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Current I decided it was time for a new look. How do you like it?
4 yrs ago
Weekend was busy, hot, and tiring. I have stuff to do, and this week is looking to be a difficult one. This is going to be a VERY uncomfortable part of my life.
4 yrs ago
DAMMIT! SON OF A-! One of my favorite fanfics is stopping, because apparently it's breaking rules. Not only that, The fanfic I'm working on will have to stop too, since it's similar! This sucks! T-T
4 yrs ago
Must...finish...fanfic...Must...not...look into the YouTube comment section of Death Battle...Must...not...get...sidetracked...
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4 yrs ago
I got into another online argument about shipping again! I said that I ship Blaze with Silver, and they said that she'd be more likely to be in love with Sonic. I can't see how.
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I've got a handful of years experience Roleplaying here and elsewhere, so don't think me a rookie! My Avatar once looked like a part of some sort of time-theme, but that's just Chronos after he was brought back to life and upgraded! My more favored avatar is either Dimentio or the Azure Flame God, but how does one resist a clock face?

But that's in the Past. Now it's a pic of Gwyndolin, the Dark Sun!

Prepare yourself for the Persona of the week/Month/Minute/Whatever! Try to guess which Persona it is when you see it in my Signature! This little tidbit starts within a week!

My return to The Guild could mean many things! A new RP, a revival of an old idea, my participation in the arena as a Low-Rank Grunt, but most likely my return means that I'll participate in the more recent RPs!

With that said, remember to eat your porridge and limit your fire usage (we are drowning after all)!


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Alexandria "Alexis" Deva

"Clearly, you've never understood how to be fashionably late."

Alexis finally walked towards the others. Though by all accounts, she looked the same as ever, there was something different about her. An air of confidence mixed with smugness surrounded her. She had all her pokemon outside of their pokeballs moving alongside her. They too seemed different. They seemed stronger than before, more determined...and larger in number. Another pokemon had joined her team: A Meditite. Out of her entire team, it stood out personality-wise. Its eyes revealed that it sought something, and given the fact that it had joined Alexis, it seems to believe that it would find what it seeks as part of her team.

Alexis had been doing some training on her own. After the several losses, and the continuous interruptions to her plans, and the constant upstaging, she had finally decided to attempt a more simple approach. She had decided to catch another pokemon. One that was more appropriate for the battle. But it couldn't just be any pokemon. Alexis had standards, and any that couldn't fit her criteria were simply unacceptable. It was like that for a bit, they only found pokemon that did not deserve to be in their group. Too weak. Wrong color. Attacked them first...All of them were simply used to improve her team's moves and techniques. Her team had grown stronger as a consequence of not finding the right pokemon for a new member. Then Meditite appeared. It was training on its own, and its movements were beautiful. It was like a dance, but also not. It was rough, yet smooth. Fast and slow. They had found their new member.

In any case, Alexis walked up to Sophia with a smirk on her face.

"Going up first doesn't mean anything if you don't have the impact to make it worthwhile, and your little levitation trick isn't going to be enough to impress anyone important."

It took a moment for Alexis to see the girl with purple hair.

"Oh? Who's this? I didn't think you were one to ask for help in your attempts to look good, Sophia. Shame on you for using some goth girl to compare looks."
Just trying to go through life. Trying to find a job, trying to help my family, etc.
*tries to sneak in and sit down, but is ashamed to have been absent for so long*

“That should be good enough.”

Normally, a wanderer or traveler would go straight to an Inn when they reach a village or town or any sort of established civilization. Not Leroy. No, he was content with camping somewhere with clean water if he could help it. It’s not that he didn’t like Inns, it’s just that there’s easier access to materials out in the wilderness. Besides that, there was supposed to be a festival! He definitely needed all the money he could save to enjoy that event in full.

“Alright...Check one more time.”

The dark elf inspected his tent. It was larger than necessary for sleeping, but it was much more helpful when he was working his profession. A bedroll was on one side, his bags on another. All he would need to do is open them up, get his equipment out and he could just get to work.

“Everything good here? ...Yep.”

He walked over to his campfire site. It wasn’t lit yet, but he needed to make sure that it would set fire to the forest if he did. After that he looked up into he trees. He had set up a hammock just in case he ran into some forest predators. It’s safer, and plenty of things were available up there to shoo the intruder away. Finally, he returned to his bags and checked if he dropped everything.

“Pan, knives, cup...medicinal herbs, grasses, vials, bottles...”
Yay! Now to figure out a post for the IC

You mean together? Because the secret was in the CS I PMed to both of you

Kinda both. I have a few ideas, but I want to work off of what the others have and don’t have
...I’m guessing I missed my chance to join back up?

Sorry for my absence...
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