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Current Oh Bleach RP oh Bleach RP where art thou oh quality Bleach RP. Why hast thou forsaken thee? Seriously though, WHY!?!
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Man i'm bored. Arena, someone fight me or something, I don't know....
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It's okay guys, even if you do not enjoy acquiring child, you can just let the rest of us who do enjoy getting kid to our own devices. Just ignore the status bar, gosh, stahp the edginess.
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Get kid.
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Inspiration is that you?


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Alright! Sent the friend request :)
Hehe, looking forwards to it. Um, it appears that I actually need the four numbers that come after your name (discord tag). You can find 'em if you go to your profile (typically by left clicking your own name). Feel free to send that in one of the PMs we have and then I'll add you! :D
Alrighty, thanks! I am curious of something. Do you, perchance, have a discord account?

Oh, and I hath responded! Let the battle continue!

Raelis Vaerkturian

Airborne several meters above Tharr's back, Raelis let his momentum carry him all the way up as he observed his opponent's response to the descending blade of pressurized air and heat. As one might expect of such an agile and powerful beast, it dodged. Its form lunging forwards in a short leap to new ground, Raelis found himself smiling as his gaze followed the warrior's incredible form. He was truly something to look upon, this Tharr. Of course, he gave himself only a moment to admire before focusing his attention on the crescent of superheated air as it struck the structure that Tharr had leapt from. Unlike one might expect though, the crescent did not cut or merely melt the material--though wood and thatch did immediately catch fire, which began to spread. The many metal lattice and struts that ran throughout found themselves absorbing a tremendous amount of heat as Rhay's Chosen channeled the energy through the material, altering his own angle in the air as he did so.

A wavering haze of heat surrounded the paladin as he released a burst of wind from his form and then let his mighty wings strike air to drive him forwards and down towards Tharr's tail. Bringing his blade back, elbow extended outwards so the butt of the blade could rest near his own chest, Raelis landed a few feet from Tharr as the beast warrior turned. One of Raelis' wing tips twitched forwards and a number of metal plates were ejected from it--edge first--directly at Tharr's face.

Raelis began the first part of a stabbing thrust at Tharr's muzzle, flicking his other wing as he did so, releasing more sharp-hot plates of metal in the great warrior's direction. His feet planted, senses stretched, Raelis felt every iota of heat and light as it channeled through the structure. More wood caught fire and the air grew sweltering hot as his mere presence excited its molecules. Quickly the battlefield was becoming a hellscape worthy of Rhay's Chosen.

Soon it would be even worse.


Nothing to really do, that's why.
@Griffintaur one clarification. You said he "bounded forth," I presume that he essentially lunged/jumped/pushed forwards in a smallish (taking his size into acount) jump. That would put Raelis above him, but with the closest part of Tharr's body being the end of his tail, rather than center mass as it was before the jump.

Is that right?
I'd be cool with that I suppose,

They'd almost been out, with the others retreating as well, and then the entire situation turned from troublesome into a topsy turvey mess! It was disorienting, for one moment him and Sophia had been about to escape and the next they were dragged by an unseen force and somehow deposited back in the warehouse. His stomach lurched, but he managed to keep his previous meal down. Making sure his and Sophia's hands were still very much touching, he spoke. "Do not, under any circumstances, let go or open your eyes, if you do we'll be in for a world of trouble."

That said, they were still in for what appeared to be a hellish time. Taking deep breaths in and out he worked his jaw and made subtle humming noises for a few moments, stretching his vocal cords. That done, he pulled Sophia and his own hand up, covering her ear—while using his free hand to cover the other one. Then he started yelling, his communicator off, "SO IT SEEMS WE'VE ALL BEEN HAD. THIS IS A FIRST. FOR US THAT IS. I WAGER YOU HEROES HAVE SUFFERED THIS KIND OF HUMILIATION AND SURPRISE BEFORE." His voice echoed out and bounced around within the building's marvelous acoustics. He felt for each person he was effecting, noting that the amount was steadily increasing as the clones were created.

He started mentally tuning out the clones—though he remained aware of them—till he found the person who had built more influence than the other 'copies,' and was continuing to do so while each subsequent wave of clones had less influence built up in them comparatively. He closed his eyes and took another deep breath, focusing in on the Wards and the PRT soldiers, their rough locations and the influence he'd accrued on them as well.

However, as he opened his mouth to speak, a bellowing, dissonant rour resonated through his body and the warehouse as well. His gaze shot over to the stranger of the two behemoths that they were faced with. As he looked it over again...his eyes widened.

Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

Eyes wide, tears at their edges—despite the anger beneath the surface—Evelyn had stopped in her tracks as she'd heard the arrival of Dean. After a moment she gritted her teeth, recovering enough to clamp down hard on her emotions and move forwards. As she regained her composure and continued towards the warehouse, so too did her projection move.

The Beast roared and then charged forth making a beeline for Overrun and his swarm of clones. Barrels, crates(metal and otherwise) were in its way, but it didn't stop. Instead, the beast charged into and through them, yet...nothing was damaged. Instead its body seemed to envelope whatever it touched and release the material/objects out the otherside when it had passed. It was such a seamless process that the beast appeared almost to be phasing right through solid matter.

Of course it only moved unimpeded for a brief time until it encountered the clones of their ex-teammate Dean.

Evelyn's eye twitched in response to his presence once more before her awareness shifted back to her projection. In response to the throng of bodies—particularly due to the permission they'd been given by Decoy—the Beast reared up and then body slammed down on at least two dozen of them. Somehow the Beast sank lower than it should have, its body intersecting in part with the floor. It rose back up and some of the concrete that made up the floor of the warehouse was just...gone. There was an indentation in the exact shape of the projection's form. A moment later the beast shook itself and expelled a veritable hailstorm of pebble-sized concrete detritus from its body as it got rid of excess matter.

It continued moving, attempting do harry the clones and perhaps the actual Dean as much as it possibly could in the process. Meanwhile, Evelyn debated on whether or not she should actually enter the warehouse herself while also trying to keep track of how long she kept her projection manifested. She had to admit that it was very tempting to demanifest it soon, take stock of all the powers, and then manifest her projection in a state better equipped to deal with someone like Dean's power.

Rrrgh...Dean. Thinking about him hurt, but what was worse was the fact that he'd turned on them. He was an example of the worst thing about people, Evelyn thought, and he needed to be stopped....

Perhaps at any cost.

Lilliana Merrycure

Eyes wide and bright, one hand on Bonesword's shoulder as they entered and explored the library, Lilliana found herself utterly surrounded by a tremendous amount of knowledge. It was almost overwhelming. She felt her perception start to tunnel until Bonesword was jostled and fell. Her attention refocused and she saw the kid. The boy apologized then brought attention to them, which she would have preferred he didn't.

The mother spoke and Lilli frowned, as the woman departed Lilli helped Bonesword up and when he clung to her, she responded with a proper hug before following him to the librarian. Giving the individual a smile—despite the feelings that roiled beneath the surface—and extracted some belis, which she offered the woman.

“We'd like to purchase this if that's possible.” She let a hand settle on Bonesword's head. She wished that woman hadn't said a thing. So judgemental...and rude...and inconsiderate. If only she'd known that Bonesword held that blade for his own survival—in more ways than one.

She hoped they'd have a bit more time to peruse the library before they departed. She wanted to see if it could offer her anything useful. Though what she truly desired were unique components for her work....
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