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Just as Felix had asked how their mission went, Travis had opened his mouth to speak but instead of hearing his own voice, he heard Nemo volunteering to do the debriefing. The Untalent was initially surprised that Nemo would decide to give Felix the full run down on what had transpired in the past several hours. Travis wouldn't have thought his Talent counterpart would even go for such a seemingly mundane task of recollecting past events; that was until he learned Nemo had apparently came well prepared for this. A deadpanned expression quickly filled Travis' face just as he witnessed Nemo producing a title card gleefully written by various sharpie pens, Really?, he thought.

The moment seemed to dive into the realm of ridiculousness as Nemo revealed a small stage illustrating their initial landing, showcasing several puppets each resembling of the mission's participants. He's really going through this isn't he? Travis covered his face with his right hand, feeling briefly dumbfounded and embarrassed to continue watching from this point on. Eventually his hand dragged downward and ended up covering his mouth, allowing him to reluctantly witness the most unnecessary puppet show that seemingly ever existed. As he expected, Nemo began summarizing their experiences in the most oversimplified and vague method he can think of. Travis continued silently watch Nemo carry out his act the best he could though found himself questioning several scenes that were either poorly elaborated on or seemed inaccurately fabricated.

The awkwardness of the play suddenly and abruptly stopped momentarily as Nemo visual described Zoey's apparent demise by brutally slamming her puppet doppelganger into the table the performance took place on, smashing the tiny figure in the process and fragmenting it across the room. While he figured this was typical of Nemo's behavior, the act however pained the Untalent whom surmised that Zoey had died while protecting him from Siedon's attack, based on the display and through what he experienced. Travis looked away and tried his best to conceal his emotions from manifesting during Nemo's 'debrief'; once more he had lost another potential friend during one of these dangerous missions. Eventually, he was mostly successful in swallowing down his dismay and sorrow, only to being himself back into the fold where Nemo was reenacting their plight against Fathers Galvadon and Stockton. It wasn't long until the simulated conflict ended with the showcasing of Travis' unfortunate retrieval of the Paragon; an event he himself still felt quite livid of. To his surprise, Nemo didn't monopolize on that astounding scene with any antics he had previously covered before and quickly got to the point of them falling into the collapsing ocean where they were retrieved by Felix himself, thus concluding his play.

"I think I'll volunteer for now on with filling in the blanks for Felix," Travis sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose as he still fathomed of what he had just witnessed.

Apparently Raiya had similar contemptible words for the white-haired Talent but not the ones Travis had in mind. Instead, Raiya criticized him for either taking glory of kill that war rightfully hers; twice in fact with the case of killing Lori and being denied her revenge against Rutger. Travis frowned and rolled his eyes, already knowing where her criticism was leading to. He did his best to try and ignore it and stayed out in the event Nemo jumped in. Apparently however, he didn’t bite on and instead apologized. Travis mentally concluded he may never truly understand the ways in which Nemo’s mind worked.

It was finally Felix whom re-brought up the more important fact was that one of their number, Zoey, had been filled in battle; a fact Nemo and Raiya had both failed to properly emphasize on. Felix continued to build upon this new case he made and began to express his backgrounds in a way Travis had not anticipated. As he listened to Felix, he learned that their leader had decided to essentially withdraw his blood oath on the Holy Grail itself; an object in legend Travis himself wasn’t quite sure was actually legitimate or not. More or less, Felix had utilized a spell, similar to the one Travis had created and severed his connection with the artifact. However, the motion apparently triggered a failsafe of sorts; a curse that was now bound to him and threatened to devour his mana well and ultimately his life. He finally concluded that in suspending the curse, he had fabricated a rune that would keep in check but only within its vicinity, namely within the grounds of the mansion they resided in.

It quickly all made sense to Travis as to why Felix, with as much favorable power and skill he possessed, could not participate in any of their recent missions. Travis held back another urge, this time frustration, directed towards Felix for not detailing this fact that could have given everyone the context and understanding of what they were really fighting and dying for. Despite his rising contempt, Travis figured this was something Felix was likely all too aware of and likely was experiencing the guilt the problem had created too.

Travis thought hard about how he would respond next. Given the missions and the end goal of the ultimate objective, he knew that this quest was dangerous. The problem though was exactly how dangerous as they now had a couple of people that have died taking on a righteous task they were not familiar with nor hardly wanting of it. In retrospect, he didn’t need to be here; he could be back in Guatemala in an abandoned warehouse continuing his runic research while only worrying of either being found out or being chanced by two not-so-friendly factions that would want him dead for many reasons. While his original hideout was arguably less dangerous, that wasn’t anything much to it. Much of the research he had recently conducted likely could not had been duplicated or discovered where he previously resided.

Despite the dangers, he had owed it to Felix to giving him the opportunity for expanding his horizons tremendously, whether the ex-Arch Magi had passively intended it or not. However, that same notion was a can of worms that had opened for awhile; did he truly owe Felix anything? Considering recent events, he would have quick, maybe too quick to say no. When he truly poured thought into it, his actual answer was fuzzy at best and too many things to weigh to a finally conclusion. But what he knew for certain were his obligations he himself had vocally made and he intended on keeping them.

"...honestly, I - we, still have research to conduct with the Paragons," Travis reluctantly began, already beginning to sense regret forming in the back of his conscious, "and I did say that I would find a way to undo the effects of my spell and help Zuri regain her memories and, yeah. I'm staying."
Per Travis' suggestion, Nemo checked his manadial and confirmed that it was now usable. With a few finger presses and a minute later, Felix's signature portal materialized just above them, followed by Felix himself exiting the fabricated rift and gracefully approaching the group, "You're a sight for sore eyes!" Travis openly commented, feeling the stress he had gradually accrued during the entirety of this mission beginning to evaporate.

After Felix constructed a new portal for them to evacuate through, Travis caught Nemo passing a remark in a reply to Felix that ultimately poked hinted amusement toward his unfortunate interaction with the now fully-deceased Samuel, "'Skirmish' wouldn't be my choice of words," he retorted, not even bothering to hold back his distain for the comment before he himself passed through the portal.

Stepping back into Felix's mansion was certainly a warm and welcoming sensation due in part with its homely comforts and safety that it brought. Travis was to rushing upstairs and collapsing in his quarters for a well deserved respite. However duty reminded him that he still had Fantasia to be presented to Felix first, in addition with any debriefing that would follow suit as well. With a relaxing sigh, Travis stayed close by to the portal while awaiting for Zuri and Felix to come through. In the mean time, he summoned up a spell that could visually be described as a miniature sun and held it in his right hand while the Paragon rested in his left. The radiating orb illuminated a wave of localized heat and helped with drying his still damp clothes as seen with the evaporated steam seeping away from his coat and being absorbed into the spell.
It was after Raiya having preached her gloomy take on the situation did Nemo respond by at least lightening it up. With a single word, a small portion of seawater near them rose the ocean they inhabited and shifted its shape and substance until it resembled a small raft. A transmutation spell? thought Travis as he followed Nemo along Raiya into the ebony-hued boat.

Travis eventually pulled himself from the ocean and nearly collapsed within their artificial watercraft, showing a brief sign of exhaustion afterwards. While tending to himself, Travis nearly became oblivious to Nemo's following statement, more of a request unto to Untalent, in addressing the issue with their Paragon hindering them from contacting Felix, "W-what? Oh, right. Gimme a minute," he replied, sounding somewhat dazed.

Once he had received his small crystalline case containing his experimental rune back from Zuri after she had used it against Rutger, he pulled the Paragon of Fantasia out from the confines of his trench coat. Unlike the rune's initial use on Espial in a more controlled environment, Travis figured that the application process was essentially the same without the need of a compartment of sorts to store the powerful mana crystal. Additionally, the blinding of this Paragon was temporary and a necessary means to an end. Travis took aim with his rune and pointed it at Fantasia, away from his teammate less they get caught within its aura-ripping influence.

"Heads up, this is gonna be loud. Better cover your ears," he warned as he began channeling his mana through the rune,

Such as the case with their battle with Rutger, his rune once more ejected a screaming pule upon its activation. The projected wave quickly collided with Fantasia's aura, causing an extremely high-pitched sound to resonate as if two large metallic objects grinded their durable surfaced against one another. As a result to this collision, the Paragon's emanating mana and aura were violently discharged through a surging ray of light that exited into the dying horizon. From what Travis could gather, the brilliance shown here was certainly more active than observed with Espial thought he difference was that this Paragon was not being visually hidden away. The processed eventually subsided immediately after a minute after the rune had successfully disabled the Paragon.

"Ow," Travis stated before trying to pop his jaw in a futile attempt to null the ringing in his ears, "yeah, that was loud."

After getting over the screeching results of the spell blinding their Paragon, Travis summoned up his manalysis and observed the now passive Fantasia. Just as how Espial was effected, Travis could certainly see that Fantasia's beaming aura had faded tremendously despite the still present signs of mana coursing through it. Just as Felix had noted with the same-effected Espial, Travis could also confirm that this Paragon was not even responding or attempting to interact with his own aura at all now, signaling to him that its ley-lines have been rendered useless. However, because the Paragon was no longer operable in its new blinded and restrained state, the effect of peering into it as he found no longer gave the typical overwhelming experience everyone would have usually felt, almost degrading the sensation of how one would look at a usually charged mana crystal.

"Well, Fantasia here seems pretty dormant now. I'm not seeing or sensing an aura," Travis replied while his focus still remained on the Paragon, "try your manadials; I don't think we should be bothered by that interference anymore."
For a short while, Travis only saw darkness and heard the faint resonating echoes of unfamiliar sounds all around him. He tried looking around, searching for Nemo and Zuri ahead of him and Rayia to his rear. Unfortunately, he had very little to go by and even questioned if he was being flung forwards or backwards as he felt the spell's tidal forces sent him hurdling through the empty space he was consumed by.

Eventually, a light penetrated the blackness, followed by a loud and abrupt noise that filled Travis' ears. The momentarily weightlessness he experienced soon faded back to the just control of gravity as he sensed his body taking a steep uncontrolled drop. His sight would quickly return seconds later, allowing him to see a wall of water fast approaching. Travis's couldn't help but let out a yelp as he frantically placed his hands in front of his face. Once more, the roar of the ocean died down into a muffled distortion as he involuntarily broke through the exterior of the water. He sank below the waves briefly but Travis soon regained control of his body and frantically swam back to the surface and gasped for air upon breaching the surface.

It didn't take long for Nemo, keeping Raiya afloat, along with Zuri to group back with him. Per Nemo's query, Travis looked over to him all the while ensuring he was able to keep himself suspended at the oceans surface, "I-I'm okay..."

After that, Nemo followed up by asking the condition of his weapon he trusted Travis with.

"Um," Travis began as he look over his shoulder and eyed the firearm, "drenched? Other than that, it looks fine."
Travis glanced at Nemo with a scowling look, having caught his teammate emanating amusement at his unpleasant tribulation. He had a few unprofessional words in mind for the white haired Talent but as fate would have it, his attention would be drawn back to unwelcomed presence of Samuel Croft, apparently still filled life; whatever was left of it. Travis felt the instinctive urge to spin around and blast the skeleton away the moment he registered Samuel's voice. That desire however dissipated upon him registering Samuel decrying his action as a damning consequence.

Before Samuel could follow-up any further, his skeletal remains were suddenly engulfed by a rapidly growing sphere of darkness. Travis could immediately feel the vacuum-like effect of the unexpected anomaly and scrambled away from in before joining the rest of his team. As the sphere expanded and consumed more of its surrounding's like a micronized black hole, it was Nemo who had figured out its uncanny arrival. Just as he pointed out, the vegetation of the island was devoid of mana despite their normal and natural appearance. While Travis himself didn't notice that fact, it nevertheless seemed relevant given the structures on the island they ventured through were unnaturally untouched by time. And now that the Paragon removed from Samuel's influence, the spell that projected the entire island was now deconstructing and it was becoming harder to resist its pull.

However, it seemed the developing void before them may not be as life-threatening as was previously perceived. Raiya and Nemo concluded that the island was summoned out of the desires of the late Samuel Croft as an attempt to save himself from ultimately drowning. Drowning being the keyword, meaning that there would have been a body of water present for such a fate to occur. As evident by Raiya's worried deduction, the moment they or the island become overtaken by the ever-expanding void, whichever came first, they would be ejected back into ocean. It wasn't a thrilling thought given what they had endured hours ago but there was no alternative present and Travis could very much feel that the pull of the degrading spell was becoming too much to resist.

With that said, Nemo, unsurprisingly, volunteered to fall into the rift, but not after advising Travis to ensure the Paragon and his gun were fastened, alluding to the inevitable and fast approaching circumstance were the Untalent himself would need to succumb to the spell’s pull as well. For a moment, Travis was half-expecting a visually violent outro for Nemo being overtaken by the expending sphere though as with Rutger’s unsecured corpse, he un-climatically phased out of existence. After Nemo came Zuri taking her own plunge as well, leaving only Travis and Raiya remaining.

Per Nemo’s suggestion, Travis slid the Paragon into a secured compartment within his trench coat and held onto the shotgun tightly while wrapping its holder band around his upper body. As soon as he figured he was ready, he glanced back at Raiya with an unsure expression, “See ya on the side I suppose,” he said, giving the phrase, a duel meaning before forfeiting his balance and jumping into the collapsing spell.
Travis could feel the Paragon within his clutches coming free from the skeleton's non-existent hold. For a moment, he thought that his plundering would go without any hidden obstructions. However, he was quickly proven wrong; just as he was about to pry Fantasia free did the skeletal hands of Samuel Croft suddenly re-secured the Paragon and yanked it back against Travis' grip.

The sudden and unexpected movement by the skeleton caught the Untalent completely by surprise but before he could vocalize his astonishment, the decayed anatomy of what was once Samuel leaned forward and spoke. Travis froze with dread while his widened eyes peered back at the skeleton's now-illuminated eye sockets. What he assumed was Samuel's simulated voice demanded he release the Paragon; a request Travis himself was trying to comprehend still as he struggled to make sense of what was happening. However, Samuel's demand was ultimately rhetorical as the skeleton quickly produced an old flintlock firearm and aimed at Travis' face. Travis only had the split-second moment to switch his focus from the skeleton to the weapon pointed at him before its trigger was pulled.

Travis' sight was then consumed by darkness along with the immediate ceasing of his heartbeat. He was dead and he was sure of it; what else could have the pistol's discharging resulted in? The small ball-bearing would have struck him between his eyes and through his head and as such his brain, instantly killing him. That was however what he believed and since he could still come to a methodical and analytic conclusion moments after the rather quiet gunshot...wait a minute.

Before a full minute could elapse, Travis cautiously opened his eyes and found the flintlock pistol still pointed at him with black transparent fumes slowly escaping the mouth of the barrel. He blinked one, and then twice, and before a third time, the small metal ball that could have actually killed him rolled out of barrel and fell to the ground. Travis silently eyed the harmless round empty out of the pistol before returning his still-stunned gaze back to the skeleton. Despite failing to kill Travis with an unkempt weapon, the skeleton trumpeted its 'success', whatever it was. Travis, still shaken by the unusual ordeal, tried to make sense of the situation, contemplating if the skeleton of Samuel Croft really tried to kill him and only replied in such a confusing manner as a pre-determined response. He even accepted the belief that this was all indented as some sort of complex prank. Neither of the conclusions were appreciated by him but whatever the actual reasoning was had then vanished as the skeleton fell back within its throne, its purpose supposedly fulfilled as the life that seemed to possess it faded away.

Travis stared at the collapsed remains of Samuel, still in disbelief and dumbfound a what had transpired. Without uttering a justified remark, Travis tugged at the Paragon again, this time pulling it out of the skeleton’s unresponsive grasps. Just as he knew it was only in his hands did he quickly step back and secured it within his arms in anticipation of another unexpected and undesired response. Thankfully, no more surprises manifested from his successful burglary.

He retreated with a few more steps before turning to this team, displaying the Paragon of Fantasia in his hands and an incredibly unamused expression painting his blackened face, "...I wish to leave now," he growled.
The gate doors eventually retracted all the way into the large unlit chamber. Similarly, as with the catacombs they ventured through previously, the space they walked into was surprisingly vacant save for a few details. The most notable was a marble throne hosting the skeletal remains of Samuel Croft as hinted by Nemo through one of his usual jocular comments. It was however what was in his decomposed grasps that gleamed any value to the crypt's interlopers; the Paragon of Fantasia.

However, it was apparent nobody was in any rush to seize their prize with Nemo declining and Raiya anticipating the worst results. Travis couldn't blame them since Espial was essentially rigged with a counter spell to do away with any thieves and the scene before them seemed deceptive in its simplistic, if not creepy appearance. Unfortunately, the Paragon would remain in Samuel's dead clutches if they didn't attempt to retrieve it.

Travis sighed, "I agree. But we're not getting our job done without nabbing it."

Channeling a fraction of his mana reserves, Travis casted his unraveling light projection spell once more. As he scanned the room, the spell would illuminate the floor and surroundings, detailing their composition and anything directly behind or beneath. In the half minute he casted his spell, nothing appeared out of the ordinary except for the Paragon's radiance blinding the throne's proximity which was projected as thick veil of light. It seemed his spell couldn't penetrate the Fantasia's incredible aura and thus prevented him from identifying any hidden threats that were likely in place.

"Typical," he grunted, "guess we're doing this the old-fashioned way. I'm gonna get a closer look and grab it if I can. Might be best to ready yourselves if things go South."

Just as he announced his plan and advisory, Travis cautiously made his way to the throne while he kept his spell casted in hopes of catching any anomalies at the last minute. As he became closer and closer, he decided to arm himself with his decamp spell once more; with their journey here being engulfed by nothing but danger and death, he wasn't going to take any chances with the seemingly unprotected. It didn't take himself long to reach the throne and stand before the decrepit Samuel Croft. For a moment, he stared into the hollow eyes of Samuel's skull, feeling almost unnerved by having to gaze upon the motionless cadaver and with a momentary thought, he dared the dead Samuel Croft to do something. The reality however was that Travis was at the mercy of whatever contraptions Samuel had planned for the Untalent and his group.

"Sorry about this," Travis said under his breath, "while I would normally respect a dead man's treasure, we need this more than you do."

It was then Travis reached out and grasped the Paragon and began pulling it way.
Travis struggled to isolate his attention to the runic puzzle before him while Nemo and Raiya's unusual argument continued on. As he analyzed and pried at the lock, their words would come in and out and he could only register a few passages of what they were saying but he could always tell who was speaking. Regardless however fascinating both of their histories may be and how the two reflected on them and angrily bounced against each other, his main focus was getting them one step closer to the Paragon and eventually of this rock.

Once again, Travis has his unique projection spell casted and before him was a near accurate rendering of the runic mechanism that kept the large doors sealed. Though he already had the basic blue print of the lock, Travis drew his eyes to his note book, matching the characters of the design and compared it with several rune alphabets he kept recorded. His main concern was ensuring the technical aspect of the proposed solution based on the projection added up with corresponding scripts that was necessary to disengage the sealing contraption.

A couple minutes passed by with still Nemo and Raiya bickering until he had his confirmation. Travis, having to exert an amount of physical effort, repositioned the individual platforms on each ring, either turning them clockwise or counter-clocking wise depending if the ring only had a single direction to rotate in. With each keyed slot he had successfully filled, the internal mechanisms would resonate with a muffled click however the platforms he guided along each of the rings gave off a louder grinding sound. Travis kept looking back at both of his arguing teammates and was constantly astounded that the noise of his work hadn't caught their attention. He quickly concluded that the neglected inner-workings of the lock, having been aged and rusted over time, were stressing against one another through uneven friction.

He eventually had the lock completed after filling the final key-slot. Travis placed his hand on the center portion of the design and charged it with a minuscule amount of mana. The runes covering each of the reconfigured rings illuminated a white glow and a faint hum as a result of him re-establishing the artificial mana flows that were once left sealed. Now activated, the lock disengaged by retracting each ring into the gate's internal confines. If solving the gate's puzzle was notably noisy, this new process could undoubtedly mute any near conversation and force someone's attention. With the last of the rings withdrawn, the large gate doors itself slowly opened inward as it fought with unmaintained architecture. Travis noticed that the wider the entrance became, the more air he could feel being pulled into the darkened room ahead of them. It was obvious by the sensation that the chamber on the other side of the gate was compressed and sealed for a very long time.

Once the doors finally finished their unsealing procedure, Travis glanced back at Zuri and then to Raiya and Nemo with a more annoyed-appearing look, "Well? We ready?"
The resulting execution of Father Stockton by Nemo's hand apparently didn't go over too well with Raiya despite her aggressive insistence that the kill was to be hers. It was impossible to not notice her blade leave her capitulated grasp and resonate against the rough floor while she slowly condensed her once fierce profile to a more despondent contour. Travis and likely Zuri and Zemo watched as Raiya silently departed their assembly and made her way to the sealed doorway. In a rather unexpected choice of tone, Nemo delicately spoke out, detailing the haunting consequences of taking another's life. Travis himself didn't initially know what to make of it nor could he understand Nemo's sudden jump into this seemingly untargeted discussion.

However, that wasn't to say that none of his meanings hadn't sparked any thought with the Untalent; Travis was accustomed to death, whether he appreciated it or condemned it. He himself understood and even felt the ramifications of his actions he had taken against another human being. But was he haunted by his choices? The question was a difficult one for him to express a simple answer. If asked what he felt, Travis would have admitted inceptive regret and guilt but at the same time, he would have rationalized the action as a necessary consequence in preserving his wellbeing as his would-be killers offered him no alternative. Though he carried with him his own spiritual beliefs that many of his morals were supported by, Travis was ultimately a man of reason and logic and while he could certainly feel remorse, he knew in the end he could not dwell on facts that were intangible or reversible.

Travis continued to contemplate on these figurative ghosts Nemo preached on about but still he struggled to grasp the meaning or intent of topic. That was until he soon found Nemo's hands at his shoulders and the Talents's hushed voice in his ear, causing him to freeze in place. He became tense as Nemo conveyed his explanation regarding the topic of vengeance. With every word uttered, Travis began piecing together the point of Nemo's ongoing exposition and quickly concluded that what he was getting at was Raiya feud with Father Stockton. Nemo finally explained that he had personally killed Rutger in order 'save' Raiya from being consumed from the same haunting reality he described. To Travis it seemed like a just and selfless act even though it would be go predictably unappreciated by Raiya. Eventually, Nemo withdrew himself having finished his dialogue and made his way to Raiya before referring Travis to the sealed doorway that hindered their progress.

Travis however remained motionless for a moment as he tried to recompose himself and took everything that Nemo said into consideration though he personally blamed his unresponsive or hesitant state on Nemo effectively killing the mood with his unsettling illumination. Before he would finally take control over himself once more, Travis couldn't help but dissect each word Nemo spoke that he culminated into his illustrative phrase and sentences. They were descriptive and expressed a sense of seemingly real occurring experience. Was Nemo concerned with Raiya going down a similar path he himself had treaded? With what he knew of Nemo going by his outspoken though unelaborated infamy, Travis briefly shivered to even think what his teammate has gone through.

Regaining equanimity, Travis finally made his way to the large sealed gateway at the end of the room. The doors were perhaps three times his size and decorated in some ancient art style he was not familiar with. But the main feature was a large circular construct built in between the doors and supposedly kept them secure. Upon closer inspection, the circle then became several rings with the larger encompassing the smaller; Travis identified five in total, each with a string of faintly familiar runic text that surrounded their shape. He continued to study the design until he noticed a curiously narrow gap in each of the rings and eventually found that each runic script that was present was engraved into a movable platform that could be repositioned via a diverting rail they were settled into.

Travis then briefly turned to his teammates, "The setup is pretty straightforward though the pattern here is rather complex, given the script layout. Shouldn't take me very long to get 'er unlocked. Five minutes give or take?"
Travis watched on as Raiya tried to instigate Father Stockton into fighter her in his powerless state. Rutger fumed and seemed nearly ready to lash out again but unexpectedly, he released his dagger along with the anger that formerly painted his expression. Travis couldn't tell whether he had lost hope and accepted the reality of his eventual demise or if he had some sort of sort of unforeseen backup plan as he reflected the same provocation back to Raiya. The Untalent could only surmise Rutger's strategy was to promote hesitation in their battle-hardened teammate and in doing so possibly sparing him.

Unsurprisingly, if Travis were in Raiya's position, he'd have certainly hesitated in finishing off an unarmed and powerless opponent. He couldn't come to grips with carrying out such a death sentence upon an individual whom couldn't fight back; he simply couldn't find the justification in it, despite the potential danger they could still posed. On the other hand, Travis could leverage his advantage over Rutger with the knowledge of his fabricated and spell and assured the unaware Father that the rune's effects were long-lasting. Having said that, the ball might have been back in Rutger's court again, leaving the powerless Talent to their own fateful decisions. Rutger diffusing himself as a threat would have been the preferred outcome unless he became hostile once more in desperation and give Travis the same jurisdiction in ending his life as the Untalent did to Roy hours earlier.

The problem though was that Raiya was not Travis and considering her history with Father Stockton clear, Travis felt it was unlikely that she allowed Rutger to leave intact. Then again, there were many things he didn't know about her and even pondered if she recognized the fragile circumstances of killing a now-harmless opponent. Travis could only watch and observe how far Raiya's vengeance would go.

That was then Nemo finally returned, looking bloodied and yet still beaming with unaffected amusement.

Nemo took hold of the moment and verbally fortified their advantage over Rutger further now that he and is abilities were present before musing the possibilities of the Father's fate. It became quickly apparent that this situation was no longer under Raiya's judgement as Nemo pulled his revolver out and shot Rutger without any hesitation at all. Travis nearly jumped having been caught off-guard by Nemo cold and decisive death-draw.

"Y-yeah, now it is," he replied finally to Zuri's tired query.
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