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It's okay guys, even if you do not enjoy acquiring child, you can just let the rest of us who do enjoy getting kid to our own devices. Just ignore the status bar, gosh, stahp the edginess.
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Get kid.
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Inspiration is that you?


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Reates walks with confidence in his step, a grin on his lips, and a mischievous glint in his lively green eyes. He stands at 5'11 and has a hardy, somewhat muscular build, neither overly bulky nor particularly lean. A pair of spectacles typically rest on the bridge of his nose, filtering the strange glow from his eyes.
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Lilliana Merrycure

Her syringe likely striking Feya and doing the mad heals, Lilliana turned her attention to her tinkering. She zoned in for a moment before Krabbe's exclamation due to Saban's entrance. It was all rather sudden, and in similar fashion she found herself in the path of a great trident. She ducked down raising an arm at the same time, the bio-metal forming a shield of sorts. However, she wouldn't use the shield to block, but instead to deflect. Her feet firmly planted on the ground, combined with her startling strength, and the natural velocity of the strike, and her armor would hopefully allow her to slam the 'shield' upwards, knocking it high enough that it wouldn't strike the wrench wielding fellow.

Provided she was successful, she would dash towards the many-armed monstrosity that was--presumably--the crew mate that Krabbe had brought up. Without looking she threw the syringe back at Wrench-guy. He seemed to be an ally, and he hadn't struck her as at the peak of health. The concoction in the syringe was likely to give him the energy and focus to trudge through this fight.

Moving towards Saban, she brought up her grappling hook, readying it, whilst tendrils of bio-metal continued to tinker in her bag, repurposing whatever she'd been making earlier into something that might be useful against this monstrosity. She hoped the rest of her nakama made it here quickly. It looked like they needed all the help they could get.

Though, at least Bonesword had made his way over.

She loved that boy. He was a darling.

“Well, looks like we're allies now, whether we like it or not,” she said as she angled off her dash, ceasing her approach and instead running off to one side towards the fallen mast.

This was gonna get dangerous fast.
@Holy Soldier We'd love to!
Joiiin us, we have cake.
^Above is depicted the city of Ominar^


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In Ominar, a coastal European city, taken over by the prae--one of two species hailing from another realm—trouble brews. In the few months the public has shown a measure of public outrage to the rule of the prae, which while legal, was established through dubious means. Additionally, with the prae's mistreatment of the licentia--the other of the two otherworldly races--humanity and those licentia willing to stand up against the prae fought back. In an effort to liberate all those who had been wrongfully incarcerated by the prae, the Resistance was formed by a group of likeminded folk and proceeded to unveil themselves to the world in spectacular fashion. Managing to infiltrate one of Ominar's three prisons, the Resistance was able to successfully free the wrongfully imprisoned therein and hide them from the prae--at least to the best of their ability. Still, for now the Resistance is but a small organization fighting against the powers that be.

Meanwhile, the local leader of the prae, an Exeo by the name of Aismael Vea Vartari plots to demonize those who would Resist them, and to use their actions as further reason that licentia everywhere should be driven out, imprisoned, or otherwise oppressed. On the other side of things, the Resistance is soon to come out of hiding once more and resume their actions against the ruling prae in hopes of ousting their control of the city. As these plans play out, the world watches, paying close attention to the trade hub that Ominar has been for a long time now, waiting to see if they ought to intervene or not.

Hopefully they decide to do so...before things spiral out of control.

Starting Off

You are a resident of Ominar, or someone who has come from abroad recently, your interest may vary greatly. Some of you will come to join the Resistance and fight against the prae who--though misled--are not any more depraved than your every day human. You may be of the licentia, a highly individualistic species with vastly differing natures--be they magical, physical, or mental; or perhaps you are of the prae, having recently come to Medius--the home realm of man--to see what it has to offer, to learn or to fight for the sake of your species betterment; or you may be human, attempting to survive, and to thrive even alongside beings who from birth might be called your betters--ever struggling to rise above your fellows and those who might stand in the way of your ambitions or your happiness. Regardless, there is a place for you here and we are both willing and able to make you as comfortable as we can. We are here to help.

Note: We—that being the GMs [Celaira and myself(yoshua171)] are currently working on reorganizing the lore located in the first three posts of the OOC thread, as well as adding additional entries. A large body of this lore is not strictly necessary for play, but is merely information that may be useful to some players or is there so as to be more accessible. If you would like to contribute lore feel free to do so—provided you are willing to work with us to make sure it fits into the world more seamlessly and so that it may be approved and then added to its proper place in one of the lore posts.


What to Expect

  • Interactions with at least semi-realistic cause and effect. If you kill someone, expect there to be an investigation or at least it be on the news.
  • Medium scale in terms of character power, unless you've got good reasons/you prove you can be trusted with more.
  • Posts of a paragraph or more; quality over quantity. If you're drawing a blank, don't worry so much.
  • Posting expectations of once, at the very least, every two weeks barring extenuating circumstances.
  • A GM who is willing to work with you, hear you out, but not break his back to suit your every need.
  • Good communication be it player to player, GM to GM, or GM to player.
  • Some measure of political intrigue.
  • Multiple plotlines if possible.
  • Group world building!
  • Collaboration posts.
  • Some Taboo Subjects.
  • Some slice of life.
  • Some dark themes.
  • Some combat.
Character Sheet

The way the title section appears below, the existence of hiders for organization, and the sections therein are necessary. Aside from that code your CS how you want, if you want it pretty, but aren't amazing with BBcode, feel free to come to Celaira or myself, we're code wizards I tell ya, wizards!
Skill may vary~

For clarity's sake, Celaira is likely to do her code offsite, because she's a Journeyman wizard. She doesn't mind doing the same for others, in fact I'm sure she'd be thrilled if you asked her to do so. I on the other hand strictly use Guild BBcode, but I'm damned good at it--so there's that.

It's okay, it only hurts for a second. C'mon guys, check us out!
@Tuujaimaa Ithuriel is accepted provided that you alter Vis dolens so that it can only amplify pain up to 5x . Maybe it scales with how much blood you get in/on someone? Beyond that seems fine.

@Invader Len Alright, so, abilities. I don't really have any explicit issues with Gale or Sandstorm. I do need to stress something for in regards to the exact mechanics of those abilities.

So prae have touch-based telekinesis. This does include Mirage prae, but their abilities are a bit more expansive than your average prae. Namely, they can infuse their vis, almost freely, into the element they were born to. So when Calypso is using Gale, Sandstorm or other elemental abilities, what is happening is she is basically releasing a wave of her vis outwards, arresting control of the air in her area, and then moving it with her will as an extension of her body.

In her Manifest, she is likely to have greater control of wind. It'll be more potent in general as well as allowing her greater accuracy and whatnot.

So using Gale and/or Sandstorm will take a few seconds with the first use. Beyond that you should be aware of the fact that when she uses Gale/Sandstorm/wind abilities that she will be capable of feeling the wind/stuff in the wind (glass, sand, dirt, etc) that her vis is infused into because it is an extension of her being more or less. So if you use Gale and someone resists it and charges through, she'll feel it even if she can't see or hear, or smell, or sense their vis etc etc.

Beyond that looks fine to me.

Add a note to Gale and Sandstorm that the first use in a new location takes about 2-4 seconds to properly activate. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it can make a difference.

Once that is done. Accepted.

Both of you move your characters to the character tab when edits are made. Thank you.
@Invader Len All solids questions that I will answer NOW YO!

1.) A Prae doesn't even have to have anything resembling additional limbs when they use their Manifest. They can be wings, arms, floating crystals, weird lookin blades, an aura of flame, patterns/symbols floating around them or just a glow emanating from their body. Totally your choice.

2.) The various aspects brought into being by a prae's manifest ARE NOT made of flesh/bone etc etc, they are composed entirely of vis, but they are also functional. So they would be wings composed of vis (maaaagic wooo), but they would--regardless of size--potentially allow the prae in question to fly. If tendrils are your manifested bits of choice then they would be functional, meaning capable of grasping/moving things around, as well as probably throwing, pulling your prae towards things as well as blocking projectiles or whatnot (either by coiling up into something like a shield or by swatting them away haha).
Welcome to the thread, @Invader Len !
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