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The Joverine Boar

Location: By Riverport
Interaction:@Infinite Cosmos Orenn

The boar took the axe to its side but not without clipping Orenn’s leg with its sharp tusk. The creature squealed in pain from the wound, blood spilling down its side. It ran past him, soon turning back towards him. Filled with adrenaline, it charged again, this time heading directly towards him, aiming to swing its tusks into Orenn’s torso.
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Caelan Knight

Time: 10am
Location: Sun Elf Castle Hall
Interactions: @princess] Sophie @baraquiel Jomari @13org Nuallán @Potter Rosaria
Equipment: A D&D miniature, a blunt and the clothes he was given

Caelan was happy to hear that he would be trained. He wanted to know more as soon as possible, but it was better to wait until they were not in a rush to get out of town. Rosaria had introduced her age as over one thousand years old and her butler had introduced himself as Nuallán as a 928 year old elf dedicating his life to protecting Rosaria. He knew elves lived for long periods of time in the fantasy realms as he had learned such from various fantasy stories, but the thought amazed him on how much they could have seen throughout all those years. He focused on Rosaria’s words, trying to absorb everything being said about the magic of this land. Some he recognized as superhero lingo from comics. Rosaria went on to refer to him in her next statement. Caelan laughed at the play on his name.

“Well, as you know, my name is Caelan. I am 26 years old and I do have some training with a sword. On Earth, I played a sport called kendo where you use a bamboo sword, but I have practiced with a real sword as well and I am open to learning more.”

He had been eager to hear more about Sophie but when he went to glance her way, he found she had let go of his hand and had retreated behind him. Caelan was confused by her actions, peering over his shoulder at her. She seemed alright as she stared up at an airship passing by with wonder. He, too, glanced up at it, “Damn bro.” He commented.

Rosaria led them to a stall with a bunch of random stuff strewn over the display. He looked to Nuallán, recalling he had offered up to answer questions after all. His mind was cloudy from all the weed he had smoked and random ideas had consumed his head. This was one of many. With a cheeky smile, he brushed the hair out of the way of his left ear, the closest to his line of sight, and began to wiggle his ears. ”Can you do this?”

Caelan laughed at himself, realizing how random and weird he must have seemed to the guy. He needed to know.

His attention was stolen for a moment by the sight of Sophie touching one of the dresses on the table. She moved away from it and did not pick it up. He looked at Nuallán and got up in his space to whisper in his ear, “Hey Nuallán, I have a second question. I think Sophie wants that dress. Can we buy it for her secretly and surprise her?”

Sophie waved to him just as he was whispering. Caelan got excited to be acknowledged by her. He quickly waved with a big smile back then turned back to Nuallán to await his answers.
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Barboda Teff

Time: 9am
Location: Port Vanarosa; Outside the Seagull
Interactions: @Tae Lizzie @Benzaiten Éliane @princess Helio @Helo Nym

Barboda merely noted the names of the elven girl and the shark demi-human. He was unable to note the newcomer with blue hair’s name, but he was sure he’d find that out soon. Barboda was silent as everyone spoke as he truly was not one for small talk. He just wanted to get out of this place. Barboda allowed their conversation, taking in their personalities and reactions to what was being said.

He lucked out with Lizzie being a captain. The man called Nym also seemed familiar with things related to the sea and would probably come to good use. The others he supposed would hopefully prove useful in other ways. ”Alright. If you all are quite finished, I would like to get going soon. There’s an Odds and Ends across the street if you want to pick anything up before we go. We have food and ship supplies, so don’t waste your money on those things.” He glanced at Nym and Helio, ”Not on alcohol either. There’s a good supply of many kinds already.”

When he finished, he pointed to the docks at a quite lavish ship. “That is our ride. I will be waiting there, getting some things ready while you grab what you are looking for.” He then proceeded to walk off towards the boat.
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The Joverine Boar

Location: By Riverport
Interaction:@Infinite Cosmos Orenn

Out of the thicket of the deciduous forest, the sound of a snort filled the air. It was a warning to the creature in his territory. The six-foot-long boar looked towards the intruder, digging its front hoof on the dirt as it prepared its charge from the bushes. Moments later, the boar rushed toward Orenn as quickly as possible, aiming its sturdy tusks at him.

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Sophie & Caelan

Time: 9am
Location:Sun Elf Castle Hall → Outside
Mentions: @baraquielJomari @Potter Rosaria

Caelan was interested in what the princess had told him as she proclaimed that he was a geokinetic. “I guess my training is gonna be a rocky road.” He mused, laughing at his own joke as he spoke. The other princess chick gave him more info, letting him know that he could control dirt and rocks, which he already knew anyway. She also told him that he would have to mind his emotions. “I am so fucking down,this is lit.”

Then he listened as the elf with the pony-tail spoke politely to them all. He was too high to break down what he was talking about, but he got that the gist was to cut the shit. mockingly said, “Yes, Sir!” while saluting the man.

They soon brought out clothing for them, and later a changing room. He went over to the rack and picked up an outfit at random. He began changing right then and there in the middle of the hall with no shame, not bothering to use the curtained stall. The booming voice of someone greeting Annya and he knew immediately that it had been the dragonborn. His eyes lit up with delight.

The dark-skinned dagger-man started bitching again. He caught on to the general idea of what he was saying as with the butler, but the details easily slipped his mind. He watched, thoroughly entertained and slightly annoyed. He thought that he was going too hard about this. When one is summoned to an alternate dimension, one does not simply argue with the only people who can send one back!

Then the Annya chick started going after him furiously. She had some good points even though she sounded overly emotional to him. “Get rekt.” He commented towards the man.

Meanwhile, Sophie had taken advantage of going into a dressing room to change once they were brought out. She was rather quick in her movements, not wanting to take up too much time. She shoved her old clothes in her bag once she had pulled her dress on and the pair of boots that had been brought out for her. She could hear the intense guy from before, still shouting, from inside the curtains. It was difficult to pinpoint what this story was about for Sophie; it was oddly specific and strange. She glanced down at her dress for a moment, picking up each side of the skirt and spinning it back and forth with amusement. Pilgrim.

As Sophie emerged a few moments later, the sight of the brunette in armor charging after the man was before her. Sophie thought the two of them were both really good actors, but the roleplay was getting a little too intense for her. She wasn’t sure she could really keep up with them.

Tapping her chin thoughtfully, she began to consider what time it even was. She let her backpack slip down one arm and she began to open and shuffle through it until she grasped her phone. Sophie pulled it out and glanced at it. It’s definitely not 10pm and I don’t even have service here. From the way the sunlight was peeking through the edges of the curtains, it had to be day time. If she had been in her dorm last night, that meant today… “I have class.”She suddenly thought aloud. As she thought more into it, she became pretty certain she had a quiz today too. Sophie cursed her forgetful nature. It was vital she rushed out of here. Her clothes would be fine since the whole cottage-girl look was a trend anyway; she could just give them back later.

Sophie cleared her throat and struggled to raise her voice to a loud enough volume for all to hear, especially with the chaos going on, ”Sorry, I have to go. Thank you for everything.” Casually, she spun on her heels and began walking to the doorway to make her leave.

Caelan was watching as Annya got notified of something by some other elf. She ended up pointing at him, the angry guy and the purple-haired girl, letting them know they’d be going with her and the butler. When she told them to take a ring, he moved over and took one, glancing over to see if the others were. It looked as if the cute purple-haired girl had not been paying attention whatsoever, again, and was intent on leaving.

He hesitated, then took a ring for her and ran over to her. Caelan grabbed her wrist as she had been walking, which caused her to tilt her head over her shoulder and pause. He put the ring on her finger and told her, “Hey, I don’t know if you’re paying attention but we are not on Earth anymore. This is real. I don’t think you should leave on your own. Come with me we got assigned to the same group.’

“Uhm. Sorry I don’t have time to do this roleplay right now…” Sophie told him in reply, her tone tinged with a bit of nervousness. Her gaze slid to his hand on her wrist and her cheeks reddened, adding, “I will bring the clothes back, I promise! J-Just in a rush.”

“No, watch!” He said, opening her hand. With his one finger, he pointed at the floor. There was a small pebble on the ground. Caelan focused with all of his might like he was taught by all the Jedi from the Star Wars™ series on moving the pebble. It didn’t initially work. The two ended up staring at the pebble awkwardly.

Sophie shuffled her feet, not wanting to waste any more time here. However, she also didn’t want to be rude so she played along, staring at the pebble with him. As nothing happened, she glanced back up at him in confusion, whispering, ”Do you want me to pretend it moved?”

Caelan waved it off and concentrated determinedly. He recalled something about emotion so he thought about something that motivated him as he focused. He moved his other hand to try and make it better to control. Suddenly, the pebble lifted from the ground up. It shakily rose in the air and dropped back to the ground. He cursed under his breath and attempted again. And again. The third time, as he moved his hand along with the pebble, it finally raised above her hand, then fell in her palm. “See we have powers here. Mine is Geokinesis.”

Sophie watched, dumbfounded as the pebble rose in the air again and again. He can actually move it? She was silent as it fell into her palm. She suddenly waved her hand in the space above the pebble, checking for strings. Grasping it in her palm, she stared at it intensely. After retreating into her thoughts for a few moments, she realized his words made sense in the back of her mind. Something in her gut had felt off from the beginning and the facts hadn’t added up. Not to mention, the color of the sunlight had a pink hue that was very unfamiliar. As much as she had been picking up on these things the whole time, her mind had tried to rationalize it all anyway.

Sophie tried to wrap her head around what had all been said so she could make some sense of the situation, but there had been so many details. ”... So… This is a different realm...”She began slowly as if she were tasting her words on her tongue, ”And they brought us here to help them because we have powers here?”

“Yes, that’s exactly it. They need our help. They even offered to help train our powers and if you’d like, we can be partners and learn together.” Caelan looked up at her; he hadn’t noticed how truly pretty she was until he was up close, almost backing down from nervousness. Girls like a guy who takes the lead right?
He thought to himself, before standing confidently behind his words, smiling towards her.

Sophie folded her arms around herself, blushing at his statement. She took a moment to recall his name then stated, ”Ummm… Caelan, right?”

“Yep, Caelan is my name. I don’t think I caught your name though may I ask what it is?” He replied, still smiling.

”I’m Sophie...”She replied with a slight smile, however, her voice drew off as she added,”But… I don’t know if I’m so cut out for this type of thing. I am not sure why I was chosen.” She looked around nervously to get a read on the situation. The dark-haired princess, Rosaria, was definitely trying to leave now and she wanted them two to accompany them. The rush of the situation caused anxiety to rise and she looked back at Caelan, ”My family. I think they’re going to be so worried if I stay…”

“That is a very beautiful name. I can help you like I said we can learn together. I know some Kendo I could possibly teach you. As for being chosen, I think it was random. Look at that guy who stabbed the chicken. “ He stopped talking to point at him, ”He’s not from our time. I don’t even know if you came from the same year I did. I’m sure maybe they can send us to the exact same time so your family doesn’t even know you’re gone. You can ask the princess about it. Just come with us for now because she said it isn’t safe for us to stay.” Caelan then took her hand so she wouldn’t be so afraid or feel like she was alone in this. “Come, we should probably go quickly.” He finished lightly pulling her along.

Sophie stumbled after but quickly picked up her pace. She supposed what he said had made sense and decided to just go with it for now, though she felt overwhelmed by the situation. At least, Caelan seemed sweet. Him holding her hand had eased her fear a little. It had been hard to truly let the idea of being in a new realm sink in, but once Rosaria and her butler had led them outside the castle, there was no denying its truth. She had stared up at the castle, looking over her shoulder in awe as they made their way over a beautiful bridge that seemed like something out of a dream. Sophie would at least have some beautiful things to paint despite everything.

Caelan was awestruck by the outside; he was unsure if him being a little high made everything more colorful but even so the place was beautiful, the castle architecture and the city around looked like it came straight from D&D. His heart raced with excitement from both holding hands with this girl and the world around him. The air felt nice and the lack of smog or pollution was definitely noticeable.
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Élaine, Lizzie & Barboda

Time: 9am
Location: Port Vanarosa
Interactions: @Helo Nym @princess Helio

“Yes, they would have surely punished her for what she just did. If anything I saved this red-haired girl. As for my crime, none were committed here. These men are not as innocent as you think, they murdered three people near a tavern in Myriamor.” He stated, pulling a bounty paper on the two of them given by the guild. “You see this? Wanted for murder. I have no reason as to why they did it but one of the victims was a member of a high-class family.” Barboda hoped that this was enough explanation for the elf girl. It did bother him to be questioned but when a civilian is brought into things, it is bound to happen.

He looked the red-haired girl up and down examining her. “It must be fate that you are able to captain a ship, it is at the docks. I will take you there once we find our crew, luckily I saw someone at a tavern who is very able as a fighter and hard worker.” He told the two girls hoping they would follow along. Barboda took a moment to remove the bolts from the elves, placing them back in a case on his hip. He then laid them on the back carefully and closed their eyes, being as respectful as possible. He stood up, returning to look at the two girls. Barboda needed a picture with his memory glass for kill confirmation but decided he should wait till the elf girl was distracted or not looking.

Élaine couldn't believe what was happening. That stranger in his head-to-toe armor just impaled two light elves. And yet... Lizzie was taking his side? The anger boiling inside Éliane let her consider shooting the woman standing right in front of her arrow. You think I wouldn't shoot you. She almost wanted to prove her wrong. But she wouldn't harm Lizzie. That much was true. And as much as she disliked it at that moment, her heart softened a fraction at the thought of the woman trusting her enough to step in front of her raised weapon.

There's other options... She could attempt to get her strike by going around Lizzie or simply pushing her out of the way. But she had already hesitated a moment too long. Her mind had made its decision and so Éliane drove darts into Lizzie's eyes as she reluctantly lowered her bow.

Your stupid boat. Éliane had promised the red-haired stranger a ship and she would have gotten her one. What did she need this idiotic tin man for? Life can be so insufferable.

Still ready to shoot, albeit pointed downwards now, Éliane held a tight grip on her weapon. Lizzie's words had stumbled her. They wanted to use her for some great power. A truth was beginning to drip drop into Élaine's consciousness to fill the missing pieces. A strange woman not knowing where she was, looking for a way to escape two light elves, who apparently would've used her as a weapon, the strange feeling that something with her was She quickly buried her thoughts deep within a drawer in her mind.

The tin can began to speak to her directly and that alone was enough to boil her anger back up and for a moment, the finger on her bow twitched and the light above her head brightened more. She pierced her gaze upon Lizzie. Walk out, a voice inside her head whispered sharply. As long as you can, walk out!

Alas, her gaze was forced onto the tin can after all as he pulled out two papers clearly stating the crimes of the two dead elves to their feet. Éliane's jaw tightened. Would she believe him? He either set this up, had wanted to kill these elves, and prepared forged bounty papers to justify his cause. Or he was telling the truth - at least as much as he knew it. The world is unjust. You don't know the truth. Her eyes lied upon the tin can now. Peering right at the slit of his helmet. But he murdered two people. And murder is never the answer. ... She wondered, for a moment, how whoever - or whatever - was inside that metal prison could stand the heat of the sun in it. ... Maybe it is time to adjust your ideals. She recalled having had that thought this morning. War was on the way if it was not already lingering in the alleyways. And it would jump at her with sharp teeth and no mercy if she would not shoot at it first.

"Lizzie...", she spoke through gritted teeth. Her gaze went back to the blue depth that had captured her senses before. "Don't trust him."

Lizzie glanced back at the bounty hunter as he spoke to Éliane, deciding that she definitely wanted this man on her side. If he weren’t on her side there was the chance that he’d be hunting her at some point and with how swiftly he killed those two she didn’t want to be on his bad side. She then took note of him looking her up and down and smirked before looking back to Éliane.

Oh sweetheart, you probably shouldn’t trust me either. She thought to herself, but gave her a small smile. ”Who said I trusted him?” She gave her a cheeky look, but then her expression turned a bit more serious. ”However here are the options, we go with him and trust he has a ship and the hard part is done or we steal a ship and that may involve more murder. I obviously don’t WANT to kill anyone, but I can’t promise it won’t happen.” Truth was she just wanted to go with the easy route. Stealing a ship sounded like too much work.

She then looked back to Barboda. ”Thank you for your generous offer. My name is Captain Lizzie Murphy. Which direction should we head to find this hard worker you speak of?” It was clear that Lizzie wasn't about to budge about taking this man up on his offer and she was going to do as she pleased. She hoped that Éliane would go along with her as she felt the woman could be a good ally to have. She wouldn’t force her to come along, however much Lizzie wanted her to.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. The name’s Barboda Teff. Lizzie is right; I am not asking you to trust me it would be easier on us all to take the empty ship, but we do need to get out of here. I can lead you to the tavern. It is not too far from here... “ Barbolda explained to them, drawing off for a moment. He then added, ”Also I shouldn’t have to say this but staying near two dead light elves is not an ideal situation.”

He scanned the area with his thermal vision, making sure the area was still clear in the immediate vicinity. “We are clear for the moment, but if you need to do anything here. I would get it done quickly before I take you to the tavern.

Éliane's eyes darted to her sword for a second. The same sword that still lingered in Lizzie's hand. She could grab her things and be out of here. But deep within her, she knew she had already chosen her path. At least for now. One thing was clear and certain: Whatever road Lizzie was going down, it would not be a clean one. I can still get out when she's on her promised ship with her promised crew.

Finally, the light elf changed her stance. The arrow disappeared into the quiver and she shouldered her bow. "Your call... captain."

As Bardoda spoke, Éliane's jaw tightened. That canned little- Alright now! None of those thoughts! She gritted her teeth, swallowed her anger and disgust at someone who would kill for as simple a thing as money and lowered herself to the two dead bodies.

Éliane took a moment to study their faces and to let in a part of the grief she felt. Not for them in particular. She hadn't known them. But for the pain in the world, the suffering, the war to come. Éliane lifted her finger, drew a wavy elegant invisible symbol into the air, and brought her glowing with light magic fingertip down onto the forehead of the fallen light elf. With softness in her heart and softness in her voice, she began to recite: "Here in this-" She faltered... They weren't in the right place... She took a small breath and began anew. "Here in this forest, dark and deep, I offer you eternal sleep. May your soul rest in the wind. May your body rest in the roots." It almost pained Éliane to send off two elvish souls with so little of a farewell. But for a deeper farewell was no time. And frankly, she still didn't know if they were worthy of one.

As she lifted herself off the ground, her eyes found Lizzie once more. "It's settled then. You find your ship, your crew. But maybe -" She took a step towards Lizzie and tipped her fingers against the blade of the sword. "You want to find your own sword first."

Lizzie merely nodded to Barboda, knowing there was truth in what he spoke. She’d pinned the murder of others on someone who hung around a scene for too long before. She surely didn’t want to be on that end of things this time. It was clear to her, as well, that Éliane wasn’t fond of her decision, but it seemed she was still going with her.

Lizzie moved, stepping past the dead elves on the ground, ready to get going. She paused, however, as Éliane seemed to be performing some ritual for them. She was a little confused by her actions, but she didn’t stop her. If it would make her feel a little better then she’d wait for her to finish, as long as it didn’t take TOO long.

Once finished, she seemed to remind Lizzie that she needed to find a different sword. Well fuck. I almost forgot I promised to give this back. She sighed internally, but then something dawned on her as she looked down at the two dead elves. Sure enough they were both carrying swords. Lizzie moved back to the bodies and knelt beside them. ”Sorry about this, boyo. Thank you for your contribution.” She said softly to the body, crossing her body to show some semblance of respect as she removed his cutlass. She also checked his pockets for any money before standing back up. She strapped her newfound cutlass to herself before turning back to Éliane and tossing her back her own weapon.

”Problem fixed. Let’s go.” She motioned for Barboda to lead the way.

Barboda watched the farewell the elf gave to her fallen people. Even he could understand why she was upset; nobody liked watching their people die. He had watched his father die once upon a time and it had been one of the few moments he hadn’t felt so neutral and cold. However, he had adapted and he was sure this elven woman would move on in no time.

He was curious as to why this elf was still willing to follow after being held hostage, especially after getting so upset that he had killed her people. It was interesting to him that she remained despite her feelings.

Lizzie knelt down and began to take a sword off one of the elves. She clearly wasn’t a woman with a high penchant for being virtuous. He smirked under his helmet as he watched. Surely the light-haired elf would be irked about that choice. Barboda took this moment to take his memory glass and snag a photo of the elves. Shortly after, he placed the glass back on his belt. “Okay, we’re done here. The tavern is named The Seagull.”He waved his hand for them to follow through the maze of alleyways.

As Lizzie equipped herself with her newly stolen sword - a beautiful piece that would likely catch people's eyes -, Éliane caught her own sword with one hand and sheathed it. It felt good to have it back by her side. Albeit not being something pretty to look at - in fact, it was rather dull to look at - this sword had been her first to venture out with and she had kept it in excellent condition ever since. It therefore almost had a sentimental value. It had been her one true companion. Of course, her bow had always been with her, too, but this one she had had since she was much younger. It was a piece of her soul. But the sword, the sword was a reminder of the beginning of her journey outside of the Elf Sun Kingdom.

Éliane took a moment to grab her daggers from the backpack to conceal them within her clothes where they belonged when she was not swimming in the sea, half-naked.

The Seagull... She knew the tavern the tin man was talking about. She had been there a couple of times and if she recalled correctly, she had met one or two fascinating people there for a drink and a chat. The tavern was combined with an inn. Éliane had spent her fair share of nights at this establishment. The first spot to look for a pirate's crew.

Lizzie and Éliane both followed Barboda, one with more enthusiasm than the other. Lizzie gets her ship, Lizzie gets her crew, then I can get my supplies stocked up and she will be well on her way. Éliane didn't worry too much about low supplies. She had enough food, two sets of clothes, and her blanket and washcloth were still relatively new. However, she was missing many essentials for survival outdoors if she didn't manage to find a bed for the night. Her amas were more than enough for her to not need to worry about that but since there was always the chance of losing something like coin in numerous ways, she'd prefer to have a rope on hand and matches, at least. Some hair cleanser, teeth cleanser, and a brush would also be nice, although she had dealt without them for some time before when she had been low on amas. First aid was something one would consider essential too, she would say. It had been a rough patch money-wise the last few weeks before she was able to turn her luck around and gain some well-paid work. Money is such a funny thing. One moment I have 3 amas in my pocket, the next it's 500. She would definitely make a little shopping tour around Port Vanarosa before moving on with her journey.

Her eyes trailed along Lizzie's back as they walked; Lizzie and Barboda both slightly in front of her. Éliane wondered if buying Lizzie some essentials before parting ways would be the right thing to do. She seemed to be doing fine on her own. But she also had no coin on her. But then again, Lizzie didn't seem to be the person to need any coin on her to survive comfortably enough. Something we might have in common. If she would ask, which Éliane doubted, she could offer to give her a little money to start off her journey. The ship she would take over would likely have all the things one would need: rations (hopefully stocked), rope, wood, navigational equipment, very likely some alcohol - not that one needed that -, if lucky even some valuable items for Lizzie to sell. Actually, a ship - if fully equipped - would also have first aid items. It would provide Lizzie with everything she needed. That was, after all, what a ship's inventory was supposed to do, if one kept track of it: To have everything aboard for one's survival on the sea. Maybe she doesn't need any help after all. They turned a corner on their way to The Seagull. Maybe that way of living isn't so bad after all.

Lizzie walked with quite the swagger to her step despite her internal thoughts. She'd always done well appearing more confident than she truly was. You're a real chancer, Lizzie. Who would have guessed you'd get out of prison merely to land in this mess of a land. She thought to herself, trying to make sense of her situation. At very least she wasn't imprisoned waiting to be marched to the gallows.

Regardless of how I got here, you're here now and they have ships. No matter what land you're in, a ship is a ship and a crew is a crew. It's time to make a name for yourself here. She was internally giving herself a pep talk as they grew closer to the tavern. Off in the distance, she caught a glimpse of a strange red-haired man talking to an even stranger man with his hands on his hips. Intriguing.

She glanced sidelong at the other strange man in full armor walking beside her. What was under that helmet? For a brief second, she thought to ask but pushed that thought away as the thought of a far more important question. "So where can a girl acquire a gun around here?" She had a feeling he might know the answer to that question.

Barboda glanced at Lizzie as she spoke, ”You can acquire one from the dwarves. I’m not one for guns myself so you’re on your own with that.” As the three of them made their way into the main part of town, they began to approach the tavern. He had hoped that the red-haired fairy would still be present and was not disappointed. He was outside talking to some aquatic demi-human in a lot of jewelry.

He approached the two, allowing them to finish up their conversation before speaking. “Helio Millinia, I would like to request your help in joining our crew on a ship. We need to get out of here and a man of your status would be very helpful on board. Your friend here is welcome too.”
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Caelan Knight

Time: 9am
Location: Sun Elf Castle Hall
Interactions: @Tae Raven @baraquiel Jomari @princess Annya and Sophie @Th3King0fChaos Ismael @13org Nuallán @Potter Saoirse and Rosaria
Equipment: A D&D miniature, a blunt and the clothes on his back

Caelan took a moment to look at the other humans and focused on the purple-haired girl specifically. ‘She looks beautiful.’ He thought before exhaling smoke from his blunt. His attention was quickly stolen by someone shouting. He glanced at the guy as he called them all spanish bastards and even asked them if they were working for them.”Bruh.. Nah I’m canadian bruv.” Luckily, the black-haired princess went to calm that guy down.

A food cart was wheeled out and Caelan was very tempted, but he held back. He watched as the red-haired human girl went in for it immediately. He was not sure if he trusted the food and he had filled his stomach up with Cheetos anyway. His attention was stolen by the huge Dragonborn on the side of the room that was being spoken to. He nodded in appreciation of his existence.

The princess spoke to him directly, letting him know he’d be taught to use his powers and that his name was very heroic. Caelan was pleased by these statements.

Then things took a turn for the worst. The brown-haired princess came up to him and put out blunt, calling his weed something stupid. He immediately gasped in disbelief. The lady even had the nerve to put some kind of ears on him.“For your information ma'am, this is OG Kush also you have the audacity to pull me from my world and put out my blunt!”He said frustratedly before stomping his foot on the floor, making the earth crack beneath his foot.
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Barboda Teff

Time: 9am
Location: Port Vanarosa
Interactions: @Tae Lizzie @Benzaiten Éliane

Barboda had been tracking his bounty for about a week, finally tracking him down to Port Vanarosa. This hunt was going to give him the highest pay he’d ever received if he finished the job. He had arrived in Port Vanarosa last night in time to walk into town and see a broadcast. Silently, he watched. He made note of the red-haired fairy with the emotional reaction, identifying him immediately as Helio Millinia. Once the broadcast was finished, he had simply retreated without much thought about it.

It was now the morning and he was right where he needed to be. He watched from a distance as two light elves opened a portal. Not long after, a red-haired female stepped out. The girl had suddenly bolted, leading the elves into a chase and Barboda as well. He followed swiftly behind the three, managing his distance by following through opposite alleyways. Eventually, he stopped and watched as the red-haired girl took a random citizen hostage, telling the two elves to leave. He knew they wouldn’t as this person had to be one of those humans they talked about on the broadcast. Barboda found the light elves going another way to catch her from behind. At that moment, he found them distracted enough and pulled out his repeating crossbow. With a swift movement, he launched a bolt into each of their backs and heads, killing them right behind two women. “You know this could have been a lot easier if you hadn’t sent me on a wild goose chase. If you truly want to escape this place, I know the location of their ship but first, we will need a crew and a captain who can drive."
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Caelan Knight

Time: 8pm → 9am
Location: His friend’s house → Sun Elf Castle Hall
Interactions: @Tae Raven @baraquiel Jomari @princess Annya and Sophie @Th3King0fChaos Ismael @13org Nuallán @Potter Saoirse and Rosaria
Equipment: A D&D miniature, a blunt and the clothes on his back

Caelan sat around a wooden table in a dining room with his friends. It was your standard Canadian home with a simple wooden dining set and the room had red walls. Bowls of Cheetos, pretzels, and other snacks were on the table. A big board with a fantasy map was laid out in the middle and miniatures were scattered everywhere as well as a couple of red bulls.

He had on a black beanie and baggy, comfortable clothes. His dirty-blonde hair was a bit messy but it was freshly cleaned. His friends were in similar condition. The group had been playing D&D for the past three hours and were close to the end of the session

Caelan hunched over the table to keep a close look on the board, intensely into it. As it was nearing his turn, he listened closely to his friend as he casted fireball. With a chuckle of delight as it dealt massive damage, he leaned back again and received a blunt into his hand. They had been passing it around. The DM turned to address him, a gleam in his eye.

“A portal opens up and you get sucked into it.... and that’s where we are gonna end.”The DM,Nick, said dramatically, putting intensity into every word.

His friends groaned with disappointment at the game's ending.

Mathias, however, proclaimed, “Thank God I gotta piss.”
The others began to mutter their agreements and everyone started to go toward the bathrooms.

Caelan shrugged and took another hit of his blunt and picked up his miniature. At that moment, a literal rip in reality stretched out behind him and sucked him in backward.

He came flying into the hall on his chair. It landed straight as he stared forward with wide eyes, then the chair fell backward on the floor with him in it.

“What the fuck?!”He yelled loudly before stumbling to get up and grabbing his blunt. The confusion on his face was visible as he looked around. He was not with his friends. The place he was in was huge and looked very royal and fantasy-like with the architecture. Caelan took one final look around and stared at the elves in front of him with shock. He listened to the elf chicks who proclaimed to be princesses speak of a different world that he and these humans around him were all summoned to. They started telling them they had powers and that they could be heroes in this world.
Caelan couldn’t believe his ears. He had to take in for at least a full minute straight while still smoking his blunt. Excitement filled him as everything loaded in his head. He had been so bored with his mundane life and had always wished he could live a life like this. He decided he was probably too high for this and decided to observe as others spoke.

Once there was silence, he asked, his voice taking on a bit of an overdramatic tone as if he was voicing a righteous hero, ”How do we use these so-called powers? Cause I want to be called a hero, also the name is Caelan Knight, is that heroic enough?”
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