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In Avalia 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Roshmi City, outside Kyran's home

Kyran partially ignored what was being said, choosing to ignore him suggesting that he kept Risa unsafe. He had led his friends to safety and everyone with him had survived. That was something to be proud of. Though, the fact Elthrael knew she was a princess or knew her family was very off to him. He knew Risa since they were very young and had never once met or seen him before. He was shocked when he actually looked at Risa had come back.
She was dressed so beautifully, and her hair looked amazing. It really put in perspective how much time was wasted on such an irrelevant fairy. She started speaking about considering whether she had power or not. As the only heir to the throne besides her parents, if Aklenroth’s rule was overthrown and the old ways restored, she would be the queen of the River Kingdom one day. Risa didn’t seem interested in the power so much and wanted the best for the fairies. She would really be an honorable and humble queen.
Then Risa started to take a tone with them he had rarely ever seen her take. She wanted them to all be kind to each other, asking them both to be gentlemen. Kyran straightened up and gave Elthrael a snide look as if Elthrael had been trouble. He bowed as he said, “Yes, Princess Millinia. To Chef Baelde we go. “he turned to Dionaea and Elsea, taking Dionaea’s hand and squeezing it comfortingly, “Are you girls ready? There are some dresses my mother will let you borrow.”
“You look so beautiful, Risa." He said to Risa once he had finished talking to the others as he went over to hug her and twirled her around before settling her down.
In Avalia 16 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Roshmi City, outside Kyran's home

Kyran made a face at his initial statement. He found him to be so illogical. "Well first of all," He began, mocking his tone in the statement, "I have clearly survived against odds as well. The difference between you and me is that those who stood beside me that day also stand here. The same cannot be said for you and you only had one other person to look after." He had been quick to argue that one. He would not let Elthrael stand there and belittle him.

Elthrael continued to ramble. It was interesting to say the least to see how manipulative he could be. "Choices do bear consequences, yes, much like it is to look at you. His unfortunate demise could have been something prevented by you as well. For someone who flies, you sure do run away often." Kyran shot back at him. "Jean’s plan left the majority of us alive, who knows what your ‘plan’ for us all to run away would have done other than leave us to be killed. I know you couldn’t care less about what happened to us." He had emphasized plan in a mocking way, as Elthrael had barely laid out anything other than just simply fleeing.

Kyran's suspicions only deepened as he thought about everything he had said. "You seem to have more bark than bite coming from you. If time is of the essence, why then do you continue to talk? Is hearing your own voice soothing?" The oversized pest then created a seed and grew a small apple tree in his front yard quite displeased Kyran as it was his property. 'I hope that apple is not as rotten as your soul.'
"I would prefer him to not enter my house. If we are going to eat, we can eat elsewhere." Kyran suggested.
In Ossvien 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Quarterdeck
Interactions:@W0lf d3m0n

Altria was always wary of bringing new people on the ship; she usually didn't like to have anyone she did not choose herself. She was kinda worried bringing younger people in fear of them dying too early. Altria waited for a moment before he came up to the quarterdeck and greeted her by saluting and addressing himself.

"At ease, soldier. I wanted to get a look at the new guy." She said, walking a circle around him, eyeing him up and down before stopping in front of him again. "Hmmm... You will do fine I hope... Are you nervous to be on this ship? I cannot guarantee anyone lives on this mission." She said seriously to give him a scare and also face the reality of the situation. Altria then drew her sword swiftly placing it by his neck. "You must have a quick reaction to any situation. Pirates are savage and merciless. They have no pity or chivalry and will kill you before you even know what to do." She stared into his eyes, sheathing her sword. "You seem like a good guy." She said, her tone changing as she smiled and placed her hand in his hair. Altria did not want to see him die more than usual for some reason, she took a liking to Verrax.

In Avalia 21 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Interaction with: Darius, Skar@FunnyGuy, Myra @13org, and Aklenroth @Alivefalling

"I am who you are looking for." Aklenroth's gaze moved to Myra. He recognized her off the bat, remembering their past together. He could not blame her for her aggression. "In the meantime, Myra you can remove your camouflage and cease your aggressive posture. I am quite surprised you are alive though, and I apologize for our past."

Aklenroth began to explain everything to them. "Orc and Human, your payment will be spoken about once we get inside. If you wish to leave, I will not stop you but, I would appreciate your help if you stayed as the humans have already been causing a lot of damage to our world in this short time. They have started fires, caused earthquakes and storms, and even killed citizens; they do not belong here and throw off the balance of this realm. I did not bring humans here and have strived to keep them out, eventually sacrificing everything to keep the humans from coming through as they receive powers beyond their capacity to control in this realm. The other light elves, my own race, have been trying to use humans to fight in a war they did not choose to be in. I can continue talking about this or show you myself the destruction and chaos they are causing. This world is a danger to them as they are to this world."

It was only when the elf began to talk that Myra understood why she was feeling so cornered and threatened after he appeared. The elf was no one other than Aklenroth himself. She didn't know how or why he took that form, nor the reason for him being apologizing for something, but it was clear to her that he already knew her presence, somehow. Despite that, she still maintained her camouflage and the aggressive posture. She didn't feel safe nor she trusted him at all.
Even though his extensive explanation was quite complicated, Myra understood that for some reason he didn't like humans that much, but what made her even more suspicious was that despite what he said about humans, he told Darius and Skar to stay.

He's Aklenroth? But the guy in the sky last week was definitely a skeleton, but… Same clothes, same crown, and this is definitely his castle. Darius raised both eyebrows at Aklenroth addressing Myra. Darius looked around and couldn't spot her, so he wondered how Aklenroth could. And… How does he know her? Darius took a single step back as he became a bit wary, but he listened. This had been the first real explanation for what was going on that Darius had gotten. His thoughts on elves were already a bit skewed due to his interaction with the orcs of Orc Landing. Simply put, they were assholes.

"Just show me… I'm a visual kinda guy. Plus, I can't pass up on the opportunity to experience some actual magic…" Darius said trying to take the unwanted attention off of Myra. He finally stepped forward while looking to Skar who nodded. She did not fully trust Aklenroth, but they couldn't do much but cooperate. She just hoped Darius and Myra kept themselves composed. Skar kept her eyes on Aklenroth and stepped forward with Darius. For now, they would follow the lord of darkness.

As Aklenroth watched Darius step forward, he reached his hand into his pocket, retrieving a small red crystal. "To start the visualization spell you must crush this in the palm of your hand." Darius would not know but the true use of this crystal would be to summon an amorphous demon capable of possessing and strengthening one's own power as well as allowing the host to do a whole number of things. "I will show you the truth of what humans are truly doing under the will of the elves."

Even though Aklenroth wasn't being openly hostile, Myra's instincts still told her to run away. Unfortunately, it didn't matter how much she tried to convince Skar and Darius to do so, they seemed to have other plans.

As Darius took a few steps forward, Myra reached towards him, grabbing his wrist and gently pulling it, in a clear message for him not to get closer to Aklenroth. The second he extended his hands towards Darius though, Myra immediately let go of Darius’ hand, jumping back in a hostile posture. Even though somehow, Aklenroth was able to see through her camouflage, she still felt a bit more safe by using it so even if it was useless, she didn't drop it.

Darius had turned a bit when feeling Myra’s tug on his wrist. Though he couldn’t see her, he could only imagine she was worried about what was going on. One hand had been reaching for the crystal, while the other was towards Myra from her gentle pull. He looked to Skar who only stared at the crystal intensely. Everything that was unfolding was far beyond her understanding. To her, Darius did not appear to be in immediate danger. No weapons were drawn, no blood spilt… There was no yelling, no screaming. Aklenroth appeared to be benign, though his true intentions were masked by his calm and nonhostile demeanor. "I don’t know what to do…" Darius seemed to freeze in place for a moment before he looked to Aklenroth and snatched the crystal. He took a few steps back with a stern look of distrust on his face.

“I think it’ll be better if I keep my distance a bit.” Darius said before looking upon the crystal. ”No funny business… or you’ll regret it.” He threatened before giving attention to the crystal. Darius clasped both hands around the crystal and squeezed before feeling it crush in his palms. He stared intensely at his clasped hands, waiting for some sort of sign or the visual mumbo jumbo he was supposed to be experiencing. That’s when he felt a surge of energy come from his hands and spread to the rest of his body. His widened before glowing a bright red. He could see it. All that Aklenroth wanted him to see. First the disasters like the fires that had spread within the forests as well as other disasters that destroyed villages. Then came the deaths, not just caused by humans, but the deaths of humans as well. Some killed each other, while others were too helpless to survive the wilds of Avalia. He himself had nearly been a victim to a violent creature’s ill intentions upon arriving. He was viewing not just the presence of humans during this time, but throughout Avalia’s history. It was almost too much, but he managed to take all of it in. His eyes returned to normal, and though it had felt like hours, only a few seconds had passed. He looked into his hands that had no trace of the crystal he crushed before looking to Aklenroth.

”Fuck… How many of us are left out there?” Darius asked referring to humans. “So they bring us here at random and make us fucking fight for them?!” Darius whipped his hand down to his side in frustration, sending a wave of summoned water crashing to the ground beside him. “They just bring them here, hope they find them, and then use ‘em.” Darius’ tone weakened. He was a bit solemn at the revelation the crystal gave him. He took a breath before nodding to himself. “I change my mind… I want the ten thousand for turning myself in because I’m staying! I’m not going back while there are still people out there… And how many have even made it here?” Darius almost didn’t want to know the answer. During his travel to Morteum, there were no signs of any other humans, not one.

Skar turned to Darius with a shocked expression. The thought of him staying was odd. She wondered what he had seen that changed his mind that seemed so driven to the goal of going back to his home. She wondered what he would do with the amas he was receiving. If he reneged on their deal, she would surely kill him. She could only assume he would keep his word, but who knows what he was thinking after he had smashed the crystal and saw whatever he saw.

"I do not know how many are here if I am to be honest, and yes precisely, they are only bringing humans at random to fight for them and be used. There are many that don't even have a chance to be found before being killed." Aklenroth then turned towards the doors whilst lifting his hand towards them, causing them to open. "If we wish to speak more, I would like to invite you inside." he continued before walking into the Necropolis.
In Avalia 21 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Roshmi City, Kyran's home

Kyran hurried downstairs to the entrance of the door only to see Elthrael. 'Great...' He thought to himself, partially ignoring his comments and attempt to anger him. How he had survived was beyond Kyran. He had not seen him when he had looked outside. Though he thought he recalled seeing a strange vine structure, but he had looked so fast he wasn't sure. "So, you managed to survive the large demon, angel demi-human, and dark elf? Would you care to explain this? Also, why was Jean dead if they had seen you they surely would have given chase...?" Kyran began to interrogate the moth fairy. The whole situation just didn't make sense to him. "Also I would like to know how you just happened to appear while Risa was conveniently alone? Had you followed us?" He continued with the questions, beckoning Risa toward him.

Kyran already did not like Elthrael and this strange appearance was too odd. If Kyran had to put it together himself he would think that he had used Jean as a distraction to escape, as it was not the first time he had cowardly ran from a fight to save his own ass. Elthrael's intentions were unclear but when all was said and done he did not trust him in the slightest.
In Avalia 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Late morning
Location: Near the River Kingdom

Summary of the week

The week for Jack was full of enjoyment. He did not see his training as hard as he loved to be able to learn his new powers and practice his killing on undead supplied by Aklenroth. Jack learned how to create small tornados and cut the air with the use of his blades, using his abilities with the expansive knowledge of magic from Aklenroth. He got to know Umber, Azriel and O'ner on his trip to Daka Island and was amazed at the Amora and strange technology that this world had. Jack had learned about the species and some of the history and beliefs of Avalia told by Aklenroth. O'Ner had also provided some tests and small missions to prove his worth and on the last day of the week, Jack was awarded a scythe to congratulate him of his achievements in training.


Jack stood in the training field in front of a large group of thirty undead preparing his scythe. "Come at me! you rotten bloody playthings!" Jack shouted excitedly, laughing twistedly as they charged towards him. He began to swing his scythe towards the oncoming corpses sending a wave of thin air going through five of them.

"Now, my next move!" Jack began to spin rapidly, causing a mini-tornado around himself drawing in the undead that were left. He jumped into the air while swinging his scythe at the remaining twenty-five undead soldiers while using the bodies to jump around the inside of the tornado. When Jack was sure they were dead, he stopped the tornado and dropped to the ground along with a mass of body parts which fell in a rain-like fashion around him.

"Oh! The joys of murder and carnage!" He said aloud smiling. "I appear to be done here..." He added, placing the bloody scythe over his shoulder. 'I guess I will see what lord Aklenroth is up to.' He thought to himself before heading back inside the necropolis to look for him.
In Avalia 23 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Morteum (The Necropolis.)
Interactions: @FunnyGuy@13org

Summary of the week

During the week, Aklenroth had been brought Jack by Azriel, Umber and O'ner. Aklenroth took this time to help Jack train his abilities along with O'ner who had already wanted to give him tests to prove his worth. He was pleased to have a human willingly join them and one with a niche for murder already. He enjoyed Jack and as insane as the human was, it only helped his training and to use his brute force as well as his brains. Aklenroth had also rewarded Jack his money and gave him a large scythe after acknowledging his training an effort he put in to do so.

The week had also brought news and photos of humans and some rebels helping them which were very useful. Aklenroth had come up with a plan to host a ball in Roshmi, since with his new body, nobody would know his true identity and it would be a great way to get all the humans into one place. Aklenroth gave a group of dark elves flyers and signs to take to the city and place them around. The armies had also been busy searching cities managing to kill around fifteen humans after going through three settlements which included Domoros, Keronos and Chesm. The undead armies are currently splitting into smaller forces and going to search more surrounding settlements.


Aklenroth sat in his library, reading one of the many books about magic he had stored, when suddenly he was interrupted by something passing with strong energy through the magical barrier surrounding his necropolis. 'Hmm... What is this?' He questioned, curiously scratching his head before getting up. Aklenroth moved towards the front of the necropolis to look from the balcony towards the bridge and was even more surprised to see two creatures walking towards the door. The group had appeared to not take notice of him watching them, keeping their eyes to the death knight guards ahead of them. Once they had gotten in the vicinity of the guards, they had crossed their spears blocking the path.

'Well, it must be time for me to greet them.' Aklenroth thought to himself as he began to levitate above the ledge of the balcony and slowly descended down to the ground below. "Welcome. What brings you to my domain?" He said, questioning the two noticing the human behind the orc. "I see you have brought a human here along with you." He added, motioning his hand at his knights, causing them to release their position blocking their path.
In Avalia 23 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Roshmi City, Kyran's home

Summary of the week

The day they had found Dionaea's and Risa's homes gone had been a long one. There was not much to say to comfort them and it hurt Kyran's heart. He was enraged by the sight and knew they'd have to save Dionaea's family and get their revenge. During the week, he had apologized Elsea immediately when he had the chance for threatening her with the spear, to which their relationship improved from that point. He grew closer with Dionaea and Risa, comforting them through their pain as well as training them and Elsea. Elsea was progressing well with her pyrokinesis and made Kyran happy to see her doing so well. They trained hard as they made their way to Roshmi. Once there, his parents had taken them in and began to construct supplies for them, even giving Elsea false elf ears.

The days with his family were also filled with rigorous training exercises for the whole group. Kyran and his father, who was an ex-soldier, had practiced self-defence with all of them teaching the basics. The others in the group had worked on controlling and learning different things with their magic. The few peaceful days had been a relief after all that had happened and gave them some time to deal and think about what they had been through.

Present Time

Kyran woke up and stretched his arms while looking out the window. The sun was shining in and the sound of birds chirping felt pleasant to his ears. He was glad to be at home even though his stay may have to end sometime in the near future; he could at least try to make the best of it. 'Oh, what a nice day today.' he thought to himself before he moved off the bed. Kyran had made his way out to the kitchen, his stomach rumbling, only to find a note on the table. He picked up, reading that Risa had gone to the beach and that she would return soon. This had made Kyran's heartbeat skip. It felt as if it would jump out of his chest. He worried that someone could find her and take her.

Kyran rushed into the large spare bedroom to wake the others and voice his concern. "Girls! Wake up! Risa left. I don't know how long she has been gone or what may happen to her! We are wanted likely and pretty much outlaws. How could she just leave without waking one of us up?" Kyran was used to Risa going off and having to find her but this was a bit frustrating; he thought she would be more careful and not let her guard down. "She's so reckless! She's going to get herself killed! Why would she go out so early in the morning?" He continued to rant. They may have had a peaceful week but it would not always last.

Time: Morning
Location: Captain's cabin
Interactions: The Crew, @W0lf d3m0n

Altria sat in her chair, looking over the map on her desk. She was trying to find the best way to Shadowmount Isles, figuring it would be best to stay close to Glasston and go between it and Fall Cliff then make a turn to the Isles. 'Got it.' She thought to herself for a moment and abruptly stormed out from the cabin onto the quarterdeck.

"Attention!" She ordered the crew, "We will stay close to Glasston then make a turn towards the Isles once we pass Fall Cliff." Altria told them sternly. "Make sure everything is prepared! Cannons and guns ready to go and blades all sharpened. If we run into any pirates we will slaughter and blast them to hell! We cannot allow anything to interfere with this mission!" She yelled, "Are we clear?" She inquired, making sure everyone understood her orders. Everyone voiced their clarity by addressing her.

"Now where is the new recruit, Verrax. I would like to speak to him."
In Avalia 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Late morning
Location: Near the River Kingdom

"I would prefer to meet with this skeleton lord before any assigned duties." Jack replied. "I want to learn more about this world as I am sure there is lots. Also, I am interested in meeting this land's king." He said, steadily watching all their movements. "Well, we should head out soon we would not want to waste precious time as I am pretty sure you were tasked to find humans and possibly those to help the cause. Righty mates, I am prepared for the travel ahead." He laughed as he spoke his last statement, swinging the head of the dead woman in the air.
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