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"Uh, hey. Where are we going?"

Sorin decided on keeping the girl alive. Besides her good looks, she had some sort of regenerative ability that would prove useful to him. "Well this van isn't going anywhere but I need you to come with me. These are bad people and you don't really have much of a choice." He knew this would be a tough situation to get out considering he couldn't just change form with her, so he decided to wing it. Sorin then pulled a pistol from his coat and aimed to where the driver would be on the other side of the metal divider and pulled the trigger. The vehicle swerved off the road, hitting a guard rail with a rough thud that shook the vehicle. "Okay this is our stop. Take my hand and get ready when the door opens."

Police sirens began to rung through the air after the report of gunshots. The CEO of Office Supplies Inc. was an undercover organized crime syndicate. Sorin was merely a freelance assassin but he had been personally requested to assassinate the entire Bellemore family. The reason why was none of his concern. It had taken only a moment to go in and dispose of the targets. Getting away was not an issue since he was able to dissipate into tiny molecules to become the form of a gas. He watched as the young daughter suddenly woke from death itself to his surprise. She was obviously startled and the reaction that followed was predictable. The police that arrived into the room in bulk seemed to pick up on something being off about her survival. Sorin watched as she was led into an unknown van outside. He moved through the air with ease into the vehicle to follow her before it drove off. This could easily become a problem. He was going to have to take her or kill her again, which could prove difficult being as she survived a gunshot. Sorin then took physical form once the van was moving and everything settled down for the most part. He looked over at the young girl and said, "Hello there." He was a tall young man with pale skin and long blonde hair. The clothes he wore were all black like most assassins. His eyes were a piercing blue and they were bearing down on the girl with no emotion.
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Seth looked at Carmin in a state of shock knowing what the alarm was for. "We need to leave right now." he said as he grabbed Carmin by the arm, quickly heading to the door of the room. He looked down the halls, making sure the area was clear still holding on to Carmin's arm. They then started making their way through the maze of halls to the exit of the building before the full lockdown of the facility began. The two had finally made it to the exit. Seth swiped his key card on the door and it opened. He looked at Carmin and said, "We are in this together from now on."
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I am sorry I have not posted will try to get a few in today
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@Burning Kitty what break out plan? Nobody has seen or even heard of Alaia other than the lab workers.
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Changed Vayne's ability
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A year can feel like an eternity in 24/7 isolation, with the added fact of being in the highest security area only seeing people for tests in the exact room. Alaia had gone through numerous methods of them trying to get something out of her, whether that be torture or other experiments and tests. However, today felt different as if something had finally clicked, and she felt huge amounts of energy and a need to get out of this hell hole. "HEY, YOU MOTHER FUCKERS EVER GONNA LET ME OUT!" she screamed looking around the blank room fury started to boil in her blood.

Alaia snapped banging against the walls with her fists and her body hoping to get the attention of someone, That's when the door opened up and four armed guards barged in to calm her down but even tasers and plastic ammunition could not tame the rage flowing in her. Alaia screamed at the guards "I will fucking kill you all you nasty worms, I am done being your damn lab rat." just as she said this her arm began to bubble up and change shape to an enlarged blade ending at her elbow. Alaia was shocked for a moment but quickly returned to the situation she was in "Now you're done for." she gave a large grin before laughing, Alaia lunged slashing one of the guards completely in half at the waist she then turned stabbing another guard numerous times leaving the lifeless body lying on the floor. "You really came unprepared for a situation like this." she said staring at the two guards left in front of her, She jumped at them grabbing one and beheading him then throwing the headless corpse at the remaining guard and just as the guard was knocked down she leaped onto him plunging the blade into his stomach. Alaia began to search the guard for a key or a way out she dug through many pockets before finding what appeared to be a card they would use to enter and exit her room, Quickly snatching it she ran to the door lock and flashed on the lock the door began to open and the alarm was set off.
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@PureHeroine Accepted.
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