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!The Tiger and The Rose!
Collab between @ProPro and @yoshua171

Already itching to give these fools the fight of their lives, Lilliana watched the contest, her body tense, though her touch remained gentle as she absently stroke Bonesword’s sleeping skull. Despite Kite’s numerous injuries, she never winced or looked away. She’d seen some grisly injuries and wasn’t going to look away and shame herself or her nakama. However, watching each injury occur pained her in a way that few might understand. As things concluded, she found that, once her son had sat up, she was already on her feet. She left her medical and tinkering bags with Bonesword, but something was odd. Her tinker bag was totally empty.

Hachirou took Kite from the field and carried him back. Lilli absently injected one of her syringes into him before striding past and down to meet the towering man. Despite her small frame there was something about her that made it hard to laugh or jeer at her for challenging him. “Set up the ball, I’m restless and I don’t like you,” her body was tense, but not in the way that someone who hadn’t been moving would be. Her strides were almost unnaturally graceful, something that usually wasn’t terribly apparent.

She could feel B-MO pumping through her blood, through her body, strengthening her more than normal, mostly her muscles and blood vessels. Her bones were already far more durable than they ought to have been...not that the rest of her wasn’t uncannily durable to begin with.

Stepping to the center of the drawn up field, across from Pike, she met his eyes, and while she looked up at him...he couldn’t look down on her. It would be like trying to look down on a queen. You could try, but it was pointless. “Well, how about we skip the coin toss and you start,” she smiled prettily, but there was an icy edge to her words. “Shall I serve?”

Unseen in her shoes and beneath her flowing dress, metal encased her feet and shins.

Pike met Lilliana’s eyes by returning her own steely, determined glare. When he spoke, his tone remained even. ”I underestimated your mate because he was injured. His willpower and strength, despite his situation, surprised me. You are fully healthy, and despite your pixie stature, I will not allow myself to make the same mistake.” The large man took the cigar, which had sat inside his mouth the entire previous match, and tossed it aside.

”Go ahead and serve, if that’s what you’d like.” He sauntered over to take position, something in his body language had changed. He was less relaxed, more tense.

Stepping to the ball, Lilliana briefly stretched to limber up, before she tapped the ball with her toe, then each side with one foot. She then took a step back, met Pike’s eyes, then kicked the ball at him hard. The strength behind it wasn’t however anywhere comparable to his prior kicks, nor was it the full extent of her own. Nonetheless the ball flew at him, knee level.

The large man wasted no time in his response, meeting the ball with his knee directly to completely stop its forward motion, knocking it up in the air where it spun for a moment of hover. ”Pathetic. I know that you have to be capable of more!Striped Drill Kick!” It was only the first kick of the game and Pike was already pulling out his bigger moves from the last match. Into the air he went, perpendicular to the iron cannonball. Spinning around, his leg shot out and struck the ball with his twirling tip-toes which sent the ball shooting straight back at Lilliana at tremendous force and speed, with added piercing spin. What’s more, it came at her even harder than the one he sent at Kite!

Lilli gave him nothing, no response, no reaction, and certainly no ground. The ball struck forwards, she bent her knees, lept forwards and up, the increased the metal in one arm, throwing it back to offset her balance. The sole and bottom of her foot hardened, as did her shoe as she began to fall. The ‘ball’ struck that out stretched foot and her weight, actually greater than it, began to drive it down even as it pushed her knee up. Her body took the shock, not easily, but not even half as badly as Kite’s had. When she felt the last of its momentum about to stop, she pushed back from the ball, flipped, landing on the ground and then erupted forwards in a dash. The side of her foot came in contact with the ball, pushing it to her other foot.

She caught the ball with the edge of that foot, then turned it, letting the ball of cast iron slip to the top of that same foot, before she flicked it up with strength that belied her small frame. The cannonball flew up, level with her head. Her skull hardened, reinforced beneath flesh and vein with biometal. It gained a silver glint, and then she headbutted the ball. It slammed forwards with tremendous force and she didn’t even seem dazed.

She increased her speed, catching up with the ball. It wasn’t aimed at Pike, but at the ground roughly eight feet in front of him. Before it hit the ground, she would already be near him.

Pike grit his teeth in annoyance. Not so much with Lilliana’s ability to cope well with one of his stronger kick shots, but at how utterly detached she was making herself. ”What’s the matter, girl? Aren’t ya mad at how I crushed your friend before? Ground Pounce!” Chasing after Lilli, and the ball, was hardly Pike’s intention at the time. Instead he fell back on one of the more ludicrous, and terrifying, maneuvers in his arsenal. Once again his foot stabbed into the floor like a spear and cracks spread all around. Straining his muscles with a mighty heave, the floor tilted up a full ninety degrees, and then tilted backward! His strategy for winning the game at this point seemed to be on point with crushing the scientist completely and utterly!

Lilli ground her teeth, jaw tight and then Pike made his move. She kept running, though now with clawed feet, even as the floor became a hill and then neared a sheer cliff wall, but as it tilted closer to 90 degrees, she acted. She kicked the ball up, metallic claws spreading from her hands allowing her to latch into the wall the floor had become, catching the cannonball on a knee before swinging herself and kicking it hard with metal guarded toes. It flew up with tremendous speed, but before it got too far, Lilliana slammed her other claw into the wall and launched herself up and past it before it passed the 90 degree threshold. Moving faster than the cannonball, she still managed to spin so her feet struck--no longer clawed--and cratered the ceiling.

While Lilliana had managed to avoid getting crushed by the overturned floor, the rest of her plan did not go as intended, for Pike was quick to act while hidden behind the wall; he was not one to remain idle in this match. The large man vaulted up over the upturned wall, right past Lilliana, weaving between her strands of metal. He took possession of the ball with a hard headbutt, sending the orb flying down the court. Pike was just behind, his powerful legs giving him more speed than one would expect for such an imposing body build.

The cannonball hit the net behind Lilli, just as Pike landed safely upon the ground in a crouched position, the overturned flooring crashing with a mighty rumble mere inches behind his heels. “GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!” cried out the first of the referees.

“First score of the match goes to Pike!” declared the second, blowing his whistle.

Pike spun round to face his opponent with a cold glare. ”I know who you are,” he started, reaching into his jacket and unrolling a wanted poster. Lilli’s wanted poster. ”Rumors say you’ve got some sort of metal devil fruit. I don’t know how accurate that is, but the results don’t lie. You’ll need to work harder’n that to catch this predator off guard. My serve.”

Dropping down from the ceiling, Lilli hit the ground with a sharp crack, the ground buckling slightly from the weight of her form. She met his gaze and tilted her head, a brow raising as a faint smile touched her lips. “Huh, well, I never expected to have a reputation,” she mused, finding the idea rather funny.

Shrugging, she took up a spot across from Pike again, “Then I’ll just have to take off the training wheels,” she said, hopping in place a moment. B-MO’s biometal flooded through her body, reinforcing everything. He thought it was a devil fruit, which was silly, but he didn’t know better.

Pike licked the inside of his cheek, readying himself for a massive kick. He took stance as he gauged his opponent’s own stance, reading Lilliana’s movements. Something was off about her, he could tell. She was certainly heavier than she ought to be, telling him that she likely was stronger than she looked, and more resilient. But that also meant that most of the time, speed was sacrificed. He grinned. ”Perfectly normal kick… TEN THOUSAND PERCENT POWER!”

True to his declaration, the mighty man launched the ball with a completely normal stance, using a completely normal kick off technique, with but only one caveat. The ball had been launched at stupefying velocity, putting even Launcher’s devil fruit speed to shame! Rather than kicking it directly at his opponent to debilitate her with a strike as he had done so for nearly every previous kick, this one was shot straight for the middle of her legs. The intent? To shoot it right past her and score a goal of his own on the kick off.

She watched as he considered her, and as he started moving, and speaking, she pushed one foot back, bracing herself against the ground. She bent her other knee as well and then the kick came her way. Her eyes widened slightly, but rather than move to catch it with her feet, Lilli lifted one foot and slammed it down on the ground. The floor cracked and tipped up before the ball could pass between her legs. Instead the ball hit the ground and due to its momentum and the angle, flew up into the air.

It wasn’t so much that there was other way for her to block or redirect the ball, just that this required the least effort. On a level Pike’s theory was right, she was heavier than her frame implied, but she was stronger too. She’d been like this almost her entire life...her body had long since compensated for the weight or every movement would be a struggle.

This time, rather than act immediately she kept her eyes on Pike, the ball hitting the zenith of its rise into the air, before it began to fall again.

To his credit, Pike obeyed the rules of football. Though he was ready to go the second Lilliana took control of the ball, he did not move from his kickoff position as it hung in the air. After all, it only went up from environmental factors, meaning technically his opponent hadn’t controlled it yet. To rush in and intercept at this point would still be an illegal maneuver…

Raising an eyebrow, Lilli let the ball hit the ground in front of her, rather than leave the ground to retrieve it. Then she ran forwards with the ball, dribbling it between her feet as she did so, advancing swiftly towards Pike, her every sense focused. What was she planning?

Thus signalled Pike to begin his interception. Rather than going straight in for the assault, the devious and powerful man took advantage of the state the floor had been put in. Cracks and destruction littered the flooring everywhere. With one solid kick, not only did Pike dash straight for Lilliana, but he knocked up large amounts of stone debris, flying straight for the young woman just ahead of him.

He acted, and she took it all in and responded in kind, bleeding metal from her pores, to reinforce her skin as she had the rest of her body. The debris began to strike her and she half lidded her eyes, retaining some of her sight, while protecting them all at once. She kept her other senses sharp.

The debris pelted Lilliana hard, but her endurance was greater. The smaller bits could be ignored entirely, though the larger ones would still leave some bruises despite her preparations. Two particularly sharp ones cut into her skin, causing some minor bleeding. Through it all, Pike took advantage of the cover provided from his attack like a smokescreen, sliding along the floor right by his opponent in an attempt to swipe the ball right out from under her.

Gritting her teeth at the pain, she almost missed the sound of debris and hard leather against the ruined floor. Eyes still closed, she grinned, and kicked the ball up and to the side, away from Pike. She followed it, ready to receive her own short pass before continuing forwards.

Managing to evade him, she caught the ball with her foot, kicked it forwards as she ran and then brought her leg back for a powerful kick, nailing the cannonball hard enough to send it hurtling straight at the undefended goal.

And into the goal it went! Pike, too caught up in his slide, was unable to muster a defense. Soon as the net arched back catching the iron ball, a loud whistle rang out the hall with another long declaration of “Gooooooooooooal!” The score was now tied at 1-1, and Pike gave his opponent a nasty glare. Silently, the first mate took his position, ready for Lilliana’s kickoff.

She cast him a grin before taking up her place. Once more she tapped the cannonball with her foot, once on each side, and then the side facing her. Taking a deep breath she met his eyes and then glanced down at the ball. Preparing herself she stepped away from it and then as she kicked, let a small amount of biometal attach itself to the cannonball. As it flew at Pike, faster than the first serve, an exceptionally thin strand of metal extended between it and her foot.

She waited and watched closely, widening her stance.

Soon as the iron ball flew away from Lilliana, Pike rushed toward it, powered by his mighty legs. In less than a second he had intercepted the ball’s course, and began dribbling down the field, keeping his eyes on his opponent as he did so. The astute man knew she was up to something, but not what.

As his foot touched the ball, she moved, heading in his direction as he began dribbling the ball across the ‘field’. She focused intently on his every move, feeding a small amount of biometal through the thread, making it denser, but still virtually invisible.

As the two closed into one another, Pike took the opportunity to get an advantage. Hooking the ball with his foot, he tossed it up and over the approaching Lilli, then made a mad dash to get past her himself. It was clear that in a contest of speed, Pike was the obvious winner, but she didn’t intend to win with speed, did she?

Lilliana certainly didn’t. With the ball flying over her head and Pike past her, she smirked and moved her foot, making the ‘thread’ go rigid as she accelerated, running away from Pike and towards the goal. The ball, before it even landed behind her, would change course, being pulled through the air as she reeled in the string.

She’d then spin on one foot and initiate a kick like that, catching the ball with her foot and ankle before spinning further and kicking it right at the undefended goal.

Ah, so that was the wench’s game plan. Without missing a beat, Pike spun round to keep his eyes on the ball as it changed direction. He kicked another bit of rubble, not at his opponent this time, but at the cannonball as she flung it toward his goal. The rock struck metal, knocking the ball off course. Rather than striking the center of the goal as planned, it bounced harmlessly off of the guard rail and landed on the floor. Though it failed to score Lilli a point, the ball was still very much in play… But Pike was now already halfway to retrieving it.

Eyes widening somewhat, Lilli grounded herself, wincing slightly as she missed. ’Frustrating,’ she thought. None of the kids back home had ever played like this, it was strange...and less fun. Granted, this was far more engaging, if only because Pike was actually a challenge.

Despite herself, she smiled a bit and slammed her metal toe into the ground. It pierced like a blade, and then biometal spread from her foot into the ground. Swiftly she pulled her foot up and flung what appeared to be one huge boulder of stone directly at Pike. Briefly it would obscure his sight of her.

Regaining her balance she kicked some rubble into the air and infused it with biometal, before kicking it even harder at the boulder. Right before it got within striking distance of Pike the huge rock would shatter into a field of debris.

She’d dash forth, lighter than she had been before, a symptom of having gotten rid of some of her biometal. She was faster now.

Pike’s ears twitched, detecting the danger coming from behind. Rather than dodging to the side or facing it head on, the larger man opted for an approach that seemed unusual for his demeanor: he jumped straight up, arms and legs extended outward. Grin spreading across his face turned to bizarre confusion as more rubble followed just beneath him, which turned to scowl as Lilliana moved past him in her new speedier form. ”No. I’m still faster, he growled as he landed, pouncing toward her on all fours like a tiger on the attack.

Hearing him approach by the nearness of his voice and the sound of his landing, Lilli was just a few feet from the ball when she kicked the ground, scooping stone from the floor and sending it hard at an angle. The stone struck the cannonball with incredible velocity and some of that transferred, hitting the cannonball against the metal guard hard enough for it to bounce back in her direction. She spun on her heel, using a foot like shovel to the ground to scrap more debris from the floor and fling it directly into Pike’s face as she reinforced her back with a layer of metal.

The cannonball hit her, its momentum carrying it up her back and over her shoulder. She hit it down with her reinforced collarbone and then kicked it up even as she ran, jumped and then pushed off of a piece of debris from the shattered boulder she’d made only moments before.

The former captain took Lilliana’s attack in stride, facing it head on and with great fury. The man slammed his head into the debris coming toward his face, headbutting the majority of it aside like a giant swatting a fly. All but one piece, that is, which he had caught in his mouth. That piece was spat out to the side, showing his anger at the situation: though it had been solid rock, the man had left teeth marks. Such was his ire at being behind in the scoring.

While he chewed on stone, Lilliana lunged flipped midair and kicked the cannonball as hard as she could in a downwards strike. As planned (lol), it flew diagonally downwards and into the goal like a falling star.

Righting herself, she landed behind Pike, her back to him.

She brushed off a shoulder then glanced back at the man. “You should really watch your temper,” she commented, “’s unseemly.” She turned her back on him and walked back to center field.

The iris of his eyes suddenly widened vertically, pointed off like a cat’s, expressing a form of rage he could never have done before. Actual steam blew out from his nose, punctuated by the whistle blowing of the referees. “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! The score is now 2-1, advantage: Lilliana! The Red Rum now serves!”

Pike shook his head, pulling out a cigar, and lighting it. He took two deep drags, then breathed out the smoke to make the shape of a rabbit, followed by the shape of a pouncing tiger. The tiger smoke enveloped the rabbit, and both dissipated into the air. ”You forgot this,” he commented, his voice now even. Pike kicked up the cannonball, then kicked it to Lilli in mid-air.

“Could Pike actually lose?” murmured a Buccaneer.

“No way! He’s unstoppable!” another answered.

“Yeah, but we thought that Dr. Maul’s alter ego, Mr. Sledge, was unstoppable, and he lost.”

“He didn’t lose, he tied, and besides that the capta-Er, I mean, the first mate is still on a whole other level! He’s his own league! The captain wouldn’t last a second against him in football!”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. He’s got to be making this last longer for dramatic effect!”

Pike glared up at the peanut gallery, his stare alone silencing the hushed voices. Once the cigar had been completely smoked away, he took his place in center field, ready to intercept the kickoff.

Rather than catch the strike with another kick, or get in its way, she let the cannonball hit the ground, where she then stopped it with a foot. “Why thank you,” she said, flashing him a smile. She dipped into a slight curtsy, perhaps mockingly, or perhaps to be polite. After all, he technically outranked her--though he was no a different crew.

Taking to her kick off ritual, she tapped the cannonball once on each side and then on the side facing her. Then she regarded him, tilted her head, took a step back and then kicked the ball so it would angle far to his left side. The side with his injured knee. He’d most likely have to run to get at the ball.

Like a rocket, Pike was off heading for the ball just as he had done so many times before. In two seconds he intercepted it, then began dribbling down the way, heading straight for Lilliana. It seemed that he had intended to bowl right over her on his way to the goal, but something was different this time. As soon as he took off, did he wince?

Naturally, Lilliana had no intention to be run down. She dug her heels in and pressed biometal through the heels of her feet and into the ground, expanding them outwards like roots. Two seconds and then she wrenched upwards sending huge amounts of debris, large and small, into the air. The biometal retracted and she lunged forwards at Pike, ready to intercept.

Pike grinned. ”Perfect.” With his stronger leg, Pike kicked the ball up into the cloud of debris. It struck the first piece, then changed course to another piece, and another and another, each one sending the heavy iron ball on a separate trajectory. Meanwhile, Pike plowed through the debris with his body, tanking rock shrapnel small and large with his arms, until he was right up on Lilliana, the two colliding in the air, lunge met by lunge.

“GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!” cried out a referee, the second blowing his whistle. While Pike had deliberately taken them both down to the ground, the ball was sent on a complicated ricochet, straight into the goal. “The score is now tied, 2-2! Pike kicks off, possession goes to Lilliana!”

The large man glowered down at the smaller woman as he stood up tall. ”You’ve been better than I anticipated, but it’s time to end this. I have many more of your crew to crush. Filthy pirates.” With that, he took up position, ready to kick the ball out.

Taking her place across from him, Lilliana brushed herself off and locked her gaze with his, determined to prove him wrong. She took one deep breath, in and out, and then nodded her head. She was ready to end this.

Pike stood silent for a moment, watching, waiting, observing. He tested the ball a few more times kicking it with the side of his foot like a hacky sack. The man had so clearly been accustomed to playing in this manner, it was a wonder that he hadn’t broken his body yet. Lord knows Lilliana would be hurting after this whole ordeal.

”I wanted to save this for my final match, preferably against your captain, but you’ve gone and pissed me off more than enough. I’ll frighten away the rest of your crew by the sheer radiance of my ultimate serve!” As he spoke, it was not only Pike’s words that bolstered and rose up, but his muscles as well. The already mighty man grew at least another two feet in height, and another three in width. Veins inflated, looking ready to burst out violently like little snake bombs. ”Take this! Tiger Strike Ultimate! Dragooooon’s…. DEEEEEEATH!”

As the cannonball fell downward, he struck it hard with his right knee, sending it high up in the air. He took his own jump up, spinning in the air like a drill. Faster and faster and faster he spun, gaining more and more torque until the man could only be described as a colorful mid air blur. Then he thrust out both arms, palms exposed, fingers widened like claws. This created air currents like pathways, guiding the cannonball in time with his movements, sending it round and round and round until, finally… He kicked it.

Pike fell to the ground, hard, buckling under his bad knee. But that didn’t matter right now. What mattered was the cannonball flying straight for Lilliana. It shot faster than Launcher had ever sent it flying with her devil fruit. The air crackled around it as the friction set the very oxygen around it on fire! This was do or die. Dodge, and it would likely destroy most of the arena. Stand her ground, and she’d have to deal with enough force to kill hundreds of men in one strike. Less than a hundredth of a second to react.

As he began his serve, Lilliana sensed a change in him. Extracting the only Syringe(r) she’d left on her person, Lilli stabbed her arm, wincing. Taking deep breaths, B-M.O flowed through her body faster and faster--her heart’s BPM skyrocketing. She shifted into a stance, as if about to lunge to the side. Then he struck.

She held her breath, ceasing what had been what sounded like hyperventilation. She lunged to the side, or appeared to, turning the momentum and her own weight--focused perfectly to fling her sideways--into a spinkick on one foot. Mid-kick she dropped down, to her knee. The weight of the biometal flung itself into the tip of her foot, accelerating the spin in less than 1/4th a second. On the second spin the cannonball serve met her shin, just as the biometal had distributed itself properly.

Her jaw clenched, teeth grinding as her entire body strained. She felt highly reinforced muscles beginning to tear, she felt the dense biometal infused bones straining. Then the pressure began to reverse, everything almost in slow motion as she turned the momentum of the serve into a powerful shot to Pike’s goal. As the cannonball flew Lilliana collapsed to her hands and knees. Her entire right leg was shifting between numb and useless...and paralyzed by waves of pain. She felt light headed, but still she hung onto consciousness, nails clawing into the floor and leaving marks.

The ball tore through the air, a shockwave pulsing out from it. The air burned around it as it hurtled at Pike. It was moving so fast that if you blinked you’d miss it. As it passed over his shoulder, half an inch from its neck, it’d leave behind an intense heat and a destructive wake of force. In the next moment it struck Pike’s goal, flying into the net and then through it, into the wall behind.

The wall, like the net, couldn’t stop it either, and blasted outwards as the cannon drilled a hole through it to fly out over the bay.

Not having the strength to move much, Lilli barely managed to hold one fist above her head in a gesture of victory. She met Pike eyes, fire, determination and pain in her own, and managed a pained smile. “That was for Kite,” she then spat blood onto the ground. Her breathing had slowed, but each inhale was sharp and strained.

Blood trickled down from Pike’s ear, the sudden change in air pressure, combined with the heat, having caused his ear to pop in a rather violent way. Still, despite the pain, he said nothing. Not so much as a grunt of discomfort. The pirates in the stands looked on in total awe, completely taken aback by the events that had unfolded before them. Even the referees had forgotten to blow their whistles and declare the victory point.

”So that’s tha power’o the ‘Iron Rose’ Lilli,” Bill muttered under his breath. A few moments past and he looked around at his crew still gawking. ”Well, what’re ya waitin’ fer? Call it, refs!”

“Oh, uh… Yeah, yeah. Uh… Final goal to Lilliana, and match!” The smaller of the referees had managed to follow captain’s orders, but the larger of the duo still couldn’t quite grasp what he had seen.

”... Like hell it’s over!” Pike half-growled half-roared. He stood up, ready to fight, a menacing aura bleeding out from his eyes. He had lost, but he was still in plenty good condition to go toe to toe if the situation fell that way.

”Ya declared a 3 goal game an’ lost! Git back t’yer seat like a man, an’ admit defeat wit’honor!” Bullet Bill rose to challenge Pike’s own disobedience, but the first mate did not back down.

”You are your fuckin’ sports rules. Taking over this base, taking MY men, turning MY marines into pirate trash! You aren’t even a person, you’re a weapon! You’re a god damn tool! He pointed menacingly up at the stands, ignoring the blood that continued to trickle out his ear. The pirates gasped in horror, as though these words were sheer blasphemy. All eyes locked onto Bill, who remained calm, arms crossed. But it wasn’t a usual calm. It was an unnerving calm, the sort of calm you feel moments before something terrible was about to happen.

”I’m taking back my post as captain of this marine base. Anybody that refuses to follow isn’t worthy of livin’ life!” With a mighty leap, Pike pounced in an arc, straight toward Bill, flying high through the air. Runch and the rest of his still able crew scrambled into a fighting position to intercept, but it was proven to be unnecessary.

”Spinning Claw Kick!” Pike extended a single leg and began spinning at tremendous speeds. Yet Bill only smiled.

”Lance Stance.” Before everyone’s eyes the captain of the Buccaneers transformed in a most unusual and bizarre manner. His skin turned to a dark pewter in an instant, his legs became wheels, and his large rotund body elongated into a tube, while all human features utterly vanished. He had become a cannon. A cannon with human eyes, and his distinctive mustache positioned just beneath the end of his cannon-mouth.

His positioning was such that Pike could do nothing but fall straight into the open waiting maw of the cannon leg first. But of course such a large man could not fit inside completely: his leg plugged into the hole, while his groin slammed hard into the edge. Pike had not complained of injury thus far, and with this moment he was no longer able to. His mouth hung open, his eyes rolled into the back of his head, his entire body limp and paralyzed in the pain that dominated his family jewels.

”Thirty-two Pound Assault!” BOOM! The cannon that was Bullet Bill fired off, blasting Pike straight into the side wall, then right through it, and finally into one of the towers along the outer walls of the fortress. If he flew back any further, nobody would have been able to see it thanks to the fortress blocking the view.

Accompanying Headhunter, Chatterbox oddly did not find himself wondering whether or not their captive would wake and once more become a threat. No, instead he was looking forwards to him waking up. He had the impression that what the boss did was more than just temporarily shortcircuiting powers. He couldn't put his finger on exactly what he did, even with more data than he'd had before, but he was fairly sure that the man wouldn't risk two parahuman assets and a valuable captive. It just wouldn't make sense.

Glancing to his teammate, Chatterbox let out a bitter laugh, before looking away. He'd asked himself that question once...and found out the answer. He'd never liked the result. "Much to my chagrin my power doesn't work ont he unconscious, though frankly I don't think we've anything to worry about from this particular parahuman."

He glanced at Xolotl and then away, following Headhunter. After a moment he clarified, "It wouldn't make sense for the Broker to risk losing three valuable assets at once. He has more forethought than that, don't you think?" He flashed a smile in Headhunter's direction, before he felt his phone go off. Casually he retrieved it and read the message. Chuckling to himself, he pocketed the device.

"That message is as good as confirmation for me. I do believe we can take this poor sod back to base and bind him good. When sleeping beauty wakes, I'll work some magic on him." His grin stayed and he seemed quite pleased with himself now as, absently, he tapped his pager. In a few minutes one of his fans would pick them up.

Quite pleased that he'd have a chance to brainwash and interrogate someone in the coming hours, Chatterbox helped Headhunter relocate the villain, humming cheerfully as he did so. He had little else to add to the meeting, so when he had finished helping, he'd simply take a cigarette outside the diner and wait for things to wrap up before heading back with the others. It didn't pay to be caught out and he wasn't quite ready to head home or out for work.

All in all this had been an interesting, eventful, and beneficial night.
Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

Letting out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, Evelyn finally relaxed. The threats were entirely neutralized, Ceramix and Shatterpoint utterly powerless. A smile began twisting her lips and then she registered the screams and the pleading and the sobbing. The smile fell away, replaced by a flat line of annoyance. She kept her mouth shut, letting the others take care of it. It was handled, but the music that helped Shatterpoint was almost more grating on her nerves than his screams had been.

Is a villain really worth the consideration? Are they even worth the air?

The thought went through her head so fast and so in tune with her own mood that she almost didn't notice how unlike her it was. She went rigid, and it just so happened to be the momeny that Inkscape came over her way and admonished her before otherwise congratulating her performance. The annoyance mounted, but the presence of an authority figure, one who she had idolized for many years, pushed that emotion into the back of her mind, shelving it. Unfortunately, it also stopped her from paying attention to the strange thought she'd had.

"Th-thank you Inkscape, I will keep that in mind!" She saluted...then gave him a bow, unsure which was most appropriate. She only rose once he'd moved on. Staring at his 'back', she swallowed hard before turning her attention elsewhere. Almost absently she noticed that the fear she'd had of her projection was...less now. Being in control had helped. It responding properly had helped. She felt a little better. Besides, she'd even discovered some new things about her power!

The smile came back and this time it stayed. A good thing too because soon afterwards the media rushed in and closed on them like a hungry tide. She ate up the attention eagerly, responding to questions as professionally as she could manage. That was to say that she looked confident and comfortable in the spotlight. It was to say that she lingered on the questions that highlighted her achievements and the teamwork of those present.

Her responses would probably end up making everyone look good. Of course, that was not to say that it was perfect. Some viewers would see her enthusiasm and cheer in the wake of a serious incident as inappropriate, they would see her as a child who had no real comprehension of the issues that the attack represented.

Certainly there would be plenty of dissenting voices on Parahumans Online. Luckily they would not go uncontested!

Though he was glad to be recognized for his contributions, the conflict, in light of G4M3R's injuries, had left a bad taste in his mouth. There was a dark caste to his emotions even as they slowly slid away from his awareness, making him distant, but leaving him faintly on edge. It was almost worse than normal and so when the abulance departed, he managed to find a way through the crowd, after which he transformed and followed after the vehicle. He'd make sure the man was made suitably comfortable, that both of his former teammates were taken care of before he headed home.

He had some things to take care of, but aside from that, he really just wanted to eat and sleep. Maybe a chat with his sister would help...probably not as much as he'd like though.

Mentally, he sighed. Sometimes it was rough being a hero.

Quite pleased with how things had turned out, though he kept an ear to the conversation, Chatterbox finished his approach to Axolotl, then crouched down and looked him over. When he was sufficiently sure that the man was a non-threat, he rose to his feet and glanced at Headhunter.

"Mind giving me a hand getting him outside?" He asked, seeming not to mind the other villains present. He heard their words, but made no effort to comment or respond. 'Broker' had things well in hand.

Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

A small smile quirked her lips as things went over smoothly. When her attack ended she took her hands off of her ears and mentally recalled her tulpa. Once the others acted, saving the hostages from any other damage, Evelyn dismissed her projection, and it vanished in a brief flash of electrical energy. A shimmering shadow was left in the air, but it swiftly vanished into the ground. While things seemed well in hand, she still counted in her head, waiting till her power would be properly useable again.

"That went well," she said, sounding not just relieved, but very pleased. Though, when she looked and saw Lillian clearly in pain, she frowned. Her own ears were ringing too, but nearly so bad as she'd covered them before hand. She wished she could ahve warned the others.

Instead she walked towards Lillian to help Messiah comfort her. "Is there anything I can do," she said, a tendril of regret slithering its way into her heart. She bit her lip.

Covering his ears as a sharp pain went through his head, Jake backed up several steps, startled and faintly disoriented. Things had happened so swiftly that he was barely sure what exactly had occured. Though as he registered that it was his ears that hurt, he found that he was happy not to have been in his Second Vessel when that attack had gone off. It would have been so much worse.

Shaking himself, one hand to an ear, he began to cross the distance between himself and the disabled villain. However, before he got to Ceramix, one of the other heroes caught his attention. He met the woman's eyes as she spoke. Even despite the circumstances, her words brought a small smile to his face as amusement blossomed in his chest. It was glorious. He offered her a slight smile, "Thank you for your concern, but I'm quite alright," he responded, eyes shifting to those who were surely in worse condition than him. He leaned in slightly and dropped his volume so hopefully only she would hear. "The body that got hit isn't the same as this one is," he offered as explanation, unwilling to go into the full details with a stranger. Besides this gave things an air of mystery.

Drawing away with a reassuring smile, he patted her shoulder companionably and then made his way to Ceramix, checking his status. The man was unconscious and more than taken care of. No surprises now...he hoped. As he turned away to see where he was needed, Kyoshi spoke. Nodding, with a slight smile, he took a few steps back from Ceramix and the others before shifting forms.

There was a brief emptiness, nausea, and then he settled into his Second Vessel. The pain of his physical body was gone, replaced by the strength and solidity of his other form. Quickly, though carefully, he snaked through the air and took hold of the huge stone limb. Tendrils and hands wrapped themselves around the fingers of rock. Tiny directed pulses weakened the structure and then he pried the stone back till it broke. He used pulses to keep any of the shards from hitting the hostages within, some spare tendrils catching them before they could fall and hit the ground. Once he set them down, and made sure they were properly looked after, he took note of Kyoshi's other words.

"Gotcha, you get taken care of. I hope there's no permanent damage," his hollow voice said, more emotion in it than she would have seen from him in almost any other situation. There was worry for her wellbeing, as well as a sliver of happiness that she wasn't injured, there was the caring of a friend and teammate, and numerous other slivers of emotion.

He didn't seem to notice the difference as his leviathan form turned in the air and took to seeking out G4M3R by the shape of his body and gear. After a moment he found him, at which point he shifted back to his human form—nausea disabling him for a few seconds—and then headed over to their leader. What he found brought a scowl to his face, fear to his eyes, and anger to his heart.

The man was grievously injured. He bent down and checked if he was breathing.

He hoped so....

Things had been going quite well...and then Xolotl showed up. Chatterbox pushed back out of his seat and onto his feet. As the villain, their enemy by all accounts, began to speak he opened his own mouth...and then the man's world crumbled. A huge, maniacal grin spread across his lips. He swiped his drink from the table and swaggered his way towards the man.

"How wonderful, it seems someone wants to add themselves to the collection, so kind of you to show yourself so we can handle you." He took a drink and then laughed. It was a good chance to add to the reputation of their team, not to mention capturing the man likely meant he'd have a chance to turn him into yet another adoring fan. Perhaps they could even send him back to the Community as an inside agent. How delicious that would be.

His power on full blast, but only focused on Xolotl since he'd started talking, Chatterbox continued, "Perhaps when you wake up you'll be able to tell me if anyone more competent was sent to spy on our little gathering." His smiled widened, showing teeth. He now stood only several feet from the disabled cape as Thunderbolt and Headhunter made sure he stayed that way.
Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

With Shatterpoint taken out, her projection landed, its feet touching down gently. Evelyn cast her gaze at Ceramix and the projection followed that gaze. Then, despite all odds, the villain broke free of the throng of heroes, tearing from his golem like a rocket with out of proportion arms coming with him. Her eyes shot open wide and the projection seemed to tense subtly, the electricity that conducted through it moving faster, glowing brighter. Evelyn saw the villain grab up his own minions and stop. The projection vanished before Ceramix spoke. This time there was no breeze as it went.

She held her hands out, away from any of her various gear, a gesture of surrender. In the storm of emotion and the sudden silence, Evelyn missed some of what came through her comms, but did manage to hear the tail end of Lillian's statement. --can distract and stall and those three can stop him." A distraction she could do, stalling she could definitely do. That in mind, she began to formulate more of a plan, entirely forgetting to ask for clarification on Lillian's words...something she normally would have done. Oddly, something got in the way of that set of thoughts...snuffing them out.

Considering the situation, Evelyn realized that among those present, only the protectorate heroes really knew how her power worked. Furthermore, no one except for her had a full grasp of her projection's myriad abilities. Her mouth played into a frown, displeasure, fear, worry.

Messiah began her effort to distract Ceramix. They didn't have long.

He struck the golem, but Ceramix was no longer in it, his attack rendered impotent. Then, with the threats made, Outsider sighed, let the tip of his tail touch the ground and then swapped forms. His feet on the ground, he stumbled from the disorientation, but otherwise didn't move. He noticed the strange creature had vanished. He wondered about that did it work? Who did it belong to?

Turning his eyes back to Ceramix and the assembled heroes he wondered if there was even anything he could contribute to this. He wasn't fast enough to get there before Ceramix crushed the hostages and he didn't really have any range to his abilities. He wasn't designed for this sort of engagement. So he followed Messiah's lead, "Alright, give us some time. No one make any sudden moves. Ceramix, we'll free Shatterpoint." Unlike Messiah, Outsider didn't move from his position at all and he kept his focus on the villain, not even bothering to look to others for a signal.

His powers were useless here.

Banished from the room, sent outside, high into the air, the figure was rapidly teleporting, compressing more and more air against its body, pushing its own body heat outwards into the air as it teleported more and more of it. While unheard from inside, some of the people on the ground began to experience wind, first light...then after a few seconds, more intensely. It continued to become worse, beginning to whip flags and clothes back and forth. The air heated, more and more, hotter and hotter, against its body, the pressure and its own heat causing the reaction. Continuing to compress the air, heating it, exciting its molecules rapidly, the projection awaited the command.
Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

Five seconds, with her abilities? With this projection? To prepare a plan, execute it, and save ultimately innocent lives? To stop the maiming or death of people. Internally her emotions writhed, even as she made an effort to project only her worry and fear in her body language and expression. "Help us, help you," Evelyn said, adding to Outsider and Messiah's pleas, but in her mind all she said was 'Now.'

Her projection appeared, but it wasn't a distance away from Ceramix. It didn't charge, it didn't even try to hit him, nor did it attempt to dislodge the stone arms. No, it simply teleported into existence and slammed its open palms together half an inch in front of the villain's face.

Evelyn brought her hands to her ears.

All of the compressed, heated air, released from its hands, directly into eachother and then expanded in less than a second.

A thunderclap was what happened. One from that close would be utterly deafening and disorienting. A physical attack would still give Ceramix time to react and harm the hostages, but an attack on one's senses, one's focus? That was harder to deal with.
I also have to mention @Dark Jack's The Prophecy, though we (and every contributor/GM {@Celaira] and @Tuujaimaa}) are likely incredibly flattered. I know I am.

At the small 'snub' Chatterbox bit back annoyance and suppressed a scowl. Instead his eye twitched slightly and he took a drink, taking slow, deep, quiet breaths. He had nothing to add, unfortunately, so he kept his mouth shut. He wanted to leave, honestly, he wished he had known this was coming. He would have had one of his adoring fans show up as well, someone with money, someone who could buy a vial. His jaw tightened for a moment before he forced himself to relax again.


Then a thought occured to him and the small smile on his lips became genuine. If someone vulnerable bought a potion...he could simply lift it from them, but not directly. He would have laughed, but that would have been telling.

If he'd had eyes, they would have widened as his kinetic barrier suddenly shattered. Too shocked to react, Ceramix managed to punch him hard enough in the head for him to feel it through his entire body and be sent flying across the room. He hit the wall, but only barely. It didn't cave in, it didn't spray dust or dirt or debris. Where his human body would have either been dead or full of pain from something lesser, if roughly equivalent, his Second Vessel recovered almost as if it had merely been thrown.

Regenerating and otherwise shaking off the damage—face already repairing—Outsider's sinuous form shifted, head turning towards Ceramix and the ongoing conflict. He was glad no one really had a solid grasp of how his flight worked, not that he could have explained it to someone else. Discarding the thought he focused on the situation at hand, trying to decide how to involve himself.

Seeing the strange projection rushing Ceramix, he waited to see how its involvement played into things.
Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

Coughing as she accidentally inhaled some of the dust, she felt it as her projection teleported. With the radius of its power increased, it took all the dust in the vicinity of Ceramix as it vanished. There was a rush of air filling the space where it had taken it, jostling those without enough weight or with sufficiently unstable footing. Then the projection reappeared above Evelyn. She held her breath and shut her eyes. In the next moment the projection and all the air around her vanished. It rushed back and she braced herself as the air blew against her. The dust was gone again. No longer feeling her breathing stifled, Evelyn sunk her awareness into her projection.

It acted swiftly, reappearing standing between G4M3R and Shatterpoint, its body coalescing with energy beneath a layer of stone dust and detritus. The moment lasted not even a second as the air that was pressed against its body when it teleported rapidly decompressed. With all of it compressed against the front of its body, it resulted in a powerful gale wind full of choking dust and scathing stone debris.

Evelyn smiled.

A low laugh resonated through the room as he noted the actions of the projection, but Outsider didn't savor the feeling of joy and amusement that poured through him for long. Instead he flew forwards, accelerating rapidly. With his kinetic blast having been cut off, his body was now full of pent of energy, ready to be released.

"Incoming!" his hollow voice boomed as he rushed Ceramix. However, before he struck the golem, he stopped and whipped out the tendrils of his tail, aiming at the stone behemoth's back in a strike like a whipcrack...if the whip were as thick around as a truck tire. With his shield up it wouldn't even harm him. Worse still however, was the fact that—should his strike land or touch Ceramix at all—Outsider would release all the pent up energy in his Second Vessel in a tremendously focused, incredibly powerful kinetic blast. His aim was to entirely shatter the back and central body of the golem, splitting it in half, thus depriving Ceramix's creation of legs.
Lilliana Merrycure

Her eyes on the unconsncious form of her poor, strong boy, Lilli missed much of the fight. However, when the doctor was repeatedly hit against the wall her eyes snapped up, suddenly alert. With each strike she felt the sleeping anger she'd felt seeing Bonesword hurt grow. No one deserved this kind of battering. Biting her lip she forced herself to take a few calming deep breaths only to gasp as the drunken doctor managed to turn things around.

Eyes suddenly wide, she watched, the tension building, as the two faced off. Then, suddenly, the grotesque doctor was unseated from his rope in a most undignified manner. She let out a huff, but still watched as the drunk man pulled himself up...and up...and up...and then...fell. She let out her breath and rummaged in her medical pouch.

“Feya,” she said, turning to the other doctor of their crew, “...would you mind administering the medicine to him and tending his wounds?” In her hand were bandages, salve, and of course one of her signature syringes. She had no desire to leave her seat until either Bonesword regained consciousness or she could lay low a member of this horrid pirate crew.
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