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Bakuto The Raikage

Location: The Battle at the Outskirts of Kumogakure

Interactions with: @Savato The General

Bakuto found himself in this predicament of fighting someone who is a master at the art of war unfazed by the earthquake Bakuto created. The general was up to something and due to his own movements and dealing with the clones Bakuto barely heard what Gozubura was doing. Not knowing what Bakuto had to keep on his guard the general is known in the cloud for devastating jutsus and being dangerously cunning.

The winds were strong and lightning ninjutsu was out of play or at least lightning jutsu that had to go through the air.
Bakuto had little time to prepare as Gozubura's next attack was on him. Bakuto notice something was off not that he could see them but he could hear from their movements something wasnt right. One was trying to grab him the other with the sword drawn. Nothing seemed off but that was puzzling Bakuto. Bakuto didn't have much time to weave hand seals to use his jutsu that required it. All he could do is dodge or block, picking the former over the latter.

"My crown as Raikage as you put it wont brushed aside so easily General. Being a war veteran as yourself what it means for someone to be a kage."

Bakuto weaved seals quickly as he slowed down, Tiger, Boar, Ox, Dog, Snake the simple body replacement technique or Substitution jutsu. Letting the thing grab him as he casts the jutsu looking to switch places with one of his four lightning clones that were still watching or rather listening. The clone used in the substitution would activate as the lightning clone would discharging at contact with the other with a violent shock of lightning

Talking out from one of the now four corners Bakuto speaks rather amused by the battle, "It is like fighting my sensei. Just like the third Raikage careful thinking out everything down to every movement. If one of us don't do something this fight isn't going to end anytime soon. So..." Bakuto draws his sword the uniquely shaped duel prong and bladed tuning fork sword. The other three now remaining clones draw their swords. Bakuto then finally resumes speaking, "Let's drop all pretense General. You came to the village to kill me the Raikage for your organization ,and I must kill you to protect the people of my village. Cannot keep those waiting for us to kill the other, It is time for us to end this."

Channeling his chakra into his sword using his chakra to cause the sword to vibrate and ring out. The three clones do the same. The four corners of the area surrounded by the original Bakuto, and three corners four swords ringing out as it gets enhanced with chakra. "Sound Release: Slicing Sound Wave" Bakuto followed up slicing towards Gozubura from the north end of the battlefield sending a slicing wave a sound moving at a speed as an arrow fired from a bow. The clones do the same while their attack will only be a fraction to the strength of the attack it still has cutting power behind it. Looking to attack the General with a barrage of sound chakra slicing waves. Bakuto was only trying to get Gozubura from easily attacking the way he has been with his clones.

Tashiro Hokori

Location - Amegakure
Interactions: Team @Reflection@Seraphicide Kaito Chosokabe@Ganryu

The resentment from the Hyuga was rather amusing but also irritating to Tashiro he grabs his own radio and spoke to Kai, "Alright we have a general idea of where we are to be going should the intel by the Amekage prove correct. Kurin gave us orders, We are to go to the place that was given to use and if we are to spot the enemies we are not to confront them but to just keep an eye on him. So when we get to the area Kai you and Nousagi use your guys eyes and scope out the area. Keep an eye out as we approach we dont know if they left any surprises or are expecting us, so be ready for anything. You can meet up with us or follow from a distance the choice is yours, assuming you are still watching from your spot."

Tashiro cuts the radio off and then hears the other joining the group a rain shinobi. At least finally there is someone somewhat pleasant since arriving to this village. Tashiro then greets the new shinobi, "We would appreciate your help. You have nothing to worry about we don't have any intentions to start anything with your village. If you havent heard we are going out to get some eyes on the rogue shinobi that just fled from here. Feel free to pitch in as you want just remember we are going after powerful criminals that can kill a kage."

Tashiro then stops and gets in Nousagi's face, "As for you, I don't like being in charge as much as you hate it, our squad leader put me in charge. That was Kurin's choice not mine but we have to deal with it as a shinobi must. We follow orders so cut it out and fall in line. I don't care if you are from one of the village's noble clan, you call me dirt boy again and I will see to it that you eat dirt. Do I make myself clear?" Not waiting for an answer Tashiro turns to Kaito, "Let's get going we have ground to make up. If we dont catch up before our targets leave we might not catch them. Rain dude if you have any insight of those we are going after you can fill us in on our way to the their location that Lady Amekage provided for us. So let's go." Heading out wanting to get to where the Amekage said they should go.

Bakuto The Raikage

Location: Outskirts of Kumogakure

Interactions with: @Savato The General In the the Village possible effected: @Grey Sama@BladeX@LadyinInk@Eis@Altered Tundra@GlitchyBugger

The hell stab, Three-Finger Nukite enhanced by the black lightning was an obvious assault and too much to little surprise to Bakuto didnt work. Once more he was hit by a clone that split into two water clones with swords but their attack was little to worry about as Bakuto powered into the lightning armor that would protect him from normal swords.

As the clones hit Bakuto proceeds to move the hell stab technique in wide swing trying to swipe away the clones. Enough time to give Gozubura time to weave signs to make a new clone a clone made of wind that hits Bakuto with a push kick. A kick designed to push Bakuto away rather than do damage.

similar to Gozubura first attack that Bakuto had blocked and evaded there was distance between the two. Two different attacks and strategies both failing to hit their goal. Bakuto couldn't help but think of the similarities between both their starting moves but didn't have much time to think much of it as he listened quickly to what the General claimed about needing one element to take him down. Quickly becoming clear what Gozubura's next assault would be an attack that would limit Bakuto's lighting abilities using a wind assault.

Just as Bakuto thought the general started using wind creating a vacuum updraft of hurricane force winds stirring up the air making it more dangerous to move around with jumpy maneuveres, also this made Bakuto's clones watching and listening in the distance stay off from usng their black lightning barrier techinque they were planning going further by having a few comments telling Bakuto to give up promoting him to respond, "Give myself in? Like signing my village into enslavement to another village that will imprison my people into encampments as the third Raikage did?...I would never let that fate fall upon my people! I will fight until my dying breath if i must to protect my village from going through such a fate ever again!" Near the end the Raikage nearly growled those last words with anger at the thought of giving up his life in this situation. Fueling him to go much further then he was before in this fight taking this more personal then just protecting the village.

After the exchange of words the clones dashed at Bakuto going for his back. Ideally going behind someone to attack their blind spots. This would be the case with Bakuto if he wasnt blind, he didn't have the same blind spots as he uses his other senses to see. His lightning armor was weakened by the wind but the moment the clones got into place to attack the armor dispels. Bakuto ducks and side steps the clones, closing his gauntlet hand into a fist with the metal around his wrist he funnels chakra into it once again.

If they couldnt jump around because of the wind meaning Bakuto had to attack so that being on the ground would be hazardous as the air was. Bakuto fulling a great deal of chakra into his guanlet hand "Sound Release: Seismic Punch" Creating vibrations with chakra into the gauntlet and after his declaration he punches his hand with all his might straight into the ground using the next jutsu up, "Sound Release: Quake Slam!" Sending the full force of chakra enhanced vibrations into the ground initially cracking the ground in his punch as the pulse wave of sound disperses its vibrations throughout the ground with a massive earthquake with Bakuto being the epicenter of the force spreading out the quake looking to destroy the clones that are close and make the ground a bit more of a danger to be on.

The attack being born of shaking the very core of the ground such a force could have affect of the surrounding area with Kumogakure feeling the earth rumbling shakes of the effects of the jutsu of the Raikage. While not at strong the outskirts where the attack ordinates it still is the effects of a small earthquake by the time the quakes reach the village.

Tashiro Hokori

Location - Amegakure
Interactions: Team @Reflection@Seraphicide Amekage @Odin

That wasnt the kind of response Tashiro was expecting from the Amekage. Having the same cold welcoming they had gotten from the villagers of the rain village. He listened and followed the role he was use to being one that follows orders and listens for them. Not paying much attention to the banter about objects that could repaired by Kurin's wood release. Going on about other objects Tashiro didnt notice that she was buying time nor did he think of a reason for why would she.

Then she said she didnt need their aid and further more telling them direction in which they should go. The two things made Tashiro think for a second if she didn't need their aid then why was she pointing out the direction of which the rogue shinobi went. Tashiro would have asked a question that was before Kurin spoke given his orders. It was understandable to send a message to the Hokage about the situation and for Tashiro and Nousagi to go get Kai to go to the place where the Amekage had stated to go to.. What he said at the end of gave Tashiro a double take. He was to be in charge? Tashiro would have questioned if this was the best course of action but he wasnt going to say no to this either.

Getting the radio together he then says to Nousagi, "Aright let's go pick up Kai and then go to the direction the Amekage as said we should go." Tashiro was about to head out before turning towards the Amekage, "Well we will be off Lady Amekage, I am sorry that we couldnt be of more use to you. Thank you for the information Lady Amekage we will be going then," give a polite bow before turning back towards Nousagi and saying, "Let's go" Then jumping out of the tower and using his chakra to run down the wall which they had climbed up. Hooking up his radio on his way down as he prepares to leave and met up with Kai before heading out towards the directions that the Amekage had given to them.
Bakuto The Raikage

Location: Kumogakure At a Café To/and at the outskirts of Kumogakure

Interactions with: @GlitchyBuggerYui Matou @Savato The General

Before initially following Gorubura to the outskirts of town Bakuto addresses Yui, "The shinobi of this village wont harm you once I leave. This village is their home, and its only natural for someone wanting to protect their home when their friends and family are being murdered by intruders in their home. Fear not though as long as I am the Raikage they will do as I ask and you will not be harmed."

Not before too long Bakuto leaves to follow the General to where they are to do battle at. Listening to Gorubura carefully listening to every word after the mention of his predecessor it provoked Bakuto to speak, "The third Raikage, my predecessor my sensei and the man who signed away the freedom of village to the mist near the end of the war. You want to see me devolve into what he was but he and I are very different men, we both see the world in different lights. One being blind of justice and I who sees the world for what it truly is and what it takes to be the Raikage this village deserves. I will do anything to protect it from devolving to a world of injustice."

Listening to the time limit that had to fight. Forty-five minutes to kill his the General or his explosives will go off. It was recommended to try and capture any member of this rogue shinobi group but that was gone in Bakuto's plan. With his village's safety in mind he had to end his opponent to rid the village of the explosives which were doomed to exploded if this man was allowed to live. Regardless of the thoughts of the other village leaders Bakuto will do anything to protect his village even if it meant killing a person who could give them information about the organization that is targeting the great villages kage.

Being told to draw his blade but Bakuto stands there very still taking in the situation and his surroundings. A very clear area and judging by the feel of moisture in the air it was cloudy. The blind Raikage waiting for his opponent to move first while his clones approach the area. The clones still standing back and surrounding the original and the General looking to get into their four corners so if needed they can throw up the barrier jutsu they were created for.

As Gorubura rushed forward with his sword drawn Bakuto stood there as still as he was. Listening to the quick movements listening each step and listening to the movement of each body part. Even picking up the movements of the clone tagging back behind. With a quick movement Bakuto moves his left arm and wrist to block the downward swing blocking using the thick metal gauntlet to block the sword. The ringing clang of metal sounds off of the metal guard and keeps ringing as Bakuto pours his chakra into the inner workings of the hollowed out weapon around his wrist. "Sound Release: Melodic Sound Wave" Using the impact to his weapon by the opponent and the vibrations of the weapon to cast his own jutsu. A genjutsu sound attack using the ringing sound and magnifying it to mess with one's sense of direction and to disoriente the opponent. A short move to hopefully catch the General off guard who lead with the first attack to use the general's attack against him.

Meanwhile Bakuto uses his strength to push off of the sword and slide himself back away from the General while the weapon rings out. While moving his other hand twitches holding out one finger, then quickly to four, then two then finally at three fingers out. Trying to judge his own power preparing for his next move of attack. If he was going to defeat the general within four five minutes he cannot hold back. Keeping his fingers together he goes to Ignite his own chakra clenching his other fist as he focuses his chakra feeling the compression of chakra around his body as his chakra becomes visable in the form of black lightning. Coating himself in a very heavy armor like chakra. Bakuto couldn't use this technique for long periods of time as it puts a huge strain on one's body. Unlike the jutsu this is based off of it is slower but gives more strength. The downside being the heavy black lightning chakra the longer it is on compresses and crushes the user that uses it.

Boosting up in the chakra move for attacking but Bakuto's true motives was to shine like a beacon for any of the task force that is being sent by the leaf should they be coming and have sensory types that. While boosting his own strength and destructive power in a close hand to hand fighting. Trying to get the general to back off into a longer distance fight. Bakuto's sound techniques are better at long ranges but this lightning technique was to make people back off and give an edge in the middle of fighting hand to hand or within sword wielding range.

Bakuto once getting his footing pushes forward towards the General. The ground behind Bakuto cracks and pushes back by the force and strength which Bakuto goes forward. Using three fingers looking to stab them forward right towards the General using the Hell Stab technique. Looking to use his first sound genjutsu to set up and disoriente and reversing the directions of the General should it take hold while taking a strive forward with a power attack looking to take advantage of his own genjutsu's effects. Even prepared for the first to have failed using a strong technique to make up for the former jutsu that was used. Bakuto wasnt going to under-estimate his opponent and was going with the full intent to kill with one shot. It didn't matter who the General was to Bakuto or how old he was, the village was at stake and this fight must be resolved quickly to keep the explosives from going off should the General's words be taken as the truth.

Tashiro Hokori

Location - Amegakure
Interactions: Team @Reflection@Seraphicide Other interactions and included: @Odin@Syn@Write@Ganryu@LadyInInk

Once again before Tashiro could act it was over. Havoc on his way out, it took everything from Tashiro not to pursue him and give chase. Relaxing his chakra in his sword the when Kurin spoke to him. He was told to introduce themselves to the Amekage. Being a bit relieved and frustrated not to be going after Havoc. As much as he wanted go after Havoc it wouldn't do any good as Tashiro didnt have great skills at tracking not to mention going after a opponet with the skill of Havoc would need to be careful or they could end up with a poor fateful end. Also Tashiro was given instructions by the team leader and had to do as he was instructed which relieved of the choice.

Tashiro let out a sigh and let the water drop from his sword like rain he sheaths his sword and approached the Amekage. First putting his sword away quickly not wanting to have a weapon drawn as he approached the village leader who his team was there to help. Not wanting to give the wrong idea is the reason for putting his weapon away while approaching the Amekage. Also being careful keeping his manners around someone of the authority of a kage.

"Sorry if we are late, Lady Amekage. We are the Konaha team dispatched to help against this rogue shinobi threat. The new lord Hokage sent use as soon as word arrived and we got here as fast as we could. We are here to aid you Lady Amekage feel free to give us orders." Tashiro being polite trying to be respectful of Yogensha's position. This was his first time meeting the Amekage and he wasnt sure how to address her expect for how he should address someone in the position of authority. She seemed very capable of defending herself and had her own shinobi here so he wasnt sure what she would do with the group from the leaf that was sent to help. Doing as he was told to introduce the group to her and to let her to decide what to do with them. As for the mission it seemed to be over for now but he did as he was instructed by the team leader.
Bakuto The Raikage

Location: Kumogakure At a Café

Interactions with: @GlitchyBuggerYui Matou @Savato The General

Standing there listening to The General made Bakuto's blood boil. At first Bakuto was amused at the notion that he believed just simply poisoning something he was about to eat or drink would be enough to kill him. Bakuto turned to follow the General commenting on how he will die and what it will mean, "I may die protecting my people but as for becoming weak over the years of peace you know nothing of this village. How do you think I got to my stature of Raikage the first one since the annex ever since the Third Raikage signed our village away to the Mist? So lets go to the field on the outskirts of town and there this will all be decided."

Bakuto made his way out of the cafe after the General, signalling for the Kumo's shinobi to stay out of this. Even his clones backed off but Bakuto didnt end the jutsu keeping the clones together as they could still be of some use later. Bakuto then asks calmly as he does as the General told him to do for now, "So is your little friend coming as well? I assume if you fail she is your contingency plan? That or whatever you used to create those explosions. I guess we will see when we get there"

He knew very well he was out numbered and he knew this group had already murdered the Hokage of the leaf. If he wasnt on his guard he knew he too might end up like the now former Hokage. The General had fought the previous Raikage but Bakuto never got to see this in person nor was he ever part of the war itself that made Gozubura so famous. Bakuto's at that disadvantage and advantage of this while he did know personally what Gozubura could do but the same could be said the other way around. Their experience in battle Bakuto lacks what the General has but Bakuto has youth. Maybe the Raikage's youth, unique techniques and unorthodox fighting styles will help him against a Gorubura and maybe against the girl he has on his side. The latter of which Bakuto knew nothing of this girl.

Yui Matou a mystery to Bakuto and which worried him a bit more than the opposing threat that the General was. Bakuto could also assume she was on an equal level to Gorubura to be his partner in taking on a kage. Gorubura killed many on his way out of the village with the show of his terrible jutsu if he could do that what could this girl do. Bakuto had to assume she would be next in line to fight should the General fail to kill him. Bakuto wondered if the allies for the special task force had reserved the message about this attack, and how long does he have to hold these two off for before anyone can arrive if they were coming to help.

Bakuto's four Clones sat back waiting for a signal to act but listening for a signal from the original. For now they seemed to be just siting doing nothing. Most likely they are going to follow the original to keep close should they be needed. As Bakuto gets ready to leave with the General Gorubura.

Tashiro Hokori

Location - Amegakure
Interactions: Team @Reflection@Seraphicide Other interactions and included: @Odin@Syn@Write@Ganryu@LadyInInk

Grumbling a bit when asked questions about his fight against this rogue shinobi group eventually answering, "I fought against them yeh. Met two one with an umbrella the other was...the one that killed Lord Hokage ..." Tashiro trailing off getting as he reminded himself who he really faced back in the forest of death. His goal was to get strong enough so he can fight and defeat Jaakuna Aka one day with his own hands and sword.

As they got to the top of the tower it took Tashiro a moment to register who was all at the top of the tower. First the Amekage of course but the other was....Havoc!

The instant Tashiro saw him he draws his sword and the moment it is out the sword lights up with blue chakra and water instantly starts to form his water saw jutsu. Tashiro didnt even hesitate as he drew upon the water in the air of the rain village. A place where it rained so much made it too easy for Tashiro to form the water saw's shape with ease within ten seconds he had the water needed he needed a just a moment to get the sword up to cutting speed to make it into a saw made of water.

"You again...fought my teammate last time this time you fight me..." Tashiro was motivated at a second chance to fight this man even though he never had a chance to fight him thanks to Jaakuna Aka. Hime fought him though and rumor was she hit him so Tashiro was going to do anything he must to stop this man should he have to.
Tashiro Hokori

Location - Amegakure outskirts and Amegakure
Interactions: Team @Reflection@Seraphicide Other interactions and included: @Odin@Syn@Write@Ganryu@LadyInInk

Heading to the rain village as part of the special task force to deal with the rogue shinobi group that attacked the leaf. Tashiro felt like the odd man out in this team. First was the Senju the leader of the team Kurin Senju, a wood style user with a lot of skills to follow up with his unique chakra nature. Then was the other member of this team the Hyuga with the Byakugan eyes Nousagi Hyuga. With the power of the byakugan that alone Tashiro thought would be perfect to send as a task force member to fight against a bunch of S rank criminals along with the other Byakugan user Kai who was also on the team. Then there was himself, Tashiro had been training since the funeral day in and out but he didn't feel ready for another meeting with this group of criminals. Tashiro felt like just the extra member of the team that was just for filling a spot up. Then again going to the rain village Tashiro's water based jutsu's might come in handy or at least that is what he thought was the reason he was added to the team going to the rain village.

Listening to what the team leader had to say, Tashiro was taught to at least respect the chain of command and to listen to who is in charge. Kurin gave reminder of sorts to keep on their guard as they get closer the basic kind of things a team leader would do then the remarks and comments from Nousagi. The comments from him was met by a glare like stare from Tashiro. Hearing the words about his surname, the meaning of what Hokori meant and comments on his own appearance. Even after Kurin's attempt to stop Nousagi and scolded him for his comments Tashiro was about to lash back with words of his own. If it wasnt for the greeting party from Amegakure he would have shared a few unkind comments about the noble clan of Hyuga.

After entering the village Tashiro felt the feel in the air about their presense in the village. They weren't very much welcomed, but Tashiro couldn't blame them. All of this was set together by the new Hokage who in which he was unsure about. Soon enough they made it to the tower they must climb. Tashiro looked at his comrades, "See you all at the top." Sending a steady flow of chakra to his feet Tashiro began to run up the tower at full speed looking to get to the top as quickly as possible when he started to hear people talking at the top Tashiro tried to push himself to move faster. It was obvious something was happening now and his was team needed. This time Tashiro was hoping to be some help against this rogue shinobi threat.

Bakuto The Raikage

Location: Kumogakure At a Café

Interactions with: @GlitchyBuggerYui Matou @Savato The General

Waiting and listening Bakuto was trying to do this delicately but when the explosion happened up the way in a new museum Bakuto's calm demeanor completely left. Bakuto almost acted on his pure impulse from the rage that filled him. Bakuto wanted to do nothing more than to activate his Black lightning armor and smash his way through to his enemies and make them pay for this injustice but he held back.

Bakuto signalled for his clones not to act and for any of his village shinobi not to act either as he didn't want anymore things to set these two off to kill more villagers. Bakuto took a deep breath letting his frustrations out by breathing then made his way to the café as instructed. The General is basically holding the Raikage's village hostage to get what he wants. Bakuto walks to the doors of the café then opens and enters the door way then enters.

"Leave my village and its people out of this. To think a former Kumo shinobi could raise their hand against their village's people. Its appalling that you were once called a village hero. You are no better than the men who took over the village after the annex after the war. Your organization wants to take the lives of the kage to what end? I fall another will take my place to protect this village. The same can be said about the other villages kage. If you want to take the life of kage and do it in the heat of battle General. Isn't that where you strived General on the battlefield? I respected your demands to meet in this place, now respect the title of one bestowed the name of Kage. What have you General? Or has the rogue shinobi life changed the honor among soliders.", Bakuto spoke as he entered the café facing Gozubura. Trying to keep a calm voice tone even though he was filled with rage by the actions of Gozubura. Looking to use the General's solider's way of life to honor how one solider or warrior should treat another. Bakuto shared a simlar kind of pride one to respect another warrior. Bakuto is the kind of person who when fighting another warrior he would rather fight a warrior in battle then to just execute one who cannot fight back.

Not letting his guard down as he entered the café either. Bakuto fully well knew these two could attack at any minute but with the General's reputation Bakuto knew he would respect his own terms but he could say the same for his female friend. Bakuto took note of the sound of the surroundings trying to keep the location each person within the café still in his head which allowed him to move as if he wasnt a blind man without bumping into things or other people. Keeping his composer that of a person of his authority and title As he made his appearance known while standing in front of the two rogue shinobi Gozubura and Yui with the stature of being the Raikage. His sword at his side along the gauntlet attached to his right arm he was still armed should he need to act and defend himself within the small area within the café.
Character: Tashiro Hokori

Name: Water Style: Waterfall Basin Jutsu
Rank: C
Range: All Ranges
Nature: Water
Type: Offensive, Supplementary
Effect: Canon Jutsu:

Reason: Fought within the forest of death against one of Jaakuna Aka's clones. With a lack of jutsu needing a way to gather water faster for his special custom jutsu the water saw/saber jutsu. Tashiro striving to learn a new jutsu so he isnt left unable to do anything in the heat of battle. A small jutsu to create a running stream water spring wherever he is to use the water as a tool for his other jutsu that require water to use.
Bakuto The Raikage

Location: Kumogakure After the Kage Summit

Interactions with: @GlitchyBuggerYui Matou @Savato The General

It wasnt long after the Kage Summit Bakuto had returned to his village. The whole summit seemed to be a moot point now, the only part of it Bakuto cared about was how were the kage going to deal with the rogue shinobi organization. The Mizukage's incarceration left a weird feeling in Bakuto that left with a few questions that he kept to himself. Spying and infiltration were the crimes the Mizukage was left with. Bakuto thought the idea of imprisonment when there is a larger threat was ridiculous but he never said these thoughts on this subject being more concerned with what was going to be done about the rogue shinobi group. Bakuto didn't fully trust the new hokage. The distastefulness of how this man announced his spot for being the Hokage at his own brother's funeral. This man didn't even wait until his brother was in the ground before taking his spot. Something about the situation didn't sit well with Bakuto but he did understand getting a new kage as soon as possible but the way it happened just was wrong in Bakuto's mind.

Bakuto was sitting at his desk in his village when word arrived to him about the two rogue shinobi that are in his village. They were in one of the plaza's within in the village. Bakuto wasted no time in giving out orders, ordering the plaza to be evacuated and for word to be sent to the other great shinobi villages immedeatly. Bakuto was going to met the two rogue shinobi against the advisment of his closest advisors, the rumors of the rogue shinobi group were going after the kage of the great shinobi villages. Bakuto knew this as well but that is the main reason he was going to meet the two. If they were after him then he wasnt going to have them ransack the village looking for him. Before leaving Bakuto made four lightning shadow clones also grabbing his two weapons his signature sound gauntlet and his tuning fork sword two weapons made for Bakuto's jutsus and fighting style. These two rogue shinobi were bold enough not to hide so Bakuto was going to use that against them.

Bakuto's clones surrounding the plaza and the café in four separate corners preparing for Bakuto's Black lightning barrier. The villagers evacuation increased the moment one of the clones got into position. Bakuto was careful as he made his approach the one of the two was confirmed to be a former shinobi his village. The former dreaded general of Kumogakure Gozubura Starru. Before Bakuto's time during the great war this man was a hero of Kumogakure but left and abandoned the village. Killed hundreds on his way out with one of his ninjutsu. Bakuto might not agree with leaving the village but the latter is what drives Bakuto despise him. Now rumored to associating himself with a rogue shinobi organization it was just another thing to push Bakuto to coming out personally.

This group had the power to kill a kage already and Bakuto wasnt going to let his guard down. If he acted in the wrong way it could end up badly for himself and his village. He could walk in and see what do the two want but in a closed in area like the café it would make for a disastrous area. Instead Bakuto decide to use his very great hearing skills to hear what was going on inside first he build chakra up in his mouth then spoke using his Hyper Voice technique speaking with chakra magnified voice making it boom out loudly even making it shake by the sheer power of his voice, "General Gozubura Starru welcome back to the village. You and your companion did a number to get noticed, I assume you wanted my attention. By all means you have it, now tell me why have you come to my village. Don't feel the need to yell when you answer I can hear you clearly even in that café you two are hold up in. So have at it, why are you both here!?"

Asking the question that Bakuto already had an answer for, trying to at least get the pair talking to get more people out of the way before his lightning barrier jutsu can be put up to limit the casualties that may occur should these two get violent right away at Bakuto's presence. Choosing to keep his distance to keep them from acting right away or at least keeping at least a wall between himself and the rogue shinobi giving himself somewhat a bit of time to act or at least that is what he thinks. Whether or not this works the way Bakuto remains to be seen Bakuto just has to wait to see what will they do.
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Tashiro Hokori

Location: In the Forest of Death Before the Funeral

The fight ending the way it did took Tashiro by suprise just by how sudden the battles ended. Tashiro had fell back and sat in the tree he was trying to process everything that had happened trying to come up with some sort of answer for the events that transpired. Unfortunately he wasnt able to come up with anything that could explain why the village was attacked. Tashiro was more concerned on why did they stop. From what Tashiro saw from two of the attackers they were strong and very well skilled possessing abilities stronger then any that he had seen before and yet the ones that Tashiro fought or saw fighting seemed to only toy with himself and the others that fought against in the forest.

Tashiro felt a pit of despair, because he couldnt do anything to even put up a fight against the man he fought against. Tashiro felt like all he was during the fight was a liability. All Tashiro could do was swing his sword and use a few water nature jutsus one that took too long to use. Tashiro summed up the only reason he wasnt killed because was because he wasnt worth the effort. He was only a toy to be played with while they completed their goal Tashiro sat there for hours until he finally left.

Location: The Hokage's Funeral

Suits...just like most others Tashiro hated wearing them for funerals. There he was dressed in a black suit with his sword across his back. While the funeral might be a weird place to bring the weapon with him he never went anywhere without it. There he with a massive headache from the hangover he was having. Tashiro spent the week drinking with fellow shinobi, villagers and shinobi from other villages that were still around from the jounin exam or were showing up for the funeral. Drinking sorrows away about the loss of the Hokage.

It wasnt too long ago Tashiro was in the cemetary visiting his master's grave debating whether to go to the Jounin exams. Now here he was again at the cemetary only this time at the Hokage's funeral. Tashiro felt the sadness of this loss like most of the villagers and shinobi of the Hidden Leaf village. Tashiro was given a second chance of sorts thanks to the Hokage at being a shinobi. After learning who killed the Hokage and he had faced that man within the forest of death. Tashiro wanted to get stronger so the next time he fights that man he can bring vengeance upon Jaakuna Aka for killing the Hokage giving him a path to follow to avenge the Hokage who is the reason that he is still a shinobi. The next time Tashiro planned on being the one that has the upper hand.


Bakuto The Raikage

Location: Hokage's Funeral

A long way away Kumogakure the Raikage attended the funeral of the Hokage. He was the blind man in a white coat and black garbed clothing. He wore the black suit like clothing that he normally wore the coat was just a symbol for his stature something to say that he was the Raikage without wearing the fancy hat. The only other thing that set him apart was the fact he was wearing glasses for a blind man. His name is Bakuto, the moment he heard about the death of the Hokage and the attack on the leaf by rogue shinobi Bakuto almost instantly headed Konaha. Having dealings with rogue shinobi and criminals in the past much like most of those from Kumogakure. Bakuto understands the plight this village was going through losing a good man like the Hokage because a criminal killed him.

Bakuto was appearing to be completely unarmed at the funeral which was a rarity for him, but he didn't come into the funeral unprepared he had made four lightning shadow clones before the funeral and placed at the four cardinal positions around the cemetary. North, South, East and West points of the cemetary. Bakuto wasnt going to take any chances with all the kage that showed up in one place. Should those who attacked the village and killed the Hokage attempt such a thing with the rest of the kage Bakuto wanted to be ready should anything happen at the funeral.

Here Bakuto was with the other kage attending the funeral for the departed Hokage trying to keep his emotions in check. While for Bakuto it was a bit hard, his senses around the area made it hard. Bakuto had to tune out most of the sounds around him the sounds of sorrow throughout the funeral service. Hearing it all brought up emotions in Bakuto had back before he became the kage of his village. Bakuto did feel sad but the primary emotion he was feeling was anger. Angry that a lowly criminal would do something to a kage like the Hokage was. Someone who Bakuto thought was rather good, honest guy on the right side of justice killed by a criminal.

It wasnt until the Mizukage Ocha spoke Bakuto was snapped too where he was his attention diverted to the Mizukage. Hearing what he said talking about Ginsho very clearly. Bakuto had mix feelings about the Mizukage within the cloud village the mist is rather disliked by most within the cloud village. Many within the cloud blame all that happened to them on the Mist after the annex of the village. Even after they were 'let go' the people who took over afterwards many blame the mist village. Bakuto wasnt one of those people. He had no ill exact ill feelings for the Mizukage, his village or his people. Bakuto heard the rumors that Kirigakure might be responsible for this whole mess but without proof he wouldn't be motivated by hearsay and rumors. After hearing Ocha talk about how the Hokage's death was tragic Bakuto responses almost right afterwards, "Indeed this is tragic to have a good man like Ginsho. This village lost a great leader a man who knew the right side of justice. I havent got to know him myself but I heard of his reputation. Can only hope those who are responsible for this crime will be apprehended to be brought to justice and punished that fits a crime such as this."

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