused, grinning at his Scyther. He mistakenly assumed Reaper's prowess was the culprit. "Lan's Pokémon better watch out!"

It seemed more trainers had gathered to watch the show. Ty smiled and agreed to let the trainers watch more fruit tricks. As if he and Reaper had more fruit tricks. Which they didn't.

"Uhh, I'm gonna help clean up the orange corpse first, though," the blond suggested, stalling for time. "I'd like to be let back into this Pokemon Center in the future."

A few minutes later, the table was clean and the trainer held some... grapes? Sure, grapes.

"Alright," Ty announced. "We're gonna try a new one, but we gotta go outside for this."

Once outside, Ty began a grandiose explanation of the fabulous new trick.

"In ring number one, we have... REAPER! In a daring feat of agility. Feast your eyes as I throw one, two, maybe even THREE grapes into the air. Gaze upon the sight as this strong Scyther catches them on his blades, holding as many at a time as possible. Watch with bated breath as there is less and less room on his killer blades. ARE. YOU. READAAAAY!"

Reaper let out a sharp buzz and hovered into the air a few yards away. He seemed more focused when presented with a brand new challenge to conquer.

Ty picked out a large grape and hurled it toward Reaper. The Scyther delivered an expert blow to the small moving target. Unfortunately, the slice was much too strong for the grape, which splattered into oblivion.

"Close one," Ty encouraged. "Go a little lighter this time."

Ty tossed another grape. The same thing happened. Reaper missed the fourth grape entirely. The Scyther was becoming visibly frustrated.

"Okay, time out," Ty called, walking toward his bug type. Reaper landed on the ground and turned away, just... done with this whole stupid thing.

"You're slashing like this," the trainer demonstrated with a sharp karate chop motion. "It's perfect for battling. But some things are gonna need less force. If you just go like this..." Ty rotated his left arm, thumb facing up. He placed a grape onto the bony part of his forearm. "Keep your blade still. Use your wings to get to the grape, not your arms." Ty carefully patted the bug's shoulder. "If that doesn't work, we can workshop it later."

Reaper grumbled. Then he flitted into the air, willing to try one more time. Ty backed up a little and tossed a grape. Reaper instinctually slashed toward it again, but he caught himself and steadied himself to focus on the new plan. The next grape, he kept his blade-arms mostly still and focused on his flight. The grape bounced off the side of his blade. A few more grapes were missed or splattered. Then, a grape landed right on the center of his blade and stuck there.

"YEAH!" Ty shouted, jumping and celebrating like his favorite team had won the championship game. "You got it!"

Reaper celebrated with equal enthusiasm, victoriously flailing his arms into the air. The grape flew off into the distance, eventually beaming some wild Ratatta just minding its own business. But that didn't matter. It stuck on the blade. Everyone saw it.

"Alright, behind the back!"

Ty did a fancy throw behind his back and over his shoulder. Reaper eagerly dived down to catch the flying fruit. SUCCESS! Two in a row!

The Scyther grinned at his trainer, surprised to see no grin in return. His left blade held a pierced grape near the tip. His right blade had gone two inches away from piercing his trainer's shoulder. Reaper's expression changed to match Ty's look of ashen shock and both stood frozen for a second.

"Heheheh, I'm not a grape," Ty anxiously chuckled, trying vainly to reassure his Pokémon. "Le-let's be more careful next time."

Reaper responded by clicking on his pokeball and immediately, wordlessly, vanishing inside. Ty gulped and took a deep breath before turning to his audience.

"So, we're going to the... uhhhh... the gym? Who wants to beat Lan first?"

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