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Current I decided it was time for a new look. How do you like it?
1 yr ago
Weekend was busy, hot, and tiring. I have stuff to do, and this week is looking to be a difficult one. This is going to be a VERY uncomfortable part of my life.
1 yr ago
DAMMIT! SON OF A-! One of my favorite fanfics is stopping, because apparently it's breaking rules. Not only that, The fanfic I'm working on will have to stop too, since it's similar! This sucks! T-T
1 yr ago
Must...finish...fanfic...Must...not...look into the YouTube comment section of Death Battle...Must...not...get...sidetracked...
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1 yr ago
I got into another online argument about shipping again! I said that I ship Blaze with Silver, and they said that she'd be more likely to be in love with Sonic. I can't see how.
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I've got a handful of years experience Roleplaying here and elsewhere, so don't think me a rookie! My Avatar may look like a part of some sort of time-theme, but that's just Chronos after he was brought back to life and upgraded! My more favored avatar is either Dimentio or the Azure Flame God, but how does one resist a clock face?

Prepare yourself for the Persona of the week/Month/Minute/Whatever! Try to guess which Persona it is when you see it in my Signature! This little tidbit starts within a week!

My return to The Guild could mean many things! A new RP, a revival of an old idea, my participation in the arena as a Low-Rank Grunt, but most likely my return means that I'll participate in the more recent RPs!

With that said, remember to eat your porridge and limit your fire usage (we are drowning after all)!


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@LuckyBlackCat I'm very indecisive. Really, it just would be cool to see the two together in the same pick. I dunno. So how's life?
@LuckyBlackCat How do commissions work? Do I go to a patreon or...?
With your art, I might commission a picture involving Sophia and Alexis next time you offer.
Supity sup sup sup.?
Alexandria "Alexis" Deva

Meeting a True Idol


Before she knew it, Alexis was on the ground, knocked over by some incompetent trainer's undisciplined pokemon. Alexis was very much displeased, to say the least. Of all her time here on this continent (that is to say, not very long), She had never been treated like this. She even hit the ground face first! What trainer in their right mind would let their pokemon do something like tha-

To say that Alexis was in shock would be a very accurate observation. The moment she lifted her head up to see the pokemon's trainer, she immediately recognized Mistress Hollow. A celebrity, loved by the masses was standing right in front of her. One of the figures that Alexis had dreamt of standing among and against was standing right in front of her. Of course she would freeze up. Many concerns were passing through the wannabe idol's mind:

'Did she see my battle? Please tell me she didn't see that! Why am I covered in dirt in front of her? I need to be presentable! Mistress Hollow is right in front of me! SHE'S TOUCHING ME. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-'
I'll make a post today or tonight, but I have some things to finish up first
Sup? Anyone on?
Alexandria "Alexis" Deva

Training Again

The first step to getting better was to gain experience. The most basic task a trainer takes is one of competitive battles. So that's what Alexis did. She found someone to battle. Of course, she didn't care much for the person she faced. She didn't even commit their identity to memory. All she did was challenge let them challenge her, and benevolently accept, despite being so out of their league.

The battle was simple enough, she tested out Puffpuff's newfound abilities by sending him out first. The strategy was simple, whittle down their Lillipup with Tail Whips, heal with Synthesis, then finish them off with tackle. Of course, with the Hoppip being so inexperienced in actually fighting, the round dragged on for much longer. Even though Puffpuff won the round, it was too exhausted, so Alexis switched him out with Gabby. It was a good thing as well, since the trainer's next pokemon was a Pidove. Alexis had to give them credit. They knew the basics of types and weaknesses. Too bad Gabby didn't share those weaknesses Hoppip had.

On the other hand, Alexis hadn't taken into account Gabby's playful personality. The tricky Eevee had too much fun messing around with the bird, and ended up getting tripped up and knocked down, losing her round. Yuki didn't even need Alexis to tell her to go in. She simply walked forward to the battle while her trainer returned Gabby to her pokeball. The next two rounds were...Well, Snorunt was disinterested for the most part. Mainly because she held the advantage. Pidove was easily taken down since being weakened from its fight with Gabby, while the Bulbasaur that came up next couldn't handle the cold. Of course, it helped that the Snorunt was the strongest in the group.

With that surprisingly difficult easy victory in hand, Alexis continued on her way. Of course, she didn't know where to go from there, but she couldn't ruin her confident exit by coming back and asking if there was any place of interest nearby.
@LuckyBlackCat I just got used to my new schedule. Today's also my niece's birthday party. She turned 3!

Anyway, I'll make a post today though.

EDIT: Alternatively, I'll just knock out. -_-' I'll work on it now
Dang. I can still post tomorrow, so I'll wait to see if it comes back up.

Anyway. How have things been?
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