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11 days ago
When the RP starts: "Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team..."
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17 days ago
"I'm just tryna stay alive and take care of my people. And they don't have no award for that...ain't no envelopes to open, I just do it cuz I'm supposed to."
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24 days ago
Wasn't I just looking forward to Endgame at the beginning of the month? How the hell is it coming out already? XD
2 mos ago
My Aunt: "What dimension are you from?" || Me: "Brooklyn."
2 mos ago
"Children's Story" - Slick Rick


You can call me DC, Czar, Kamala, whatever works for you.

Been roleplaying about five years now. Trying different websites out to see what happens, so, if I happen to have encountered you before, don't be afraid to give a shout out.

I work nights and am usually up for most hours of the day. Because of that, I'm often running on no sleep, so that's a thing.

Want to know more? Just ask.

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Now we're talkin.
So I take it, there can't be another descendant of the Great Kung Lao? xD

I'll support this RP just because MK is my favorite gaming series.
I gotta watch that movie again. XD
Although 'human-Pokemon' RPs have been kinda sketchy to me in the past, this version of the premise actually kind of interests me.
XP You know what it is.
I think I might be interested.
I find myself interested in this.
Really wanted to join this. Not really sure what I did wrong beforehand but thanks for the opportunity I suppose.
Real sorry about that.
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