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Gentlemen... BEHOLD!!
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Okay, alcohol get, as of yesterday. Now I just need to get laid and maybe I'll stop wanting to hurt things.
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@Mokley Thanks!
@Mokley The Juwelwald- Gem Wood. A forest made of living crystals and gemstones. My character would hail from there.
I may work on my CS fairly soon, but before I do, I wanted to run a terrain idea past you, if I may.
@RabidAnubis Short post, but it does the job, I hope.
Ramona Saturday


Any good feelings Ramona had about returning to the hangout spot of her sordid youth was burned away almost instantly at the mood that greeted her when she arrived. First Vivian being catty, then Isana and Alice leaving in a hurry (at least they didn't seem pissed off at her like everyone else), followed by... well. It looked like nothing had changed between Emily and Elise. Ramona glared at the ground sadly as Emily swept past her, throwing one last barb practically over her shoulder as she stormed out with Fiona in tow. Ramona sighed- there were myriad reasons why Justice Heart collapsed the way it did, but Ramona's ire always fell on Emily first and foremost. It was her stupid decision to get knocked up that knocked everyone else down the slippery slope to where they were now.

She grit her teeth, then moved toward the last two she was left with. Without saying another word, she practically dashed over to Elise, wrapping her old friend in a tight hug. Aside from Isana, Ramona had always had the most kinship with Elise. "The Ken to your Ryu," she once referred to herself as, their friendly bickering over the "Strongest" title always having been good for a laugh. It would be nice to get back into the swing of that again.

"Hey, Flower Girl," she said, giving one last squeeze before backing up. "Saw you on the news today. Didn't think I'd given you permission to use my title," she laughed with a crooked grin. She turned to Courtney afterward.

"To answer the question that everyone's been askin', by the way? No. I don't know why I wasn't attacked. Maybe the dragon-girl thing scared 'em off?" She shook her head. "Anyways, as much fun as this is going to be, let's try and get it done ASAP, a'kay? I got swords to finish." At Courtney's suggestion of her taking a cab, Ramona shrugged. "I mean, I don't know if you guys remember, but I can move under my own power. If any of you can ride, you can take the bike. Though, don't tell Katja. Or wreck it. She'll kill me dead if she finds out someone else touched her baby..."

Gotta wait for my boyfriend to wake up, but I’m gonna post today. His laptop actually works.
Posting when I get home. Put it off for too long, I’m sorry.
Just gonna keep this tagged for later...
I can post late tonight. Sorry, guys, lots of trouble at work lately. And @RabidAnubis, I guess Ramona is working with Elise and Courtney. Seeing as they’re the only ones who stuck around.
I’ll post something later today. After 3:30.
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