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The Festival!
Location: World Martial Arts Tournament, Planet Earth
Time: Saturday, July 16th, 2500

The festival had begun Bakuto wasn't fond of these kind of get together. The thing he did enjoy seeing was all the food and from where he was from food was always a reward after a fight for him from his village but this was different. This was a party to celebrate this tournament but many people who didn't even take part in the tournament was partying in this celebration. This was something Bakuto had to accept but this was still strange to him.

The night started and to his own surprise he had to give a speech. Before he could object to this he was up in front of everyone who expected something from him. With a grumble and a groan he stood there and said, "Well I guess I don't have a choice do I? If I had gotten one then I wouldn't be giving any sort of silly speech. So I wont take long, it was an honor to fight in this tournament. I didn't win, but I didn't have to enjoy the fights I was in. Now when ever is the next tournament whether it be five years from now or whenever I will be here again and next time I will be stronger!"

With what little he had said. He gave Angela her turn to do the speech he dreaded himself. He said quietly to her, "If I ever have to do something like this again, it will be too soon. Good luck out there."
Tenshi Hokori

Upon the road into Konoha rolled in a merchant wagon upon this day. This was a plain ordinary wagon drawn by two horses, with a middle-aged merchant at the reins. The only thing strange was in the back of the wagon was a young man in fancy white and black cloaked clothing fast asleep. As the wagon road into the gates of the village it stopped. The man who was at the reins smacked the wagon in trying to wake the man in the back The young man woke up and crawled out of the back of the wagon without saying anything. He grabs his bag out of the wag, then his wooden sword and fixes it to his hip on his belt. He dusts off his clothing from his ride within the wagon, he then makes sure he straightened his gear before walking through the gate.

The young man groggly walks over to the gate entrance to talk to the shinobi guards at the gate. Stumbling a bit he was still waking up, he says sleepily, "I'm Tenshi Hokori here *Yawns* to see the Ho*Yawns* Hokage." This young man armed with scrolls and a wooden training sword at his hip. As he got closer his belt bore the emblem of the village that he hailed from this man was from Kumogakure. Without many words he would go ahead to walk into the village. Not one to wait for anyone Tenshi walked into the village half awake looking to find his own way to the Hokage on his own.

Tenshi was taking in the village as he walked through it, this was far different then the village he hailed from. He just walked around for a bit trying to find his own way to the Hokage, while also exploring the village he would be in for a while. Instead of going to the obvious buildings he just walked around just to see what he could find until either the leaf shinobi sent someone to direct him to the right place or he finds the Hokage on his own.
Sorry that this took a while but I believe I fixed most of what you wanted to fix. My grammar is still is a bit rough I know this, but I think things fit now.


The End of the Finals and The Festival Begins!
Location: World Martial Arts Tournament, Planet Earth
Time: Saturday, July 16th, 2500

After the fight, Bakuto had let Niko and Angela help him get back to his feet even accepted the senzu bean given to him. He stood up carefully as he went from having neary no energy left to move to his recovered was a bit uneasy at first. He didnt hurt bad but his pride did take quite a hit from the fight but he felt stronger from the experience he had from the tournament. He stood in the ring with the strongest fighter and gave it his all. Bakuto gave the crowd a bow then his opponent out of respect then went to the back initially after the fight before the festival,

Moments Later At the Festival

At the festival Bakuto dreaded even showing up. He strongly disliked social events like these. Social gatherings where people dressed fancy pretending they are high class or trying to show they are better socially then others. Bakuto met this woman along with the others Pan. He had heard her name before or at least the name of her grand father Hercule. He was a legendary fighter, it was hard not to hear about him on his way to this tournament.

She offered to have her officials get them what suits them. Before he could speak Niko was gone and so was Lee, the semi finalists left, Bakuto wish he could leave but he made it to the finals. His burden that he created for himself by his own success. Then Angela spoke before he could then asked him what did he think Bakuto without a second thought with a rather serious, "I'm not wearing a suit. I'll wear my own fighting gear if I am allowed, but I wont wear a suit. The fancy suits isnt for me, I am a fighter not a businessman or some sort of rich tycoon type and I will present myself as such. I see this is an important event, and my clothing that I wear is important to me, and that all that matters."

His attitude quickly dropped and he smiled then said cheerfully, "But that's just me. This is a party still and one should celebrate. Especially you. Champ! I mean you just won the whole tournament that is worth plenty of celebrating before people start lining back up to fight you again for you to see how they match up to the new World Martial Arts Tournament champion. Maybe after a few round of drinks, maybe a lot of few rounds of drinks this kind of party wont be so weird." His cheerful energetic tone he had during the tournament was back as he was finally accepting his loss. In the end he was still a finalist even if he was just the runner up and he had a bit of pride in that.
Wasnt expecting Pan either. Didnt even know we were in the same universe universe as any canon characters. Figured this was like Dragon Ball Super's multiple universes. Maybe I am still right and this universe just has its own Pan and Hercule. But I could also be wrong.
I can make a response, to be honest I was waitting for Balthazar to officially finish up the fight after Bakuto fell backwards. But with Niko and Angela coming to Bakuto to help him back up, guess the result was finished
Bakuto the Living Dragon
Location- Street Alley

The rage building up in Bakuto was boiling. The dealings with the marines stirred emotions Bakuto kept away. Watching his flames crumble away normally would have gave Bakuto pause to think about the situation but yet he didnt see this in the same way as he wasnt in his right mind set. Bakuto's mind was on making everything go away, his thoughts his feelings, his current situation against Ezequiel.

"Your group likes dreams and nightmares right? Prepare for what is a real nightmare." exclaimed Bakuto as he gets covered in the rubble. Not bothering to dodge any of it. The look on his face he had the full intent to kill, as his gaze is covered by the rubble of the buildings everything went quiet.

Suddenly the rocks and rubble move, at first just a few pebbles and pieces of the buildings. Then everything and other buildings around them gets smashed in as the black wings of a dragon unfurled themselves. Bakuto changed into his full animalistic form of a black dragon. Unlike he did in the Brown Ilse this was different the look in Bakuto's eyes weren't that of his but that of a furious beast staring down its prey that stood down the alley way from it.

The primal rage of the dragon and Bakuto's mixed. Instead of ignoring the primal urges Bakuto just gave into everything into the primal urges, the dragon was unleashed. Once freed of the rubble with ease the dragon form Bakuto lets out blood curdling roar right at Ezequiel. The loud roar reverberating throughout the village and port.

The dragon's chest expanded as it took a deep breathe in, and its powerful jaws pointed at his enemy. It radiated the heat it was building up towards Ezequiel. This was another fire breath but unlike before this was going to be stronger and more focused. If the dragon form could smile then the primal beast would be as the heat gave the warning that it wanted to erase everything that was in Ezequiel’s direction with a fiery blaze. With a moment it opened its unleashing the torrent flames towards Ezequiel. He crumbled the last attack, but this was much bigger, wider, and much stronger.
Bakuto VS Angela
The Finals Conclude

Location: World Martial Arts Tournament, Planet Earth
Time: Saturday, July 16th, 2500

His dodging and blocking worked to keep himself from getting extremely damaged he was drained at this point. Completely out of energy to keep up fighting. The only thing keeping Bakuto from forfeiting was his own pride. Looking at Angela he takes a deep breath then says, "Alright now I will end this with one last punch!"

He pulls his arm back looking to appear he prepared a serious punch. Then falling backwards from his own movement. He laid there on his back while he looked at the sky he just laughed there and said afterwards, "Can't even move now, and I think I just lost. It's kind of a shame as I really enjoyed this fight. Done out by over doing it with the afterimage one too many times. I'd get up to congratulate you but until I get another senzu bean I am not going anywhere!"

With only the ability to speak, that's as Bakuto did as he lost in thoughts he failed to get his village money to save it from itself. Came from a village that has fights to just so people could eat to the World Martial Arts Tournament, where people fight in their many arts. His goals were changing he had someone who was stronger than him, he didn't need to go back, but he wanted to get stronger and fight people like Angela again.
Got my latest post up. This fight will end up with both Angela and Bakuto just getting into a slap fight at this rate with them drawing out the match longer and longer.
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