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In Avalia 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: The Inn, Myriamor
Interactions: Leaf @Helo
Mentions: Aurora @Mole, Caelan @Alivefalling, Sophie, Alette @princess

“It was a trick question. I am glad you have been minding,”

“A trick question, huh?” Slick replied with a grin as he rounded the doorframe and entered the room with Leaf behind him. Upon entering, he had only taken three steps before stopping to look around with his hands rested on his belt buckle. His eyes stopped on the resting Caelan.

“You got Mister cowboy down for the night, I see. Good work, ladies.” Slick chuckled as he tipped his head to Sophie and Aurora respectively.

“I'm glad you two are back. What did you do while you were out?”

“Pretty much what we set out to do. Got Champ some exercise and found a few secluded spots we can make camp in for our secret trainin’ sessions.” He plopped up on top of one of the dressers before continuing. “Ain’t done yet though. We’re gon’ head back out and find a few more. Now, how ‘bout you ladies? Do anything nice while the men were away?”

In Avalia 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
The Bandits

Time: Night
Location: Desert
Interactions: @13org Nuallán, @baraquiel Jomari

The crocodile demihuman snapped his maw in defiance to Nuallán brazen comment. The ambush had failed and three of their men had been dispatched with ease. The possibility of death crept, sending a shiver across his scales.

“You only trimmed som fat! We’ll-” The Crocodile felt something happening below his feet. The rhino nudged him.

“You feel that. That damned magic!” The rhino demi-human grunted.

“Move!” The crocodile shouted. The two pulled apart, from where they had stood as they feared the shifting sands. “We can’t sit and wait! They’re both focused on us!” And as if on cue, the scorpion burst from the sand beneath Jomari in an attempt to grab him with one of his claws. If it failed, the man would simply be launched from his spot and land further away from Nuallán.

In the same instance, the crocodile used the burst of sand from the scorpion’s emergence to charge Nuallán. He planned to bash the elf with his shield and follow up with a downward slash from his sword. The rhino kept in his position as his body started to glow as it had previously.

“Your friend should have listened! NOW YOU’LL BOTH DIE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” The rhino was unusually invigorated as he charged up, becoming brighter and brighter. With his eyes on Nuallán.

Location: The Hotspot, Taos
Interactions: The Team

Viktor quietly drank his cold caffeinated beverage as he listened to Alisa’s input on Aleen’a’s comments on the staff. Like Alisa, Viktor felt more optimistic about the execution of this mission than any other before. It was far too early to stamp it as “adequate” but getting off to a good start was a big first step.

“That’s them,” Alisa had nudged him before informing him and Aleen’a. Viktor looked forward to the entrance where Alisa’s eyes were focused.

“She does fit the description, but…” The team needed a little more to go on. From what Martian Manhunter presented, everything below the eyes of the girl had been covered. Not wanting to jump the gun, Viktor decided he would hone his attention on the woman. If it was her, the mission was going even better than anticipated. They’d only been at the Hotspot for maybe ten minutes, their cover still intact, and someone closely matching the description just strolled right in with someone else that matched the victim's characteristics. At the same time, what if it was just a date.

Viktor might have pondered this for quite some time if he hadn’t also watched Zach enter the cafe right behind the persons of interest. His eyes pierced and his nostrils flared as he felt a sudden pit in his stomach. Why is he here? What made matters worse was that he was headed for their table.

A light sigh escaped him as the magician took his seat. If only things ended there. Zach started speaking about his dead-end lead while an actual lead was presenting itself. Alisa shushed him, but he also noticed the accompanied kick. With wide eyes, Viktor snatched the warm muffin and stuffed it into Zach’s mouth as he was sure he might yell in pain.

“You should try it! It’s really really really good!” Viktor attempted to save the moment while glancing toward the rest of the cafe. Then he did a doubletake as he noticed Kassy dragging Ja into the restroom! His expression now twisted in confusion, he sat as far back into his seat as he could. With a sigh, he knew he had a decision to make for the mission and his own sanity. “I require the restroom,” Viktor stated flatly before getting up and heading over.

Once in the corridor with the restrooms, Viktor realized his lack of judgment due to Zach’s distraction. Begrudgingly, Viktor knocked on the door of the women’s restroom. Yet another sigh escaped him.
In Code Vein 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: To the Strategy Room!
Interactions: Lys @Force and Fury, Desmond @Theyra, Poppy @dreamingflowers, Akaia @Exit, Ajax @DClassified, Vincent @Daxam, Dallas @pantothenic

Erik was in the middle of counting the members as they entered when Vincent approached. Keeping in mind to subtract even one person always stung. Many had come and gone, but nothing like this. Not someone who had been here so long and contributed wherever she could. Taking in the faces of everyone present, it was easy for Erik to figure out who knew of Cerise’s departure versus who hadn’t yet. After Ajax and himself, Cerise was the most senior member of the Commune and during her time here, she treated everyone with nothing but kindness.

I’ll start without Ajax. I’m sure-

The sharp sound of Vincent ruining his fourth megaphone snapped Erik away from his thoughts. He glared for about a second before chuckling.

“It’s all good Vincent! I know that sometimes you ABs don’t know your own strength. Just means I need to make the next one more durable, right?” His words lacked the flavor of a comeback, and instead rang with genuine enthusiasm at the new tinkering opportunity Vincent presented him with.

“And as far as the map… Some of us will be heading out there today, BUT FIRST…” Erik snatched the map up from the table and placed it faced down. He looked around the room, counting everyone again as his smile dropped. There was no moseying around this.

“I must inform everyone of Cerise leaving us. As of now, she has no plans of returning to the Commune. We-” His eyes instinctively searched for the one who had always helped keep his spirits high with her pleasant heartwarming smile. Her absence was already getting to him. “We usually throw a small going away party but she left us with something just as memorable. Just as precious.” He turned away from the others to he could grab a stack of five white envelopes on the marker tray of the whiteboard. Turning around, his eyes searched for her again, and in his failure to find her, he remained strong. At least that’s what he believed being strong for the others was. “In these letters, Cerise leaves us with her love. And in this one, she addresses the Commune.” Erik set the other four envelopes down on the overturned map. “So I think it’s only right that I read it in her absence to everyone gathered here right now.” He carefully removed the neatly folded paper from the envelope and unfolded it. His face didn't show it, but he was afraid he might not be able to read it because of how he might feel. His composure was already compromised and he was so sure the contents of the letter would only break him.

As Erik’s eyes found the first sentence, he smiled. There you are, Little sis. As he read it in his head, he could clearly hear her voice speaking her written words. Words that did not break but strengthened him.


‘To everyone in the Commune. My friends, my family.

First and foremost, I'm very sorry for doing this so suddenly. That is, I mean, leaving without saying anything directly.

Secondly, I'm sorry for taking some supplies without permission. I tried to take as few as I can. Aside from my own personal effects, I took 3 clips of ammunition for Lariat and a single blood bead. Again, I'm very, very sorry. I know the most important is to explain my reasoning for leaving... It's the really difficult part. It took me quite a while to decide how to even explain it. My mind... doesn't feel like it's entirely mine as I write this. But in the end, I think the best way is to just get directly to it.

I touched a vestige. My vestige. I'm still wondering if that was a really big mistake or not but what's done is done. I blame no one but myself and my own curiosity... The vestige revealed to me things about myself and my past. Bits and pieces that I really really wish I've never gotten to know. I guess the instinct that had always told me not to ever touch my own vestige was right after all... But yes, what's done is done, and I believe it is truly for the best that I leave this place. As much as it really really pains me to even just think of leaving, it is more frightening to think of staying only to end up hurting any of you, my beloved friends and family.

I'm not who any of you think I am. Not who I think I am either. It's such a weird feeling. I'm now wondering which is the real me, and that's a big part of why I'm leaving. Now that I've started this, I can't stop. I have to keep seeking the fragments of my past. I need to if I ever want to understand who I really am. And I have to do this alone, without endangering any of you.’

The other envelopes have more, each addressing some of us specifically. I’ll give you all as much time as you need to read them before I begin the mission briefing. Unlike the last one, we’re only taking those that want to get out there and investigate a missing group. However, if you do remain here, Poppy may need some extra hands as she’s already chosen to stay.”
With that, Erik grabbed his envelope from the table and proceeded to walk away from the overturned map with the envelopes laid on top of it. He strode over to where Akaia was standing and leaned his back against the wall beside her. Erik did not believe he could imagine how she might feel right now. The two were near inseparable. Sisters.

Not saying a word, Erik removed and unfolded the letter addressed to him from Cerise.

“Thank you.”

The words were spoken so softly that he practically mouthed them. A sigh escaped the revenant, wishing things did not have to be this way, yet a smile graced his face as he knew absent or not, every member of the Commune carried one another forward. Through presence or through memory.

The Other Letters

In Avalia 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: River Port
Interactions: Maeryn @princess, Myra @13org

Astra successfully held back a chuckle after watching Maeryn’s reaction to her comment. He was much more fun to mess with than Vrexen. Messing with that demon was literally gambling with your life. Saying the right words and doing the right things weren’t enough. If that monster ever got into one of his fits, you couldn’t be in his way. I hope that violence of his never finds me. What he said pertaining to her usefulness never left her. Things said like that never did.

Value. To Astra, it defined a person. Amas, utility, and effectiveness were just a few measures of one’s worth in the world she knew. As much as she enjoyed Maeryn’s company so far, his existence threatened hers. I won’t die worthless. She had been so lost in her own concern, that she missed answering Maeryn’s question about Myra’s taste in food.

“She’s a full-on carnivore.” Her answer was late, but she wouldn’t let it just go unanswered. If things got too quiet, she was afraid Maeryn might start tossing unwanted questions her way. Fortunately, something else piqued his interest. The way he looked made her want to focus on listening in on whatever was being said.

“Hear that?”

“Ohhh, I did.” She glanced over her shoulder to catch the two men speaking. Both were forest fairies. “Fae… Even better. That type hates conflict. More likely to give up more information with a little coaxing in a back alley.” She kept her voice low as she spoke darkly. If one of those fairies saw the girl, then that would give them a description of one of the humans. Where there was one, there were sure to be others.

The server returned with their beverages and a smile, prepared to take their order. Despite serving dark elves, the experience wasn’t as bad as she predicted. One was quiet and direct, and the other was just so friendly.

“Here are your beverages!” She passed out each glass with Astra practically becoming giddy at the sight of her alaberry juice. It had always tasted better in the south. “And are you all ready to order?”

“Mhmm! I’ll have the Flame-winged Fowlkin and a Slime Day Cake to share between the three of us.“ Astra shot a wink at Maeryn. “You earned it with that precious smile, Maerie. Isn’t his smile adorable?”
In Avalia 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Tipsy Tavern!
Interactions: Annya @princess and Bron @GingerBoi123
Mentions: Arn, Aidan (RBF), Eris

The superstar was ready to take on River Port's nightlife for the second night in a row! All while keeping an eye out for Eris of course. A passive search with some active fun seemed reasonable enough. Eris was a woman who enjoyed a good time, so why wouldn’t she be wherever the fun was?

She did disappear as soon as Annya literally let loose everything she had to give… It just wasn’t what anyone wanted- Scratch that. It just wasn’t what anyone in there wanted. Kaleb shook his head with slight disgust before he glanced back at her. He was ready to poke the bear again with some more smack-talk as he felt he had every right to. She owed him that much.

“I'm sorry to disturb you, Princess Annya. My name is Bron Emberguard. I have been sent from your friends at Iron Hold.”

“Eh?” Kaleb was surprised by who he initially thought was Arn until he really took in the guy’s introduction. Bron Emberguard. He repeated mentally as if branding the identity into his memory. Best to let the real elf speak first. Can’t go ruining my act… but I have to at least tell Annya… That can wait a little longer though. The young man was in no rush to be subjected to what he would think was coddling. At least not until he wanted that.

Silently, he scoffed at Annya’s worry for Eris. He chose not to interject even though he really wanted to. Annya assuring herself definitely helped him keep quiet and avoid another round of sharp words. However, don’t be mistaken! Kaleb would butt heads with Annya if he felt like a situation was going in a direction he did not favor.

He sized up Bron as Annya continued. Hopefully he’s a better dwarf than Arn… Shit, the only person that might be just as unwanted as that guy is Miss RBF. One of Kaleb’s eyebrows suddenly perked up as he absorbed what Annya had just suggested. His gaze met hers. There was a lack of animosity, yet silent tension danced between the two like the gently passing breeze.

“Crazy.” He smiled smugly. “I was just about to suggest that.” Kaleb nodded agreeably before suddenly stopping with an unamused expression. “But of course, I didn’t because it’s stupid! You gonna bring Arn 2.0 here to everyone else just because he said he was sent by ‘friends?’” Kaleb’s eyes darted toward Bron. “Hey Bron, a bow and some soft words may work on her, but as her protector, you’re going to have to cough up a lot more than something any dwarf from here to Iron Hold could make up to please me.” Kaleb stepped slightly in front of Annya, adapting to the role he had just claimed. “You can tell us about yourself right here. Not like we have much of an audience outside the back door of a brothel.”

In Avalia 15 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
The Bandits

Time: Night
Location: Desert
Interactions: @13org Nuallán, @baraquiel Jomari

The hyena and monkey demi-human stared each other in the eyes as they felt the cut of Nuallan’s whip-like blade. Slicing deep into their abdomens, the attack spelled death for them both as they collapsed onto the cold desert sand.

The two knives thrown by Nuallán weren’t so effective… The ibis was luckily only nicked by the blade meant to end her life. Perhaps it was due to the slight sway from her dizziness. The second knife meant for the scorpion demi-human bounced off of his chitinous tail, but did cause him briefly turn toward the elf.

“Was that supposed to hurt? HOW WEAK!” The scorpion demi-human shouted, distracted just enough for Jomari and Nuallán to get close to each other. The crocodile, the rhino, the scorpion, and the Ibis surrounded the two just before Jomari shouted and let loose an explosion of sand. The crocodile blocked the attack with his shield, the Ibis and rhino recoiled, and the scorpion was seemingly blown away so far he was no longer visible. The ibis cursed under her breath, wanting to end the battle with such a strange magic user. Her wish was granted as she was stabbed in the back by Jomari. With a gasp, she fell to her knees. She was down but had not found death just yet.

As the sand started to clear, the rhino and the crocodile stood shoulder to shoulder in a defensive posture much different than when this ambush started. However, the scorpion was still nowhere to be found.
In Avalia 15 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
The Other Bandits

Time: Night
Location: Desert
Interactions: @hide on mana Kuroi, @dragonpiece Uzul

Uzul’s counter had been flawless! The blue dragonborn rushed forth, only perceiving a desperate attempt at distracting him. A cloak of all things was nothing against a swipe from his ax. He swung, tearing part of the cloak before the swift gauntlet crashed straight into his maw. Metal to teeth! The dragonborn screamed in pain as he dropped his weapon and held his hands to his bleeding nose and mouth.

The pale-skinned orc felt a similar strike to the face but his response to such a hit was almost unnatural. He had been struck, but instead of recoiling back in a dazing, he let his body fall backward and performed a single backflip. With a crazed snicker, the orc’s mane of spiders started to cover his body.

“Yess my children! Come to my aid! We have not tasted one of my own in so so long!” The orc’s body was now covered in a moving black mail of spiders, leaving his head bare. With a grunt he charged Uzul, ready to face him in direct combat this time.

Unfortunately for Kuroi, things were getting tense. The whip strike that had missed previously, landed this time, hitting and tearing at his shoulder with its serrated tip. Following up, the female elf moved swiftly and thrust her rapier into Kuroi’s abdomen.


The feline demihuman crouched down, their sights on Kuroi. At this fixed point, his bolts would strike true. He only had to wait for an opening.
In Code Vein 16 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hjello! I just saw the IC post and thought this would be mighty interesting. Is there a Discord channel for the RP?

Hi there! There is but unfortunately the Discord link will only be provided after accepting your character into the roleplay. You are free to dm Dreamingflowers and me here or on discord. As of right now, I will be much faster at replying to you

FunnyGuy - Discord handle: MIKE#8954
Dreamingflowers - Discord handle: Dreamingflowers#4466

Location: The Hotspot, Taos
Interactions: Alisa @canaryrose and Aleen'a @baraquiel

“Impressive,” Viktor commented on Alisa’s decision-making with a single nod, which was almost like getting a standing ovation coming from him. “And I agree with you both on the placement of our surveillance.” He spoke plainly as always while leaning in to take a closer look at the finer details of the sketch. As detailed oriented as he believed he was, he knew he could never produce anything so intricate.

When Aleen’a asked about how the team should deal with the staff of the restaurant, Viktor gave her a nod as well.

“That’s an element to keep in mind. In a situation such as this, I would advise treating them as potential suspects or threats. Watch them, remember their faces, and allow them to believe this is just another day.” Viktor spoke as if he was speaking someone else’s words.

“Also… During our briefing, the same thing that affected Talon in Gotham was identified as being involved here. We know what the victims will look like and we also know-” Viktor stopped as their server approached with a tray with their orders. All but the penne pesto were present with the server quickly informing Aleen’a that it would be served shortly.
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