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Giant Spiders

Time: Morning
Location: River Port
Interactions: Kenia @Tae, Malachi @princess

Two giant spiders silently observed the three humanoids from their concealed perches amidst the dense treetops. The intruders had foolishly chosen to pilfer their prey, and the arachnids prepared for a well-orchestrated ambush. They stealthily maneuvered through the branches, closing in to encircle their unwitting victims.

When the moment was right, the foremost spider, positioned directly in front of the trio, descended from the trees, its body gracefully lowering on a glistening thread of silk. As it touched the ground, the spider swiftly retracted, raising its glistening fangs and unleashing a vicious torrent of corrosive venom in a calculated assault.

Meanwhile, the second spider, lurking behind the trio, refrained from descending but instead shot a precision-crafted web toward the child among them. Its intent was clear: to ensnare the young one and hoist him skyward into the branches, further entangling their prey in a deadly web.
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Aerilyn Nalani

Time: Late Morning
Location: The Nest, Roshmi
Interactions: Mari @princess, Thrash @funnyguy, Scathael @Apex Sunburn, FIVE @ShiningSector
Current Equipment:
, mithril breastplate with Deflection enchantment, Strength enchantment gloves, adventuring clothes, large survival backpack, two large red potions, three pink potions, two black potions, cooking pot, portable fira, teeth cleanser, body cleanser, time teller, darksight glasses, travel shelter, portable bed, small pillow, lantern, flask, rope, wayfinder, fire starter kit.

Aerilyn stood silently, smiling as the now subtly enraged Dragonborn and Light Elf said their piece and stood up on their feet. She was preparing to respond when her ears detected an ominous buzzing, a sound that heralded chaos. Before she could react, a deafening explosion rocked the bar, sending shards of the splintered door flying in all directions. Instinct took over as Aerilyn's initial plan to evade whatever impending threat had burst through the entrance was abruptly discarded as the Light Elf lunged towards her, throwing them both out of the way.

Aerilyn found herself under the Light Elf who had unhesitatingly thrown herself into harm's way to shield her. Their eyes met for a fleeting moment. "Thanks, baby girl," she quipped, a mischievous wink punctuating her gratitude. But there was no time for further banter. Aerilyn swiftly pushed her new possible business partner to safety, her eyes now locked on the ominous figure that had intruded upon their meeting.

“Well... Do you know what I do when I have a problem with someone? I just get rid of them. Simple as that! No person. Nooo problem. Easy." A quote she had heard from an old friend came to her mind as it always had when any situation with another person arose. A solid reminder that the best solution is one that completely removes any issues.

Aerilyn retrieved her hammer, the weight of it settling reassuringly in her grip. Without missing a beat, she braced her legs and let loose as she lunged forward, her powerful legs giving her a boost of forward momentum. She drove her hammer in a sweeping arc toward the mysterious assailant, determined to defend herself and the two willing to help her kill the bounty. The air whistled with the force of her swing as it hurtled toward their uninvited guest; the shockwave from the hit would be enough to at least cause some issue.
In Avalia 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Darius by@FunnyGuy and Dante by @Alivefalling

Time: Morning
Location: Gaurav Village
Interactions: Menzai @samreaper, Cyrus @Helo, Ophelia @princess and Viola [13org]
Equipment: 2 shot glasses, 1036 Amas total, Flowers from Phia, Dante’s cellphone, and Dante’s knife

“Cyrus and Viola.” Darius said as he committed the names to memory. They were strangers as of now but he could see how different they were from each other. Cyrus had a warm temperament, while Viola was starkly cold. Despite their differences, both were polite enough and both had fought alongside them.

When the offer was made by Cyrus to assist in carrying Dante, Darius couldn't help but be instinctively reluctant. I was more so pride than trust that kept him from accepting the assistance. Dante was all Darius had in this strange place. In this strange world. It was simply not an easy thing for him to have someone else, especially a stranger support him when he was at his lowest. Part of him felt that the responsibility rested with himself, while the other wanted to accept Cyrus's generosity.

“He is kinda heavy.” Darius admitted, a smile finally breaking through as he stopped so Cyrus could share the load. “Thanks,” Darius said as he gave Cyrus a nod. It was going to be a long walk, so the young man figured he could pass the time with some conversation. Cyrus and Viola were new faces after all.

“So you two are fairies like Phia, right? Where did you two even come from?” His questions were birthed from his curiosity, revealing just how much he didn't know about the two he now trekked the forest with. They had the same features as Phia, yet their magic seemed mildly different from hers. Thorny vines and the bark of trees was not something the young local healer had displayed in the days he'd known her.

Dante hadn't done much other than listen in to the three converse around him. He took note of their names, but as far as he was concerned, most of the questions he would even care to ask at the moment would come from his brother. Dante had gladly welcomed the help from Cyrus holding him up on his other side. He took full advantage of the aid, resting into those carrying him, saving what energy he could from what Dante had left.

In Avalia 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aerilyn Nalani

Time: Late Morning
Location: The Nest, Roshmi
Interactions: Mari @princess, Thrash @funnyguy
Current Equipment:
, mithril breastplate with Deflection enchantment, Strength enchantment gloves, adventuring clothes, large survival backpack, two large red potions, three pink potions, two black potions, cooking pot, portable fira, teeth cleanser, body cleanser, time teller, darksight glasses, travel shelter, portable bed, small pillow, lantern, flask, rope, wayfinder, fire starter kit.

The muffled noises of voices in the bar filled her head. Aerilyn was slumped over at a table in the corner, she was a portrait of inebriation, surrounded by vacant pitchers and a half-filled mug of ale lingering at her side in the dim recesses of The Nest. ‘I hate this, I don’t want to continue. Everyone I get to know dies or leaves. I always get myself into the worst bullshit, then I just end up doing the same shit to get out.’ Aerilyn’s thoughts only made her feel worse. 'Will anyone even answer the bounty I've put out? And if they do, what guarantees they won't meet the same grim fate as the others? Those goblins, such behavior is beyond any I've witnessed before.’ Her mind wavered as she drifted in and out of consciousness. Aerilyn was lost until two voices broke through much clearer than the muffled chatter in the bar.

“Wake the fuck up, long-ears!” A deep male voice shouted.

‘Leave me alone, just let me die here.’ Aerilyn muttered to herself.

“Easy, you’ll break the table.. Again..” replied a female voice.

“Fuck this. Mari, grab another one! The bitch is piss drunk,” the male voice retorted.

“There’s an easy solution.”

Aerilyn's senses snapped into stark focus, and she jolted back to sobriety as if struck by an icy avalanche. The shock of ice-cold water drenched her hair and clothes, trickling through the gaps between the planks of the table. With an instinctual surge of adrenaline, Aerilyn poised upright, her hand darting beneath the table to grasp her hammer. Swift as a striking serpent, the hammer emerged, raised in her grip, and she swung it between the two in front of her table. The wooden table splintered, shattered, and the hammer's force drove it into the ground, creating a ripple of kinetic energy that pulsed through the vicinity. "WHO THE FUCK DARED TO POUR WATER ON ME?!?!" Her enraged outcry shattered the ambient hum of chatter, seizing the attention of the entire tavern. Amidst the chaos, a familiar voice sliced through the maelstrom. "Did you just obliterate my bloody table?!" Floofa's indignant protest silenced the room even more. “I will pay for it, Floofa, don't ya worry your little heart.” Aerilyn's response was spirited and upbeat, a sudden transformation like a storm-cloud parting to reveal the sun. In an instant, her demeanor had shifted. “You two looking for something?” Aerilyn smiled and giggled at the green Dragonborn and the light Elf girl now with their asses on the bar floor from the shockwave her hammer had made with the impact.

In Avalia 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Darius by@FunnyGuy and Dante by @Alivefalling

Time: Morning
Location: Gaurav Village
Interactions: Menzai @samreaper, Cyrus @Helo, Ophelia @princess and Viola [13org]
Equipment: 2 shot glasses, 1036 Amas total, Flowers from Phia, Dante’s cellphone, and Dante’s knife

Darius had given Cyrus and Viola a quick nod when they answered him before turning back to the towering Ulyses. He had fought guys who were slightly larger than him but Ulyses completely dwarfed them. Even then, it wasn’t an excuse to back down, just an excuse to be considerably on edge. The canine demihuman didn’t just boast size, he held his ax firmly in hand with his years of martial prowess to back up each swing he could take. He wouldn’t attack us though, right? He wouldn’t. Darius was attempting to keep himself cool under the pressure when Phia spoke out against Ulyses next, taking a stand beside him. Shooting her a glance, he felt ever more confident in his place.

“Yeah, just chill. I don’t understand how a large eagle? Hawk? Or whatever-the- hell-you-call-that couldn’t have just wanted to have a bite out of us,” he said, not understanding Ulyses’ position in the argument. However, Darius found that he and Phia weren’t going to deter the giant as he stated he would take the two into his custody until the situation was hashed out with the council.

All the while, Dante woke feeling sick beyond anything, his body felt as if it were tearing itself apart, barely awake he could hear voices around him but couldn’t make out who or how many. Dante finally looked up towards one of the demi-humans that was tending to him. “Where is my brother? Where is Darius?” He said as panic rose inside, only worsening the feeling of the mana drain Dante put himself in. He pushed himself up attempting to sit up so he could at least take a look at his surroundings. “What happened to the giant bird?” A flood of questions rushed to his head. As far as he knew, they were fighting it and then everything went black. “Your brother is safe, and the roc is dead. Do not worry, just relax. You have used too much energy and exerting yourself now will only lead to more problems.” The wolf Demi-human said trying to calm and ease Dante’s mind. Dante couldn’t hold himself back he had to get up.

Though Darius had noticed and slightly made out the exchange going on between Dante and the Gauravan, he had bigger things to worry about. Ulyses marched forward while at the same time, Cyrus extended a hand while voicing a compromise. And if it wasn’t bad enough, thorny vines had momentarily broken through the surface of the small stretch of ground in front of Ulyses, tempted to strike if the situation became worse. Trapped between nigh personifications of war and peace, Darius shifted his left foot back, taking a sturdier stance.

Dante was now lurching forward to get up from his knees, pushing against the demi-humans trying to get him to lay down “No, I am getting up!” He demanded despite being in tremendous pain he got on his knees and slowly lifted himself onto his feet. He stood there in shock at the dead roc, crushed, covered in dirt, and drained of blood. He didn’t understand what killed it but he was thankful it was over. It was then Dante turned to see Darius standing a bit away. Relief washed over him that his brother was safe and unharmed. Almost forgetting his pain, he stumbled his way over to Darius putting a hand on his shoulder. “What’s goin’ on bro?” His voice was labored but he had to maintain some normalcy in the situation despite not comprehending all that was occurring.

Darius flinched toward Dante, looking as if he was going to hit him if he hadn’t quickly recognized him.

“What… What the fuck are you doing?! Go lay your ass back down!” Though Darius was yelling, he was doing so in concern as Dante seemed out of it.

“That..is enough.” Menzai's strained voice sounded.

In Avalia 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

The room was well lit by enchanted lights mounted on the ceilings. Sinister contraptions and arcane symbols adorn the large and impressive laboratory, casting eerie shadows across the cold, metallic surfaces. The air, heavy with a foreboding sense of malevolence.

In the center of the room, Zalthraxis stood tall and imposing. His obsidian scales shimmer with a malevolent sheen, reflecting the pale glow of the enchanted crystals embedded in the chamber. He did not show any signs of anger, only joy.

Zalthraxis’ eyes gleamed with delight as he watched a terrified fairy, delicate and fragile, restrained on the operating table before him. The fairy's delicate wings were torn and tattered, evidence of her previous torment. Her delicate form trembled, and her eyes once alit with life, were now looking dull and near lifeless. Zalthraxis.

“I understand you are in pain. But this is an effort towards the evolution of your species, and you are doing so well. I am very proud of you for coming this far.” The Dragonborn looked down at the fairy placing his scaly hand on the side of her cheek smiling. The fairy looked up a glint of life sparked in her eyes as if calmed by Zaltraxis’ words but she was still speechless from the hours of screaming earlier that had torn her vocal cords. “It’s time for your bath my dear.” He said as he looked up towards the dark elves that had been working around them.

“Please prepare tank one.”Zalthraxis asked.

A few dark elves immediately began to work on activating the tank pressing numerous buttons and pulling different levers which caused the glowing red liquid to circulate. The fairy who had been lying there was now struggling like a rabid animal shaking and convulsing to free herself.

Zalthraxis did not get angry, he spoke in a calm tone. “You will rest now, we have a long day tomorrow. It marks your hundredth day of being here and soon you will break free from this chrysalis towards your final step of evolution.” He spoke as he inserted a needle into the fairies arm who shortly after fell asleep.

“Prepare her and place her in the tank; I have things to handle. Don’t make me come back here for anything but an emergency.” Zalthraxis’ tone changed as soon as the fairy had lost consciousness. He stepped out of the lab and made his way to his office where his transmission stand was. Zalthraxis’ office was well kept and simple for the most part containing a desk, chair and a few cabinets for storage of folders and other things aside from the numerous pictures of successful subjects and small private inventions he had placed around the room.

Once Zalthraxis arrived he stepped towards his transmission stand pressing two buttons.“Greetings, I want all missions you are actively following to be held. I have direct orders to send you both to different locations as scouts to either infiltrate or execute groups who have allegedly summoned humans. Violetta you will head to Riverbloom and Helio you will make your way to Roshmi. I will send others once I receive a successful word from either of you and if any of you see the female red or white hair dark fairies like yourself within these groups make sure they are also captured or killed. Do not fail me.” With the orders given Zalthraxis cut the transmission.

In Avalia 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Interaction:@Helo Cyrus @13org Viola @princess Phia, @samreaper Menzai @FunnyGuy Darius @Alivefalling Dante


Party Loot

- 1459 Amas divided by 6 = 243 amas each
- Disguise ring

Your character will find these items while searching the Roc’s body.


Time: Late Night
Location: Unknown

Marek sat there before a round table with three others. The room itself exuded an air of elegance and opulence, with its high ceilings adorned with intricate moldings and ornate frescoes depicting scenes of grandeur. The walls were embellished with elaborate golden trimmings, and large oil paintings of famous landscapes and portraits hung in gilded frames.
The round table, crafted from the finest blackwood, stood as the centerpiece of the room. Its surface was polished to a mirror-like sheen, reflecting the light from the crystal chandelier above them and showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship. Each luxurious chair surrounding the table was upholstered with fine red silk, their curved backs and plush cushions providing utmost comfort and sophistication.

As Marek looked around the room, he couldn't help but feel a sense of power and privilege. The combination of the radiant chandelier, lavish furnishings, and overall grandeur created an ambiance befitting of the most prestigious of gatherings. It was clear that no expense had been spared in creating this space, and it served as a testament to the refined taste and discerning eye of its owner.

Marek himself emanated a sense of power as he sat there, dressed in a sleek black suit that perfectly complemented the surroundings of the room. His deep red tie, also mirroring the rich hues of the space, added the finishing touch to his outfit. With a confident demeanor, he drew in a gentle breath, savoring the aromatic swirls of smoke from his freshly lit cigar.

Marek’s piercing gaze sweeping across their faces. The air was thick with tension, and without exchanging any pleasantries, Marek cut straight to the chase, his voice rough and laden with frustration. “How is business going?”

“Good. We’ve profited well today.”
William, a towering figure, stepped forward confidently to address Marek's query. He was a young man with a rather pretty face that juxtaposed his personality.
Marek crossed his arms and wore a pensive expression. He knew there was more. "Tell me the details. What happened today?" he inquired, his tone demanding a thorough account.
Ivan, known for his meticulous nature, took a step forward. "We received a substantial shipment of goods from our overseas partners," He began, "It arrived precisely as scheduled, without any hiccups. Our contacts at the port ensured a smooth operation. The crates were swiftly loaded onto our trucks, and we transported them to our warehouse."
Marek listened intently, his eyes narrowing as he absorbed the information. He was well aware of the risks involved in transporting such valuable cargo.
"Any complications during transportation?" he questioned,
"Was there any… interference?”
“None whatsoever. We have enough of our people stationed along the route to keep watch and we remained discreet.”
"Excellent," Marek acknowledged. "Now…What did our informants say?”
“There are some progressive issues this morning over the party.” William told him, “ Darryn was tortured and may have slipped information. It would be best we get rid of him as he was tiring of his use anyway. His mind had been slipping as of late…The Queen is most interested in speaking with you as she seems to know of your involvement…Seems her son Prince Wulfric has spent some time throughout the day trying to find information about us. He visited the Merchant’s guild to no avail… Anastasia and Callum, however, kept their mouths shut seemingly. We have another enemy in the midst.”

Marek had soundlessly stared at him, and William knew to continue. “What we gathered from the archery event is that Count Calbert Damien seems to have another offspring in town that we did not yet know about. His name is Cassius. …Seems to be rather untame. Nothing too unusual occurred at the archery event. There was a pancake event at the park. The girl was still attempting her research, but was warned. Lorenzo caused a stir at this event that you may recall… Another notable event leading up to noon includes the execution of Cameron Nesworth. Lady Mina of the Varian Kingdom fainted in reaction to his execution. Cameron displayed his magic use in his death. At noon, Calbert had a meeting with a young man. It did not go well. A girl, the one who Violet’s death got pinned on, saved him. They then took refuge in the Vikena estate.”
“What else.” Marek asked as the man paused, giving no indication that he planned to comment yet.
“Violet Damien was attacked by people that aren’t affiliated with us. Her newfound brother Cassius saved her. She was brought home.” He then met Marek’s eyes. “I believe you may be visited by at least two people I have mentioned so far tonight. One being the princess… The other I am certain you can guess.”
“Turn the princess away. Tell her to return again another time as I have a planned visit already. I can indeed guess my other visitor… Let him in once he arrives.”
There was an interruption as the doors suddenly swung open and a half-conscious woman was dragged in by her arms, her legs sliding on the floor as she was brought forth. Sobs escaped her now and then.
Marek's lips curved into a half-smile, his eyes gleaming with menacing satisfaction. “What’s this?”
“A woman who tried to get into our cargo. She had a friend inside who she wanted freed. ”

Marek moved forward and knelt in front of her, watching her body shake with sobs. After a moment, he placed a hand on her cheek, pulling her view into his dead stare. “Why do you go into places that are not yours? You know trespassing is illegal.” He took another puff of his cigar, flicking the ash on to her lap. “I want you to do something for me, then I promise the life of freedom you sought amongst my cargo.” Marek gave a promising smile before he reached into his pocket for a small box. Filled with an assortment of fine jet black sand, shells, and a small dark blue candle carved with runes around the wax. “Take this and light the candle.” Marek told her as he handed a lighter and the box to the girl.

The girl grabbed the box and scrambled on the ground to set up the candle in its holder and lighting it shortly after. “Now what?”The woman looked up wide-eyed and terrified of the situation she found herself in. Marek pointed at the inscripture on the box.

She paused then squinted as she began to read off the box in her hand, “...
Mitto me.. ad mortis.. ima...”
With that, she began to suddenly start to choke. Fluid filled her lungs. She grasped at her throat as she began gargling water. The room watched as the girl fell to her knees, her suffering loud and clear for all to hear. It was then the water began pouring from her mouth like a weak fountain. The woman fell to the ground blue in the face, her lifeless body frozen in a state of shock and utter terror.

“...That was a little dramatic, don’t you think?” asked Ivan.

William shook his head, a smirk playing upon his lips as he commented as well, “Now, now Ivan. The show’s always the best part.

“Have someone clean the trash off the floor.” Marek stood up and took a seat as his chair. “I will sort everything out with the outstanding issues after this meeting. Is that all we had to discuss this evening?”His eyes scanned the room at those around him. They all nodded. But it was then there was a knock on the door.

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Darius by@FunnyGuy and Dante by @Alivefalling

Time: Morning
Location: Gaurav Village
Interactions: Menzai @samreaper, Cyrus @Helo, Ophelia @princess and Viola [13org]
Equipment: 2 shot glasses, 300 Amas total, Flowers from Phia, Dante’s cellphone, and Dante’s knife

As proud as Darius and Dante were of their dust cloud, it hadn’t lasted long as the roc batted it away as it descended down to the clearing. Fuck, it’s getting closer, and- Darius’ thought was cut short by the sight of the roc craning its head down to bite Phia with its massive beak.


Dante felt his eyes widen and his heart race, the feeling of something stuck in his throat almost forcing him to vomit as he watched in fear of Phia about to be swallowed by the Roc. Still, by some stroke of luck Menzai had jumped out of nowhere pushing Phia out of the way but what was once a feeling of hope turned into despair. Flashes from Dante’s past flooded his eyes from one of his deployments in the military. Dante’s childhood friend Devin Halloway was killed in combat by a buried artillery shell, thats blast tore his entire arm and shoulder off. Dante suddenly zoned back into reality only to hear the sound of bones crunching and watched in horror as Menzai’s arm was ripped off as it threw him to the ground like a ragdoll. Dante had never felt so powerless in his life. He could feel his body get hot and his heart feel as if it would burst from his chest as a panicked rage filled his mind, turning everything red.

The ground began to shake and rumble around them and increased intensely as Dante’s only goal was to have enough power. ‘MORE DANTE, GIVE IN TO THE MAGIC!’ His mind screamed. It was at this moment the world stopped for him. As Cyrus and Viola struck forth with their respective attacks on the roc, a massive sinkhole opened beneath the creature’s planted talons. The roc fell down into the hole that collapsed beneath it. The creature shrieked as the sudden barrage completely caught it off-guard. Dante continued his spiral unable to stop what was in motion as from the ground a massive hand rose and grasped the roc as if it were a toy, crushing it in its tight grip the sound of bones shattering echoed through the entire forest letting out a death screech as it fell limp. The shaking of the earth progressed getting worse every second, Dante would not last much longer in this state.

“Fuck, that was awesome!” Darius watched in awe as his brother finished off the roc with power he hadn’t imagined Dante capable of wielding. “Dante, how did you- Dante? Dante, you can end it now! We need to get to Menzai!” Darius raised an eyebrow as the trembling of the ground was continuing to worsen. “Are you listening?! Hey! HEY! You know what?” Darius shook his head in frustration and started running as fast as he could until both his and Dante’s connection to earth magic was severed due to them exceeding the radius they were bound to. “Off! Now let’s get to Menzai and Phia. They-”

Dante’s knees buckled almost instantly as the connection to magic was cut, he fell to the ground limp face first. His breath was quiet. He was stable though unconscious.

“Fuck.” Darius couldn’t help but utter.

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Ft. Menzai

Interaction:@Helo Cyrus @13org Viola @princess Phia, @samreaper Menzai @FunnyGuy Darius @Alivefalling Dante

As the roc surveyed the area of the devastated terrain, its sharp eyes caught sight of a swirling dust cloud emerging from below. The creature continued to search, which only seconds later, its eyes locked on to the pink-haired fairy, who once again had been spotted just on the outer edge of the dust, drawing the Roc's attention like a magnet.

With a determined fury, the roc began its descent, its massive wings beating rhythmically, causing the dust to disperse. The air cleared, revealing an opportune opening as the roc landed, aiming to seize its elusive prey the fairy, ready to satisfy the hunger of her hatchlings. The roc, now towering in all its glory over the small being, the beast lowered its head, attempting to devour her.

During all the cacophony and whirlwind going about, the missing wolf was adrift in his own mental space. His body still reeling heavily from the Roc’s intense shriek and the blow to his back adding to Menzai’s disorientation. Unable to do anything but try to sense the area though some strange cloud mixed with the furious wisps of wind threatening to tear trees from root made getting an understanding difficult. This on top of all the kicked up dust stinging his eyes; vision still hazy and his throat which stung like cracked cement. There wasn’t a part of his body not in pain or discomfort, but Menzai ignored and pushed through it, forcing his body to obey his desperate whims even when the taste of copper lined his tongue.

Through sheer force of will, the wolf pushed himself onto shaky feet. A small relief as his vision finally cleared though, what he would see would make him immediately wish otherwise. He could not make out everything with the Roc’s continuous fierce wing flaps and dust cloud created by the brothers, he figured. At this point the situation has only gotten worse and would only continue to do so unless they somehow got to the massive bird relent in its attack.

The concern for the group and his village raged in him like the surrounding storm. Most frustrating of all was how useless he was; all due to his failure of not getting proper control as merely standing was all he was capable of. Many thoughts went through his mind like multiple film reels as Menzai attempted to work out what to do next….

Then the air cleared and from this he caught sight of Phia and….his mind went blank. All sense of pain vanished save for a single cold chill that seeped down his spine as if icy fingers tried to freeze him from within.

Menzai knew his body was in no shape to be making any strenuous movements, but in this instant none of it mattered. Whatever the outcome, he refused to sit there and so, purely by instinct his body reacted. Every muscle in his body and senses were forcibly tuned to their max as the tiny red glints of his eyes enlarged thrice their size until his eyes were like those of a menacing predator. Without warning, a loud thunderous crack as the branches Menzai stood upon cracked and shattered beneath the determined wolf’s feet, flying through the air; for Phia he would seem as if appearing out of nowhere as he used a single hand aiming to shove her out of the way.

With a loud crack echoing in the air, the roc clamped its powerful jaws down on Menzai's arm, shattering the bones in its grasp where Phia once stood. The roc whipped it’s massive head, violently ripping Menzai's arm from his body flinging him aside.

For the second or third time, Menzai found himself blacking out briefly and like before could not tell what had happened exactly. As all the pain was made worse from the immense stress he just put his body through. The only two things he was conscious of was the lack of weight on his left side and Phia’s face. Her features blurred heavily from his vision gradually darkening. A small smile curved his lips before everything went black.

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