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Dante Blackbourn

Time: Night
Location: River Port
Interactions: Darius @FunnyGuy, Menzai @samreaper, Isolde @Blizz, Aiden @potter
Equipment: Clothes, Steel Sword (Still thinking on what to do with Amas)

The past four months had been filled with intense training in physical and magical aspects and Dante was at the helm of it all. He treated the group of misfits as he would his own soldiers, yet he allowed them to have a bit of free time. Work hard, play hard. A perfect balance that would ensure they all became proficient in the training he offered but also without burning them out in the process. Sure, there were complaints, especially at the start but eventually, the training became a part of their new life in this very new world.

Discovering he could wield the element of fire at command gave him a slight boost to his ego, even if he didn’t outright say it. Who wouldn’t be psyched with having pyrokinesis? Despite knowing its strengths, Dante was also privy to how cautious he should be when using the wildest of the five elements. It might have been more challenging, but he wasn’t alone in his endeavour. Not only did he have Darius with his hydrokinesis to correct any of his mistakes (to think that Darius of all people would have such a role!), but Aiden was also gifted the power to conjure and manipulate flames. Not only was she someone he could bounce ideas off of concerning pyrokinetic magic but he began to grow quite close to her as they spent more time together. It was only natural that the two became an item.

Dante lay in the bushes beside the group listening as they all arrived. “You all fail! Late as always. That’s what is going on, Isolde.” He said as he got up in a homemade ghillie suit.
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Pâsh Ruin Bringer

Time: 2 PM
Location: Dugmaghord- Fighting Pits
Interactions: Leaf @helo, Everyone in dugmaghord would hear his name being chanted.
Adamanite Plate with Absorption, Water Skin, Torches, Rations, 6 Pink Potions, 6 Large Red Potions

The past four months for the chief were all leading up to the goal he had been waiting for. His time had been filled with preparations for war as well as gathering supplies and weapons by any means possible. Pâsh held many raids on small settlements, which were hidden from those who stayed in his camp; meanwhile, he trained his greatest warriors helping those who needed to perform their rites do so.

Pâsh did not have any interest in getting to know many of the visitors. He did have one however that caught his eye: a cheetah demi-human named Leaf. Pâsh watched this demi-human fight in the pits on many occasions losing most of the time but he put effort into training with his orcs. Leaf was also willing to help around the camp which made Pâsh enjoy him even if he was not the greatest fighter in the pits. He did hold celebrations and drinking parties for the visitors as well as allowed them to watch their ceremonies which would usually be shown to other orcs. Currently, Pâsh sat in this chair watching Leaf in the arena. A valiant and tough fight came to conclusion as Leaf had achieved a great victory against one of his greatest war chiefs.

Pâsh stood up from his chair silencing the crowd instantly as he stepped forward into the pit menacingly till he stood in front of Leaf. He lifted Leaf’s arm, looking around at the crowd.
“LEAF! LEAF! LEAF!” Pâsh continued chanting as the crowd joined his chant. Leaf’s name echoed through Dugmaghord with his victory. Pâsh slammed the ground with his maul silencing the roused viewers once again. “I AM APPOINT'N DIS MAN AS A WAR CHIEF, IF YA HAVE ANY OBJECTIONS YA KAN ANSWA TA ME!” He shouted to the on-lookers, who once again began chanting his name.

Time: Night
Location: After Party
Interactions:Everyone at party

What was another fun-filled night for Marek to make fools of the royals and other high end society had now become a shit show; there were people crying everywhere, others were mad at each other. He had workers over the hours report information and secrets they listened in on. Marek checked his watch. ‘Well, it’s about time I wrapped this up.’ He thought to himself. He walked over to the booth where the music was being played and picked up a megaphone as well as pressing a button on a strange device in front of him, releasing a light blue fog into the room. “I apologize to everyone, but it is time this party ends.” He announced “I will have you all escorted out.” He added as his workers began leading and helping people out of the warehouse. While they were all removed from the building, Marek took a back exit leaving the building along with one other masked man.
In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
The Other Bandits & Pâsh Ruin Bringer

Time: Night
Location: Desert
Interactions: @dragonpiece Uzul, @baraquiel Kuroi

Pâsh had been out raiding with two of his “Boyz” when they discovered a bandit camp. They went about as per usual, murdering and looting. However, they had not expected to find Princess Mikazuki. After telling him she had been taken from the group she had been travelling with. He rounded up the Boyz and marched, following the footprints in the sand leading from the camp. “Princess we are gon'n ta have a big ol’ blood bath, ya said ya only have wun 'umie wit' ya.” He said looking to Mikazuki placing his large hand on her shoulder and shaking her a little.

Mikazuki blinked as the large hand shook her body. She wasn’t quite sure what the last part had meant but it did not matter; they needed to get back to the others. Rosaria had been taken too.
“Thank you so much for saving me. Pardon me but… We need to hurry. My friends are in danger.” She stressed to Pash. A memory flashed before her eyes as she watched once again as a hand covered Rosaria’s mouth. The fear in the elf princess’s eyes still shook her to the core. She clenched her fists with determination, tears forming in her eyes.

“We iz a hurry'n, lil pooch ya shouldn't rush us don't forget 'oo ya wit.” Pâsh looked towards the Princess with a glint of malice being ordered around.

The wolf princess stared at him for a moment then nodded as if she had completely understood his words. ”Yes… I’m sorry? “ She decided to apologize noting the tone in his voice. Her ears laid back against her head with nervousness. “Um, okay, I think I can smell my way back. Follow me please. Thank you again…” With that, she wasted no time bounding through the sand.

Pâsh and his “Boyz” followed the princess not saying a word to her lest his rage would end her. The group eventually come upon a scene in the distance with multiple silhouettes which appeared to be fighting. “I fink we found yer krew lil pooch, ya ready Boyz! if ‘da lil pooch says don't kill leave’em.” He called out to his group.

Mikazuki pointed towards Kuroi then Uzul,” Those two are with me. Spare them!” She called over the chaos to Pâsh and his group.

“Ya hear dat only two. Slaughta da others, let's get'em!” Pâsh let out a loud battle cry as he charged toward the ones who were fighting. As he reached the bandits he found himself staring down at a feline demi-human. “Ya gunna die ere lil kat.” He laughed raising his maul above his head with a click of his chitinous arms locking in place he released the pressure letting the maul come slamming down on her head almost instantly with blinding speed shattering the skull and blowing through the center of her body with a loud squelch of flesh until it hit the ground with a boom creating a small shockwave in the area.

Mikazuki winced a little watching Pâsh, but knew in order to keep her friends safe, she’d have to fight too. She caught Kuroi’s eye, frowning with concern for a moment. Was he hurt? Her brows furrowed with focus as she leapt forward with a growl, claws unsheathing. She leapt onto a snake demihuman from behind and clutched his head, digging her claws into his face and eyes. He screamed out in agony, but she fiercely ended his misery by unhinging one claw and slamming it into his throat, clutching deep into his flesh. With a swift movement, she ripped his throat out and his body slumped within her grasp. She yanked her claws out, blood dripping off them into the sand as she moved to Kuroi’s side protectively.

Pâsh looked toward the orc charging at Uzul and picked up a fist-sized rock. He then cocked his arm back and launched the rock towards his face, blowing the upper half of his skull off the body. The Spider orc fell to the ground at Uzul’s feet. Pâsh then stepped towards the dragonborn making his way towards him. He smiled at the dragonborn as he grabbed the back of his head. He then punched a hole through his spine and out the front of his chest spewing blood, bones and bits of organ matter all over Uzul. Pâsh dropped the limp body to the ground and stared down Uzul. “Ya kan't even handle a few banditz on yer own, Uzul. Yer still weak.” He said spitting on the ground near Uzul’s feet.
In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Dante Blackbourn

Time: Night
Location: River Port
Interactions: Darius @FunnyGuy, Menzai @samreaper, Isolde @Blizz, Aiden @potter
Equipment: Clothes from a dead elf, Steel Sword

Dante stopped his interrogation on Aiden and turned to Menzai listening to the words he spoke. He paused a moment to think about their current situation. “I think that sounds like a good plan. We will figure something out for the rings later, but if he has a safe place for all of us to stay that is our best bet.” He said looking around at everyone. After some discussion the group had agreed to head to Menzai's home. They finished up things in town and camped outside of river port for the night before traveling towards Guarav.
Wystan VS Tsukigami

Location: Secluded area near Edin avenue and flora road conjunction.

Tsukigami had been leaning against the wall for a few minutes now. Dressed in the Sorian guard uniform, he had blended in with the guards here now as well as he had at the ball. He had stationed himself near the door and watched until his target had finally entered, late and with the princess. It was not difficult at all for him to recognize Wystan’s face, especially since he had been so close for a moment. Following him for the rest of the night had been the trickier part. But once he saw Wystan make his way to the back gates, Tsukigami had put two and two together: He was off to find the rebellious royal children who had snuck off to Marek’s party.

From that point, Tsuki had decided to position himself along the wall of the noble district like other guards were. Wystan would have to leave through that exit after all. The moonlight shone over him, comforting him in his tense state. After all this time, Wystan had been living quite literally like a King, meanwhile… He gritted his teeth.

The bodyguard in question appeared then. Mounted atop a dark steed, he rode towards the opening of the district at top speed, seemingly eager to get somewhere. Under the brightness of the moon, his robes billowed in the wind granting him an almost graceful appearance, especially in the eyes of those without knowledge of the weapons concealed beneath them. Wherever the destination was, it was certainly important to him. Even from afar, anyone would be able to see that his gaze was clear, keen, and focused on it, almost like a sharp blade thrown swiftly through the night, inching closer and closer to its mark. Such was fitting for the watchdog, a mutt born from the ring and born a second time again as the prince’s living and breathing weapon. If he was not efficient, or deadly, then he was nothing.

Alongside him rode a fellow in a cap. Sitting on top of a fairer horse with a more lax posture, his was a gaze less serious than his leading rider. Perhaps a friend, perhaps a contingency plan. Either way, they both seemed to be acting purposefully. Such could be gathered when the watchdog barked an order at his companion, coupled with an aggressive yet obscure gesture with his arm. Still, the capped man understood. In a few whips and a bout of encouragement, he urged his own mount faster, speeding far ahead from the bodyguard. In no time, he was gone.

Upon confirming this, Wystan pulled on Dusk’s reigns, riding off into a more deserted part of the residential area.

Tsuki caught sight of the traitor as he rode past and knew he could not waste another second. Even now, he recognized the look on Wystan’s face when he was on a mission. He had always been so focused. But now that would be his downfall as perhaps for once, Wystan would not see something coming. He strung an arrow on his bow with ease and charged forward. Swiftly, he rolled forward on the ground and knelt as he pulled the arrow back and let go, letting it fly toward Wystan and past his face. He knew it would miss, but it would be enough to get his attention.
The sudden displacement of air urged the bodyguard to lean backward on his mount, narrowly missing the arrow by a single hair. In the time it took the projectile to embed itself in the nearest wooden door, Wystan had already dismounted and given Dusk a rough clap on the back. Having seemingly understood her owner and the danger that was about to ensue, the horse galloped away without a second wasted.

With all else out of the way, the watchdog followed the trajectory of the arrow’s flight before scanning the environment. Sure enough, hidden behind the shadows of the residential buildings, the sender was concealed. He faced himself forward, readying both hands to unsheathe his weapons should they choose to reveal themselves. Assassination attempts like these were commonplace, and more often than not, he was prepared to deal with whoever decided to take the risk against him. A fact was made clear to him, however. And one that put him on his best guard.

…Whoever sent that arrow missed on purpose.

Tsuki removed the false guard armor, dropping it to the ground as he stepped forth into the light of the moon. “It’s been a long time, traitor. A masked figure stood before the watchdog. His eyes were filled with deadly hatred and lifted his chin as if to signify his condescendence toward his enemy. “I will kill you for what you have done to me,”Tsuki spoke with smoldering conviction. He then pulled the sword from its sheath behind his back. Then Tsuki charged toward Wystan.

Without any hesitation, the target deftly guided away the blade from his chest. The stranger’s forward thrust was an exceptionally strong one, and after narrowly dodging its path, gave the watchdog enough time to unsheathe his own blade. There was without a doubt in his mind that this perpetrator’s movements were practiced. Eloquent in the way he spoke with his sword. Perhaps even honed specifically to kill. ”Whoever you are, I have no time for you.” He raised his seax in a defensive guard. ”I am not the person you are looking for. Step aside.”

Tsuki moved along with Wystan’s motions. His expression had twisted with mixed emotions underneath the mask. His words were the final nail in the coffin. “You’ve forgotten me, Wystan Blackmane.”He retorted, his voice both pained and cold. He shook his head in repugnance. He raised his gaze to meet Wystan’s, his eyes red with both emotions and with fury.

“You disgust me.” Tsuki said finally with deep anger. He passed with the forward thrust; Tsuki ducked low sweeping his foot towards Wystan's legs in an attempt to trip him, turning his head to keep an eye on his opponent and positioning his sword to strike if he fell.

The night was dark, but the watchdog’s senses stayed sharpened. He promptly stepped backwards to avoid the sweeping movement, but not without a bit of a struggle. It was not the man’s advances that shook him - it was his words. ”...You– How do you know of this name?” The bodyguard spoke as he narrowed his eyes in an attempt to glean the attacker’s identity. Of course, as the second prince’s retainer, many knew of his name… but not of his patronym. This was a fact. Aside from the Danrose family and his closest messengers, not many should have known of the watchdog’s surname. It was a false moniker, after all. One that birthed him the right to enter the ring and fight for his life. Why did this man know of it? Why did this move to anger him? Who has he forgotten?

Without waiting for a response, Wystan raised his sword to the masked stranger and spoke with words cold as steel. ”...Rid yourself of that visage. If you wish to fight, then show me who you are.”

Tsuki stood up, ”So, you really cannot tell… I shall reveal the truth.” He stated as he lifted his hand to his mask, unclipping the buckles that kept it stationary on his face. He let the mask drop to the ground. “Was it really that easy to forget me, Wystan.”

The face that stood before him was one that Wystan knew very well aside from the fact of glowing red eyes and long black hair. “I was turned into this, and when I came to, you were gone. I once believed we would get out together but I survived for years after you left me in the pits. I killed everyone in my path to reach you.” The emotions in his words were a volatile mix of sorrow and hate. Tsuki readied his sword and stood there motionless ready to strike at any sign of an attempt to attack from Wystan. “What will you do my friend?”


”How dare you…”

The watchdog huffed as he spoke, fist tightening painfully around the hilt of his sword. If one were to listen close enough, they would have been able to hear his heart thundering against the padded layers of armor. If one were to have looked close enough, perhaps they would have seen the bodyguard’s hands quiver just a moment before moving to strike. But outwardly he was unmoved, the gold in his eyes dulled over years and years beaten down under a thousand fists; his heart cut into by a hundred or more knives. And yet, this was something more painful than any jab to the face and stab to his ribs.

This was the face of a man he once spent his earliest life with, wondering each day if they’d be alive for the next. A man he once fought with, bled with, and called ‘brother’. A man that he was sure to have seen killed in front of his eyes, and whose life ended long ago. And now…

No, it simply could not be. A hundred days spent wishing would bring no friend of his back from the dead, no matter how badly he wanted it. This much he knew for sure. Wystan refused to believe him.

”I have betrayed not a single man...” He growled behind clenched teeth. ”...because all those that I once knew are now dead.”

With that, the watchdog rushed forward into the perpetrator's boundaries and raised his sword arm into a downward slash.

Tsuki sneered. “I see how you feel about me.” He said as he parried the attack of Wystan’s blade. He kicked Wystan back, “What more do I have to say for you to believe me, 118. I am far from dead. But I will make you wish I was.Tsuki said with hatred boiling in blood, attempting to slash Wystan’s stomach.

The bodyguard barely regained his composure just in time to step back from the quickness of the attack. Even as the blade only found purchase in the leather of his armor, a jolt of… a feeling completely unfamiliar to him suddenly froze him in place. It was as if his body grew a thousand times heavier; the grip on his blade loosening ever so slightly. The watchdog rarely ever made mistakes; for accidents and unforeseen circumstances on his watch were his responsibility. However, for the first time, the watchdog felt that such a fact had been disproven with this man’s utterance of a single phrase.



Wystan’s sword fell slack as memories of his past caused him to falter in his stance.


”…117. There can be no way…” The bodyguard desperately readjusted his grip on his blade. His nails were short, but they still dug into his gloved hands enough to turn his knuckles white. ”...There is no way that this can be you…”

“This cannot be you.” The watchdog’s tone was grave, anguished, and heartbroken all at the same time as he tried to convince himself. In ragged breaths, his chest began to rise and fall harder this time. His grip had tightened so much that his fist began to ache from the pressure as for the first time in a long time he pleaded for reality to play on his side. Tell me that this is a sick, horrible joke, you bastard. Tell me that this a figment of my imagination.”

...Tell me that this is not real!

Perhaps this was fate’s way of playing games on those who were brought into this world and made to survive unwillingly. Because more than a decade ago, Wystan cried out the same string of words when he had heard the ringleaders announce his dear friend’s untimely passing. Tsukigami, his only brother in the world didn’t need to share the same blood as him; he only needed him to stay by his side until they could leave the ring together. He only needed to stay alive. However, now that could never happen. The young Blackmane had tried to forfeit his life on stage the next day, submitting himself easily to his opponent as his limbs were torn into and his vitals damaged. It was then that Prince Auguste had found him broken and nearly dead. Perhaps it could be considered a wholly fortuitous event - a show of rare kindness gifted to him by fate herself… but obviously, good things do not come on their own without taking from him. If only he had double-checked with the ring leaders then. If only he had more faith in his friend to survive that fight.

If only he did not have to stand here on this day, with nearly buckling knees, begging for the man he used to know to simply be a product of delusion. ” This can’t be you, right…”


Tsuki took this moment of faltering and swung his sword to Wystan’s neck, stopping the moment it touched skin, drawing blood. A tsunami of emotions and memories ran through Tsuki’s body and mind. He remembered all the years they had spent together, all the fights they fought, how they promised each other to get out together. A single tear dropped from his eyes as he had trembled, staring at his old friend. For the first time, he was unable to kill someone. “Yes…Wystan.” He spoke, his voice shaking with emotions. He dropped his sword to the ground, running off behind a building and disappeared.

Wystan paid no mind to the thread of crimson that opened up and trickled down his neck. His own sword fell to the ground, the bodyguard wholly unsure of what to make of the situation. With his mind racing at a thousand miles per minute, he struggled to calm himself down despite not having moved at all after Tsukigami seemingly disappeared. Whether it was for his own good or the watchdog’s, it did not matter. The workings of his head swelled, almost threatening to pour out of his eyes as his heart ached, but for some reason his face stayed bare. It had been too long since he had shed his last tear, and too long since he’s forcibly learned to keep them all contained. And now after all this, they were filling him up with no place to go. He balled up a fist and slammed it hard against his chest. Teeth grit against each other as he repeated this over and over in a desperate attempt to ease the furious beating inside his chest. It would not stop.

Perhaps it would have been easier if he had killed him instead.

Several long minutes passed writhing in pain. What frustrated him more was that he himself could not understand where it was coming from. The bodyguard would continue to struggle until he’d finally manage to catch his breath laying on his side, gasping for air as he kept a palm on his chest to steady his breathing. As he slowly regained his sense of composure, he shambled to his feet and picked up the sword Tsuki had left behind.

It felt heavy in his hands. Incredibly heavy. Dark as the night. The sound it made as it swung through the air was phenomenal, and perhaps Wystan would have stood to admire it if only the circumstances had been much more… different. In fact, there were still traces of his own blood on it after being nicked ever so slightly with its exceedingly sharp edge. Needless to say, it was an excellent weapon of a high caliber; one he wished to return to its owner. For what reason? Even he did not know. All forms of thought were wiped clean.

There was much left to do, after all. Prince Auguste would be expecting him by the end of the night with Anastasia and Callum safely in tow. Those two hadn’t left his mind, and thus he effectively decided to shelve Tsuki for now. There was only room for so much in his mind and heart; the latter of which being normally what gets a man killed in this line of work. This event was more than enough proof for it.

A whistle sounded through the night air. In a few minutes Dusk appeared once more at her owner’s call, and they were once again on their way. A deep sigh left him as he rode, not forgetting to sheathe Tsuki’s sword. It was at this moment that he noticed a strange series of grooves at the bottom of the hilt. With a swift flip, he rotated the sword in one hand as he rode in the direction of the warehouse, and on the underside it read:

In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Dante Blackbourn

Time: Night
Location: River Port
Interactions: Darius @FunnyGuy, Menzai @samreaper, Isolde @Blizz, Aiden @potter
Equipment: Clothes from a dead elf, Steel Sword

Dante felt a sense of deja vu hearing Isolde. He could relate to how overwhelming it had been to first learn all this. He wondered just how many humans were there in Avalia as it was strange they had found another so easily. He was in his head thinking about this for a moment as Darius began to speak. Dante had allowed his brother to engage first for once and not have to follow his brother's words.

“Yeah, we really don’t know much. We were given a small run-down but nothing more before our summoners had been killed.” Dante added on to the others’ points. Darius had called to Menzai, but before he could reply the sound of approaching footsteps cough his attention. He started to get suspicious when another person suddenly appeared on this beach.

“Nice to meet you Aiden, I am Dante.” He initially greeted cooly. After a deep breath, he moved toward her and looked down at her with narrowed eyes, “Are you a human? And what kind of accident? Where can we get rings like that?” He interrogated.
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Caelan Knight

Time: Evening
Location: Myriamor
Interactions: @princess Sophie @Mole Aurora @FunnyGuy Slick @Helo Leaf
Equipment: A D&D miniature, a blunt, and the clothes he was given

Caelan looked up to Aurora, “What does praying do for you? Like do you actually get answered by the god or goddess you pray to?” His voice was full of curiosity. However, before she could answer, there was the sound of knocking. He looked over towards the door as Aurora went up to it. He stood up, excited that the two had returned. Her comment about the password made him chuckle and he joined Aurora. “If he doesn’t get it right, don’t let him in.” He whispered to her. ”YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”He called to Leaf and Slick.
In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Night
Location: Unnamed Town in the area between the River Fairy Kingdom and River Port.

In Avalia 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Vrexen and Alaia

Time: Night
Location: River Port

Alaia flew her way over to Vrexen, the humming of her wings filling the air. “So Mr. Vrexen, we need to head to the woods and find someone. I was supposed to meet them there to play a game! They want to be chased and really scared.”

“Game? I have no time for games, creature! Chase? No, I hunt. We hunt!” Vrexen almost sounded irritated yet there was a hint of curiosity in his tone.

“No, I promise you will get to hunt. Just please help me this one time.”

“.......Fine. But don’t be mistaken. You serve me, creature. Now, find our prey.” Vrexen growled.

“Okay! let’s go Mr.Vrexen.” She said as she smiled at him, moving towards the forest outside of River Port.

“Mr. Vrexen…” He muttered. He was not sure if he favored such a naming. It was formal but lack the power “Lord” or “Master” came with. He followed the fairy into the forest, maintaining his appearance as a reptilian demi-human.

They traveled well into the forest. That was when they would spot a small young female goat demi-human in the distance. She was picking herbs and placing them into a basket. Alaia stopped Vrexen, putting her hand in front of him. “Shh.. That is the person we are trying to scare.” She whispered. “Now I want you to roar just chase her but if she falls, stop and hide a little in the forest. Then, when I say run, I want you to show me violence okay? Oh, and take off that silly ring we can’t scare anyone looking like a lizard.”

Vrexen stared at the young demi-human, his eyes unblinking. Without taking his gaze off of his prey, he twisted the ring, appearing as his normal self. His three eyes glimmered in the night from the moonlight of the two moons. He glanced at Alaia who gave him a confident nod.

“VIOLENCE! THAT IS WHAT I BRING UPON YOUR WORTHLESS LIFE!” Vrexen roared, startling the girl who simply shrieked and ran once she caught sight of the monster that was Vrexen. With her first step, Vrexen took his first leap, running powerfully on all fours. “YOU BLEED FEAR! THAT WILL NOT SATISFY ME! I SEEK VIOLENCE!” Vrexen zigzagged through the trees, prolonging the chase before the young demi-human tripped and fell onto the forest floor. Her ankle snapped! Vrexen bared his teeth but dashed away as he was curious in seeing how Alaia perceived the concept of violence. He crept down in the brush, hiding while his prey wept in pain and fear of death.

Alaia quickly flew towards the frightened and injured demi-human girl landing beside her. “Listen, shhh it’s gonna be okay. That thing is gone now; you’re safe. I am going to help you but I am going to need you to run home as soon as I heal you,” she told the girl, who was crying in agony on the ground. Alaia had begun to heal the girl’s ankle, bending to its correct position until it felt normal as if she was never hurt. Alaia picked up the girl back onto her feet and screamed. “Ruuun!”The girl demi-human just nodded in shock, before turning and running for her life.

The sound of twigs and leaves being kicked up was heard as he lunged ahead, moving with no desire to stop as he had before. The demi-human was moving surprisingly faster. What is this?! He snarled. Despite her increase in haste, Vrexen caught up and swiped at her head, smacking her into a tree. After making contact she fell to the ground. The girl leaned against the tree and turned to face the monster, terror filling her expression as she screamed pleading for her life.“SHUT UP!” With an open palm thrust, Vrexen smashed her skull into the tree trunk, caving in her face. “Yes… YES!” He stepped on her chest and grabbed her arms before tearing them from her sockets. “BLOOD! VIOLENCE IS HERE!”

Alaia was right behind Vrexen, watching this beautiful display; she laughed hysterically falling to her knees in pleasure. Her laughter stopped as quickly as it had started. Alaia’s face and tone grew cold. “You see, I told you this would be fun, the more terror one feels the more they die inside. It is the moment when hope becomes despair that death, fear and violence are at their freshest.”

“Hmm… Death is but a product of violence. I do not care how it is achieved. Violence is violence. Violence is violence…. Violence is violence.” He felt good saying it, trailing off with each repetition.

“There will be more violence as long as you stay with me.” Alaia looked into Vrexen’s eyes. “This is our little secret okay?” She told him with an expression of blood lust. Vrexen displayed a rare smile.

“Alaia…” He finally spoke her name. “There will be more violence as long as you serve... violence.” He dropped the arms of the demi-human into the dirt. “A secret is worth what we both desire.”

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