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Bakuto VS Jackson
The Battles Conclusion

Location: World Martial Arts Tournament, Planet Earth
Time: Saturday, July 16th, 2500

Silence for a long period of time was all Bakuto heard after his multiple attack had hit. His exhaustion he took its toll, he breathed heavily he barely even registered at first his arm was raised for victory. Bakuto's second and final attack on Jackson wasn't planned to be a final hit. Bakuto had wanted to hit just one solid good punch, but he put way too much power into his attack. Bakuto was drained but he still had strength left in his body to continue if he needed but he used more stamina then expected.

When he had finally regained his own senses he snapped his head towards where he sent Jackson flying. He was at shock at what he did because he had hit Jackson way too hard, on a near defenseless opponent thanks to his afterimage technique. After seeing the medical team seemly inject and stabilize Jackson with sensu beans he was relieved. If it wasn't for the Sensu Beans he might have killed Jackson with that last technique. Bakuto gives Jackson another respectfully bow and says quietly

"Sorry about that, but thank you for that great fight."

Bakuto was a bit taken back by what he did, but he knew he had to hold give even more then what he did in this fight if he wanted to win this whole tournament. He already was predicting the winner of the next round from the battles he watched from the first rounds. Bakuto was predicting and expecting his next round would be one of the toughest battles next when he would get to face the former champion. He couldn't hold back anything more next round if he wanted to hold his own against the champion.

As he left the ring he took two sensu beans and ate one quickly to regain his own lost stamina, he kept ahold of the second to keep until it was time for his next battle. He planned on eating it before his next battle to make sure he has plenty of energy for the biggest fight of the tournament next. Bakuto the leaps up onto a ledge wall to get ready to watch the next fight from. He wanted to see this next fight to see how the champion fights one more time. He saw it in the first round briefly now was going to watch for the next round.

'Pay attention Bakuto, the champ will show why he is a champion, and then I will show him in the semi finals what I can do when I hold nothing back.'

Bakuto's thoughts as he gets his bird's eye few of the ring as he waits for the next round to begin.

Bakuto VS Jackson

Location: World Martial Arts Tournament, Planet Earth
Time: Saturday, July 16th, 2500

Getting his shots off on Jackson wasn't hard but, his speed was taking a toll on himself. Going at full speed right out of the gate meant that Bakuto needed to use a lot more stamina then he had to use in the past fights. He needed to end this fast if he wanted to keep going at the speed he wanted. Bakuto fought off the urge smiling throughout the end of the first assault. The crowd had been behind this Jackson character and now are now flabbergasted about what they just seen. Bakuto seen that Jackson wasn't have a great time trying to defend, he could get strong attacks off, which Bakuto needed to avoid.

"Having trouble keeping up Jackson?! Why don't you say so! I could just turn the speed up for you. Now, don't blind."

With those few words Bakuto started to speed up even more. Starting to turn himself into blurs leaving behind images of where he has been. Moving fast enough to create after images. Bakuto wasn't only using this afterimage technique to throw his opponent off but to move in close for a clear decisive hit.

Secret Technique
Serious Afterimage Speed Strike

Power Level 93
Health 78
Attack- 23
Speed- 60x2+ 60x2.5 220?
Defense - 10
The 'secret' technique. This is things like Afterimages and general other special moves right?
Bakuto VS Jackson

Location: World Martial Arts Tournament, Planet Earth
Time: Saturday, July 16th, 2500

The battles that followed his own Bakuto watched after his very first round match up. He had paid attention mostly to the match that followed his own and the former champions battle. He watched the other battles as they fueled him and hyped him up for his own next fight. His next round match up, he saw the battle between Jackson and Fantasia so he believed his knew how to face this opponent.

Before his match up, he was offered a green bean a senzu bean, that he was first skeptical of but when he took it and ate it, all his strength from his first round match had returned. His hunger was also sated. He was full, and his body was reenergized for the next round. He was ready and when his opponent entered the ring first, he took a deep breath he made his way to the ring to walk out in front of the crowd again. Bakuto to this point was thinking up a strategy to start this fight off. His opponent Jackson, everyone seemed to know well for being a MMA Fighter, but Bakuto until today didn't even know who he was until that second round fight.

Having watched the second round battle, he saw that Jackson was a power fighter, his opponent that he faced that round had speed but Jackson's power was strong enough to overcome it. While Jackson's first opponent had speed they didn't have the strength behind their attacks to make the speed effective Bakuto had took a mental note of that as he enter the ring and took his spot standing in the same place he did in his first round match up. He straightens himself up and gives his opponent a respectful bow, just as he did in his first match up followed up with the same words he first spoke in his first round match up.

"I'll be looking forward to our fight"

Then he took his stance as his light hearted demeanor got serious, he readied for the gong to signal the start of the match up so he could begin. His breath shallow and calm.


With the sound of the metal gong Bakuto took off like a bullet going left and starting sprinting as fast as he could not going right at his opponent but rather he started to run a circle around Jackson. Very reminiscent to the first round finish when Bakuto defeated Rhine. Bakuto used his blinding speed to build up as he starts this battle with Jackson. He looked to hit the move he used on Rhine to put the end of the first battle first. He was going to hit Jackson fast and strong, giving his best moves first. With the senzu beans he doesnt need to hold back anymore in this tournament, he was going to give it his all right at the start.

Serious Speed
Power Level 110
Health 110
Attack- 30
Speed- 60x2 120
Defense - 20
I'll post as soon as I can then
Well if you are all still accepting people, here is another character sheet to add to the mix. Hope its alright to bring a fishman part of the RP

Let's see if this character is any good for this rp. Let me know if this works or not@Almalthia@Pilatus.

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