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Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location:Marine Ship and White Pearl
Interaction: @NoodlesAlesia, @JerkchickenFlint

The idea was sound torch the marines and keep the old man busy. Hearing Flint say something about him taking care of this old lieutenant. The problem was Bakuto was already too far into his attack to back off when he was forced to release the fire attack. Bakuto hoped he wouldn't hit Flint in the attack but also hoped he take the attention of the old man.

But then...

The dragonfire attack was the worst decision that Bakuto could have done. Figuring wrong that he was enough distance away from the old man the slash was going to be the end of Bakuto, but his captain and her quick thinking prevented him from taking the slash that would have chopped off his head. Before Bakuto could act or respond to the slash attack the man threw the sword at him hilt first. The sea prism stone, that would make him drop to the sea and yet again his captain jumps into it and stops it from reaching him. This time however the captain started to plummet downwards.

Bakuto didn't even think he acted as he needed to save his captain who just saved his life. Quickly cutting off his fire attack Bakuto sent his body into a dive bomb to try and gain speed on Alesia'a decent, he shifts back into his human former mid-air trying to make himself smaller so he can catch his captain. The next problem now is to stop himself and his captain from splitting into the deck of their own ship.

Moving his body mid air Bakuto position's himself to catch the captain then prepared to kick downwards as hard as he can. The moonwalk/Geppo technique. Normally it is used to keep oneself in air longer, but Bakuto is trying to use the technique that he barely has a manage of to slow down their decent to the ship. Trying to make sure he doesn't touch the sea stone in the process. Using his high level marine training to help save his captain. Having no regard to his own safety as he tries to save his captain.
Alexander King

Location: Random Parking Garage in or near Boston

Sitting in a parking garage as a cop car drives on by is Alexander King, sending getting messages to his communicator getting information, from his last attempt to complete his latest assignment. Opening the data base of encrypted files from hydra, getting the full psych profile of Finlay aka Smokescreen. Most of the information Alexander had to go through background channels to unlock but he got enough to find a slight psychological profile and list of his physical abilities and limitations. A lot of the stuff was blacked out but Alexander was able to piece most of it together.

Alexander says as he reads over what he can find, "A very prideful man this one." Drawing a single bullet labeled Pride, "Pride is a deadly weapon, for you Finlay this weapon is too good for you, but test me again and you will end up with pride taking your life."

He then grabs a pure black phone then makes a call, "I need the location of an operative in the field as soon as possible. Alias of Smokescreen." There is a silence over the phone then an answer, "He is in an under cover right now..." Alexander then says angrily into the phone, "I know give me his location or you are next for the Terror King. Is that understood. Now do I have to ask again, or do you need a see why I was given my title." There is a silence again then an answer, "We will get you your information right away it will be sent to you when we get our information." Alexander then ended the call then tossed the phone into the seat next to him and picks up another one. Then makes another call then says in a hushed tone, "I am going to need some new ammunition and weapons to complete my mission. Going to need some incendiary rounds and incendiary grenades, got a task that needs to bring some heat. Send it to the original place I'll pick them up in a bit." He ends the call without an answer just giving his order and hanging up.

Alexander goes back to reading the psych profile he says to himself, "Lead me to my quarry Smokescreen, you will make my job so much easier eliminating my targets. Making my job easier with having a disposable inside guy." His arm communicator goes off and he looks at it getting the latest information for where Finlay was last recorded before the signal has been cut off.

Turning the car on and starting to head off to where the signal was cut off at. Only a few places in the world that could completely know how to jam hydra technology. So Alexander quickly summed up from the list of people he had to eliminate he was going after some people who are causing a lot of trouble for hydra. The rumored Dark Star Technologies. He sends out a test for another weapon before heading out. He going out thinking that this could turn into an interesting face of from hearing the rumors they are almost as much as boogeymen for hydra as he is. A former stark building, similar tech that part of his suit was formed from. Hydra would kill for any stark technology so Alexander has one plan for all of this next confrontation.

A little bit later
Location: Parking Garage outside the DS Tech Building

Outside the tech building in a parking garage Alexander gets outside of his car then opens the trunk of his car with a black case in the back. He opens it up and pulls out a military rocket launcher. He loads it with the only round he has for it and walks to the end of the building. "Wrath, is always so violent. Hydra has this in spades and now you all will see my wrath." Alexander says as he then points the launcher and opens up the sight then takes aim. Laying his hand cross the firing mechanism taking in a deep breath then closes his eyes taking in what he is about to do this moment. His mask showing no emotions as he gets ready to unleash his attack. Once his eyes opens under the mask he squeezes the mechanism unleashing the rocket towards the building.


Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location:Marine Ship
Interaction: @NoodlesAlesia, @JerkchickenFlint

Once the attack was released, Bakuto didn't waste time staying in the lower decks of the ship. Staying in his full animal zoan form, he leaps into the air going back up through the hole the captain and himself created to get to the lower decks. Ripping through the ship as he emerges from the ship he lets out a roar then spreads his wings out. Darkening out the sky for the marine ship with his body and wing span a slight attempt to intimidate the marines on the ship hearing the captain say they are retreating.

Bakuto looked around for the old marine with the sword, last thing they needed was a marine slashing up their ship now that they can escape. Bakuto then yells towards Flint, "Get to the ship, and help get it ready to leave. I'll try to catch up, going to keep swordsman busy!" Keeping himself in the air trying to keep his distance as he breaths in deeply. Preparing for another burst of dragons fire in his full zoan form. Giving a big show of effort to give Flint and the marine swordsmen what he has planned.

This was a bit of a risk Bakuto knew this, as this old marine showed he can slice up his flames in his lesser form. Even though Bakuto was in his bigger stronger form he didn't put it past this marine to slice up any flames he can throw at him. He needed to provide a constant assault of flames, something Bakuto has not tried yet in his lesser forms let alone his stronger form. This could risk Bakuto over using his powers, and having to fly back to the ship. At best, Baktuo was hoping he could pull this off and could catch his ship as it starts to leave. Bakuto did have a few worries, either falling into the water or losing control and going all berserk.

Not holding in the attack for long, he releases a torrent amount of flames towards the deck of the ship, hoping his shipmates will have left the marine ship. Aiming at the marine trying to release a constant stream of fire preparing to battle with the swordsmen to keep his active so the white pearl can get away.
Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location: The Marine Ship Lower Decks
Interaction: @NoodlesAlesia

Cracking the deck of the ship and thanks to the captain they ended up into the lower decks of the ship. Inside the ship Bakuto felt liked a trapped animal inside the marine ship. He didn't have long to get to use to his surrounding when his captain spoke too him thanking him for his help then asking if he could light the ship on fire from here.

Bakuto takes a second to look around after the question, getting a lot of memories of being on a marine ship much like this one in the past. Bakuto really didn't like being inside a marine ship again. So when Alesia asked if he could burn the place down he almost right away replied that he could but he hesitated a second as he looked around his surrounding. It wasn't only himself down inside this ship, and setting it on fire while they both are inside could mean they both could end up getting trapped inside a burning ship. Then there was those who were in charge of the ship, this was the best chance of slowing down or stopping this marine ship from capturing the their crew and giving them a chance to escape. With sea prism stones on the table and a skilled swordsmen who could cut his flames to ribbons. Bakuto needed this chance where the swordsman wasn't at to do the damage he needed to do.

Bakuto says after thinking things over, "Yeah I should be able to burn it up from here, but I don't know if I go all out if we will make it out of the ship. I have a feeling though if I don't go all out that old lieutenant will find us or worse they will have some more fun marine toys to capture devil fruit users..." Trailing off what he was saying Bakuto's body begins transform to his full animal zoan form he then says quickly mid transformation, "Might want to grab ahold of my head or tail after I finish transforming, because I don't want to stick around here after I set this place on fire."

He stops speaking and starts breathing in deeply as he transforms getting ready for a full powered dragon breath inside the lower decks of the ship. Trying to stay low and trying to keep from squashing his captain from his larger form. Cracking the floor and testing the limits of the walls as he grows into his full dragon form. Holding in the dragon fire and aiming down a corridor, at his full power it is nearly like firing a cannon with a pillar of fire. Bakuto's legs begin to crouch down low preparing to jump wanting to get out of the ship once he releases the attack as soon as possible. Trying to give his captain enough time to do what she needs to, then when he couldn't hold the fire attack any longer he releases the attack down the corridor of the ship. Releasing the searing fiery blaze cannon like blast of dragons fire in the lower decks of the marines ship

Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location: The White Pearl and Marine Ship
Interaction: Everyone on the Ship

Quickly Bakuto cut off his fire attack after seeing the attack cut to ribbons. Bakuto feared this part because there are marines that are highly skilled in combat doing things that might seem like miracles with their trained weapons. Bakuto sees the captain boarding the marine's ship and decides to do join the captain boarding the ship figuring he would have better luck damaging the ship with his strength if his fire attack could not get the job done.

Once on the ship Bakuto starts hitting marines looking as if he was just poking people with his claws very quickly. Using the finger pistol/Shigan ability, using his zoan transformation to enhance his strength and damage of the attack. He was trying to work his way to the mast of the marines ship thinking he can take it down with a few full power punches. He sees the captain get stopped though and sees what he needed to take a moment to think what he saw, 'That sword's hilt it is...' As his thoughts are interrupted by his own words, "Captain watch out, these marines have sea prism stone! They cancel out devil fruit..." Bakuto was cut off by a few bullets fired at him.

The bullets bounce off the scales of Bakuto lizard human body, then with all his strength strikes his fist down onto the deck of the ship. Normally he can break boulders in this form so using all his strength on the wooden deck hoping to get the attention of the swordsmen that was targeting the captain. Bakuto lets out an intimidating growl letting out his more primal dragon side as he just lets loose on the ship.
Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location: The White Pearl
Interaction: Everyone on the Ship

Taking out the birds the seagulls surprising to Bakuto actually worked as planned he could see he marines gathering on their side of the boat. He didn't have time to think about the old men or the lady standing at those railings as the cannons come out and start firing. He then said, "Oh seems the marines didn't forget their cannons!"

Bakuto then hears the captain ask if he could torch them. Bakuto then answers as the captain fends off the cannon shots, "Which their cannons or their ship? Not going to lie, I could do both. While taking out their cannons might be simple, their ship, I cant guarantee that I can without burning our ship in the process. Not to mention any wrong moves then I'll be going into the sea and I cant swim for obvious reasons but..." Pausing for a second to transform into his humanoid zoan form then punches a cannonball away from the ship then says with a rougher voice thanks to his dragon form he had taken on, "I should be able to take out the cannons without burning our ship too much."

While he was speaking with big bravado, he wasn't entirely sure he could take out the marines cannons without going to the full zoan dragon form the fire blast then would be the strength of a cannon his zoan humanoid form was strong but it lacked the power the other. Bakuto breathes in then releases a torrent fiery orange and yellow flame pillar he releases towards the cannons. At the least, he could scorch the marines ship and maybe heat up the cannons or set the ship ablaze.
Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location: The White Pearl
Interaction: Everyone on the Ship

'Well looks like the marines want a fight oh well guess it couldn't be stopped.' Bakuto thought to himself as he sees the ship move its way towards the White Pearl. Deciding to stay in his human form he didn't want to make this battle a great fiery disaster like he did in the brown isle.

He saw the doves coming in and the moment he hears the captain say they are bombs. "Shoot them down alright captain will do." Bakuto started to spit small flames of fire out at the birds. If they were going to carry bombs he might as well set them off early before they can be dropped. Using the smallest amount of fire to avoid burning the white pearl but trying to use enough to burn the birds in between attacks Bakuto says, " should of their sails." Getting rid of the bomb birds was one thing but Bakuto sees the ship chasing them the bigger threat. As they wont be able to get away as long as the marines have the wind in their favor chasing the white pearl.

Bomb dropping birds isn't a normal marine move or at least not one that Bakuto knew of from his time among them. Either this was a special unit of some sort or just a group that randomly uses. Bakuto hoping these were just normal bombs and not some devil fruit user who makes bombs. Devil fruit users of the marines from Bakuto's memory normally were high ranking officers and have notably skills when dealing with pirates. If they were facing a high ranking officer getting away could be more difficult than it seemed before with the marines having the wind in their favor.
Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location: The White Pearl
Interaction: Everyone on the Ship

Bakuto landing on the ship and made his way up the mast and into the crow's nest once the ship. He stayed there most of the trip mostly napping. He did help get the ship going when needed but he spent his time just either gazing out over see or napping in the crows nest. He heard his captain say something about pillaging, something he isn't fond of but he lept out of the crow's nest and lands on deck of the ship when he hears the captain say marines.

Bakuto grabbed the rail of the ship as we walks towards the edge of the ship and he just looks at the marine ship. Squeezing his fist trying to suppress his anger for marines who he use to be a member of he then says without looking away, "What you want to do captain?" He hears he hears Adam say something about them being just marines Bakuto instantly says, "Don't underestimate the marines. While a normal solider might not look like they can challenge most. It is a good way of getting captured. Who ever is in charge of that ship might not be a normal marine."

Bakuto turns and looks at his captain finally looking away from the ship, "We might want to be wary here. If they have a transponder snail they could get a call out and could make our trip to Loguetown a bit more difficult, but this your call captain."

Alexander King

Location: Boston Highway

"I don't care if he is an agent. He gets in my way of a target then he will be eliminated along with the targets." Alexander says into his communicator. He had a call from his superiors of hydra after his fight with Finnlay. He soon found out he was an undercover agent. Alex then says, "I will proceed with my mission of elimination of the targets at once. Whoever his superior is keep them informed that I will eliminate him as well if he dares get in my way again." Alexander then turns his communicator off he was angry with this current mission of his. He hates when he doesn't get the information he needs to complete his jobs and having an agent in the field in the middle of his mission is one thing he hates the most. For Alex it wouldn't bother him to eliminate other Hydra agents. His mission is to eliminate at all costs when he is put on a mission.

Alexander heading back to New York after his encounter with his first target and Finnlay he opens grabs his phone and presses his thumb onto the screen then a black hand appears on the screen and voice comes from the phone, "Speak" Alexander then says, "Need an apartment in Boston cleaned up. Hydra has sent me on an elimination mission that went sideways and made a bit of a scene. Going to need all evidence destroyed." The other person on the other side of the phone replies, "Very Well" Alexander talks to someone to clean up the mess in Boston to hide his trail.

He has to regroup and find those on his mission to eliminate for his original mission. As he speeds down the highway in his car going back to New York.

James Aka Sliver

Possible Interactions: Athena @sorenFinnlay@sly13 Ava@TwilightShadow Jocelyn@Almalthia
Location: Queens New York

James after a bit of time in the bar decide to leave after a few drinks. Was glad he ran into Gwen when he did. Her problems seemed almost as bad as his but he help her if she asked. James goes to a dark ally and climbs up a wall reverting his clothes back to his symbiote suit.

Feeling a bit tipsy but his symbiote is quickly reverting the side effects of the alcohol he drank. He sighs thinking about his situation he needed help. Gwen could of helped but he needed more help then just one person even if that person had the same abilities as himself. He then grabs his phone out of his suit. For the first time since the world put his demise in the papers he starts sending a message out to one that he believed he could use to contact his other friends to a private network the message reads 'Back from the grave, problems in New York. Will be in Hell's Kitchen. Friendly neighborhood silver clad hero'

Keeping the message a bit vague saying where he will be without saying completely who he is. As James is a bit weary when trying using open forms of communication after the troubles he has been through. Hoping this text message was truly going to his allies. Knowing most of them were dealing with Hydra but James was a bit hopeful that someone may get his message.

Bakuto 'The Living Dragon'

Location Cliffside

Interactions: @Noodles@vancexentan@Savato

Taking off and flying around with someone on his head wasn't that bad as Bakuto found it a bit easy to move around. Once at the cliffside he heard voices down at the cliffside but couldn't clearly make out what was said himself. He sees the captain jump off his head and down towards the two at the cliffside. Bakuto circles around a bit finding a place to land and he hears the captain say,“Who called me a moron?!”

Bakuto notices the male as the guy that is part of the crew but the other person he didn't know and from the captain's tone towards the girl she doesn't know her either. Bakuto finally lands when he hears the captain telling them to hop on then assumes everything is fine. Bakuto sees the treasure then says to Adam staying in his full dragon form, "Need any help carrying the treasure back to the ship?" Bakuto was a bit relieved that the treasure wasn't burned up in his attack and at least something came out of that swamp. Seeing that their crew might get another member to join them.

Bakuto deciding not to transform again since it seem they were going to leave again and it would just be easier to stay in the form he can fly in. Also backing up his new captain as a big dragon does send an impressive message to anyone they run into when he is a dragon. Although he wasn't sure how many people he can carry at once, but he was confident he could carry everyone back to the ship and maybe the treasure.

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