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Current I decided it was time for a new look. How do you like it?
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Weekend was busy, hot, and tiring. I have stuff to do, and this week is looking to be a difficult one. This is going to be a VERY uncomfortable part of my life.
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DAMMIT! SON OF A-! One of my favorite fanfics is stopping, because apparently it's breaking rules. Not only that, The fanfic I'm working on will have to stop too, since it's similar! This sucks! T-T
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Must...finish...fanfic...Must...not...look into the YouTube comment section of Death Battle...Must...not...get...sidetracked...
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I got into another online argument about shipping again! I said that I ship Blaze with Silver, and they said that she'd be more likely to be in love with Sonic. I can't see how.
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Alexandria "Alexis" Deva


The situation seemed to have developed a bit faster than Alexis had expected. As soon as she made it to where Sophia was, the rival had sent out her pokemon in a bold, but honestly sorta rash attempt to save their friend mutual acquaintance. Alexis saw the way the two foes held the mentioned individual, however, and knew that she had dragged herself into a very stressful situation.

"I...Darn it! Powder Snow them! Try to keep them in place! Meditite, get ready to chase them and fight! Everyone else assist!"

Alexis sent out her current team to help out, though she doubted that they were going to be enough unlesss they ganged up on one at a time. Another problem was the part where they still had their friend acquaintance as a hostage. They needed way more help, and it couldn't just be a random group of kids alone...Well, there was another way to possibly get police and people here. A shout for help gained some help, but maybe more cries for help might make this a bigger situation. Get these two noticed, and they might panic. So Alexis took a breath and let out a loud, shriek-worthy scream as her pokemon followed her commands.

Meanwhile, Deneb had simply walked on over at the wrong time after returning his own pokemon to her pokeball. The scream hit his ears in full force, and though his expression and lack of physical reaction made it seem as if he didn't mind, he did let out this:

Alexandria "Alexis" Deva


The walk from town to town was not as bad as Alexis had expected. She expected something a bit more rough. Dirt that would get on her outfit, mud that would stick on her shoes, etc. Instead, she got a very calm, mostly uneventful traveling experience that she would never have expected on any sort of pokemon journey. With the exception of Ty's encounter (followed by his near-infectious enthusiasm at catching a new pokemon), the wild pokemon seemed to keep to themselves. This could've likely been a stroke of luck on their end for not crossing into any territories, but still pretty lucky.

Yuki certainly didn't mind the lack of action. After that gym battle, she rather this moment of relaxation in her trainer's arms. The pokeball was okay, but the outside was much more comforting. She also appreciated not having anything to do with the Timburr's battle with the Litleos. Every one of the pokemon involved knew how to whoop her before she blinked. Ah, but what did she care, this was a time to relax...

When they finally reached the city, it was quite a sight to behold. Plenty of different pokemon all around the place, interesting places to check out for possible practice areas and training grounds or otherwise neat little places for the more adventurous to look into. Alexis immediately took to someplace with a bed and bath. Basically, a place to take a few minutes to herself. Since the only distraction on the trip came from Ty catching that Litleo, her thoughts had been heavily focused on her post-gym victory behavior. She couldn't let that happen again, so in this little moment she mumbled to herself,

"You're above them. You're above them. You have to be above them."

A concerning thing to repeat to yourself in whispers, but one she felt was necessary. In her mind, appearances to others and yourself came first. If you want to become something big, you should believe yourself to be capable of it. It was unhealthy, but no one was there to tell her, and she wouldn't let anyone get close enough to do so...

Soon enough Alexis would go out on a walk. She needed to get an idea of where everything important was. As soon as she got to the shopping area, she heard an all-too-familiar voice shout out about a fellow trainer being in trouble. Judging by the way she said it, it wasn't "misunderstanding with the authorities" kind of trouble. Without even thinking, she began running towards the sound of Sophia's voice...


Deneb Astrologian

Deneb had already gotten to Vareena Town by the time the others arrived. After winning the badge, there really was only one thing to do, and that was to move on to the next. His goal was nowhere near near completion, and when he had heard there was a pokemon contest hall in the town he had spend a bit of time seeing if it was profitable at all to invest time and effort into. He still didn't know much, but there was always time to decide later.

Edea, on the other had was dead set on trying to convince or manipulate the boy into getting into the contest scene. The Maractus figured her music and dancing would be more appreciated by the crowds drawn there, but her training just so happened to be a child bearing a one-track mind. Said track being in a gold mine with precious gems stuffed in the walls outside the ore veins and a tree that grows money for leaves and fruits with coins as seeds for good measure. Ah, such an image should be comitted to a painting of sorts. Perhaps her trainer simply doesn't realize her artistic expertise! Surely if he did they would come to some sort of agreement where they would get the funds that he needs without her needing to get knocked out or having to suck the life out of others in the process. Such a pleasant thought...Which was immediately interrupted by the sound of shouting.

Both Deneb and Edea looked in the direction. A familiar girl was calling out for help. Deneb approached her out of curiosity...
Alexandria "Alexis" Deva


Two out of the three of them caught on. This wasn't good to Alexis. She didn't want pity. She hated the feeling of being pitied. It made her feel small, weak, and helpless. It made her feel as if she had to depend on others. She depended on others to admire and praise her, not to pick her up whenever she felt down on something! She wouldn't stand for it. Others are supposed to be either her rivals or fans. That was the way she decided it would work for her aspirations. There would only be competition to push her forward and propel her towards her goals, or otherwise there would be hard-earned admirers. She had no need for companions outside of her team, and the only people that were the exceptions to her views are those she admired and strove to be like.

Luckily for Alexis she didn't need to think of a way to change the subject. The boy -Tie or whatever he said his name was- had given her the perfect question. Not only did it shift the focus of the conversation, but it provided a chance to swap her tone back to how it usually was.

It took only a moment.

"Hmph! How bold of you all to think that I need any say in what Gabby would evolve into. Any path she chooses to take will be more than exceptional."

There. That should be good enough to cover up her earlier attitude for a moment.

"In any case, I will be going with you. It would benefit me to see how the quality of my competition has improved or degraded. Preferably the former."
Alexandria "Alexis" Deva


Alexis did not respond immediately. She was still stuck in her head about how close to losing she was. How heavily pure luck played in her team's victory. Her indecision, her hesitation, her faults. She hated faults. She got what she wanted because she earned it. She put in the effort to deserve it all. From makeup to acting, she earned her bragging rights... Maybe she was just overthinking things. She wom in the end, after all. Shouldn't that be what matters most?

Alexis stayed in her thoughts for a moment longer befre finally realizing that she was being addressed. She turned to Amber with a bit of surprise. She wasn't prepared to answer with her usual personality, so all that came out was, "Huh? Oh...uh, yes. I'm fine."

She realized immediately after she had spoken that her confident appearance wasn't up. She immediately began to put herself back in her usual state of being, pushing aside whatever problems she had for the moment.
Alexandria "Alexis" Deva VS. Lan

Ty had won, and neither Sophia, Aedre nor Amber were taking part in the challenge for now, but there was still one more opponent to battle. Once he'd gotten his Pokemon healed, Lan calmly headed back into the arena, eyes turned to the doors as he awaited the next challenger.

The seconds ticked by, but he remained ever patient. It seemed the combatant needed some time to get ready.

Alexis looked at her team once again. She had to win this time. She just had to! She didn’t know why, but this felt personal...everything felt personal. If she couldn’t win here, then how was she supposed to achieve anything she wanted? … She took a moment to breathe. She had to focus. She wasn’t even through the door yet, and she was worried. It wasn’t like how it was last time. To her, the doors were no longer simply doors, but a gateway that exudes despair and desperation. She can’t have that. She won’t have it.

Alexis returned her Pokémon to their pokeballs, and proceeded to the room, donning a confident grin. It was all she could do until they begin.

Facing Alexis from the opposite side of the room, Lan bowed his head. Despite her grin, the girl showed none of that bravado from last time round. Only the referee's voice filled the room, announcing the terms of the challenge while Alexis remained silent.

"I trust you've grown as a trainer," Lan said softly, taking a Pokeball. "Now, show me what you've learned." With that, he let out his Pokemon of choice. "Furfrou." In a flash of light, the dog trotted onto the battlefield.

”Oh, please. This won’t end the same way. This time we won’t play around!”

That’s what Alexis says, but even then, the Furfrou would be dangerous even for her new Pokémon. She couldn’t send Meditite in just yet. She had to whittle his team down as much as they can. It wasn’t that she lacked faith in the rest of her team, it’s just that she knew that no matter how prepared they were last time, it didn’t matter. All they could do for now is hit as hard as they could.

”Gabby! You’re up first!”

Alexis sent out her Eevee, who snickered like she was cause some mischief mid-fight.

Standing before Gabby, the Furfrou remained calm even in the face of the snickering, as did Lan. For all Alexis' joking around last time, the difference in her behaviour showed her willingness to take this match seriously. Maybe even too seriously, as if, like Sophia, she had something to prove.

"Start this with Toxic," Lan called. Padding forward and shaking his fluffy body, Furfrou sent a cloud of purple spores flying into the air and scattering all over Gabby.

After Gabby got covered in that purple haze of obvious poison, it was clear that she wasn't feeling all that well. She still snickered, but you could see the effect that it was having on her small body. Thankfully poison used in official pokemon battles aren't lethal, so that wasn't a cause for concern, but even so, they had few options in order to work with. For now, Alexis knew the only way forward from here on out was to whither his first pokemon down as quickly as possible.

”Gabby, whatever happens, just Tackle it!"

The Eevee responded with gritted teeth and a brave charge forward. She sprinted straight at the Furfrou, and slammed herself onto him, yelping in surprise. Though she had harmed him, she had felt something like sharp rocks dig into her body upon impact. Upon looking at it now, it seemed as if there was some sort of rocky protrusion hiding amongst the fluffy fur of its head.

”That sneaky little-", muttered Alexis. She didn't even know how he even put that helmet on the dog like that.

Furfrou's thick coat cushioned most of the blow, but still he staggered, dazed and bruised. Shaking off the attack as much as he could, he straightened his posture, ready to retaliate. The successful poison attack and the rock-studded helmet, while certainly helpful, didn't mean he could lower his focus or his guard.

"Move in to attack with Secret Power." At Lan's command, Furfrou built up a white aura around his body, sending it at Gabby in a wave of energy.

As the ball of energy collided into Gabby, it didn't hurt as much as it looked, but certainly put pressure onto the trainer and pokemon. There was only one on the team that could properly counter the setup this gym leader had to offer, and they were less likely to win without a handycap. They had to keep going. They were only one move in, and they hadn't even sent in their trump card yet. So against better judgement, Alexis repeated her command,

”Tackle again!"

Though Gabby wasn't a big fan of slamming into a pokemon with natural cushioning and a helmet with rocks sticking out, she did what her trainer had said. One could see that the pain was starting to get bad. the Eevee was panting, exhaustion beginning to reveal itself to everyone watching...But then she started snickering again. Gabby flicked her tail upwars, and from it a berry had flung out. When it began its descent, Gabby jumped into the air and ate quickly. Her mouth wasn't big enough to eat the whole thing in a single moment, so it was a messy action, but by ingesting it, the Eevee looked as if she could go on, if only for a little while longer.

' When did she get that?!', thought Alexis. She hadn't found or bought anything of the like. Gabby must have found it while they were training...

Lan watched as Gabby replenished her energy with a mid-battle snack. "You're prepared, I see, as it's important to be for official challenges." Even if said preparation hadn't been planned - Alexis' surprise wasn't lost on him - it was still something to take note of.

He turned his attention back to Furfrou, whose strength had started to falter, as evidenced by a slight totter. "Now, defend with Cotton Guard." The poodle's already thick fur puffed up to twice its usual volume, making him look like a cloud with eyes peering out. Giving Gabby a sharp stare as if daring her to make fun of his appearance, Furfrou braced himself for her next move.

Both Alexis and Gabby knew the situation they were stuck in. Gabby wasn't gonna make it through the match. Her moveset was limited, she was lightly poisoned, her opponent had a helmet that countered physical attacks, and Gabby only just barely hung on to consciousness with that berry she found. Even if she was swapped out, she would be knocked out the next time she fought. So, they both had silently agreed on one thing: keep fighting until the end.

If Gabby was gonna go down, she was going to go down swinging, and thus there was no need for Alexis to say anything. The mere look in their eyes showed that they both knew what the next action would be. Gabby simply charged forward and tackled into the furfrou once again, only feeling the pain of both the poison and the helmet after impact. She still stood, but she looked close to passing out.

Gabby may have been on the verge of fainting, but Furfrou's state wasn't much better. Even with the mass of fluffy fur protecting him, he panted, legs trembling. Nonetheless, both Pokemon showed equal resolve, as did Alexis, neither trainer nor Pokemon having to speak to understand each other's intentions. Quite some bond, Lan noted.

"Use another Secret Power," he instructed. Furfrou steadied his legs, that white glow building up again to form a searing energy blast.

After the attack hit, it seemed to throw Gabby into a daze. Not a confused daze that would result in her hurting herself, but her body seemed to drop in strength immediately. She collapsed, but did not drift into unconsciousness. She wanted to fight, she wanted to hit the furfrou one more time...but her strength failed her. All she was able to do before losing consciousness was kick sand at the furfrou...

Alexis returned the Eevee to her pokeball. Despite how much closer they were to winning this time, she felt despair begin to well up inside her. She had started to doubt herself again...but that self-doubt was not enough to prevent her from continuing. She needed to keep going. Otherwise...Otherwise...

Before she thought too deeply, she reached for Yuki's pokeball and sent her out. She hadn't meant to, but she simply needed to keep going.

Furfrou shook dust everywhere, some of it clinging to his fur as he blinked and rubbed his eyes with the back of his paw. When he looked up, the bleary image in front of him wasn't of the Eevee, but his next opponent, a small cone-shaped Pokemon.

Lan, on the other hand, had watched the switch, noticed the prior hesitation. Still, for all Alexis' silence, it was clear she wasn't about to give up. "A wise choice, to keep going," Lan told her with a slight gentle smile, "as it's too early to predict the outcome. You'll just want to make sure to inspire your Pokemon with that resolve." The more confidence a trainer displayed, the better for their team's morale, so Alexis would do well to have more faith in herself.

"Furfrou, use Toxic again." The poodle shook once more, scattering not sand but purple spores. Despite his watering eyes from Gabby's attack, the spores hit their mark.

This wasn’t good, they had to stop the spores somehow. How does a dog like that even have poisonous spores without getting poisoned itself anyway?! She had to focus. They had to trade-off. It was probably too much to hope for this to blow away the Toxic attack, but at least they can get a hit in.

”Powder Snow, now!”

Yuki complied, and exhaled a strong breeze that carried soft frozen energy. Alexis was right to think that it wouldn’t stop the Toxic attack from landing, but what she hadn’t expected was for it to be enough to freeze the furfrou in place.

As much as she wanted to celebrate the small victory, she couldn’t let Yuki keep fighting. They have a chance to finish this before they lose momentum. She recalled her Pokémon and took a moment to calm herself. She was about to use a Pokémon she had only recently caught. She had no idea how they would work together, only had a small idea of Meditite’s moveset, and was overall not confident in their coordination. But at the very least, she had to put her trust into the fighting Pokémon.

”Meditite...Let’s see what you got!”

The Pokémon simply levitated over to the arena, eyes still closed...

A Meditite. Now, this was a Pokemon Lan hadn't seen Alexis send out before. "Good strategy, although remember type advantage isn't everything," he told her. "Furfrou, hold on, and break through that ice."

For a few seconds, the crystallised Furfrou remained motionless. Just when it looked like the ice would hold fast, cracks appeared. Small shards fell to the floor as the Furfrou struggled. Still, it wasn't enough to break free. "You're getting there," Lan reassured him. "Use Secret Power." White light flickered around Furfrou, then flared, cracks in the ice deepening as it started to thaw from the energy. Once enough of it had melted for him to properly move, the dog lunged forward and unleashed another glowing beam. Between the shivering and the sand in his eyes, however, his aim wasn't at its best. The beam shot past Meditite and fizzled to nothing.

Despite dodging the first shot, Meditite was still wild and was not used to opponents being stunned in shock when their attacks miss altogether, so when the Furfrou shot out another Secret Power, Meditite was unprepared. Still, she took the hit like a champ and countered with a rather powerful attack of her own. A punch that would drain the energy out of her opponent in order to heal her wounds. Given it was a type advantage, it was an especially painful attack for the Furfrou. Yes, the rocky helmet that he wore still hurt Meditite, but it was much less harmful than a direct attack.

Alexis was surprised for a moment. She wasn't expecting Meditite to be as strong as what was shown. But after a quick moment to collect herself, she started laughing hautily, as if she had planned this moment out.

As the Furfrou collapsed, the last of his strength spent, the opposing Meditite's own wounds faded. "Good battle, Furfrou," Lan said, recalling the canine Pokemon before turning his gaze to Alexis. "Drain Punch. A powerful technique, for low and high levels alike," he commented. Alexis' suprise being obvious, he continued, "Still, you'd do well to call such moves. If your Meditite is a new Pokemon, you'll want to earn their trust and work as a unit."

He sent his next Pokemon, his Fighting counter, into the fray. "Doduo." The bird, with his four black, beady eyes, studied his opponent. "Aerial Ace." Darting forward at an alarming speed that not even a Meditite's grace could evade, Doduo jabbed with both beaks.

Before Alexis could think up a proper response, Doduo was released and put her into a state of fear. She knew the basic type advantages and disadvantages, and this was going to be painful for Meditite. When the dual beak bashing commenced, Alexis was worried that Meditite was done for...but much to her surprise, Meditite toughed it through, barely staying conscious.

Thinking quickly, the self-proclaimed rising star recalled something from earlier when she had caught Meditite.

”Thunder Punch! While it's still close!"

Meditite clenched her fist tightly, veins practically popping out as electricity suddenly generated out of her muscles at an astonishing rate. She pushed through the pain and forced her fist onto the body of the doduo. After a yell, the generation of electrity had suddenly doubled and could be visibly seen as it transfered from around her fist into her opponent.

Thunder Punch. Lan couldn't say he'd expected the Electric type move that sent Doduo toppling unconscious in one hit, not at early levels, but his surprise didn't show. Some Meditites, after all, hatched capable of the various elemental punches. "You know how to counter disadvantages," he commented, recalling Doduo and sending out his last Pokemon. "Bunnelby, your turn."

Materialising from white light, Bunnelby took her fighting stance, ears poised at the ready as she took in Meditite's weakened state. "Quick Attack." Bunnelby bolted forward, her sheer speed leaving a white energy trail, and struck with one of her paw-like ears.

Bunnelby using a quick attack! This was perfect! Meditite would finish this quickly! There's no way that she would go down from a single quick what Alexis would have thought if the combined damage of literally the entire opponent's team hadn't finally knocked Meditite out of consciousness. She returned her to her pokeball to rest, but now Alexis was in a bind. She only had Yuki left to use, and she was poisoned. They...They might not win this time either.

Alexis was scared. Scared that she would prove to be horrible trainer with not a single meaningful win to her name. All that bluster, all that talk...Meaningless if her win/loss record showed otherwise. She had to win. They HAD to.

So when she sent Yuki back out to fight, she could not think straight.

”Powder Snow."

Yuki released a wind of snow and ice at the Bunnelby.

The frosty wind buffeted Bunnelby, who staggered back several paces, shivering. She leapt over to where she'd been - only to slip in the snow, taking even more damage. Her shuddering and the powder all over the arena would hinder her usually speedy moves, but Lan had an idea how to offset the disadvantage.

"Slow Snorunt down with Bulldoze."

Bunnelby hopped to a dry patch and jumped up high, slamming her feet into the ground hard enough to send shockwaves at Yuki.

Yuki the Snorunt was knocked about by the shockwaves and felt the poison sting its way through her body, still, she stayed strong. She wasn't done just yet. Alexis should have some sort of idea for how to handl-

”Powder Snow"

...Again? For a moment, Yuki was confused, but decided to follow through anyway.

"Again, Bulldoze." Bunnelby, now with the upper hand in terms of speed, got in another shockwave attack before the second flurry of snow hit. She sagged, barely keeping herself upright, but kept her focus on Yuki.

As Lan called to her to repeat the attack a third time, she summoned all her strength, bounding up and striking the ground with such force the gym leader had to step back. Even the spectators would feel tremors from that. Lan watched the crucial moment unfold - whether or not the Snorunt endured the hit would likely decide the match's outcome.

"Again, Bulldoze." Bunnelby, now with the upper hand in terms of speed, got in another shockwave attack before the second flurry of snow hit. She sagged, barely keeping herself upright, but kept her focus on Yuki.

As Lan called to her to repeat the attack a third time, she summoned all her strength, bounding up and striking the ground with such force the gym leader had to step back. Even the spectators would feel tremors from that. Lan watched the crucial moment unfold - whether or not the Snorunt endured the hit would likely decide the match's outcome.

With the repeated bulldoze attacks affecting Yuki's surroundings, she slowed in a variety of ways. The now difficult terrain was rocky enough to both impede movement via bad footing, and impede aim via obstacles obscuring her line of sight. Still, Alexis directed Yuki to repeat powder snow once again, and after findin her aim, the Snorunt complied. Even when the poison began to worsen in terms of effect, she continued the snowy assault.

The blast of wind and snow flipped Bunnelby right over. She tried to stand, only to moan and flop back into the slush.

Applause went up as Lan withdrew Bunnelby. "You have indeed grown since last time," he told Alexis, fetching four small cases before making his way around the rather beat-up battlefield. "Take this - the Simplicity Badge." He presented her with the round, yin-and-yang patterned badge. "And one of these of your choosing."

Each case bore a label with a move name and description - Hidden Power, Double Team, Swagger and Round.

It took a while for Alexis to think straight. Without a word, she mindlessly took the badge and the case that was labeled as "Swagger" before leaving the gym. She didn't acknowledge the gym leader's words of praise, because they meant nothing to her. That victory was not brought about by any amount of actual skill, nor was it a result of their own training. It was pure luck. Luck always had its place in every success, but Alexis felt that any victory based on that alone was hollow.

It wasn't until she had already been quite a distance away from the gym that she realized that she and her team had gotten the badge. Sure, she could and probably will still find a way to gloat, but she could never find a way to call this a good experience.
Alexandria "Alexis" Deva

"Clearly, you've never understood how to be fashionably late."

Alexis finally walked towards the others. Though by all accounts, she looked the same as ever, there was something different about her. An air of confidence mixed with smugness surrounded her. She had all her pokemon outside of their pokeballs moving alongside her. They too seemed different. They seemed stronger than before, more determined...and larger in number. Another pokemon had joined her team: A Meditite. Out of her entire team, it stood out personality-wise. Its eyes revealed that it sought something, and given the fact that it had joined Alexis, it seems to believe that it would find what it seeks as part of her team.

Alexis had been doing some training on her own. After the several losses, and the continuous interruptions to her plans, and the constant upstaging, she had finally decided to attempt a more simple approach. She had decided to catch another pokemon. One that was more appropriate for the battle. But it couldn't just be any pokemon. Alexis had standards, and any that couldn't fit her criteria were simply unacceptable. It was like that for a bit, they only found pokemon that did not deserve to be in their group. Too weak. Wrong color. Attacked them first...All of them were simply used to improve her team's moves and techniques. Her team had grown stronger as a consequence of not finding the right pokemon for a new member. Then Meditite appeared. It was training on its own, and its movements were beautiful. It was like a dance, but also not. It was rough, yet smooth. Fast and slow. They had found their new member.

In any case, Alexis walked up to Sophia with a smirk on her face.

"Going up first doesn't mean anything if you don't have the impact to make it worthwhile, and your little levitation trick isn't going to be enough to impress anyone important."

It took a moment for Alexis to see the girl with purple hair.

"Oh? Who's this? I didn't think you were one to ask for help in your attempts to look good, Sophia. Shame on you for using some goth girl to compare looks."
Just trying to go through life. Trying to find a job, trying to help my family, etc.
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“That should be good enough.”

Normally, a wanderer or traveler would go straight to an Inn when they reach a village or town or any sort of established civilization. Not Leroy. No, he was content with camping somewhere with clean water if he could help it. It’s not that he didn’t like Inns, it’s just that there’s easier access to materials out in the wilderness. Besides that, there was supposed to be a festival! He definitely needed all the money he could save to enjoy that event in full.

“Alright...Check one more time.”

The dark elf inspected his tent. It was larger than necessary for sleeping, but it was much more helpful when he was working his profession. A bedroll was on one side, his bags on another. All he would need to do is open them up, get his equipment out and he could just get to work.

“Everything good here? ...Yep.”

He walked over to his campfire site. It wasn’t lit yet, but he needed to make sure that it would set fire to the forest if he did. After that he looked up into he trees. He had set up a hammock just in case he ran into some forest predators. It’s safer, and plenty of things were available up there to shoo the intruder away. Finally, he returned to his bags and checked if he dropped everything.

“Pan, knives, cup...medicinal herbs, grasses, vials, bottles...”
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