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Rodriguez maintained his position with Roland's left flank through the current duration of the trip. There wasn't much as far as conversations go since everyone appeared to be busy keeping their own birds in the air. He himself however kept the plane in auto-pilot, having synchronized the control patterns with Roland's aircraft, The Iron Jackson, while he slaved over the scanning equipment directly to his right shoulder. Much of the electronics and gadgets hadn't seen almost any use within the past couple of weeks due to limitation of contracts within his previous area of operation, resulting in suite being deactivate for the most part. Now that he was on a new job and even a new squadron, he figured it was as good as time as any to re-activate the sleeping hardware.

And not a moment too soon.

Upon stirring Pandora's long-range radar, a blip immediately sounded off. The small ping pulled Rodriguez's gaze over too one of the monitors showcasing a large map of the region and the general location of unidentified craft. He glanced forward, noting his formation position and back to the monitor, having just updated the blip's new position. Rodriguez wasn't urgently concerned yet with the approaching newcomer since the radar would have responded to any craft in the same fashion that was not carrying a transponder. He however did keep his eyes glued to the screen and observed the changing flight path of the plane coming up from their rear.

A few minutes later and Rodriguez then confirmed that the craft was in fact on intercept course. His heart rate began to climb with the lingering thought of an any bandit preparing to attack their formation settling in but he insisted on keeping his position regardless. He couldn't think of anyone trying to take on three aircraft by themselves nor could he think of any valid reason of doing so. Eventually, the blip came up on his short-range radar and from there, he could then properly track the unknown aircraft approaching them. By now, Rodriguez was already running a scan though he immediately noted that airspeed of the craft was more casual with no hint of hostile intent. Then again, the approaching airplane was flying at a much higher elevation; almost perfect for an aggressive dive for a strafing run.

Finally, the unspoken radio silence had been broken with the newcomer identifying themselves, or their aircraft, as Long Dive. While his powerful radio could intercept the transmission, it was clear they were addressing Roland. Roland, of course, replied and welcomed them into to formation. Rodriguez finally steadied himself and eased back, now certain that there was no longer any danger. Eventually, the scan had completed and notified him of the results, prompting Rodriguez to raise an eyebrow. The Long Dive was apparently that of an XB-35-M4, essentially a flying wing and one whose wingspan was far greater than any of the aircraft in formation. Having already networked the other two planes in formation, Pandora's computer would have been sending the data to the Iron Jackson and the Roger Dodger.

Seeing as though that Lungfirst was about to bring their aircraft from the rear and after Jimmy broadcasted their formation suggestion, Rodriguez positioned the rudder of Pandora just slightly to the left, prompting his airframe to move over, increasing the distance between him and the Iron Jackson by several meters. It was then his turn to delve in greetings, "Standby, Long Dive. I'll have your plane networked shortly."
Despite Travis' mere protest, Felix still advised upon him to do what he could before they would eventually partake on their mission. After that, Felix left the hallway and presumably back where Zuri was resting. Travis took the moment to stare back at the memory case, eyeing the ebony mass coursing within it, contemplating what he was going to do.

Eventually reaching the lab again, Travis set the small crystalline cube table and lazily eased back into his chair and beamed at the ceiling. Emotions still churned within him. Guilt. Anger. Confusion. He was so sure and confident that the spell would have worked, perhaps more specifically and bluntly, what he was expecting to work. The reality of the matter was that the spell did its job correctly and was destroying the mysterious curse; the difference however was that the curse apparently served a different purpose and objective. It was the unknown element he had feared of running up against.

Travis clutched his face with his right hand and groaned. At the end of the day, despite the horrible outcome that could have manifested, this event was just another circumstance of trial and error. Now he had solve the new problem that stood before him.

"Fine then," Travis said has he quickly re-oriented himself and took hold of the memory case with both hands. Casting his light projection spell into the small box, a holographic image imitating that dark mass hovered above it. Lastly, he activated the Causality Scryer and adjusted the scheme to dissect the sample in its confines, "lets see what you're really made of."
@Haeo If I am not mistaken, looks like you're up.
"Right'o!" Rodriguez exclaimed in agreement.

With their brief interaction discussion concluded, each pilot made their way to their respective aircraft. Arriving back to his machine, he circled Pandora, inspecting it of any physical anomalies that could have incurred during the flight here. As expected, it was a smooth flight and the reinforced airframe was perfectly intact. Sparring no time and eager to get off the ground, Rodriguez climbed back into elevated canopy and sealed the access latch behind him.

He squeezed his way past the amassed instruments of his electronic warfare suite that made up much of the cockpit until and settled in and claimed his seat. It didn't take him line to fire up the aircraft's systems, only a few seconds after sliding the ignition into place, followed by an low awakening whine reverberating throughout the airframe. Rodriguez peered at the gauges and self-inspecting apparatuses of his control board. Everything appeared fully functional with the fuel meter having hardly dropped from the trip and still perfect to crossing several more states.

Reclaiming his flight mask and wrapping the intake loosely over his mouth, Rodriguez prompted Pandora's two turboprop engines to life. The dual-propellers of each engine slowly counter rotated in tandem with one another. Each few seconds, the props spun faster and faster, increase the pitch and loudness of the engines until the revolutions game to a consistent fast-spinning growl. His Super Savage was alive again.

Taxiing the runway took a few minutes to eventually complete. With no air traffic control to guide him through a series of holding patterns and awaiting the imminent return of landing aircraft, none to speak of in this case, taking off with only two other aircraft to note of was easier to manage. Once he was on the runway and clear of any obstacles, he applied the throttle and immediately felt the G-forces kick in as the initial growling of his turboprop engines become a duo or roars. The Pandora, pushed by the propellers cutting into the air and the exhaust acing as a mock jet-engine, streaked down the runway before Rodriguez pulled the flight stick inward, ascending the aircraft.

After several minutes climbing, Rodriguez put his machine meters away from Roland's left flank, merging into formation.
Travis couldn't hide back the quizzical look directed at the Magi, "Having a sample will certainly help uncovering this curse or whatever it really is, however, its not guaranteed to tell us the full story. Honestly it is going to take time to dissect this snippet before coming up with a, practical, solution."
Travis quietly observed Zuri as she accepted his apology. With all the time he had kept her waiting, he had anticipated her to be dismayed of the freak situation that had erupted through his collaborated spell. In actuality however, she didn't even appeared fazed if not utterly exhausted and promptly accepted his reparation without any hints of anger or sorrow. Eventually, her eyes closed and presumably succumbed to rest before Felix came from behind and pulled Travis to the nearby hallway.

Even after the few minutes that had passed by, it was oddly notable how much distress came through the Magi's voice as he explained to Travis what he had witnessed. Apparently through the ordeal as the Causality Scryer worked the curse over, Felix had caught a glimpse of some sort of seal that drew from Zuri's manawells. The new theory was that the entity that manifested seemed to be Zuri's true state and the curse they previously set out to dispel seemed to possess a function they hadn't anticipated, keeping this hostile force in check. Travis rubbed his eyes with the index finger and thumb of his left hand as he tried to take in this new information, confusing and stressing as it was.

While the guilt of bringing pain unto a friend still nagged at him, the reward however was valuable insight on the problem they current faced. Evidently, this meant that it was back to the drawing board. Almost forgetting about its existence Travis quickly realized that the memory case that contained the Causality Scryer was still in his right hand. However when he looked down upon it, the space the runic spell resided in had darkened with some sort of black swirling mass now occupying it.

Travis raised his hand and opened it, revealing his discovery to Felix, "While the spell had failed to bring us the results we were looking for, I suppose there is at least some silver lining to be had. The Causality Scryer's secondary task is documenting whatever it scans and pulls apart. What we have here, I think, is a small portion of that 'curse' it took."
Rodriguez's fact contorted to a concerned, almost worrisome expression upon seeing the condition the gas station was in, having now seen it up close. It was evident that the place had had been unkempt for quite some time with some of its wooden framework being degraded along with the stone and concrete heavily stained and falling apart. Surely the place was beyond repair by now and was hardly considered usable. But for now, it was better than sitting outside.

After taking one of the seats offered to him, Rodriguez eyed Roland has he gave his latest of reports. Apparently some bandits bearing a silver wolf, well-armed and equipped bandits for that matter, have caution quite a few problems for the Southeastern regions of the fractured States. While the information gave some notable details to go by, it unfortunately didn't paint a clear enough picture for I'm as far as what they were truly up against. Then again, that's why he and Jimmy, along with Roland, were here for; to fill in the gaps and find out who these goons really are. Fair enough.

Rodriguez pinched his chin as he gave their situation some thought, "Both places are decent options to start our search. However, getting into trouble with a dreadnaught should be the last thing on our to-do list with what we have now, regardless if one truly exists with these bandits of yours. I would put my money with checking out Atlanta first."
With the formal greetings out of the way, Rodriguez followed Roland, along with Jimmy to the nearby gas station. It wasn't hard for Rodriguez not to notice Roland glancing at their planes and suspected the man was inspecting the quality and history of each aircraft. It made sense, honestly. It as obvious judging by Roland's aged appearance that he had seen plenty of combat before and seemed natural for them man to take at least some interested in his to-be squadron-mates.

A moment later, Roland then queried him if he had seen any bandit activity on the way here, "Thankfully, no, sir. I typically try to go about my business unnoticed if I had the option. Had I spotted any of those war machines, I might have arrived late," Rodriguez replied.
@webboysurf My bad. Had to google search plenty of those aspects in order to, at best, detail how those processes would work. In one of the RPs here that delved with the same concept, I needed to take an hour just studying about an overhead recovery/approach and how it worked before putting it to post.
Posting time was a bit longer than anticipate. I needed to get caught back up with technical lingo of running an aircraft (vaguely).
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