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In Code Vein 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Garden
Interactions: Dallas

Poppy nodded in agreement.
"Good, I can use your help."The medic didn't wait around for everyone else to decide whether they were staying or going. There was a long list of tasks waiting for her back at the medical area. She looked up at Dallas.
"Follow me..."

They walked into the direction of the garden. Poppy's walking pace was characteristically brisk, but easy to keep up with for someone of Dallas's stature. On the outer edges of the garden there was a rough looking patch. The bottom half of some kind of bulbous plant was partially sticking out of the soil. It was difficult to tell exactly how much of the roots were still stuck in the ground. It looked like someone had tried to uproot it. A shovel was set up against one of the stalks.

Poppy grabbed a large round basket and set it down next to it.
"The roots of these plants are ready to be harvested. I started myself, but I couldn't manage it. I need the entire patch."
She grabbed a large knife from a rack of gardening tools nearby and hacked off the exposed part of the roots. Poppy moved towards her working station, giving Dallas space to start digging.

In Code Vein 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Strategy room
Interactions: Dallas

Poppy stood to the side, quietly reading the room. Cerise's unexpected and seemingly permanent departure from the Commune affected everyone. Cerise was facing her past. A past she tried to ignore at every twist and turn. It finally caught up to her. Was it brave or stupid to face it alone?

There wasn't a tonic, pill or ointment she could create to relieve heartache. If something like that existed she would be the first to take it. There was no other way to deal with the loss of a long standing member of the Commune other than to face it head on. Poppy felt what she expected to feel. Her sense of loss was numbed.

Despite knowing she wasn't going on this mission herself she studied the maps closely. Dallas was also looking at the maps. Poppy studied the winding trade route.
"Are you staying or going?" She simply asked, keeping her eyes on the map.

A couple walked into The Hotpot. The guy was positively beaming, smiling from ear to ear. Latched onto his arm was a girl. He pulled out a chair for his date and waited until she sat down. He was being a real motormouth again. It was a combination of nerves and excitement.
“You’ll see they have the best milkshakes here. My fav is the bubblegum flavor. I know I know, weird choice, with the blue and all. Trust me though it tastes amazing!”

The gills on his neck were opening and closing the more excited he got. He didn’t even notice. Right now, he couldn’t get over the fact that he was such a lucky bastard. This girl was something else! He noticed her looking at him from behind her menu.

“I’ll have the pomegranate flavored one.”

“Yeah awesome, that’s a great choice, perfect pick. That’s so tasty too!”
He didn’t have a clue what it tasted like, but he could bet on her having good taste. Everything about her was perfect already. His eyes followed her every move. When their eyes met again his breath caught in his throat.

“Uh…so yeah…” He stammered. God he was being such an idiot. The girl reached for his hand, brushing her fingers on top of his. It sent shivers down his entire body.

“Relax Riley, you’re being so tense.”

Riley felt obliged to listen to her, making an effort to calm down.

Their milkshakes arrived in record time and the couple enjoyed their chosen drinks. It was mainly Riley who did the talking and the girl who listened, or at least that’s what it looked like.
In Code Vein 26 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay


February 25rd, 2057 | 07:13am

Poppy had a bird's eye view of the road leading up to the Crow's nest, perched on top of the dome of the armory. It was early, most of the Commune aside from maybe Erik were still asleep. There was something troubling the Sidhe, other than her usual turmoil. One of their regular trading groups was supposed to have delivered supplies to a safehouse three days ago, but they never arrived. These farmers operated from an off route pit stop, miles upon miles into the wilderness, far from any town or city centers. They kept a supply of livestock on the surrounding land, trading in animal products.

A motorcycle was approaching from the distance, leaving a trail of dust behind them. They came to a stop right in front of the entrance of the Crow's nest. Poppy narrowed her eyes. She recognized the woman's face, she was the contact of the trading group. She jumped down from the roof. Poppy broke her free fall by spreading her wings just before hitting the ground, fluttering the remaining distance towards the other woman.

"I received your message to meet here." The woman held up the handwritten note Poppy had left in the communications box a day ago. They started to exchange notes after the traders and supplies disappeared. Three members along with a van full of meat and cheese vanished without a trace. The farming community kept records on every transaction, who what when and where. These three members were pillars of the community, they wouldn't just go awol.

"No one knows what happened to them Renée, I have a feeling it's not good."
Poppy's face was serious. Reneé mirrored the Sidhe with a solemn expression of her own.
"I know, that's why we turned to the Commune."

Poppy gestured for the woman to follow her towards the entrance. They entered the Crow's nest. She asked Reneé to wait in the hallway. Poppy searched for Ajax and Erik, explaining the situation in hushed whispers. There wasn't an official meeting in the strategy room. Instead Ajax and Erik were left to figure out a division within the Commune. For some reason Poppy didn't meddle or contribute to the discussion. She'd already decided to stay behind with Amelia.

In the next two hours Ajax and Erik went around the Commune to rally up volunteers to accompany Reneé. With the many unknowns of the assignment it was difficult to decide who should stay or go. Each member of the Commune possessed a unique set of skills. The seniors ultimately left the decision to the individual.


The Commune gets offered a job by the Provisional Government. They are asked to investigate a dying mistle somewhere in the Ruined City. They prepare and then travel to the city, deciding to leave Ionna behind, due to potential danger of having a 13 year old tag along. About an hour or so into the expedition they come across their first group of Lost. Poppy decides to incapacitate them using opium bombs. Her plan backfires when she’s pulled from the sky by an Infernal type Lost. The Commune ends up in a small-scale battle, ultimately defeating the Lost. Poppy, Dallas and Vincent all sustain injuries. Poppy’s injury to her head causes her to be unable to move safely. They find a safe spot to recover.

After having rested the Commune splits up in search for the Mistle. Akaia locates the Mistle in an abandoned house. Meanwhile the other members are confronted by a Tsar Bomba. With their combined efforts they manage to subdue the gigantic Lost. Akaia manages to uproot the entire Mistle and the Commune successfully escapes the Ruined City.



Location: Desmond's room
Interactions:Desmond, Erik, Lysandra

Poppy rolled her eyes at Erik's well meant advice. He was knelt down at Amelia's bedside and she did have the decency to not let him see her disbelief. Usually Poppy wouldn't be bothered to explain her methods to anyone. In this case she saw the importance of it. She wanted to reassure Desmond. The red haired Sidhe lowered her hand to rest on Erik's shoulder.

"I have her on a very specific feeding schedule. She gets a blood transfusion every two days. It is enough to keep her from frenzying. I also fortified each dose to strengthen her more quickly."

She wasn’t planning on breaking up Amelia’s feeding schedule. At the same time she didn’t know what was going on yet, so it was best to have the blood beads on standby. The medic was faced with Desmond’s extreme worry about the well being of his sister and it made her uncomfortable. It was the response of someone who allowed himself to deeply care about someone. He was demonstrating the behavior she forced herself to unlearn years ago.

Desmond kneeled beside Amelia’s bedside and Poppy averted her eyes towards the door. She stepped away from the bed and began to clear out a workspace, effectively removing herself from the emotionally charged scene.

She focused on the tasks at hand and drowned out everything else around her. She took the testing equipment from Lysandra without a word. Her hands set up the equipment methodically and meticulously. Poppy prepared the blood collection tubes, arranging them in a neat row. While handling the last one she caught the last sentence of Erik’s incessant positivity.

“Oh, you know I would never get in the way of greatness. We have two of the peachiest docs working side by side.”

The tube shattered. Poppy winched feeling the glass dig into her palms. She immediately turned her hands away from the sterile surface she’d just created. The Sidhe walked towards the basin and let out a frustrated breath. Once her hands were washed and wrapped she turned to face the others in the room.

“We’ll do the blood tests first like Lysandra said. Erik, you should get back to the party. Desmond, you can stay here.”

Poppy proceeded to draw blood from the PIC line in Amelia’s left upper arm. She handed Lysandra the first tube without looking back, immediately locking on the next one. The sooner they got this done the better.

Location: Desmond's room
Interactions: Desmond, Amelia

For a couple of seconds Poppy's eyes mirrored the despair Desmond was feeling while she looked at this troubled face. They hardened back to their usual stern green when she addressed the string of concerned questions. She walked briskly towards Desmond's room.
"What I need you to do is try and stay calm. She is not dying"

Her years of experience, medical knowledge and gut feeling told her that wasn't the case. Although like anything that went untreated Amelia's mystery condition could lead her into a downward slope. They entered the room and Poppy immediately focused her attention back on Amelia. She checked her vitals again, there was no change.

Poppy readjusted the sheets and moved some hair away from the girls face.
"Amelia your brother is here to see you for a bit. I told him you were having a rough day today. Having him around might help you."
Amelia's breathing quickened slightly, possibly due to the presence of Desmond, or because she was struggling against something they had yet to identify.

She noticed Akaia standing near the door. The Sidhe was likely worried, as they all were. Poppy didn't want the room to be crowded with unnecessary people. She waited for Erik and Lysandra to enter. She then looked at Akaia without saying anything and closed the door to Desmond's room.

Poppy trusted Erik had explained to Lysandra what was going on. She glanced at Erik and Lysandra from Amelia's bedside.
"I suggest we run some blood tests."

Location: Medical area ---> Great room
Interactions: Amelia, Desmond, Erik

Poppy closed the doors to Desmond's room. The music of the karaoke party played quietly on the background. The air was filled with Poppy's familiar scented bathing water. She pushed a small cart with working supplies closer to Amelia's bed, giving her easy access to everything she needed.
"I'm going to fresh you up a bit Amelia"

Poppy carefully washed and changed Amelia into a new set of clothes. She let her trained medical eye examine Amelia for anything out of the ordinary. The weeks spent bedridden were slowly starting to show on Desmond's younger sister. Poppy did what she could to mend the worst of it. She covered the fragile areas of the girls body in ointments and shifted her position every couple of hours to prevent bedsores.

Taking a brush the medic gently brushed the girl's hair, plaiting it to the side of and away from the pillow. The care giving seemed to exhaust Amelia more than usual. Her breathing was more shallow and uneven. A worried frown came over the Sidhe's features. Poppy immediately started to count Amelia's breaths, next she measured her blood pressure and temperature. Her vitals were off, not alarmingly so, but worrying.

Poppy softly squeezed Amelia's hand.
"It would be much easier if you could tell me what was bothering you"

She looked around the room, as if the cause was floating somewhere in the air. She spent a good ten minutes simply starting at Amelia, letting all possible causes pass through her thoughts. Meanwhile Amelia's condition stayed stable. Poppy covered Amelia back up with the bedsheets and quickly exited the room. Poppy failure to come up with a plausible diagnosis left her with a sense of unease. She wasn't easily rattled however and hastily made her way over to the others. Poppy cut through Desmond's and Erik's conversation.

"Amelia's condition has changed, she seems to be struggling with something."
Her expression softened slightly when she looked at Desmond.
"I haven't figured out what's wrong with her yet"

"We need to find the cause before it gets worse"

At the pool

The lifeguard spit out his sip of beer at Zach’s sassy reply. He coughed and cleared his throat.
“Was just gonna say, you don’t seem like the shy type to me. Besides, being shy is boring.”

He smirked when he caught Zach staring at his chest. He subtly tensed his muscles.
“I’m Mateo, what’s your name? Or I can just keep calling you blondie.”Mateo ran a hand over his shaved head and took another sip of his drink.

“And yeah I’ve been here for two years. No superpowers, I just work here as a lifeguard.”
“You definitely look like you got some awesome powers. Unless making the staff around here hot and bothered is all you can do.”

Mateo flicked the can of beer into the trash can with practiced precision and turned his attention back to the pool, he had an actual job to do at the same time.

Location: Greenhouse
Interactions: The Martian Manhunter

"We’re going to save those kids, Daphne."

“You’re really a shit driver Daph.”

“One day at a time, Daph.”

The Martian Manhunter's deep set eyes opened wide. Finally after hours of telepathic pushing, he managed to break through and catch glimpses of his protege’s mind. He was surprised to see her posture had also changed. He floated closer towards Daphne, studying her more closely. She placed her hand just below her right shoulder, appearing to touch something on her upper arm. Her head was tilted into the same direction. He cocked his head and looked at her face. The corners of her mouth were drawn into a subtle smile while her eyes were still closed.

You're smiling....

The League hadn't found a way to determine exactly how much of her human self remained and how fast those remaining cells were changing. They were running against an invisible clock. The Martian telekinetically lifted up a watering can and lightly doused the soil around her. With a quiet goodbye to the Nymph, he left the greenhouse.

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