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Name: Naomori Ashina

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Faction: Ashina Clan

Occupation: Daimyo


History: Naomori was born as only the third generation of the Ashina alongside a sister. A young clan with a turbulent history, Ashina was established by Naomori's grandfather. The clan always had bitter relations with it's neighbors who believed they were more deserving of it's land than a common warrior, no matter how valorous his deeds. In the few conflicts that followed Ashina proved itself more than deserving of it's place in the world.

In keeping with his family's tradition both he and his sister were trained in combat. Between the two it was his sister that took better to the warrior's art, he was never able to beat her in a sparring match. He did, however, always have a stronger ambition and felt that his father was not doing the best for the clan, Ashina remaining stagnant under his leadership. His worst fears being realized when both his parents were poisoned by one of their jealous rivals.

Despite his parents sudden deaths and his own youth at the time Naomori took the position of Daimyo in stride. Among his first acts as Daimyo of Ashina was to have the emissaries of his rival clan beheaded when they came to him under the guise of sympathy looking to take advantage of the young lord. He then sought to strengthen his position to ensure Ashina would not be viewed as weak or vulnerable.

With powerful warriors in his sister and retainers, the loyalty of a ninja clan, and a new array of war beasts and creatures the Ashina army became a formidable, albeit relatively small, force. With the growth of his clan's might also came the growth of Naomori's ambition. He desired retribution on the clans that had been hounding Ashina for so long to be sure but beyond that he wanted to lead his clan into an even more glorious future, one free of any other's rule but their own.

However, in an ironic turn of fate, the emperor died before Naomori's rebellious plans could even fully form. The Ashina Daimyo almost laughed when the news reached him "it's as if the heavens themselves support Ashina's conquest" Yet he knows this is only the beginning of what's to come and he intends to see Ashina standing glorious and free when it is all over.
@DC The Dragon@Lucius Cypher got a new one for you guys on Muse's behalf. It'll expire too though so be get in here quick

uh, hullo there

& The Haaken Twins

Since Emily’s arrival interrupted their experiments the Twins had to find another way to occupy their time until the meeting. The pair simply milled about HQ, killing time either in their room or the meeting room, staying mostly out of the way of the few other arrivals they saw as time passed. As the meeting time got closer, about 20 minutes to 8, the two noticed that of the arrivals in the meeting room Emily was not one of them. The two of course knew she was already in the hideout, however she’d been upset and there may or may not have been a drink in her hand...or several. The two didn’t even say anything to each other as they decided to head back and check on her in the training room.

The room itself had a bit more insulation than most others in the hideout, more to keep stray magic from bleeding out into the rest of the place as someone trained but it also had the effect of blocking out most sound. From outside one wouldn’t know that a drunk pyromancer was having fits of grief and sorrow, however it was rather apparent once one stepped into the room. The entire space smelled like alcohol at this point and there were scorch marks all over the place. The twins noticed that they’d no longer need to worry about the evidence of their earlier activities, the body and table they hid it under now reduced to a pile of ash. Stepping further into the room they looked about for the grieving redhead, Kari softly calling out her name when she wasn’t immediately visible


Emily was lost in her own world, and her own drunkenness. She hadn't changed between leaving her overnight lover and making it to the training room so she was still wearing her stilettos, sure, she could take them off but they made the women feel powerful… and her drunk stumbling to be more amusing. She hasn't even noticed who had come in and out over the past few hours, let alone the twins rearrival, until one said her name.

At this, Emily locked up from her spot in the corner where she was sat, legs spread, chugging the second bottle of whiskey, the other laid somewhere on the training ground. Emily had an oddly high alcohol tolerance, while most would be suffering alcohol poison she just be very drunk, perhaps it was as she was a pyromaniac, alcohol was just a fuel for her fire abilities. At her name she looked up.

“‘Ey, it's th’ weirdo guurrrrrrlls,” she slurred, standing up. She stumbled toward the girls, one in front of another in a line anything but straight. Though, somehow, she managed to not fall over until she got close to the twins. “‘Ow're ya faring, Grady's daughtaaaaaaas?”

The pair watched Emily stumble toward them with some amusement, smirks on their faces and they stepped forward to catch the drunken girl before she could hit the ground. One took each arm to support her, giggling all the while.

“Hah, why we’re faring well our dear flamefinger”

“We’d say better than you”

“But we’ve the feeling sober isn’t what you call better”

“Still you’re in quite a state”

“Did you even know about the meeting?”

“Leighton called for us all”

“We’re due in twenty minutes”

The twins tried their best to steady the girl between them as they spoke but it didn’t seem as though she’d get far without their support.

Emily's head flung side to side as the girls spoke, sometimes not flinging around fast enough to see the speaker. She couldn't help but giggle alongside the girls, swaying side to side. “Uh'm fine, Uh'm fine,” she protests swatting the girls from her, stumbling a few step forward. ”This is da beeeeeest o’ staaaaaates,” she sings possibly too close to their faces for comfort, switching between which she looked at. She giggled and stumbled back a few steps, taking a large gulp from her bottle of whiskey.

”Yeeeees I heard about the meeting but have yoooooooooou,” she swings from one girl's face to another in an arc, “Heard aboooooouuuuut our looooord and saviour Mr Biiiiigshoooooot Alllllll?”

The twins stayed behind her while she staggered away from them and were ready as she came back, catching her and she took another drink from her bottle. The twins were now more behind her as they held her up, their faces coming over her shoulders.

“Heard of him?”

Sigrun reached forward and took the almost empty bottle from Emily’s hand, turning around to look at the label for a second.

“Well of course we have”

“Oh, does she mean…?”

“She believes it?”

“Oh dear, the poor girl”

“We should get her out there”

“Yes, better if she sees”

Sigrun swigged what was left in the bottle before flinging it off into the room. The twins then ducked under each or Em’s arms, taking them over their shoulders as they half-carried half-dragged her toward the door.

“Let’s get you taken care of”

”Hey!” Emily yelped as one of the girls took her bottle. Was it Carrie or Siggy? Emily couldn't tell the difference when she was sober, well, the closest to sober she got. As Sigrun gulped the last bit she yelped “HEY!” in protest again, this time lunging for it, only to be grabbed and carted off by the twins, her head flailing from one to the other as they talked in unison. ”That was ma drunk! I buyed it m'self! Wif ma own monay!”
Kari & Sigrun

"(now raise your right hand)"

"mmmmmmmph! mm hmmmmm!"

"(I said raise your right hand!)"

"This isn't working Siggy" Kari was standing behind a man strapped into a chair of in the corner of the training room, his mouth gagged to silence any of his screams. In front of him was Her twin, Sigrun, attempting to give the man commands as they experiment with enthralling the sparks they so often manipulate, using a difference language so the man does not simply feign his obedience. So far they have seen failure.

"Right, saying it out loud probably doesn't even matter" Sigrun leaned against a nearby table and looked to her sister, ignoring the man as he continued to struggle and sob. The man did not even have a name to the two, he was simply a subject to them. Over the course of his ordeal he has died 6 times in the span of about 4 hours. It turns out so many deaths in such a short time can play havoc with not only one's mind but their spark as well, as to the twins eyes the man's spark is erratic and unstable and his sobs come between incoherent babbles.

"We may have worn this one too far to be-" Kari was cut off as they heard someone enter the hideout. The twins had thought they'd have more time alone before others returned. Acting quickly Kari threw her arm around the mans neck, twisting it till it snapped and giving the man his seventh, and final, death. She then turned the chair over and tumbled his body beneath the table where Sigrun then covered it with a cloth they'd kept nearby. they then attempted to act natural and hope to pass of the sounds as them sparring. Though it would turn it they wouldn't need too.

It was very distraught Emily that came storming in, not even noticing the twins as the redheaded captains started venting whatever it was that was upsetting her on the training dummies. The twins simply stood there side-by-side and stared for a moment before turning to each other and shrugging. Sigrun turned around first and noticed her phone had a notification, picking it up and reading the text.

"Seems there's to be a meeting tonight"

"oh? think things are finally kicking off?"

"maybe. What should we do about...?" She caste a cautious glance over her shoulders at Emily and gestured under the table

"uhm...get rid of it later I think? when we won't be seen. If they find it before then they'd probably blame it on the Masers girl. or we could act that we were playing with our healing"

"right. well should we leave her to it then?"

"yes, let's go" With that the two quietly left the training room to kill time until the meeting.

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