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In Avalia 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: River Port
Interactions: Eris @Tae, Bowyn @Helo, Rue @potter
Mentions: Annya @princess, Arn @Omni5876,

Kaleb stared at Moonlight’s snout some as Bowyn brought up the wolf’s teeth and a reasoning as to why the animal wouldn’t attack him. He makes it seem like the wolf is just ready to put someone in the obituary. Noted. He gave an uneasy smile to Bowyn.

“Thanks for the tip.” Kaleb said just before Bowyn went on to address Rue. He told her Kaleb was looking for Annya and how he knew Arn. That lie was really growing, but luckily in Kaleb’s favor.

He was waiting on Rue’s reply as to why Arn was not with her, when some commotion was heard in a fast growing crowd down the boardwalk. I wonder what’s going on over there. He heard what he assumed were females shouting before as he looked in the direction of the crowd.

“I’m not too invested in looking for Arn honestly, but I bet he’s not far from whatever conflict that is over there.” Kaleb smirked and crossed his arms over his chest. “We should continue to the bar if we’re searching for Annya. She wouldn’t be trying to draw that much attention to herself. Besides, I’m in the mood for a good drink.”

In Avalia 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Rattlesnake Bar, Myriamor
Interactions: Kuroi @hide on mana,
Mentions: Mika @Tae and Uzul @dragonpiece

Slick lit up at the mention of Avalia actually having firearms. He wished he had a rifle or hell even just one of his pistols, but the magical portal went and messed that up. Rather expensive, huh? Slick was already trying to game plan on a way to acquire funds, but the mention of snapping necks drew his attention.

“Snappin’ necks? Easier?” He gave Kuroi a look of perplexity before nodding some. “You gotta show me what that looks like. Not here though ‘cus the folk are already eyeing us. I don’t mind a good tussle, but I ain’t tryin’ to start trouble like we did in the previous town.” Slick to a swig of the rich tasting beer before answering Kuroi. The fox-man seemed to still be curious about his world, and Slick could relate to him being that he just arrived in Avalia. Slick had initially thought he wouldn’t like Kuroi but the man seemed to be alright by his standards. He hadn’t tried to cross him or threaten him yet, so there was that.

“Well, I noticed you use those strange coins to buy stuff. You guys even use it for the heftier items.” Slick was digging into his bag with his free hand before pulling out a worn folded up one dollar bill. “Sure, we still use coin, but this baby here is what you want. Light, foldable, and easy to hide too.” He let go of his beer to unfold the dollar to display the front showing the United States heading with President George Washington looking his finest. He quickly crumpled the dollar up and placed it back into his bag “But your people got some things right. You all got bathing and grooming down. I mean I haven’t got a whiff of an ounce of must since being here. I figure the big green fellas like that one would smell something fierce, but they’re alright.” He had briefly pointed at Uzul who was seated by himself. “Where I’m from ain't so clean. Sleeping outside, not bathing for days, and then there was the sun. It beat down so hard. I reckon just as hard as this place… What else… It’s kind of hard not to get into the details. Just think, you and I are speakin’ one on one without some middle man trying to decipher what each of us are sayin’ to one another. Now I find that to be a grand thing to think about. There’s a lot of differences, but what really freaks me out are the similarities.” Slick then chugged the rest of his first beer. He set it down hard on the counter and looked Kuroi in the eyes. “So what’s the next move in this adventure of ours. I figure you’d know better than I with you and the lady being an item and all.”
In Avalia 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Yenworth Tavern
Interactions: Myra @13org

Astra wanted to roll her eyes at Vrexen's comment, but she also wanted to keep those from being clawed out by Vrexen. And though she did not like what the demon had to say, he might have had a point. She'd gone this long with the skills she had in her repertoire, but she was still quite young for an elf and she could imagine what dangers Vrexen would have her go through. Vrexen and Myra were more than capable of defending themselves, and sure she chose to tag along with the two so she could continue her con artistry without fear of bounty hunters, debt collectors, and those she had crossed. Plus, the elf was sure Vrexen was the type that sought the usefulness in a person and seemed to have no qualms with killing the useless. In fact, Vrexen simply killed a Light Elven slave just for the hell of it.

When Myra tugged at her dress and raised her arms, Astra smirked knowing the demon had earned her reward in the removal of the clothing.

“A deal's a deal. You can be naked if it's just us three.” Astra pulled the dress off of Myra and gave a nod towards the bed. “Go head. I'll join you once I get in the mood. By the way, do either of you bathe?”

“Of course. Bathing can help mask scent. Soil and bodily fluids work best.” Astra silently nodded to herself before walking away into the bathroom with her bag. She was glad Vrexen would be sleeping on the floor tonight.


Location: Gotham City
Time: Late morning of June 10, 2021 (Thursday)
Interactions: Batwoman

Today was the day. The first day of freedom from his grounding due to the night he had spent with Alisa. Things were definitely looking up now with the jeep mostly repaired and again having the ability to leave the premises whenever he wanted to. Viktor had started to miss the carvings he had started on the trees outside the HQ and knocking baseballs out to god knows where. Unfortunately, Viktor was most likely not doing either of his favorite outdoor activities. Today had been reserved for his mentor of all people, Batwoman. He was surprised she even wanted to see him since she had basically sent him away to the Young Justice team as soon as she could. She claimed that protocol dictated that she check up on him every once in a while. Viktor had never been informed of this, but he’d go along with it anyway.

Using the zeta tubes without informing anyone but Red Tornado of his activities, Viktor traveled to his hometown of Gotham City. He was dressed in a black Gotham City Knights t-shirt with tan cargo shorts and sneakers. He didn’t expect to get into anything too hectic as he was meeting his mentor at a coffee shop of all places. Then again, it was still Gotham City. Once inside the place, it was hard for him to miss the redhead sitting in one of the back corners of the shop where she can keep an eye on the throughways while being away from any windows. She already had a mug in hand while she read a newspaper that seemed to have all of her attention.

“Kate,” Viktor said as he took a seat across from her. She looked up at him and gave an unenthused smirk as she remembered how devoid of warmth Viktor was.

“Still the same ol’ Viktor I see… or are you? I heard a few things about you from some of my colleagues.” Kate took a sip of her coffee as the barista approached the table.

“Like what?” He raised an eyebrow but was sure there were many instances of note she could have caught wind of. He glanced at the barista who was just about to speak and beat him to it. “Black tea in that size cup. No sugar… please.”

“Oh ok. I’ll have that right out for you.” The barista was slightly thrown off by Viktor’s directness, but it also made his order easy. As he walked away, Kate took the chance to continue the conversation.

“Where to start? I heard about you being a complete ass to one of your teammates after a failed mission, the car accident after you were partying with some girl, and then Malletman.” She let out a light chuckle as the last two things were a bit hard to believe.

“Rainman,” He corrected, but sighed at how stupid the name was. “I guess you want an explanation from me about those.”

“As well as other things, but sure, start there.”

He nodded as his tea was set in front of him

“Here you are,” The barista set Viktor's tea down in front of him.

“Thanks." He carefully slid the tea to his right before going into his explanation. “I believe we had failed our… event because Daphne was inexperienced with her own abilities. I don't think she is a good fit and I shared my thoughts after the event. Then one of your more vocal colleagues instructed me to make an attempt at being kinder and keep my criticisms to myself for some time to see how things progress.”

“And how has it gone so far.”

“I don't enjoy it, but my colleagues seem to. They interact with me more often and seem to like more of the things I say to them…” He shrugged and continued. “Let's move on to the jeep. A and I… Actually, I decided-”

“Wait, the person's name is ‘A’?”

“No, it is my nickname for her. She told me I could use it when we first met..”

“That's weird Viktor. Just call her whatever her name is. If it's not long, no need to shorten it.”

“Three syllables.”

“Seriously? Just say the name.”

“Fine. I decided to have Alisa accompany me to experience the nightlife I had observed on television. It seemed like an experience that was worth trying and I chose her to accompany me.”

“Wait. Just her?”

“Yes. I assumed everyone was asleep.”

“And what did you two end up doing before you wrecked the vehicle?”

“We failed to enter a bar, so we bowled, danced, and played some games.”

“You? You danced and played games? You must really like this girl.” Viktor didn't even flinch.

“Yes, I really like A… Alisa. She's my best friend and a good member of our group.”

“I meant… Nevermind. I'm honestly surprised you're getting along with everyone as well as you are. There are some things you can still work on but so far so good. I kind of thought you'd get kicked off the team for being too… like yourself. To think that next time I do one of these things with you again, you might have a girlfriend or boyfriend.”

“Well, I've had two girlfriends already.”

“What?!” Kate's eyes widened all while Viktor held a smug look on his face before he finally sipped his tea.

In Avalia 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Yenworth Tavern
Interactions: Myra @13org

Is she catching an attitude with me? That’s… actually kinda cute. Astra smiled to herself with amusement before Myra started to demonstrate her abilities for her and Vrexen. The red-faced demon stood idly with the door at his back as if he was blocking their exit. First up in Myra’s repertoire was the camouflage which was familiar to both observers. Myra’s invisibility was not like that of the Light Elves as it did not require the use of mana. It was as natural as a chameleon changing the pigment of its skin. Astra couldn’t tell the difference, but Vrexen clearly could with his third eye that could not detect any use of magic from her..

Next up was her speed and agility, something that Astra was not entirely ready for. The damage done to the floor by Myra’s sharp turn caused the Dark Elven woman to jump some as she almost thought the small long-tailed demon would run into a piece of furniture while performing her dash. Myra then showcased her claws and two rows of sharp teeth.

“To be unseen, swift, and lethal. My young sister has a great potential for violence.” Vrexen commented to Astra who had been staring at the inside of Myra’s mouth for a bit too long.

“Violence, yeah. She’d make some serious amas as a bounty hunter or an assassin. The second one for sure” Astra plopped down off of the dresser so she could pat Myra softly on the head for doing a good job in displaying her talents. “Good stuff Myra! I was so wrong to think you’d be better for sex work.” Astra thought out loud.


“Because I was VERY unaware of her potential for violence, Lord Vrexen. I was so foolish to believe Myra could offer so little to our mission…” She said quickly to recover herself since Vrexen was glaring at her. There was an eerie silence between the two that made Astra extremely uncomfortable. “Your turn, right?” Vrexen narrowed his eyes and bared his teeth at her. He held up his hand, showing off his claws.

“Claws... teeth…” His body began to grow, but stopped just as his clothes became tight around his body before he shrunk back down to his normal size. “This room and these clothes restrict me.” He went on to point to his third eye. “This eye allows me to detect mana and magic... I use it to hunt those that believe they can hide from me and to also determine the strength of my prey. And lastly… I cannot die.” Vrexen said before taking a seat on the floor.

“Can’t die?”

“YES!” Astras froze as she was yelled at.

“Sorry.” Astra sounded sincere. She was not a fan of feeling like he would kill her if she said the wrong thing. The only thing she was somewhat glad about was that she now knew what the two could do. Under different circumstances, she could use them to make amas out of the Bounty Hunter Guild in Myriamor. Sure, she couldn’t show her mug at that place, but these two could. It was just too bad Vrexen was more interested in influencing what some were calling the Second Great War. His first objective was to find more of his kind in the River Fairy Kingdom. Vrexen did not know what Astra had in mind, but he was not going to worry about it either. If she crossed him, he would enjoy ripping the limbs from her body.

“Well, as for me, I know a lot about Avalia. People, places, and other shit that can be pretty important. I can’t turn invisible like Myra can, but I know how to sneak around and get into things people don’t want me getting into. So I guess I’m the brains of this trio. My magic isn’t impressive-”

“I see that. It would benefit us if you changed that which is unimpressive. Improve, Astra. Cunning is a good trait, yes... but I have killed many more cunning than I. Do not let it be your only talent while in my service.”


In Avalia 15 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Rattlesnake Bar
Interactions: Kuroi @hide on mana
Mentions: Mika @Tae

Slick had caught the bartender’s glare, but he didn’t think much of it since he didn’t think it would escalate past some tense eye contact. Slick only hoped his drink wouldn’t get spiked like it had been at the Nest by Floofa. Damn fuzz-tailed beast of a harlot… She’ll get what’s coming to her. Slick briefly scowled at the thought of the woman. He might have stewed in his sour thoughts, but Kuroi’s voice stole him from the negativity.

"So uh...tell me how it is back come from..."

Slick looked at Kuroi as if he was going to say something, but then looked down at the bar counter. He initially thought it would be an easy question to answer, but then he realized he’d have to know where to begin. This world was so different from his own. He felt he could go on for hours or maybe even days discussing the very topic.

“Where to start…” He scratched his chin some before spotting the bartender coming over the two tankards. “Maybe a pick-me-up will help me some.” The bartender set them down in front of Slick before immediately going back to get Kuroi’s drink. Without hesitation, Slick grabbed one of the tankards and gulped down a swig of beer from it. “Mmm… Now onto yer question.” The beer tasted so much better than what he was used to. It was so much richer in flavor.

“It’s simpler. Easiest way to explain it. There’s just one kind of people… I mean you got yer white folk, natives, Mexicans, and negroes like me of course, but as different as we were, we kinda all looked the same compared to what you got here. No extra features, y’know?“ He paused for a second to get a hold of where he was going with his explanation. “If the lady of our group is right about meeting more people like myself, then you’ll see just how simple our differences are.” Slick took another swig before continuing. “We got boats, but… none that can fly like that amoray. And I can also say that I’ve observed a lack of firepower carried by the folk around here. No guns, here? If you even know what a gun is.” Slick took a short sip while staring Kuroi down, awaiting his answer. Please don't let me down Avalia. There's gotta be somethin'.
In Avalia 16 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: River Port
Interactions: Eris @Tae, Bowyn @Helo, Rue @potter
Mentions: Annya @princess, Arn @Omni5876,

Hm? Bowyn’s displeasure with Arn was really surfacing now, and Kaleb had wondered if it was his doing. Had he swayed his opinion some? It was not unbelievable especially since Bowyn claimed to have only met Arn today. It was rather convenient that the loose-end to his lies might be easily cut. All Kaleb would have to do is rub shoulders with Bowyn better than Arn had, and so far the bar for that seemed to be quite low. He couldn’t help but smirk at Bowyn’s insult towards Arn. The poor dwarf was just collateral… the price of being an extra.

“Sure, Arn is not the type of guy you place your faith in, but I got the details from a very loyal lady friend of mine. If not for her, I’d just be looking for a party tonight.” Despite his jesting, Kaleb kept on a serious expression to let Bowyn know he was certain Annya could be found in River Port. “We find your friend and Arn first, and then we can put our heads together to find Annya.” Kaleb shrugged once again before his attention was captured by Rue’s very sudden arrival several meters away. His eyes were rather wide, somewhat taken aback by the remarkable entrance. The wolf walking beside her on her approach only confirmed her identity. How many folk were walking their wolf around town? “Well, that was easy. She found us.” He said before she had actually made it to him and Bowyn. This being the first time seeing her up close, Kaleb kept his eyes on her. He was looking at the fairy with more wonder than attraction. Kaleb found Rue to be a graceful image he’d find on the book cover of a children’s fairytale.

As Rue greeted cheerfully, Kaleb was already type-casting her in his head. She seems friendly… When she quickly averted her gaze from him, he briefly looked at Bowyn. They were the ones acquainted after all, so it was best to allow them to talk. That tension though. Kaleb couldn't help but think something had happened he was completely unaware of. This was not good, but the drama could be so rich for what would be a grand adventure. He wondered why her eyes were red and sad-looking despite her smile. Kaleb thought she would address Bowyn first, but she spoke to him instead, all without meeting his gaze. ...but kinda timid unlike Bowyn.

“Of course not, pets love me. Plus, you seem quite friendly, so why wouldn’t your good friend be too?” Kaleb smiled. “Name’s Kaleb by the way. Pleasure to meet you, but… where’s…” He purposely tried to peer around her before looking at their surroundings with a confused expression. “...where’s Arn? I was told the rascal would be with you.”

In Avalia 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: River Port
Interactions: Eris @Tae, Bowyn @Helo
Mentions: Annya @princess, Arn @Omni5876, Rue @potter

“Wolf?” Kaleb raised an eyebrow. That's just- Right. High fantasy setting, so of course there are domesticated wolves just strolling around town. He gently scratched the back of his head as if he was realizing a mistake. “Thinking about it now, it was probably a wolf, yeah.” Kaleb hadn't found that mistake to be too much of a big deal. He didn’t really think it would ruin the rapport he was trying to build with the Winter Fae.

Unfortunately, the next thing to come out of Bowyn's mouth caused Kaleb to wince.

“I think we should head over to where you saw them, Arn and Rue, and the wolf. Then we can all go and search every tavern and hot spot in town for the princess. And, added bonus, Arn’s been offering to throw amas around all day.”

“...over to where you saw them, Arn and Rue, and the wolf...”

“...Arn and Rue, and the wolf...”


Arn… the fucking dwarf. Fuck.

Kaleb was silent for a moment before he started to just nod agreeably.. “Sounds like a fine plan, yeah… And then we can follow where I saw them heading. Yup, perfect plan.” He lost a lot of the confidence in his voice, almost sounding shaky. However, Kaleb had to press on. He had to sell this! “And I can’t believe that was actually Arn I saw. I mean then again, dwarves don’t differentiate much when it comes to looks. Short, stocky, long beards. The works.” Kaleb shrugged with a smirk. It was time to really get into character. “And he didn’t even say anything, but I can’t blame him. He was salivating more than the wolf when he was looking up at Rue. That or he just doesn’t remember dear ol’ Kaleb. I’m quite forgettable.” He shared hoping he had remedied his mistake and he also wanted to give Bowyn something else to think about too. Everything was fitting together quite smoothly in Kaleb’s opinion, and now he had an understanding of the people he had not even met yet.

Arn = The Dwarf = Amas Dispensary

Exotic Husky = Wolf

Bowyn = Fairy - Wings

Bowyn + Arn + Rue + Wolf = The Big Lead = Potential Royal Love Interest = Princess Annya

On the right track… Wait. Where the hell is Eris?!

Kaleb led Bowyn to where he thought he remembered seeing Arn. It was right outside of the Inn by the Sea. He squinted down at the spot momentarily and then looked toward the direction where he remembered seeing Rue hovering overhead. He pointed down at where he remembered passing the dwarf.

“Arn was here. Ogling Rue.” He then pointed up and in the direction of the market square.“Rue was up there. She looked like she was searching for something down below. Maybe looking for Annya.” He shrugged.
In Avalia 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: Yenworth Tavern
Interactions: Myra @13org

Despite all the trouble caused, the trio finally settled and dined to their satisfaction. Myra and Vrexen were served another helping of food by the cautious server, Lusha, while Astra decided to get another round of mead to cope with being in the company of two wild demons. Lusha eventually and reluctantly brought the bill and set it in front of Astra as she was believed to be the lesser of three evils. The wary server found Myra to be some kind of Beast-man, and Vrexen to be some mad psychopath that might have recently escaped some sort of prison. Astra eyed the bill and nodded, finding it reasonable and glad to see the food Myra “acquired” omitted from it.

“Look here you two. Four roasted pork bellies, four tankards of mead, and one order of delicious cheesy prawns.” Astra traced her index finger down the list of food items before pointing straight at the total. “Thirty-three amas is the price and that is what we pay. And then we simply leave. Easy.” Astra set the amount of thirty-three amas down on top of the bill before getting up with a smirk. “This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the power of amas.”

“You surrendered something for what you desired… That is far from what power is.” Vrexen commented as he got up and followed Astra. He shot a glance at the feline Demi-humans who averted their gaze as the three walked by. “The power of dominance is still more appealing.”

Once they finally entered the room, Astra hopped up to take a seat on top of the clothes dresser and faced Vrexen and Myra, the former eyeing the room. He sniffed air before shrugging. “This area is meant to keep us out of the elements and rest before we travel again?”

“Mhm. It’s a room with a bed that I don’t think you will enjoy very much. It’s for more delicate creatures like Myra and myself, but there is plenty of room on the floor.” Vrexen actually chuckled. It had taken Astra aback as she initially assumed he was onto her deception.

“Delicate is not the word I would use for her, but she seems to enjoy this bed. We can rest and begin again once we wake.” Vrexen proposed, but Astra was not ready to rest just yet. After what occurred at dinner, Astra felt there were far too many gaps in her knowledge of the two she was in company with. She was aware of the following facts concerning the two demons:

They both had keen senses, claws and sharp teeth, especially Myra.
Vrexen was a stranger to this world, Myra was just a stranger to society.
Vrexen could speak with limited understanding of certain concepts, Myra could barely speak
one word with the ability to understand more than one might think.
Vrexen could grow twice his size, Myra could become invisible similar to a Light Elf.

Astra wondered what more the two could do.

“Sounds like a good start, BUT if we want to make a plan beyond that, we’ll need to know where our strengths lie. I need to learn so much more about you two. Demons are a rarity. So much that you two are the first I’ve actually met in person. That I know of…” She briefly gave this some thought seeing how simply she blended the two of them in by simply adding clothes. “Anyway, the only thing I know is that your kind have some interesting abilities. And me knowing those abilities and generally more about you are what’ll ensure our mutual success... Myra! Up up up! You go first! Show us what all you can do! Show us what helped you survive for so long in the wilds.” She exclaimed.

Vrexen couldn’t really argue against Astra’s logic. Cooperation within the Abyss was rare and fleeting, but things tended to work out better when you knew the capabilities of those around you. As a bonus, you knew how to kill those around you when their usefulness expired. His eyes focused on Astra before looking at Myra. When will your usefulness expire, young sister?


In Avalia 23 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Evening
Location: River Port
Interactions: Eris @Tae, Bowyn @Helo
Mentions: Annya @princess, Arn @Omni5876, Rue @potter

Kaleb took the chance to listen to Bowyn’s gripes with the events of the current conflict. The history from his point of view was something to note if he was going to make a good impression on someone else later down the line. So there is an opinion against the summoning of humans to solve the problems of this world. Thinking about it in the way Bowyn explained it, made the Light Elves seem pretty fucked up, but also desperate. If Kaleb could relate to any of it, it was that acts in desperation were never the cleanest. The group of elves he had shared a few moments with before their demise had mentioned sending him back once he helped them score a win, but… that’s if they won. Unlike a movie, this story didn’t have a script for Kaleb to read off of. Sure, he was confident he’d pull off some epic shit, but a happy ending was not exactly assured for him or the rest of the cast. But with the choice gone and the Dark Elves gunning for him, what were the humans meant to do but fight?

The plot thickens…

As Bowyn started sharing what motivated him in finding Annya, Kaleb gave a few nods until the mention of him looking like he might be someone in Annya’s company. He craned his neck back with a look of disbelief as if to silently say “no way!”

At the same time, however, Kaleb did like the idea of being viewed as having high status. Even here, a guy’s got the presence of greatness… Prince Carter or maybe even King Carter. Kaleb smirked to himself with thought and missed the part of how Bowyn and Arn got acquainted. Only catching the tail end of Bowyn’s sentence, Kaleb replied.

“Kinda brutal, but we need that kind of tenacity. As you said before, it was the half-measure type of thinking from the Light Elves that caused all of this to transpire in the first place."

“And let me know if you see Arn around. He’s with a friend of mine; similar complexion, but better looking, and she’s still got the wings.” Kaleb averted his eyes away at the mention of Arn as this time he was tasked with possibly identifying the man he claimed to know but had never seen. Kaleb didn’t even know Arn’s race! But the friend. All but one feature he described stuck out. The wings… Wait. ‘Still got the wings?’ Does he mean that he had wings? So he was a fairy too? He looked at Bowyn with a raised eyebrow.

“Hair color too? I think I spotted a Pix- sorry, Fairy like that. There was a dwarf with a really large dog looking up at her. It was like they were trying to keep her in their sights from the little I remember.” Kaleb said casually while not realizing Arn was the dwarf.

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