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Time: Night
Location: The Pit
Interaction with: Helene @Ithradine

Was she hearing this right? It was her first time hunting? Ava found the statement so unbelievable at first that she brushed it off as a joke. A chuckle rang through her cold glass as she lifted it to her lips, taking another sip of the Manhattan in her hands. Ava could tell Helene was a century old or so - sheltered or not, having not hunted in a hundred years was implausible. Even if she entertained the notion, the image of the vindictive Catherine Sinclaire as an overprotective helicopter parent made Ava laugh again. It soon became clear, however, that Helene was serious, when Ava noticed determination and sincerity in her gaze. Still, Ava found it hard to trust her apparent candor.

Ava put down her glass slowly, pondering on what to say. Awkwardness momentarily took hold of the atmosphere, now that silence replaced her mistaken laughter. She never had to explain to a vampire how to hunt before - most do it instinctively out of hunger. Admittedly, Ava respected the amount of self-control Helene possessed, and that she seemed to care about leaving her victims alive. Even so, giving someone instructions on how to hurt someone less felt like she was arming Helene with a gun, so that she may pull the trigger.

“Excuse my laughter earlier… I had thought you meant it as a jest. My bad.” Ava spoke naturally, but the realization that she had just apologized to a vampire aroused a jarring feeling in her chest. “Anyway, it seems like you have a fair degree of self control. It won’t be too difficult for you.”

Ava paused for a second, carefully considering her words so they sounded less… aggressive. Despite this, it felt like she was admitting her own lack of humanity by enabling Helene to hunt. “Humans have… four or five litres of blood in their bodies I believe. They can lose a litre or so and still walk around.” She intentionally refrained from giving a direct order or instruction, but felt that her statement implied enough. Nevertheless, it provoked a slight feeling of disgust, leaving Ava uncomfortable in her own body.

“Well, I don’t intend to interrupt your meal much longer. If I ever do see you again, let me know how it goes.” She swiftly made her way through the crowds again, and escaped into the darkness of the night air.

Time: Night
Location: The Pit
Interaction with: Helene @Ithradine

Ava tended to the glass of rum and coke as Helene spoke, taking sips in between her words. The sweetness of the soda was quickly cut by the slight burn and spiced aroma of the alcohol passing through her throat. Though food became less enjoyable over time, Ava was grateful alcohol still had the same effect as it did when she was human. In addition to all the wine she had consumed from the art exhibit, she began feeling a quiet numbness settling into her extremities and mind.

As Helene spoke, Ava was intrigued by the way she smiled in several nuanced tones, from a small, saddened smile to an excited and bright grin - it all seemed too lively. It was so different from the grisly looks of many vampires, who had become desensitized to the act of murder. Ava didn’t doubt that her features carried the same grim characteristic - but for a moment, in the midst of her conversation with the chipper girl, she almost forgot that the girl was nevertheless, a vampire. It sent a shiver down her spine to realize that Helene was nearly successful in taking Ava’s guard down. Though it seemed silly to fear such an innocent looking girl, a part of Ava began to worry that Helene’s amicable demeanour would be capable of softening the hate Ava had for vampire-kind. As she continued to observe the strange girl’s expressions, Ava decided that a fitting description for the human-like vampire was summed up in the word, uncanny.

Putting aside Ava's discomfort towards her, she also got the impression of how guileless Helene was from her reply to the question about her surname. Though she stopped herself from saying ‘mother’ the first time, it seemed that her solution was to append ‘close friend’ to the statement. Despite the effort Helene made to avoid admitting this, it seemed likely that she was Catherine's elusive 'Phantom Princess', and Ava had the good fortune of being one of the first to meet her. When dealing in business with the Sinclaire Foundation, it was hard not to come across rumours about the sheltered girl, and Ava had heard her fair share. It quickly dawned on her that this could’ve been the origin of Helene’s naive disposition - a pureblood princess hidden from the world, with riches and comfort all provided for her. Nevertheless, Ava decided to play along with her ruse for the time being, though she was rather curious about why she was out of hiding in the first place.

“Well, I happen to have worked for your mother’s close friend, just a handful of times.” Ava felt her lips tug into a smirk. “She has a problem with rogue employees every now and then. I happen to have a hobby for dispatching vampires. Supply and demand, really.”

Ava finished off the rest of her drink, and promptly ordered a Manhattan right after.

Time: Night
Location: The Pit
Interaction with: Helene @Ithradine

Ava expected the hungry girl to snap aggressively in return for dismissing her meal in front of her, but showed instead a surprising degree of courtesy. It was a breath of fresh air in comparison to Ava’s encounter with vampires just moments ago, who appeared much more concerned with the power dynamics between them. What was most surprising however, was the girl’s thick French accent and the indifferent way she disclosed her own name. If she was truly related to the Sinclaires of the vampire world, she must know the weight it carries.

“What a surprise.” Ava found a genuine smile tugging at her lips in reaction to Helene’s demeanour and the nostalgia of her French accent. “You’re rather polite for a little monster.” Ava hadn’t put much thought into her choice of words - they came naturally - though she wondered how the snow-haired girl would react. She seemed so human and pure, but Ava’s prejudice towards vampires rejected the notion that her behaviour was nothing more than a facade. After all, how could a vampire be virtuous?

Ava leaned in closer to Helene, so she could speak at a lower volume. “If you're curious about the corpses, a few others decided to have a feast in the alley and left the remains in the dumpster there. It seemed like you wanted to contribute. Well, you would have, if you went ahead and took what remained of my leftovers.” She followed her teasing remarks with a light chuckle.“Au fait, je suis Ava. Ça fait longtemps que je n'ai pas parlé avec quelqu'un en français.” (Anyways, I’m Ava. It's been a long time since I spoke with someone in French.)

Despite the delight of speaking French with someone again, Ava’s words carried a hint of sorrow. She hadn’t visited her hometown since the 18th century. As much as she missed the sparkling ports of Marseille and grandeur of the palace, the past was something Ava sought to leave behind. Either way, she was sure France looked much different now than the images in her memory.

A pause lingered for a moment as Ava reminisced on the scenery of her birthplace. It was short-lived, since the curious matter of Helene’s name quickly became more important to Ava than daydreaming about the past. “You seem brave to be sharing the name of Sinclaire so openly. Are you related to Catherine?"

Time: Night
Location: The Pit
Interaction with: Helene @Ithradine

The young vampire seemed to react defensively to Ava’s taunt from earlier, which in turn also revealed a bit more about the boy. He mentioned belonging to a clan which he claimed had control over Ember Grove. Suddenly, it made sense why crimes have been swept under the rug in the quaint town, and why crimes were so numerous in the first place. If a vampire clan truly controlled the town, these things would be easily accomplished in order to create a comfortable hunting ground for their members. This had advantages for Ava too, though she disliked the possibility of running into more of them during her stay here. However, the redhead’s comment reproaching Ava for being alone left her a little aggravated. She found it insulting that the fledgling dared to speak to her with a tone of pity, and for a brief instance, entertained the notion of keeping him locked away for Ava to feed upon every now and then. She figured it was a better use of his vile existence to be food for her than to be a conduit of destruction in society.

Before Ava could retort or question him further about this clan of his, he motioned towards yet another bloodsucker who came out to play, attracted by the scent of her last victim’s blood, of course. Ava let out an audible sigh. For future reference, she made a mental note in her head that she shouldn’t leave her snacks laying around if she didn’t want others taking samples.

With Ava’s attention diverted, the redhead vampire cautiously left with his friend, likely to execute their plans of slaughtering hunters. The thought of giving the duo chase never occurred to her, since she had little belief that she would speak with them again. At least, she wouldn’t willingly make that choice herself. She focused her attention now on the meek looking girl who had approached Ava's prey, hunger visibly clung on her features.

Ava walked towards the girl, the prey, and his two friends, and positioned herself behind the girl by the bar so that she was sandwiched between her and the human men. She picked up a glass of rum and coke and leaned against the table. Though she was facing the bartender rather than the group, her pupils darted towards the human men with a subtle flash of red.

"Leave." Ava demanded.

"Dude, check out the chicks over there." One of them pointed towards the dance floor. Ava wasn't sure the compulsion worked on all three of them, but the others seemed to agree that whatever they laid their eyes upon was a worthy prize, and left in pursuit of it.

"Don't you know not to touch what isn't yours?" Ava spoke to the girl with a disapproving tone, but her expression softened shortly after. "There seems to be more of you than usual out to play tonight. Unfortunately for you, the dumpster outside has met its quota for corpses already."

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Time: Night
Location: The Pit
Interaction with: Noah @Helo, Adrian @role model

Much to her surprise, the redhead, who seemed ferocious with hunger in the moment, almost immediately backed down upon hearing Ava’s words of warning. His expression effortlessly switched into a smirk as he complied to her orders. Despite how unhinged he appeared, it seemed that he had some degree of control depending on the situation.

Ava released her grasp on the young vampire’s forearm and relaxed her posture, but maintained a degree of vigilance in his presence. He broke off from their conversation to pick up his phone, which presented Ava with the opportunity to finish off the remaining contents of her flask. Once the last drop of blood entered her system, her mind was no longer plagued with the urge to assault every patron in the building, human or otherwise. The trail of blood left by her most recent victim remained intensely inviting but it was easy to ignore - much like catching the scent of a home cooked meal, though deciding to not eat.

Once the redhead finished his call, he caught Ava off guard with his sudden, serious tone of voice. In their short exchange alone, he must’ve gone through an encyclopedia's worth of emotions. His words now carried weight, as if finding the mentioned witch was a matter of grave importance.

“I have only been in Ember Grove for a week. I haven’t met any witches yet, but I’m sure they’re easy to come by in this mysterious little town.”

Before the inquisitive vampire had a chance to respond, he was interrupted by the arrival of another vile creature, cloaked in hubris, who slithered through the shadows to greet his friend. He spoke crudely and laughed, as if he found his own indecency amusing.

Ava stared at the newcomer in such tremendous disbelief that if she were not concerned with maintaining decorum, she might’ve rolled her eyes so hard they would have fallen out of their sockets. She ascertained he must’ve had some form of amnesia to not be aware of his own advanced age, in order to be so willing to mock hers. She sniffed out his senility as easily as he had done to her.

“Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped,” Ava muttered, fully aware that the two vampires could hear her. “Well,” she continued, speaking clearly now, “I will have to decline, I'm not very interested in hunters.” A glint of light shone from her eyes as a sly smile found its way on her face. “But perhaps, I may feel like vampires for dessert.”

Time: Night
Location: The Pit
Interaction with: Noah @Helo

The strange red-headed boy intrigued Ava more as he responded to her words. Her initial wary feeling about him seemed to be accurate, given how he seemed a little out of touch with reality. He didn’t seem to recall just how many years had passed since he turned, but it seemed like he would be clear-minded enough to at least know what year it was. Vampires didn’t typically just forget when they turned, but Ava could see how that may happen. The memory of her early years as a vampire resurfaced in her mind - she spent several long years drifting between moments of clarity, having fallen as low as Stage D in those times. The thought left a bitter taste in her mouth.

The way the redhead mumbled on in his attempt to learn compulsion revealed to Ava more about him. He belonged to something or someone, and whoever it was, they were strong enough to control a vampire and keep a tight leash on their pet. Until now, anyway. He spoke as if he was desperate for the approval of this other party, and his desperation brought a smile to Ava’s face. Sure, Ava didn’t find joy in torturing those weaker than her, but vampires were a different story. If I do better, she’ll come back for me. It amused her to see that the dog had been trained to expect rewards.

Ava reached up and lightly stroked a few strands of his hair as if petting a small animal. “It’s not something you can learn right now.”

Something running through the boy’s mind seemed to displease him, and he immediately caught the attention of something else. That’s when the smile disappeared from Ava’s face. She realized what he was after.

As soon as Ava heard his low growl, she clenched his arm in her grasp and dug her nails through his clothes, pressing against his skin. Her eyes glowed faintly red and directed a sharp glare at the young vampire. The last thing she wanted was to deal with whatever baggage the unhinged pet mutt came with.

“He was mine. Don’t. Touch.”

Time: Night
Location: The Pit
Interaction with: Noah @Helo

”I know what you are.”

The sing song voice was drowned out by the electronic music, but Ava’s sensitive ears caught on to every word. Her eyes shot up from her flask, and caught immediate attention of the bright red hair that she saw earlier in the alleyway. The faint smell of blood lingered on his clothes, paired with the perfume of the recently deceased. She hardly needed the view of his pearly, sharp smile to know what he was as well.

As he approached through the throngs of partygoers, Ava kept herself on guard. He seemed young, but something about him seemed off. He obviously had a callous take on human life - most vampires did, anyway - but it wasn’t just his skewed moral compass that kept Ava on edge.

“Tell me how you did that.” He paused. “Please.”


He was one of those. Some new bloods had a tendency to become drunk on the power and superiority that came with the change. They relished in the fact that they had become stronger, more beautiful, undying beings and gleefully exercised their newfound supremacy over humans, who were too weak to fight back. Ava didn’t exactly find joy in torturing those weaker than her, but she wasn’t virtuous either. She felt indifferent to the violent actions of other vampires - after all, they, and herself, were evil by design. Nonetheless, the young redhead seemed to want to learn more tricks in order to entertain his morbid hobbies.

Ava sighed and tightened the cap on her flask. She assumed he caught the sight of her using compulsion on the human when she took his blood. “Let me guess…it’s been a few years for you, or a decade maybe?”

Compulsion wasn’t something Ava was able to learn overnight - she only noticed she even had the ability in the most recent century of her life. Even then, it didn’t work all the time. Intoxicated victims worked the best, because, well, their inhibitions were already impaired.

“Try again in a few centuries or so, child.”
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