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James Aka Sliver

Interactions: Venom @Unknown100 and everyone else on the rescue jet
Location: Rescue Jet

James was fully prepared to fight with the gun he picked up against the shield agents. His symbiote was still feeling the effects of the concussion grenade. After he asked his question about what the plan was . James looked at Venom then at the entrance way then back and suddenly they were no longer inside the room they were in.

At first James was confused thinking he blacked out or was dreaming. James takes his hand away from the gun and punches himself in the gut. The next words he says, "Ouch! Nope not a dream we are in a completely different area." James looks around for a moment he hears the one person talk saying that they were safe. James took that at face value right away, mostly because there wasnt much he could do if that was a lie or not.

James replies to Venom's comment on this being the plan. "Alright new plan, time to go home finally." James still a bit wobbly gets up feeling a bit of his symbiote's strength returning. Along with its fatigue from over use of its abilities. James then says, "You can drop me off in Hells Kitchen. It's about time I return home, water the plants, collect the mail and finally find somewhere were I am not getting shot at or grenades thrown at." James stretches a bit the quickly adds, "But first does this ship or whatever have a kitchen on it? It has been a long day or night or however long we have been at this. Kind of want to get my abilities replenished before we drop everyone off or we get attacked again."

After James said what he did he sticks his finger into the barrel of the gun then pulls it free. The part of his symbiote suit that was on his finger disappeared James using the biomass of the suit itself to disable the gun he took. As the silver web like substance breaks the gun from the inside.

He looks back towards Venom, "Hey Ms Venom, we still need to have a conversation about your other half." James had a serious tone in his voice as he said that last bit. Unlike his joking manner comments at the hotel. James had a few questions about the symbiote that is Venom. As Venom is the first other person just like he was. She had a symbiote and James wanted to know what he could from someone like himself.
James Aka Sliver

Interactions: Alister @Alistar Sabbath Venom @Unknown100
Location: The Hideout

'It hurts! It hurts!!! Make the pain stop. Make it stop.' the Sliver symbiote yelling in James head. He barely even noticed he was moved. Or that anything that actually touched him to move him. All he could feel was pain from all his nerve endings. Slowly James's vision was coming back to him. 'Wait is that the devil?...' Was the thoughts of James as the demonic form came to view in front of him. He heard his voice then he hear a female voice followed by a roar.

Soon his eyes focus enough to see the demon Alister and Venom in the room with him. James then says a bit loudly to talk over the yelling in his head and slight deafness from the concussion grenade, "Thanks...for the save demon thing!" James tries to stand but is still weak in his knees as all he can feel is the symbiotes pain. Trying to bear through the unyielding pain he looks towards Venom and says both in a pained voice and a small joking manner, "See that they don't like you who is on that naughty list now..."

James tries to lift the table that was used as a barrier but his symbiote powers were completely gone for the moment. The symbiote taking a bit longer then he did to recover from the blast. He then says weakly trying to explain his situation, "Alright, I think I am out of jokes now. We need to escape. My other half...isnt doing so well. Shield hit us with a very mean nonlethal grenade...Kind of wish it was lethal, this pain and the screaming wont stop!" James crouches down low and grabs one of the down shield agents' guns. Not knowing when his symbiote will shake off the effects of the grenade James arms himself with the weapons Shield was using against him and the others.

"So what is the plan of escape...any ideas Big guy and Ms Venom? Preferably a plan without getting hit by any more of Shields weapons or killing any of the agents if we can avoid it." As James says he didnt want to kill them in his head his symbiote practically yelling, 'Kill all...Kill all of them...they hurt us they must pay. They must die. Kill them...give us revenge for this pain!' James pushes the pained thoughts from his mind and tries hard to keep in control over the pained and now angry symbiote. The last thing James needed was his symbiote going on a berserk rampage seeking revenge. Especially in its current weakened state. The results would end in ether James's capture or death if he went on a full rampage now. James is going to wait for whatever plan Alister or Venom would make as he is in no place to question any plan that either of the two make. So what he does will be up to those two now.
James Aka Sliver

Interactions: Nobody directly
Location: The Hideout

It wasnt long after the conversation with Venom that Finnlay left. James just stood there and he hears Venom say, “Alright, let’s do some detective work. See who’s going on Santa’s naughty list. In case you’ve been lying, you should probably go hide, cause I’ll be coming for you, big guy.”

James was going to comment on the naughty list part but Venom was already leaving. James lifted his arm up preparing to follow with the full intent to shoot out a web to follow. James stood there for a few minutes not doing a single thing. His symbiote rings off in his head, 'We cant follow that way. We need to recharge...' James grumbles to himself and then sighs. Quickly realizing that he pushed his symbiote abilities to their limits today. James leaped up on his own using his own strength to propel him towards the wall and he starts to climb up. He says with a bit of relief, "At least I can still climb it would be really bad if we couldnt."

James climbs up the wall rather slowly. He lost both Finnlay and Venom but he hears gunshots then starts heading towards them. Sighing and shakes his head as he was starting to find his own actions amusing. Going towards gunshots and not running away from them he is going towards them.

The shield agents see James who is clinging to the ceiling as he entered, "Look another one!" James sees some broken windows. James then says, "Hey guys, enough with the guns! What you say?" James soon got his answered as they point the guns at him and open fire. James's symbiote hardened the front of the suit as James springs towards them. The bullets hit the suit and just either bounce off or get stuck to the outside of the silver and white exterior.

James crashes into one agent then quickly thrown the agent into another. A few more agents go into the room. From behind James a single shot rung out and hit James in the back upper shoulder. To his own surprise he feels the bullet cut through the suit and into his shoulder. Going right through where James had not focused on.

James went into quick panic mode when the fiery pain shot through his body he grabs the agent he tossed before and throws them at those coming into the room. James quickly scrambles afterwards. Now focusing on hardening the back of his suit as he flees through the broken window. The bullet hole the symbiote suit on his back reaches into the hole and pulls the bullet out and the bloody bullet hits the ground as James's wound begins to heal up. Soon not long after he made his escape a cylinder
Knowing them from his days in the police academy James jumps to the grenade and picks it up. He then says, "Get this out of here!" James then attempts to throw the grenade back out the way it came. It gets about to the entrance when it explodes catching James in the range of the blast of a concussion grenade.

In the instant James felt a pain throughout his body he had never felt. Not only caught in the disorienting blast but the symbiote itself sending intense pain throughout James's body. Soon he is writhing on the ground in pain. 'Pain! So much pain! It hurts! It hurts!!!' The symbiote yells out in James's head even taking control over James momentary to let out an anomalistic howl of pain like echoing throughout the hotel at a deafening volume level. The symbiote crying out in pain as it was for the first time with James put in agonizing pain.
James Aka Sliver

Interactions: Venom@Unknown100 Finnlay@sly13
Location: The Hideout

When James looked up and saw the black clad emale he sort of froze initially. He felt the mind of his symbiote in a way he had not before. At first he thought the symbiote was afraid of this girl, but the more he looked at the girl the more the symbiote would feel a surge of excitement.

It is like us. Another like us!. The thoughts of the symbiote ringing out in James's head he was about to question the girl about this when the girl spoke first, “Alright, you two so-called heroes. Move a muscle, and I’ll be a real nasty dentist, get it? Now, I’m no mercenary. I’m someone who politely ask people like you to turn themselves in, or get turned inside out and then turned in. So, if you are not criminals, you have a funny way of showing it. How about pleading your case in court, if you are so pure-hearted, cause the authorities are clearly after you."

James instantly reacted sarcastically saying, "Turn ourselves in and plead our cases in court? This is Shield, we won't see court. We will either get stuck in a hole for the rest of our lives. Or with most of us get experimented on to see what makes us do what we can do." As James said that in his head his symbiote goes a bit crazy, We will not be experimented on again. They will not lock us up again. James thought back, I don't think they can hear you, but don't worry I will not let that happen.

James gets off the table and says looking right at the girl, "So you will turn us inside out huh if we don't comply? That sounds rather tempting. I have a counter idea, we don't surrender, the others are allowed to retreat, and maybe we can all forget that today has even happened." James walks up nonchalantly to the girl in black. He then says, "What do you say? Going to let us go? Maybe afterwards you and I along with our other halves can have a little chat. Doesnt that sound like a better idea?"
Hey, just so you all know: Sly13 and I are working on a collab.

Also: @BladeSS4 is it Venom and Finn your character has run into? Because they are in a great dining hall in our post. Just to let you know ;)

Yeah James was suppose to be going to run into them,thanks for catching that. Edited that last bit to be correct. Thanks for catching that.
James Aka Sliver and

Location: The Hideout

"Sorry, I wasnt much help back at that house with those hydra guys. I should have stayed down stairs and helped you with winter boy..." James not knowing what more to say not really knowing much about what happened during the fight himself. As his other half was in control then rather than himself, but James felt like he should say something any way.

Ava stands up quickly, not expecting to have been caught in the state she was in. "If you say a word about this to anyone, I will not hesitate to kill you."

]James standing in the door way he gets distracted as he heard a gun shot coming from up stairs. Soon hearing another gun shot but this was much closer. Quickly following is great fiery white pain in his back and James stumbles into room. James ends up saying, "Uh, I think I just got shot..." James stumbles a bit more before falling to the floor into the living room. Behind him are shield looking agents, "Get on the ground now!" The agents yell into the room as they start to enter it.

Ava flips a table and drags James' body behind it. She reaches behind her and takes a pistol out from under her shirt. She begins firing at the intruders who also begin to fire back in retaliation. "This table won't provide us with enough protection from the bullets," Ava says to James while firing at one of the men who somehow broke into the base. "If you're able to, get behind the couch. It's not much of an improvement but it's better than this."

James lays there for a second trying to register what happened to him. He sits up slowly after Ava dragged him behind a table. He then groans with a bit of pain, "Ow...getting shot still hurts." Listening to the comment about the table James looks at it he then looks at the couch and says with a smirk, "The couch will work." James throws his arm forward towards the couch his suit turns silver and stretches over and grabs the couch. With ease the silver arm pulls the couch back and chucks it at the shield agent walking in sandwiching him in the door way.

James's suit morphs into his more slick symbiote form, the symbiote suit covering up the bullet wound then slowly pushes the bullet out. James looks at Ava then says, "Use me as a shield if you need to. I can harden the suit to block some bullet fire." James stands up out of cover and out of his hand the symbiote suit forms a round shield. He says back to Ava, "See I have tricks of my own..." James gets interrupted by a hail of bullets off of his shield he then yells at the agents coming in, "Hey! I am trying to have a conversation here!" He then looks back at Ava and says in a light tone, "Looks like we have a fight on our hands again. I guess I can now make up for back at the house now."

Ava was momentarily in shock over James' transformation but quickly regained her focus. After firing a few more shots at the intruders, Ava made her way to the back of the couch to join James. She wasn't surprised to hear him making a small joke over this situation. Not only was she not used to fighting alongside other people, but whenever she did they were never the light-hearted type. This was gonna take a while to get used to. She didn't reply to anything he said and instead continued to keep her focus on the fight at hand. Then James really caught her attention:
"Hey... why don't you use your icey powers?" He asked. Ava sharply turned her head, "What?" she replied. "Create a nice floor of ice for our guests here. I wanna see 'em dance." James said. Ava took this into consideration. She hadn't used her powers like this in a while. She was worried she wouldn't be able to do what James had asked of her. Then with a shake of her head, Ava pushed those doubts and fears out of the forefront of her mind. She had to do this.

In the blink of an eye, Ava rolled away, out from behind the protection of the couch, and slammed her hand to the ground. Within in seconds, a shining coat of ice covered the floor and their enemies began to "dance".

Watching with amazement James watches the floor turn into ice. James jumps up and clings to the ceiling he sticks to the ceiling and hangs upside down. James then says, "That will cool those guys off. Time for me to get to work!" James pulls the shield off away from his suit he then tosses it like a throwing disk it goes out and smacks a shield agent in the head then engulfs him in a silvery sticky web like substance. The agent falls and slides across the icy floor James laughs, "Oops! Looks like that one fell down."

James moves his hand it shoots out a web and attached itself on a shield agent and he then says with glee and in a light way, "Get over here!" James pulls the man towards him and then into his hand. Holding him by the vests these agents were wearing James then asks the man, "So who are you guys? More hydra thugs?" James lifts the agent up smashing the agent's head into the ceiling until he gets his answer the agent lets out barely, "We *ow* are *ow* Shield..." James stops bashing the agents head off the ceiling. These werent ordinary thugs or even hydra they were shield. James knew of them a bit to his knowledge shield are supposed to be the 'good' guys and now they were here. James then goes back to bashing the person against the ceiling now starts speaking rapidly, "Why is shield here!?! Why are you attacking us?!? Why did you guys shoot me in the back!?!?!" James inadvertently knocked the agent out. Seeing this he groans to himself an drops the agent back to the floor.

James looks at Ava while upside down to see how she is doing he then says over, "These guys are Shield! First Hydra and now shield. Any more groups going to show up and attack us? If I see the big green monster and the rest of the Avengers show up then I am done." James looks down the hall way. He then continues to talk towards Ava while looking down the hallway. While still in his light-hearted way but with a more serious tone, "So Ms Frosty, what are we going to do?"

After Ava had turned the floor to ice, James jumps to the ceiling and begins his attack on the intruders. Ava spots one of them on the ground struggling to stand and immediately runs (as best as she can) towards him. There was a large grand piano standing between Ava and the intruder. She decided to use that to her advantage. Ava ran as fast as she could toward the piano, sliding up to it when she got closer, pushing herself onto it and rolled over to the other side of the piano, where the armed man was finally able to stand up. He barely got a chance to steady his stance when Ava kicked him in the head, forcing him to fall to the ground again with a thud. Ava dropped down from the piano and knelt by the body. Across the room from her, she saw another one of the intruders beginning to aim her gun at Ava. Ave grabbed the gun that belonged to the man she had just knocked out and rolled under the table, just nearly avoiding getting shot. Ava then fired back at the woman from under the piano. She was able to hit her target in both legs a few times. That woman fell to her knees. Ava quickly rolled out from under the piano once again and fired several rounds at the intruder, ensuring her demise. Ava then turned to the man she had kicked earlier and did the same.

When Ava turned around to fire at the next opponent, she saw that the other had already been taken care of, thanks to James, who was still on the ceiling, holding one of the men. After dropping the body, he looked to Ava and said "These guys are Shield! First Hydra and now Shield. Any more groups going to show up and attack us? If I see the big green monster and the rest of the Avengers show up then I am done."

Shield? Now, this is a problem. How did they find us?
Ava had always excepted Hydra to come and find her. That wasn't a big surprise. She never thought Shield would. She had always tried her damn hardest to avoid them and stay off their radar. Unless they were here for someone else, which wouldn't be too far fetched.

Ava's thoughts were interrupted by James. "So Ms. Frosty, what are we going to do?"
"Well," Ava began "the smart thing to do would be to get the hell out of here."

"Getting out of here? Don't have to tell me twice." James leaps down onto a shield agent, James smacks the agent on the top of the head to knock the agent out he then kicks the agent down the icy hallway into anyone else coming into the room. "Stay behind me and bullets should not hit you. We need to make it to the elevator to get out of this hideout. Anyone I miss or who starts get up, try to freeze them or something. Just don't kill them, we don't need to add anymore fuel to whatever reason shield is here for."

James's arms form a near perfectly round shield. He then starts to sprint down the hall way with the shield running forward. Using it as both a shield and a ram for anyone in his way. James trying to create a path to lead the way to the elevator. He hits the door of the elevator. James forces the doors open he looks up the elevator shaft then says back going to a less light-hearted tone then normal, "Um you might want to grab onto me. If Sling's info was correct then Shield doesn't know of my abilities so, they would never expect us climbing through the elevator."

Ava could hear the sound of more Shield agents breaking into the building. As hesitant as she was to the idea of climbing down the inside of an elevator while holding on to the back of man she had only known for a few hours, she knew that was probably the best and safest way to get out of here. "Very well..." Ava said with a sigh as she walked over to James and positioned herself behind him, grabbing onto his shoulders. "You're gonna fall off way too easily if you hold onto me there. You also might choke me in the process." He said. "Well, where would you like me to hold on to?" Ava asked, beginning to sound annoyed. "The waist would probably be best."

Before Ava even had time to complain, she heard the sound of Shield agents running towards their position. It kept on getting louder and louder.
"Fine!" Ava exclaimed, now wrapping her arms around James' waist. "Not a word of this to anyone." She said before James finally leaped into the elevator and made his way down the foyer where they first entered.

There, they didn't hear the sound of gunfire or of fighting. It was oddly calm and quiet.
"I guess Shield has already found everyone else on the upper levels." Ava said, keeping her voice quiet, just in case there were more Shield agents around. Ava forced herself not to think much about the others. She had to get out of there now. She couldn't waste time trying to be a hero.
The rest of the group will be fine. They're all more than capable of handling a situation like this on their own.

The duo didn't linger in the foyer for long. "I think I remember Alistar mentioning there's a back door this way." Ava said, as she started to enter the next room.

James fought the urge to make a comment when he started to climb throughout the elevator shaft. He climbed the wall with ease with Ava holing onto him. Listening to her talk about the others and shield finding everyone else this time James commented s quietly as he climb the wall, "Yeah, shield are surely here. I don't think Slingy searching for everyone from that data base of his was the best idea. Shield must have watched their data base." Part of James was pained with a bit of guilt not going back to help everyone else get out but he wasnt alone now. James main concern now though was get Ava and himself out and away from shield.

We feel empty, we need to leave soon. No worry of others get girl out', the thoughts of the sliver symbiote to James letting him know that the symbiote is reaching its limits of what it can do. From the constant usage of suits biomass webbing abilities without replenishing any of it. James pushed the thoughts away he couldn't think about the his or the symbiotes limits at the moment he needed to get himself and Ava out of the hide out.

When reaching the exit James once again forces the doors opens and gets out. He then began to follow Ava and heard he talk about a back door James then says, "A back door would be nice, or a window. Any way we can get outside the better." James enters the room and sees three more shield agent he moves his hand out and goes to shoot his web balls, only two fired out capturing only two of the agents in the silvery webbing and instantly James says a bit freaked out, "Uh, not good...Uh Ava freeze that guy!"

"Uh, not good... uh, Ava freeze that guy!" James shouted to Ava. Ava frost-blasted the man coming toward James and her in an attempt to stun him. After Ava successfully stunned the man, she shot him in the head.
"What are you-" James began to say before Ava cut him off.
"Don't question me." She said "If Shield knows I'm here then they already know what I'm capable of. They dug their own grave, I'm just helping them get into it."

It didn't take long for James and Ava to find a window to escape from. They started to run away from the hotel. Ava was hoping that they wouldn't bump into anymore Shield agents when she suddenly realized she only heard the sound of one person running... and that person was her. She turned around, half-expecting to see James missing or dead at the feet of a Shield agent. She only saw him standing several feet away from her though, his back turned to Ava.
"Why are you just standing there?" She asked in a whisper-yell-like voice. Ava walked back to the man at a brisk pace, not wanting to stay in the hotel's vicinity any longer.

James was taken back by Ava when she shot the last agent in the head. James didn't push the subject he was just thankful she didnt kill the other two. James was still freaking out a bit about his symbiote isn't able to fight at full power like he had been. Going full strides since running into the group. Taking a helicopter after swinging around the city, fighting hydra agents and now fighting shield all taking a toll on James's symbiote.

James followed Ava out of the window, but the part of him the pained him to leave the others behind came back to James. So after having a bit of a change of heart James turned back to the hotel and he stands there to think for a second. He got Ava out of the place but the others are still inside. While thinking he hears Ava, James then says, "I am going back into the hotel to help the others get out. Jocelyn, Sling, and others are still inside. The moment Shield find the agent you shot all hell is going to break loose. The agents are most likely going to seek revenge for their fallen agent. They are going to need help." James starts walking back to the hotel he then says, "Well, I got you out at least. Time to jump back into the fire!"

Before Ava could get another word in, James was already running off back toward the hotel. "He's gonna get himself killed." Ava said to herself, exasperated with the situation at hand. She turned around and started walking away. Ava wasn't going to stay and help these people that she just met. She had no reason to. She barely had a connection with any of them. She doubted they would even risk their lives for her if the roles were reversed, so why should she go back to help? Out of everyone there, Shield probably wanted her dead or captured the most. Ava needed to leave so that wouldn't happen to her.

So, she walked away. Away from the hotel. Away from the people she had only for several hours. She ignored this odd, nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach that she felt like was telling her to turn around and go help the others.

It was dark, chilly night in Afterlife. All of the Inhumans were already asleep, or at least indoors. The sound of silence was almost deafening. Some would find it serene, others would find it unnerving. Ava thought it both. A calm yet disconcerting feeling washed over her when she stepped outside. Considering what was about to happen, it was a feeling Ava should have paid more attention to.

Ava enjoyed taking walks in Afterlife. During the day, she enjoyed watching the cool wind flow through the blades of grass, making them dance. She also enjoyed watching fellow Inhumans train. She learned well by watching others. At night, the walks Ava occasionally took were mainly for meditative purposes. She felt like she could think better at night. She also preferred to practice using her powers. This night, Ava was going to do just that, when she interrupted by movement in the distance. She saw it with the corner of her eye and when she looked over to see what it was, she was surprised to see Jiaying. The woman was with another person... an Inhuman by the name of Elizabeth or as Ava called her, Lizzie.

Lizzie was Ava's closest friend in Afterlife. They played together, trained together. They would occasionally sneak over to each other's rooms at night and just talk. Ava loved Lizzie. In more ways than one.

As Ava saw Jiaying and Lizzie walk away, she became suspicious and decided to follow them. Ava took pride in her natural talent for stealth and always used it to her advantage. She continued to follow the duo, out of the main village and into the nearby forest. They finally stopped at a bridge. Ava didn't know how long they had been walking for. It felt like several hours, though she was sure it couldn't have taken that long. They were very deep into the forest, though. Ava knew that for certain. She felt even more suspicious of the situation now.

Ava continued to watch Jiaying and Lizzie from behind a tree which was a safe distance away from the bridge. Ava, unfortunately, couldn't hear what they were saying to one another, but she was thankful she could see clearly their body movements. They didn't move much. Whatever they were talking about didn't seem to be that exciting. In fact, Ava was even starting to feel a tinge of boredom. That quickly went away though when, in the blink of an eye, Ava saw something appear in Jiaying's hand. She didn't know where it came from. Whatever it was, it seemed shiny from Ava's position. But Ava didn't have time to even begin to theorize about what the object was for, just mere seconds later, all of Ava's questions about the mystery object were soon answered.

About as quickly as the item appeared in Jiaying's hand, it went into Lizzie's heart. Jiaying even covered the girl's mouth to dampen the sound Lizzie's agony-filled cry. Ava had to do the same herself, as she watched the horrible sight unfold before her like some terrible nightmare. As she watched Jiaying let Lizzie's now limp body fall to the ground, Ava wanted to run to her friend. To hold her in her arms. Ava also wanted to run to Jiaying and just let all of the rage she was feeling take over her. She wanted Jiaying to suffer the same fate as Lizzie right then and there. But Ava didn't do anything. She just sat there, in shock. She didn't even move after Jiaying tossed the body over the bridge and into the rushing river. After Jiaying left the scene, Ava still sat in the same place.
Ava didn't how long she sat there, just staring at the spot on the bridge where she saw Lizzie body fall, but eventually, she did move. She didn't dare go to look over the bridge. She knew she'd see nothing and, on the off-chance Lizzie body hadn't been whisked away by the water yet, she felt like she couldn't handle seeing her the corpse of her friend again.

So, Ava turned away and slowly walked back to the village, feeling like she was in a daze. One that a skilled hypnotist might've put her in. Part of Ava still felt like this was all just a particularly terrible nightmare. But when she woke that next morning and didn't see her friend at all... she knew all that she saw occur last night was real.


Ava shook her head. She was breathing heavily and her heart was beating fast once again. She wasn't sure what just happened and where the bangs had come from when she heard them again and realized that they were coming from the hotel. She suddenly remembered where she was and all that had happened this night. Ava turned back around in the direction of the hotel, now feeling unsure of herself. That nagging feeling she felt earlier (or... perhaps it was only just a few seconds ago) was now stronger. The confidence and determination she once felt were gone. She was now feeling torn and confused. She didn't know whether to head back to the hotel to fight Shield along with everyone else or to just walk away-

Like I did that night... Ava thought to herself. She usually wouldn't allow thoughts like that to cross her mind however that one seemed to have slipped right past whatever mental blockade she had built.

Ava sighed and a few moments later started to walk away... from whatever was in the direction she was originally heading in and back to the hotel.

I feel like I may regret this.

James sprinted back to the hotel and jumps back through the window leaving the window open. James sprints down the hallway. The symbiote asks in James's head, What we doing? We should leave with girl not go back James then says out loud, "This isnt a discussion. Doing this because, well I don't have a really good reason. Maybe it has something to do with thinking that I am a hero, or maybe I just want to punch more shield agents in the face. Either way we are doing this!"
Running down the hallway, James sees the dining hall figuring it is a logical point where everyone would go through James decide to go there. Why would others go here?, the symbiote asks then James answers plainly, "Because it is the entrance in and out of the place." The Sliver symbiote replies, We didnt go there. James laughs, "That's because we can climb walls. Also, I don't want to go back to the elevator. Really dont want to be in that elevator shaft"

James jumps across the floor with a powerful jump and into the great dining hall. Landing a table in a crouching position. James then says without looking around in a joking manner, "So what is going on in here? Am I missing a party? Maybe a meet and greet? We are Sliver, the silvery or white and black clad super hero!" James looks up after introducing himself with in his hero persona. James was grinning under his mask cover face as he looked around to see who all he just introduced himself too.

<Snipped quote by TwilightShadow>

Excellent! I'll be going for Mallorca tomorrow, but I'll try to read up on the IC in my time there. A story catch up would be appreciate though.

I was thinking about doing a Symbiote-enhanced individual. A kind of "hero getting seduced by the power of the symbiote and slowly falling from grace-arc". In the end I would aim for a redemption story, of courser. Possibly Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy) or Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), having it happen to them. How would that sounds? And was there something about the Venom-symbiote having already been introduced?

To answer your last question, there is a symbiote character. That would be my OC James and the Sliver symbiote/klyntar. A bit of a more different take on symbiotes as the back story of the symbiote is a fragment or sliver was taken from a bigger symbiote meteorite. Then turned and created into a full symbiote on earth. As there are so many versions and variations on the symbiotes. So another take on a symbiote could be at least to me very interesting to see.

James Walker AKA Sliver

Location: Hide Out

After the group scattered throughout people were going to bed or just going to separate rooms while James on the other hand walked around the halls for a while trying to clear his head

'Why are we in a cave?' says the symbiote in James's head and he thinks back to respond to the symbiote, 'We aren't in a cave, we are in an underground base under a hotel.' The symbiote replies, 'This feels like cave, we don't like caves. This is like the container, we will not go back to the container...' James replies out loud this time, "You aren't going back into the container, I wouldn't do that to you."

James keeps walking around and the symbiote then comments, 'Do we trust people here? One attacked the other, we could feel the violence. We felt your anger. Why did you do nothing? We would have helped....' James shakes his head and responds out loud again but quietly, "I trust them not to try and stab us in the back. As for the anger you felt buddy, yeah I did get angry. Not a big fan of seeing a guy hit a girl, but as for not doing anything. There was no need to add more hostility to that situation..." The symbiote interrupts James, 'Should have used us, we would have stopped it...' James then replies with an annoyed angry tone, "Like how you stopped those hydra agents back at the last place we were in? Yeah they were hydra or whatever but you slaughtered the guys up stairs. We are both lucky neither of the girls freaked out after what we did..." The symbiote replies, 'They hit you in your soft skull they wanted to end you so we ended them. The one girl saw nothing she was asleep." James annoyed replies almost right away, "For one, my skull isnt that soft. It's bone it is pretty solid. And the girl Lenora or I guess Ava wasnt sleeping she was knocked out! Also what about the other one Jocelyn? As I said before we are lucky she and everyone else is questioning how you murdered those hydra agents."

James kept walking the symbiote then says in his head , "We sorry..." James was going to reply but he felt a weird chill in the air and then replied, "Not now, what was that? Does this place have a weird Air condition malfunction?" Walking past the living room James doubles back and sees Ava and immediately sees the frosted walls James first comment initially just blurted from him, "Wow neat trick, must be handy at parties or whatever with an ability like that."

Staying still mostly in the door way but still out of the room James then feels the need to talk and then asks, "You alright Lenora, Ava or whoever you are? Mister grumpy shield guy and mister grumpy whatever that other guy is didn't seem very fond of you. Especially the latter with him attacking you and all."

Pausing a second then adding, "Sorry, I wasnt much help back at that house with those hydra guys. I should have stayed down stairs and helped you with winter boy..." James not knowing what more to say not really knowing much about what happened during the fight himself. As his other half was in control then rather than himself, but James felt like he should say something any way.
James Walker AKA Sliver

Location: Hide Out
Interactions:@Almalthia@TwilightShadow@webboysurf@Alistar Sabbath@soren

James watched the on goings of the others. The moment he saw Alister put his hands on Ava, James's fist clenched as he supressed his anger. Seeing Alister put his hands on a girl in the a threatening manner, was the reason for James's anger. Then seemingly others seemed to jump on Alister about his actions seemingly calmed James down.

James walked over to Alister and says in a light joking way, "Alister buddy, that's not how you hit on a girl dude. Going a bit step too far when you are actually hitting someone to the point you reopen a wound." As James got closer his normal civilian suit's arm turns silver and then morphs into a silvery spike like blade covering his arm closest to Alister then James's joking demeanor goes to a serious tone, "Now I wouldn't put your hands on any of the girls here again in my presence. I don't care if they are hydra agents or not, you will end up seriously regretting it." When he was finished his threatening jester his bladed arm turns back into a normal suit jacket sleeve. Then James walked away. Not waiting for a reply or a reaction just turning his back to the man and walking off to where if is going to go next.

James then walks to Athena he then replies to her question of needing a new identity, "I don't need a new identity per say, but I would very much appreciate that my real name isn't linked to stealing a helicopter. While it is pretty unbelievable someone to be able to steal a fly helicopter. I rather not have people knowing that I actually did that. There is a big difference from a Silvery web swinging unknown man stealing a chopper and not James Walker who the NYPD or anyone really can track the whereabouts pretty early. I wouldn't want to when I eventually go home to find I have unwanted visitors trying to arrest or kill me. And after running into hydra recently the latter is a possibility now."

James then looks at Jocelyn and answers her last question, "Do I trust any of you? Well I am not wearing a mask to hide my identity from any of you. None of you have tried to kill me, so everyone here has my trust so far. Even Alister over there who has a thing with hitting girls. I might not be forking out all the information on myself like Slingy is doing, but that is a different kind of trust. But yeah I trust you all enough not stab any of us in the back." James speaks once again in a light-hearted tone that he normally does.
James Walker AKA Sliver

Location: Boston
Interactions:@Almalthia@TwilightShadow@webboysurf@Alistar Sabbath

While James normally kept his joke making demeanor he was a bit torn inside from the fight with the hydra agents. He had lost control over his symbiote it took control and killed a few men. While they were hydra agents James wasnt thrilled about killing anyone. Even more so what he did when he wasnt in control. James considers himself accountable for everything he or his symbiote does. He considers himself lucky though that the sliver symbiote didn't hurt the girls or anyone else when it was in control. During the ride to New York with Sling James kept to himself as he was trying to come to terms what he done.

Once they arrived in the area James kept silent on his way down the elevator. It opened and he saw the grandeur of the place and his mood was put back to normal humorous self.

Once Sling got to James as he was looking each person up James quickly made a comment, "Why am I with wrapped up in all this? I don't know maybe I was bored? Maybe I saw people who needed help and decided to help? As for the helicopter, I will give you a straight answer sir." James first clears pauses hears his throat and then first his answer, "Alright, I borrowed the helicopter I didn't steal it and yes you are right it wasnt on the ground. I also must add, nobody onboard that helicopter was killed. So once they wake up they can take their chopper back assuming their arent stuck together anymore." James answer came with a bit of a smile from him taking a bit of pride in his work along with a bit of light-hearted humor.

As James listened a bit more he then asks "So is hydra going to show up here too? I showed up at that last house after the girls after you guys just basically invited everyone at the bar to show up. I don't think hydra knew I was going to be there, I don't even think they know who I am or what I can do. I mean even Slingy's boys data base doesn't know much about me so they weren't tracking me. They were either tracking Jocelyn or they were tracking Lenora. I might not be a genius but I don't think hydra takes kindly to people leaving their group. I guess they were tracking her. So either they stuck some sort of weird tracking devices in their members or they were following her. Then again I could be dumb and they are following Jocelyn so who knows."
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