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"You know Rumia you are right. I was going to throw in the towel if it wasn't for Kyoka's quick thinking at the start of the first challenge. We get inside that forest, find me and I'll give her my scroll. It's the least I can do I mean after not doing much in the first challenge.", Tashiro said after Rumia spoke about giving the scrolls over. No deception in his voice he fully meant what he said and clearly intends on giving the scroll over. "I still think the best way to finish this challenge is to work with others as a team to complete mission we are set to complete. A free for all to get the scrolls we are instructed to get. Forming alliances and teams isn't so odd, especially since our last task was to keep strife of sacrifice from separating us when we were a team." saying his bit of trying to form an aliance with the team he was with in the first challenge.

Tashiro understood Rumia's remarks and agrees with what she said. Kyoka did come up with the answers for first challenge, and pulled him from trying to sacrifice himself for the group before Kyoka figured out the right answer for that part of the challenge. Then a second time with the clones she had originally came up with the right answer and the only thing Tashiro did was stand there and did nothing.

"Don't let my offer of giving you my scroll give you the wrong message. I will still try and find a way to get a two or more scrolls to pass the test, but if you truly want me to give my scroll over then I will. If you girls want to help me afterwards find more scrolls then fine if not then that's alright too, at least one of us will pass though with two scrolls." Tashiro adds to his first statement just like the first although trying to defuse the tense situation. Tashiro wasnt trying any ruse to get an advantage to get scrolls from the girls he was planning on getting them from the other people in this challenge if he could. He hopes he could get some sort of alliance together for this task as it would be easier to have someone watching his back during this kind of mission rather then going in at it alone.

They had passed the first part. Tashiro was relieved and put his sword away the instant they were done. Letting out a sigh of relief especially after Kyoka had calmed Rumia down to keep the clones from attacking. The proctor was of the Yamanaka clan Tashiro almost laughed, the weird mind jutsu clan just played mind games with them for the first test.

Tashiro's eyes trained towards what would be the next challenge, the forest of death. He listened to Hime but his attentions switched to Rumia again. She still seemed angry after that last challenge she had asked 'Sword fella'. What do we gotta do now? Let's leave m'lovely cousin a break from doin' all da thinkin' fer us.'

Tashiro was about to come up with an answer until the next proctor revealed what they would be doing. Tashiro's thought about what was said, 'Go into the forest of death, find another scroll and get to the exit. Simple enough if this wasnt the forest of death. There were loads of animals, insects and other things that would prove a obsicale in getting the scroll. Don't get eaten is the perfect plan' These thoughts in Tashiro's mind he finally looked back over at Rumia to answer her finally, "Well seem sort of obvious we go get locked inside that forest with a bunch other shinobi along with the hunger animals in the forest. Find another scroll either by going after the scroll that is in the middle, or hit some other team over the head and take their scroll and get out."

Thinking for a second he then says, "Planning out a plan to get a scroll and protecting our own. Once we get inside the forest we can get a definite plan together. This seems like a survival test along with a mission to find and acquire a targeted scroll within a time limit. We seem to have some time to wait before the actual start of this test. We can either try and plan something out now, or we can try and familiar each other with each others jutsus and weapons that we use. At least get to know what jutsus not to get caught in of ours." This idea came to Tashiro as was thinking back during the first challenge. The two stone shinobi were still a mystery of what they could do. Other then the bubble like shield Kyoka made for them when she first approached the scroll in the challenge he doesnt know what she or her cousin can do. After the sight of Rumia's reaction and build up whatever she was going to do against those clones from before. Tashiro found out what kind of jutsu's Hime used after that first challenge, she possessed the ice kekkei genkai. Still he wanted to know if there was anything else they should watch out for from her and the other two so he wouldnt accidentally get caught in their attacks during the next challenge.
Tashiro Hokori

Location: Yin Yang Challenge

The instant the clones acted after Hime attacked them. Tashiro didn't even have time to react he just watched everything happen so fast he barely could register it all was happening. The clones were insanely fast his eyes couldnt follow most of their movements. The girls going for the scrolls were stopped and the one who originally attacked them.

The instant the two stone girls were knocked back Tashiro saw the clone upon him. He could have sworn he just stared into the face of death that very moment When the clone stopped once Hime was stopped Tashiro's mind barely could register what had happened. 'What just happened? Am I alright? The clone didn't attack me why...' Tashiro froze up until the clone backed off and went back to its original spot with the other.

It took a moment for Tashiro to move his mind screaming 'Move, don't just stand there move!' Slowly snapping out of his grip of fear he looked around and instantly started to look towards each girl asking the obvious question. "Hey you girl's alright?" Not sure which to check on first but he was trying to figure out what just happened. Trying to rationalize the situation to the best of his ability. While trying to figure out if his teammates were hurt or not

The clones only acted when Hime attacked them, Kyoka and Rumia looked like they would have gotten to the scroll if the clones didn't become active. When they attacked they were quick, moving with a body flickering technique, not very much phased by Hime's attack looked keen in stopping her and those going towards the scroll once they were active. The only one that didn't get attacked by the clones was Tashiro. He didnt make any kind of move whether it be towards the scrolls or an aggressive act towards the clones.

Tashiro nearly came up with a plan to just try and walk right up and get the scroll right now himself and not worry about the clones but he didn't instead he decide to check on the girls. Hoping none of the girls would retaliate against the clones and 'activating' them again.

Seeing Hime getting back up gave Tashiro some relief she seemed to be alright but when she started to go towards the scroll a bit faster than the Kyoka and Rumia was going originally. Tashiro commented quickly, "Careful going towards those scrolls, we don't want to make the clones angry again...."

Trailing off seeing Rumia getting up from the attack she and her cousin sustained and he almost instantly tried to get in between her and the hokage clones, "Hold up! Stop! Don't attack the clones! They just showed they are faster than us and they don't take hostile acts of attacks towards them very lightly as we just learned when they were just attacked. They only stopped once the hostile threat they had been stopped. Let's just stop, regroup, make sure everyone is fine and then move to take the scrolls without getting pummeled by those super fast clones. Your cousin had the right idea before to go for the scrolls, just lets not attack the clones." Tashiro still in a combat ready stance keeping his guard up if it meant anything at that point when the clones showed it didnt matter how much on guard they were. Staying in a stance with his sword out in front even while trying to coax Rumia from attacking the clones and starting over what just happened to the group. Tashiro was hoping Rumia would stop before she makes the clones attack again and keep them from doing anymore damage then they already have done.
Tashiro Hokori

Location: Yin Yang Challenge

Initially Tashiro was relieved when he heard they were pass the first challenge but the next room the feeling of relief left. After crossing the bridge to the the dark room. Watching the room move and form into clones. The thing that made him a bit worried were the emergence of the two Hokage Clones. He instantly said when he saw them, "If I was a betting sort of guy, I'd say those aren't plain clone jutsu clones. I don't suppose we could ask them to let us through. This will be interesting"

Tashiro knew fighting even a clone of the Hokage would be difficult, if these were truly clones. If he knew better he would say he was caught in a genjutsu but Tashiro wasnt sure since his lack of skills in genjutsu This situation Tashiro was going to take it at face value as Tashiro believes i they dont and these clones are as strong as a kage should be then they wont be able to move ahead if they dont work together.

Plotting things up in his head on how to advance. First he thought of water clones but there was no water to be used that he knows of in the area or at least in plain sight. The chakra consumption for water clones was only a tenth of ones chakra but they aren't very strong if he could make them. Then he thought of his water saw technique. Once again lack of water was a problem, he could use the moisture in the air but that would take time as he has no way of knowing how much water was in the air . The longer it takes to form the saw the more chakra he would have to use to form the jutsu.

The only things he had he could use was his skills with his sword, a few tools he keeps on himself and his summons. Summoning was the last thing Tashiro was going to do if it ever came to it. It uses a lot of chakra and a lot can go wrong if he doesn't use enough chakra. So he had his sword skills, kenjutsu. The skills his former master drove into him for three years when he was a Genin .

Listening to Rumia then Tashiro says afterwards, "Alright the scroll is the goal, and two clones of the hokage blocking our path. If you are going for the scroll that means we need to distract those clones. I could run a distraction but I'd have to get close to those two. It's too bad there isn't any water could do this a bit better if i had a water source to use my jutsus with I guess I'll just use what I got." Drawing his sword and preparing for action. Building up chakra into his weapon getting ready to act waiting to see what the girls do so he can support them when they decide how to go ahead.

"No objections from me." Tashiro said with confidence. The idea and plan Kyoka had said seemed like the right one to Tashiro and he wasnt about to argue against it. It fits a lot of principles that Tashiro was taught and it fit a lot of situations that would happen in a lot of missions. Choosing between the success of a mission or leaving a teammate behind or leaving them for dead to complete a mission. This may not be the exact kind situation as that but the principle was the same.

This was a situation that Tashiro believed Koyka has a soild idea of what to do and Tashiro was going to let her take the lead. Out of the group Kyoka came up with a definite answer and that was enough for Tashiro to let her lead. Listening to Rumia then Hime after Kyoka sat them all down. "So it seems we all are in agree then, none of us has objections and we have made a solid plan. We move as a team or not at all. If the examiner wants to come out here and test that him or herself let them come we will show them what a team that doesn't sacrifice teammates can do." Mostly speaking to keep up with his past bravado but at the same time keeping the same tone as the others.

Tashiro's decision was to follow his team and do as they do. Whether he fails or passes is whether the team fails or passes at this point and he was very confident in this now as the rest seemingly coming around to his conclusion. Hime and Rumia, even though the latter seemed to be following her cousin but Tashiro couldnt fault anyone for following family. So now Tashiro will wait with his team.

"Two minutes to make a decision. Great how do we do this..." Tashiro trails off with his train of thought and tries to think of what he knows.

'Very clever whoever the Jounin is surely knows how to make a hell of a riddle. As a shinobi we all have to make sacrifices, but do we sacrifice our comrades so that we can go ahead..." Tashiro thought to himself as he walked towards the sacrifice door way but not going in he stares at it.

"If we need to choose then I don't think there is much choice with me. Two must be sacrificed and two most go through the exit doors. While the voice never said what would happen if four of us goes through either of the doors but there isn't much room to guess what the voice is saying and means. We have two minutes to decide on an answer. And if I must pick my answer is plain and simple. I will make a sacrifice and that will be me." Tashiro points at himself with his thumb as he talked about himself. "Look it is simple I will not sacrifice a comrade or teammate to move my rank up throughout my village. If I was a different kind of person maybe I would wait and see if anyone else will sacrfice themselves but I am not. We might have just recently a few minutes ago or so made this team, and I can't say I know any of you but we are teammates and lets just say I am a sentimental fool with ideals of not sacrificing teammates for personal gain."

Tashiro gets ready to enter the door marked 'sacrifice' He then waits then says, "Well, who is coming with me? Normally I wouldn't ask but you know the weirdness of the challenge I feel like I should ask." Tashiro looks at his hand and thinks back to what Rumia first said when he had asked to join the group. "Haven't even shook on it about me joining up with you girls for the exam. Oh well I guess." Tashiro says that last bit waiting to see what the other three decide to do in this situation.

"Uh-huh. Right, four. Fine. I reckon he COULD make a smoll spot fer you, lil' boi. S'long as you shake on it with Kyoka 'course.", He heard this from Rumia he was going to comment about this but he had very little time to do so before the exam started. Tashiro listened to the voice unable to pick up where the voice was coming from. He heard the following about sacrificing two people for two others of their team would have to go on.

"Well, giving us a tough choice at the get go. Making us choose who is going to sacrifice themselves for the others could go on. If three people go into either of those one rooms we would forfeit. This is tricky do we sacrifice a two teammates in order two can go on. What happens if all four of us choose to go one direction? Also what would happen if we did nothing?. What if we stay here for the full five minutes. We dont choose to go forward or choose to sacrifice anyone. I think both rooms stay pretty much even if nobody in either one. Yin and Yang and what not. If we do nothing it stays balanced. Whoever was speaking never said anything about what if we dont leave. The only things we know is that if two of us go into one door they go on, the other two fail the exam. If only one of us enters one of the room we all fail the same is if three of use goes into a room. So I think who hold up here for five minutes to see what happens as we weren't given any details if we stay here and not choose." Tashrio stops speaking what he thought and his idea about the situation for a moment to give the girls an idea that he was having about this test.

Tashrio look at the three girls then says after a moment after he stopped talking before, "Unless either of you three think we all should go down one of the two paths together. So thoughts?" Tashiro asks looking to see what the others thought of his idea of just staying their for five minutes or if any of them had anything else to add to this. Tashiro wasnt about to force any decision, if he had to he would have walked into the sacrifice door without question but he wasnt sure if that would actually affect the over all decision of if they were going to fail or not. Tashiro thought this was a bit weird and was suspecting some sort of deception from the proctor but he wasnt sure so he didn't say so right out. Tashiro was going to wait to see what the girls were going to do before actually do anything.
Woo made my first post. I hope it is alright and I mentioned the right people that my character was addressing.

Good to see @BladeSS4 has joined us also! Now that I'm not GMing for once we might see an RP that lasts more than a week.

Hah. I hope it does last long. Its nice to see everyone from other rps that I have been part of here too. This is going to be good. There is a lot of potential that this will be a really great rp. It's going to be a lot of fun I would think lots of interesting characters this will go far I think.
Tashiro Hokori

Location: Konaha Graveyard

"Jounin exams could you even believe it five years ago when I came to your farm that I would be considering trying to be part of it. The Hokage gave me a second chance when he assigned me to be trained by you as a Genin failure. Wish you could me now Sensei and see your student now.", this came from a young man sitting in the middle of the Konaha graveyard for fallen shinobi. This young man's name is Tashiro Hokori. He sits in front of the headstone for his late master who's name was Koga.

Tashiro sits there with his sword sitting ontop of the headstone in its sheath along with two plates of dumplings. One that hasnt been touched the other half eaten. Going through what Tashiro believes to the be the biggest moment of his life, he could be part of the jounin exams. He contiunes to speak to the gravestone as if he was speaking to his Sensai, "I don't know if I should even attempt this. Am I even ready to attempt to become a Jounin? What if the same thing happens when I became a genin and wash up? I know, you taught me everything I need to be a splended ninja, and an exelent swordsmen..."

The wind blows Tashiro takes that as an answer Tashiro laughs, "Alright I'll do it, if i didnt do it you would crawl out of your grave and beat me up or sick one of your tigers on me again. I guess I better head out then don't want to be late so you eat up and I will go and try to become a jounin." Tashiro springs to his feet grabbing his sword and starts to run off as he slings the sheath and sword over across his back as he heads out leaving the uneaten dumplings there for his Sensei.

Location Change: The Stadium

A few moments later Tashiro made his way to the statium he looks around carefully to to 'observe'. More or less he was trying to find someone to talk to about joining a squad for the exams. He noticed a group of two rather unqiue stone shinobi approaching a lady from his interpertation from their lingo and way they spoke he thought they were asking in a strange manor to be this girl's partners for the exam. Tashiro watched carefully it seemed they came to an arangement because the one hugged the other. Tashiro noticed how the hug went between the two who's names he heared to be Hime and Kyoka. The one not seemingly to hug a bit lower in a very obvious manner as Kyoka clearing grabbed Hime's rear during their hug. Tashiro didnt give it much of a thought he needed to find a team. These two and their other female friend seemed to from Tashiro's perspective needed a fourth teammate. Tashiro didnt care how they active or what village they were from he needed to find a team and they seemed alright by his standing.

Tashiro took note of what he seen from these three. The two girls from the stone they seemed unqiue Kyoka and Rumia . He figured they were related mostly because they keep refering to each other as cousins which was a big give away other then their same unqiue way of speaking and mannerizums. The other girl from the leaf though Hime Tashiro thought he reconized her then again he sees a lot of people throughout the day in the village. He remembered hearing her say something about being a snowflake of Konaha. He thought of what that could mean but didnt think that much of it. These three seemed like a unquie and that is what drawn him to them in the first place.

Tashiro approached them waitting for the Kyoka to stop hugging Hime he heard the what Kyoka said 'We'll be Jonin yet wit dis team!'. Tashiro approaches, "That sounds like a great team you three have here. Do you ladies still need a fourth person to make the team complete? If so, I'd be willing to team up with you three if you would have me." Tashiro trying to be polite but noticing how the two girls from the stone spoke he wasnt sure if that would go over so well but he risked it anyway as he was really looking for a team to join up for this exam and this seemed like the perfect team for him to join.
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@Savato Thanks for the suggestion it has helped me get me a direction to make my post. I'd be happy to be fill up the team. Filling it up with 2 Stone Village Shinobi and now 2 Leaf Village shinobi. A very diverse team this will be fun.
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