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Ty Westgrove

Mesalon Pokecenter

As the nightmare visions appeared along the walls and even the floor, Hunk jumped into action. The Timburr growled and stood to place himself solidly in front of Lacey, stump out in a shielding position, as if to protect the small Gothita from the dread shadow creatures. Hunk glared bravely at the darkness -- while trying to conceal his shaking hands.

Reaper paused his eating momentarily to look at the spontaneous shadow monstrosities. The Scyther gave a nod of acknowledgement, mildly impressed, before returning to his meal.

"Jeez!" Ty exclaimed with a flinch. Though the trainer who requested a show was the most acutely aware that something was about to happen, the sudden and all-encompassing visions were still enough to startle just about anyone. After a few seconds, Ty's look of shock morphed into a mischievous smile.

When it was over, Ty laughed in an odd mix between amusement and a tinge of nervousness.

"Good one, little dude," Ty addressed Fantoccino. "I don't think Pokémon contests have a scary category, but if they did, you'd totally win."

A loud whining sound, like somebody slowly letting the air out of a balloon, filled the Pokémon Center. Medic, who had apparently been too paralyzed with terror to make any motion or sound, was definitely doing so now. Ty turned toward the loud crying with a startled look and then his cheeks turned slightly red.

"Ah jeez... It's okay, Medic. It wasn't real. C'mere."

The tearful Igglybuff ran to her trainer's outstretched arms and buried her squishy body as tightly against his chest as possible. Her sobbing quieted down a little, but with her species' particularly powerful lungs, she was still likely to wake up half of the Pokémon Center. The blond trainer spent a minute petting her and murmuring vague attempts at motherly reassurance. Once he was sure the worst of her panic was over, Ty rolled his eyes and looked toward Reaper.

"Alright, our turn. We could use something silly after that." Ty left the table for a minute, still carrying Medic bundled in his jacket, and returned with a few pieces of fruit. The Scyther gave Ty a look that seemed to convey 'I'd rather walk into an Onix's lair.'

"We'll have plenty of time for barrel rolls later, but not inside," Ty argued. "I don't think that light can take another hit. Now, back up a little bit."

At Ty's gesture, Reaper sighed and hovered toward an empty corner. Ty tossed a large apple toward the bug type. The Scyther slashed up with both of its blade-arms, slicing the apple into three pieces, and then managed to hit two of them on the way back down. The trick wasn't perfected yet - he couldn't quite get to nine evenly sliced chunks - but Ty still grinned with satisfaction. Ty picked up an apple chunk and gave it to Medic. The Igglybuff continued to weep slightly as she nibbled on the treat.

"Alright, orange time."

Ty set down an orange in the middle of an empty table and backed away. Reaper rolled his eyes. Then he closed them and took a couple deep, centering breaths. A blur of green appeared around the orange. For a second, all was still, the orange unchanged. Then, the orange exploded into a pile of sticky juice and pulp from its many clean cuts. Ty laughed, a worker in the distance huffed about the mess these people were making, and Reaper victoriously licked the juice from his blades like the blood of his enemies. It was then that the two battling researchers walked back into the Pokémon Center.

@LuckyBlackCat @Dusksong

Alongside most of her allies, Jeri squeezed into the pelican's beak. It was tight enough to feel awkward, but not enough to feel crushing. A couple minutes into the flight, the bee-snake relaxed, realizing this wasn't gonna be so bad.

About two seconds later, the Dunsparce immediately tensed again as something began to coil around her back. Was that... Wendy's tongue, maybe? Gross. Jeri reflexively jerked for a moment, probably jostling a couple of her allies in the process. Including a black snake who remained coiled around her, unbeknownst to either party.

Jeri realized that bucking around would earn mass annoyance at best, and perhaps a very fast trip to the ground at worst. All she could do was spend the rest of the flight grumbling incoherently, not even able to speak her grievances due to her chin being conveniently smushed up against the sturdy beak.

"Finally!" Jeri remarked when it was her turn to gracefully flop out of the bird's beak. She shot Wendy a brief dirty glance. Then she carefully observed her surroundings and the other Pokemons' conversation. The farmstead felt familiar to her, hopefully a piece of stability in this crazy world. Jeri had never lived on a farm, but some of her friends in Missouri, United States, Regular Earth had, so she understood a few things about a farmer's work and lifestyle.

"Thanks for takin' us in," Jeri addressed the red mohawk farmer as she began to slither inside the farmhouse. "I agree with the others. I know ya have to ration stuff out 'till the next harvest. And we've been pretty good at findin' food so far. In the meantime, let us know if ya need a little help around the farm. If we ain't afraid of killer crows, we shouldn't be afraid of a little hard work. Uhh, maybe wait a few hours though... we've had an interestin' coupla days."


Jeri didn't have much to add to the conversation, for she spent most of its length struggling to open Wendy's bottle of berry juice. Such things had become more difficult than they should be due to the loss of, y'know, HANDS. Jeri wasn't even sure how the pelican managed to open this thing... maybe with her feet?

Eventually, the Dunsparce managed to contort her flexible body into a position where she could hold the bottle's bottom with her tail and pull at the top with her mouth. As she guzzled some of the juice, it felt... warm, comforting. Whatever this juice was made of, it tasted closer to Earth food than anything else she'd tasted in this hellworld, and it helped rejuvenate her. The slash on Jeri's side sealed up enough to stop bleeding, though it would still sting for a while.

"Normally, someone askin' me to ride in their mouth'd be the weirdest thing I've heard all month," Jeri remarked. "But all rules of normal seem to be out the window in this place, so... let's go."

Sorry again friends. Henceforth, if I am the last to post and three days passes after the sixth poster, I give you permission to move on without my post. Jeri will take a passive, go-with-the-group action. If we're in battle, assume she's using Rage unless otherwise specified. It's her natural state.
Ty Westgrove

Mesalon Pokecenter

Soon after Ty sat down, he saw two of the trainers from yesterday leave with a bunch of Pokémon in tow. Dang it. He was hoping he'd found a group to chill with, but maybe they were all eager to leave without him?

Well, at least Sophia was still taking her time to have some breakfast. Hopefully she could convince her group to wait a little while longer, after he tried for his gym badge.

Ty listened to Sophia while pouring an abundance of syrup on his waffle. He turned to Fantoccino with a smile.

"A performer, eh? My Pokémon are, too. Would you like to give us a little show?"

A nearby hacking sound drew Ty's attention. Evidently, Hunk was trying to inhale his food. Ty chuckled and slapped the Timburr's back as he gasped for breath, a little embarrassed but no worse for wear.

"No need to eat that fast, big guy. The day's still young. I bet you'll get your Low Kick spot-on before noon, and we'll still have plenty of time to beat the gym leader after that."

The leather-clad trainer turned back to Sophia and her Shuppet.

"Sorry for the interruption. You have my full attention for at least the next ten seconds."

How should we proceed with posts for this IG day? Should we try to get through the rest of the Mesalon stuff asap? Or would we/should we have time for more conversation, character development, etc.? For example, would it be better for me to skip to the gym battle or keep chatting with Sophia until we're all ready for the gym?

Jeri huffed as a couple of her comrades each dispatched their own foe. Just one Murkrow surviving the first hit could wake up the rest of the flock, and then they'd be screwed. Although... their strategy did seem to be working well, with two already dead and one flying away without so much as a thought of alerting its group.

The Dunsparce began to inch toward another snoozing bird, then grunted as the action pulled her gash open a little wider. She gave the Murkrow a determined glare... and then slithered away, toward the main group of her allies. She could, she would totally take care of one of the Murkrow. But this wasn't a game, and she had to take care of herself first.

"Trevor," Jeri said. She attempted to use a hushed voice, though her pain and still simmering anger made her tone a little louder than she intended. "Ya got any of those healing berries? I could use one... or ten. Fluff bird, ya need any, too?"


"And stay down!" Jeri panted as her foe fell still. For a few seconds, she felt gleeful, fueled by the pride of knocking out an enemy even in this weird new form. Then, the adrenaline subsided, and the pain and soreness began to rise to the surface.

"Augh... craaaap…"

Jeri backed off a few feet to assess her wounds. She was fortunate to get away with just one significant gash, though she sported a few more cuts and bruises. The Dunsparce felt a little dizzy at the thought of not even being able to look at her side and see how much she was bleeding. But she shook it off; there was more work to do.

Jeri gave Ravi a quizzical stare as he spoke. It was... strange, off-putting to hear this "positive attitude!" guy talk coldly about literally killing these things. The other Pokémon in this world... did they think similarly to humans? Maybe they once were humans, like Jeri? Were these, like, evil people? Or perhaps other Pokémon are more like animals or monsters? Jeri figured she'd leave those judgements to those more knowledgeable about Pokémon.

"If we're gonna try to kill these things or somethin', I think we should all surround and hit one at a time. A coop-de-grace. Even if the others wake up before we get there, if they got any smarts, they'll turn tail when they see what we did to their friends."

As she spoke, Jeri maintained her position further away from the sleeping Murkrow. She didn't exactly want to be on the front line for a while.


The growing adrenaline and anger numbed Jeri to some of the pain, and she kept thrashing through minor cuts and wing-slaps like they were nothing. However, her target managed to land one solid gash on her side, too sharp of a pain to ignore.

"GAH!--ohhh, birdbrain, YER REALLY IN FOR IT NOW!"

With a raging growl, Jeri faced the Murkow head-on and lunged to jab it with her chin spikes.


Jeri's heart raced as everyone began to call for battle against the black birds. Whether it was from anxiety or excitement, she did not know, but either way she did her best to maintain a focused expression. After all, these were just a few stupid birds. They couldn't be that tough, right?

The Dunsparce noticed some of her allies going for stealth and followed suit, flattening her pancake body as low to the ground as possible while she slithered toward the enemies. She nodded in acknowledgement as Ravi said something about holding the birds down with his snake form. It seemed like a decent strategy to Jeri, and she silently prepared to pounce on the other one, hoping she'd be able to do the same at least for a few seconds.

...That is, until the ghost wailed a screech that might've traveled all the way to Earth and woken up their families there.

"GUH-- jeez-- huAAAAUUUUGHHH!!"

The time for hesitation had passed, and with a battle cry the rattled Dunsparce rushed headlong toward one of the black birds that was attacking the white bird. All pretense of holding it down flew out the window as Jeri thrashed at the crow in a blind rage. She lashed out with her tail, trying to bludgeon the creature's wings. Or skull. Wherever it happened to land.

"Listen 'ere, ya varmint! This is NOT the day to be screwin' with me! We're gonna beat ya so hard, your ANCESTORS WON'T BE ABLE TO WALK STRAIGHT FOR WEEKS!"

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