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In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Late morning
Location: Roshmi city infirmary
Interactions: @Potter @dezuel @hide on mana

Ilan silently watched the situation unfold in front of him. He listened to the words of the dark elf and narrowed his eyes, trying to comprehend what he was saying. The elf spoke in partial riddles. It started to dawn on Ilan that he may be attempting to assist them.

He spoke of opposing forces, rebels who were going against the lich king. Ilan already knew there were more humans. The idea of a force of operating rebels was something great. It meant the humans would not stand alone. Avalia was rising up to support them. If it was true it meant Ilan was no longer alone. He weighed his options. If the dark elf wanted to kill them both he and the human would already be dead. Fleeing with the girl was an option, but they wouldn't get very far. At the least they needed a disguise. Yet there was something about that plan that did not sit right with the faun. There was too much that could go wrong, he didn't want to go through the same thing he went through mere hours ago.

Going with the dark elf would be dangerous, he didn't know if he could trust him. His actions were questionable and his motives not completely clear. The fact that he hadn't killed them or turned them in for hiding a human was admirable. What would stop him however from doing so later? The uncertainty troubled him deeply, and a frown settled on his face.

They needed a safe place and come up with a plan. Would this old forgotten temple be such a place?

In Ossvien 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dawn
Location: Surgeon's cabin
Interactions: @helo
Ambience: Preparing medicine

Nur was planning to go to her cabin when she crossed paths with Aodh in the hallway. The sight of the tall fiery haired djinn made her smile. He had these piercing green eyes which stood out even more against his bronze skin. He wanted to know where she´d left the new girl.
Ah of course, they´re already asking about her......
Nur frowned, trying not to show her displeasure, but failing miserably.

She lifted her hand, pointing towards one of the living areas.
"Over there..." Nur answered in a deadpan delivery, her lips pursed.

The surgeon turned on her heel and hastily made her way to her cabin, frustration evident in her steps, her robe billowing behind her. She pushed open the doors to her cabin with excessive force, making the doors slam open and crash into the walls. The cabin was in a state of complete chaos. Books were spread about everywhere, all opened on various pages detailing herbal medicine and healing ointments. Jars, bottles and bowls filled with half made salves, poultices and the like covered most of her workspace. It was hard to tell the poisons from the medicine. Jars left with open lids. No visible label or writing to discern their contents.

"Unbelievable...." Nur said to no one in particular. The fact she had not killed anyone yet, working in these conditions was sheer luck. If Malek would be here to see it, he would throw her off the ship. The mere thought was enough to make her start cleaning up. Nur locked the door and went over to her dressing area. She slipped out of her robe and changed into her regular clothes. It didn't take her long to get dressed, even the lacing of her corset was done in the blink of an eye.

The surgeon strolled over to the center of the room, eyeing her surroundings. A lot of medicine needed to be restocked, the cupboards were near empty. Most of it she made herself. Just thinking of the work it was going to take gave her a headache. Despite her reluctance she got to work, soon falling into her familiar routine. Nur went from one corner of the room to the next, putting away books, cleaning out jars and bottles, throwing away spoiled herbs. She put on a pot of water on the single stove which was connected to the kitchens. She threw in a bunch of herbs balancing bundles of it, while simultaneously reading a recipe, smelling the herbs to make sure she had the right ones.

The cabin was staring to look presentable again. The scent of boiling lavender filled the air, the vapor rising from the copper pot. It made her sleepy. This was too much hassle this early in the morning. Nur stretched out and gazed longingly at the bunch of pillows and blankets close to her bed. Maybe just a couple of minutes...
In Ossvien 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dawn
Location: Mermaid's Fortune cabins
Interactions: @Tae
Ambience: Surgeons cabin

Nur wasn't surprised in the least at the men's reaction to the new female crew member. What did surprise her however was the pang of jealousy she was feeling. She ignored the girls compliments and kept a steady pace towards the cabins, not once looking over her shoulder to see if she was actually following. They had been out at sea for weeks and despite having a woman as a captain, the rest of the crew were predominantly men. Honestly Nur didn't even count the captain as a woman, at least not one she was in competition with, that was a battle she knew to avoid. That just left the cook with a few scullery maids, herself and now this new girl. Nur liked her status as the shiny new treasure of the Mermaid's Fortune and it looked like some of her shine was beginning to dull. It made her feel uneasy. It was important for her to be needed by the crew, for more than her skills as a surgeon. Which were somewhat lackluster without the assistance of her waning magic. She didn't want to think what would happen if she lost her value.

She pushed open the doors to the cabins, putting her entire weight into it. The doors flung open strangely fast, almost as if someone was....
"Aye ladies, please enter our humble abode" A man carrying a barrel under one arm held the door. Nur vaguely recognized him, he was always stalking around in the belly of the ship, making sure the Mermaid's Fortune would not end up at the bottom of the ocean.

"I need to borrow these..." She said looking up with a cheeky smile. He was a good head taller than both girls. Nur relieved him of his key ring, swiftly untying the cord on the mans belt. He let out a grunt of approval and shifted the barrel under his arm.
"We'll get out of your hair now" Nur said, realizing the man had little left she added.
"Or well you know what I mean...." She bit her lip trying not to laugh at her own joke, realizing she would have to see him to return his keys. She ducked underneath his outstretched arm. After they were inside the man released the door ,making his way onto the deck.

The first time she had been down the cabins she was surprised to find there weren´t that many of them. The surgeons room was close to the kitchens as they often required the same materials and supplies. Nur used the stove to distill sea water to treat wounds. A time consuming process which she despised. Apart from herself only the captain and the first mate had private chambers. The rest of the crew stayed in hammocks or on the floors of a shared living area. Out of sheer boredom Nur had familiarized herself with everyone´s sleeping quarters. It was always good to know who stayed where.

"Follow me." Nur walked with purpose towards the far end of the hallway, most hammocks close to the deck were already taken when she joined the crew. Their owners wanted as less of a distance between the deck and their beds as possible, mostly because they were unable to reach their bunk drunk. It was not surprising to find them sleeping in the hallway, a bottle of rum in hand. It gave her a sinful amount of pleasure to douse them with cold water in the mornings. For medical purposes of course...

As soon as she reached the door of the first bunk with an empty bed to spare Nur turned around to face the girl. She made sure they were alone before speaking. Hopefully this piece of advice wouldn't come back to bite her in the ass later. It was completely against her better judgment. Part of her simply pitied the girl, who would most likely be eaten alive as soon as they set sail.
"Let me give you a piece of advice." Nur began, unlocking the door and walking inside. She heard footsteps coming towards them, or away she couldn't tell yet. Just to be sure no one heard them, she shut the door.

She looked at the girl, noticing she really wasn't wearing all that much. They were about the same height and she was actually pretty too. Carrying just one sack of belongings and a violin. The sack made Nur raise a brow. When she boarded the ship two men had to carry her belongings to her room. Chests and boxes filled with all kinds of things.
"Life on deck isn't easy, especially for girls like us." Nur pointed out with a hint of contempt in her voice.

She gestured to the way the girl was dressed to make her next point.
"You should use what you have to make your life easier, get the boys to do what you want, instead of the other way around"

It was as warm of a welcome as she could muster. On this ship it was every woman for herself. With a final nod she left the room. There was enough work left to do. Her cabin was a mess and she needed to organize the new supplies, preferably before they set sail. In case of an emergency.
In Ossvien 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
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In Ossvien 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dawn
Location: Parlay Cay
Interactions: @Tae @Funnyguy @Helo @Legion02
Ambience: Seaside banter

A midst the hassle and bustle of the deck a young woman sat perched on top of a crate. Her lips were slightly parted while she looked into a mirror with the utmost concentration. In her hand she held a small brush which she had dipped into a tiny jar of kohl. With expert precision and a well practiced hand she began to frame her eyes. The first attempt was crooked to which she let out an irritated breath. The young sailor who was holding the mirror for her bit his lip and got visibly worried. The slight swaying of the ship made it hard to hold the mirror in one place, also the robe of the young woman kept moving in the wind. It gradually revealed part of her leg, creeping upwards when the wind intensified. The man swallowed hard and lowered the mirror, he needed to take a breather.

"It can't be that heavy..." Nur said, wanting to sound witty, but sounding distracted instead. She tried to follow the mirror as it moved. Her witty remark was lost on the sailor. She put the brush away into the pocket of her robe. The robe reached down to her calves. It was made of an expensive kind of lilac silk with embroidered butterflies fluttering on the sleeves and bottom portion of the robe. Nur looked at the sailor and smirked slightly when she realized why he wasn't paying any attention to the task she'd given him. When they locked eyes he shamefully looked away, his tan face slightly flushed.

Nur looked completely out of place between the working crowd on deck. Not only because she hadn't bothered to dress herself in proper clothes, she also wasn't making a single attempt to assist with the heavy lifting. That was exactly the way she liked things. There was fresh meat coming aboard today, according to the captain. Nur had already acquired her personal scrap of meat for the morning. A handsome and gullible fisherman's son, who was more than happy to assist her in her morning beauty routine. She took out a set of hairpins from a box next to her. Equally as lavish as her robe, the twisted metal was bejeweled with all kinds of precious stones.

Further down the deck she noticed some of the crew were gathering around a girl with feline features, as in a literal set of cat ears and a tail. A demi-human most likely. Now she understood why they were gathered around like bees to honey. Nur watched the interaction with an amused expression on her face as she began to pin strands of hair atop her head. The sailor immediately held up her mirror once again, without her needing to say anything at all. Malek's unmistakable voice boomed across the deck. The incessant yelling of the first mate, made her drop the pin she was holding. It slipped from her fingers and made a clicking sound when it fell on the wood floor of the ship. Nur did not bother to pick it up, or move from her seat for that matter. She simply took out another one and resumed what she was doing.

The sailor scratched the back of his head with his free hand, shuffling his feet on the floor. He was getting anxious.
"Isn't your name Nur..?" He asked, already knowing the answer. Perhaps only if he was drunk would he ever forget the name of such a beautiful girl as she.
"It is...." She pursed her lips and took a long look at herself, trying to debate if she was satisfied.
"So..I..maybe you should go out there..?" The sailor suggested, not sounding too sure of himself.

"Is someone dying?"

"Well no..but.." Before he could say anymore Nur rose from the crate and bent down to retrieve the fallen pin. She got up, and when she rose she was confronted with the most unpleasant sight. That disturbing witch of a man Aharuhn was eyeing up the new girl like a fresh load of fish. This was enough to urge the challenged surgeon to spring into action. First however some payback. She moved the part of her hair which remained unpinned from her shoulders onto her back and narrowed her eyes. She brandished the pin in her hand, taking aim. With a forceful flick of her wrist she threw it at the head of the first mate.

She rushed down the stairs and reached the edge of the ship in mere moments, despite of her size. Even Aodh the hot blooded djin was hovering over the girl. An annoyed expression sat on her otherwise lovely features.

"Don't mind these vultures" Nur said to the feline demi-human, adjusting the ties of her robe. She took the hand of the demi-human and pulled her away from Aodh and the others with surprising strength, giving them a deathly glare. Nur summoned her most unpleasant scowl for Aharuhn.

"And you..." She said turning to the sorcerer. Actually she didn't even want to bother thinking up some insult or other. She simply left the conversation at that. Nur gestured for the girl to follow her up the stairs.

In Avalia 14 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Late morning
Location: Roshmi city infirmary
Interactions: @Potter @dezuel @hide on mana
Ambience: Battle for the dead

The repetitive motion of his fingers tracing along the strings of his lyre relaxed the young faun. The new human who'd appeared was kind and showed her sympathy which Ilan appreciated. He stopped playing and fastened the instrument on his back. He turned towards her and took the opportunity to look at her more closely, discreetly of course, without overtly staring. Without any distractions he could now clearly see she was also a human. She was not very tall and light in every sense of the word. Her hair and skin were a pale color and she didn't appear to be heavy at all. If Ilan didn't know any better she may well have been a child, but the way she carried herself confirmed she wasn't. Another human had come into his care. Hopefully he would do better this time. He wouldn't know what to do if the same thing happened to her. He truly wished he had the guidance of his wise grandmother in a time like this.

She had gone to lean against the wall in absence of a chair for her to sit on. Ilan walked over to her and held out his hand in greeting, smiling softly.
"I'm Ilan...."
He rubbed his nose lightly, not really knowing what to say next. He tried his best regardless.
"I know this world must be strange to you, and you have many questions"
"Humans are kind of like heroes in this world, who have magical powers to defeat the evil King."

Ilan looked around for some unseen threat, lowering his voice to a whisper, fearing even the walls had ears.
"Which is why you are in danger...."

He thought it best not to scare her any further. They would travel to a safe place soon, where he could answer any other questions she might have. Ilan reached inside his traveling bag to retrieve a bruised summer peach. He handed it to her with a slight apologetic smile on his face, feeling a little embarrassed. A small gesture of kindness was important during hard times.

"You must be hungry"

It would be best not to linger too long, for both of their sakes. Ilan glanced towards the door to see if any of the healers were close by. He didn't see familiar burgundy robes crossing the hallway. Someone else did enter the room, he was wearing a hood also, just not the kind the healers wore. Despite his white robes, something about him made Ilan shiver. He approached the bed and Ilan held his breath, feeling something terrible was going to happen. The stranger plunged a hidden dagger right into the chest of the deceased, close to the heart. Ilan eye's widened in fear and he screamed, covering his mouth immediately. He stumbled backwards until he almost bumped into the walls behind him. The man was ordering him to lift up the dead man. Ilan was horrified, he should be left to rest. He'd gone through enough terrors in his life. This hooded man must be someone who wanted the reward....

"Why...why are you doing this!?"
Ilan asked in a shaky voice, his legs were trembling beneath him. He tried to make it stop and think of something to do. He did not feel confident he could use the magic of his lyre, he was too frightened to concentrate on the notes. Taking out his slingshot would take too long, and the room wasn't large enough for him to get a good shot.

Ilan glanced sideways to the human girl, she was closest to the door, maybe she could make a run for it. Another stranger entered. He wore a mask and addressed to man in white robes. He was a dark elf!? Did the Lich king know their location already? The idea filled Ilan with a sense of dread. The faun slowly inched closer to the human, having decided for now the masked stranger seemed to be on their side. He was armed with bladed fans.

"Be careful.."
Ilan whispered quietly to the vulpine.

In Ossvien 16 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Ossvien 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In Avalia 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Late morning
Location: Roshmi city infirmary
Interactions: @Potter
Ambience: Passing on

Two guards opened the large wooden doors of the infirmary, allowing them to go back inside. Ilan followed the healer down the courtyard in silence. It was a beautiful place. The garden was filled with blooming flowers and bushes. A fountain was placed in the centre like a compass. A willow tree sprouted from the centre, it's branches bowing down into the flowing water. He'd always liked coming here, despite what horrible things sometimes occurred behind the stone walls. The healer lead them inside and they walked through the hallways in a purposeful gentle pace, Ilan knew they would not disturb the patients that way. The sun shone through the stained glass windows, covering them in softly speckled rainbow light. He felt at peace.

"Please enter here young faun." The healer addressed him in a solemn voice. He followed her inside. The room was full of light, large windows at every corner allowed the light to spill in freely. Everything was bathed in a soft glow. There weren't many things inside the room, despite its size. It seemed to be furnished for only a single patient. There was a drawer, a bath and a bed. The scent of incense caught in his senses. It was that same familiar smell he smelled before. He narrowed his eyes and noticed there was someone laying in the bed, he almost did not recognize who it was. It was the most peaceful he'd ever seen him. Ilan realized what was going on and a chill ran down his spine. The healer kept her silence as she watched the faun inch closer to the bed ever so slowly.

Ilan forced himself to look and the closer he got, the more he wanted to look away. He kept his jade eyes fixated on the face of the human. He didn't know what he was supposed to feel, anger, sadness...
The absence of feelings alarmed him and he felt his heart starting to beat faster. He just stood there, silently, motionlessly, staring at deceased man. He thought about many things right then. This would be the fate of all humans if the people in Avalia did not rise up to help them. He looked at the man of whom he did not even know his name. Ilan wished things wouldn't have to be like this, life was so unfair.

The faun was so absorbed into his own thoughts, the gentle hand of the healer on his shoulder startled him. He jumped a little and his ears flattened to his head. He turned to the woman with wide eyes.
"Child... what must we do with his belongings?" She asked, taking his hand into hers squeezing into it. The gesture moved Ilan, who unknowingly had been on the edge of tears. A lump formed in his throat making it hard to speak. There was a small table next to the bed. Everything the human had carried with him was spread out on a linen cloth. He looked at it, noticing there was a piece of metal among them. A remnant of the metal contraption which had exploded. It must have meant a lot to him. He went through a lot of trouble to retrieve it. Ilan took the scrap into his hands. The metal was cool against his palms. It wasn't sharp and it was damaged and bent due to the explosion. He held it close.

His voice cracked.
"Can you take the rest and give it to the poorest in the city?"
Ilan spoke in a rapid manner, afraid his voice might give out once again. The healer nodded, a look of silent appreciation in her wise eyes.
"He has not been give his last rites, we were......unsure of his beliefs." The woman informed him. It was usually the job of the family to arrange such things. But he didn't have anyone, Ilan was the only one who knew him here in Avalia.

Ilan nodded to the woman in understanding. At least now he knew what to do. He closed his eyes and breathed softly. He hoped he could get through this without her. The last time he gave last rites....
He shook off the dreadful memory and went about his task. He gathered the humans hands into his own, flinching at the coldness of their skin touching. He swallowed and bit down on his trembling lip. He folded the hands in a prayer like fashion, placing the memorial metal inside the palms. Ilan sat down in the chair next to the bed and began to weave the flowers he'd bought earlier into a modest wreath. An activity which despite his horrific circumstances filled him with an almost otherworldly sense of serenity. His voice was shaking while he whispered quiet prayers as he weaved. When he was done he placed the wreath on the sheets between the arms of the young man.

From his bag he produced a brown glass bottle filled with a special blessed oil. He washed his hands at the basin and dripped some of the oil on his clean fingers. When he started to anoint the young man he came to the frightening realization he'd forgotten the correct order, the way his grandmother used to show him. He was blessed not to have to have done it many times, but now he could not remember. He tried the best he could and finished by bowing to the deceased. When he got back up from the bow, he for only a second saw the face of his deceased grandmother instead of the young man. He screamed despite of himself and immediately covered up his mouth, horrified, tears welling up in his eyes. He turned away from the bed and closed his eyes, his breath was shaky and he trembled where he stood.

After a minute or so he turned back around, the young man was sleeping peacefully, bathed in the soft light of the early morning sun. Ilan went back to the chair and sat himself down, staring at the floral wreath. He felt lost....
It was as if his arms started to move on their own accord. He took the lyre from his back and cradled it in his lap. His fingers started to idly play with the strings. Soon he began to play, a sad song for a bruised heart.

In Avalia 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Late morning
Location: Roshmi city infirmary
Interactions: @Potter
Ambience: Roshmi market

Ilan was walking aimlessly through the marketplace, wandering along the different stands. Baskets full of brightly colored flowers proved to be one of only a few things able to distract his worried mind. There were so many different kinds! Even though he preferred wild flowers, there was something special about the lovingly cultivated flowers of someone's well tended garden. The sight of them calmed his troubled soul. He checked for the price with the merchant and counted the coins in his pocket. He could afford a few. They would do nicely as a small bouquet to lift the spirits of the human he'd saved. Ilan waited patiently while the vendor busied himself with multiple customers.

"What can I do for you young faun?" The vendor was a robust demi-human with goat horns and hooved feet. He looked to be the type to tend to animals, rather than flowers. Ilan was unaware his thoughts were written all over his face. The vendor let out a hearty laugh at Ilans frown.
"Not who you were expecting huh..?"

Ilan felt his cheeks flush, realizing his rudeness and small mindedness. He fidgeted with the hem of his sleeve and looked away. Most flower stands were usually run by mothers and daughters, someone with delicate fingers and patience.

"I...I'm.." Ilan stammered.

"Not to worry young man, these flowers come from the garden of my daughter. She's expecting to birth a child any given day now. The girl can barely stand, so I'm here to keep thing running." The vendor explained sounding proud. The prospect of becoming a grandparent made him cheery all day round. At the mention of a child on the way Ilan immediately pulled himself together. He loved children!
He smiled kindly at the vendor.

"That is wonderful, I wish you all the best and may your daughter have a smooth birthing" When he was an apprentice healer at his grandmothers side he'd witnessed a few birthings. They were rather messy and not always without danger. One of many lessons came to mind and he decided to share this knowledge with the unlikely flower vendor.

"It would do her well to drink raspberry leaf tea, to ease with the birthing pains"
Ilan instructed the man. His jade eyes looked over the flower stand again. There weren't any raspberry brambles there. They didn't make the prettiest flowers and usually had thorns. The fruits were delicious and they were a garden staple for many. He hoped the daughter had some in her garden too.

"I will tell her to do so."
"Now.." The vendor said, gesturing towards the baskets of flowers with a flourish.
"Which flowers can I get you in exchange for this piece of wisdom?"

Ilan smiled and insisted on paying, but the vendor wouldn't have it. So he decided on a modest bundle of mostly white flowers, not wanting to take advantage of his kindness. He wanted to go see the human fighter, it had been a while. Hopefully he was awake. While he was on his way back to the infirmary someone walked up to him. It was a young woman, short of stature and very out of place. Her appearance alarmed him, she did not have any noticeable animal features. Could she be another human?

Other demi-humans walking past seemed to notice too, going as far as to stop and stare. Ilan was about to answer her when one of the healers of the infirmary walked up to them.
"Please come with me to the infirmary." The healer requested. The woman sounded urgent, her tone did not bode well. Ilan turned to the young woman with a small smile.

"If you come with me, I'll help you."
He couldn't hide his worried frown but tried to keep it out of his voice. There was no need to scare her.

"My friend is in there, I have to go see him."

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