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Current No one likes a bad egg? What about Dr. Eggman???
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Spending the day with friends, won't be able to post today
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Look at me, subbing to all these RPs I'll prob never join
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No one expects the main character (looking at you, Agatha)
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Death is just the permanent procrastination of waking up


(2nd resurrection and counting)

Feel free to call me Evie, it's one of my aliases. I go by a lot of names, tbh. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing...

I've done a bit of RP back in middle school/high school, and haven't touched it again until COVID made me question my hobbies (which I dropped and came back a year later). Sometimes I think I'm a decent writer, but most of the time I feel like I still write like a teenager. I mean, I still act and live like a teenager... Oh yea, I also write at snail's speed QwQ (hopefully I've gotten a bit faster over the past year)

As a self-proclaimed hardcore weeb (not the cringey type I swear), I'm well-versed in the anime/manga scene. If anything I probably know more of the obscure stuff than the mainstream. Although, I've been getting more into Chinese webnovels and webtoons. I would like to be a gamer, but unfortunately, I was cursed with the inability to play anything but casual or puzzle games (and even then, I get motion sick from some). (Even then, I barely touch games anymore orz)

My favorite genres are mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi (not so much sci-fi in writing thou). Been laying low with 1x1s; might try to expand into Casual groups. Oh, I also think that I like to world-build, since that's what I did most as co-GM for my ex's DnD campaigns. As mentioned before, I'm slow at writing, so I'm reluctant to take on more than a couple RPs at a time.

I swear I'm not a cannibal or creep, so please feel free to shoot me a PM for anything ;p

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Garden of Ivies and Roses

(just an idea)
I wish I could touch you - hold you hand, stroke your hair, lean against you - but I can't. I know it'll make you uncomfortable. I know you will never feel the butterflies that I would, that you'd never have the same dreams I had.

Is it wrong for me to want hold these feelings, desires, thoughts? I only wish for some physical touches before our impending parting. I once dreamt of visiting you, but friends wouldn't do that. I once wish for a touch, but you wouldn't do that.

I think everyone knows of my crush by now, with how I turned into a tomato the whole time. I even wonder if you've ever seen me without a blush. Why must I feel so much, when all is but a fantasy?

We didn't even hug goodbye. And you left me on read.
I wonder if my inspiration is too obvious

I don't think I have the time for another rp, so I'll be withdrawing
Milo's answer gave Aqua a lot to think about. Starting with the immediate question, "You can't tell me anything about the first case? Even when the suspects are practically the same people?" The fact that Milo was willing to talk, yet not able to fully divulge, was speaking volumes. There were greater things at work here. They'd just met today, so there was a good chance he didn't trust anyone. It might take some work, but Aqua was determined to get it out of him eventually. Of course, it would be best if their investigations could progress without the need for that information.

"I don't consider anyone my friend. I don't expect you to trust me fully either. I'm not going to dismiss the possibility you just brought up, but it's not out of place for Maliyov to be on edge. Not the most uncommon behavior to have around here, especially after our last big one." She paused before continuing, "But, Maliyov is the one who conducted the interview with the Emri as well. As for my files, they went through a few hands before I got them, so I have no clue about the existence of the 3rd page... Actually, I never even noticed the discrepancy in numbers before you mentioned it. The transcript seemed to have come to a natural end."

Aqua tapped her finger on the table while pondering. Maybe someone did betray the team and was hindering their progress. Maybe she should speak with Maliyov as well. Should he really be trusted though? Milo did bring up a good point, but maybe it was his way of diverting attention. Then, it occurred to her, "Wait, what you said about Ava Emri... how did we manage to find her and bring her in for questioning then? Why were her oddities not mentioned anywhere in the files? Why were her files barebone to begin with? What can you tell me about her?"
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