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Current To all y'all whose 2K19 New Year's resolution was to make it to 2020. We lit out here.
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Man, Discord out here playing GAMES.
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Praying for all y'all in the Bahamas. Dorian ain't being the best tourist.
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When the RP starts: "Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team..."
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Wasn't I just looking forward to Endgame at the beginning of the month? How the hell is it coming out already? XD


You can call me DC, Czar, Too Much, whatever works for you.

Been roleplaying about 6+ years now. Trying different websites out to see what happens, so, if I happen to have encountered you before, don't be afraid to give a shout out.

I work nights and am usually up for most hours of the day. Because of that, I'm often running on no sleep, so that's a thing.

Want to know more? Just ask.

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Titans I love Titan based RP

Nice pic. Need your character ideas tho.


I was debating between going down the typical speedster route (accidentally discovering the speed force through an experiment inspired by the Flash family) or to make a gravity type character.

These both seem fairly interesting, I'd say just pick one that you feel you'd commit to and have more fun with.

Looks interesting, but also like your full. If you’ve still got space, I’d love to play as a lovable asshole like Red Hood.

Well, we aren't full yet, still in pretty early stages as it isn't a race to see who gets here first. It's an audition to see who fits. So, don't be afraid to pitch your idea.

@Errybody, when it comes to the Bat fam specifically, I kinda have a monopoly over those guys as far as this story is concerned. So if you got ideas that relate to those, that's cool, but keep in mind that role is filled in for the most part.
You're like my wife. Of course, I'd join.

You stay coming wit that extra. XD

Are y'all looking for another one? 'Cause I'm interested.


Awesome. Tell ya boy your ideas.

Essentially, we're gonna be creating a fourth generation Teen Titans team. The 1st generation being the classics led by Dick Grayson. The second generation was the team led by Tim Drake. Then the third group, partially led by Damian Wayne, held my character (Fangs) and my co-GM's (Star Child). Opposed to age being the catalyst that eventually saw them drift apart in the third gen, one of the team’s members were killed in the line of duty. The death of a fellow young hero hit the team hard. Although the Titans tried to continue on, Fangs abandoned the team, and they found it hard to work as a cohesive unit without his aid. Thus, it led to the Titans officially disbanding.

Word of this spread quickly around the city. Without the influence of the Titans looming as the city's protectors, the rate of crime reached a steady incline. Although there have been reports of some small-time vigilante work, none of them have been intimidating enough to deter criminal action; not on their own at the very least. Furthermore, with newfound power a new evil lurks on the horizon. Acts of a terroristic nature have begun to more recently plague the area, with cryptic messages foretelling the destruction of San Francisco.

This turn of events has spurred some to fear. Some fear to stay, others to leave. Yet, there are a few that are spurred to action in the face of such circumstances. Those few that stand for the ones that can't in these trying times. It is those few that have caught the attention of what once was. Of what could be again. You are those few.

That's the sales pitch, the goal is for this to be somewhat of a small group, so far, we have three, so about 2 more players is what we'd need. Perhaps a third if we like the character/idea enough. You'd be able to use canon characters within reason, as well as have connections to them if you'd like. I know everyone loves the original 5 but I feel like to avoid having them added to the team again. Although the framework of this hinges on the comics, I'm not too much of a stickler keep out concepts from other media.

Feel free to ask questions and express interest below.
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"Ey Yo Bushbaby!"

Yosuke kept walking. They always did this, and they knew what today was for him. He wasn't going to humor them this time. He was determined to be there early, as would be fitting for a worker commissioned to a task. To fit the reputation Team 7 earned. He had recommended his teammates do similarly but it wasn't out of place if they just did their own thing. Yo as of this moment in time, however, was avoiding his cousins; Korajo, Midare, and Noboru.

Three 'exemplary' chunin of the Hinoiki that had graduated a little while before him. It was the trio of brothers that were often on his back the most, only being three years older than he was. To call them bullies would be an understatement, as they were almost singlehandedly responsible for his hardships growing up. They were also responsible for the unwanted nickname 'bushbaby'...Yosuke hated that name, thus he never answered to it.

"C'mon now Yosuke, we got somethin for ya." Stated Noboru; followed by Korajo:

"From the clan."

The young swordsman stopped and eyed the ground with a sigh. Something told him he was going to regret this. Despite their odds, he couldn't deny their status as chunin who passed the exams. Maybe for once, he'd learn something helpful from them. So, Yosuke turned around, and past his developing mane, his stern gaze turned upward.


Korajo pulled a small, wooden cylinder coiled object from behind his back. Upon further inspection, it looked sort of like a snake, and the clear gap in the middle looked like it was meant to be placed around something. He extended it for Yo to take. The kid's lips flattened and he looked back up to their goofy faces.

"What is this supposed to be...?"

"You get through the exams wit that on, you a real one." Noboru replied. Yosuke, examined each of their faces. Midare expression didn't seem to move from a straight face, though Korajo had something of a crooked smile. He couldn't see either of their eyes behind shaded glasses. From the looks of this, he felt like he was confronted by a three-headed devil trying to make a deal with him. He mentally debated, but in that small pocket of time, Midare spoke.

"Look like you really ain't shit after all. No wonder the clan don't like you." He stated frankly, holding the denotation of disappointment in his voice. Noboru shrugged and Korajo was retracting his hand, but Yo took the thing.

"Fine." He replied, quickly sliding his left arm through the looping snake cuff. Korajo chuckled a little bit and glanced at his brothers.

"Maybe the kid finally learning."

"We'll see."

"Remember, you gotta keep it on through all the exams. You do, you'll have our respect movin forward." Korajo explained.

Yosuke's golden eye bounced between the three of them again. It was really hard to believe, but after all these years, this might have been the one time they meant those words. It wasn't normal for Midare to even say anything to him, so, that clearly was some kind of sign. Yo rolled his shoulders, but nodded his head in understanding.

Turning back on track again, he started walking again. Following after him, he heard Korajo's voice chase after him.

"This is your test. Good luck Bushbaby! You'll need it."
Present || @Bluetommy, @Sunbather, @Haruharara

Yosuke still managed to make it to the site earlier than most. So, his position ended up somewhere near the front. He was sat on the heels of his feet, with his hands on his knees. His head was aimed down and eyes closed. His father's sword, named "Hakai", laid horizontally parallel in front of him. It was always before top priority tasks that his father taught him to meditate first. To bring his emotions to a controlled place, to focus his thoughts, and ready himself for the task ahead.

To some he probably looked ridiculous, but Yosuke didn't care how they thought he looked. When Hokage Kaminari came in and made her speech, Yosuke opened his eyes and watched attentively. It seemed his meditation was warranted. As very soon, those who were not of his own squad, were to become enemies. Very well too, that death was a serious possibility. Whether it be due to the trials, or to each other, Yosuke wasn't sure yet. Still, it likely was in his best interests to find his team.

This was their first true test.

His eye clipped the wooden ornament on his bicep as he picked up Hakai. Yosuke stood up and threw the blade over his shoulder and finally took notice of the crowd that developed. His view sifted through the faces and noticed cream-colored hair; Yachiyo. He felt air get caught in his lungs as though there was a net inside, feeling a little colder outwardly. He wasn't sure why that happened, but he ignored it for now.

Navigating through, he took note of some faces he'd seen in passing, such as his little cousin Yasu with his team. He thought about going over to him to check on things, considering his teammate just headbutted some other random genin. He found no necessity in that though, and thus kept walking.

It was as he did though, that he took notice of Kurimi, seemingly looking around for her team as well. His head tipped to the side in something akin to fondness, gently placing a hand on her shoulder as he passed her by. He kept his pace forward though, as the two of them were never the sort to exchange many words. Just a touch in hope of cloud-haired girl's good will during the exams, yet also not at his squad's expense.

As it seemed, Shunji managed to find his way to her as well. Made things all the easier. As he approached, he nodded in acknowledgement to each of them.

"Hey Yachi, Hirameki. What's up...?"
This piques my interest.

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The Watcher
Location || Warehouse District
Timeline || October 23, 2130; 7:30 PM +

Interactions || @Shard - Watching Connor

A phantom lurked above the streets of the warehouse district, just out of view from the ground. Rather, just out of view of the visible spectrum for the moment. His eye was focused on his target since the moment it made its journey to where it resided. He had waited until it...he, left the learning center for the day before following. The Watcher took notice of his withdraw from the safety of his home during the later hours, which allowed him to theorize that the female human was not home.

Before comimg here, he was not The Watcher, rather DJ Pharaoh. A young person not unlike himself had a birthday party. They wanted his appearance at the party to hype things up. They seemed to like dubstep, which was very electronical and fast paced. He learned the event to be a ceremonial festival dedicated to the specific birthdate of one person. There were smiling faces, the giving of gifts, decorative elements, and varying foods. There were many similar, likely familial faces. It seemed...nice.

Did he have a birthday? Was it also in Autumn? Being at such an event felt so foreign to him. Rha could not remember if he did or not; Karen did not tell him. Perhaps he didn't...? Baba would have known, if he was still here, he'd tell Rha...It brought him back to his purpose on the surface now. Back to him.

The boy was down there, walking his canine companion called Cerberus. It wasn't hard to decipher that name, as he'd heard it times before when the creature was rowdy while outside. The smile on the boy face though, Rha knew it from long ago. A memory. A memory that drew positive feeling. Perhaps today was the day to see if the boy could give him some insight.

Waves of electromagnetic energy hit him in a pattern like interval. Morse code. The Pariah were signalling him to return. His face twisted into irritation. He didn't want to leave, but, it seemed important. Thus, he let the illusion fade, focusing more on a cover that led to the sewer system. It was likely the quickest way to get to his destination from here. So, unlatching itself from thr ground under Rha's compulsion, it flew through the air.

The miraculous ufo drew the attention of the few passerby in the area. There was a cautious look in their eyes when they followed it back up to the building he stood on and saw him. The Watcher didn't seem to pay them any mind as he stepped on, and started flying off. As he passed by in the air, Rha looked back down at the kid walking his dog over his shoulder. He'd be back eventually.

For now, he turned his head forward and zoomed off for the underground.
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