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Does anyone know where I can figure out how to unfabricate memories? Asking for a friend.
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Check out our new and improved thread. Just an interest check for now, but oh boy is there so much more to come!…
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Oh Bleach RP oh Bleach RP where art thou oh quality Bleach RP. Why hast thou forsaken thee? Seriously though, WHY!?!


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Man, hate to...what, triple post here, but I just thought I'd say that I really enjoyed our conversation last Sunday @Dark Jack. Definitely hope you pop back on tomorrow or whenever possible. Even if we don't talk about Prophecy stuff, I'm sure there's some subject that could be fun. Plus, I always love to share my own worldbuilding stuff with people of like minds :3

Anyways, I know you're busy with Uni, but I do you teach there or have you just taken a lot of classes over the years because I swear you were in University ages ago too, so it makes me ask "Why so long?" Haha ^^;
Figured I'd save this somewhere else. This is the stuff I've got for my character for the potential reboot.

<Snipped quote by yoshua171>
Thanks. One very likely reason that you don't remember some of these terms is that they're new. Reniam was always just Reniam, but in theme with giving the planes "-realm" names I gave it its secondary name of the Corerealm. The Ether/Dreamrealm is essentially what was called the Spirit Realm in the previous iteration, and Stupor is still pretty much what Stupor always was: the space between realms. The Divide is also pretty much the same thing, with the main difference being that it is no longer between Reniam and Hell, but rather between Reniam and all other realms and keeping out all gods rather than just the "bad" ones.

Tidall and Drigall are both "new" in a sense, though there is somewhat of a relation between them and the old Hell and Heaven. Essentially in the new version, the creator spirits divided the gods and angels between those two realms rather than the "upper" and "lower" planes. The gods who vied for dominion over the other gods, Reniam and the "mundane" (the class previously labelled "mortals") became the Everbound and sent to Tidall the Everrealm, and the gods that fought to preserve peace and freedom became the Neverbound and sent to Drigall the Neverrealm.

The sun and moon are probably self-explanatory, but the Voidband is probably the most significant new addition aside from just the complete change of structure. You see, Tidall and Drigall are actually semispheres encompassing Reniam, as depicted, and can be seen in the sky. Not in the sense of "there is the crust of another planet outside the planet", since those realms are semi-metaphysical, but in the world the "stars" are powerful magical presences in Tidall and Drigall, meaning that in the space that separates the two realms there is a completely vacant stretch of sky at night that is just uniform black (clouds notwithstanding). I have a lot of little interactions in mind with this new mechanic, but among other things this new sky-structure has an easily observable effect on how Reniam sees the moon. When the moon shines through the Voidband it is white; when it shines through Tidall it is orange; and when it shines through Drigall it is green. The sun also takes on different hues depending on what it shines through, but its more intense light makes it somewhat less noticeable than with the moon.

<Snipped quote by yoshua171>
Heh, that one is hardly unique to The Prophecy, it's just an existing concept I adapted because it suited the Grand Master.

<Snipped quote by yoshua171>
I actually don't think I've changed the Laws of Magic specifically, though I would have to check my notes to be sure. It's more that I've pondered the origin of magic quite a bit - where do spells come from? Why can spoken words invoke specific effects? That kind of thing - and addressing those unanswered questions made me reconsider some of the mechanical aspects of spellcraft. The short version is that internal magic (elemental, arcane, black (no longer called that) and summoning magic, as well as necromancy and the Art of the Warden) has become much more closely tied to the Dreamrealm.

Ah, but as a fellow worldbuilder, I know very well that even seemingly "small" changes can end up having a big impact on how things truly function in a world. At the very least changes to magic--particularly deeper explanations--tend to lead to a better general understanding of how things work, which makes interacting with the systems much easier and more engaging.

Fantasy Cosmology, as always--at least to me--is something I always find almost endlessly intriguing. So the addition of more specific realm details regarding where certain gods and entities are located in the planar sense is something that catches my attention, in addition to you adding the Void band. Definitely curious about that little planar substrate, as it were and what sort of properties it might have as a metaphysical plane.

I like the change in regards to the "heavenly bodies" in regards to the planes actually having a tangible effect on the sky--night in particular. It gives a cool bit of flavor to the world by changing something very familiar in a fairly simple way. Plus, the fact that the stars are actually divine presences that are just far away (or otherwise so powerful that the "light" of their power leaks into the visible spectrum of light in Reniam's night sky). That reminds me of something my friend and I incorporated into our own world (Tir an Fhairn) actually.

Tir na Fhairn doesn't have a central planet or heavenly bodies, instead its material plane is an essentially flat literal plane. It has three metaphysical planes that overlap with it. Two of those are spheres, that overlap in the middle like a Venn diagram. One of them is like is something that separates all the planes, existing more thickly where any plane would meet, but equally existing everywhere for the most part. There's also a sort of "pseudo-plane" that provides physical structure to everything else and also literally dictates the laws of physics and magic and whatnot.

Anyway, the point is, there are sort of "domains" that beings in the spherical realms create, and those manifest as stars of various hue in the material plane. The "Sun" as it were is actually a giant magical construct crafted by one of the two groups of "gods" that exist in that world. Anyways, back to the Prophecy haha.

I know the idea of contracts is something more adapted to the world than something distinctly unique to it, but it nonetheless grabs my attention. I also like that the magic is structured, and seeing as you've found deeper explanations for spellcraft in particular I'm very interested in what the reasoning for how spellcraft works ends up being.

Sidenote, I found you on discord. Turns out I already had you added haha. Granted, I know you tend to be more active here on the Guild than you are on discord haha. Legion showed up in the discord last night, so that's neat. No idea if he'd be interested in a reboot, but I figured I'd let you know incase you were unaware. I also reached out to two very reliable friends of mine, letting 'em know that if this gets rebooted I'm going to throw it their way to see if they'd join with me so we can have some adventures and whatnot :3

So yeah, I guess the question is, do you have any interest in doing that, or does it feel like too much effort on your part without any idea whether it will last a significant amount of time?
<Snipped quote by yoshua171>
Oh, so many small and big things, including some that I wanted to do even while this iteration of the RP was still running, like fixing a bunch of the confusing and misleading labels I had on things. For instance, "demon lords" are no longer a thing, nor is clearly defined good and evil; all deities save the creator spirits are "gods", and pretty much all of the beings that were previously labelled "demons" are now just variations of "angels". The class of beings previously confusingly labelled "immortals" - which would now be gods, angels and demons - are now "divines", and "demons" are "lesser" divines that, unlike angels, do not have a patron god and thus require alternative sources of power.
I've changed rune swords, a lot of the rules of magic (especially favored power)... so many different things. I even changed the fundamental structure of the world:

Okay first of all, props, that's a really cool graphic. Simple, but elegant even if I don't remember some of the terms lol. These changes sound fascinating and have further piqued my curiosity.

Also, I just found out that I've had you added on discord this whole time like a fool and never had a proper chat with you. We should change that, especially since we're both such avid worldbuilders haha.

There is one thing that still really fascinates me in particular about your world, and it's the idea of making bargains with Demons, for power and whatnot. Just the idea of having to go through a contract like a lawyer, and the margin for error (and the cost of such errors) being so high is absolutely intriguing to me. I remember I was going to do something with that in regards to Ilitas, but I'm thinking I'd design a different character, but keep that throughline since it intrigues me so much.

So that's where my brain's at. I'd love to hear some of the changes for various things. Like the Laws of Magic in particular :3
Heh, hey yoshua. I know the feeling... I also keep wanting to continue this RP or - more likely since I have to accept that it is well and truly dead by now - reboot it. If I ever did so, however, the setting would be somewhat different from what it was originally. In the years since I created the RP-world I have begun rewriting the story it is based on, you see, and I have made changes to a lot of various things about the world in a way I think works much better and makes a lot more sense.
I've also learned a lot about being better GM in the meantime, so that would probably be rather different in a new iteration, too.

I'm already curious what a rewrite would end up making this already deep and fascinating world look like and I'm sure you've improved (somehow) with the passage of time. I know I have, that's for sure haha.

The main thing stopping me is the fact that I honestly struggle to have faith in my hypothetical players anymore. The primary reason I prefer to GM in the first place is to avoid the potential issue of the GM abandoning the RP and leaving the players hanging dry... but knowing that I will always be around as GM doesn't help much when the players abandon it instead.
Obviously I don't mean to blame anyone for leaving; no one should feel forced to participate in an RP if they no longer feel like it, and as I have always said real life comes first. But twice now on just this site I have put in huge amounts of work to make RPs (The Prophecy and Night of the Hunt) only for them to peter out and die because the players just stop posting. Stuff like this really kills my motivation for this kind of thing... so unless I someday come upon a group of thoroughly dedicated players that assure me that they'll stick around for the long haul, I don't know if I'll want to put in the work all over again.
Dark Jack

Yeah, I definitely understand how demotivating that can be. That's actually largely why I tend not to GM, especially wholly original settings because the reality tends to be that the average person has more trouble connecting with things that aren't familiar in some large way. That's not a failing, it's just a sad reality I've discovered based on my personal experience. Still, at the same time, I've come to realize that from to time it's better to try anyways, because otherwise it leaves you with this...sort of unfulfilled longing? I don't know if you relate to that at all, but I thought I'd put it out there.

I will say that my problem when I fell off--as I believe I told you--had less to do with you and everything to do with the fact that I'd made a character that didn't have enough intrigue/staying power to keep me invested in his story. Furthermore, I then fumbled the process of creating a new character who would keep my interest, much to my chagrin (ah Ilitas, if only I could have finished you). If it means anything or would help, I've got virtually nothing on my plate in terms of RPs or writing at the moment and I'd love to explore a new and improved version of the Prophecy's world.

I've got a Bleach Fandom RP I'm GMing that I need to figure out in the coming months, but my players are being startlingly patient with my current situation (IRL has some stuff going on that is a bit rough) and as I'm sure you know, GMing takes a much greater toll than being a player does. So yeah, if you'd be at all interested in doing something like that, I'd love to work with you! It might also be possible that I could rope in some friends of mine if you got us a Compendium 2.0 to work with. I know Shien still has it saved somewhere even if the current link no longer leads to anything--though she hasn't yet responded to my request for a link to the new site so I can look at things again.

Anyway...that was long and rambly, but here we are haha. I'll leave it at that until you get time for a reply :)

P.S. If you have anything like a Discord I'd love to chat more one on one as well.

P.S.S. I think my problem with I'onriyi was very much that he was a little too...unambiguously good and I've found I have a much greater enjoyment for characters who are either morally grey (with or without some good leanings) or outright evil (with shades of grey thrown in to make things interesting). So I'm confident I could make a character that--along with your exceptional GMing--would keep me around for some time :P Okay. Now I'm done lol.
Something about this RP, I don't know what it is, but it always draws me back.
@metanoia since we've already gone over everything and you've added everything as necessary, consider yourself...


Feel free to move it move it over to the Character tab :)
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@Sho Minazuki I apologize for the wait, but you may formally consider Kyo Gensai as APPROVED. Throw 'em in the character tab. I'm gonna give Taka(ChaoticLuck) and Metanoia some time to get their characters finished/approved so that you can have a few others in your incident collab, but if that takes too long, I'll just do something solo with you :)
Btw for anyone who didn't know, the OOC is up!
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