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Interaction | Daphne Or @Dreamingflowers
Collab-Written Flashback

It was nice and sunny, barely any clouds and a soft breeze that was just right. Compared to Gotham, Happy Harbor was a much brighter place to live. The buildings were smaller and not cramped together. The ocean wind breathed into the streets, instead of the city smog. Daphne loved it here, it was peaceful and quiet. It gave her room to process all the crazy things that had happened to her this last year.

Her thoughts went back to the mission at La Hoya. She walked further out into the grassy fields at the back of the HQ, her ponytail swaying from side to side. The first hour on comms went great, but her powers turned it into a disaster for everyone. Ja insisted it was his fault too and as nice as he was, he probably pitied her.

Daphne glanced over her shoulder. Her teammate wasn’t there yet. She was early though. It gave her a head start to mentally prepare herself. She kept walking, heading for the clearing they used for combat training. At first she hesitated to accept Ja’s offer to help her learn to control her powers. He asked her the day they got back from la Hoja. Daphne was having a pity party by herself, wallowing and feeling very sorry for herself. If even the Martian Manhunter couldn’t help her, Ja probably wouldn’t succeed either. The day after her solo pity party she realized she would be an idiot to turn down Ja.

She got to a good spot and checked her bag for the snacks she packed for Ja and her. Yup they were still there. Daphne put her bag on the grass. She could probably get in some stretches before Ja got here. She reached down to touch her toes, sucking in her breath, feeling her leg muscles straining a bit.

It wasn’t long before sounds of leaves rustling from the trees could be heard. It was loud and quick, but ended just as abruptly as it arrived. Next it came from the bushes, this time, the sound of a chipmunk’s chatter followed. Surely these sounds could have been merely a coincidence, given her place outside. What couldn’t have been though, was the sudden appearance of Ja floating above her head upside down.

Channeling the power of a Hummingbird’s flight and Owl’s silence, he smiled and waved to her in a way similar to how he did on the jet that day. When they got back, Ja let her have time to breathe and recover. However, he decided that he could try to teach her how to control her power. To be able to build strength on her own with her inner nature.

The words of Viktor during that time really struck a chord with the Jungle boy. Not because anything he said about her powers were incorrect, but it was wrong that he blamed her for their failure. It was wrong in the way he said it, and wrong in the place he said it. Perhaps that harshness was supposed to be her punishment, but she didn’t deserve it. Daphne wasn’t the one that was spotted.

The mission in La Hoya was her first one ever, but only one of hundreds that Ja had been on. He was the one that failed them because of his own weakness of mind. If he had been paying attention, maybe they get more than Alisa’s drawings. Maybe they get more information about the strange car. Bluntly, if Viktor was so adamant about something being said to him, he could have said it himself over the comms. Ja, while understanding of tactics, recognized the rivalry between Viktor and Talon behind the planning. He sensed it even before their staring contest on the jet…His thoughts on that was for another time.

“Hai Daffy-Knee!”

“Hi Ja!”

Daphne stood on her tippy toes and interlocked her hands with Ja, pulling him down to the grass. She smiled, now face to face with the curly haired boy. “Did you eat breakfast already, if you didn’t I brought some snacks” She knew Ja loved to eat. It was the least she could do for him, seeing as he was helping her. Besides, Daphne liked taking care of people.

For a moment, Ja was shrouded in darkness as some of his hair flooded his eyes from the sudden wind change. He felt no need to clear it when down with Daphne on the ground now, chuckling playfully instead. When she mentioned snacks, Ja’s smile became more toothy and gluttonous. While he certainly had not missed eating breakfast, he didn’t want to lie to get the snacks.

“Mmm….I had breakfast…but I did not eat brunch yet!” He explained before sitting criss-cross on the ground before her. Pushing his hands from his chin up his face to move hair out of the way, his bright and cheery eyes now visible. “But, I can wait until a little later. I don’t want to accidentally fall asleep during our lesson today.”

“Are you sure….??” Daphne teased, reaching into her bag. She built up the suspense only to come up with an empty hand.

“Okay okay, let’s focus” The teen girl stopped messing around and sat in the same position in the grass. Legs crossed underneath the folds of her skirt. The breeze felt nice on her skin and she breathed in the fresh smell of the grass. Daphne closed her eyes to enjoy it.

She opened her eyes back up and looked at Ja’s happy face expectantly. The maned young man smiled.

“I am sure you have felt it before in your time with these abilities. You feel urges within you. I am not sure what exactly you feel, because mine is the Red. The force of nature that connects to you, is called the Green. My Ambuya, or the american word…grand…ma? Grandma. My grandma taught me that, the Green is what connects all plant life together on earth.” Ja explained, leaving a second to let it sink in.

“So any time you feel something from the plants around you, it is the Green speaking to you. You may not always understand what it is trying to tell you, but that is okay, that takes time, and practice. Today, I just want you to get used to focusing on that feeling. It is still lively outside today…” Ja paused, looking around briefly. Then he pointed out a small patch of flowers in a small clearing between the trees getting some sunlight.

“Close your eyes, and maybe try to focus on what it feels like when the sunlight touches your skin.”

Daphne remembered Ja mentioning the Green weeks ago. At the time she’d brushed it off. Later during her sessions with the Martian Manhunter he also mentioned the Green. He helped her understand the why and how she was connected to this natural force. She smiled encouragingly at Ja’s struggle to find the right English word to express what he meant.. He was doing really great. There was a warmth she saw in his eyes when he talked about his family. He probably missed them, being all the way in America with the team and her.

Daphne narrowed her eyes slightly, concentrating on what Ja was explaining about the Green. He had an understanding of it because he was connected to a similar force, the Red He would be able to teach her things the Martian Manhunter couldn’t.

She glanced at the direction he was pointing at, seeing the small patch of flowers. He wanted her to focus on the sunlight. A little smirk appeared on her face. That was too easy. She could do that with her eyes well closed. Daphne untied the ribbon in her hair and set it down next to her. You could hear a quiet rustle while her transformation spread, starting with her hair and tracing down the rest of her until she was completely verdant.

Daphne opened one eye to peek at Ja.

“Don’t startle me please '' She knew Ja liked to joke around and so did she. Daphne had come a long way with controlling her powers, but having them fail twice lessened her trust in them. She returned her attention to the sun. Daphne could tell she was photosynthesizing because her skin tingled when the light triggered the cells to grow.

“As you are feeling this, try to focus on those flowers I gestured to. To feel familiar with them…”

Ja’s smile shrank just a bit as he waited for her eyes to close back again. For a moment, Ja himself closed his eyes, exhaling and rolling his shoulders. As he felt the Red’s flow through nis body. As much as he didn’t want to do this, this lesson was one he wanted to get out of the way first. Clawing his fingers, he crept around Daphne using the silence of a leopard. Once near the clearing where the flowers grazed the sunlight, he waited for just a few more moments.

Keeping an eye on Daphne, Ja raised one of his clawed hands and he swiped them up from the ground suddenly. Like knives, his talon-inspired attack sliced a few of them in half and uprooted the others in one simple swoop. If done correctly, and if she had the connection to the Green as he expected…

Daphne kept the flowers in her mind's eye, remembering the way they swayed in the w….
“Aahhhh!!!” Sudden cries of pain reached her ears, ripping through her. She covered her ears. The sounds came from further away, like some sort of accident happened in the distance and she was hearing the victims cry out. They turned into a soft distant moaning. Daphne shot up from the ground and transformed back, breaking the connection with the Green immediately.

She put her hand over her chest, feeling her heart beat fast. What happened?
“What happened…?” Daphne looked over to Ja, seeing him with a fistful of flowers in his right hand.

“Your first test, unfortunately.” Was the young man’s reply, resting the flowers on the ground in front of her. “You have a strong connection to them...If not, you would not hear their cries.” Ja paused to let that feeling sink in, his expression soft and almost apologetic.

“As those who have trained me figured out...pain is the easiest thing to recognize…” He let the specific animals of the red flow out for the time being. He placed his left hand on Daphne’s shoulder.

“However, while I will not do to you what has been done to me, it will make you stronger to do these sorts of tests every so often. It will build your inner strength, so that the Green does not hurt or hinder you in the field…” Ja carefully explained, making sure to use the correct english words to convey what he meant. The maned young lion smiled again though.

“You did better than me on my first test. You did not panic…” He commended, eyeing the ground where he placed the flowers.

Daphne smiled. Ja’s words encouraged her. She wondered what he alluded to, it sounded to her that he might have experienced mistreatment in the past, involving his powers. She didn’t know what that felt like, but she did feel for him. There was much more to his smile. Daphne looked down at the grass and picked up some of the flowers, twirling them in her fingers.

“Thanks Ja, it means a lot to me to have someone help me understand my powers better. The meditation techniques the Martian Manhunter has been teaching me can only take me so far. Lately I’ve been feeling like it’s a waste of time. It didn’t help me at La Hoya one bit.”

She looked at the flowers, their simple beauty making her feel better. Daphne changed the subject, glancing at Ja with her warm brown eyes. She reached her hand up and tucked a red poppy in Ja’s curly mane. It stuck there immediately.

“Flowers for some reason are much easier to talk to, I don’t know why. My dad suspects it’s because they’re more social than some other plants. They communicate with bees and butterflies during their short life. Trees are different, they are more independent.”

Daphne shook her head, smiling at herself. “Not that this is useful information to you though”

She retrieved her bag from the ground and held it up to Ja. “Snack time?”

Ja grinned. So far, today seemed like a good lesson day. She didn’t panic AND she wasn’t sad about the first test, as painful as it might have been. Plus, he got to learn more about her when she opened up some. Despite her belief that some of the information was irrelevant, to Ja, it couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“Snack time.”

Current Day

Interaction | The Team + The Newbs
Specifically Zachary AKA @Crimson Flame
Location | Sanctuary’s Base Level

Kilamanjaro couldn’t help but marvel at the legendary Batman, even though it wasn’t an actual bat-man. Ja also didn’t sense any animal abilities but maybe that made him more impressive. The man carried himself very seriously and, in a way, reminded him of King Lion. He was somewhat surprised by not being pulled aside after having a hand in the team’s major failure…Though, he supposed that container he found made up for it to some extent. It was a change of pace at least, and one of the many differences from what he grew up with.

In the meantime, he made sure to pay attention to what Batman was instructing them to do next. Infiltrating a ‘circus’ took Ja a moment to process. The word was foreign at first, but it clicked when he thought about Zachy. Whenever Ja watched his videos on the computer, other videos showed up on the side as suggestions, and a few of them said ‘circus’ on them. When he watched them, it was essentially a bunch of silly and fun stunts! Though, given this was a mission, he guessed being silly wasn’t so much to be a part of things.

He also brought up the situation around Hex and Gold Rush, being their teammates’ replacements. Both of them strangely disappeared right after the last mission. Hex disappeared into the realm of spirits, and it made Ja wonder what would cause him to get stuck there. Although worrying, apparently Hex had gotten stuck there before and made it back to the realm of the living. In Gold Rush’s case, Ja had seen a few movies about time travel to guess that something in the present may have changed something in the future. Did…did the team failing the mission mess up the future? Was Gold just gone forever now?

It made Ja sad to think about, but he didn’t dwell on it too long as their new teammates came in. There were two girls this time. The first one, Maya, was clearly a special swords-person. She must have had a lot of skill with sharp things, like Talon did. Ja smiled to her and waved. The other one with the blonde hair on the other hand, made him wonder. She spoke venom, throwing it around the room with each person she laid eyes on. Even their senior and commander, she spoke too with disrespect.

Ja was taken aback by her impression that he had forgotten her name and his smile disappeared. A tingle of fear and a protective snarl rumbled from the bottom of his throat when Daphne approached her. With her more friendly response to the flower girl, Ja’s nerves eased. Returning his mind to the mission, he listened to the others as they discussed potential acts.

It was easy to figure which act would likely suit him; anything related to animals. However, he didn’t know if this particular circus had them, and even then, which ones. Otherwise, he hadn’t a clue what he could do for an act. Zachy had the most experience with this stuff, so it made sense when the others asked him questions. Maya mentioned being a knife thrower, Aleen’a a strongwoman, and he suggested Kassy to be a singing mermaid.

The memory of Kassy’s voice brought a warm and twitchy feeling to his chest that stole his attention away for a moment. She didn’t like singing to people though. Blinking back into focus, Ja returned to the moment and crawled over to the magician. ”Ooo! What can I do Zachy?!”

Location | Innocuous Warehouse |
Missions | A Dish Best Served Cold |
Mentions | @Akayaofthemoon, @Hitman, @Mintz, @Sassy1085, @Zoey Boey |

Solomon watched the sudden chaos ensue and felt the need to subvert a cringe. “We’re going to jail”? These interns clearly were just randomly picked off of the street and given no actual training. If they were meant to be criminals working in a drug operation this big, given that they were in a warehouse, they should have more composure. If they were trying to fool her, the behavior of the majority of the ‘criminals’ should be a red flag.

Then there was another issue, there were no guns or at least none visible. Solomon understood that this was merely a ploy, but no actual trained agents with weaponry mixed among the interns was, again, a bad look. Even if the ‘super-villains’ with powers were cocky, they always had several armed lackeys, even if they were just simple handguns. Often there was a superiority complex aligned with some cowardice, keeping around weaker but actually dangerous units. Not just to protect from heroes, but also for potential firefights with other criminals, especially on this side of town. If SSV was studying them from the shadows, the lack of actual protection for the drugs would likely be another red flag.

Young Powers was able to put these red flags together in just moments of looking around. He was hoping that the girl would put together that this was a trap and disengage but knew better when the flashlight hit her. It was like a spotlight, and it fit right into her character’s gimmick. Once the monologue started, it was clear that Solomon’s original plan wasn’t going to work. When it came to this new guy with blue hair, Sol didn’t know his powers or even really recognize him. He must’ve been new as Sol made it an ongoing side-mission to go through HERO files for worst case scenarios.

In which case, he was going to have to lean more on his disguise than he thought and directly get SSV to extract. She was clearly going for the more stealth-based tactic, sticking to smoke and darkness, but this new guy kept finding her near instantly with his phone flashlight. It was more than obvious that it wasn’t just a coincidence, but a result of whatever power he had. He knew Spark Girl, whose powers were a wildcard in this particular situation, likely the most dangerous.

Sol didn’t want to have to use his abilities too much here, but if the situation called for it…Sol needed to just blind the guy for just a second, Sparky wouldn’t know where to aim and she likely wouldn’t just blow them all up. He doubted HERO wanted SSV that badly to sacrifice any innocents. So, while the blue guy tried to talk down SSV with a threat, Sol took advantage of the shadows.

Grabbing hold of one of the running interns, he snatched the lab-coat off of them and pushed them towards an exit. As he held the garment, he shook his head. A fucking lab-coat…seriously, who set up this trap? Did they think criminals were complete idiots? Annoyance aside, he inhaled briefly before briskly bolting for one of the warehouse’s walls. Running straight up the vertical surface towards the rafters, he aimed his eyes around for the layout in the meantime. Plotting his course of motion compared to SSV’s position and the guy’s flashlight, Sol jumped from the wall.

Swiftly swinging from bar to bar, his motion created a disturbance in the smoke above the heads of the two heroes. From the rafters opposite of SSV, a small gust of wind echoed loud in the emptying warehouse. After traversing from one end to the other, a second of silence briefly passed until Sol dropped from the rafters.

Exhaling, Sol’s eyes focused as he zoomed towards little boy blue and Sparky. The sound of displaced air was followed by the lab coat that suddenly flew towards the duo like a ghost. The empty garment landed over the guy and phone to cover the light as if blown by wind. Sol had to move double the time of the first to get past in a shadowy blur without touching and hurting either of them.

Up the wall once again, he aimed towards SSV herself. This time, slower and quieter, he snatched her arm and pulled her down. Using gravity as the main source this time, Sol sped up their descent to duck behind a desk, making sure he landed first to take the brunt of the impact. Now with several seconds to breathe, Sol looked down at the vigilante in his grip.

“You have to go. It’s a trap.” Solomon whispered quickly.

Interaction | Daphne AKA @DreamingFlowers
Kassandra AKA @Mistress Dizzy
Location | Team Jet Returning To Sanctuary

Kilamanjaro hadn’t said a word since they took off to return to home base. He had done what Rain had commanded so far as placing the container on the jet. Along with the distraction that Aleen’a had given, he managed to fly to the roof and scoop up some members of Squad A to aid with extraction. Vicky had said nothing too, which got under Ja’s skin, making him anxious. He remembered that Djum Djum’s punishment did not happen when they failed the mission. It was when they returned home.

Regardless, he currently had nothing else to do but hope Daphne got better. On that front, progress was slow. It didn’t feel like she was suddenly dying anymore, but she didn’t quite recover yet. Thus, Ja felt the urge to stay close by despite not knowing what she needed. It seemed that the cold was the main issue, so hopefully the blankets would help.

Ja had long abandoned the mask to a counter on the jet, though his suit still took on something of a pale grey with brown spots. The guardian mentality of the German Shepherd remained in him but he had the feet of a fat-tailed gecko, using his palms to stick the roof above Nymph. He had watched after her for a bit, but eventually his eyes had closed. He kept quiet as he heard someone approach, though opposed to opening his eyes, the scent told him who it was.

It was strange, the warmth he felt from Kassy’s presence, even before she said a word. When she spoke to Daphne just below, with words of comfort, Ja was sure he could understand why. On Kassy’s yelping interjection though, was when Ja’s eyes jutted open. Considering that she was looking up at him, he wondered if it was something he did. He quickly looked down(or up) at himself. Nothing seemed wrong…Though, then again, he took note of the color pattern his suit had taken on because of the gecko…Perhaps she did not see him.

Her question made him pause. He wasn’t sure what exactly he was feeling. They all made it back alive and mostly unharmed, but his fear failed the team of their mission. All he had to do was keep from getting found, and he lost himself to memory when he felt Daphne in trouble. It surely wasn’t Daphne’s fault for their failure. From looking at her, the skin had become tree bark, her leaves browned and withered. Looking back, his senses were probably also trying to tell him fall and winter were coming, through her.

Clearly, her powers were something that she just had to grow to understand, Ja supposed. The boy knew what that was like, despite it being a little while since he lost control. He would try his best to help her to control them, when the time was right…

His mouth moved to answer, as he realized he was taking a while, but he caught movement below. Seeing Daphne move on her own to wave brought a small smile to his face. She was better…Sort of, her face was still stuck. He waved back to Daffy-Knee, and returned focus to Kassy sharing the smile with her too.

”I am okay…It was my fault that the alarms went off…” He admitted causing the brief glimmer in his eyes to falter, still trying to maintain a more mellow tone than monotone.

Interaction | Rain AKA @FunnyGuy
Location | Mission Site: La Hoya

Metamorph remained perched in the tree as he awaited orders from the rest of his half of the team. In the meantime, he kept his eagle-inspired eyes roving around and caught sight of the guard as it initially passed him by. His instincts told him to strike while the security was occupied. Observing them, however, Ja was able to put together that they were there to look for something. Looking at the container that he still held in his hand, he started to wonder if it was a good idea to take it in the first place.

All the while, he felt a strange sinking feeling in his chest. Something was wrong…Very wrong. The Red ate at him from within, a feeling similar to guilt welling up inside, as if watching a friend die. The feeling brought him to a memory, the first scar line for the first companion he’d lost on a mission. His vision glazed over and a momentary flashback overtook him.

It was a mission like this, that he lost his friend Djum Djum. Infiltrating a facility that Ja later learned was operated as a safe-house for metas from the Buredunian Special Forces. The facility had been apparently protected by Batwing at the time…The mission was a failure, as Djum Djum had got spotted. They had to retreat, and their commanding officer was angry, too angry. Djum Djum had cost them the mission, and their CO had to answer to King Lion who already wasn’t keen to failure. It wasn’t before Djum Djum was executed out of their commander’s anger and fear… Djum Djum was older than he was back then. He was funny and sometimes shared food with Ja…His friend should not have died…Ja shouldn’t have let that happen to him.

Blinking the memory away, Metamorph squeezed his fingers together in internal pain. It was right afterwards that his eyes widened momentarily as his hand was void of the little container of evidence. Realizing that he had dropped it, his eyes went down to search for it and instead caught the guard staring up at him. Ja froze in place. He hadn’t heard anything back from his team up until this point.

That was when the alarm went off.

The Red’s worry still sat in his chest but now combined with Djum Djum’s scar. Was Ja the failure of this mission? The question along with his instincts prompting him to action pushed him to move on his earlier predatory inclination. Clawing his fingers, his arms spread like an eagle and he dove down from the tree. Swooping on the guard, he extended his legs and crashed feet first directly into the man’s chest. Once on the ground, Metamorph placed a foot on each of the guard’s elbows. His suit took a Lion’s pattern to mesh with the Golden Eagle. His fingers became the jaws around the guard’s throat and arteries to disable him.

Afterwards, he looked around. He took notice of the container he dropped earlier, but now was trying to find Nymph as it was clearly where he was receiving these signals from. Remembering where he had left her earlier, he snatched up the strange container and flapped his arms once to become airborne.

Once finding her and Rain, he landed near them. His suit’s pattern swapped to that of a German Shepherd, a dog’s whine briefly audible as he stared the wilting girl down. He dropped the container on the ground and absentmindedly nudged it close to them. His inability to remain focused failed his teammates. The rest of the team with Talon was still inside, but he had no orders to follow. Ja didn’t know what to do with himself now.

”I am sorry, Vicky…”

Interaction | Team A; Nymph AKA
Location | Mission Site: La Hoya

With clearance given to check out the strange vehicle, Metamorph waited for just a moment. Monitoring his teammates as they got into position, he kept to his snow leopard posture to keep the pattern matched with the snow and rocks. Then, on all fours, he got to the ground level just a ways off from the HQ. Confident of his teammates abilities, Ja went to work in investigating the scene.

As he approached, it was easy to notice displaced and broken branches. Given his specific authenticity, this wasn’t an animal that made this mess. When he got closer, it was confirmed, this car was a point of interest. On all fours, he crept out of the brush after carefully looking around. With his headbush tied into the pretty Kass lines, he had to double his attentiveness.

Closer now, a burning scent hit him after closing a six foot distance and he exhaled from his nose aggressively. Bad stuff was close, which he quickly took notice of green liquid mixed between small red hazes in the snow. The red was blood, though something about it was strangely familiar but he couldn’t quite place it. The green stuff, he had no idea.

Standing up, he looked at the car itself, noting some minor damage; small dents and chipped paint. Clearly there was some kind of struggle that happened here. That wasn’t a guarantee that there was a friendly in the area, but Ja was optimistic given the familiar blood scent. Returning his eyes to the ground, he noticed a small trail it left, as well as some footprints in mixed directions.

The trail of green, Ja followed to a beat up little container that it seemed to come from. His head tipped to the side, comfortably going back down with his hands gently squeezing at the ground. Looking over his shoulder at the scene again, he looked back to the container. Were they fighting over this thing? And, if they were, why just leave it here?

As he was picking the container up to examine it further, he heard the message from Nymph. One of the guards was off their patrols en route to the forest? Ja was willing to guess that they’d be heading this way. He still had to report what he had found as well…Metamorph made an executive decision, feeling something off in his gut. The suit’s pattern changed as he now took the inspiration of a squirrel, scurrying into the brush and quickly up a tree.

Once in the tree and in a secure branch, he laid on it for the brown to blend with the tree bark. The brown seemed to slowly deepen as he combined the squirrel with that of a golden eagle, searching the forest visually. Pressing a finger to his coms, he kept his voice low while his eyes searched for the stray guard.

”There was a struggle near the car…blood, many foot falls, and a strange green liquid. It seems to have some toxic qualities…Something here seems out of place, over.”

Location | Innocuous Warehouse |
Missions | A Dish Best Served Cold |
Mentions | @Akayaofthemoon, @Hitman, @Mintz, @Sassy1085 |

The streets were quiet, specifically around this area. From a hero’s perspective, that’d likely be a pretty good thing. It wasn’t. Something was up here, and the streets knew it. Something was upsetting the balance and Sol knew what it was. He heard some talking about an old drug plant that they were reopening as a front. The reason, he wasn’t too keen about. Thus, he was off the Paladin but was also off the record. If they knew what he was coming here to do, they’d likely try to stop him. Thus with even as little as it’s seen, the Blur Rabbit didn’t make an appearance today.

Instead it was just the disappointment nobody, Solomon Powers, making his way down the road with hands in his pockets. The name of the game was casual wear, but made him unrecognizable. So he was in a royal blue hoodie, black jeans, with similarly black and blue basketball high-tops. His hair was concealed underneath a black trucker cap, his hands with black tactical gloves. He wore his protective bodysuit beneath as well, just in case. When right outside, he pulled down a blank white face mask from under his hat to conceal his face.

When inside, it looked like they were just breaking for the mission to start. Sol took a moment to look around and it seemed about as he expected. Going by the sights and smells, there were actual drugs in play here. The choice to do so baffled him some. This stuff was usually supposed to be disposed of, not to be played with for a mission designed to capture one person. But people who turned to drugs for their problems needed to be locked up with little to no help…A topic for another time.

In the moment, there were many more people involved for him to do what he was going to do initially. His eyes went to the heroes involved, nodding in passing to Piranha Boy who seemed to be taking charge of the mission. Two of which, Sol recognized. His lips pursed under his mask, knowing immediately one of them would present an issue if he didn’t address it quickly. So, as the group moved into whatever positions in anticipation, Solomon followed her. He kept his voice low but spoke up as he neared her.

“Ren. Quick, I have to talk to you.”
My non gm opinion thinks robo messiah is interesting.

Interaction | Teams A & B (For Now)
Location | Mission Site: La Hoya

So far Kilamanjaro wasn’t sure how he felt about their stealth mission. At first, he was excited because it had been a really long time since he got to do one. Well, really after freedom, this was the first time he was getting to do any missions. He even got to wear the camouflage costume that changed colors to the animal from the Red he was drawing from. Though there was one small problem, being the mask which was designed to cover his whole head. It was sort of thin, yes, but his hair was big, which he supposed made it a big problem.

Ja’s hair was one of his strongest ways of feeling what was around him. However, if he left that, or his face out on a mission like this, it would be easy to figure out who it was after. If their enemies managed to put together it was Young Justice carrying out the mission, it would be bad news, like Batman said.

When he was with King Lion, if there was a stealth mission, they did his hair in different ways to suit the occasion. Ja remembered when he was really little and they tried to cut it all off…He still felt bad about mister Bumi who couldn’t do missions after Ja took his eyesight away…Because of that incident, Ja promised from then on that he would control himself when missions required something to be done to his mane.

Still, he wasn’t sure who initially in his new herd to ask. It was when he mentioned it to Kassy that she offered to do it for him on the plane. At first he wasn’t sure, Ja liked her a lot and didn’t want to accidentally hurt her. Yet it was pretty easy to notice that, despite the color, her hair was sorta like his. If she knew how to manage hers, then she could surely help with his!

Then they got on the mission plane. It took so much of his inner strength not to make a sound or squirm…or at least not squirm a lot. It felt like a hundred howler monkeys screaming for help on his head at the same time. He tried to focus his mind on other things…Like when Daffy-Knee was nice enough to actually bring some chocolate baobab for him. It made his heart fill up with enough joy to balance himself out.

Once it was done, his mane had become neat rows going the length of his head, drooping to the back of his neck and upper back a little bit. It not only fit under the mask…it looked kind of nice! Nice enough, that he went around and showed the rest of the pack. He even showed Alisa!- even though she was driving the mission plane.

When it was time to land, Ja understood that the time for silliness was over and he actually put the mask on. With the chill from the foreign air, he opened and closed his fingers. He opted to leave the pair of night vision goggles for him behind, deeming that they’d make it harder for him to see. Although instinctively remaining near to Mirage, he followed Talon. When urged to try their best, Ja nodded, gripping his shoulder to share the sentiment back to him.

While half Team A seemed to wait around for Talon’s next order, Ja took note of Nymph going off to find a vantage point. Thinking that to be a good idea, the Meta lowered to all fours and the camo suit took on the fur pattern of a Snow Leopard. Creeping along after and a bit further beyond, Metamorph managed to get a glimpse of the HQ.

Noticing Coal flying above, he perched still and doubled up to become a Snow Leopard with Barn Owl eyes. Almost immediately on scanning the area, the Meta noticed something. With Nymph having gotten the comm system online, Metamorph immediately put it to use.

”Metamorph to Squad A, we have an automobile hidden near Kobra HQ. It seems to be hidden, and given the placement, its alignment with the faction seems questionable, over.”
He was saying they both were NPCs, canary.
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