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In Avalia 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Time to dance!
Location: Roshmi city, grand hall
Interactions: Risa @Princess
Ambiance: Butterfly dances

The name of the beautiful fairy princess sounded familiar to Ilan. Risa...
During his time in Ra Monde he remembered her name being mentioned. The faun tried to recall as much information about her as he could muster from his memory. Ilan was again confronted by his introvert nature. He'd kept to himself most days, and even when he accompanied his companions, he was often with his head in the clouds. Yet there was this peculiar feeling which only grew stronger as she spoke, like someone pulled on the strings of fate. Their destinies were intertwined. Ilan liked to believe spirits of benevolence were guiding their path.

Ilan returned her polite curtsy with a modest bow. He took a moment to find the right words to say to her.
"Your highness..."
Ilan began politely, holding out his hand, with the other behind his back. He was unsure who would lead this dance. Though he had read many fairytale books, with drawings of princes and princesses who danced beautifully. He hoped that would help him now. Often ridiculed by his brothers for reading such nonsense, Ilan could not contain the slightest smirk. It seemed there was ever a purpose for the most unexpected things.

Ilan lead them into the first steps of a slow and gentle dance. He tried to stand on the edge of his hooves, to be a little taller. The fairy princess was only slightly taller than him, but usually the princes in the tales were tall and handsome. Though in some way he was living in a fairytale now. Who would have thought he would dance with a fairy princess?

"I believe I am meant to help you somehow. It's something I feel strongly about, even though we have only just met"
Ilan finally looked at her face. When their eyes met, he felt that same peculiar feeling. He stared into her beautiful violet colored eyes.

"My journey did not have a purpose, but I think the benevolent spirits lead me to your cause, and that of the humans"
He whispered the last word quietly. His ears perked up and his senses were on high alert momentarily. His jade eyes darted across the room quickly, to his relief no one seemed to have heard.

In Avalia 26 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Time to dance!
Location: Roshmi city, grand hall
Interactions: Risa @Princess
Ambiance: Butterfly dances

Ilan watched all the guests arrive, still seated in the swing, hands folded in his lap. He rocked back and forth gently, at a pace where he didn't need to hold on to the ropes to steady himself. He admired from a far, there was so much to see. Once his jade eyes had settled on one scene, they were drawn to the next. The grandeur of the ball almost made him forgot why he was there. The people he'd joined up with, Kuroi, Baraian, Belle and later Cade, Ayita and Sakura. Everyone at Ra Monde, the members of the Golden Death. They were here to find humans and keep them safe from the Lich King.

Before the faun had time to sink deeply into the weight of his troubles, the slip of paper inside his palms stirred, its magic awakened. It glowed with an iridescent light, folding itself into the intricate shape of a butterfly. It fluttered up into the air, beckoning Ilan to follow it. Ilan smiled softly, giving the enchanted paper a curious look. He hopped of the swing with a light jump and walked up to it. He attempted to stroke the beautiful colored wings of the paper butterfly, but it was too quick, his fingers brushing through the empty air instead. It amazed him how lifelike it behaved.

He began to follow it around the hall, forcing him to mingle into the large crowd of people. In his mind he held his breath, and physically he tensed up slightly. It was like jumping into a pool. Luckily the butterfly proved to be the right amount of distraction for him and slowly his anxiety calmed, his nerves forgotten. The anonymity of his dance partner was no longer a source of fear, as the butterfly circled around one of the most beautiful fairies he had ever seen. She was like the heaven at night, with shimmering stars leaving behind a trail of purple and pink against a deep blue sky.

Ilan was hesitant to approach her. He could dance a little bit, but he wasn't like a fairytale price. They would surely make an odd couple. Yet there was something about her, aside from her obvious beauty which alerted his preternatural senses. She was here with a purpose, Ilan was sure of that. He knew fairies to be kind and good, she looked to be exactly that. There was truly only one way to get to know her better. He brushed off some invisible dust of his dapper clothes, and smoothed his curls back into place. Ilan cleared his throat, both hands folded behind his back.

He simply said, feeling somewhat awkward already. He was too nervous to look directly into her eyes, instead he pointed out to the butterfly fluttering about and eventually landing on her hair.

"I think that means we will share a dance."
In Avalia 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 4 p.m
Location: Roshmi city, grand hall
Interactions: None
Ambiance: Swing of flowers

Ilan stood in front of a large mirror while a handful of other performers were bustling about, adjusting their clothes, tuning their instruments and switching out masks and other accessories. He folded his hands behind his back and looked at his reflection, cocking his head to the side, which almost made his mask[insert picture] fall off. He caught it just in time. He reached up with his slender fingers and tied the green satin ribbon behind his head. The ends disappeared into his curls. It had been a long time since he'd been in formal clothes. He looked wistfully into the mirror, his features combining into an undecided expression. A careful smile on his lips, jade green eyes clouded over in trepidation.

The craftsmanship of his outfit was incredible, yet understated. The tailor had done this on purpose. It was befitting of his timid nature and wish not to draw much attention to himself. It would be his music which would capture the hearts of all the visitors tonight. He smoothed out the silk vest, and adjusted the sleeves of his blouse. Both the vest and his pants were made of a precious pale green silk, the color of budding leaves. Along the edges a simple floral embroidery reflected his fondness for the natural world. Intertwining strands of various flowers, in a range of muted colors. The blouse he was wearing had a very faint peach hue, with slight bellowing sleeves. Even his mess of curls had been neatly coiffed. Instead of his usual wild adornment of many flowers, Ilan had opted for a simple flower broach, fastened to his breast pocket.

He held his lyre, happy to be reunited with his prized instrument. Ilan practiced a few poses. One for introducing himself, another to say goodbye. A deep bow, a respectful nod. The ball was an event of a magnitude the faun hadn't witnessed before, let alone perform. It was safe to say he was nervous, much more than usual. The mask did help in that respect, because no one would recognize him and he had a limited view of the room. He was grateful for it. A large standing clock announced it would just be another hour before the ball would start. They were going to need him at rehearsals.

Ilan quietly followed suit behind a group of musicians who would join him on the stage tonight. Some chatted excitedly, others merely clutched their instruments with a stern expression. He wondered in all the excitement and pre performance jitters how his friends were doing. He'd seen them last a day before, after they had agreed Ilan's place as a stage performer would be a useful vantage point. He got swept up in all the preparations and selecting his wardrobe for the evening. The hall was decorated lavishly, matching the beauty and effort everyone put into their appearance.

He whispered quietly, letting his gaze wander around. There were tables lined with all kinds of finger foods, exotic fruits and comforting sweets and cakes. Wreaths of lights mysteriously woven together and held by some invisible force bathed the hall in a warm glow. The dance floor was mapped out by rows of expertly crafted rugs of varying color and design. The stage captured Ilan's attention the minute he saw it, or rather part of the stage. Left of the stage a little farther back, a large magnolia tree rose up. One branch stuck out at an odd angle, on which someone had fastened a swing. There wasn't anyone on it, yet it swayed back and forth quietly, like it was being pushed by the wind. The ropes were decorated with wreaths and bundles of flowers of all kinds, shapes, colors and sizes.

The sight warmed his soul and he smiled. Content to just look at the swing, the faun remained still for a while. Behind him the large stature of the archer Regulus appeared. The sound of his hooves was muffled by the rugs, giving him the perfect opportunity to sneak up on the unsuspecting faun. The tall archer lifted him up with ease, placing his hands under the lean arms of Ilan.
Ilan let out a surprised yelp, suddenly feeling weightless as he was being held up by something. He strained his head over his shoulder to see Regulus giving him one of his rare smiles.

"What are you doing..?"
Ilan said sounding both nervous and happily surprised at the same time. His tight grip tickled a little.
"Put me down"
He laughed, trying to wiggle free. Regulus didn't say anything. The centaur started to dash towards the stage. The sudden change of pace made Ilan quiver. The rush made him shut his eyes.

"Don't drop me please.."
He managed to say while he was being rushed of someplace. Ilan felt he was being lowered to something. Regulus made sure the faun was seated safely after which he gently took hold of his hands and moved them away from his face. The faun still had his bright eyes closed. Regulus smirked at his mannerisms. How could someone like him exist in a cruel world like this?

"You can open your eyes now.." Regulus said with a smile, taking a step back.

Ilan opened his eyes to find he was swaying back and forth gently, surrounded by the scent of all kinds of flowers. Speechless for a moment, he listened to Regulus.

"That is your spot for the evening, I had it specially made" He explained gesturing towards, the decorations.

Ilan smiled his brightest smile.
"It's wonderful!"

Time: Late morning
Location: The Young apartment
Interactions: -
Ambience: Mia´s morning

Mia knew it was going to be one of those days, it was this feeling of dread slowly creeping up on her. It weighed her down, like wet clothes. Cold, uncomfortable and not easy to remove. She turned on her side, shifting underneath the blankets. A pair of solemn brown eyes stared at the view outside of her bedroom window. Even though she was looking, Mia didn´t register what she was seeing, her thoughts a million miles away. Simple, mundane things were painful to look at, because they summoned memories of a time of happiness, happiness that was no longer there. The cream colored sheets she was sleeping under, displayed winding branches of purple wisteria flowers. It used to be one of her favorite ones. Now when she looked at it she felt the sting of all the nights she spent sleeping on those sheets, next to him...

Nights were she worried endlessly, afraid to face the fact they were not going to make it. Nights were she had distanced herself at the outer most corner of the bed, just so she wouldn´t be touched. She wondered why these once treasured and often revisited memories, still stung so much. It was like they´d broken up only yesterday. She traced the wisteria flowers on the pillow next to her, the side of the bed which remained empty. A lump started to form in her throat, and the hot flash of tears falling down the side of her face. Slowly she pushed herself upright. Mia drew her legs up and leaned her face on her knees, arms wrapped around her legs. She cried quietly, holding in any loud sobs, refraining from making too much noise. She didn´t want her brother to hear her.

It was her day off today, there was no place to be, no expectations, except Sean´s request. It gave her the slightest bit of relief. She dreaded the entire magical drugs situation, but at least she could start her search in the safety of her own home. Mia dabbed at her wet face with the sleeves of her pajama´s. It was time to get up and face the day. She went into the bathroom to shower, staying in longer than usual, the warm water was comforting. After a good thirty minutes Mia knew her brother was definitely not home, otherwise he would be yelling at her not to rank up the water bill.

She returned to her bedroom and walked up to her closet. Since she was feeling crappy today, she would make an extra effort to look nice. Sometimes that did help make her feel better. Mia choose a knitted off the shoulder long sleeved sweater in off white, with small embroidered flowers decorating the top part. She paired it with a pair of form fitting jeans and cream colored suede ankle boots. She made sure her clothes were wrinkle free, they didn´t need to be ironed so she took a seat behind her vanity. It was a cruel contradiction because on the one hand she couldn´t look at her reflection on days like this, but if she wanted to doll up she had to.
Mia took her time to style her hair in loose waves, fanning outwards. She put on some dainty jewelry, minimal make up and her favorite perfume.

She stared at the mirror with a blank stare, forcing herself to not think for a minute. No thoughts about the last time she wore this sweater, or how he loved her hair in waves. She would make new memories, ones who wouldn´t remind her of a painful past, but encourage a new beginning, a happy future. She didn´t quite believe her own thoughts yet, but maybe this was a start.

Time: Night
Location: Ember Grove streets, outside of the hospital garage
Interactions: Nathalie @Liv
Ambience: Ember Grove at night

Mia listened to Nathalie while she explained her reasoning for leaving work early. Lucky her, and probably well deserved too. Being a health care professional was a tough job. She wasn't a qualified nurse herself, not yet at least. Hopefully she would be able to finish her education sooner rather than later. At the hospital she worked alongside doctors like Nathalie all the time. They carried the responsibility of the patients, at the end of the day they would be held accountable. It was a lot of responsibility, a weight Mia had dodged on purpose by not becoming a doctor but a nurse instead.

With a job like that you definitely needed some sort of way to relieve the stress. Mia was more than happy to recommend some routes to Nathalie. Sean's presence however had complicated things. Having run into him earlier had made her more weary. He in himself wasn't dangerous, but the creatures he hunted were. And if he was here in Ember Grove, it meant there were vampires, werewolves and maybe even witches here too. Stalking the streets at night where Nathalie and her would be going on a "careless and stress-free" run.

Mia thought it through for a minute. Obviously she couldn't tell Nathalie this. Even if she was in the loop, knowing things like that was dangerous. She wanted nothing to do with the supernatural herself either. The safest option would probably be to run together. That might actually be fun. It would give her another opportunity aside from the hospital to be around people. A regular evening jog with Nathalie would force her to socialize. Her evenings filled with sulking at home by herself, thinking about the tragic events that happened to her the past year, would be off the schedule for at least an hour.

"That's pretty much the only reason I run too, to take my mind of off things." She answered with a knowing smile. Mia could tell Nathalie was the kind of woman who'd had her fair share of bumps on the road too.
"You know.." Mia began. She switched off the lights on her running bracelets, so their energy wouldn't be wasted standing still.
"If you like we could run together. I run every other day, for about half an hour."
"We could take it slow obviously, it took me a while too." Mia smiled reassuringly.
In Avalia 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Cade Ayita Sakura Ilan

Time: Late afternoon
Location: Avalia Greenhouse, underneath a willow tree
Ambience: Verdant Greenhouse

The luscious Greenhouse of Avalia had become the secret meeting place for rebel forces within the immense city. Gathered underneath the hanging branches of a weeping willow tree near the edge of an artificial stream, Cade, Ayita, Sakura and Ilan discussed important business.

Or rather Ilan was watching the shimmering water of the stream, tinted orange in the setting sun. His jade eyes were glazed over. The faun was lost in thought, dreaming as he was often seen doing. He dabbled some on his lyre, and while it sounded pleasant, the notes lacked any direction or purpose. In a sense it was also beautiful, as they were melodies he could not replicate in that same order. Fleeting melodies, to match his fleeting thoughts.

Sakura was a bit pissed. The group didn’t even stop to go grab a bite first before going into this large Greenhouse, but she admitted that she loved how beautiful and peaceful this place was. Simply put: it was the complete opposite of Daka Island and she was more than happy for a change of scenery. It was also the perfect meeting place for the group. It was easier for Sakura to sense any lingering presence with magical powers near them that might eavesdrop on their conversation. The only other person with them was Regulus and it gave the group another sense of security as the centaur served as a guardsman over them.

What made the demoness happier was the load of information she’s been getting from the group. She was sure Aklenroth will be very pleased with her report but she decided not to be hasty. She might get more information from them soon when they ran into a couple more rebels and humans.

The greenhouse turned out to be the perfect place for the group to reunite themselves. Not only it was decently away from the center of the city but it was also unlikely that anyone would come to interrupt them.

At first, Ayita was distracted by Ilan as he mindlessly played his lyre, but after a few minutes appreciating the sound, she finally remembered why they were there.

"I don't think it's a good idea to tell them what I am yet, is it?"
Ayita asked to Cade and Sakura, whispering in a low tone. Even though both Regulus and Ilan seemed to be quite friendly, they should still try and know what side they were on.

"So... What is your story? I know my group isn't exactly a 'normal' one but a centaur and a faun are am equally exotic one, right?"
Ayita asked with a chuckle.

The pleasantly calm voice of Ayita woke Ilan from his daydreams. He stopped playing and placed the lyre on the soft carpet of grass which stretched out around them. As per usual Ilan hesitated to speak, waiting for Regulus to provide an explanation. He stroked the blades of grass with his fingers, looking at Ayita with wonder. There was something about her Ilan couldn´t pinpoint, and at the same time he did feel like he could trust her.

He relayed the events of his journey to her. Everything that happened on the day he left Roshmi, to meeting his first human, whom he took back to the city and into the infirmary, where he sadly passed away, because of his injuries. After that tragic event he met Kuroi. Ilan continued to explain about the rebel forces in a secret sanctuary underneath the city, their leader Baraian handed over his leadership position to Belle another human.

Regulus and me came to the city, to find more of them.
With them Ilan was implying humans. When his name was mentioned the centaur turned towards Ayita and Ilan. He merely nodded sternly in agreement with Ilan’s story.

If we find them, we can help them stay safe, and we can defeat the Lich King together.

Ilan explained, sounding both hopeful and fearful at the same time. He picked out a small daisy flower from the grass and started to pick at the leaves.

Cade enjoyed the greenhouse, it was bright and peaceful, filled with greenery and even had many plants he’d never seen in the forests. His tail swished back and forth to melodies that Ilan the faun strummed. He gave a nod to Ayita when she asked if she should continue the elf ruse, while these two seemed trustworthy he could see no harm in keeping secret the fact that she was human just in case. He listened quietly to Ilan’s story of how he came to join the rebellion against the lich. While Regulus remained as stoic as any warrior, the way in which Ilan told his story made Cade absolutely certain that they were to be trusted. Ilan’s tone and mannerisms were genuine, as was the empathy in his voice as he told them how the first human the faun had met died.

“It would be an honor to assist your cause, Ilan, if you will have me. For far too long a creature of death and destruction has ruled over Avalia, and it is time for that to change.” Cade said, keeping his voice down in case anyone else nearby was listening. He waited for his companions to voice their support as well, thinking they would, as finding allies for Ayita had been their main reason for coming to Roshmi after all.

Ayita was a bit surprised when Ilan stopped playing and started telling his story. Even though she had met him only a brief moment ago, just looking at Ilan's eyes, she knew that he was a good person and could be trusted. He was innocent and didn't seem to have even a drop of malice on him. The fact that he was also very shy wasn't new so she was pleasantly surprised when Ilan showed himself willing to open a bit more and talk about himself and his story.

As he continued talking, Ayita found herself surprised when Ilan mentioning having already met a human before, having even taken to the infirmary to try and treat his injuries. When he mentioned that said human had died though, Ayita couldn't help but be reminded of what she, as a human herself, would have to face in Avalia. It didn't take much explanation for her to realize that Ilan and Regulus were in fact allies, having met and tried to help other humans before and even mentioning a rebel force and the location they used as their hideout.

Turning to Cade and Sakura, Ayita gave them a nod and a small smile, indicating that they could indeed trust Ilan and Regulus after they both finished talking. Their goal to find more humans and help them, coupled with the story they had told them immediately identified them as valuable allies to Ayita, Cade and Sakura.

"Thanks for sharing your tale with us, of trusting us enough to share it." Ayita said with a smile and a small bow.

"In return, I also have something to tell you both. I'm sorry I kept it a secret but I had to be sure I could trust you before I revealed my secret..." Ayita said as she turned to Sakura.

"Would you mind dispelling your illusion for a second?" Ayita asked with a silent nod, making it clear she was ready to show them that she was a human.

The moment Sakura undid the spell, both Ilan and Regulus would be able to see Ayita's real self. Her exotic appearance not only immediately identified her as a human, but it would made it clear that she was even more 'exotic' than they previously could have thought.

Time: Night
Location: Ember Grove streets, outside of the hospital garage
Interactions: @Liv
Ambience: Ember Grove at night

The encounter with Sean had left Mia entangled within her own thoughts. Usually her evening run could take her mind off of anything, tonight though it wasn't working its usual magic. It would be a better idea to turn back and head home. Without realizing Mia had taken a completely different route, wandering all the way to Ember Grove general hospital. She was amazed she wasn't tired yet, it was at least half an hour away from the park. Mia slowed down her jog and took out her I pod, to change her song when she....

Mia almost lost her footing when she bumped into another woman. She gasped in surprise and held her hand to her chest, strangely similar to what Natalie was doing. Mia recognized her from around the hospital. They'd had a handful of casual hallway conversations ever since she started working there.

"It's okay, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going" She said, sounding regretful. Mia noticed Nathalie was still wearing her work clothes. A night shift probably. Those were though.

"Done for tonight?" Mia asked, gesturing to her scrubs.

She brushed her bangs out of her eyes, her skin glistened a little with perspiration. While she was standing still on the spot, Mia stretched her legs, to ease the tension in her muscles.
In Avalia 5 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Late morning
Location: Roshmi city
Interactions:@baraquiel @helo
Ambiance: Shopping street

In the friendly exchange of warriors pride Regulus took his time admiring the detail and precision of Cade´s halberd. It was a truly special gift to have something made for you by a family member. Perhaps it imbued the weapon with some sort of special luck. Regulus believed in such things. The centaur sharp eyes shot up to look into Cade's after hearing his remark. They exchanged a look of mutual understanding. He was starting to suspect Cade and his companions were the kind of people the rebellion was looking for. It made him study the two women at Cade's side more closely as he retreated back to Ilan's side. He regained his composure and straightened his back.

"I am Regulus, a humble archer" He stated simply. It wouldn't be wise to go around and spread the word on the rebellion. They did seem to have some sort of understanding however. Regulus thought it would be wise to speak in a more secluded area of the city. A place where trouble wouldn't soon follow them. He let his mind wander the different places in Roshmi, while Ilan tentatively spoke to the white haired Sakura.

Ilan smiled a small and careful smile, his heart slowly starting to warm to the trio who were strangers no more. There was something about both women, he couldn't put his finger on it. They were different somehow. This meeting reminded him of his first encounter with a human. It gave him the same sort of feeling, as if they were meant to meet. He remembered their names as Sakura mentioned them. Cade was the tall feline warrior, Ayita the smaller elfish woman.

The faun gave them a modest, yet well intended bow. When he rose to meet their gaze, a pleasant expression was on his face. One of genuine delight, his jade eyes shimmering in the late morning sunlight.
"My name is Ilan Mu, a traveling musician by trade"
He wanted to bring out his lyre, instead he realized his precious instrument hadn't been returned to his side yet. Feeling rather embarrassed all of the sudden he did not know where to place his hands, so he clasped them together in a prayer like fashion.

Regulus gently placed a hand on Ilan's narrow shoulders.
"A modest one at that, he plays the sweetest tunes I've heard in years." The centaur compliment Ilan with one of his rare and genuine smiles. The faun smiled a little sheepishly and bit his lip, getting a little flustered.
Regulus turned to Cade, Ayita and Sakura. His eyes darted around the group momentarily, the people who were in ear shot seemed to be minding their own business.
"I suggest a less busy place, where we can get acquainted with one another, discus our shared interests"

He'd given the location some thought. Regulus decided the greenhouse would do nicely. It wasn't as crowded as the marketplace. Also he was certain it would ease the spirits of the startled young Ilan. Regulus felt protective towards the faun. He'd come to know his endless kindness and seeing him upset tugged at his heartstrings, more than he was willing to admit.

Time: Dusk
Location: Ember Grove Park
Interactions: You again

It was starting to get chilly outside. Mia could feel the cold seeping through her clothes. Her body still needed to warm up, and she barely got in some exercise when she was interrupted. She reluctantly came to a stand still. Normally she wouldn't do this. Stop when someone asked her to, especially not for some random guy creeping out of a corner. Sadly she knew this random creeper, and he knew her too.

Sean Stone...

Seeing him again filled her with a sense of unease. She looked around. No one was watching them, but that didn't mean they couldn't listen in. Of course he needed to talk to her. He was trying to drag her back into the supernatural world. Mia had managed to stay away from anything concerning the supernatural for months. It surprised her how easy she could slip into a normal life, well until she met Sean.

"If you can keep up, we can talk" Mia said with a slight smirk. She wasn't under the impression she could outrun or outlast him, but she didn't want to stand still in the middle of Ember Grove Park. She always felt a little jumpy at night and even though that didn't stop her from going for a run, the feeling never really left her. There was just something in the air, she could almost sense it. At times it felt she was being watched. And maybe she was....

Mia took off onto the dirt track leading into the trees, disappearing into the dark. All anyone could see were two small lights following the movement of her arms. The bracelets she wore for safety in case she would come across bikers or other runners.

Time: Dusk
Location: Ember Grove Park
Interactions: None

Mia came bouncing down the steps in her baby blue tracksuit and pink sneakers. Her dark hair tied up into a high ponytail, swaying back and forth as she descended the stairs. She put on her headphones and turned on her current favorite song on indefinite loop. Just need to set up dinner for Caleb and I'll be all good to go. Mia thought to herself. She made her way to the kitchen and wrote down a sticky note for her brother, leaving it on the door of the fridge.

Dinner's in here. Just microwave it for 5 to 6 minutes. Don't change the setting. xoxo Mia

She'd been going on autopilot and only noticed the handbag sitting on the kitchen counter when she turned to leave. It was definitely a women's bag and not hers. The bag was a muted green color, with gold detailing and it was in okay shape, it had seen some use. If it was a designer bag it wasn't of any brand she knew of. What interested her more was the owner. Mia could hear the faint sound of the tv, coming from the living room. When did her brother get home?
Caleb rarely got off early and if it weren't for the handbag Mia might have worried about him. He probably just needed some private time with a girl. If she went into the living room things might get awkward real fast. Her curiosity out won the chance of an awkward encounter and she tiptoed into the living room. She couldn't hear any talking. When she got closer she knew why.

Her brother was fast asleep, sprawled out onto the safe. The mystery girl resting her head on his chest. She looked familiar but Mia couldn't remember where she'd seen her. Probably around town somewhere. Mia smiled softly and searched around for a blanket. It was good to see Caleb trying again. There were days where neither of them left the house. There was some truth to the saying, time heals.
She unfolded a large quilt with embroidered flowers, which was supposed to be on her bed. Mia rolled her eyes. He probably couldn't find any other blankets, so he raided her room as usual. After she spread the quilt over the sleeping pair, she turned down the volume and brightness of the television.

Mia snuck out of the living room and quietly went left through the front door. She was going down her usual route through the park and back to their apartment on River lane. She crossed the street and started in a light jog towards the park.

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