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Alexander King

Location: Boston
Interactions:Jocelyn @Almalthia Finnlay MacTyre@sly13

It didn't take Alexander long to get from New York to Boston. It took him a bit of time gathering more information he needs to go after the target that he was searching for. Follow a string of deaths of a few people who Alexander was able to get very little information but enough to know they were scum bags. He found an apartment where he got information where a person with the similar appearance Jocelyn was last staying.

He entered the area while in his exosuit onto in an apartment across the street from where he found a person matching Jocelyn's description was last seen at. Getting into a spot by a window with his scoped rifle and looks through scoping out the apartment.

Two figures a male and a female. Another person could make this complicated. It could be one of the others he was told to eliminated but he wasn't sure. He had only tracked one of person to Boston as everyone else seemed spread out considerably far from each other. At least from the information he was originally given. A lot could have changed since the information was formed for him. Alexander couldn't rule out that this person could also be a completely new person either. He wasn't sure if he should feel threatened by this person or not. While this person was an unknown they could also be useful to use against his target.

Aiming the barrel of his gun towards the window Alexander prepares to fire. Figuring the window would hurt his accuracy for a clean shot to hit either person cleanly. He wasn't aiming to kill he was aiming to test their reactions. He couldn't hit with complete accuracy but he should get a good look at seeing this mutant can do and who her friend is. Also planning on the possibility that he can eliminate a potential threat. Aiming at one of the to figures he pulls the trigger BANG!
@BladeSS4 under his actual armour tab it doesn't show anything

That's weird because the image is there for me. The other one works though right? I could just remove his actual armor and just his prison gear. Would that work?
@BladeSS4 even though its rough it's good. Only thing I see you need to is fix the image of his armour.

What's wrong with the image? It looks normal to me but if there is a problem with it idk let me know what it is.
Here is my character entry, its a bit rough but just a character I put together, I hope it is alright.

James Aka Sliver

Interactions: Venom @Unknown100
Location: Queens New York

After getting to the bar, James ordered himself a beer and a shot of whiskey then sat there then ordering another as he drank his beer waiting for the next shot. James shot down the shot rather quickly and sat there listening to Gwen when she commented on his suit he then says, "Well I guess I could have picked something a little more casual I guess. I blame my time in the police academy, always planned on making detective after graduating from the academy but that never happened. I guess I could be in a business meeting, although I doubt I'd fit in, I am not snobby enough for that."

For the first time in months James actually felt like he could relax. As she asks why is he in queens. James thought about the question he wasn't sure why he came to queens. While he was a bit worried that the Hand was going to target her. There was also a part of James that was just looking for someone who he knew that could understand him and what he was going through. James answers, "Maybe I was a bit worried. There is also what I said the last time we were in the same place. I said we should get a drink together." James says that last part with a friendly smile.

James drank a bit more while normally he wouldn't feel the effects of the alcohol as his symbiote would lessen the effects. It was still fighting of the poison in his system so his drinks were effecting him a bit sooner than he thought they would. As he was going through his drinks matching Gwen drink for drink. He eventually notices her leg brushing against his and he looks up at her then says playfully "Ms. Gwen careful now you might start something you might regret."

Ordering another drink then offering to order another for Gwen as well. James figures he might end up regretting his own decision to keep going but he was enjoying himself while also enjoying this moment with Gwen. He was enjoying drinking with a person like himself it also helped she didn't look that bad to him either James leaned forward a bit then says a bit slurred, "We should have done this sooner. Two years or how ever long it is has been is too long heh. I guesss we have a bit of time make up for now then. Gotta enjoy these little times esspecially when trouble likes to find the each of us at bad times." James really didn't care who was around. The bar was filled but it felt empty to him except for himself, Gwen and the drinks that kept coming.
Alexander King's Intro

Sometime in the Morning

"We are on in four, three, two, one. Ladies and Gentlemen we are here live at the Alexander King's Shelter here in Queens. We are here with the man himself who has staggeringly has made it his mission to help those in need in New York. How do you do it?" saw the news reporter with the camera on the one Alexander King.

A man in a rather sharp suit, a neatly trimmed beard. He clears his throat then says with his rather smooth voice, "Well, this isn't all my work. You see, this shelter will take in anyone in need. They need to come here if they have no place to go or need to find themselves a purpose and with their help we do what it takes to help all who come to the shelter. We live in a world of violence, poverty and where drugs are rampant. Our mission is to help all those who want to get away from all that. As of this month alone, we have taken in those without homes, children who lost their families and we helped them find jobs. Helping many find their place and get back on their feet." The news reporter, "How has recent events of vigilantes and incidents of aliens and other super powered people affected your shelter?"

Alexander pauses as to ponder the question then answers, "I'd be lying if I said these events haven't effected the shelter, but we have to adapt to the world we live in. These special people work hard every day to make this world a better place. While others might believe they cause more trouble then they save, but I will say this I have seen those children who have been saved. Everyone person who has been apart of these vigilante incidents are heroes and should be awarded as such. With them protecting the streets, and shelters like mine protecting those they manage to save we can make this world a better place for all. Then hopefully we can recover from any disaster that befalls on this great city."

The reports retort, "It seems you praise these people rather highly..." Alexander interrupts him, "Of course I do, all the help is appreciated. I wouldn't refuse anyone's help especially if that help comes from someone with a magical hammer or is a monster with green skin. As I said, you got to adapt to be able to help others. We live in the world where the superpowered, and vigilantes run all over. So we have to adapt and roll with it if we are going to help others. If you want to ask further questions, ask those inside the shelter. There is Jackie, a girl who came in last month, she had lost her job, and home now thanks to the help of those who help run the shelter. She is on her way becoming a part-time nurse Then Fred, a football star who broke his leg and ruined his scholarship. He is now getting a chance to become a lawyer. Go through and ask all those who we help. Their answers will be better than any I would give."

With that final question Alexander walks inside and back to his private office. Once inside he closes the door. The blinds are shut as they normally were. The room is completely sound prove. As Alexander sits down there is message on his computer. A video call coming in and he answers it. A dark figure appears with a distorted voice, "King, you have new orders and targets." Alex sits down then answers with a complete change in tone from his interview with the news team. He is rather serious and talking as if he was speaking to a superior, "Very, well what are my orders?"

"There is a few individuals who we need eliminated. These targets are high risk targets that could be problems with our organization. While we could choose to ignore them, they seem to have made moves over the last year or so ever since the failed capture of these targets. We have a few aliases but we are confident you will get the job done regardless the amount of information we have. While we would rather have a more quiet approach your record of getting a job done makes you best candidate for this job." says the voice Alex responds plainly getting straight to the point, "Who do you want eliminated?"

The voice doesn't say anything at first then starts listing off names, "We got this information of names from the failed shake down of those names who popped up searched from Shields computers. First was a person or well demon known as Alister, we don't have much on this target other then this. Next is Draku another unknown, a high threat to Shield and just as much of a threat to us as well. Then there is Jocelyn Beatrix, unlike the first two, it seems Shield has quite a bit of research on this one. A mutant and weapon x experiment. Wanted for robbery and murders at a bar about two years ago. We tried to infiltrate Professor's Xavier's school data base with no luck so we couldn't get more information on this individual. Next is a one James Walker. A strange one here. A police academy drop out, we don't have much on him other then last year his apartment exploded and he was labeled killed at the scene so this target is already KIA. Last but not least your main target. The origin of which all these names were put together. Ava Alkaev code named Black Frost she is another mutant with the abilities of freezing temperatures and ice. She is a high risk target should be your main primary target, as she has been blacklisted already by a failed attempt by the Winter Soldier we sent to apprehend her. She has left us with no choice other then elimination. Her file will be sent to your personal device of everything we have on her and her associates. "

Alexander ponders what is told of him then says coldly, "Five targets? Or are you wanting just the last one this Black Frost eliminated?" The voice answers, "While the four others have been linked to her. Their elimination would be appreciated but isn't the main priority. She knows too much of our organization and that cannot be allowed to stand. You are cleared to use whatever is necessary to complete this job... Alexander then says plainly and annoyed, "Very well but I expect every ammo I use to be replaced or compensated on this mission. Should I have to use any of the seven sins. I will need replacements." The voice answers, "Very well get the job done." For Alexander's final words to who is giving him his orders, "Very well, Hail Hydra!"

The screen goes dark Alexander picks up his phone then opens an encrypted file then slowly goes over the details an locations of everyone on the list. Deciding going after the main target was a bit risky with all these other super powered and high priority targets he would have to eliminate or get them out of the way first.
Alexander flips through the documents then opened the one to the mutant known as Jocelyn Beatrix. A lone mutant Alexander reaches under his desk and hits a button and his desk moves away from him revealing a way to an underground hideout. Walking down he hits another button and the desk slides back to where it was covering the entrance

Alexander walks into an empty room and the lights come on. He walks into the room then puts his hand on an empty wall then moves his hand away and a black hand mark appears and the wall opens up revealing a handful of weapons and an exosuit. He presses a button then says talking to his secretary in the front of the homeless shelter that he runs. "Hey Janice, cancel my appointments for today. I have unexpected business arrangement to attend. If you me for anything, call me but I will be in Boston." The answer he gets is, "Yes sir have a wonderful time in Boston." the secretary unaware that Alex is talking to her from his hidden room under the shelter.

He pulls his sleeves up and puts on two brown like arm-braces, when he puts on the second one, a blade comes out from it right in front of the under part of his wrist. He grabs a business suit case then starts putting things into it. First are his two pistols then are parts to his fifty caliber rifle. Then grabbing seven bullets that sat out individually each labeled after one of the seven deadly sins. He says to himself, "Won't need these but better to have them then not to." He puts them into special slots in the suit case each having their own spot. Then closes the suit case but not before adding a five throwing knives.

Then he begins to put the exosuit into a clothing bag that would hold a normal business suit. Then grabbing a cane then pulls on the handle to examine the blade then puts it back. Then he begins to leave. He presses a button and the wall closes turning the room back into an empty room. As he leaves he uses the cane to hit a lever and he desk moves and he climbs back out into the room he started in. Then leaves through his door as the desk moves back into the spot it suppose to be when he walks away. As he leaves the shelter holding his suit case and suit bag he says to his secretary, "If you need me make sure you call and I will try to get back here as soon as possible." He then leaves waving the reporters away as he gets into his car then he was gone. His trip heading to Boston to pursue his first target.
James Aka Sliver

Interactions: Venom @Unknown100
Location: Queens New York

James followed Gwen to a back alley way then watched her suit change and morphed into a red dress. James tries not to make a comment about her changing in front of him. He follows her lead and his silver suit turning into his normal clothing that of a simple suit and tie. "The Hand could be involved but I think it would be more that I kicked the hornet's nest when I ran into them. If they are involved helping Osborne. Then again it could be any group really. The hand like to work in secret and are more likely to try to recruit you to aid them against myself. So I don't know if they are truly involved. It could be just some independent mercenary group or could even do with the same person who the reason I left went into hiding for dead."

Straightening his tie up James then gives himself a once over making sure he got his close right then says with a friendly smile, "So where we off to Ms. Gwen Stacy?" Letting Gwen take the lead to lead him where ever. Figuring she also might have a preferred place to go to in Queens.

James Aka Sliver

Interactions: Venom @Unknown100
Location: Queens New York

"I...I am sorry for what has happened to you.", says James with a bit of kindness in his voice and sadness mixed together. As Venom or Gwen continued to talk James felt more like he was at fault for this. As this Norman Osborne character did seem like the more likely suspect but what James went through he couldn't rule out the possibility of those who he was running from himself.

James looks out over the plaza then answers Venom's question that she asked of him, "Well, being dead is a lot easier than running for life away from the New York Police Department. I haven't had the greatest time the last year or so either. I have had my apartment blown up and fought a firing squad of corrupt cops because I questioned around found the name of someone then I had to pretend I was dead for the year. It wasn't for my symbiote I would be dead now. And now." James pauses and takes a deep breath while looking over the plaza James looks around a bit then says, "I only found a single name and it landed me homeless and being dead. A person with considerable influence over nearly aspect of the legal system. This person could be involved but I highly doubt it but I wouldn't put it past him. And there another group which is the reason why I am out of hiding now."

James looked at his hand then says, "All I know is they call themselves the Hand and they could be involved but if they were there they don't leave much trace if it was them. They are more vile then any organization I have seen yet. You saw Shield attacking my friends and I, they are small fry compared to the Hand. I also had a run in with Hydra another group that could be involved I'd rather it be Hydra at this point, at least they arent hunting me down..." James puts his hand over his right shoulder and his suit moves to the side revealing a bad scar that has yet fully healed, "Ever since getting the Sliver symbiote, I have mostly healed from any wounds, my most recent run with the hand has left me with this scar. They are really resourceful I am still fighting off some poison mostly why I am not fully healed yet." James moves his hand away and closes his suit back up. Then continued talking, "They aren't easy to defeat either. I tried to deal with them like I did with those shield guys I fought years ago. Lets just say, I listened to what my other half wanted to do for the most part and that wasn't enough to stop the one who originally came after me. That's how I got poisoned, It took my symbiote in full control to stop the one guy. I assume you know what your other half would do if it was ever fully control in a fight, it isn't pretty..."

Trailing off as James starts remembering what his symbiote did still being disturbed of what his other half could do James then says or rather his symbiote says in control a fusion of James's voice and that of the symbiote comes out, "We be dead if we didn't act. We do what we must to survive even if the host will not. And host could not, so we did. Host was hurt so we do what we must. We regret none. We do it again if we must..." James regains control and says, "Seems my other half is growing fond of you. It seems it is up to talking to you rather than grumble in my head. So it seems we both need some help. So want to go get another drink? Or should we start looking for who attacked your friend?" James asks the question leaving it up to Gwen to answer. He was going to help regardless of his own problems should she decide to take him up with his offer of help.
James Aka Sliver

Interactions: Venom @Unknown100
Location: Queens New York

James saw her almost instantly. He waves at the black and white symbiote wearing girl. Then leaps across the roof tops to meet her. Once close enough James says, "Hello there Ms Venom! Just the lady I was looking for! How long has it been a day or two? It sometimes seems like it was yesterday. Anyhow it is good to see you." James leaped down and sat on the edge of a roof top then patted next to him offering Venom a seat next to him.

James stares across the city. Trying to recollect himself, he actually did feel like he went back two years before everything that has happened to him. He remembered when he said to Venom they should have gone got a drink together sometime. James wished he actually did that instead of going through what has. James says, "It's not every day a dead man turns up and has a conversation with an old friend is it. I'd offer to go get that drink I suggested while back but looks like you already did that." James glances at Venom he could smell the alcohol on her. James then says in a more serious tone while trying to seemed like a concerned friend., "Seems you aren't having the best time either. So what happened? I assume you are having a rough day considering that bottle there your breakfast. So whats going on? Maybe I and my symbiote other half can be some help."

Quickly forgetting the reason he originally went into queens looking for Venom. James feeling more like his old self now then he has been in a while. Only thinking about helping Venom with her problems and not asking for help himself. Right now James could see something was wrong and he truly wants to help knowing what he has gone through himself he only imagine what she has gone through especially with knowing what has gone on in New York city as of late.
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