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Bakuto Uchiha

The tunnel team, things didnt seem to be going right. The clones of the two jounin leaders went into the cave first, Bakuto had declined the gummy stars instead he got into a position and starts to appear to be cleaning and check out his kunai's At first glance it would have appeared he was examining the grip and tightening up something around it. When Bakuto was really started to wrap paper bombs on the ends of his kunai around the grips. As tightly he wrapped them they almost looked just like some sort of grip rather then paper bombs.

Bakuto didnt know what to expect from this he wanted to be prepared for anything. His arm was his trump card should he have to really fight, but he felt better having other weapons and strategies planned up before anything goes wrong. If the clones were caught and defeated the eventuality of conflict was sure to approach quickly.

Bakuto kept his ears active when listening but the cloud genin said something about being the leader which provoked the first response from Bakuto to address a member from the other village's team he speaks bluntly, "Biggest doesnt always mean the strongest, it just means you are the one that stands out first. A blade of grass that stands out is normally the first to get cut down." He doesnt even look up away from his kunai he just kept working on his tools then says once again without lookin away, "We shouldn't be concerned about a cave in, since the enemy will most likely be here soon, with any element of surprise we might have being thrown out the window. So we might want to be ready for a fight."

With the last words he spoke he put the last prepared kunai into his bag. Then stood firm on the ground. His right hand clenched into a fist then said, "If you want to prove something after this, then maybe we can see who's fist is stronger yours or mine if you want to try and back up your claim of being the strongest." His words as his right arm his bandaged puppet arm.

To Kame House!
Location: Kame House
Tuesday Morning, July 19th, 2500

"My name is Bakuto." Bakuto said after watching what had unfolded from his actions. Every way that this could have gone down Bakuto hadn't expected that this old man wasn't going to dodge the rock. Bakuto went from being impressed with the hermits strength to now questioning it. Even more so now that he wanted to keep talking about some story that Bakuto wasn't really paying attention to.

Bakuto then said havent budged a bit yet to begin the push ups he was asked to do, "Sorry about that rock, but I was expecting you to dodge or at least stop the rock. I mean I didn't even throw that with any force or at full speed and I could have even dodged that at the speed a flicked it at you." Bakuto eventually did move but it was forward towards Krillan, "Not sure about the others here, but I didn't come here for story time. I don't mean to be disrespectful but I know it must be an interesting story but I came here to do some training. So if you want to explain how or why we are here to train how about just give us some sort of demonstration rather than a very long story? Maybe some fighting test our strengths?"

He just wanted to get started, Bakuto didn't want to sit through a long drawn out story about this hermits life. Even if he had to do push ups while he talked. Bakuto was slightly annoyed by the command to do push ups, that wouldn't really push him further then his own training he has done on his own. Bakuto wanted to move forward and start with what Pan had offered him and that was a bit of training that would be the hardest of his life. The idea of that was what Bakuto was highly interested in, as he wanted to find new ways to push himself to reach his next limits.

Bakuto Uchiha

As Bakuto sat in silence he began to grow a bit bored of sitting around. His eyes ever so often scanning over the other genin as he kept on his attempt to hear what was said by the jounin in their meeting. Bakuto really didnt care what the others were did if they took part in that card game and gambled away all their money he just wanted to keep his solitary moment to himself for a bit longer.

Those moments of solitary peacefulness that Bakuto had found himself came to a crashing halt as the one jounin in charge came out and started spewing his orders and taking genin for whatever his team is going to be on this mission. First two he point at was bug boy Natuso and Bakuto himself as the first two in this odd start of a squad.

Bakuto stood up from his rock in with no questions or emotions on his face just did as Hideo ordered, but he look around though at the others that were also pick for the squad. One kumo shinobi and the Nara girl. Who by an expression on her face was not happy about this mission set up or that she was just interupted in whatever she was doing on her own. Bakuto wasnt paying attention enough to her to know what she was doing. He saw her with dumplings but he didn't dwell on it as he couldn't think of any reason to dwell on what someone decided to eat or when.

As he went to look to see if Hideo would give any further instructions other than just follow but there was nothing other than he ran off. Bakuto sighed as he realized the mission has begun. Then he runs in the general direction Hideo went off. This jounin ran of fast much more so then when they ran to get here. With Bakuto had waited for any instructions prior he was left looking for clues to try keep up or at least find the right track to follow. As he found the first oni with the smiley face he stopped then said out towards the other genin who might still behind him, "Hideo sensai went this way!" He said as he point at the marker left behind. He then said quietly, "What does he think we are children with those weird faces..."

His first few words since arriving on at the meeting point adding the fewest of words. Though he found the faces to be childish which made him feel quite a bit annoyed with this jounin further. First was the lack of information that was given now being treated like a helpless child that cannot find their way through the woods. His words were his attempt give those who trailed behind a sense of idea where they were to go so they would all arrive at the place they were to meet up with Hideo at even if it was at a slower pace than the jounin leader.

To Kame House!
Location: Kame House
Tuesday Morning, July 19th, 2500

This wasnt what Bakuto had expected to see when he arrived off the plane that Pan told him to get on. Eager as he was to begin his training he was very much surprised to see so many others were on the island. Much more so when he saw Angela here. There was a strong part of himself was glad to see her there. As he might get a rematch with her in the future.

He saw an old man presumably the hermit that lives on this island. When he looked to fall, Bakuto didnt think much of it until he sprung up and easily dispatched of the big guy who seemingly 'underestimated' the old man as he said. Then again Bakuto didnt see that but he wasnt going to argue with him. Quickly Bakuto realized that this was the man who was to be the master of this island. This man was very strong and powerful and Bakuto saw that quickly.

From the way he dealt with the man and how quickly and easily it gone down Bakuto was curious on how strong this old man was. If he was one of the strongest men in the world then he would easliy out match himself in many ways. Bakuto quickly and quietly he picked up a very small rock he held it tightly in his hand as he thought about his next actions. His test was a simple one for this old man he expected this man to be much faster than himself and with an ability to dodge anything he could do. With a smirk and a flick of a wrist Bakuto acted on his little plan as he throws the small rock at the old man to test the skills of this master aiming right between the dots on his head flicking it harder than a normal person the rock flung out nearly as fast a bullet Bakuto did what he could with the littlest of noticeable movement to test this old man to see what he can really do.
Tenshi Hokori

When the clone suggestion was made Tenshi thought about it as it had a lot better chance at success then his. He could also pitch in with clones, while he couldn't make many he could assist if needed. Then Ichika mentioned a jinchuuriki, the leaf had brought one with one of the teams. This was news to him and he knew about the cloud's team having one as well he went silent for a second. His demeanor changed and he said softly and under his breath, "If it can be helped I rather we not throw any of our jinchuuriki into this kind of line of fire. Cant afford either losing control should something go south on the island."

Tenshi didnt want to say they shouldnt use the two young genin as he understood their plight, but with the unknown of the enemies forces on the island bringing in the unstable elements of the tail beasts in could just add more trouble to the situation. Tenshi glanced over at his brother remember when the eight tails went on a rampage they didnt need either of their jinchuuriki's tailed beasts to go on a rampage here or most likely everyone would would lose their lives on this mission if they had to try and stop a full rampage of either of the two beasts. Also he was worried if something would happen to either blame might end up on either village that could cause another conflict to happen to between his village and the leaf.

As he thought over the plan he noticed Hideo mentioned how he is unimportant should anything happen to him Tenshi quickly said, "That's enough of that you might think you are just a simple shinobi, but you cannot put yourself into great danger for this mission. As relations currently stand I cannot allow you to risk your own life on this mission I hope you can understand this Hideo. My mission is to broker peace between our two villages, if something were to happen to any leaf shinobi while teaming with those from the cloud then blame could be put on the cloud. The same the goes other way around so we need to be careful." Tenshi's seriousness starts to kick in as he goes more into mission mode rather then his lazy happy go lucky personality. He knows a mission must get done and he had his own mission he had to keep going as well.

Then after a few moments he says as he goes staight into more mission talk, "If we go with the clones, maybe we have the clone team sneak to the island in the dead of night. Get into place and maybe eliminate some key targets or sabotage some things on the island so we can get to the other groups closer. If both of you Ichika and Mizuraki can get to the island at the dead of night. You both can do some recon before the main teams arrive, if something is off or goes wrong, you both could have a bit of time to give out a warning to have the other teams call off their approach. Now, yes Hideo you might be the best to getting through the tunnels but this could give us a better window to act with. But I am just a simple chuunin what to do I know." The simple chuunin was a small jab towards Hideo from his constant talk previously just saying he is just a simple shinobi.

Then Hideo went through the rest of the plan. Tenshi thought about it some more the third team he then says, "Not to say something different Hideo, the team that stays behind. That team should have both villages jinchuuriki to keep them out of harms way the most. And yes for some reason Botan has one on his team out on this mission as well. And brother you and I will have a discussion about that once the mission is complete, but should the worst happen that team should go and retreat. As much as I am willing to dive into battle if someone would happen to Kamui or your guys jinchuuriki I wouldnt want to imagine the backlash that would result from that." As he thinks about what his mother would do if one of their jinchuuriki got killed while on a mission with the leaf, it would just prove she was right about his mission to the leaf was wrong and wouldn't only end in failure. Tenshi wanted to do everything in his power to make this mission be successful without any casualties.
Bakuto Uchiha

The orders and commands from Senju sensai were to be expected to Bakuto. Follow up and keep in line, those were simple basic instructions. Things that were simple strategies given to the students in the academy. He had listened to her words about how she was not going to let anything happen to anyone of them. While it did give him some comfort about what she said, somewhere deep inside he didnt truly believe her.

Learned from his own past experiences anything can happen when there are battles, people get distracted any people get hurt. The war was ended and this was only a simple mission but the coals from heated conflict still remain strong. The fears Bakuto have still remained, he has grown into a genin, one who suppose to be able to defend himself. Yet he wasn't sure that he has gotten any stronger than when he was a helpless child. As the groups ran, Bakuto felt some peace as he followed the chain of command and followed teams commanding jounin. What Bakuto enjoyed was the silence as he took in the moment. This was the first time he left the village since he was forcibly taken from it many years ago. The first time he walked or rather ran out on his own free will and got to take in everything. The peacefulness of just silence, no sounds of the village. While there was heavy sound of footfalls as they all ran, it was still somehow peaceful to Bakuto.

Silence ended once they arrived. He heard Remi call out to their sensai as the jounin and the kumo rep went off to have their meet and greet with the cloud's leading jounin. Bakuto took notice of the other team, but before he could get a good idea of them, Remi started to talk again. Talking how they looked tough, one of a scar and multiple arms. Then he heard Remi to proceed to try to boaster their spirits.

Bakuto didnt say a word, he walked towards a rock and sat on stop of it to await for his sensei's return from whatever kind of meeting she was brought to. Bakuto looked as if he was going to asleep with his eyes closed, but he was only merely in that appearance as he focused to listening in the surrounded area. Even with an attempt to eavesdrop on the jounin meeting to at last finally get some sort of idea about the mission they were to be on. He wasnt concerned so much about the Kumo team, he wasnt about to strike up to have a conversation them. While talking about them he wasnt going to do that either, he knew nothing about them and didnt have any sudden need to talk to them. As he would prefer to sit there in silence as awaited more orders.

Tenshi Hokori

Tenshi stood there and listened intently, at last he was getting the details of this mission. A joint mission to deal with rogue shinobi, this seemed to be a standard mission. Tenshi paid attention but he wasnt sure why they needed squads from both villages on this mission, but at least he they didnt keep anything from him.

Quickly Tenshi hears his brother, brought straight back to younger days of a boy who was unsure of himself. Tenshi could still feel that Botan wasnt so sure of himself and now he had a whole squad to look out for. He listened to Hideo's explanation not going into the details of why this was important to both villages. That part annoyed Tenshi but for once he kept his tongue and didnt say anything, but the look on his face said everything. Things being kept from him still, but he was going to hear out Hideo.

When Botan said they found the base talked how well defended it was Tenshi started to try and figure a way of doing this. Tenshi thought of a plan pretty quickly and was about to speak up about it when Botan started to talk about the high ranking crimminals they were going to deal with. One was Ondori Toutenkou, someone from Iwa, Tenshi honestly didnt know much about him, but the other as soon as the name and title came about the seven ninja swordsmen came out, Tenshi's interest was peaked and a smile crept onto his face he said this thoughts out loud , "One of the seven ninja swords men Eh? Awesome! We get to cross blades with a skilled swordsmen this will be an interesting mission after all."

When Hideo took over at the end when Bohan seemed be nervous about leading the mission. Right after the talk of started to plan the attack Tenshi says, "Well, lets see what we have three squads of genin, three jounin, an ANBU, and a Chuunin. The way I see it, we have two ways of entering. We could sail around and alert every single patrol or go into a tunnels Right? Those were the options I see that have been laid out for us. So why not we do both, One team of or most skilled, go up and sail around get their attention while another goes up through the tunnels and pull the rug out from under them. Their unknown defenses in the tunnels should pull back as they get distracted giving the second team a better window to sneak into."

Tenshi laid out his plan straight out. His idea was to have either himself and or a jounin or two stay in team one while everyone else goes around through the tunnels for the sneak in and attack strategy. He thought of this idea before the swordsmen was mentioned, but his motives of being on the distraction team would be to get a chance to cross blades with the enemy swordsmen something he didn't want to miss out on that he is willing to throw himself into a lion's den to get a chance to do.
Tenshi Hokori

The uneventful walking was rather peaceful for Tenshi and yet he was a bit strained on how he should feel about the situation. Uncharacteristic like didnt speak once during the walk to the meeting point. The lack of knowledge of what was this mission was about and paired with having to meet up with a squad from his own village this had all the makings of bad situation if anyone lost their heads here.

As they arrived on site Tenshi made sure to keep a good fixture on his surroundings. Before he could get a good look at all the genin the cloud brought out for this mission. He was quickly approached by his brother as quickly Tenshi put a smile on his own face then says cheerfully like putting on his normal composer, "Well looks at this! These like the rumors I heard was true you got your own squad. Promoted to Jounin too. That's a heck of a promotion, I am surprised Lady Raikage would have sent any squad out to a mission with the leaf considering I had to thoroughly keep on her to just to give me my assignment with them. What is going on?"

As he asked he looked around the area was flat, with a few rocks, not much for hiding room for anything. The genin they brought Tenshi looked at each one as he spoke to Botan, then he froze cold when he saw Kamui. Not the boy he knew from reports the host of the three tails.

Tenshi had let Bohan get away from him for a bit as he started to follow Hideo away, then suddenly he snapped out of his shock and awe then quickly followed, "I am coming with, and no that isnt a request. I need to know what is going on, and why certain shinobi were assigned to this mission. Seeing how this joint mission, is sort of part of my on going mission to bolster a nice working relationship between our two villages. So I am going to whatever this meeting of the minds we have here." The smile was gone, his joking nature was gone. Quickly he took a more serious tone. He was not going to let anyone deny him the information any longer.
Bakuto Uchiha

The moment Bakuto had arrived on the scene and waited for some sort of explanation of what was going on, but that never came. First the cloud shinobi came out with his outbursts which Bakuto originally ignored as he waited for whoever was to lead his squad to come out and say something.

Things went from weird to very weird as a member of the ANBU Black ops came out to be the one who would tell them about their mission. What little information he had. Two teams, team Ichika and team Mizuraki along with a cloud shinobi and they were going to team up with some sort of cloud team later. Bakuto was trying to piece everything together but this was off. Not only was he just made a genin but this was also his very first mission it is very strange and bizarre for this to be a first mission for anyone. This didn't make any sense to Bakuto the cloud where their enemies during the last war and there wasnt much good will towards them after the war. The ambassador was strange enough, but to have a whole mission with genin sent over that made Bakuto worry.

Mizuraki addressed Bakuto and the rest of his new squad. The orders were simple and seemed alright for what the current unknown situation. Even after all she said Bakuto had questions nagging away in his head. Soon he broke his silence the and spoke quietly, "Mizuraki Sensei, um...this mission makes no sense to me. We just left graduation and made genin last week. How are we expected to go on a mission with people who were our enemy." His eyes glanced over at the cloud shinobi as he said the word 'enemy' then he started to stare at the ground a bit unsure of himself and what he said. He adds, "I understand sending you and Ichika sensai over your both jounin, but us. I already know what can happen of someone gets captured." He gripped his fake puppet arm with his real one tightly as he mentions being captured as he continues to talk more, "Why send genin it makes not sense..." he trails off as he goes quiet going back to keeping to himself.

He didnt expect any sort of answer, as they didnt get anything for any sort of information that would lead to any real answer. He really just wanted to vent is confusion about the mission, and it had boiled over to that point in time. Yet he was worried about this mission in a number of ways. It was his very first one he didnt want to completely sound like he didnt want to do this or he couldn't, he just wanted it to go well but he was still very unsure about this whole situation.

Tenshi Hokori

What he had heard he didn't believe at first. Once Tenshi arrived he stood there as he waited once a male arrived. A member of the ANBU Black Ops member was the messenger. Before he had said his bit and revealed his face, Tenshi was upset the Hokage wasn't give the orders out himself, but that all disappeared quickly.

As soon as the Hideo the man's name Tenshi has just learned gaze fell upon him, when he said there wasnt need of further explanation followed by saying that Tenshi's adopted brother was leading a team that they were to work with. Almost as soon as Tenshi some time to process it he had his first outburst, "What up! Hold on! You might think there isn't need for any sort of explanation, but what is this mission? A joint mission of any kind with my village, shouldn't that kind of information been pasted you know through your Kumo ambassador first? On a second thought don't answer my questions yet. I should introduce myself to these two team leaders, as I better get to know these two seeing how we are about to walk into an unknown mission together I'd like to see is suppose to have my back on a mission."

Tenshi didnt acknowledged the fact Hideo brought his brother up. He wasnt going to make a big deal of that fact, his brother was a jounin now. He wasn't surprised by the promotion, if he had to guess this was something his mother did to get back at him for demanding his mission that she disagreed with. With one son in self-exile the other had to been seen in better light.

He quickly moved past Hideo and approached the two jounin leaders then said, "From what Hideo just said I can assume one of you two is Ichika and the other is Mizuraki? I guess its nice to meet the both of you considering the circumstance hopefully this joint mission will go without a hitch." He was sincere wans polite when he spoke to the two. Unlike his first out burst he quickly turned things to make nice with the two who would be leading the two Konoha teams with in this mission.
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