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James Walker aka Sliver

Location: Rum House or Bar Manhattan New York
Interactions: People in the Rum House. @Almalthia@Draku69@Sewer Rat@webboysurf@jorcool@TwilightShadow

James stands up out of his bar stool and stretches a bit. He then says to Slingshot, "You still spilled my drink sir, and I expect you to make up for it but for now gotta run!" Laughing a bit jokingly as he made his way to the door before opening it quickly and running out the door.

Getting up and heading out of the Rum House instead of following those who are leaving James makes his way to the nearest and darkest alleyway. Once there he looks around to make sure he is in the clear. His business looking suit turns from black into a chrome like silver color and envelopes te rest of James's body. Then he looks as a bike speeds away as he prepares himself thinking what is he going to do. 'Follow the bike or follow the cars...choices...' Not waiting for the voice in his head to answer James says out loud, "The bike, Gotta follow that!

James taken on his hero persona Sliver he runs up the wall next to him and jumps out over the rum house. Moving his arm out quickly he shoots out a silvery web from his hand and grabs on and takes off. Repeatedly shooting out a new web once he swings to the max height. Using forward momentum to propel him forward. Looking down making sure to keep an eye on the girl who left the bar The voice in his head speaks to James, 'Why are we following? We go anywhere, why follow?' James laughs as he flips through the air and answers the voice in his head allowed, "Why not! We aren't doing anything besides this seems interesting enough to keep our interests for a while! If anything this could be a bit of fun!"

Flipping forward and looking at the bike seeing blue and red lights James says to himself, "Well looks like the cops are giving them a chase! Won't be getting far if they get caught by our former friends in blue Maybe we should lend a hand? What do you say buddy?" The voice in his head answers, 'We do this!'

While mid James turns and then a small glob turned from his silver suit similar to the webbing that he is using the swing through the air. James chucks the ball down at the 47th street down below him. A sticky web like ball meant to slow down or keeps things stuck to anything that runs into it. Throwing it right behind the bike riders looking to slow down the cops pursuing them. The voice in James's head speaks up, 'Careful, we are not unlimited. We need feed to sustain using this much biomass. We either swing or help bike not both for very long..." James interrupts the voice in his head throwing down a second web ball then says, "I know this my symbiote friend, helping a bit wont hurt us though."

James knows his own limits, this webbing isnt infinite but for now he can lend a little hand, although he can only imagine down below what they are seeing as silver web balls starts hitting the road behind them as He keeps swinging throughout the air trying to keep up with a speeding bike
Carver Edwards

Location:Beach Resort Interactions: Everyone in the Beach resort

Digital World? Digimon? What? Carver listened to Dorumon speak but he didn't understand where they were. This is the digital world? Like the internet? Carver had some many questions until he say the digivices. One caught his attention without Dorumon even saying much of anything.

Reaching over and taking wrist watching looking device without even thinking about what Dorumon . 'This is so cool' is the thought in Carver's head about the device. He then says out loud while looking at the device with most of attention of the digvice and not who is around him, "I don't know what is this digital world or what are digimon or why am I here, but if this is mine I guess I'll take your word at it and that we are important."

Without thinking Carver slaps the digivice onto his wrist and straps it on. Not thinking of conqunses or normal thoughts. Looking at his wrist he asks, "So now what..." A blinding light from the digivice stops Carver from talking as he is shining the light into his face, "What the..." moving it away from his face out comes a small purple and yellow ball like creature with a horn like spike on its head.

"Woooweee so glad to be free! You do not know what it is like being stuck in that thing." the purple thing speaks and bounces around in a circle a bit hyper active. It spins and turns then jumps at Carver then asks, "You have any snacks? Been in there for a while and I am hungry!"

Carver being confused asks, "What and who are you!?"

The little purple thing laughs and hops around, "I am Hopmon silly! We are partners! Nice to meet you Carver!" Hopmon hops around really quickly looking all over the place after introducing himself rather loudly to Carver. He turns around and then asks, "Anyone have any snacks! A hungry digimon isn't a happy digimon..."

"How do you know my name? Also settle down a bit no need to go all wild." Carver asks and looks at Hopmon as Hopmon hops around looking at everyone. Hopmon replies, "Silly Carver I told you we are partners!" Hopmon turns and looks at Dorumon then says, "Dorumon! Where are the snacks?!" Hopmon hops side to side after asking the same question to the first digimon he saw. Still being very energetic and hyperactive. Carver goes around trying to catch Hopmon but Hopmon keeps moving away as if playing a game while waiting for Dorumon's answer or until something else happens.
Carver Edwards

Location:Somewhere on the sidewalk Interactions: Kei @AngelofOctober Katheryn@Landaus Five-One and various others

A bit taken back from the tumbleweed Carver walked to the beach resort in silence. Once he got there with the rest of the group he traveled there. Quickly seeing others in the beach resort answering his question whether if there are others. Three more teenagers added to the group of youngsters Carver quickly hears Tristan talking to someone then as Carver walked into the resort he saw who or rather what this thing was. A purple dinosaur!

Wasting no time in thinking Carver blurts out, "What are you! Are you real?" Disregarding Tristan's puppets this dinosaur thing was new and different then anything he has even seen. Carver resisting the urge to poke the purple dinosaur to see if it is real. Quickly realising he didn't introduce himself Carver quickly says, "I'm Carver Walker, Dorumon nice to meet you."

With a thousand questions going through his mind Carver having one main question that he wanted to know. Carver calms himself and then looks at the purple dinosaur Dorumon and then asks, "Where are we at now? I am pretty sure was all are in the same boat here. We are wondering where are we?" Looking at the dinosaur still rather curious of what is this thing waiting for any answers from Dorumon.
Sliver's Arrival

Location: Rum House or Bar Manhattan New York
Interactions: People in the Rum House. @Almalthia@Draku69@Sewer Rat@webboysurf@jorcool@TwilightShadow

A thud could be heard as a silvery clad man lands on the roof of the Rum house. His name is James Walker but at the moment he is going by his hero or vigilante name Sliver. Looking up seeing a silvery silky web like rope slowly disintegrating he thinks, 'Wow how far was that? At least it held until we got here.' A voice in his head replies, 'We no worry, distance irrelevent...if we fall we heal' Sliver laughs to himself not responding to the voice in his head.

Sliver runs to the side of the roof and slides down the wall his body sticking to the wall as he slides or rather crawls his way down into the alley way. Quickly looking around to see if he was clear of viewers.

Sliver snaps his fingers and the silver suit morphs and shifts into a black suit his head no longer covered. Reaching he grabs his tie to tighten it even though he had no reason to other than force of habit. "Alright, looking sharp!" He comments to himself as he gives himself a quick once over making sure his clothing completely shifted right. The voice in his head replies, 'it soft, not sharp' James laughs and says out loud talking to himself, "Not what I meant. Let's go get a drink. Now where is my wallet..." the voice replies, 'We put it in the pocket.' James smiles and goes to the front doors and enters the Rum house.

It took James a moment to register what was happening in the bar. His instant thought was, 'I should have just left my other suit on...' Instead of leaving like a normal person James walks through the carnage appearing to be ignoring what happened or is happening and walks to the bar counter. He sits on a bar stool and looks around. James then sighs and says to nobody directly just talking to talk, "Guessing it's closing time now...not going to get that drink now." Speaking seemingly unfazed by the guns, and destruction that happened. If anything he seemed amused by the situation rather than a normal person who would be scared.

As for the commotion going on he sighed moves to the left and dodges a man going over the bar then says, "You have a nice fall sir?" James pulls out a bit of money after reading whatever the prices were and put the money on the counter before grabbing a bottle of whiskey and pouring himself a shot. The voice in his head speaks to him, "Should we do something?" James replies thinking to himself, 'I did, I just got myself something to drink...'

Watching tables fly around James didnt anything until he heard a crash and went to grab is glass to find someone spilled his drink. He then says out loud, "Darn my whiskey is gone..." Looking over to the guy who hopped up onto the bar and he then says "Uh I think you spilled my drink sir. Was that Slingshot you are calling yourself? Mind getting me a new glass you seemed to have knocked mine into the FLOOR!" James speaks to the heavily armed man as if nothing was going on in the bar. His voice even sounded like as if he actually was asking for him to get James a new drink. Even seemingly ignoring the rest of what he said about a hideout as James didnt feel like leaving at the moment.
Is my CS good? Been waitting to see if my character is accepted or not thought I should ask as it has been a few days.
Here is the CS. Sorry if it is a bit short I could have made it a bit longer but I kind of wanted to build things up in the rp. I hope the CS is alright.

Is this still accepting new people into this? This caught my interest but thought I should ask before fully filling out the CS.
Carver Edwards

Location:Somewhere on the sidewalk Interactions: Kei @AngelofOctober Katheryn@Landaus Five-One

At first Kei confused when Carver when he spoke initially. When Kei called him Kaba it took Carver a second to figure out that he was asking if that was his name. Before Carver could get a word out about why he didn't look both ways before crossing the road Katheryn introduced herself and asked the same question. Carver quickly stumbling out a few words not sure how to respond, "I see...."

Quickly pausing what he was saying and now taking the time to down both sides of the road. Carver saw nothing was coming and then finally replies, "There is nothing coming, no cars, trucks just a lot of nothing." Carver didn't really know what to say or how to answer the question asked of him. Carver isn't the kind of person who would have thought to look both ways before cross a street unless it was busy. Carver's concerns now aren't about the traffic instead he is wanting to know what was going on and where was he.

Carver replies, "The road is the last thing I worried about. I am more concerned about where is this place, and where are we. Either of you two have any ideas of where this place is?" Getting straight to the point and straight to trying to figure out where is this place. Calming down from the inital shock and panic of believing he was alone now finding two others. Neglecting to ask first whether those two were actually in the same place he was. Carver just is quickly assuming that both Kei and Katheryn arent from around here and jumping to his conclusion.
Carver Edwards

Location:Streets Outide Carver's Home Interactions: Kei @AngelofOctober Katheryn@Landaus Five-One

Outside Carver looked around walking out into the middle of the street. Astonished by what was all around him. Carver looked back at his home. That's the apartments or english flats where he lived but looking around everything was different. A japanese style home next to his, 'That wasnt there yesterday? Where am I? That looks my house but everything else is different.', thinking to himself he turns and sees a beach like resort. Carver scratches his head trying to think while looking around quickly looking for any sign of life.

Going over what was obvious Carver woke up and seemingly was in his house but it isn't where it is normally is. Things in the apartment were very similar to the home he knew, but it was slightly off the odd glitch in the tv along with the mirrors just being blank. Now outside everything is drastically different. New buildings and locations that weren't there before.

'Am I alone?....wait who is that?!' Carver sees a girl seemingly talking to a boy who has a teddy bear with them. It was a sign of life. Carver's eyes got wide he wasted no time he starts sprinting over towards them yelling loudly, "Hey! You two! Don't move I have questions for you! Where am I!!!!!" Not looking to where or who is in his way Carver ran over to them as quickly as he can. Carver looking to contact the first two people he saw that loudest way and quickest way possible.

Once got close enough Carver says still yelling, "I am Carver Walker, who are you guys?" Not waiting for the answer to the first question. Carver springing ahead and telling them his name and asking for theirs in a rather blunt a loud way.
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