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In Avalia 23 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Night
Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interaction: @13org Myra and @Eviledd1984 O'ner

Myra's shock and confusion concerning the alcohol caused Darius to give a thoughtful expression to his tipsy friend. Downing the wine had not helped alleviate her worries since she moved the glass away and hissed at it.

When O'ner mentioned wine as a beverage that made people happy, Darius silently nodded to that explanation, but then kind of went on about it being terrible when that was the mistake Darius himself had made when initially explaining the effects of the wine. This guy is only making things…. Oh, he's leaving? Oh, he is! Good. Time to go into teacher mode to fix this.

Throughout their time together, Darius had always found Myra to be more of a visual and hands-on learner. She had learned so much more from Skar who was all about doing and not talking much than she did from him who talked way too often. Explaining things verbally to his demon companion was always a challenge, but it never kept him from giving up his quest in teaching her all that he could. With O'ner's departure, Darius reached over to the glass and set it next to the plate of pasta.

"Okay Myra. The red drink that was in here was NOT poison. When you drink, it makes you…" Darius started to sway back and forth in his seat for a moment before stopping, seeing that it was mostly how the beverage was visibly affecting her. He then pointed to the pasta. "Food. Some food makes you sleepy, right? Like…" Darius shut his eyes and let his head tilt to the side to simulate falling asleep. "And some food makes you want to run all day, right? And some are spicy hot." He faked a pant and fanned his tongue. "And some make your stomach hurt or makes you feel sick. Remember when Zorrah made my steak uncooked like yours?" Darius was not fond of the demon groundskeeper that particular evening.

Darius then went out of his way to point people out to Myra with glasses of wine in hand or drinking it.

"The red drink is wine and it makes you feel the way you're feeling now. It's new to you and will go away soon if you don't drink anymore. Just like all the other food. I promise." Darius then noticed O'ner returning to offer any help with anything. Darius smirked as he thought of a way to patch things up a little more. "I think she might like some kind of meaty dish. I think it would mean a lot to her."

Time: Morning
Location:Alexander's Private Chambers, New Paeonia
Interaction with: Vivian @Pink Khione

"With dents and scratches," Sasha replied as she took her leave of Alexander's private chambers. He currently appeared just as calm as he had been for most of the art exhibition. To Alexander, anger was not a luxury, though the thought of some tortured witch running around the local area with sensitive information on his current operation would not cease to bother him. If his people were unable to locate Shay Knight, then maybe it meant she was long gone. Or maybe it meant she already found safety with his enemies.

I will not allow that quarter-century old bitch ruin everything I… We have built.

Alexander caught himself scowling as he caught a glimpse of his reflection in crimson within his glass. With a sigh, he calmed himself and just in time as his phone began to buzz within the pocket of his black slacks. His free hand swiftly grabbed and answered the phone without really looking at the number that called. The unfamiliar feminine voice he heard as well as her words caused a grin to form across his face. It was her.

"Billiards, yes! Is this Vivian? My name is Alexander Drake and my dear friend Devin informed me that I might receive a call from you about showing me the game... or is it considered a sport? Either or, I would like to have the pleasure of learning from the best… with payment of course."

Time: Morning
Location: Indoor Track Operation Humanity Base
Interaction with:

Beep. Beep. Beeeeeeep.

Sean broke into an explosive sprint along the track. He hadn't gotten sleep all night… A normal occurrence for Sean Stone. He never liked the idea of sleeping when the monsters were out gallivanting, so he sacrificed a large portion of daylight so he could match their schedule. He was sacrificing a lot lately. He had gotten a very very stern talking to from Colonel Trotter after returning to base regarding his duty of maintaining positive control of Operation Humanity's assets. His attempts at arguing about both of the experiments' lack of suitability in hunting were shot down. Again he was asked if he was willing to become what he dubbed a "Frankenstein."

Beep. Beep Beeeeeeep.

Sean slowed down to a light jog when the interval timer beeped through his wireless earbuds. He was attempting to keep his mind off of everything that happened. Not only was he told he was a shitty babysitter, but he was informed that the cause of death for seven people found at the scene was from cardiac arrest. The jolt from the incapacitating electroshock proved to actually be fatal to some. It was a risk he took in desperation to keep witnesses confined to the surrounding area of where the art exhibition was held, but he couldn't help but feel guilty.

Beep. Beep Beeeeeeep.

Sweat-soaked, he launched into a full sprint once more attempting to push the thoughts away for a moment and just focus on running as far as he could on the track before time ran out.

Beep. Beep Beeeeeeep.

On the bright side, Operation Humanity was able to get a lead on Finn Cooper who mysteriously escaped from Angel, Remy, and an independent hunter. Sean couldn't help but sigh at how unbelievable that was. He was positive they allowed Finn and the other werewolves to escape after helping dispose of several of the vampires. The 'other werewolves' part was the troubling part. Did Finn Cooper bring members of his pack with him? I guess I'll need to talk to his brother to find out more. Just a few more sprints.

Beep. Beep Beeeeeeep.

Time: Morning
Location:Alexander's Private Chambers, New Paeonia
Interaction with:

"No dents. No scratches." The female vampire who had a bit of a joyride in Alexander's Rolls Royce tossed the keys to Alexander who stood with a chilled glass of fresh blood in his hand. He caught the keys while still maintaining eye contact with her.

"And the paint?" Alexander sipped the blood, his eyes still on the woman. Sasha was only a few decades old from what he remembered. Before her changing, she was athletic with a sharp mind. A standout is what many in the clan might call her and those Alexander recognized and could recall. These vampires filled smaller roles, but Alexander saw them as future leaders within his clan. Other names that came to mind were Noah Beaumont and Adrian Schulz. Though they were not the most disciplined, they did not shy away from violence.

"I apologize Alexander, but we weren't able to completely get it out." Sasha frowned as she lowered her head. She had heard word of Alexander not being in the best of moods after last night. Despite that very fact, the old vampire smiled.

"Thank you for trying, Sasha. I think I will get it cleaned at one of the local businesses the next time I head into town. You may go… And I would love for the next thing you toss me to be that witch's caved in face." He didn't mind if it was harder for him to identify.

Do you guys still have any open spots? XD

Yes we do! The discord link is in the first post where we have a lot more information on the rp and where you can chat us and the rest of the players
In Avalia 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interaction: @13org Myra and @Eviledd1984 O'ner

Before O'ner had mentioned sobering Myra up, Darius had his suspicions on her state of being as he chewed the delicious pasta dish. He preferred it had some kind of meat in it, but the sauce made up for the lack of protein. Besides, his focus was on his companion. Myra had always had a crispness to her actions, whether it was hunting a large animal or snuggling within the soft blankets of their bed. So when he saw how clumsy she was behaving as well as noticing the two glasses at the table, he readily connected the dots. Initially, he scowled at O'ner and even put a hand up when he asked about what to do to help her. His tone started off quite stern.

"Let her sit tight here. The water won't sober her up, but it'll prevent a hangover…" He ensured she had access to the water before continuing with a softer look to his face as he was sure this man meant no harm. "I'm not a doctor or anything, but I did use to be a professional party goer. " Darius forced a smile to O'ner as he could see the guilt in the man's face. He wanted to assure him that she would be okay.

"Let me explain it to her. She's not used to all this."
His forced smile faded and his face was filled with guilt as well. "I shouldn't have left you alone." Darius scooted right beside Myra and then pointed to the glass filled with wine. "That stuff is what's making you feel all wobbly and clumsy. It's like poison… but a little bit! A small amount! It's safe, but it makes you slow and dizzy if you're not used to it." It took a moment for him to realize that he might have accidentally accused O'ner of poisoning her, so he tried to quickly assure her the wine wasn't deadly, especially with the small amount she ingested.

Ina quick act of both desperation to ease her worries and his own impulsiveness, Darius reached over to grab the glass of wine and gulped it down. All to prove that drinking the wine was mostly safe. "See! You can trust me, Myra." He gave toothy smile with bits of red staining his white teeth. Even if he wasn't at his best, he would do whatever he could to make sure Myra was comfortable. He knew she would do the same for him.
Time: Morning, Saturday
Location: Ember Grove
Interaction with: N/A

Last night had been a bit of a shitshow… Could have been worse, though some wish it had gone better. Operation Humanity tried their damnedest to create a coverup. The campus suspended the fall semester as "local authorities" investigated the terrorist attack involving drugging those at the art exhibition with hallucinogens. Those that survived the attack were brought in for questioning. The questioning was used as a way to find out what the witnesses had been exposed to and to feed them the story Operation Humanity was trying to push. The deceased were taken to a facility under the guise of a morgue that sorted out the people from the monsters.

Agents were debriefed thoroughly once they returned to base and were at the mercy of the piecing-eyed Trotter.

Saturday morning was just the product of the night before. People mourned those who had gone missing or perished at the university campus and reluctantly digested the media's spin on the details. There were many questions that were not answered and some would never be answered at all. Just another weekend in Ember Grove. The sky was overcast today, threatening pedestrians with the possibility of rain.

In Avalia 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interaction: @13org Myra and @Eviledd1984 O'ner

Darius did not intend on his eyes meeting Ayita's but the depth and emotion behind her answer almost demanded he give his attention. This woman had declined, sure, but she was not wrong for thinking the way she did either. She had nothing to return to and he knew this! The fate of her people…

With that, he could sympathize, but he still did not agree with getting caught up in which side was good or bad. He agreed that Aklenroth was a tyrannical ruler, but what were the light elves before then? He himself had heard of how vicious the oh so desperate light elves were when they held power or how fairies failed to ever lift a finger to any cause. What if they had been brought over into Avalia during the time when the Dark Elves were pushed out of their own kingdom? Would she then empathize with them?

To Darius, these problems were their problems. His concern was not with the politics of this world, but how humans were being forced into a conflict that was not their responsibility. Elves, fairies, orcs, demons, and demihumans at the end of the day were just like any other person. None he had met were inherently good or evil and he felt that was the stuff of children's stories and fairytales.

It was the final thing she said that caused him to raise an eyebrow. Does she want to use…

Don't play foolish! You heard what she desires! It is as I told you! As I SHOWED you! They will continue to use the DROMs! And THAT human will make sure of it! She will help undo your kind and after that, she will assist in undoing mine… That includes her, correct?

Darius' questioning look shifted into a scowl as he watched Ayita disappear between the bodies on the dancefloor. His sympathy for her was already twisting into animosity as Malgormuun brought clarity to what Ayita ultimately sought.

"I understand ok? They will continue to fight if there is a rebellion to fight for. Just like you said before." Darius answered aloud in a hushed and bothered tone. He just wanted the demon to shut up and stop reminding him about how shit things were and would become. He hated that Malgormuun kept being right as if this shit was written in stone.

Darius looked around the ballroom pensively and found Myra seated with the guy Airdan had left his group with. It was a bit of a relief since he hadn't thought of how he'd reunite with Myra amongst all the guests here. His eyes also scanned around for Artemis, but she was less of a concern since she seemed like she could fair decently in this environment. As he approached the table, the first thing he noticed was that Myra…

"Pasta? You're actually eating it?" Darius' smile was a bit held back as his interaction with Ayita was still weighing on his mind. He took a seat beside her and noticed that the pasta even lacked any trace of meat in it. So she can enjoy other foods… My stomach wants me to enjoy other foods too. He grabbed one of her forks. "Can I try some?" He asked not yet noticing her mild inebriation. He quickly looked to the general with a smile. "Hey!" Darius didn't want to come off as rude, but he had also forgotten this man's name. Oops!
In Avalia 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interaction: @13org Ayita

Here we go. Say yes! Say yes! Say yes! Say… What? Darius could already tell that Ayita was not leaning towards a 'yes' and the concern he had was visible upon his face as she spoke of her people.

"The time where I didn't need to fight and could dance with my people is long gone, Darius... My tribe was burned to the ground by the white men. My mother probably didn't survive the fire, just like most people I knew in our camp... Our homes, nothing but ash now. My people, either dead, made into slaves or fleeing from a land that should be their home since ancient times. My father, a strong warrior from my people, is leading our people, trying to reclaim that what is ours and defend our lands. The only thing I can do, Darius, is fight. Either here or back home."

Part of him didn't understand. It wasn't a lack of comprehension. It was Darius not being able to accept the life Ayita was portraying as her own. Crazy? No… her eyes. She's not fucking around. She's serious… He continued to take in her words filled with passion as she shared with him her experience in this world as well as what it might have been like for others as well. To hear her speak of it hurt him deeply as his eyes remained fixed on hers. He would hear her out. All of it.

"While I do agree that not everyone would be willing to fight a war that is not theirs and would rather return to their homes, I do not have this luxury. The only thing remaining for me would be to try and unite my people from the rest of the seven clans and fight. Fight for the right to have a place to live and die. Fight to preserve our rights, our lands and our history."

"That said... I've seen what the white invaders are capable of... Their weapons are far better than ours, they have no respect for the land nor people... Can we even fight against them despite being in such disadvantage? We might be powerless against the white men there, but here... Here we have power. Here we can do a difference and maybe even find a new home."

It was more than obvious now. Her people and her land were not what he initially assumed. Maybe it would be more accurate to say, they were not when he initially assumed. How was this even possible. Were the DROMs this randomized? To the point where they could pull people out of history? Out of time and space?

"You're…" He aimed to raise a question to truly confirm what time period she was from, but she had continued and her current inquiry took precedence. He could tell it was important by how serious she remained. This was a far cry from their initial interaction.

"If you truly are siding with our people, you're not on the side of the one who kills your own kind... are you? The one who sent a dracolich to burn the entire forest down, including myself. A fire that is very familiar to me..."

"I ask you again, Darius... Which side are you on?" She asked, waiting for a reply. And he had one. Especially now that he faced the truth. It was all difficult to take in, but it was the reality here in Avalia. The emotional pain he felt could not be hidden on his face. Darius felt heartbroken as tears urged his eyes for release. Imprisoned only by the need to appear strong in front of her.

Why did you have to be right…

Less than a handful of seconds passed. Three at most. But it felt like minutes of staring into her eyes, with his own full of sadness and a pinch of anger.

"They've made you oversimplify this. And it's not fucking right. It's not fair, Ayita. Do you think this is just a fight of good versus evil? Or that you were chosen by some higher power to fight here? It was random. Random. Think about that. When the rebels activated the machines that brought us here, random people were taken from their homes, their lives." His voice raised a bit, causing him to pause for only a moment before continuing. "So yeah you're a warrior, but what about the people who showed up here without a fighting chance. The children. The old. The sick and dying. The people who needed to remain where they were because of their responsibility to someone or something they loved and cared for. I side with our people. To get us back home, by any means necessary. The ruler of this world and the ones who brought us here have the same blood on their hands. So why pick a side here when you can choose to fight with your people back home? If you fight here and die, how the hell is that fair to you or those wondering where you vanished off to… but…" He stopped himself from doing what he said he wouldn't do to the humans he encountered. A promise to himself, that he would not force anyone to leave this world, but only present the option.

Why did you have to be right….

... Kol

“The rebellion will not simply give up their human weapons. And not many of the remaining humans will trust Aklenroth’s offer in leaving this world peacefully. Most if not all will have their heads filled with lies of his inability to do so. They will flee, fight, and even attempt to kill you…"

"You can make whatever choice you want. Unlike them, I'll let you choose your own path... even if I don't recommend it." His eyes finally dropped from hers. He couldn't look her in the eyes anymore. He was sure she would decline his offer and that hurt him more than he thought it would, and it would hurt once more when the next person declined as well. Again, it was all difficult to take in, but it was the reality here in Avalia.

In Avalia 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Roshmi Grand Hall
Interaction with:

During the second dance of the ball, Umber stood by watching the guests with crossed arms and his unchanging smile. The dances allowed him to get close to targets, but it narrowed his observation of all in attendance. A low raspy hum escaped him as his eyes met O'ner's form seated at a table with that demon. Demons. They were rarely of any interest to him, but this one was peculiar.

For one, he figured that Darius would have been a long-forgotten meal of hers. A slave at best, but from what he witnessed, she was protective and caring of the poor man. What hold does he have over you? Umber scowled at O'ner. And what is this fool doing? Courting? This whole facade is becoming distasteful. I want pain and suffering now… I shall be patient. It will come… Yes, it will come soon.
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