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I suppose so?
Roen was sitting against a wall of the tavern, leaning back and idly sipping on his drink after a surprisingly half-decent meal. He was watching the crowd, cybernetic eye quickly scanning over faces. The Neon Geisha was the kind of place a bounty might wander into on occasion though Roen wasn't expecting much, the glance couldn't hurt though and besides, there was other ways to occupy himself around here if nothing turned up.

The scuffle between a girl with a large nodachi and some ronin didn't go beneath his notice but neither did it hold his attention, such fight tend to happen in seedy joints like this. Instead his eye caught another patron, a woman across the room that seemed to be frustrated with the device in her hands. Despite the respirator covering part of her face his eye was able to recognize her and his HUD brought up information about her bounty. Tomoe Gozen, 'The Mad Dog of Taishi' he chuckled to himself at that, the samurai and their nicknames, continuing to read the info as he watched her he found that most things were standard nut the bounty was sizable, she must have pissed someone off.

Just as he was beginning to think of how he'd go about things she got up and started after that shifty Nobuzai. He'd noticed the odd figure awhile ago but brushed it off, since this was formerly Nobuzai space he assumed it was a spy or something along those lines. If the bounty was anything to go by this Tomoe was not fond of the Nobuzai so whatever business she had with the man wasn't going to be pleasant for him, and if she had the sense to drag him someplace secluded before engaging in it well...she'd put herself right in the perfect spot for him.

Either way he couldn't just let her get away so once she was almost outside he got up and made his way out, past the white-haired girl looting the thugs she took on, and into the street to keep after Tomoe.
Riley & Lothair

Riley was still turning a fine emerald in her hands with a grin and muttering to herself "heh, few bolts in the baddies and I can live like a queen...hmm?" She caught movement out of the corner of her eye, specifically the sleeper's movement. That suspicious character from before with a particular interest in the Aldonian sitting next to her.

With her reverie broken she also noticed as some of the others were getting up to go prepare for their journey. She would have been a bit hesitant to let Flint handle all of the gems laid out so far but knew better than to cause problems, especially this early, besides there would be plenty more where they came from if the lord was to be believed. Of course, this didn't stop her from pocketing the gem she held.

It actually worked out that she was left alone with Lothair, with the other two occupied they could handle the issue of this mysterious sleeper. She scooted a bit closer to the Aldonian "Hey, we're gonna be working to together, right? means we aught to be watching each other's backs" she kept her voice low, trying to be discrete "Been a shady sort with his eyes on you since we got here, while thems two's busy I figure we should find out what he's up to 'afore we got problems" finally turning her head to look in his direction she ended with "Whaddya say?"

Lothair was surprised by the teen suddenly getting close to him. But her words got him thinking and he calmed himself quickly. This girl, or so he assumed based on her voice, what was she doing here... doing mercenary work. He initially thought that maybe she was someone's escort or something. Regardless, she was clearly very perceptive. He had a feeling that someone was watching him in particular when he first arrived, but couldn't tell who exactly. Now he could deal with this issue directly. He reached for the pendant to keep it safe for now in one of his pouches. Then he reached over to the girl's far shoulder with an arm to pull her a bit closer so that he could play along "No need to be shy! A lot of girls long for me at the sight of my fair skin and hair!" he loudly boasted so that anyone listening in the pub could hear.

Now that they were uncomfortably close, he could tell that she... wasn't the most affluent person in the world. He kept himself well kempt and clean. In fact, he had lightly applied some scented oils to his neck so that the stench of the bad parts of the city wouldn't offend him. Regardless, this was a matter of life or death. He had to do what he had to do. Thus, he gently whispered into Riley's ear "I'll play along. Hope you have a plan to get him isolated... if not... perhaps... we could request a room? If someone is following me... I want some answers from them. Oh, and of course the room is my treat, Lady..." Lothair paused as he didn't know her name.

With a faint smirk Riley leaned into the man "Riley, name's Riley" Her head rested on his shoulder, the Aldonian had something pleasant smelling on his neck and she tilted her head up slightly to catch a whiff of it herself, inhaling slowly through her nose before whispering back "and while a room does sound nice, shady's already on his way out" She nodded in the direction of the door and smiled up at him to keep up the facade "We aught to be careful though, I don't like his look"

Lothair took a quick glance at the guy who was supposedly already leaving. He then loudly said "I've got a room at the House of the Silver Moon. We can talk all night long there. Or, if you like this place, then I'm sure we can find somewhere cozy here." with a beaming smile as he looked at Riley. He got up from his chair, offering a hand to help Riley up. They had to hurry and follow the guy as he was leaving the room. He whispered into her ear "If things get rough, stay behind me."

Riley nodded and giggled under her breath. Taking his hand she hung on his arm when she was up to keep them looking like a couple. She whispered to him again as they left"hehe, I hope you really do have a room there, I could do with a nice bed" She kept up the image, at least as long as they were in public view, and took the lead as they followed the man out, keeping her eyes on the strange man and subtly guiding Lothair along.
The lord's entrance wasn't as grand as Riley had assumed it would be but his appearance was still noticeable, fancy as he was. She caught the expression on his face as he entered but thought nothing of it, she was perfectly fine taking Guthbert's money regardless of what he thought of her.

Riley was silent like most of the others as the man started speaking, slowly coming around the table as he went on. When he passed near to her it began to nag on her slightly that she couldn't smell him, nobles especially like their perfumes but the fact that nothing seemed to come of the man struck her as a bit strange. Her confusion was lost only a moment later, however, when the lord casually dropped a fortune on the table in front of them. Riley's eyes widened and her mouth gaped slightly. She quickly snatched up one of the gems and turned it over in her hands, clearly dazzled by the pretty little things. Given how she was faced with a small fortune in her hands and the promise of the kind of wealth her kind don't even see in dreams it was needless to say she was in.

She remained quiet though, at least in part because she was still awestruck by the gems on the table, giving Guthbert time to answer the other's questions, and despite her fascination with the shinies on the table she had an ear for the answers.
I'm intrigued
the Bawdy Boar, a worn tavern in the poor district, it seemed a strange place for a lord to want to gather. Nonetheless, Riley welcomed the familiar ground, she'd have been out of place in most fancier establishments and that would have just led to an awkward situation, besides, if the pay for this job is what they say it is they could send her to the sewers for all she cared. A few looks came her way as she entered but almost all returned to what they were doing when they realized she was rather unremarkable, at least to them. She did catch the sleeper's gaze despite his efforts to hide it, however, and as she flipped a few coins to the innkeeper for food and drink she noticed she wasn't the only one with his attention.

She wanted to find a place she could see the whole inn, or at least the sleeper and the Aldonian he was watching, but that seemed to only really be two places: either the table the man was sleeping at or the table by the door occupied by only one stranger. She decided for the latter, taking a seat across from the stranger and only giving them a slight nod in acknowledgement hoping they were content if they both kept to themselves. From there she tried her best to keep an eye on the Aldonian, the sleeper, and anyone else the odd man thought was worth watching, curious as to what lot she was being thrown with. Other than that she simply ate and passed the time waiting for whatever form of entrance her employee saw fit.

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