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Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location Cliffside

Interactions: @Noodles@vancexentan@Savato

Taking off and flying around with someone on his head wasn't that bad as Bakuto found it a bit easy to move around. Once at the cliffside he heard voices down at the cliffside but couldn't clearly make out what was said himself. He sees the captain jump off his head and down towards the two at the cliffside. Bakuto circles around a bit finding a place to land and he hears the captain say,“Who called me a moron?!”

Bakuto notices the male as the guy that is part of the crew but the other person he didn't know and from the captain's tone towards the girl she doesn't know her either. Bakuto finally lands when he hears the captain telling them to hop on then assumes everything is fine. Bakuto sees the treasure then says to Adam staying in his full dragon form, "Need any help carrying the treasure back to the ship?" Bakuto was a bit relieved that the treasure wasn't burned up in his attack and at least something came out of that swamp. Seeing that their crew might get another member to join them.

Bakuto deciding not to transform again since it seem they were going to leave again and it would just be easier to stay in the form he can fly in. Also backing up his new captain as a big dragon does send an impressive message to anyone they run into when he is a dragon. Although he wasn't sure how many people he can carry at once, but he was confident he could carry everyone back to the ship and maybe the treasure.

Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location Swamp

Interactions: @Noodles

“So, can you transform again?”. Bakuto hears this and thinks the question over then says, "Yeah I should be able to transform again. Flying is easy enough, just don't ask for another big fire attack in my full transformation, but yeah I can transform again. After saying that Bakuto goes from his human form and transforms into his full dragon form. Once his wings grew to full length. He flaps his wings blows out some of the flames around himself and the captain.

Speaking once again in his dragon zoan form his voice changing to more of a growl, "So captain, ready to go? You'll either need to climb onto my back or find some other way to fly. I should warn you, I have never flown with anyone else before, but I am sure it wont be a problem." After that statement Bakuto gets ready to take off but first waiting for the captain. Not sure what she is going to do. Not sure if she can fly with her devil fruit powers that she has shown so far or will need to climb onto his back so he can fly them both out of the swamp and to the cliffs.

A part of Bakuto was just showing off his zoan powers as it isn't often he gets to show others what he can do with the powers given to him by the devil fruit he ate. Flying around with someone the idea of using his powers again was too hard for Bakuto not to resist. While he did use a great deal of power with his fire attack against the shade pirates. He was confident as long as he didn't use any big attacks or get that strained that he shouldn't lose control. He was just going to fly to the cliffs and maybe to the ship, that wasn't far and isn't hard for him to do. The other part of Bakuto did worry but he was confident enough to ease all his worries away.

Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location Swamp

Interactions: @Noodles@Jerkchicken@Archmage MC

The battle coming to an end, the light returns fully. Bakuto leaps out of the tree and towards the arena he lit on fire, quickly following his captain. He says once in ear shot, "I might have gone overboard this time. Might not want to stay on here for very long though since a burning island and swamp normally attracts unwanted attention." Bakuto sees Flint picking up the fallen Shade Captain Bakuto then says, "Just don't get captured when turning in that bounty. A pirate that turns another pirate in, is still open game for the marines to try and capture."

Bakuto looks inside the cave then says, "If there is anything left in the cave that isnt burnt, then I'd be surprised." Taking another look at the fallen captain, "Are you sure he is dead? Could just be unconscious or playing dead. I'd be careful with him either way. He had a weird devil fruit, so its better to be cautious then not to be."

His attention quickly changes as he starts talking to the captain Alesia , "So Captain, what are we going to do? Search the cave or get out of this swamp? While normally I wouldnt turn down gold or treasure or whatever might still be in that cave but it might not be long until the marines show up. Considering how many pirates are on this island, it might be a lot of marines. If we are lucky they might not send anyone above a captain rank. Then again, that shade pirate had a bounty higher then twenty million beris. And if there are more then four pirates that have that or higher, the marines might send someone a bit stronger to deal with all this. So we might want to not be here when the marines get here." Bakuto did worry a bit knowing his own bounty, and he can only assume that his new captain's bounty is just as high. A lot of mid level bounties in one spot, it would be all too easy for the marines to attack now and eliminate a lot of pirates.

Tenshi Uchiha

Among the group waiting for the Jounin to show up is one young shinobi from the Uchiha Clan. This being one Tenshi Uchiha. A very recent graduate from the shinobi academy a fresh Genin. Showing up in the same area as a lot of other genin, chuunin, and even some academy students.

Not entirely sure why he was asked to meet up with academy students but at least he finally is going to meet a Jounin now after graduating from the shinobi academy. Tenshi has heard rumors about the war. Things are heating up and it seems they might need every shinobi even those in the academy. Tenshi's father would push for Tenshi to go out to war if it meant that his branch of the Uchiha could gain some sort of a name. His father often showing his disappointment in his son's lack in born skills as a shinobi. Tenshi's poor grades in the shinobi academy. His father even tried to and failed to get Tenshi to learn how to use the Uchiha's fireball jutsu yet Tenshi couldnt learn it. He barely managed to pass the shinobi exams learning the skills and basic jutsus so he can pass. It was either do this or take part and help his mother in her dumpling shop. Tenshi hates dumplings mostly because of the shop, he has seen too many dumplings. So he rather be a shinobi then work in the shop.

Looking around at everyone who is waiting for all the Jounin to show. The sword on his back, not really sure why he brought it. His kenjutsu skills are rather useless. He can slash, and block inexperience shinobi. If he faces anyone with any sort of skill his kenjutsu skills aren't going to be useful. He notices and hears one person speaking, eavesdropping a little bit, but mostly just trying to get some sort of idea of why everyone was being gathered ups '"You're actually taking kids? To the front lines? That girl literally has a PUPPY to defend herself, and you want to send her in? What about that kid, the one there the Uchiha brat eh? He looks like he would die if I stared at him too long!"'

So the rumors are true, we are being sent to war, but to the front lines not sure if I am ready for the front lines, Tenshi thinks to himself. Keeping his cool trying to think what if what this person saying is true. Can he really be useful in battle? The only answer to that question he has is that he might just be cannon fodder as he doesnt see himself as someone who could do well in war. Tenshi choosing to ignore the Uchiha brat comment, he wasnt going to win any argument or fight with someone who may be a full shinobi or has been for a while. Considering this person's comments Tenshi could only conclude that this person has been a shinobi for a while.
Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location Swamp

Interactions: @Noodles[@vancexentan@Archmage MC

After the fiery attack, Bakuto transforms back into his human form. He stands up in the burning tree looking at carnage he caused with his full dragon form fire blast. He takes a look at the damage he caused fighting urge to smirk as his planned worked. All that he could see is the enemy captain left from his attack and his own crew members were alright. Bakuto was relieved that he didn't catch any of them in his attack.

Baktuo says from the tree, "You got this guy captain? Or would you like some more fire?" He boasts about the fire but he is feeling a bit spent after that fire attack but he wasn't going to let the enemy know that. While he could still fight he won't be using the full dragon form attacks for a bit. Mostly in fear of losing control over his own zoan powers as that could be very dangerous for his own crew and everyone else on the island.

This enemy's devil fruit was more of an annoyance to Bakuto but he seemed to get rid of most it with his attack. Bakuto was still keep his distance in the tree, not wanting to get in his captain's way. Yet staying near by just in case he needed to help. The devil fruit that the enemy captain used could prove to be more of a problem so he wasn't going to let his guard down. Bakuto then says boasting again, "Make sure he is recognizable captain when you finish him. Maybe we can make a play for his bounty."
Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location Swamp

Interactions: @Noodles@vancexentan@Zelosse@Archmage MC

Its getting dark. This devil fruit user really likes messing with the light. Bakuto thought to himself as he charged his attack up. Seeing the fairy before the light was taken away from him. He was unable to see, but he was going to trust that his new crewmates would manage to get out of the way of his attack. Making sure the attack could get to its maximum power as he prepares for his dragon fire blast attack. With the darkness surrounding him and the light changing he had little he could do other then wait for his attack to be at full power or wait for a signal from the others to let out his attack.

Charging his attack in the dark then he hears the captain yell “Just fire!!!” Bakuto would have smiled if he wasn't trying to hold in his attack. At the moment he heard the order. Bakuto tensed up then opened his dragon mouth unleashing the fiery attack the fire shoots out an inferno pillar blasting out towards the cave and the enemy captain with the power being launched from a cannon. With those hiding in the cave. Bakuto's fiery attack entering a cave with only one entrance that he could see. In his full dragon using his more enhanced fire blast attack. Ripping through the air looking to make impact into the back of the cave. Looking to disperse the fire from the impact of the blast throughout the cave with some sort of destruction inside the cave and anyone hiding inside.
I dropped one of the three natures, I only added the three since Explosive is Lightning and Earth, but I just removed the Lightning nature don't really need it. Also removed all the exploding clay. Just left the explosive fist techniques and the earth jutsus. I put the A rank there but never added anything wasn't planning on adding any A ranks for a while. Any better now? @Zora@Reflection

Created this character after someone mentioned Deidara. It was a toss up between an explosive character or the anime only Bee clan from the stone village. When with the explosive release character since I could find at least something for it unlike the Bee insect clan.
@Reflection I don't need it I just thought it would be cool. I can remove the clay if it is a big problem. No big deal, Can just use paper bomb stuff instead. I can remove any of the jutsus if they are too powerful. None of them are really necessary Mostly just added the clay since the Explosive release really didn't have that many jutsus/techniques.
@BladeSS4 I'm sorry to point out but isn't explosive clay part of Deidara's Kinjutsu? It seems kind of weird that the village would allow a chunin to access one of its forbidden techniques.

The Explosive clay was a kinjutsu that Deidara stole from Iwagakure. I don't know if it is weird if the village would let someone with the explosion release use the forbidden technique though. I just think it would be neat though to have someone in this war who can use exploding mines.
If we need more people from the stone village. Here is another character. Might have went a bit overboard on this one. Tried to make it different then my leaf genin so he is quite a bit stronger, since this other character is a chuunin.

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