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》B a s i c s

Full name: Sean Stone
Age: 26
Date of Birth: 3 October 1993
Gender: Male
Where are you from?: Tampa, Florida

》A p p e a r a n c e

Height: 6ft
Weight: 185
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Short
Skin Color: Fair, slightly tanned
Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos, Piercings, etc skin markings: None

》R e l a t i o n s h i p s

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Any pre-determined friends?: Associates include Operation Humanity members and one stubborn witch in hiding by the name of Amna Ismat
Siblings' Status: Only Child
Parents' Status: Alive
Pets: None
How open is your character to friends from 1 to 10?: 6
How open is your character to romance from 1 to 10?: 4

》I n t e r e s t s

Three minimum.
✡ Saving lives
✡ A challenge whether it's healthy or not
✡ Steak…
✡ Studying everything Hunter
✡ Having a mission
✡ A good joke here and there
Three minimum.
✡ Negative Actions of the supernatural
✡ Failing to save a life
✡ Not being prepared
✡ Wasting Time
✡ Bickering
Three minimum.
✡ Eating Steak
✡ Planning his next move
✡ Shooting at the range
✡ People watching
✡ Exercise
Three minimum.
✡ Highly observant of his surroundings (for his own wellbeing)
✡ Keeping Secrets/Telling a Lie
✡ Being a distraction

》P e r s o n a l i t y
Sean is a bit of a mystery to most who know him. Old friends, work colleagues, and even family. One thing most could agree on was that he was highly driven. When Sean set his attention on a task, he stuck to it like an obsession. Saying he's a workaholic would be accurate.

Sean often finds it hard to relate to others in his life that have experienced hardships. He can see the difference in the eyes of those who have lost so much to the supernatural and his own. Unlike some of his peers, Sean doesn't hold some vendetta or is out for revenge. He hunts the supernatural to protect those that are unable to defend themselves. His reasoning allows him to keep a level head in a fight with any foe, but his weakness is that he finds it hard to believe all supernatural are evil, especially recently. Seeing supernatural creatures showcasing a moment of humanity cause him to hesitate in acting against them. At the same time, he doesn't negotiate with any supernatural that chooses to live what they may deem their natural lives which may, in turn, threaten the lives of humans. After getting a kill, one might notice a sliver of remorse in his body language. His job is his duty. He doesn't enjoy having to go so far, but he knows he must for the creatures of the night are relentless.

Sean is not a fan of two things, bickering and wasting time on trivial matters. He would much rather give up on an argument than continue on and is straightforward with most things. He's not the most open about all his methods but is willing to share enough in order for his team to succeed. For instance, he doesn't share his supplier or the contents of the supernatural drug he uses to grant him an edge in battle, but his close colleagues are aware he's taking some kind of performance enhancer. He tells people what he thinks they need to know, but only that.

》H i s t o r y
Sean was born to a normal family with a fairly normal upbringing. He was just an only child who had the dream of becoming a police officer and was set on the path after he and his mother were rescued after a car accident that left their vehicle turned over after going off the road. It actually hadn't been an officer, but just a man who had witnessed the accident. With both of them safely removed from the vehicle during their time in need, Sean learned two things. He wanted to be like that man and help others, and much later he realized, you didn't need a badge to do just that.

At the age of 17, he enlisted in the United States Army for two years active duty as a military policeman. His main motivator for serving was to two fast track himself into the police academy. When he was nineteen and a summer away from going for the police academy, he found himself in a situation that he would never forget. His friend Keith had been a guy he had always gotten along with since the two met at a shooting range as teenagers. Their fathers were familiar with each other, but the young teens became the best of friends, bonding in their enjoyment of firearms. Keith didn't join the service and at one point was a bit distant, but the two had taken an evening to hit up a beach party in Clearwater. It was a good time until the later hours. There were about a dozen people drunkenly laughing and vibing when a snarling stage D vampire walked up onto the scene. One man was immediately grabbed a bitten when he approached the creature thinking it was some junkie. Keith was the only one who knew any better. Sean attempted to draw on the creature, but only got one shot to land, a shot that was easily ignored as it approached. While confused as to how something so frail looking could shrug off a 9mm at point-blank without so much as a flinch, Keith moved in front and fired two shots to the creature's chest and dropped it. Same caliber, practically the same pistol. The two then fled the scene while Keith made some odd phone calls. Keith had attempted to talk Sean down during the ride back to Tampa, but he had seen too much and wasn't going to let it go. Keith took him to his place and eventually explained.

Keith was in the family business of killing vampires. They were a small group that was located in the Tampa Bay area. Keith's family had been working in the area for several years. Keith was reluctant, but Sean was persistent. The more he learned about vampires, the more he wanted to go out and stop them. To him, they were the true criminals that never got caught. An enemy to humanity. Sean traded police academy in for some training and hunting with Keith. The two made a great team, but Sean felt they should be doing more. Playing more offensively. He went on hunts Keith wasn't comfortable with, he investigated vampire clans for hours on hours. Sean solving cases and killing vampires for sure, but he was also struggling with money. Keith's family was fine with helping Sean a bit, but it was barely enough. He had heard of Operation Humanity from Keith once but was told he was better off just quitting than going to them. He almost thought of quitting and getting an actual job, maybe even the police force.

In his time of considering, he came and Operation Humanity had wound up hunting the same suspected vampire in Georgia. Sean had a hunch that he was hunting a stage D vampire, due to the state of its victims. When Sean went head to head with what was a lycan and his soon to be victims, he found himself ill-prepared. Not only did the beast incapacitate him with a swift backhand into a tree, but it attacked the victims who cried out in response. Sean passed out before he snapped back awake to the sound of automatic gunfire. He found the lycan riddled with silver bullets. Sean would have died that night if Operation Humanity hadn't been there. He was devastated by the loss of life that occurred that night due to not being prepared. That was the same night they recruited him and opened his eyes to knowledge of lycans and witches as well. He joined a team dedicated to eradicating a savage werewolf pack in Georgia and learned to hunt the new deadly foe. If only his first encounter with a witch would have been the one to be straightforward.

Sean had gotten word that there was a witch coven operating within Atlanta, and though it wasn't in his scope, the man moved to raid the coven. To his surprise, what he found was not three ghoulish pale-skinned women huddled around a sacrificial child, but a family birthday party. He was sure they knew what kind of man he was, but he fled the scene before they could have a chance to act. That was the first night he questioned hunting. Operation Humanity had not yet tasked him to kill any witches, but what if they eventually did? He'd have to kill creatures that looked like people? It troubled him until he was assigned to hunt a small coven dabbling in necromancy.

When he was readying up for his next assignment, Sean was visited by a young woman… One of the witches from the birthday party he had barged into and fled. She wanted to flee her coven. She wanted to live what she called a normal life. Sean agreed to help her and used the location of his new assignment to move her there and away from her coven. It was also somewhat of a test. If this woman indeed wanted to live a normal life, then she would abstain from joining the coven he knew was present in Ember Grove. At the same time, he is currently using her as a way to gain first-hand knowledge about witches and to provide an edge in his combat of the supernatural. He is stationed at the Operation Humanity base outside of Ember Grove and often sleeps there.

》G r o u p

》P r e f e r r e d W e a p on (s)
Rifles, pistols, proton dual blades, and a trusty baseball bat.

》C o m b a t S k i l l s
Three minimum, five maximum.
✡ The use of all manner of firearms. Always open to get his hands on a new toy.
✡ Can use his surroundings and be innovative in combat
✡ Proficient in the use of two short swords, but not preferred
✡ Does not fight fair. Will use any advantage or tools available to win.
✡ Uses a black baseball bat that has been enchanted with an intermediate level protection spell that activates when it strikes the target of protection twice. It only works on one target at a time and its range is only as large as a single room.

》E x p e r i m e n t?
Uses an experimental drug concocted by a witch that secretly provides it to him. The drug known as Iblis Blood grants Sean with the ability to activate and deactivate a temporary boost similar to but greater than an adrenaline rush, but on command. Iblis Blood can be consumed as a deep red liquid, but Sean takes it as a gel tablet to keep his doses standardized.

Risk of heart attack if activated 6 times or for over an hour without deactivation
If used beyond the healthy limits, Sean becomes extremely fatigued for up to four hours
Needs to consume it daily for it to work daily. May be addicted, but he would never admit it.

》W e a k n e s s e s
Three minimum.
✡ Becomes very paranoid when he feels like he's not in control of a situation
✡ Underestimates himself without Iblis Blood which negatively impacts his combat performance
✡ Little to almost no experience combating witches.
✡ Can hesitate when killing a creature if they show a great deal of humanity.

In Avalia 19 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Late Morning into Noon
Location: Edena, Daka Island
Interaction with: Myra @13org

"This is ours?" Darius was awestruck. He had never lived in a room this luxurious or spacious in his life. He walked towards the bed and trailed his fingers along the soft blanket on top. "It's like a room for a king… I can't imagine what the actual king's room looks like." Darius turned to spot Myra taking in the room's extravagance in her own adorable way. The sight brought a cheerful smile to Darius' face. "This room is almost too much… I mean, Myra and I have been camping out since day one..." Darius then watched Myra embracing the bed and its soft covers. He let out a chuckle when she wrapped herself in it with just her head poking out.

"What are you doing?" He laughed as he sat on the bed beside her and rubbed her favorite spot on the back of her neck. He relaxed feeling the soft patch of fur was no longer bristled like it had been before. "If you like it, I love it Myra." His eyes then trailed off at the rest of the large room until he finally found Kol still waiting quietly by the door. The dark elf's eyes met his gaze, which seemed to ease the smile off of Darius' face. The elf was just so serious. "So what happens now? Actually, what happens after we’re done eating? Is that when the training begins?” It was so early in the day, Darius figured there had to be more to do. Sure he could just take it easy until tomorrow, but Kol had made a point earlier. He needed to become more powerful and he wouldn’t get there if he didn’t train. Darius already knew how to train his body, but magic and combat were totally out of his realm.

“As much as I would like you to hit the ground running, we need to make a few purchases using your 5,000 amas in a market north of the castle. It might have been better if you had retained the bulk of your reward. You may have been able to purchase more, but the 5,000 will have to do.” Kol gave a quick nod to the hallway, prompting the group to leave the room and head back down to the dining area. Zorrah had just set down their plates, with Myra's actually having almost five times more steak than Darius. I could have sworn she said thrice more. Once the three were seated, Kol spoke once more. “You should be aware that your element of water is a fine element to master. Almost as fine as the darkness itself.” Kol said with an almost proud look on his face.

“Water? Seriously? Listen, if people that could use water actually had the ability to change the state of it, then I might agree. But plain ol’ water isn’t doing anything but putting out a fire.” Darius had taken a break from his steak, which was delicious by the way, to address the dark elf’s mention of his element. Kol raised an eyebrow at the response, but slightly leaned forward to engage Darius in discussion.

“Any weapon you wield can be as deadly as you make it and water is one of the most versatile weapons you could ever wield. It can fill an empty space to completeness, carve mountains with its pressure, and quell flames with ease. You may be blind now, but I will show you. Like my darkness, your power is granted by the moons, maybe even blessed by Halastra herself… formless and with the ability to devour your enemies in its embrace.” Before Kol left Darius to his food, he informed the young man that he would meet him out in the garden and to wear something warm as they’d be traveling even further north. While Darius and Myra ate their meal, their room was stocked with fresh linens, clothes, and toiletries. Oh and the bed was also remade. Their room was especially stocked with warmer clothes suited for colder weather as winter was beginning to creep up on Daka Island.

As Darius prepared to travel within the living quarters, he thought about what Kol had said. Not the weird part about the moons, but more so on the usefulness water might have. I guess he has a point, BUT fire is still so much cooler. I have what I have though, so I’m going to need to just make the best of it. Shapes are easy… I just need output. Darius seemed to be deep in thought before getting a peek at the entrance to the bathroom on the far end of the living quarters. He walked over, eager to check it out and possibly put it to use.

”Myra look! It’s a bathroom… Whoa, it’s a… real bathroom.” Darius didn’t expect to see what appeared to be a modernized bathroom. “This world is so weird. We had to walk and take a paddle boat all the way to this place, but they have plumbing all figured out.” Darius looked down at Myra with a smile. “This is where you can clean yourself.” Darius walked over to the shower and turned the knob slightly, allowing some water to lightly shoot out of the shower head. He placed his hand under the water and rubbed it to simulate washing. “Shower.” Darius smiled before turning off the water and moving to the toilet. “Uhh… You can do your secret stuff here! Um… You just sit down and let it come out. Then…” Darius pulled the knob and flushed the toilet. If anything, I’m sure she’ll do it outside. Darius’ hand then rested on the sink.

“And the sink. You can wash your hands… Oh! And you can…” Darius looked on the surface of the sink and spotted a two toothbrushes amongst some other toiletry items and products. One black, and the other red. He grabbed the black one quickly followed by the toothpaste. After turning on the water and getting the bristles wet, he squeezed a bit of toothpaste onto the toothbrush. He looked to Myra with a bright smile of excitement. “Watch this Myra. You should do this twice a day or whenever I do it I guess. Or maybe you don’t need to… I mean… I don’t know the science of it or if it even applies here or to a demon... You know what? I’ll just show you anyway." Darius proceeded to brush his teeth with the toothbrush and toothpaste, something he had not had the luxury of doing since his arrival in Avalia. The minty taste in his mouth had been missed as he over-exaggerated brushing his teeth to show Myra everything he was doing. Once he finished and spit into the sink, he lightly blew his minty breath in her face. “Fresh and clean!” Darius chuckled just before looking towards the shower. "I have to change into new clothes anyway…" Darius left the bathroom, removed his cloak and unfastened his black leather armor. Once he removed his cloth undershirt and running sneakers, he headed towards the bathroom. “Myra, I’m going to the shower for a bit. You can have fun on the bed and see how comfy it really is or check out some of the warm clothes we'll need for our trip.” He nodded to the large bed before entering the bathroom and shutting the door behind him. No more cold streams or water spickets! Let’s do this!” Darius wasted no time getting in and taking a real shower for the first time in a week.
@Raistlin Majere

If you make a pack, I may join it with a character btw

Everything Princess noted, I agree. She's lived for ober half a century so she has to have some kind of flourished personality. How does she act in social situations with others. What kind of people does she like or dislike. Does she have any quirks. Personality flaws. Just flesh it out a bit. You seem like you like the character you created so I know you can do it :)

And Submit that group application.

@Raistlin Majere

Recruit people in the discord. Several people are making lycans so maybe you can submit a pack application

Was able to take a quick look between work. Good to go. I'll try to look at the other sheet later.
In Ossvien 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Mermaid's Fortune Deck
Interactions: @DreamingFlowers - Nur, @MissCapnCrunch - Winifred

Nur spotted Malek coming towards her, picking up the bottle of the rum the floored sailor had left sitting out. She was about ready to fling herself overboard. The first mate was really the last man on the ship she wanted to see right now. Her expression soured and she looked up at the sky, inwardly cursing the gods and spirits who lived there.

When he approached she could again smell the rum and she fanned herself with her hand, in an attempt to sweep away the smell. The jasmine oil she had dabbed on her wrists did little to dilute the strong smell of rum. She crossed her arms, hiding her hands and let out a drawn out breath, clearly annoyed. The first mate had not uttered a word yet.

A stroll…..?
What was he up to now?
Nur followed him reluctantly, arms still folded firmly across her chest, like she was protecting something precious. What did he discover? The young witch didn’t much like his tone of voice. What if he knew about her magic disappearing? He couldn’t know…..right? There wasn’t a soul alive on the Mermaid’s fortune who knew about it.

Winifred startled her. She hadn’t seen the cook approaching her, it almost seemed like she rose from beneath the deck, passing through the wood like a ghost. Nur sucked in her breath and placed a hand to her chest. Her heart was racing. She was already jumpy before, and now Malek with this nonsense. Nur contemplated Winifred’s offer.

“Thank you Win, I’m fine, no need to worry” She sounded anything but fine. Her body language and her tone showed the complete opposite to what she was saying. Nur needed to find out what Malek knew, or she would toss and turn all night. Nur locked eyes with the cook, nodding slightly, appreciating her kindness.

Nur turned and slowly walked beside Malek to the spot he’d pointed out earlier. The surgeon did not like her odds at all. This was a scenario she had tried to avoid ever since she boarded the ship.

“Well out with it…” She said, sounding frustrated. Her nerves and the tension was getting the better of her.

“In a hurry are you?” Malek asked mocking a questioning look to Nur. He noticed something was troubling the witch. The expressions she held reminded him of another time he had found her in distress on this very ship. “Hmm.” Malek furrowed his brows and took another swig from his bottle. His eyes never left Nur’s. Once the bottle left his lips, he sighed. “I was going to play a joke, but you just look like some sad pup!” Malek let out. “And I can’t do that to you… I simply couldn't…” Malek’s face softened and another sigh escaped him. “You know, there's something I figured out today… Something worthwhile, and I’m a bit nervous in sharing it… Maybe now’s not the time.” Malek said as he kept his gaze from hers.

Nur’s demeanor changed, she let her guard down momentarily. The tension left her body, her frown replaced by a look of curiosity. Her mood changed for the better, realizing that she would have nothing to fear as far as the first mate was concerned. Well at least not tonight. Malek was a difficult man to figure out at times. She hadn’t seen him like this before and she didn’t understand his sudden display of vulnerability.

There was something he was trying to tell her, but he struggled to find the right words. He avoided her eyes which made her suspicious. A small smirk appeared on her lips, while a devious plan was brewing in her mind. As much as she admired and appreciated his softer side, this was simply too good an opportunity to pass by. There was probably something she could gain here. Nur had a knack for finding out people’s weak spots, especially men’s. Sadly for Malek there had yet to be a time where Nur didn’t take advantage of such a situation.

The young woman raised her hand and moved her hair over her shoulder seductively, a mischievous glint in her shimmering eyes. She quietly stepped towards Malek, and without his cyan eyes constantly on her she took the opportunity to swipe up his bottle of rum in one swift motion.

“Hah!” She said victorious. A cheeky smile on her face. “Let’s see you try without your liquid courage” Nur held the bottle behind her back, winking at the first mate.

“Hey!” Malek protested as his hand slightly went for the bottle that had been pulled from it. With a bothered look on his face, he let his arm drop, easily giving up on the rum. Then he noticed he was looking into her eyes... Malek quickly shifted his gaze to his right, only to reflexively find her face again. Careful, Malek. He let his gaze drop, focusing on her lips rather than her eyes for now. Malek found this to be a way to keep his eyes off of hers while not appearing so timid. Everything about him was just off.

“I guess I already cast the line… can’t quit once the fish actually bites.” Malek grumbled as he seemed to second guess even pulling Nur aside. He let out a low huff before his lips formed a smile. Something nice was on his mind. “Nur… I believe you may have enchanted me.” Malek’s eyes finally met hers, a hopeful smile on his face. Hoping she wouldn’t reject his words. “I don’t know why it was today, but… I found something beautiful this morning. You graced the deck. You...” Malek appeared to be too flustered to finish. No, it wasn’t that. Malek was too disgusted with how much he was allowing his ability of charm to take hold of him.

Nur bit her lip, not liking where this was going at all. The occasional flirting was all well and good it was even fun at times, even if she only really did it to get her way. But this was sounding awfully close to someone falling in love and that was a recipe for disaster. It was probably the rum talking and he was probably missing the company of women. Although Nur had to admit she had a hard time picturing Malek sweet-talking a girl. She touched his arm. It was time to talk some sense into him.

“There’s just so much you don’t know about me Malek…” She started hesitantly. This time she may have bitten off more than she could handle.

“Nur…” Malek seemed to peer wantingly into her eyes, his voice was now a soft whisper that pulled at her. “I know just enough. I know the thoughts guiding my words are not false. I know my feelings would never betray me, but… Maybe I need to show you.” The distance between the two almost seemed too far even though they were less than a foot apart now. “That's if you will allow me.”

Nur was entranced by the sound of Malek´s voice. The sweet words of the first mate moved her and shivers ran down her skin. She couldn't control her feet, who were slowly stepping forward to close the distance between them. A vague feeling of deja vu came over her but it was outmatched by this sudden desire she didn ́t understand.

“Show me?” She sounded like she was floating somewhere between dreams and reality. Why couldn’t she think straight? All she could focus on were the shimmering cyan eyes of the first mate, looking deep into hers. It was like her senses muted every sound and movement around her, except for him. Malek inched closer to Nur as his eyes seemed like they were just about to shut. This was it.

It came into view, a hairpin bejeweled with precious stones was held steadily between Nur’s tranced face and Malek’s scowl. He glared into her eyes silently as he let her take everything in.

Something else aside from Malek’s cyan eyes shimmered in front of her. Slowly she regained some of her senses, recognizing the object. It was a hairpin, and it was…..hers.

Nur began to laugh nervously, trying to pry the pin from between his fingers. Malek was nowhere near the charming man of her dreams and now she realized why. He’d charmed her! AGAIN!

Her brows raised in annoyance. She hated it when he did that. The joke wasn’t at all funny when it was on her. She was usually the one who did the charming. The fact that Malek was better at it than her, irked the young witch. Best not let a sharp object linger between them.

Malek let the witch take the pin from his hand, but not without a few words.

“My words were misleading, but I managed to remain truthful! That pin is the beautiful thing I found this morning. Thrown at me… AND MISSED! I figure that if you were going to assault me, you would at least have better aim! For missing your first mate, you are hereby responsible for making sure the deck is spotless tomorrow morning after this night's festivities.” Malek ordered seriously, before a smirk appeared on his face. “Maybe I should have let you go on further, so you can feel the way that fisherman’s son does... Or maybe just to see if all you are is just a charmer. Like a toothless siren.” Malek reached for his bottle of rum that Nur still had in her possession. To him, the game was over. Payback was served.

Nur’s pale eyes widened. She was about to protest to Malek’s orders, but he wouldn’t let her get a word in. She really wanted to wipe that smug smile off his annoying face. The deck was going to be a mess in the morning, not to mention the hangover crew. She didn’t have time to clean the deck! Nur was used to the first mate barking orders which she usually ignored. Only now he said something which she did not appreciate. He was really pushing his luck.

She returned his scowl with an equal angry frown.

“In case you haven’t noticed…” Nur began, ready to throw a tantrum. “This is all I got going for me.” She gestured to her face and body. Men had all the power where she came from. Women didn’t exist without them.

“And that’s rich coming from you!” Without realizing it Malek had just given her motivation to indeed leave the entire deck spotless. She was determined to prove she wasn’t what he made her out to be. The first mate tried to reach for the rum she stole from him, but she wasn’t going to let him have another drop. The anger she’d felt before came back with a vengeance. Her reaction was noticeably out of the ordinary, since the crew was used to the banter of the first mate and the surgeon. Neither party ever went too far, until today.

Nur forcefully smashed the bottle of rum on the floor. The glass shattered in every direction and the precious liquid trickled over the wooden floors, seeping below deck. Heat rose to her cheeks and she lifted her skirts to keep her hands from trembling. She stepped over the mess and stomped away from Malek. Before she was out of ear shot she glanced over her shoulder for a last venomous remark.

“Don’t worry I’ll clean that up….” Nur spat at him, full of contempt.

"You will." Malek said matter of factly. He didn't appear to be fazed by her actions. He was aiming to piss her off a bit. Something did tug at him however. Something else was nipping at the woman. He'd have someone else check on it if anything. Malek did not have a shoulder for anyone to cry on.
In Avalia 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Late Morning
Location: Edena, Daka Island
Interaction with: Myra @13org

Zorrah studied Myra and her inability to speak observantly at first. She found it to be both peculiar but also… a bit adorable. Very few things came through Edena in the couple hundred years she had spent there, but Zorrah knew warriors when she saw them. The two in front of her made her internally question what kind of fighting force Aklenroth was building up. They’d make better performers. Demon Tamer Darius? Or maybe they can have people try to guess what Myra is trying to say before a timer runs out. A chuckle initially escaped her until she noticing Myra asking for food… A lot of food. Her eyebrows perked up and Zorrah’s grin grew a bit wider than it already was. “More meat huh? So you’re one of those demons, huh? I’ll give you thrice more than your friend Darius. And no veggies either.” Her eyes then met Darius’ who gave her a questioning look. He had been enjoying how Zorrah nearly won Myra’s heart with her promise of food. This woman was possibly the most down to earth person he’d met in Avalia so far. Well, that’s what he thought until… “You got lucky with this one. She’s not only cute, but she didn’t eat you.” Zorrah laughed as she turned from the group. “Welcome to Edena, Darius. Myra. I'll have your food down here in a bit, just make sure not to get eaten Darius.” The demon vanished in the same purple flash that appeared upon her entry. Too good to be true… Is Myra the ONLY nice person here?! Darius knew the demon was just joking, but why couldn’t he meet some nice little fairy girl with pink hair that liked sweet treats or something. Nope, not in Avalia.

Kol let out a low sigh. He was not fond of Zorrah. Sure she did her job, but only after one reminded her multiple times. The demoness was simply undisciplined. Kol cleared his throat to get the attention of pair before motioning for the two to follow him through the doorway leading the staircase, and follow they did. The second floor opened up to a long hall with doors along both its sides decorated with deep blue furnishings throughout.

“And now to show you your living quarters.” Kol stopped at one of the doors in the hallway and opened it. He walked inside, but let himself remain close to the entrance to allow Darius and Myra to enter past him. The room could only be described as incredible. The candles were all lit, leaving no little to no dark spots within the room decorated in deep shades of blue. Darius couldn’t help but smile as he looked around with bright wide eyes, while Kol just remained silently by the doorway.

“Holy fucking shit…”
GM: @princess
CO-GM: @FunnyGuy

Vampires. Witches. Lycanthropes. Nearly all would assume these beings to be products of fiction and superstition. But if you find yourself in the small town of Ember Grove, South Carolina, you should be inclined to believe otherwise. Well, that’s if you’re lucky enough to find out about them without becoming food or someone’s plaything. For a few hundred years, Ember Grove has been one of several settlements frequented by the supernatural. Though Ember Grove remains relatively stable, the town is hardly peace when adding up all of the missing person cases and homicide victims.

Power struggles between supernatural factions that used to be fought in the realm of secrecy and silence have recently stirred up enough trouble to attract a formidable opposition… Hunters! They’ve been around since the first instance a man successfully fought back the creatures of the night and they continue to do so to this day.

The once quiet town has become a battlefield for several factions, Which one will you join?

In Avalia 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Late Morning
Location: Love Lounge, Roshmi City
Interaction with: @Tae - Azriel, @Legion02 Xenelith @Alivefalling Jack @Eviledd1984 O’Ner

Xenelith’s words had helped Umber snap out of the stupor caused by the overwhelming emotions he was feeding on. Not just that, but Jack and O’Ner’s inability to enjoy themselves.

“What a sad sight? The undead and the human are both troubled by their pasts...” Umber said softly before turning to Xenelith and Azriel who seemed to be on the path of enjoying every vice this environment had to offer. The demon was a stranger to this establishment, but he found it to be the perfect place for someone like him. The mixture of pain and pleasure was simply incredible. In the midst of all these feelings, he managed to listen in on the conversation between Xenelith and Azriel concerning a flyer for a ball coming up. He pondered silently. Aklenroth… What is your play? A ball to gather all of your enemies and a… Oh? Would he actually do something like that? Umber leaned towards the two.

“You two may be onto something. If he is not behind this, then he will surely take advantage of this event… If not, we will. No matter how things play out, we’ll need to prepare to attend this ball. It may not be as enjoyable as this… Actually, I’ll hold off on what this ball may have in store for us. However, today will be difficult to top with an order of skaula and ubara on the way. I cannot partake directly, but I can receive some of the... secondhand effects.” Umber shared a low snicker. “Madam, that sad creature across from us needs a bit of company. Eight demihumans similar to this one, my treat.” Umber requested noting the female that Azriel had requested just a moment ago. Nothing personal… Torture is just something I do.”
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