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When the RP starts: "Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team..."
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"I'm just tryna stay alive and take care of my people. And they don't have no award for that...ain't no envelopes to open, I just do it cuz I'm supposed to."
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Wasn't I just looking forward to Endgame at the beginning of the month? How the hell is it coming out already? XD
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My Aunt: "What dimension are you from?" || Me: "Brooklyn."
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"Children's Story" - Slick Rick


You can call me DC, Czar, Kamala, whatever works for you.

Been roleplaying about seven years now. Trying different websites out to see what happens, so, if I happen to have encountered you before, don't be afraid to give a shout out.

I work nights and am usually up for most hours of the day. Because of that, I'm often running on no sleep, so that's a thing.

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January 1st, 8:45 PM
Chipotle Mexican Grill, West 34th

@Blackstripe, @MsMorningstar

Virgil observed Starfire's reaction to the drink in hopes that it'd help. Nope, that hypothesis was thrown all the way outta the window. Seeing her excuse herself from the table, he couldn't help but think he somehow made it worse. Part of him wanted to help her, but he felt like that'd be too much. Plus, her friend Clio didn't seem to budge much. That was a sign that she'd figure it out alright, right? It would be fine, he hoped.

His eyes followed her walking away, and his senses seemed to jolt. There was an odd sort of surge that he felt in the electromagnetic fields in the restaurant. It was clearly different from the phones and tablets and terminals that were already here. No, this one had biological roots, similar to what he sensed when around...His eyes quickly shifted to the source, though it wasn't who he thought it was. No, he wouldn't just be walking around out to Chipotle in the middle of the night anyway. So that guy was just another meta running around through the NYC. That wasn't too surprising.

Though, it made Virgil wonder if the guy could sense him in the same way. If those theories of his interactions at the Garden being recorded were true, that could cause some complications. For one, Karen clearly swapped her look kinda to keep from being celebed in this restaurant. If that guy could detect Virgil's electromagnetic presence, and had seen a video, it wouldn't be hard to link the two things. Especially since they happened in the same night...But Agent K's stunt double didn't seem to pay them no mind so he dismissed it for now. He couldn't shake this feeling of having to keep his guard up...Damn there was a lot of blind hope that he was relying on tonight.

Pushing those thoughts to the side for a minute and living in the moment, he only half heard Karen's question. Knowing that some didn't live here, left the implication that she was talking about someone other than Starfire. He was quiet at first, looking for a way to phrase it amidst jumbled thoughts. Though his eye also shifted to his uncle. He was kind of hoping for a bit of an assist here, but Virgil found it instead coming from Clio.

"Well, I came here to...escape the family, I guess. Not that they gave me any reason to want to's just that, they're very tight-knit and I guess I wanted to spread my wings. Network a little bit?

...What about you, V?"

Virgil nodded slowly to her answer. It was interesting. It seemed to be simple enough, though reading between the lines, it seemed like her family was a little overbearing. In which case, he'd see it as only natural to want to branch out on her own. With that in mind though, she flipped the script over to him. There was a moment of hesitation but he smiled a little.

"Yeah...I can relate. I'm from Maryland, and where I grew up wasn't the greatest. It was nice and all, but as I got older, I felt like I had to 'grow up', if that makes sense?" Virgil would've stopped there, but he felt like that'd kinda be unfair to leave them still completely in the dark. So, he elaborated.

"I had to get outta some habits I had and plus...there was just a lot of baggage back home. But I got a scholarship with S.T.A.R. here, so, it kinda worked out."

Virgil's eyes drifted off into the distance again with recollection of his life in the span of seconds. His smile vanished in the middle of that, but he caught himself though. He looked up at each of them and forced a mild chuckle out. He would've asked Karen a question about what it was like on her tour, but that would be overheard. So, he just settled on taking a bite out of one of his tacos.
January 1st, 8:34 PM
Chipotle Mexican Grill, West 34th

It was while on the ride over that Virgil switched up his look a bit. First off, the jacket he flipped inside out and tied it around his waist. Then he pulled his dreads out of the little ponytail he had them tied in and let some of them hang in his face. He left the snapback on though; gotta respect the classics.

The reason why he did this though, was simple. There were thousands of people inside the arena when he did what he did. Thousands with phones. Quite frankly, knowing how people were, no matter what was going on, someone was going to be recording it. The world could have been ending and some dumbass was gonna stunt on the 'gram about it.

Virgil had managed to keep up a solid secret identity all throughout high school. It'd be kind of wild to screw it up as an adult. In all fairness, the situation was dangerous and desperate, so he wasn't regretting his decision to step in. Though, the reckless part might have came in when he relented to Sharon’s pushiness. That was one thing that showed of their mother, through Cherry…


Virgil abruptly ceased his steps to keep from walking into a lady and her third-grader kid. He offered a minor apology, but kept on keeping on to the table where everyone was. All he got were three hard-shell tacos from here. It wasn’t really because he liked them all that much, but he was hungry. No spanish food could ever seem to measure up to the Goren family restaurant...He wished he could go visit someday, but that's another story.

The current scoop was this new little group that he was now involved with. So, apparently the one named ‘Mayaka’ was actually ‘Clio’. She--The name was that was a little juvenile. It was nice, he liked the name.

While the other two had a little dialogue about food, Virgil’s attention was yet again stolen by Starfire. Her reaction to the food intrigued him. Going off first glance, it appeared as if she had never seen human food before. What happened next, confirmed it. She, one, tore the taco in half with her teeth like a lion eating a wildebeest. And two, she didn’t even try to chew it. It looked like she had grown an adam’s apple on the low and seeing her expression made Virgil cringe a bit.

"I'm sorry. I do not like the soft tacos. Maybe another food, some other time."

“The idea is to chew it, Star.” Virgil suggested with a smile, humored but good natured. He looked at his sweet tea that was on his tray. The brown-skinned boy picked it up to hand it to her, but thought better of it. So, he took the top and straw off of the cup and placed it on her tray.

“Try to drink that. It should help in pushing it down.”
a magic pharaoh disguised as a rap star.

I like this. I'd then have a dude I could roast IC.
January 1st, 7:40 PM
Madison Square, New York

@Blackstripe@Zoey White@LokiLeo789

Virgil finally stopped aerially orbiting around the target when he saw shadows beginning to move of their own accord. Looked like the Voodoo lady was back in the game. Although he was a second too late to stop the knife, seeing that only the hand was the target, he managed to let himself rest a little.

Uncle J

With the ringing in his ears beginning to fade, that statement from the voice of his uncle made Virgil turn his head. His glance on the man that he shared blood with made him smile albeit wryly. Though Static was no Harry Styles fan, the humor in the phrase eased the tension in him some. Turning his eyes back quickly though, he watched the shadow tentacles seem to finish the job. Static sighed and slowly separated his hands from the ball of lightning to cause it to disipate safely.

The ebony youth looked around as well to see the basketball arena now clearing. He was just thankful that it didn't get any more hectic than this. The whole front seating area was full of monsters and mages that could have made this situation even worse. Karen's message of possible interracial peace was as effective as people said. That was actually really amazing.

Feeling the adrenaline finally wearing off, Virgil exhaled, finally lowering down from levitating. He opened the chair so as to be able to sit on it backwards. Headrest in front, he leaned on it with his elbows in observance. On cue, the security huddled in on the unconscious stalker. The two ladies in question seemed to hug it out and recover from the little scuffle.

Everything was winding down, which meant that Virgil should probably get outta here and find his fam. He pulled downward on the hood of his jacket to give his neck some air. A moment from pulling out his phone to call Sharon's phone, V looked up and took notice of the red haired lady's approach. It wasn't until just now that he noticed that she had green eyes. Despite her clearly inhuman features, she seemed mostly normal; at least beautiful.

"You are very brave, too. I am Starfire, and this is my friend, Cl...Mayaka. What is your name?"

Her compliment made the high-voltage-hero smile a little, more genuinely than earlier. Though he hadn't done anything like this in a few years, it was surprising how quickly it came back to him. Though, that was something to contemplate at another time.

Apparently, the person he was inwardly referring to as the voodoo lady, had a name. Though, one starting with 'Cl' hidden behind 'Mayaka' instead. It made him wonder, with names like 'Starfire' and 'Mayaka', if these two were just rookie vigilantes. They were, after all, almost just as quick to respond to the situation. Regardless of any reservations he had about it, when asked for his name, Virgil merely shrugged.

"Ah, I'm nobody special. But, if we ever meet again, you can call me V." Virgil responded in kind, though, his attention turned to Mayaka as she finally spoke up. Now actually able to look at her more directly, he took note of her, ironically, deadass sexy attire. Definitely an eye opener, but he kept his eyes pushed up to the skull on her face to keep at least kinda modest.

"Thanks for the rescue. You...uh, do this often?"

Virgil's smile shortened in just the slightest and he aimed his eyes toward the ground.

"Old habits die hard, I guess."
January 1st, 7:37 PM
Madison Square, New York

@MsMorningstar@Blackstripe@Zoey White

Yung Herbert

Virgil took a cool breath when the guy shouted the name Black Lightning. Really? A black slur now huh? Just how off the hinges was this dude? All this for a chick that Virgil could bet that this dude never met? Did he really believe that she found all this shit attractive?

"Pretty sure that name's been copyrighted. Nice try tho, ya young Herbert the Pervert." Virgil shot back verbally. Though, with the way that this guy was reacting, he wasn't sure if his jokes would be making it worse.

In the corner of his eye, he noticed at least two others jumping from the front row to help out im this situation. Though, he didn't recognize them as Justice League folks. Virgil was unnerved about the thought of civilians getting involved in the foght, but here he was, so he couldn't say shit.

Instead, watching the makeshift trap that he created start to contort because of some freaky red aura this guy was producing, Virgil could now make a better analysis. This guy had some kind of wicked demon magic. Sounded terrible, and the metal snakes charging at him looked the part as they tore through the stage to get him.

He immediately laid downward on the flattened-chair and dove directly towards the dual steel serpents. Static's body turned slightly to fly directly between them. With them turning back around to chase him as the guy commanded his death, Virgil used their momentum against them. Curling into a squat on his ride, he gripped the headrest with one hand to keep stable, coming to an abrupt stop. With his other hand though, he circled his fingers, causing one of the weird snakes to wrap around the other. This way, he tied and magnetized the metallic creatures into a knot of sorts to render them mostly immobile.

The guy's eardrum shattering shriek threw him off of his board for a second. The ringing of his ears and the pounding in his head was crippling for most, but Virgil couldn't afford to let this dude continue on his rampage.

”Star, get out of there!”

Turning back as he barely heard another voice, Virgil took note of the red-haired inhuman-woman get knocked back. Something about the way that guy's skin glowed seemed terribly wrong. To be frank, he was even screaming in pain. Whatever was possessing him didn't seem to care much about his comfort.

Although initially preparing to charge up some ball lightning, he noticed black fire lines in hot pursuit of the dark-skinned woman who seemed to be casting magic. Virgil somehow got the vibe that she could handle herself, but he was already wrong once tonight. Besides, just the notion of black fire sounded deadly.

So, without possibly taking the risk regarding the woman's life, Virgil darted back for his chair-board and zoomed to her rescue. Flipping upside down, but still riding the chair standing, he wrapped his arms around the shadow-lady's sides to whisk her out of the immediate area. Keeping his head on a swivel though, he noticed some people in the crowd fleeing, others lingering to watch how this fight went. He let the magician down once out of the danger zone, and flipped back upright with am arm raised for the jumbotron.

Throwing a blast of lightning vertically, the jumbotron cycled these words in a bold font: 'RUN! GET TO SAFETY! CALL THE COPS!'

The message was mostly for Ricky and Sharon if they were still over there for some reason. Shifting his eyes back on the guy in question, Virgil took note of his current position. The guy was clearly getting weaker from the extended use of this power. Maybe all it would take is a solid blow or two to take him down. As it seemed, the red haired woman seemed to tank the blast pretty well, at least enough to try attacking again.

Ultimately, instead of trying to go for a joint attack, Virgil didn't want to inadvertantly hit the lady with lightning. She may have been strong, but there was no telling how his powers would affect her. Conversely, he swirled his hands around in a move to create a ball of lightning for launch, should there be an opening.

This guy needed to be put down. And fast.
January 1st, 5:45 PM
Madison Square Garden, New York City

"Sheesh...Uncle J wasn't playin when he said this place would be packed..." A young man lamented as he, his little sister, and his best friend returned to their seats from busying concession stands.

"Of course it is! It's KAREN!" A little sister exclaimed ecstatic. Ricky merely shrugged his shoulders with a chuckle.

"Well, she isn't lying." The nerdy blonde agreed.

Yeah it may have been Karen, but one thing he hadn't anticipated was what this concert would be like in New York. The City of Lights, and even more than that, at Madison Square. Crowds were gonna be thick as thieves in here when they opened the other doors in a few seconds.

Guess the 80% of his rent money that Uncle J made him pay to get the express tickets before the masses did was worth it. He didn't want to have to walk Sharon through the crowd that roared and excitedly chattered just outside, especially considering the fanatical compilation of cult-followers that she attracted. No pun intended.

Virgil could see the reason for the appeal. Hell, he was a fan since she was coming up. She could sing, had a great message. Plus, she was actually...kinda hot. Though, they didn't have this problem back in Dakota. They weren't as hype on her music there as they were more self-contained.

Pops warned him that coming here might be a bad idea, having heard that her fans could get a little rowdy. In honesty, and hindsight, Virgil wouldn't have brought her here. Though, just sending money to Cherry as a Christmas gift wouldn't cut it in Dad's eyes. It took some convicing but he was assured that everything would be fine.

Hopefully. Virgil thought as they made it to their seating section.

Still, he was anticipating this show, wondering if she'd pull out something new for the New Year. Yeah, what was he worried about, this was gonna be awesome!

7:35, Madison Square

Those two hours went by fast somehow. Her performance was, as always, electrifying, and it got the crowd fired up with each new song she brought out. It was like time stood still as her voice possessed the stadium. All the while, from this supposedly new album, Sharon was singing all of the damn words. Yet, as offkey as she was, it didn't seem to be out of place in the crowd of misfits.

Though it was with checking his watch, that he noticed the aura of the place had very much changed from the intial tone in the place. It was a lot more lax and the intensity seemed to have grown as well. Especially now with this new slightly out of character song she was doing.

Folks were dancing, roaring, shouting, it was like a switch flipped in Virgil's head that snapped him out of focus on Karen. One glance at some bared teeth made him think more and more about making his way out of here before it was too late. Foot traffic was already bad out here, getting out of this concert would be a nightmare. He was soon to say something, when he noticed someone up front fly from his seat to land up near the stage.

That was a red flag right there and Virgil didn't like the looks of this. So, he turned to look at his folks to tell them that it was time to jet, but they already were staring him down.

"Oh my god...V...You've gotta do something!" Sharon yell-whispered at him.

"Ain't no way. They've got people deal with this." Virgil quickly replied in a low growl.

"Yeah, and the people dealing with it are getting dealt with." Ricky pointed past Sharon and back to the stage. Virgil quickly turned and saw some security guards try to restrain the guy but get tossed aside like some empty bags of potato chips. Shit...

"I'll never forgive you if you don't go!" Sharon interwhispered, shaken and furious. Rick held his sister's other wrist, giving Virgil a hopefully solemn nod.

Virgil sighed and glanced at the stage. There was no telling what he'd be up against going up there, but seeing Uncle J be in the mix of those thrown aside, meant that this weird dude was no joke. He zipped up his purple amd yellow Killer-Bees jacket and pulled the hood over his snapback to cast as much of a shadow as he could.

"I'monna do it, but you both better get the hell up outta here." The former Kilowatt Kid demanded and quickly looked around.

Noticing that one of the security guards had left behind an all-metal folding chair, Static sprung into action. Using the headrest of a chair in front of him as a base, he jumped into the air, summoning the folding chair to close and fly beneath his sneakers.

With it as a makeshift board, Static swiftly flew over the crowds. Electricity began to coarse up his arms visibly as he neared the stage and approaching assaulter. Though first impulse would have been to hit this guy with a quick shocker, thinking about what the stage was comprised of seemed to work better in his head.

As it appeared that the guy was going to superjump again, Static extended an arm and open hand down at the guy as he zipped past. The thick metallic alloy of the stage's framework unnaturally bent upward out of place. They then, under Virgil's will, snaked and molded around Timothy's legs in an attempt to keep him from jumping.

"Something tells me that this wasn't her idea of a meet-and-greet, big fella." Static jested instinctively, almost immediately snapping back to his previous persona. He positioned himself between the deranged super fan and where Karen was heading. Virgil got the feeling that this guy wasn't going to go lightly.

Yet still, he prayed he wouldn't have to do too much more, but if it came to that, then he'd do what he had to.
@Blackstripe, Alright, the Warriors are losing the playoffs, which means trolling season is over. Here's Virgil fo real this time. XP

XD I was hoping you wouldn't let me get away with that bullshit. That said, I'm still gonna do SS. But just with the regular powers though, so I'll fix that up tomorrow.

Edit: Make that more likely this weekend, but I'll see what happens.
XD Alright alright, I'll disassociate you from this hard rejection I'm gonna hold soon.
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