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I also have to mention @Dark Jack's The Prophecy, though we (and every contributor/GM {@Celaira] and @Tuujaimaa}) are likely incredibly flattered. I know I am.

At the small 'snub' Chatterbox bit back annoyance and suppressed a scowl. Instead his eye twitched slightly and he took a drink, taking slow, deep, quiet breaths. He had nothing to add, unfortunately, so he kept his mouth shut. He wanted to leave, honestly, he wished he had known this was coming. He would have had one of his adoring fans show up as well, someone with money, someone who could buy a vial. His jaw tightened for a moment before he forced himself to relax again.


Then a thought occured to him and the small smile on his lips became genuine. If someone vulnerable bought a potion...he could simply lift it from them, but not directly. He would have laughed, but that would have been telling.

If he'd had eyes, they would have widened as his kinetic barrier suddenly shattered. Too shocked to react, Ceramix managed to punch him hard enough in the head for him to feel it through his entire body and be sent flying across the room. He hit the wall, but only barely. It didn't cave in, it didn't spray dust or dirt or debris. Where his human body would have either been dead or full of pain from something lesser, if roughly equivalent, his Second Vessel recovered almost as if it had merely been thrown.

Regenerating and otherwise shaking off the damage—face already repairing—Outsider's sinuous form shifted, head turning towards Ceramix and the ongoing conflict. He was glad no one really had a solid grasp of how his flight worked, not that he could have explained it to someone else. Discarding the thought he focused on the situation at hand, trying to decide how to involve himself.

Seeing the strange projection rushing Ceramix, he waited to see how its involvement played into things.
Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

Coughing as she accidentally inhaled some of the dust, she felt it as her projection teleported. With the radius of its power increased, it took all the dust in the vicinity of Ceramix as it vanished. There was a rush of air filling the space where it had taken it, jostling those without enough weight or with sufficiently unstable footing. Then the projection reappeared above Evelyn. She held her breath and shut her eyes. In the next moment the projection and all the air around her vanished. It rushed back and she braced herself as the air blew against her. The dust was gone again. No longer feeling her breathing stifled, Evelyn sunk her awareness into her projection.

It acted swiftly, reappearing standing between G4M3R and Shatterpoint, its body coalescing with energy beneath a layer of stone dust and detritus. The moment lasted not even a second as the air that was pressed against its body when it teleported rapidly decompressed. With all of it compressed against the front of its body, it resulted in a powerful gale wind full of choking dust and scathing stone debris.

Evelyn smiled.

A low laugh resonated through the room as he noted the actions of the projection, but Outsider didn't savor the feeling of joy and amusement that poured through him for long. Instead he flew forwards, accelerating rapidly. With his kinetic blast having been cut off, his body was now full of pent of energy, ready to be released.

"Incoming!" his hollow voice boomed as he rushed Ceramix. However, before he struck the golem, he stopped and whipped out the tendrils of his tail, aiming at the stone behemoth's back in a strike like a whipcrack...if the whip were as thick around as a truck tire. With his shield up it wouldn't even harm him. Worse still however, was the fact that—should his strike land or touch Ceramix at all—Outsider would release all the pent up energy in his Second Vessel in a tremendously focused, incredibly powerful kinetic blast. His aim was to entirely shatter the back and central body of the golem, splitting it in half, thus depriving Ceramix's creation of legs.
Lilliana Merrycure

Her eyes on the unconsncious form of her poor, strong boy, Lilli missed much of the fight. However, when the doctor was repeatedly hit against the wall her eyes snapped up, suddenly alert. With each strike she felt the sleeping anger she'd felt seeing Bonesword hurt grow. No one deserved this kind of battering. Biting her lip she forced herself to take a few calming deep breaths only to gasp as the drunken doctor managed to turn things around.

Eyes suddenly wide, she watched, the tension building, as the two faced off. Then, suddenly, the grotesque doctor was unseated from his rope in a most undignified manner. She let out a huff, but still watched as the drunk man pulled himself up...and up...and up...and then...fell. She let out her breath and rummaged in her medical pouch.

“Feya,” she said, turning to the other doctor of their crew, “...would you mind administering the medicine to him and tending his wounds?” In her hand were bandages, salve, and of course one of her signature syringes. She had no desire to leave her seat until either Bonesword regained consciousness or she could lay low a member of this horrid pirate crew.
I vote Master Baiter.
Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

There was a helluva lot going on, she thought as her eyes darted back and forth to keep track of anything. Ink gave his orders and she moved to comply, shifting out of cover, only to pause, glancing at Ira. She gave a nod and a small smile of acknowledgement, going to Ira's booth with haste to don the piece of tech. By the time she was properly equipped her projection had gathered several hundred material samples, accruing sufficient physical traits for her to begin the more difficult work. She took refuge further back, near the crowd, with Tiger Lily between herself and their adversaries. She watched as each hero put their various talents to use to the best of their abilities, some taking orders, others taking initiative. Her eyes lingered for a moment on Outsider's titantic, alien form, and she shivered. The forum posts hadn't been kidding, he really was like a mini-Endbringer. Good thing he was a hero.

Taking in a deep breath she pulled her projection to her, its silver light glowing more brightly than usual with stored power. She looked like she had some kind of aura, her skin and costume cast in a silver light, refracting it, making her almost seem to glow. She took one more steadying breath, having calmed her heart rate once more, and then closed her eyes.

Ink had told her to try to immobalize Ceramix, but Outsider and co seemed to be doing that fairly well already and the longer civilians were in the hall, the more likely one of them was to get hurt. She wanted to follow orders, but her own internal compass was just louder than Inkscape's order. It felt like less an order and more of a suggestion, one that was out of date with current events.

She made her decision.

The aura shrunk, rapidly, doing so until her projection's silver 'shadow' was inside her body and impossible to observe. However, with it there she found she could sense the changes to its physical shape and constitution more clearly. She could control it better. It was something she'd done entirely without thought, but it seemed she was onto something.

A smile curved her lips and she opened her eyes. Again she took in the positions of everyone in the room, her mind racing through possibilities. Since she was trying new things and the situation had so many capes on scene, she decided not to list materials like she usually did, but instead create a framework in her mind, considering the bigger picture, rather than the microcosm of things.

'I want something fast. There's not a lot of room in here, so something small. Manueverability. Most small things are fragile though, so that's a problem. I can't make it fragile. I want it to get hit and when it is hit, I want the aggressor to stop in surprise when it doesn't move. I need something small, fast, durable, and deadly. I want to evacuate the citizens and I want to punish the villains for ruining this for everyone,' she found a fiery passion build in her chest and spread through her as she thought things through. Then, with her goals set firmly in mind, she willed the projection to fall into the mold of her wishes.

Within her body, the silver light shrunk, suddenly the size of a small child, maybe four feet tall, no longer taking up the space of her whole body. She felt each shift of its form, she noticed it form hands and feet, a total of six limbs, two pairs of arms and two legs...and a tail, no two tails. A subtle shift in its digits notified her of complex mechanisms involved, retractable claws maybe? Its limbs were all thin, though its tails less so.

Slowly she added embellishments, feeling the shift in density on the various levels of her projection's shadows. It was kind of like feeling the texture of something with your fingers, but she was doing it with every part of her body. It was a strange feeling, but not altogether unpleasant.

Changing her focus she considered its internal structure and sensory capabilities. Suddenly she knew it would see and hear and smell and feel. The density shifted as she considered the durability of her projection and she started calling on specific materials, linking them in a mental diagram.

'Crystal and glass, linked and interwoven | Stone below that layer, combined with flesh and rubber . | Metal and rubber, interwoven. Bone.'

Then she noticed something, her mind shifting through the list of materials at her disposal. There among the other materials were strange outliers that, for some reason, she hadn't properly taken account of before. Things like 'air', 'water' and 'fire' and, even more bizzare... 'light'. Not feeling confident enough to mess around with the sheer scope of the possibilities those traits opened up, Evelyn instead wove them into the structure of the body, using them as slight modifiers, rather than core elements. Light with crystal, air infused into everything, implying a low weight despite the intended density of the projection. She put water in it, like a circulatory system, but she altered the material adding traces of fire and metal to the mix. Adjusting everything minutely.

Finally, satisfied, she took stock of the situation in the hall, and then knelt behind cover, closing her eyes and shutting the world out completely. It was time to sift through powers...and she needed 100% of her focus dedicated to the task if she wanted to get something workable and not also take too long to do it. As a result she propped herself against an upended table and then...let go. The sensations of her body drifted away as she poured her awareness into her projection, into her thinker power.

First general awareness, her hearing, and the sense of vibrations as things moved around nearby. Then the movement of air against her skin, then the deeper motions of her muscles and pumping blood, and then, more swiftly, everything else. She tried to take a deep breath, and knew she was doing so, but she couldn't feel it. It was like being trapped in the between when she'd triggered, and for a moment it was more than she could handle. She felt some of the sensation of her body return and made an effort to steady her breath, before—calm now—sinking back in. This time she had the trance right and didn't lose her cool.

This time she could work.

Centered, Evelyn 'pulled' all the powers she'd scanned into her awareness, considering them even as she took them apart rapidly—her mind having already processed some of the information while she was focused elsewhere. She expanded all the individual elements and again considered the form of her projection and the goals she wanted to accomplish.

Rescue, protect, stay mobile, restrain, tank damage, and deal more back. She wanted to get the civilians to safety and she wanted to take the villains entirely out of the picture.... She paused, and then ammended that. She wanted to take them non-lethally out of the picture. Detached as she was, she didn't realize how disturbing it was that she'd considered killing people as a viable solution to their current predicament.

The powers understood, their parts comprehended, Evelyn began to pull them apart, reorganizing the various aspects of the eighteen powers currently at her disposal. Finally, she managed a combination that suited her purpose.

'Form Modifiers: Altered state: Extradimensional mass-energy translocation. Limit, personal. Modifier: State retention—matter recycling | Force absorption. Limit, personal. Modifier: Internal hydrothermal storage. Energy transmutation, dispersal/redirection. Vocal Output: Extra dimensional phase. Sensory input: Primary and secondary senses | Vibration detection. Enhanced physiology. Focus, Strength, speed, dexterity, and resistance.

Integrations: Time-space bredth compression. Modified limit: Non-personal. Qualifier: Activation-initiated mass spatial escalation. Error correction success: 92% Desynch result: Dual function precision loss. Areas: Kinetic dispersal/redirection; External Time-space linking.'

As she locked the powerset into place, synchronizing it with the form of her projection, Evelyn slowly let her awareness trickle back into her body, until she could fully feel the steadiness of her breath. A minute had passed.

Shaking herself, Evelyn rose to her feet and noticed that the 'shadow's' size had swelled. It was now roughly 6 feet tall. She could accept that. After all, when she reached out, trying to condense it, she found that it wouldn't. Apparently making it any smaller caused issues. Not a concern. She turned from the projection and hurried to ferry civilians out of the room, then when their focus was turned away, she turned towards the conflict and willed her projection into being.

Oddly, there was a delay, but it wasn't long, as the silver light suddenly took on a solid quality and then, all at once, a breeze swept outwards from the projection's location, air being displaced violently by its appearance.

This time her projection was roughly 6 feet tall at the head, with four arms of medium thickness, and two legs like that of a raptor, perhaps reminiscent of one of Tiger Lily's smaller forms. It had two tails, which individually weren't very thick, but together—entwined as they were—looked thick enough to act as an effective club. By and large it was humanoid and bipedal, not even stooping forwards despite its tails.Its entire body, its skin, was composed of a substance similar to quartz, but clearer and without any impurities. Looking at it, one might find it difficult to take in, as within its dense layers of crystalline dermis their ran a mixture of light and electrical energy, flowing over its entire form, distracting the eye and slightly obfuscating its movements. The projection turned its head, surveilling the area with all its senses. On and moving back from its head was a large tangle of elongated scales. They twitched and vibrated faintly, detecting vibrations in the creature's surroundings. Individually they looked almost like quills, but together they looked like hair, flowing down from its head and short neck.

The Tulpa flexed its fingers, and wicked talons extended, before it relaxed. It crouched and then sprang into motion, but before it had even covered eight feet, it vanished in a flash of light. Another flash of light and static signalled its reappearing high above where it clung to the ceiling. Focusing, Evelyn willed it to speak with her voice, but it came out sounding hollow and faintly distorted, if otherwise crystal clear.

"Use the stage and side exits. Stay calm and follow the instructions of capes and authorities on scene. We are here to ensure your safety. The glowing creature is on your side. Anyone with injuries or children should group together. The projection can get you outside faster." The projection then fell silent and pushed off the ceiling with tremendous force, dislodging dust and dirt, but doing no other damage. There was a flash and it vanished. However, this time when it reappeared, a blast of wind burst forth from its body and it was directly in front of the golem's chest. The flash of light and static was more intense this time and as it appeared it did something else, propelling its own body in a spin, its tails lashing out with centripetal force, augmented by a focused eruption of kinetic energy as it—hopefully—struck the chest of the golem, without hitting the coiling form of Outsider.

Not a second wasted, the projection teleported again as its move completed, reappearing about 12 feet above the ground. It released a wave of light, static, and wind, as before, and then—as if light as air—fell to the ground without making any sound except that of its passing through the air.

It crossed the distance between itself and a group of children and injured people in the space of not even two seconds. Again Evelyn spoke through it, walking up to the group as she did. "Not to worry. This one's under my control. If you'll let us, I can get you out of this room and somewhere safe. Sound good?" She said the words from her own lips and the easily projected words of the Tulpa. Some of the civilians looked to her, but some couldn't take their eyes off the projection. She smiled at them warmly, despite the direness of the situation, looking comforting...even if she was only 17 years old.

Discarding that errant thought, she noticed some of the civilians nod or give their consent, at which point she signalled her projection with a wave of her hand—entirely for the effect, rather than the necessity. Instantly the projection lowered itself and gathered the group around itself. Evelyn had already turned to walk away, her attention on the fight. She paused and smirked back at the group, "Safe travels," she said, winking. The very moment after the projection vanished, this time with naught but a gentle breeze to mark its passing.

Four seconds passed and it was back.

Evelyn activated her comms, "Inkscape, get mad at me later if you must. I'm alternating my projection between evacuating civilians and harrying Ceramix. Prioritizing the safety of civilians so we can fight without hurting anyone." That said, she ended the communication even as her projection dashed forwards, teleporting three times—towards the conflict—with each reappearance a small shockwave of air and light was released. The effect was growing more intense as it continued to teleport.

Moving at speed, and with teleports, it was headed right for Ceramix, ready to strike. Evelyn wasn't going to hold back, but she also wasn't about to lose control like she had before. This was serious. Lives were on the line and this might very well be her first successful capture of villains. Even if she did have help, she wanted this and she wanted it bad.

Listening attentively, Chatterbox kept his silence until Benito dropped the glass. In an instant he was out of his chair, but he didn't move further. His humming ceased, he felt at the thrumming threads of his power, connecting him to most everyone in the room 'cept the Jacks, Broker, and faux Broker. So it was that he knew Benito wasn't dying before everyone else. He relaxed, but only momentarily as the man recovered and the glass vanished Drake found himself unsurreptitiously perceiving something vast and terrible.

Shock rang through his system, for that was all there was, the impression of his mind, unhinged from his body.

Before him was something small, if consequential, he knew. He reached out and suddenly knew it was a planet and its moons, revolving in the vastness of space, but he knew it was small...and lifeless. Useless, then it was gone, winking out in utter silence and in its place was only blackness and the sensation of a twisting leviathan. Again and again the scenario repeated, but each time it was a different celestial body. Then, as space turned silent and black, a planet extinguished, so too did his vision black out.

Like a rubber-band let go he fell into his body, or rather his body fell, his mind totally disoriented. He barely managed to catch himself before hitting his tailbone on the hard floor. He sat there a long moment, shaken and grasping at straws as he tried to, at first, parse what he had seen, and then after several seconds, remember what it had been at all. Several more seconds and suddenly he was even confused as to why exactly he had fallen. He frowned and, his balance back, pulled himself to his feet. Brushing himself off, he sat down

"Well, I don't know exactly what that was, but I don't see the cup anymore so I presume Benito has been endowed with powers," his tone was matter-of-fact, but there was a bitter taste in his mouth. He did not like that the man had just received powers free of charge. "Might I suggest that any other buyers not drink the potions here? I've had quite enough blacking out for one day."

Though he made it sound as if he were merely annoyed, he was actually incredibly off kilter. Only his years of stand up and acting practice kept it from his face and posture. Yet, despite his ability, the muscles of his jaw stood out each time he stopped talking. He was grinding his teeth.

He didn't start humming again, but when he'd spoken a moment ago his power had been on, if only faintly.

Connecting, the golem stumbled, and as Outsider recovered from the impact he felt the shift of posture in the stone giant. Its arm began to move, and his tendrils latched onto the golem, kinetic energy being created rapidly as the back of the stone hand came to bear. As it struck however, Ceramix found he'd underestimated the hero. He flew, shifting his orientation slightly, and rather than strike his 'head' it hit the armored plates of his chest, or rather it would have if there wasn't a barrier between the attack and his body. Instead a powerful shockwave dampened the blow's momentum and he only barely managed to shatter the barrier. Jostled, but not disoriented, Outsider used his flight and the purchase with his various limbs to slither around the golem's arm. Then, using the anchor points, his flight, and the prodigious strength of his Second Vessel, Outsider attempted to hold Ceramix in place.

Three seconds passed as he positioned himself, avoiding the thermal beam. In that time his barrier reformed. Immediately, he moved, slithering his body around the torso of the golem, his tails remaining tightly coiled around its arm even as he used his arms to grab at the legs. Bio-electric and bio-chemical energy converting rapidly in his body, Outsider prepared for a tremendous point-blank shockwave.

He wasn't playing around, this was his element.

As the new face entered the diner and set themselves up, Chatterbox's eyes narrowed a fraction. Then the man announced himself...and his reason for being present. He didn't like it.

'Well, this is certainly...a complication.'

While perhaps not the most original ploy, it was nonetheless intriguing, clever, and worrisome. It was the sort of thing that made him nervous and unsure. However, before either emotion could get ahold of him he clamped down tight and washed them away with another swig of alcohol. Taking some deep breaths, he refocused himself and then started humming quietly. It would be audible to everyone nearby him and it was augmented subtly by his power. It wouldn't draw attention, but it would build his influence...if very slowly, much more slowly than normal. He had his power tuned down considerably and—furthermore—he wasn't using it at all on the faux Broker. Beyond that he kept silent, reading the room and letting others lead for the moment. He wanted to see where this faux Broker took the conversation, how he leveraged things in favor of removing the thorn in their side that was the Community.
Lilliana Merrycure

On the edge of her seat throughout, Lilli felt equal parts proud of her son's combat prowess as she was scared for his wellbeing. She had several glasses of milk set up by the time he was walking to them. She rushed forwards, but he fell...and was then thrown about by Boone. It didn't take her long, but she pushed close and when Boone stopped, took her son in her arms, holding him tenderly and setting him down with the gentleness only a mother could muster. Gently she helped the unconscious Bonesword drink the milk, glass after glass. She—unfortunately--couldn't do much else except make him comfortable, but she certainly did her best, finding pillows—as she had somehow gotten the milk—and settling the bone boy in for a rest. She kept his head on her lap the whole time, kneeling close, and stroking his skull affectionately.

She hoped it would be her turn soon. She was getting tired of seeing members of her crew injured and she was absolutely itching to take it out on someone.
Lilliana Merrycure

In the brief time that Caeser was unconscious, Lilli worked on him. She was done before he awoke. He was likely only awake because of her ministrations...or well, that and his incredible tenacity. She watched the next match and was quite pleased that Slick had come out victorious, and really not terribly injured either. She took care of him, despite his complaints, and when she finished she turned her gaze to the arena. A boxing match it seemed. As the match progressed she found herself more and more impressed until finally Hachirou transformed. Her eyes shot wide and she covered her mouth, gaping. He was a devil fruit user, and a zoan at that! Then things got intense and she couldn't take her eyes off the two. Still, the Runch pirate managed to wrap things up quite satisfactorily. She smiled. The man seemed almost totally uninjured. She wondered if their “doctor” was really qualified to fix him up. She'd intervene if he wasn't.

She had half a mind to volunteer for the next round, but she wasn't so sure it was a good idea. Then again, they still had Feya.
Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

As she might have expected, Sylph's reaction was just the cutest thing, though she felt a bit guilty she couldn't help but giggle lightly, her chest full of a heady joy. She breathed in the feeling and it flooded her and for a moment things were good.

Then the ground shook, cratered, and split open. Tables were overturned, hers included, and in a flash, silver wings had spread, covering her. Evelyn had ducked behind the table as well and, instinctively, reached out to her projection, willing it up into the hall where it spread out into a fine lattice-like network of faintly glowing silver light. It remained like that for roughly ten seconds, allowing a copious amount of information to wash over her mind and coil in her thoughts, constricting her view, taking up all her focus, consuming her. Then she recoiled and the projection went hazy, before she shunted it back beneath the floor where it remained.

In that moment of abject panic and confusion she realized she wasn't breathing. Her mother's words that day before her power went under review and the words of her martial arts instructor came to her unbidden. Despite the situation and her fear she felt her lips curl into a slight smile.

Breathing again, then keeping that breath steady like she'd been taught, Evelyn centered herself. She was present. There were people here who needed protecting. Innocents and people she cared about. She didn't have time to cower.

"Ceramix. Rockers' leader. Second in command Shatterpoint. I don't see anything indicating he's here too, but....I think it's likely. I'm with Messiah, what's our orders?" She heard Tiger Lily through her comms and the young girl's voice, in her ear, and near her was another point to focus on.

Turning her head she glanced at Lillian and her eyes lit up as things clicked into place. Messiah and Tiger Lily were holding hands, and despite the situation they had the cutest little grins on their face. There was a sort of determination and strength in their eyes and bearing. She envied it, but she was happy for them all the same.

Letting go a breath she didn't realized she'd started holding—again for that matter—Evelyn, no, Tulpa closed her eyes, pressing a hand to her comms to be sure she'd be heard over the noise.

"Team, cover me while I sort through powers. Got a lot, might take a minute, but when I'm done there's gonna be a helluva reckon—woah!" with a crash that had her opening her eyes, the entrance to the concert hall burst forth, and a flash of white and pastel blue monstrosity blurred directly at the back of Ceramix's golem.

"Um. Yeah. Cover me," she said, a bit stunned before centering, closing her eyes once more, and focusing. Focus directed out from her body, she took hold of her projection and a brief flash of silver light shot up through the floor, parallel to the floor, and swept up over everyone, before vanishing into the first layer of the concert hall's ceiling. She took a deep breath and then let it out slowly as information roared through her mind, consuming her attention entirely. Tulpa felt a flash of fear, but for once she breathed and embraced it, letting it pass like the fleeting thing it was. Then the knowledge came, materials first, followed in swift order by cascading geometry with edges and lines marked with numbers and letters. It all converged, becoming groupings of the diagrams, which then began to rapidly—faster than the human eye could have tracked—cascade down from geometric forms, to anotated 2D diagrams, to equations with some words surrounding, and then finally rows of words formed, each grouped separately from the others. Some of the descriptions were more garbled than others and she focused on those. They clarified and organized themselves.

It was always weird seeing things like this, rather than just seeing the results of powers. Even stranger were the connections. Powers—however she perceived them—were always somehow linked to other powers. Sometimes it manifested in literal linking lines or overlapping geometry, other times, like now as she parsed the information that her projection was giving her, the connections were represented by how much distance was between one power description and another. Like blurbs of text arranged across a page, with those that were more closely related being physically nearer to eachother.

Shelving the thought process, Tulpa focused in on the powers, mentally flicking over those she'd seen before.

Construct creation. Process: Manual. Tech focus: Shard interfacing. Focus: Augmentation; Countermeasures; Permutation.

~~~(Mechanical)Shard-->Shard-to-Shard-to-Brain information transference. Full-spectrum access to information database. Limitation: Temporary Memory Retention. Access Trigger: Inspiration/Observation.

Contact-based transfiguration. Focus: Object alteration. Scalable size. Limit; 1:1 | "Condensed." Object localized mass-phase translocation.

Alternate form. Scalable. High physical resistance and strength. Enhanced detection and reaction. Focus: Hearing, smell. Proximity object integration. Transformation method: dimensional mass-transition.
Tiger Lily.

Protective absorption. Focus: Energetic. Physical limiter. Control appropriation. Non-adaptive control method. Upwards limit, irrelevant. Dimensional access. Energetic storage method: Dimensional. Access threshold: Neural interfacing. Ranged application. Heightened mental acuity. Focus: Precision.

>>>~Maladapted shard. Synchronization error.
Hybrid anatomy: Cephalopod. Altered physiology. Ink generation--control. Extended autonomy. Dexterity/multitasking enhancement. Exact parameters unclear.

Physical alteration; Phased mass, back-loaded respiratory function. Sub-dermal dimensional phase gas reservoir. Release method: Dermal Pores. Control schema; neural, muscular, dermal interfacing. Intuitive knowledge: Gases. Extended awareness. Limit: Auto-generated gases. Control Limit: Range.

One-way Neuro-chemical brain-to-brain interfacing. Ego-jacking. Control schema: Neural. Limit: Range.
Captain Morales.

Shard-host prediction interface. Temporal limit: 2:1. Automatic input. Physical Alteration: Augmented processing|Memory retention.

Time-space bredth compression. Static spatial reduction. Shard-host sync error. Limit: Host physiological deterioration. Waypoint queuing. Physical augmentation: Three-fold physiology. Travel mechanism: Sub-dimensional extraplanar phase shifting. Shard sync error: Broken limiter – Warning, possible material intermingling. Shard sync error-correction: Imposed limit – Prerequisite ~ Host destination awareness.

She breathed, eight seconds had passed, she could tell. It was weird, she hadn't been counting, but she just...knew how long she'd taken. Still, the powers swirled in her mind, some untouched and she breathed deeply before sinking her awareness back into her power. Now that she had the familiar capes out of the way, it was time to analyze those she'd had little or no exposure to.

Dimensional phase thermal manifestation. Control schema: Neural|Shard backloading. High Precision. Physical alteration: Locked homeostatic equilibrium. Dual-phased physicality. High precision dermal temperature modulation.

Physical alteration focus: Hyper dense viscous material transmogrification. Intuitive control schema. External control method: Ingestion. Physical form modulation. Protective measure: Material generation. Trigger: Neural|Broken Threshold.

>>>~Maladapted shard. Synchronization error. Error correction success: 85%.
Non-standard anatomy: Metal-composite dermal layer. Homeostatic reduction. Thermal retention. Expanded physicality: Wing Pair(2). Tail. Digit weaponization: Successful. Error—Increased bear weight. Correction: Physical alteration – Enhanced strength, speed, physical awareness. Metallic layer, dermal shedding/manipulation. Shard-bud detected – Power expansion: Atmospheric pressurization. Modifier: Escalation. Limit: Focus.

Geologic matter interfacing. Limit: Range. Limit: Precision modulation on broken mass threshhold. Synchronization modifier: Host movement. Matter locomotive function: Shard offloaded. Extradimensional kinetic shunting.

Construct Creation. Process: Manual. Tech focus: N/A. Inspiration: Idea actualization/compounding/combination.

~~~(Mechanical)Shard-->Brain information transference. Intuition-based grasp of extraplanar mechanics; physics; astrophysics; quantum mechanics. Limitation: Temporary Memory Retention of gathered data.

Altered State: Physiological alteration. Transdimensional mass vampirism/modulation. Focus: Durability. Enhanced physical output. Expanded form: Wings(2). Sight-initiated neurochemical tampering.

Touch-initiated matter displacement. Manual interfacing. Limit; Mineral. Mineraloid.

>>>~Offloaded consciousness. Joint anchor. Terminal link.

Prime Vessel: Activation Trigger access. Altered behavioral patterns. Neural path chimerization. Transdimensional interchange.

Second Vessel: Activation Trigger access – Host. Augmented automaton. Sensory input: Electromagnetic|Sonic stimulus. Vocal Output: Extra dimensional phase. Specialized physiology: Transmutive conduit. Accelerated matter appropriation. Hyperdense multi-phase core. Focus: Kinetic energy. Redirection: Defense. Offense. Propulsion. Charge: Solar. Control Method: Shard offloading via-Second Vessel – Full-spectrum embodiment.

Sight-initiated neural interfacing. Focus, Visual cortex. Visual alteration. Alteration limit, Time interval. Scalable retro-temporal-permanence. Focus: Memory. Activation method, trigger. Perceptual-link. Personal sensory amplification.
Unknown Individual(Visage).

She opened her eyes and found that a miracle had taken place. She'd kept breathing. Swallowing hard, Evelyn grasped at the overturned table, steadying herself. That had been quite a bit to process all at once. Blinking she checked her internal mechanism and found that only eight more seconds had passed. Well, at least it was consistent, she thought with a slight offkilter laugh. She didn't sound too good, maybe she'd overdone it.

Trying to center herself she called upon her projection and it fell, formless, from the ceiling, rushing imperceptibly about the room. She couldn't rise to see without endangering herself, but she could use it as her and her team's eyes. Swiftly she managed to paint a mental picture of the situation. With that done, her focus returned, she activated comms.

Her voice was shaky.

"Got a scan of all capes present in the hall," she reported, "No sign of Shatterpoint. That's the good news. Bad news is there's an unknown cape present in civilian clothes. Not sure on exact location. Nature of power is somewhat unclear. Too early to make call-outs, but try not to meet the eyes of any civilians. Power is initiated by sight. Going to sweep my projection elsewhere. Gather material traits for a manifestation. Awaiting orders, Messiah. Inkscape."

With that her hand fell and she exhaled, willing her projection further out, scanning concrete and tar in the road, metal girders in buildings, humans, grass and other plant matter. Processed wood. Water, the rubber of tires, and many other materials too numerous to count, let alone note.

She swallowed again and suddenly wished she had some water, despite everything. She knew she had to use her power soon, but...she'd put it off and play support for now. She hated the idea of anyone here getting hurt because of these...these blathering idiots. They just had to attack and ruin a good thing.

She grit her teeth, feeling a scowl on her face. She breathed and felt the expression fade, clarity coming to her again, though the anger remained beneath the surface. Waiting, grasping, trying for purchase. She had to be careful. She had to give it none. Hopefully these jokes didn't do anyone meaningful harm.

It was a slim hope.
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