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Time: Midnight
Location: a couple miles from the Moon Elf Village
Interactions: Mentioned @Jamesyco

Kyran snuck through the forest lightly illuminated by the moons. Risa and Dionaea were always up late up to no good, flirting with boys or scheming. He himself enjoyed a good scheme but he often worried over his friends. He was very protective of the two fairies. They were his only friends. He was bringing them some desserts he had bought in Roshmi city.

He halted a few seconds from a sudden earthquake, his sense picking up on it before it happened. His ears went upright as he listened. He suddenly grabbed on to a tree as the earthquake began. Immediately, he worried for his friends. Earthquakes were not a normal occurrence. Something was happening.

Once the earthquake came to an end, he relaxed, letting go of the tree trunk. His blue eyes searched his surroundings as he began to continue on his way. That was when the rustic smell of blood reached his nostrils. The blood had a slightly unfamiliar tinge to it. Carefully, he maneuvered his way through the trees, keeping silent precautiously. In the grass, laid what at first he thought was an elf. Elves often wore armor similar to what he was wearing but it was not like anything he had ever encountered. He seemed to be passed out. Moving closer with slow steps, it started to become clear this was no elf. This was a human.

Sudden footsteps made him retreat into the shadows. He knew the scent anywhere. Dionaea and Risa were coming over here as well as the wolf that often followed them around. Kyran decided to wait and see what they were doing. He knew if he had asked questions, they'd try to hide whatever they were doing. It was better to observe and gather information himself first.
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@Eviledd1984@Dezuel there is room for you both.
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Time: Midnight
Location: Morteum (The Necropolis.)
Interactions: @Shard

It was a cold night up in the mountains of Daka Island. Aklenroth was sitting on his throne as he did often reading many old texts and scrolls while waiting for his subjects to return. The skeletal remains of the dark elf Aklenroth sat among a room filled with old books and writings of knowledge from around the world and tombs that held only his greatest undead guards. His black cloak laid upon his body like sticks under a sheet, black iron adorned his skull in the shape a crown, large spikes rose from around the iron circle. The rest of the throne room was cold with ice forming on the stone walls and the ceiling.

There were rumours around that the elves had plans to bring humans back into his Avalia. Many spies had told him this, but Aklenroth would not let this go on and if it did, his army was ready. He set his book down as he heard someone heading into the room. A fairy arrived, kneeling down before him. She was a spy getting paid to watch what went on in the southern parts of Avalia and gather information."I found some information you may not like to hear." The young fairy said to him in a shaky tone, the fear beginning to take over her emotions.

"Well, what is it?" Aklenroth replied as her words perked his interest. He put his hand on his staff, gripping it tightly as the girl spoke. "I saw two fairies by the names of Risa and Dionaea go with some elves into the woods. They were talking about bringing humans back. They must have rift openers."

The fairy lowered her head, fearing for the worst. Aklenroth rose from his throne, levitating over to the fairy, like fog over a lake. His hand reached down, caressing the young girl's cheek and lifting her head so she could gaze into his blank white eyes."Thank you, my dear, you have proved very useful."

The girl stared in terror as she began to feel her life drain from her body. The once beautiful fairy began to rapidly age into a lifeless husk as her soul was taken from her body. The ground shook beneath him as a massive wave of magical energy passed through his body. "It appears as if it has already begun." Aklenroth took his hand off the lifeless body letting it fall to the floor.

He headed to the center of the necropolis meeting up with Shilo along the way. The massive room was lined with thousands of resting undead soldiers. Aklenroth raised his staff into the air. "RISE! MY UNDEAD LEGION !THE TIME HAS COME AGAIN!" The armies began to awaken, knowing what they needed to do. Thousands of soldiers marched from the necropolis, heading out the gates into the mountains. There was one more thing he had to do before preparations were complete. The sound of a large black gate echoed through the walls as it opened. "Soruklithbaal, seek out these humans and kill the ones who opened the rifts!"
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I am hyped.
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