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Time: Afternoon
Location: Sub-Level 2 Operation Humanity Base
Interaction with:

Sean had not slept long, but the little rest he had would just have to do. He had suspended some of his hunting activities such as planning operations and on-site investigations so he could take a look at these files Trotter had given him access to. His eyes were glued to the monitor in front of him while he propped his head up with his right hand. His face displayed boredom and a hint of displeasure, but this is how Sean always looked before the caffeine kicked in.

He was currently in the Operation Humanity Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF, located within the base's second sub-level.

This is what he calls access? Sean frowned as he scrolled down a file that was mostly redacted. Angel Marie Beaumont's file. A family abducted by vampires and used for continuous feeding. One survivor…

His eyes stared into the eyes of the young girl photographed upon arriving here. They were almost haunting as he could just see the pain in them. A sudden commotion broke him away from the photo.

"Bruno's the only one that survived?! I thought they would have gotten him this time."

"I know! Drake's been clumsy as fuck lately… I guess you can stumble and still murder some people while you do it. I know Trotter's pissed."

Sean shook his head. He had been sure that if Angel found out Alexander had been taken out without her, she'd feel cheated, but for her to find out Operation Humanity failed to do it, might make things worse. He looked at the other tabs he had opened for viewing.

Liddell, and then Trotter. He decided he would get to those another time as he move on to view Angel's performance history as well as the ins and outs of her experimentation.

Time: Afternoon
Location: Ember Grove

The ambush had been laid out to capture or kill Alexander Drake. After the fiasco at the university, something had to be done about the vampire clan causing the most trouble in the area. Alexander had become more brazen in the past few days, and Operation Humanity would capitalize on it.

The plan seemed simple enough. Take out the vehicle with an anti-armor remote detonated mine. If Alexander died from the detonation, then it would just be a shorter mission.

Heather Fox was leading the mission with seven other hunters. She was tough as nails and highly skilled. She was honored to be on this mission. To finally get a chance to take the smug bastard off the playing field. The group had all positioned within the treeline, west of the road. Once Alexander's vehicle was hit, they would fire Chemical V gas grenades and then light the son of a bitch up. A large tattoo-covered man with a mohawk walked over holding a drone controller with a large screen in one hand and a can of beer in the other. He wore a woodland camo tank top and brown cargo pants. A smile showed through his thick black beard and he reeked of alcohol upon approaching.

"Ay Heather, I got eyes on him! Abercrombie Drake is about to have his whole world ROCKED! WOOO!" He hollered as he chugged what was left in the can. Heather shook her head with disapproval.

"Bruno what the fuck! We have comms for a fucking reason and drinking?! Now of all times?" Heather scolded before pointing in the direction he should be. "Get over there. Now!" She ordered while Bruno tossed the can and walked off.

"No need to get your panties in a damn bunch. I'm just pregaming for the celebration I'm gonna have tonight. Got two ladies and a promotion waiting on me after this! OH YEAH!" Bruno walked away before stopping in his tracks as he watched Alexander Drake's vehicle come to a stop on the side of the road. "He stopped the car on the road! Now he's picking something up and Ohh shit… He pointed in our direction before he took out the drone!!!"

"Fuck! How the hell… Shift your sectors of fire! He's coming from the north." Heather ordered before attempting to contact HQ. 'HQ, this is Slayer 1. Over."

"Hear you loud and clear Slayer 1. Send it. Over."

"Our target anticipated our ambush. We need…" A stone the size of softball smashed into the lower part of the woman's face, destroying her entire mouth and jaw. The next second her head was nearly torn off as a swift hand thrust into her forehead with enough force to tear the nerves and ligaments in her neck and snap her neck backward. Her attacker had aimed to remove the head, but he couldn't be perfect all of the time.

Heather's comrades saw her corpse moments too late.

"Don't let Agent Fox die in vain. Let's light the son of a bitch up!" Bruno shouted to motivate the others. Unfortunately, two more agents had been dispatched by the time Bruno finished his line. The forest was too thick. "Fuck exposure! We gotta move to the road. Move!" As other agents bounded to the road, one had bumped right into Alexander before breaking the treeline. He fell back and hit the ground

"How rude. Don't shoot me. No, we can't have that now, can we? Shoot yourself instead. Alexander stares the hunter down as they had tried to fight his compulsion. Alexander kneeled down beside the hunter and handed him his own sidearm. "I don't mind helping you doing something that benefits us both. Now do it! Alexander watched as the hunter slowly placed the pistol to his right temple. Tears ran down his face as his whole body trembled. Alexander simply shrugged with a cold expression on his face.

Bruno and three of the other hunters positioned themselves on the road. He was sure another agent had been taken by Alexander. POW! A single shot echoed, causing Bruno to nod toward the treeline. With a grunt, he sprinted forward off the road and towards where he knew he would make contact with Alexander.

"ALEXANDER!" The mine was triggered and detonated on the road with the other three agents, killing them immediately. Bruno sprinted through the tree line and immediately found Alexander standing with his hands crossed and a look of displeasure.

"What? Or was that you selling your performance before you turned them into bits?" Bruno straightened up and rolled his eyes.

"Listen up Drake! You're lucky to even have an actor as good as me! And if I didn't give you the info on this whole ambush you-"

"No. You wouldn't get your whores or your promotion" Alexander sighed. "I'll have your payment wired to your account shortly and the ladies will contact you… Now, are you ready?"

"Hell yeah! Hit me with your best!" Bruno braced himself before Alexander shoulder-checked him hard enough to send him flying and hitting a few trees along the way. Bruno then grabbed his own sidearm and shot at his shoulder. Finally, he grabbed his radio. "HQ! HQ this is Slayer 2. Drake got to us! He killed damn near the whole fucking squad! We need backup, medics, anything. He's still fucking out there! Over!" Bruno winced in pain before managing a grin.

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Time: Night
Location: Campfire, Outskirts of Roshmi City
Interaction: @Helo Bowyn, @Tae Kenia, @Dezuel Elthrael, @Alivefalling "Vaeril"

"Yeah, well I'm hoping they win out of this one." Darius mentioned softly in response to the fae, Elthrael's initial words. As the fae continued on, he spoke in a way that was familiar to him about the state of the world. Vessia, the groundskeeper of Edena came to mind. Both spoke from a neutral standpoint, complimenting and criticizing both Risa and Aklenroth. This very position caused Darius to give his attention to the peculiar looking fae. He set his memory glass down beside him and listened.

Elthrael simulated what he thought would happen should Risa be successful. A power vacuum was likely if Aklenroth was removed from his single seat of power. He had heard of the very same thing happening in countries where a dictator was swiftly removed without a proper succession to follow. It would be a problem, but would it be a problem for him to deal with? The DROMs were Darius' focus, but perhaps the two issues were related. If Elthrael's prediction proved true, only the strongest faction would prevail, and humans were the best way to amass power quickly. Their magic developed extremely fast and they were not beholden to a particular race. By this logic, the faction with the most humans had the highest chance of victory. And one way to increase those chances was with the use of DROMs. All with the risk many seemed so blind to.

Kenia suddenly piped up to mock Elthrael's words a bit. He couldn't put a finger on whether she was trying to be lighthearted to seem less offensive or if she was actually scoffing away his words. She made a point in noting Risa not intending to take Aklenroth's position before going on about each race ruling themselves like before. Darius frowned slightly in slight disagreement. He did believe each race should govern its people, but not like before. What was before had led to what is now.

Then she posed a question to Darius himself. He took a breath before he would answer, but Bowyn spoke in reaction to Kenia. Of those who spoke on the topic, Darius felt he agreed with Bowyn most and even smirked at the last bit. Darius decided to sit quietly as Elthrael spoke again. He clarified his previous words to Kenia and then spoke of his time with Risa, her companions, and two humans...

"Then he was... dealt with by the associates of this dark elf. Some large demon and a winged woman. I guess he didn't know things were... heading the way it did. What a shame. Same can however be said for that female human, Elsea. She bears the ability to call upon the flame, her temper and lack of restraint is quite similar to that element indeed. But who knows where Risa Millinia, her companions and that human is now. I shall hope you will not follow the awful trend of the other two humans... in dying or combusting into flames that is."

Darius furrowed his eyebrows, his crimson eyes meeting Elthrael's golden ones. He didn't even know where to direct the tinge of anger he felt. To Azriel and Umber for murdering a member of his kind... or Risa and her company for making such a situation possible. There was a third culprit who sat silently across from him, but he only gave him a short glance. Azriel and Umber were doing what they were ordered. Risa was desperate to the point of inconsideration. Aklenroth was… also desperate.

Elthrael seemed to pin a lot the blame on Risa and even legitimized Darius' feelings towards this entire predicament. And then finally, the fae addressed him, speaking against Aklenroth and of his false generosity. Their eyes met, crimson and golden.

"I probably wouldn't be here right now if I had considered his offer. The lich is… I hate to use the words good and evil, so I'll just say he's not the best thing for Avalia. This Risa girl might not be either, but I think we should bring any and all concerns to her when we meet her in person." Darius looked to the others. "We all agree that she's young, not very experienced, and maybe even selfish. But I think it's good that we can identify the flaws. Aklenroth will never change. He is who he is, and has been for a very long time. There's hope in Risa though. We don't have to work under her, just with her." He paused and sighed. "And I recommend not relying too heavily on us to lead after this rebellion. You all know Avalia better than any of us ever will. You don't want leaders who don't understand this world or its people. That being said, I also think the DROMs need to go. For good." Darius said averted his gaze back to the fire, failing to remember to answer Kenia's question. It was a long way to the port and he was sure there would be more than enough time to converse.

Time: Afternoon
Location: Ember Grove

After giving an order to send a few vampires to Alexei's parking lot to murder Nikolaus Trotter, Alexander made his exit from the parking lot with the left-leaning jeep.

He drove through the streets Ember Grove with a scowl plastered on his face. Nathaniel Trotter was on his mind. The only man who could so easily bring out the worst in him. He held hate for him and all associated with him. He wondered if Nathaniel's son being at Alexei' was planned, but could not begin to figure out his purpose. A tail? If so, he needed to be wary. Effective surveillance required a team, so he kept sharp as he circled several blocks before visiting the town hall.

The visit was short, as he still had to head in the direction of New Paeonia. He was privy to an ambush set up for him on Road 68 but decided he wanted to entertain his enemies a bit. Or did he only mean to entertain himself?

Within minutes he was on the very road, but for some reason, he pulled his vehicle over to the right shoulder of the road and turned on his 4-way blinkers. He exited his vehicle and looked around at the ground before grabbing a stone. He seemed to weigh it in his hands before he turned around and looked up to spot a drone overhead. He gave a winning smile and pointed southbound down the road before whipping the stone at the drone. He watched as it fell from the sky in amusement.

"It's been far too long." Alexander took a moment to remove his shoes and socks, then set then placed them on the floor of his vehicle. "Store these in here…" The moment he shut the door, he bounced on the balls of his feet. "What a delightful day for a run." Alexander did not waste another moment as he darted into the treeline. What a delightful time for a massacre...

Time: Afternoon
Location: Alexei's, Ember Grove
Interactions: @Pink Khione Vivian, @Helo Elias, @Potter Nikolaus, and @Tae Maeve

"Then it's settled then. I will call you to schedule a day that works for you and I... Oh and maybe Alissa too." Alexander smiled, assuring Vivian he had not forgotten about her lost friend.

When his phone buzzed in his pocket, he decided to ignore it as he assumed it was business that did not need to risk being exposed while at the bar. When directed on where to pay, Alexander gave a nod and simply walked to the register. Unfortunately, the young man known as Jimmy was having a lot of difficulties ringing him up. The young man muttered to himself at every instance of a mistake… and there were many of those. Alexander gave a look of distaste to both the young man and then shot a short glare at Elias as if he was responsible for this. The glare was short only because his eyes clearly identified a face familiar to him.

His eyes locked onto one of the men at the other end of the bar. Alexander nearly forgot where he was as he had been ready to lunge and tear out the throat of Nikolaus Trotter. The son of the bastard that caused the deaths of his brother and sister. Perhaps it was magic, or simply coincidence, but the young man at the register cleared his throat to get Alexander's attention. While turning to face Jimmy, Alexander saw a photo of a young smiling Alexei Rokstova posted on the wall.

Even in his absence, Alexei's ruling applied. No blood was to be spilled here.

"How much?" Alexander asked coldly.

"Well um, that's the thing… Can you remind me on what everyone ordered? I think I may have-"

"One hundred… Take it." Alexander sighed as he pulled a single bill from his wallet and set it down. "I owe Alexei a little something anyway. You can sort the difference out on your own time." Alexander walked away from the register, eyes forward as he attempted not to tear the colonel's son in two. Just as he reached the door though, he turned to face everyone. "Farewell gentlemen…" Alexander put a little extra charm on for good measure. "I hope to see you all again." And with that Alexander made his exit.

As soon as the door closed behind him, he snatched the wristband off and tucked it into his pocket. His face displayed both anger and disgust as he entered the parking lot.

I could kill him if I waited, but I can send others in my stead. I just have to keep him here for a bit.[/

Alexander quickly scanned the parking lot. There were only a few vehicles and only one had added itself to the collection since Alexander's arrival. A jeep. He eyed the tires and nodded some before picking up a discarded beer can from the parking lot floor. Like putty in his hands, Alexander twisted and shaped the aluminum in his hands into a sharp Coors Light branded stake.

"How unfitting…" Alexander jabbed the stake into both left-side tires and took the makeshift weapon with him into his own vehicle. Alexander had to be quick. He had an ambush to attend.

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Time: Night
Location: Campfire, Outskirts of Roshmi City
Interaction: @Helo Bowyn, @Tae Kenia, @Dezuel Elthrael, @Alivefalling "Vaeril"

After possibly one of the most silent walks he had ever experienced, Darius found himself seated at a campfire along with his company which included the somewhat scary light elf woman, the almost rude winter fairy dude, the lingering forest fairy… or was he a demon… or maybe some insectoid demihuman. Anyway, that guy was there. Then lastly, Not Aklenroth. Oh wait, and the winter fairy's bird that stares too long at the others.

All of them by the fire and all were still very quiet. They were strangers that had just dealt with a very heavy situation, so Darius didn't find it to be too abnormal. In his right hand, he held a bottle of mead he had opened, but not tasted. He was not waiting for anything to happen, just distracted by his thoughts on what had occurred at the ball and then at the inn. There was also the mental tug of war on whether to indulge in alcohol. One part of him wanted to go numb and deal with everything once he sobered up later on, while another part wanted him to remain focused as there were too many problems to simply ignore.

Myra… Artemis…

He wondered where they were. Artemis had vanished before things went south at the ball. He wanted to believe she was safe because of that fact but was wary as to why she vanished after stating she would remain with him. Malgormuun had little good to say about her departure.

Then there was Myra. His hand gripped the neck of the bottle tightly as he remembered how she sprung into action to protect him. Despite Kenia's words assuring him that she would make it out, he couldn't help but worry about her. He had to be stronger next time. Then he would never have to flee to safety while she put herself in harm's way.

He pulled out the memory glass he had in his pocket and waited for the blank reflective surface to become the image of he, Myra, and Artemis before they entered the Grand Hall. He smiled at the image and then held back a chuckle as he noticed Airdan had made it into the photo looking way too serious to be the friendly elf he knew. Darius wondered where he was as well. Knowing him, he safely made it out with his guard detail. Darius turned the memory glass towards the campfire.

"Snap." He said quietly. He thought the fire they had contributed in making came out nicely and that the tamed flames danced more beautifully than anyone had tonight. He also wanted something nice to see whenever he thought of this night. Not being separated from his friends, not the sadistic demons and their carnage, and not the deaths of the two humans. All those things would haunt him, but he would also have this. He turned the glass around and smiled at the captured image. Then the open bottle of mead was lightly set to the ground.
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Time: Night
Location: Outside of Roshmi Grand Hall
Interaction: @Helo Bowyn, @Tae Kenia, and @Alivefalling "Vaeril"

Both Bowyn and Kenia’s words of wisdom were answered with a smile and a scoff from Darius.

“Yeah, I’m sure you two approached me so you could chop my head off for amas. And besides, you two seem smarter than just that. Even an orc would know I’m worth twice as much alive than dead. I’ll heed the warning though.” Darius managed to comment after the female elf spoke of the matter. When she began to inform him of Myra, she had his full attention.


Your weakness caused this. You are the only one to blame for her wellbeing. SHE is protecting YOU. A demon. My kin. My brethren.

Darius’ frowned as he dropped his gaze. Even Azriel had helped? Was he so weak that Azriel felt pity for him, or was she trying to help? Darius shook his head as hopeful words came from the elf. He took a deep breath and gave a single nod to her. He could tell that whoever this woman left inside, made her feel the way he felt. In a way, it made him trust that her friend would help Myra.

“We should get-” Darius paused at the appearance of… Vaeril.

“Help! Please help! I need some help!” Vaeril claimed as he limped over to the trio. “Please may I go with you it will be safer to travel and go as a group but we really need to get out of here fast.” Darius scowled at the light elf disguise of Aklenroth and shook his head with disapproval.

“You…” Darius said with disdain before hearing a crash within Roshmi Grand Hall followed by Ahzmorath’s grave message. Kenia voiced her want to leave and even seemed to have a plan and route figured out. Pit stops included “Let’s go then.” He looked determined but was a bit concerned with Kenia’s wording. Retrieve? What is he, a handgun?

And you are nothing… Unable to strike.

Time: Afternoon
Location: Alexei's, Ember Grove
Interactions: @Pink Khione Vivian

Alexander's eyes were peering at his cellphone before he looked up to see Vivian coming his way. He returned his phone to his pocket as Vivian broke the bad news to him. He had lost in minutes, but he kept up a warm demeanor.

"Really? What an interesting rule." He responded with a chuckle. As Vivian asked about another round, Alexander let loose a sigh. "I'm afraid I cannot… Now, I would love to keep playing and getting to know you, Vivian, but I have a pressing matter I have to tend to." Alexander nodded his head towards the money that had been sitting on the table with a grin. "All yours… Next time I'll pick you up. From here if it's okay with you?" Alexander wanted Vivian to be as comfortable as possible while at the same time having control over her transportation to and from New Paeonia.

Despite being human, Vivian was excellent company and her casual approach was endearing to the old wealthy vampire. It was interactions like these that made him forget about war, Operation Humanity, hunters, Trotter, and even the deaths of his siblings.

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Time: Night
Location: Outside of Roshmi Grand Hall
Interaction: @Helo Bowyn, @Tae Kenia

Darius was glad Azriel played along both quickly and smoothly. Darius watched Azriel fly away with a faked scowl on his face before he removed his masquerade mask and addressed Bowyn. He recognized the peculiar-looking fairy from inside that appeared to be associated with one of the female humans that revealed herself.

"Thanks for the assist… Fuck this is a shit show.." He then looked up at the building wondering if Myra was okay. He hoped he had acted soon enough. His attention went to an approaching blonde light elf woman who asked if they were okay.

"Some of us are… My name is Darius by the way. And I'm human if you didn't know already. Is the pale-skinned demon girl still up there?" Darius looked between the fairy and the elf, posing the question to both of them.

Time: Afternoon
Location: Alexei's, Ember Grove
Mentions: @Pink Khione Vivian and @Potter Nikolaus

Alexander watched Vivian leave the pool table for the bar. He found his gaze lingering on her feminine form and looked to the pool table with a small smile. It had been a while since intimately shared a woman's company… Unfortunately, Vivian would not do. She was lesser despite her skills as a billiards player. He knew in time he would surpass her and then perhaps find another use for her. However, the purpose she would serve was not up to him. Warden Amarante chose who went where based on her evaluation. Would she be suitable as one of his kind or simply new livestock?

His smile died quickly as he pondered and also overheard the voice of a newcomer greeting Vivian. Definitely not here next time. Alexander moved around the table and stared at each ball he could strike. He nodded to the solid ball he could most likely sink. He leaned in, aimed, and shot… the eight ball right into a corner pocket. Success! Now to wait on Vivian to return before continuing.

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