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I'm in school to become a physical therapist assistant!

That means 1. I might be too busy to post sometimes, and 2. I am empathetic so my guilt will drive me to post eventually.

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@Vampiretwilight Well, right now Emily seems to be acting like a side character, as someone to help with Sarah's roleplay rather than having her own choices and personality. If you intended for her to be a side character, then I won't put as much effort into trying to roleplay with her.
@Vampiretwilight Is Emily intended to be more like an OC or more like a side character?
At the ranch


A young Pichu trembled in terror, trapped in a corner. The filthy Pokemon in front of it smiled a creepy toothless grin and reached out its gooey arms. As a last resort, the electric mouse zapped the Grimer. The poison type gasped in shock, giving the Pichu a second to scramble away. Then, murky tears welled up in the newborn Grimer's eyes and she started crying. The caustic tears wilted the grass underneath and caused a stench that drove away every Pokemon nearby.

A short distance away, another baby Grimer noticed the scene. He cackled and attempted to cry. But alas, he could not cry those delightfully toxic tears, as he was amused rather than sad. The clever child soon learned that his spit had much the same effect.
Looks like we've been stuck here for a bit, so I'll continue on with both Grimer for now.
@LostButterfly92 Is this the end of the fall semester or the beginning of the spring semester? I imagined it as the former, but "winter" could be either one, haha.
@Dark CloudOk, good luck with your stuff. I think I'll autopilot Alan just enough for him to go with everyone else to help at Sarah's ranch, and then Trillo can stick around one of the other trainers if you end up being gone for good.
Alright, Myling has had a fair chance. I'm declaring the Lennon and Corrie interaction over. @LostButterfly92, you can repost Melanie's 9 am post. Corrie will get back in the game around 2 pm, whenever that happens in the rp.
Jill definitely speaks with a British accent. Whether or not something close to a British accent existed when she was growing up, I have no idea. Perhaps it's an even more pretentious ancestor of the British accent.
Jill Henderson


Jill stood frozen during Grok's valiant battle, vainly attempting to deny the situation.

Well, at least nobody got hurt.

In the distance, a piercing feline yowl rang out.

...Well, at least nobody capable of pressing charges got hurt.

Jill sighed and held her head in her hand as Grok continued on to a new task, intense as ever. They would need a new trash can. This was a problem..... for somebody else. Today, Jill needed to be properly early and focused for her final job interview.

"It's not rinsed because men are savages," the lich responded with a wry smirk, rinsing out her own full mug of iced coffee. "Oh, you know I'm just teasing~~. Have a good day at work, daahling. Remember to smile and not kill people in public."

Jill looked through her jeweled purse to make sure she had everything she needed. Bus fare, pens, comb, resume, lipstick, a couple crystalline spell components for emergencies... yes, she was ready as she ever could be. Her left eye started to roll out of its socket while she looked down, but she caught it and shoved it back in.

"I would say 'Wish me luck,' but I'm sure that won't be necessary," the very Normal Human declared as she headed to the front door. "With my vast knowledge and love of studying great mysteries, I shall be a shoe-in for the esteemed role of Library Assistant. Ta-ta."

With a grandiose wave, Jill left the house.
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