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Current Ya know...I don't think my last status aged well.
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To all y'all whose 2K19 New Year's resolution was to make it to 2020. We lit out here.
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Man, Discord out here playing GAMES.
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Praying for all y'all in the Bahamas. Dorian ain't being the best tourist.
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Wasn't I just looking forward to Endgame at the beginning of the month? How the hell is it coming out already? XD


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It's only been like a couple days my guy. You're good.

Interactions: @Crystal Amalgam - In Passing...

Crouched between the crenel of a watchtower overlooking Castle Town, the young shadow watched. He had just arrived from the secret overpass between Kakariko and the castle fortress. He hadn't expected to come back to this big of an attack. Studying the attacking troops, it appeared to be monstrous forces but mixed within, gerudo. His sneaking suspicion of the Desert king's ulterior motives clearly had some basis after all.

The fact that the wall had not been destroyed as a means of getting in, meant that the gate had to be opened from the inside. Meaning, the invaders had someone on the inside...However, there was no time for inward banter attacking himself for not being back sooner. In the moment, the royal family was in grave danger by the looks of this. Making out the ideal pathway via the Castle Town building structures, Sheik jumped down.

It was when he made his way near the ground, he heard the rattle of metal and he turned his head. Scarlet sight spotted someone shying in the shadow of the wall. A child, it looked like, trying to escape through the drain grates. If only for a moment, he felt a glimmer of his past. A child borne of war, when it came time to actually go to the field. The pandemonium, the confusion, the helplessness, fear; traits he could see in the lad huddled up against the grates to freedom. Although a fighter, Sheik could easily understand ones who weren't. That was why he'd put the boy out of his misery, if only briefly.

A throwing star was pulled from its place tucked beneath one of his wrappings. For a brief moment did his revealed eye glow, finding his mark. Soon afterwards, the star zipped through the air with enough precision to find the small gap the lad hadn’t covered. Stuck between two bars, sizzling was audible as they began melting away.

Not giving the gesture any time for acknowledgement though, the shadow climbed atop a house in a few bounds. Using the shadows to his advantage, he made the journey to the castle itself via parkour. While he’d help people where he could, Sheik realized that he couldn’t help everyone and his priority was clear. Inferring that the front gates leading into the castle’s main hall had already been taken, the next place to go would be the stables. Securing an escape for the royal family would be the second priority if the fight had gotten too dangerous inside.

His only hope was that he wasn't too late...
@Dark Cloud So, brotha man, I'm a little confused.

Around castle town siege time, Sheik would likely be in castle town helping folks evac, I imagine that it was when he and Impa split that he was sent to watch over Kakariko.

Trusting your process though, with stationing him in the village early, the idea is that some figures are coming into the village from the mountains or the front gate?

What @yummyyummy said is correct.
@DClassified Yo I heard your playing a Shekiah now that is cool.

A spin on our most famous Sheikah.

Rejected gerudo prince will be up later this week. A WIP will likely be up before then.
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