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Iouchiryo, Ayame


Hitching a ride on Thunderbolt with Whimsy, he considered their options as they passed through obstacles in their path on their way to the concourse that the green figure had been spotted. His thralls reported the strange flickering, glitch-like behavior of the individual. Those empowered and brainiacs apparently could give him little due to the unreliable nature of his power in the moment. That said, there were really only two options in regards to the cape's trajectory so it quickly became apparent—by extrapolating from the flickers—which direction they were moving.

"Organize a human wall to block his travel in one direction, we'll test a theory while Alloy tests hers," he said, his voice fluctuating with the movement of Thunderbolt.

Things were playing out on Alloy's end as they arrived. Similarly, Headhunter gave them an update.

"Dammit," he Hunter's ability was typically one of the strongest in their arsenal. Now, deprived of it, they'd have to find another way to deal with their adversary.

An idea struck him. He activated his comms, switching over to his thrall network.

"Empowered in Concourse B, I need a loud, steady noise. Power dialed up to max." He might be flickering in and out, but if he existed in their reality—provided Alloy's theory was accurate—well...he could be affected by his power, even if only fleetingly. Each moment of exposure, especially with so many instances of his power in action, would only amplify the effect.

He used tap code to guide other empowered into their area, leaving a few with each pacified group of civilians. Of course, now that he had them under his control, he began an attempt to evacuate them. Since the tram wasn't an option, the inactive airfield and otherwise space around the airport would have to do. Ostensibly it was the security guards who were in control of the situation. He made sure that there was still some hysterics and unease among the civilians, so that nothing might appear terribly amiss.

Though it was likely that the nature of his power would come to light after this incident, he felt there was no reason for him to make that light brighter...or negative, for that matter. The less harm he did with his power, the better, especially given the purpose of their mission here.

Getting off of Thunderbolt, and bidding Whimsy do so as well, he offered her his hand—gently brushing it against hers since her eyes were closed—intending the both of them stay safely unaffected by any combat that might take place. From that point, was a matter of waiting and watching for the results of their experiments.

Glad the pilot had—presumably—gotten the hint, Outsider lay the helicopter gently on the roof, before extricating his various limbs from it and giving it some space. Deftly he used a smaller tendril to open the door. Since the propellers were slowing down there was monumentally less noise. This allowed him to more effectively communicate with those within, "The area you were flying over is effectively a no fly zone. It's too hazardous at the moment. You can fly to a proper helipad if you feel that is best, but do not fly over that zone," he gestured with several tentacles, motioning to where they'd been. Hopefully they listened...if not, well, it would be problematic.

Rising from the roof, Outsider began to head back towards where he could detect Sylph. All the while he kept his senses aware of his surroundings and the goings on therein.
Naruto: Continuum


The Crew


Those who fall into this category will be managing the antagonist force and outlying elements of the world in addition to playing in the main organization known as Teiou. Aside from my own role as GM there are no true GMs in the RP, as Gan and Tuuj act more as advisers and assistants, managing certain--largely background--aspects of the world.
Starting Off

Naruto: Continuum is an alternate universe of the popular Naruto manga and anime. Created with the collaborated ideas of many and a large pool of assistants, this roleplay was designed by yoshua171 to give people a chance to help have a large hand in a Naruto world before it was even created. The "ideal" is not only to create a fantastic roleplay, but to weave a community of like-minded individuals together to create a strong social fabric for the roleplay. Ideas have been bounced around and evolved over time, taking new forms and becoming parts of the roleplay when at first their rough forms may have not as easily fit. This is the true ideal. To sand down any idea and build it back up until it fits perfectly, and create a community that can help in that process. In that sense, the roleplay has thus far been successful, as many new ideas have been and are constantly being incorporated into the roleplay and reviewed by its community.

All players--for a long while--will join a fairly young organization known as Teiou. It is a place for the angry and the downtrodden. It is an organization formed to revel against the oppressive rule of the Five Nations. You are some of its first shinobi and you will rise up and seize your freedom from the world even if the cost is blood.
Ⱦhe World


Banned & Limited Jutsu



Land of Lightning

Land of Wind

Land of Fire

Land of Earth

Land of Water

[To be Seen]
Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

Tilting her head, and then smiling as Elliot played along, being his usual theatrical self, Evelyn controlled her expression letting the smile linger as she received a message from Decoy. A cold steel flashed through her eyes and she focused.

With a dangerous swiftness a silver light flashed through the building as a network of strings. It scanned everything and everyone she'd need before honing in on the ceiling of Collin's room. Condensing, the silver shadow became a silhouette, taking aspects from a variety of things, predominantly air and stone. At such short notice it would be less refined than what she might accomplish with more focus—and practice—but it was sufficient.

The projection manifested, but there was nothing for Collin to see. In its first action it soundlessly activated the nullification field. In its second it moved through the room, making only the sound of a gentle breeze as it made to encircle its largely etheral body around Collin. Once in place it would solidify, its weight manifesting and hopefully holding the traitor in place. Fighting it would be like trying to fight the elements themselves.

If Collin looked up the only visible part of the tulpa would reveal itself in the form of two jet black pits, ringed with a faint blue glow.

The Wraith, Evelyn thought, her smile warping slightly.

'Null field active. Target should be restrained,' she sent via text. Her expressions returned as she did her best to pay full attention to the conversation.

Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

Doing her utmost to keep up with conversation—and largely to feign interest—Evelyn eventually found herself smiling...actually enjoying the dynamic. Though, she supposed it was easy while they weren't doing anything horrible. Her eye twitched and her smile diminished slightly, before a joke pulled her back in. She let it happen, it was part of the plan and...well, she'd had plenty of practice acting now. She understood how social situations worked quite well and knew how to give of the right impression.

As Messiah brought up her 'team bonding plan,' Evelyn actually felt a kernal of true joy. "That actually sounds really fun!" She said, actually fairly enthusiastic, "...maybe we can even do some kind of team exercise up there. Might be good to work on teamwork, it'd increase cohesion just as much as the hike will I think." That said she gauged the crowd, glancing at the members of her team.

Messiah, Tiger Lily, Mastar, and Elliot. Then, another idea striking her, she leaned in and spoke, now quietly so only they could hear. "Hey, maybe...maybe we can play hooky to go. It'd be fun..." she bit her lip, feigning a sense of being bad, though obviously not in a way that really mattered. Everyone skipped school at least once and there was nothing wrong with that.

She hoped the others would catch on to the fact that doing so made them additionally vulnerable. It'd enhance the chances that Sonar would report to his Community contact.

Maybe for once things might go their way.

As things spiralled further out of control, Chatterbox narrowed his eyes...and then closed them. With the chaos around him in Concourse A, and the reports coming in from elsewhere in the airport he decided it would soon be time to drop the act.

Further accentuating this was the reports of crashes...some that may or may not have actually happened. Everything was questionable. Punctuating things was the communication from Headhunter. Even with the clamor of the crowd and the tension around him, he smiled.

"Heard, Hunter. I'm going to mobilize the fans. I'm taking control of this performance. We'll get all the actors stepping in line. Thunder, Sofia put your costumes on under your civies and come to my gate," he then told them where he'd meet them. That done he changed channels, connecting to his thralls.

"Mobilize. Initate operation crowd control. The performance begins," as he said it he used tapcode to coordinate other movements. Several empowered thralls were in his concourse—plenty actually—and they moved in his general direction. As they did they appeared to carry on phone calls, sounding hurried and scared, but what they were really doing...was giving reason for how often and how loudly they were speaking, spreading his influence throughout the crowd many times over. The effects overlapping. Throughout the airport similar scenarios were unfolding, with the enthralled security and civilians using his power to direct and control the situation. There may or may not have been death and catastrophe.

Sadly, while it would help—more and more as time went on—it also meant that it was far more likely that he'd reveal his cards to the authorities. Unfortunate, but if it were necessary to further their goals, and save lives...he supposed, then he'd do it readily.

His enthralled, body doubles essentially, people he'd picked up who held a certain resemblance to his visage, had made their way to various which they would change. These individuals were thoroughly under his control and held his power. It would be almost impossible to tell which was the real cape.

He entered a bathroom as well, changed...and then pulled clothes over his costume, keeping it hidden. It wasn't time just yet. Still, now armed and ready to take on his persona he knew hew as prepared for the next stage of his plan.

The first had been damage control. Operation: Crowd Control, was a directive that allowed his thralls...and the empowered among them, to influence and induct as many people as possible as quickly as possible with the intention of controlling a situation. It was adaptive, allowing his thralls to act in the way that best fit the scenario. In this case they assisted wounded, comforted people, or in some rare cases...joined in with the panic, yelling and screaming to spread the influence of his power more rapidly.

The second step, on the other hand, was much different. It was geared towards objective resolution. In this involved the thinkers under his control. "Brainiacs its your time to shine. Target appears to be in Concourse B. Focus your efforts on areas therein. Scan up and down...notify when and where your powers cease working. If it's consistent we can tell direction and location."

He then switched his comms back to the Jacks.

"I've got a plan."
Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

She'd hoped for more, but expected less, so Elliot's response was...acceptable. Ambiguous, but she supposed that he could hardly know how difficult it was for her to admit she was wrong about something. They didn't know eachother, so it made sense. What surprised her though, was the others coming out and what ensued when they did.

She had wanted some time to talk things out with Elliot, but this...this was something else entirely. At first she had to suppress a frown, a feeling rising from deeper within that was the niggling parasite of anger, an emotion already roused trying to take control. It was like they hadn't trusted her to handle things. However, it never got the foothold it needed, for Tiger Lily's words doused it and cut away at the negativity. The tightness in her chest loosened and she found a tear in her eye, a small smile crossing her lips.

The girl really was brave, she had to give it to her. Still.... She swallowed hard and wiped away the tear, her smile receding slightly. Before anyone might really notice, their attention on Elliot, it became more guarded. Still, she took a step towards Elliot and Tiger Lily, trying to meet his eyes, even as he struggled to escape.

Before she knew what she was saying, her mouth had moved, "It's not whether you fail or not that's important, it's if you get back up and keep trying or lay down and let it rule you." That said, she heard Messiah and Mastar out, visibly flinching slightly as the former of the two mentioned not lashing out at people, specifically at Tiger Lily.

'Nasty memories. Terrible failures, but we're all still here...I've still got a chance....'

The light of her projection flickered out of the ground and wall near them for a moment, before her awareness of it had it snap back out of sight.

"I think that's a good idea, Mesia—Alessa," she said, cutting off the alias partway through. She kept forgetting to use their real names outloud.... "That aside though, we have a mission to take care of. I'd like to...revisit this, but I don't think these problems will solve themselves all at once." That said, she stopped herself from taking charge and glanced to Alessa, delegating leadership to their team leader.

'Ugh,' she thought, displaying none of the emotion on her face or in her body language. Guarded, but relaxed. She took a few quiet, deep breaths, focusing herself. Embracing the calm...and the cold. Focus and control. They were more important now than ever before and she meant to keep them in mind through it all.
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