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2 yrs ago
Current The Truest and Most Ultimate Showdown has beguneth. Goofykins V.S. SpongeByrne!
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2 yrs ago
Does anyone know where I can figure out how to unfabricate memories? Asking for a friend.
3 yrs ago
Check out our new and improved thread. Just an interest check for now, but oh boy is there so much more to come!…
4 yrs ago
Oh Bleach RP oh Bleach RP where art thou oh quality Bleach RP. Why hast thou forsaken thee? Seriously though, WHY!?!
5 yrs ago
Man i'm bored. Arena, someone fight me or something, I don't know....


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I gotta say, it really is hard to resist the urge to shitpost at this point. I won't, since POO asked not to, but like hooo weee would it be fun.
This just got spicy.
I think "most people," are "succeeding," because a lot of them are just joining already existing RPs, or they have been around n the site for a long ass time and have developed either a good reputation or a group of people they can write with/rely on (or it's both of these things). Also, I think the vast majority of people on the site are looking for group RPs, and so end up in group RPs.

Beyond that, uh, it's a matter of luck, timing, effort, etc.

It's funny because it's so easy to think that other people are having a much easier time than you. The reason for that is generally--unless you're specifically looking for it--you only ever see people's successes (RPs that are active/alive long enough for you to notice), whereas their failures (so to speak) are quickly swallowed by newer, more active threads, as they are pushed further and further back through numerous pages.

So yeah, this idea that "everyone else is galloping," is just a result of you not paying individual attention to every attempt that other users on this site have made to get something going. Plus, other aspects of that just happen behind the scenes (On discord, in PMs, etc) so there's not even any chance for you to see it.

Essentially, if you're only looking for peoples' successes, that's the only thing you're going to see.
@rebornfan320 aight, so I gotta level with you man. If you started a decade ago, right, and then 3-5 years ago suddenly you started just...getting tons of abandoned RPs/ghosters etc, then something changed. Either every single person over literally 100s of threads (by your own count) were miraculously all just terrible at communication and had no regard for anyone else but themselves or something changed in you. The latter is more likely.

Further, people can understand where you're coming from, but not agree with you. This may make you uncomfortable, I'm sorry if it does, but it's true. Just about everyone in this thread has been at the very least on the Guild just as long as you, and who knows how long on Old Guild or websites prior to that, so the chance that all of us (and the 100s of people who ghosted you) are wrong is basically zero. The odds on that are definitely not in your favor my dude ^^;

Furthermore, idk about everyone else, but I've been RPing for roughly over 12 years and I've felt what you're feeling before. So I can definitely understand and empathize. I bet a bunch of other people here have felt this same way, I bet some portion of those people who have, also sometimes feel mad jaded by putting themselves out there and nothing coming of it. The difference though, between you and them is most people move on from it and try to do better, whereas you are dwelling on it and letting it be the only thing that is true to you.

Sorry man, other people also have experiences just as valid as yours--even similar ones--and just because they disagree, does not make what they're saying any less valuable or accurate.

But hey, I'm just some dude on the internet. Just a dude who has also been doing this for a ludicrously long period of time. Just a dude who sometimes feels this same way, but doesn't actually go and blame other people about it because it's more pointless than just...trying harder. I'm just some guy, what do I know, right?
@rebornfan320 Bruh, how long have you been RPing?
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