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Let's try this again here is a more hopefully fixed CS that is more acceptable. Changed the history portion which was the only thing you listed. I hope this one is better.

Im interested looks interesting. Will there be force sensitives and people who are able to use the force in some degree?
Well here is a filled out the character sheet let me know if i have to change anything if this isnt acceptable

Hm..I think this character of yours can work Blade. Thus, I'll accept him.

Nightwing, I'm interested to see what you come up with.

Looking forward to beginning. Want me to move my CS over to the Character tab?
Alright @BladeSS4, I took a look at it. I've got a few notes.

First and foremost, did you read the rules?

Second, I have no problem with the Klyntar almost Spider-Like abilities, seeming to negate the wall-crawling aspects which is fine. What I'd like, is maybe a bit more specifics on his abilities. You've mentioned that he could lift a four-door car. That's cool, but how strong is he? Could he lift the car with ease? Is it his limit? What about his healing factor? How extensive is it..? Does it work like Quicksilver or Wolverine? Or the Libertist?

Thirdly, I saw 'liquid adamantium' and 'Gamma Radiation' in his bio. Is that meant to play some kind of role?

Finally, as a show of good faith, if you could change the 'Hydra' to 'Aqua' please? The name changes are kinda important to this universe's lore. :P

Everything else looks fine and dandy.

I edited the character sheet to hopefully fix the issues you had with it, Sorry for missing the final rule, added that as well. As for your third question, it wasnt meant to play a role just meant to be part of the creation of this artifically created Klintar. Not adding anything special just a bit of extra back lore to the creation of the character.
Here is a character sheet. I hope it is alright let me know if I have to change anything.

Bakuto Hokori

"Dull...this is really dull introductory meetings are a real bore..." these thoughts are that of Bakuto Hokori who is sitting at the meeting trying not to fall asleep in front of the captain. He only heard bits and pieces of what was truly said by the squad seven captain. Things Bakuto did pick up on were of this "Senkaimon Slasher" Bakuto tried not to laugh as he was amused by this title someone got. Was someone really slashing people up? Or was it someone slashing up the Senkaimon? The latter was what Bakuto was imagining even if it was impractical it was an amusing thought to him.

Bakuto, a young looking male soul reaper. He was somewhere looking around his early twenties, black spiky hair, with a tattoo on his left side of his face and appearing a bit under his shihakusho on the left side of his chest. His zanpakuto resting across his lower back within its sheath in its unreleased state.

Not that Bakuto cared much about this 'Slasher' unless it turned out to be a hollow then he just couldnt get himself to care. The moment he heard that their duties have been posted and they were dismissed Bakuto sprang out of his seat. "Last one there can eat my dust!" Bakuto yelled with a smile on his face before taking off at full speed. Bakuto used Shunpo or Flash step to turn and leap across the room at great speeds.

"Please let my job be killing some hollow, please let me kill some hollows. Oh I can only hope! Maybe I have been finally approved to go to Hucho Mundo to go on a mass slaughter. Oh that we be amazing!" Bakuto literally talking to himself as he runs back to his room.

Getting to the room as fast as he can not caring if he was the first or last one there he wanted to see what his job was and he was very much looking forward to see what the captain have given him to do. Bakuto was like a child before the holidays waiting to open his present. The glee on his face as he ready to find out what his mission or job is.
@Artymis Alright, I changed the zanpakuto's ablity to what you asked. To "absorb reishi that is below or equal to the spiritual pressure of the user." Also added more detail into the abilities list. Let me know if it is good to go or if I have to add more or not.
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