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Im still here. I haven't dropped out just been busy. I'll try to get something together as soon as I can
Tashiro Hokori

Watching the girl just shrug off the fact that Tashiro commented about how the scar looked like it would hurt. Seems like the girl was use to the pain that she hadn't thought of it. After Tashiro had asked his two questions he saw that she was thinking about the situation.

He listened to the girl's answer. Hearing she was on a kind of vacation before when it came down to asking if she was from the village. Seeing her come up with the answer a bit awkwardly and a bit embarrassed when coming up with an answer to his first question. Considering the nature of the village, and some of the establishments he wasn't surprised. It wasn't a village where they were subtle about what goes on within the village. With what goes on in the red district, and the casino it's no wonder if a shinobi did come for a vacation here they would be embarrassed to admit to it.

Not really surprised that she declined wanted someone to train with. He heard what she said about being hungry, a valid reason, other then the fact that Tashiro was just a complete stranger to the girl. Tashiro replies, "Well, I guess I best head out then wouldn't want to keep you out here. Sorry once again for interrupting your vacation training." He was about to head out unless the girl had something more to say to him.

@The Mad Hatter Im still around. Been working on my next post, I'll have something up soon.
Alright, anyone working on a post?

Im waiting on Mad Hatter to post. I guess I could post but I was waiting for his character to respond to mine.

Just as the girl Tashiro was talking to seemed to ease up. Tashiro was starting to feel relieved that this girl wasn't feeling threatened anymore, or at least she didn't seem like she was going to attack if Tashiro did or said the wrong thing by accident. He listened as the girl spoke about why she was out here. It seemed she was out here for the same reason as he was to do a bit of training. When she showed him her arm he said almost instantly and wincing slightly, "Ouch, looks like it would hurt a lot. Yeah I wouldn't be climbing any mountains either if I was hurt like that either."

Quickly Tashiro understood why she was training even though she had an injury just like that. He himself remembers training through pain when he was much younger. Training almost day in and day out with his father to hone his skills with a sword, fighting through the pain so that he wouldn't be burdened in a fight when he was in pain. Enduring pain was a way that Tashiro learned to over come injuries. Part of him felt bad for the girl he just met even though he doesn't know her he understands.

Tashiro also noticed something else seemed to be wrong with her, he quickly came to the conclusion she might be more hurt then just the arm and hasn't fully recovered. He was going to ask if she was alright but it seemed she would most likely dismiss that anything was wrong with her since she was out here training in this condition.

Soon Tashiro says, "Well it seems we both had similar ideas, I came out here too to train like I said earlier. I was going to go to the mountain to train myself, and maybe catch a bit of game while I was at it. I haven't been in Gobigakure long, I figured it would be best to get some training done. You're from the village too right?" That question was asked a bit unsure, while Tashiro did just said he just came from the village he didn't know if this girl was or not though He then adds a question quickly after that last one, "Well if you are, would you like some help with your training?" Tashiro asks this question instead of asking if she was alright since he already assume how she would have answered that question anyway.

@BuddhaLol I miss counted. So that is three, not a bad count when we have two squads. The first genin though that is male though. The two others are Jounin. Can't wait to get started it will be interesting to see what the squads look like when we first start.
@BladeSS4 Alright, despite some issues in the bio (it says his mother raised him but he was raised in a foster family?) I'll accept it on account of knowing that your IC is typically a bit better than your CS's.

Thanks, I moved him over to the character slot after editing that first part. He was raised with a step mother, that first part was accidental error. Sweet, he will be the second male character. Lol

Here we go again. Another back story this one got a bit darker then I intended it to get but I hope it is 'simpler' but it is very obvious I am not very good when it comes to coming up with a backstory, but I changed it from what it was I hope it works now.

@BladeSS4 I mean we have Neurovoid's character who has also got a Sharingan. Having an Uchiha would be acceptable if they arrived as refugees during the recent war. But you can give him a regular surname, that's up to you.

I could make a regular surname or just make him part of being a refugee family, then I would have to completely redo his backstory or well a part of it. I start on the rework and just go with the refugee thing and make it a bit more simpler instead of making it more complicated then it has to be lol
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