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3 Oct 2016 16:31
Current I decided it was time for a new look. How do you like it?
26 Sep 2016 19:22
Weekend was busy, hot, and tiring. I have stuff to do, and this week is looking to be a difficult one. This is going to be a VERY uncomfortable part of my life.
20 Sep 2016 16:46
DAMMIT! SON OF A-! One of my favorite fanfics is stopping, because apparently it's breaking rules. Not only that, The fanfic I'm working on will have to stop too, since it's similar! This sucks! T-T
20 Sep 2016 14:26
Must...finish...fanfic...Must...not...look into the YouTube comment section of Death Battle...Must...not...get...sidetracked...
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5 Aug 2016 16:34
I got into another online argument about shipping again! I said that I ship Blaze with Silver, and they said that she'd be more likely to be in love with Sonic. I can't see how.
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I've got a handful of years experience Roleplaying here and elsewhere, so don't think me a rookie! My Avatar may look like a part of some sort of time-theme, but that's just Chronos after he was brought back to life and upgraded! My more favored avatar is either Dimentio or the Azure Flame God, but how does one resist a clock face?

Prepare yourself for the Persona of the week/Month/Minute/Whatever! Try to guess which Persona it is when you see it in my Signature! This little tidbit starts within a week!

My return to The Guild could mean many things! A new RP, a revival of an old idea, my participation in the arena as a Low-Rank Grunt, but most likely my return means that I'll participate in the more recent RPs!

With that said, remember to eat your porridge and limit your fire usage (we are drowning after all)!


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Should I wait, or start making my post now?
I have 3 more Finals, and then I'll be free to wreak havoc, smite mine enemies, and...not have a headache on RL things. Amen. Hallelujah. Peanut Butter.

Deneb and his team have ready bodies...Don't make it weird.
Alexandria "Alexis" Deva

Off to Training

After the events of the last few days, Alexis and her team felt that they had earned the right to sleep in a little today. Yesterday was just a whirlwind of emotions and stress, but today, and Alexis swears this, they were going to be well-rested before they go off to fulfill their destinies.

So they did just that. They slept in a while, and then got up out of bed when they were good and ready. Alexis washed up, and picked out fresh clothes, and strapped her mic to her hip.

"Alright....Time to train."

Her team wasn't going to magically get stronger, and she wasn't going to become an idol of the people by doing absolutely nothing. They were going to get better today...somehow. She hadn't really though of how they would get stronger, aside from battling, that is. She needed to think of a way to get an edge against her opponents.

Deneb Astrologian
At the Gym


Deneb simply looked up at the two who had acknowledged his presence. He didn't say a word, and his face showed no particular emotion towards them. He did not know these people, and had only seen them a few times. Still, they at least should know why he followed them to the place. If they hadn't figured that out already.

"I want to challenge the gym."
Sorry. Got a bit busy. I'll finish up my post today!
Okay. I'll try to get a post up later on today, then. Still have some classes and work to get through, after all.
Yup! It's time for her and her team to learn how to swag their way to victory.
I can post after dusk if she wants.
Deneb Astrologian
In the Pokemon Center


The previous day had been...hectic towards the end, but overall, it was a good day to settle into a town from this region. Now he needed to try one of the methods he thought up. Some Pokémon battles provided prize money to the victor, which was something that would help him in his goal. Even if it wasn't much to use, there were other possibilities that would help him. Surely enacting them all wouldn't cause much harm. The only problem was that he didn't know where the gym was.

That's where three others came along. He recognized them from the night before, but never got a chance to ask for their names. Then again, he simply helped out, so he had no real reason to ask for them in the first place.

Speaking of which, he felt no reason to introduce himself either, and settled to simply walk along with them.
I'm gonna have Deneb join in with you guys, and have him challenge the gym.
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