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In Avalia 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dawn
Location: Wilderness Between Orc Landing and Illuminata Kingdom
Interaction with: Myra @13org

”Huh? Myra what are you doing? Skar wants us to go this way.” Darius tried to pull his arm back, but stopped as he noticed Myra’s facial expression. He was worried now. He noticed she didn’t take seeing the Dark Lord in the sky very well. Maybe she doesn’t like the idea of us going. How much does she really understand? Darius looked to Skar and then quickly turned back to Myra. Skar didn’t smile much, but Darius could tell she was pissed that they were being delayed.

”Darius…” Skar didn’t have to say much more. Darius could only give Myra a troubled look. He didn't like the idea of going to face the Dark Lord either, but if he could go home, then he had to try.

”Myra, I don’t know if you understand. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but just listen anyway… I have to try to go home and that skeleton guy is the only way for me to do that.” Darius then made a fist with the hand that belonged to the wrist Myra held. ”If it’s a trick, I know I can count on you to help me beat the guy.” Darius then undid his fist. ”I’ll also understand if you really don’t want to go. I won’t force you and you don’t have to feel like you have to either. I have Skar, who is okay I guess and I have my cool magic.”

”Water magic is weak.” Skar commented after Darius’ mild jab at her being “okay.”

”Fuck off, it’s like my first spell… And it can’t be too weak if it knocked you on your ass.” Darius shot back with a smirk. Skar almost did the same, but forced a gruff instead. ”My next one is gonna be like a fireball or a lightning bolt. Fuck yeah!”

”No… Just water.” Skar commented again. This time Darius looked confused.

”Just water?” Darius smiled in disbelief, but it faded as he started to look a bit disappointed.

”Just water.” Skar repeated plainly. She almost laughed at how bothered he looked. It actually made her forget about Myra stalling them. ”Humans have one power. Water, fire, earth, air. Darius has water.

”You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me! Can I get a reroll or something? You mean I got stuck with the side-character slash love-interest element?” Darius sighed and gave Myra a smile to show that he wasn’t upset with the situation dealing with her. ”Fuck it, it’s not like I’m staying. I could have a little fun with it though.” Darius shrugged. Even here of all places... Why can’t I ever be the main character of my own life?

In Avalia 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dawn
Location: Aklenroth's War Room
Interaction with: @Tae - Azriel, [Eviledd1984] - O'ner

Umber's attention was on O'Ner. He could feel Azriel's curiosity, but found it to be natural and uninteresting. O'Ner however, this dark being was full of conflict. Umber had heard tales of undead that were unpleasantly fought for Aklenroth, but he would have never guess General Faister to be one of these sad yet beautiful creatures. To be aware of going against your own nature for all of eternity and unwillingly undoing all your good deeds in your time living, all while being trapped in a grotesque husk of your former self.

Umber would remain close to O'Ner as his emotion was just delectable. Azriel info on Xenelith only confirmed what Umber had picked up on while in the war room with Aklenroth.

When it became apparent that the trio would need to travel by Amora due to O'Ner's inability, Umber snickered internally at Azriel's slight anguish. Her intrigue of the undead general had been replaced with revulsion.

"Azriel, fly on your own if you must, but…" Suddenly in Umber's lower left hand appeared a miniature black silhouette of an angel flying just over his palm. He then presented an image of the same silhouette tired and struggling to keep itself up. "You may end up trading away your strength for a sliver of freedom." Umber crushed the silhouettes with a crunch before they turned into black dust in his fists. These images were only visible to Aziriel as the choice was her own and her own alone.

Umber moved to enter the Amora with O'Ner, allowing Azriel to make her choice. He did not wish to influence her in one direction more than the other. He just presented the cons of her choice so she would make a decision she wouldn't regret. The days of treating her like a child were far gone. He didn't mold the woman to be his minion. Azriel was much greater.

"General… No one will be bothered if you decide not to participate in the bloodshed. However, if you choose to take action… be sure it is the correct one. I would hate to dismantle… No. I would hate to explain why I dismantled one of our lord's commanding officers. The dismantling itself would be enjoyable."

In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dawn
Location: Wilderness Between Orc Landing and Illuminata Kingdom
Interaction with: Myra @13org

Darius felt a bit of relief when Myra retracted her claws and assumed an upright posture, but she still didn't appear to fully trust Skar. It was apparent with how Myra kept fierce eyes on the orc and made sure there was distance between Skar and herself. Darius was sure their animosity wouldn't go away any time soon, but at least he managed to keep them from attacking each other. His plan was to wait for them to cool off and then he'd fix something up so the two would have to tolerate each other.

"I think we should just start walking somewhere. But is there anywhere I can actually go? The forest is nice and all, but this is starting to get old." Darius directed this to Skar since he knew Myra wasn't much of a talker. He turned to Myra whose face was still a bit intense. "Skar isn't nice, but she saved my life and made a deal not to sell me to the Dark Lord. And she didn't even…" Darius stopped speaking the moment Aklenroth appeared in the sky above. "Whoa! Look at that! That's gotta be the Dark Lord. Right?" Darius pointed to Aklenroth's image in the sky and Skar nodded to confirm Darius' assumption. Darius smirked as he was excited to finally see the bad guy of the world he was now in.

"Greetings citizens of Avalia. I have felt the disturbances of DROMs being used to summon humans. You all know this is highly forbidden. I offer you one thousand Amas for a human head, five thousand for ones captured alive and for those who turn themselves in, I offer you ten thousand Amas along with a spot in my army and protection or a chance to return to earth. I have raised my armies. By now they will have reached the mainland and will search your cities and villages for these humans. Those who protect or attempt to hide any humans will have their city or village purged and destroyed. You have been warned. I thank you all for listening. May you do the right thing."

Aklenroth's projected image only left silence between the three in the forest. Darius looked to Skar who noticed was already looking at him. Their eyes locked and still there was silence. The message had the greatest potential to change everything if it was legitimate.



Summoned humans?

One thousand… Five thousand… Ten thousand...

"A chance to to return?" Darius broke the silence and shifted his eyes to look straight ahead. He nodded before speaking again. "Well, guess where we're going?" Darius said with a smirk. Skar raised an eyebrow at Darius.

"To Daka Island?" Skar asked. Darius walked over to Skar with that look of confidence he had when he attacked her moments ago. Skar found this expression to be the only quality she liked about the man.

"Uh… I don't know. If that's where that Skeletor looking guy is, then yes. This place is awesome and all, but I gotta get home. There's bills, work, and… responsibilities... Damn. Well I still have stuff to go back to, you know? You help me get to Daka or wherever and I'm sure the Dark Lord will pay you. Myra can take my half of the reward and I'll go home. Easy?" Darius' put on his serious face now. He had to show he was one hundred percent on this plan. Skar gruffed.

"Easy. We head north to Orc Landing. Before we go, you need armor and weapon. Peacemaker has them for human. None for demon." Skar gave a cold look to Myra before smirking. "Demon doesn't need it. Demon isn't soft like Darius."

"Wow, you said my name! But still…. Fuck you, Skar!"Darius barked before he chuckled. He grabbed a fresh "pink" from the grass and held his free hand out for Myra to hold. "Ready to go to Orc Landing… Sounds pretty badass, huh?."
In Avalia 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dawn
Location: Aklenroth's War Room
Interaction with: @Alivefalling - Aklenroth, @Tae - Azriel, @Eviledd1984 - O'ner

Umber had listened to Aklenroth in silence. He was studying Aklenroth as his orders seemed outside of the norm. Umber wasn't foolish enough to question superior, especially not with an audience.Umber and Azriel were rarely tasked to accompany others, especially not those with such high standing in Aklenroth's forces. Umber reached for the charm with one of his hands and allowed it to float from Aklenroth's grasp. The demon:s eyes narrowed as the charm sunk into his palm until it passed through the skin.

The black crystal that was handed to Azriel really grasped Umber's attention. He vaguely recognized the runes etched upon its surface and faced Aklenroth. If he could smirk, he would have.

"You have trusted the crystal with the best of your soldiers." Umber complimented Azriel, knowing full well that she wouldn't have any trouble safeguarding the items given to her.

With that, he floated out of the war room beside Azriel. There wasn't anything else that needed to be said, so he'd simply make his exit. Hmm… My dear Azriel. Umber was already aware of her thoughts before she raised her question.

"We work best in our pair… when we are tasked to exterminate our enemies, but unfortunately our lord may not want to completely eradicate his enemies. There are bigger schemes going on." Umber answered just before Aklenroth's announcement that only confirmed his suspicions. "We can aid in capturing the humans, but accomplices are fair game. We may be assisting Xenelith, but we are still Wraiths. Do not forget this fact Azriel."

Upon meeting with O'Ner, Umber kept silent whilst Azriel playfully teased the Aklenroth's undead general and informed him of their current assignment.

"Greetings General Faister."

In Avalia 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dawn
Location: Wilderness Between Orc Landing and Illuminata Kingdom
Interaction with: Myra @13org

When Myra appeared from her camouflaged state, Darius looked as if he had egg on his face. Especially since he didn't think she had moved so close to the conflict. The major issue here was that Myra looked like she was ready to pounce on Skar.

"Oh no. Myra it's done. We're not fighting anymore!" Darius moved in the path between the two. Skar just looked down at Myra coldly. The orc had decided against killing Myra, but would not pass up a fight if the pale demon engaged her. Darius' presence was equivalent to a paper wall that had words condemning violence on it. Darius would agree with that analogy. Darius looked up at Skar who he knew could understand all of his words. "Skar please don't escalate this.' Skar gruffed and turned away from Myra. She grabbed a portion of her thick black hair and rung it out onto the grass.

"You are responsible for demon. Hurry up."

"Okay can you please stop calling her that. She's a nice little… She's too adorable to be a demon."

"She is a demon. All come in many forms. She almost looks like demihuman… almost. Calm her or I will do it permanently."

Darius sighed as he looked back and forth at Myra and Skar. I hope no one kills anyone today. Darius was visibly concerned, but slowly approached Myra.

"Myra…" Darius said softly as held out his hand for her to take it and forced a smile. "It's okay. Take my hand… Trust me." Darius still didn't know how much Myra understood, but he had to make an attempt.
In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Dawn
Location: Wilderness Between Orc Landing and Illuminata Kingdom
Interaction with: Myra @13org


Skar was already on the move. Despite her size, her movements were fluid as she maneuvered through the trees and brush on the forest. She took a whiff of the air to keep on track with Darius and the creature accompanying him. Skar was pissed at herself for assuming Darius would listen or that something else wouldn't try to take him. Now he was gone and… Skar didn't even know what was going on. Based on the tracks, someone or something was with him.

Skar figured Darius was likely alive which wasn't too bad, but she would never trust leaving him alone again. He can't hide… can't fight… can't stay in one place!

Skar picked up the smell of fresh blood, which caused her brows to furrow. If she could have moved faster, she would have upon picking up the scent. She thought the worst until she stopped in her tracks at the sight of a boar that seemed to have been hunted by some sort of predator. The boar was also surrounded by the pink fruit Darius had been eating just moments ago. It was an odd discovery.a She got ready to bellow his name again. Skar was more sure that he was alive now.

"Skar!" Darius shouted as he clumsily moved through the brush. Darius turned to the thick vegetation behind him to speak through it to Myra. "Trust me. I can talk to her. Come on, we'll be fine." Darius tried to assure Myra who had tried to save him from Skar's wrath. He even forced a smile. "It's my turn to do something." Darius turned back to Skar who hadn't moved from where the dead boar lied. Her fierce eyes were on Darius and whatever was beginning to come through the brush with him.

"Should kill you here, human! Skar told you to stay hidden! To wait! You ca-" Skar was interrupted.

"NO! Skar what the fuck are you even saying?! I DID hide and I DID wait! You were the one that didn't come back until now! Look!" The seemingly angered man pointed down at what was left of the boar and fruit on the ground. "I needed to eat, so my new friend Myra and I went to get food. We were going to try to get something else before heading back to my spot…" Darius sighed. Keep it up. Just a little more. Darius could see Skar had been initially taken aback by his retort and was beginning to hold a softer expression as she listened to him. "I have to eat. If I don't eat, I get weak. If I get weak, I'm useless. Plus, I found us a new friend." Darius stated this calmly. Skar let out a low grunt, as she had no argument against his. There was still one thing that bothered her. She sniffed the air and her hard expression returned as she identified Myra for what she was.

"The demon can't live… Demons ally with the Dark Lord. She is a spy or will be one. Step aside human. We must stay hidden from demons, from dark elves, from orcs." Skar swiftly drew her axes.

"Whoa! No! You're not going to just kill Myra! She's not a demon and she's not like that!" Darius wasn't acting this time around. However, Skar was set on dispatching Myra here and now. Skar snarled.

"Step aside! Skar went to backhand him to toss him aside and potentially knock him out so he wouldn't be able to interfere with her attempt to slay Myra

"Stop! Darius put his hands up in defense from Skar's attack. A torrent of water suddenly fired from Darius' hands. The blast of water was powerful enough to push her off her feet and go crashing into a tree. "What the fuck?! I… I shot you with water!" Darius stared at his hands as Skar picked herself up from the ground. She appeared to be just as surprised but regained her composure quickly. Skar's grip tightened around her axe handles as she faced Darius.

"Move." Skar's demand caused Darius to break away from his state of awe. Focus, Darius. He stood his ground and readied his hands at his side.

"Still thirsty huh?" Darius wore a smirk on the surface, but was still concerned with Myra. Skar took off to his right to get around him. Darius aimed his hands to attack again. "Nope!" Darius said as Skar instinctively juked to Darius' left while ducking from where his hands aimed. She planned to close the gap and take him out before dealing with the demon. She was surprised to see Darius use his powers, but not surprised with the element he inherited. Darius hadn't even shot out water. No handle on power. The orc wasn't worried in the slightest. Her eyes met his, and to her surprise, he had remained confident and his hands were still aimed at her.

A blast of water knocked Skar off balance and sent her tumbling across the grass.

"I can do this with you alllll day Skar. Just trust me. I'll be responsible for her." Skar stood up and moved her damp hair from her face. She was uncomfortably soaked now.

"And if demon kills you?" Skar got up again

"She would have already. She found me sleeping and you haven't been around for hours. If she wanted to kill me, I'd look like the boar right here!" Darius readied his hands again. He had a better handle than he thought he'd have. "You claimed me right? Well, I claim her. She's mine. Okay?" Darius kept his eyes on Skar's. With a grunt she placed her axes on her back.

"I will accept." Skar wouldn't look at Darius. She could have gotten him out of the way if she tried again, but Darius seemed like he would be a problem she managed to harm the demon. Skar needed Darius, so she could give in this time.

"Really?" Darius let his guard down. "Thanks Skar… Looks like you get to kick it with us Myra. Well that's if you want to." Darius wasn't sure how much of what he said Myra would grasp, but he was just happy to say it.


Time: Dawn
Location: Aklenroth's War Room
Interaction with: @Alivefalling - Aklenroth, @Tae - Azriel

Umber silently floated through the entry into Aklenroth's War Room. His focus was on the Lich King.

"Apologies for the wait my lord. My age must be slowing me down. Azriel and I are ready to be deployed to any location you see fit for your Wraiths." Umber did not bow and instead crossed both pairs of his arms over his chest and floated with his feet just inches above the floor. "I hear that we have humans in our world again… It is true and you are deeply displeased with… The elves. Azriel's favorite prey. He rage still hungers for their spilled blood, even now at this moment Lord Aklenroth." Umber was already picking up the emotions and thoughts flowing in the room whilst he used his words to stir them up and make them surface.

In Avalia 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Avalia 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

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