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@Cultural Titan No Limbs? No Problem. Meryl and Storm Exarch (whom is known in my head, henceforth, as “ALL THE LIGHTNING”) are approved. Just snip those last two parts of Meryl’s CS (text color and theme song) if you’re not using them. Saves some clutter.
@DJAtomika Like I said, take your time. I want everyone to enjoy themselves with this game.
Heads up. My character’s CS will be up by the end of the week. Hopefully we can get started by the end of the month.
@Kitty Thank you for your interest! Good luck with whatever it is you need doing, and I hope we can make an entertaining story for you to observe.
@Vertigo We’re not a typical mecha game. And yeah, I’ll keep accepting until I feel we’ve reached the upper limit on what I can handle. Have at it~
@Gisk Brave Hart is definitely a Rook. Sword or shield, if it’s geared for close range, it’s a Rook.

And Dragons don’t have to have wings, though most of them do have flight capabilities, anyway. It’s just a matter of what design you want to go with.
@Lucky@tobiax I would say it is a bit closer to a Knight, but the life drain complicates things. It has a lot more sustainability than most Knights, as a result. It can be either Joker or Knight. I’ll leave that to the player’s discretion.
@Kitty Anything that isn’t a Rook, Bishop, or Knight. Joker just means it has unusual powers that can’t readily be classified into any particular role.

@tobiax Approved. Slap it in the Characters tab.

@Jolteon PM me, and we can go over specifics.

@Lucky Happy Wednesday (even though it’s Tuesday), Sunni is approved.
@Cultural Titan Dragons regenerate over time. Depending on the injury, it can take a few days or even weeks for a Dragon to fully recover under normal circumstances. However, your Pilots will all have the advantage of traveling with the Dragon known as “Sakura Blossom,” whose presence greatly increases regeneration of any Dragons in range. Injuries will heal in a matter of hours, instead.
@Cleverbird Dragons have an organic aesthetic- like literal flesh-and-blood creatures, only made of metal and plasma. Their appearance varies just as wildly as the Shard Patriarchs do, with some looking more humanoid, some looking more animalistic, and all having some kind of reptilian/draconic features to them. Think of this:

...and you’re in the right ballpark.

A Dragon is better than a normal tank because of three things- power, speed, and flexibility. Power, because their weapons are strong, their bodies durable. Speed, because despite being anywhere from 20 to 90 meters, they move with such speed, grace, and reflex as to be impossible by armor or artillery of comparable size, and flexibility because they can be used in any theater of combat, and, being living creatures, can learn from their mistakes and victories along with their Pilot.

Technology is to the point where personal plasma weaponry is relatively commonplace, and the Dragons themselves can do weird, pseudo-magical bullshit like ferrokinesis or Roboteching their lasers, depending on the particular frame.
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