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Current I decided it was time for a new look. How do you like it?
2 yrs ago
Weekend was busy, hot, and tiring. I have stuff to do, and this week is looking to be a difficult one. This is going to be a VERY uncomfortable part of my life.
2 yrs ago
DAMMIT! SON OF A-! One of my favorite fanfics is stopping, because apparently it's breaking rules. Not only that, The fanfic I'm working on will have to stop too, since it's similar! This sucks! T-T
2 yrs ago
Must...finish...fanfic...Must...not...look into the YouTube comment section of Death Battle...Must...not...get...sidetracked...
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2 yrs ago
I got into another online argument about shipping again! I said that I ship Blaze with Silver, and they said that she'd be more likely to be in love with Sonic. I can't see how.
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I've got a handful of years experience Roleplaying here and elsewhere, so don't think me a rookie! My Avatar once looked like a part of some sort of time-theme, but that's just Chronos after he was brought back to life and upgraded! My more favored avatar is either Dimentio or the Azure Flame God, but how does one resist a clock face?

But that's in the Past. Now it's a pic of Gwyndolin, the Dark Sun!

Prepare yourself for the Persona of the week/Month/Minute/Whatever! Try to guess which Persona it is when you see it in my Signature! This little tidbit starts within a week!

My return to The Guild could mean many things! A new RP, a revival of an old idea, my participation in the arena as a Low-Rank Grunt, but most likely my return means that I'll participate in the more recent RPs!

With that said, remember to eat your porridge and limit your fire usage (we are drowning after all)!


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There is a dice option on the homepage of this site. Make a new topic there, and keep a link to it for us and yourself. It has dice rolling instructions there.
We were supposed to have a color?
In hindsight, Bo should have expected this to happen. People come from far away to join a group that only chooses a few people. They didn't even need to be good people, just strong in some aspect. He guessed that this was where his life ended. He could walk away now, but then he'd just starve in the street once again, and that wasn't something that he was going to put up with anymore. Still, with the old general giving out commands and whatnot for everyone participating to basically race to a finish line to win a spot among the ranks of people willing to put down their lives anyway, Bo couldn't help but feel that he made some sort of mistake along the way to think that doing this was preferable to literally anything else.

He looked to his teammates to see how they took the information. The gnome had adopted a look of shock, and then a look of disgust as she prepared to run off. The Birdman perched up somewhere. It was hard to see what expression he adopted for his own reaction, but Bo decided not to think about it. As for the others...He didn't really get a chance to see what they thought of the new information. A wooden wall exploded, and suddenly the two he managed to look at made a mad dash forward, both being noticeably bestial. One was understandable, the other not as much. Still, he had decided to get going...

Bo's Lackluster Race Start

That's fair. Personally, I'm going for the Sharpshooter Feat (for obvious reasons).
Out of curiosity, when your characters make it to the appropriate level for it, will you go for an ability score improvement, or a different feat?
1. Discord or no for conversations that don't require a lot of extra writing between naritive?
You mean character banter, like in Dragon Age games? I think that sounds fun.

2. Space and aliens sci-fi, High Fantasy world wide adventure, or horror, death, and suspense?
I am biased to High Fantasy, but I can play with pretty much any of these, really.

3. Preferences of Combat, Exploration, Role-playing, Moral Dilimas, Puzzle/Traps, Crime, Murder Hoboing, Meta-Gameing, Power Gaming, Politics, and War/Nations. Just list your favorite 3 or 4, and maybe give me some insight as to why.
- Role-Playing (If it's a role-playing game, then role-playing should be put in as an important factor. No point in putting in the smaller details like personalities and biography information otherwise)

- Exploration (Helps with world-building and may assist the characters with a future problem)

- Combat (can be used to progress the story in a very interesting way)

- Moral Dilemmas (Always shows how far a person would really go to keep their character in-character. Though, sometimes people can take it too seriously. Seriously, my friend was getting upset at me for having my Evil character attempt to kill an NPC.)

4. How active do you like NPCs to be? Do you like having them in the party or at least strong enough to survive following the party, or do you prefer them to stay on the side lines so the PCs can enjoy all glory? Maybe a mix? Why?
Depends on the NPC. If they're priests or politicians with no way of fighting on their own, then keep them out of the way, or have them try to help from the sidelines. If they're warriors or people who can fight on their own, then by all means have them in the fray.

5. Bigger or smaller groups?
I honestly don't care. The only thing you should be worried about for either is the fact that there may be people taking forever to post.

6. Homebrew cool?
I think that's fine. my first ever D&D campaign was almost completely Homebrew...My throwaway mercenary character ended up becoming an alternate universe's guardian Gigas by killing and accidentally absorbing the previous one...I like Homebrew stuff, okay?
@dreamer I'm fine with that.
Found Out Lazy Bo’s stats didn’t fit with the poin buy system, so I made the appropriate changes
Similar to me and Lords Mobile.

On a side note, are we using the site's dice system for this campaign? Or are we using a different method?
@Lurking Krog

That sounds like my near future.
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