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To all y'all whose 2K19 New Year's resolution was to make it to 2020. We lit out here.
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Man, Discord out here playing GAMES.
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Praying for all y'all in the Bahamas. Dorian ain't being the best tourist.
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Wasn't I just looking forward to Endgame at the beginning of the month? How the hell is it coming out already? XD


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<Snipped quote by DClassified>

I mean technically but these games tend to go in the 'Title' hero is the main character, people that spin-off from that as legacies 'belong' to the title character. I think that's what he was meaning.

Eh, I'm just saying. Two guys are going after Batman but another has Dick Grayson.

On a separate note; @Master Bruce Lemme get the Kilowatt Kid too.

@Retired Are you sure? Venom has been his own anti-hero without Spider-Man before. Like in the movie or Agent Venom. This would basically just be that except I like Gwen Stacy's aesthetic and character more than I do Eddie Brock. I think having both could work, though it's up to the GM of course but this seems to be a personal preference on your part.

I mean I suppose I will apply anyway but I think both Spider-Man and Venom could co-exist at the start of this RP.

edit: I guess he wouldn't get to be an NPC villain unless something happened to my character.

By a technical standpoint there wasn't only one spider to begin with as someone else was bitten by the same spider as Peter right around the same time. In which case you don't necessarily need to compete with the line of guys already on Parker if you just wants a spider character. That would mean you could apply as Cindy Moon.
You've got my attention. Lemme get the Claw, and I ain't talking Kawhi.

|| Roman Replica ||

|| Morning ||

|| None ||

Samson patiently paced himself to the inside of the basilica where Aria had jutted to so quickly. Once near enough, she seemed to be in front of a door of sorts. With the panel on the wall beside it, it seemed to be an elevator door. This certainly seemed an odd addition when considering the ancient roman theme they had been faced with so far. Then again, the television monitors that their captor felt the need to install around them, perhaps it wasn't as foreign as he imagined.

The fact that they needed a key of sorts to get through this door was an issue. It occurred to Sam that the metallic man was more interested in toying with them opposed to being lethal, or effective. That made him think twice about going to either of the other locations. Perhaps those had clues as to what was to happen here. Though, now holding to the unconscious Firebird, he didn't believe it would be best to put him in jeopardy by going back.

Instead, his hope lied in the comrades that took those separate paths. In the meantime, he felt the urge to once again remove one of his inner-ear plugs. When he did, he was immediately bombarded with the sound of a man's shout, followed by a hard thud from above. Then, more faintly, machinery and rolling. The rumblings and roars sounded like automobiles...Cars on a street...? Could they have perhaps still been in Castleburg? What was happening up there?

It seemed it wasn't long before he'd learn the answer to his auestions as he noticed Will and Brie return. Whatever they had been through, they managed to guess correctly and find the key to this elevator. That was a welcome surprise, and before he knew it, he was on the elevator with the others going up.

When the doors opened, the sounds got louder and he replugged when the elevator abruptly 'dinged'. The scene was rather odd, as the man who seemed so arrogant and vile on the monitors was currently writhing on the floor in pain. Although tied up, it seemed, their opponent didn't anticipate the capabilities of the ones he hauled as hostages.

As it were, Nero had set off a bomb that Rumi quickly went to difuse. With more allegations on Seraph from his comrades, he narrowed his eyes some. Sam didn't know much of this fellow truly, they had never met. However, the list of things he was being painted as being responsible for, looked worse with each passing moment.

As the situation seemed to be calming now though, he relaxed his shoulders some. Just when Sam's head was on a swivel for the exit, he caught the sound of many small thuds surrounding him. As he was bracing and opening his mouth to alert his teammates, a door to the outside burst open.

Could this have been another villain sent to dispose of them now that they were on the verge of escape? If so, the way that he tumbled through the door didn't seem very intimidating...or very well thought out.

Still, the giant remained tensed, prepared for whatever awaited them next.

|| Brookside ||

|| Morning ||

|| @Zoey Boey ||

Zhaire was eyeing the odd 'Marcus Aurelius' building as he was approaching. This building placement seemed way too out of place. Yes, they were across the road from an italian food joint, but if that place wasn't renovated, it was hard to believe that there was a true connection between the two. With Smokey's tip, this place was obviously a facade for something.

His train of thought was interrupted though, when the sidewalk in front of him morphed into the form of a female. Immediately taking a step back, it now became a woman with red hair. His eyes narrowed slightly as she spoke rather casually about her ability. As it seemed, she must have thought of him as an ally of sorts, but he didn't see a person with her profile on any of the HERO records. He'd remember a face like hers.

So, now he debated as to what this could have been. Perhaps she was associated with all this. If she thought he was an ally of some kind, maybe he could use this to his advantage. Just ask he was going to speak though, a breeze caught him as a blur zoomed past him towards the building in question. Noticing the blur going around the perimeter, Zy's paranoia spiked.

They might have been trying to contain the heroes inside.

Using the spare second that reflex would mandate of a sentient being to process the situation, he managed to check his phone. From the looks of it, the Director seemed to call in reinforcements to retrieve the heroes. Zhaire needed a better vantage point. Thus if the woman had decided to look back, the young man would already be gone, already nearing the top of an adjacent structure via parkour methods.

Going by gut instinct that the bluring motion was one of the reinforcements, as well as the womanly land shark, Zy decided he'd keep watch from up here. The fact that the Director just as quickly decided to send in backup, made him weary of any surprises. Hopefully Brie would be alright in there.

If not, someone was getting a visit from The Hood...

|| Brookside ||

|| Morning ||

|| None ||

Brookside had changed a lot since the young man had left it. In the year that he had been back to Castleburg, he made it a mission to explore the city again. It made him feel like a ghost of the past. There were some secret spots that hadn't changed, some faces that he remembered. Other than that, it was like walking into a new hell of sights and smells. Street names changed; businesses closed and replaced. Gang activity had evolved. Even some of the old gangs in the area were gone, including apparently the Guglianos as a result of the company that Hugo had managed to talk him into joining.

Also in the few months since he had joined, he managed to construct a persona for himself in the HERO ranks, The Black Knight. Although typically on this side of town he did his business as The Hood, Zy understood that there wouldn't be much of a fear factor if The Hood officially joined the ranks of the ultra public HERO organization. Still, he managed to build a pretty decent rep for himself as someone capable of throwing down with the martial artists in Watervale’s Wah Ching.

Speaking of, the Director caught wind of his stronger group of young heroes going missing after a Fourth of July party. While it was one thing for a few to go off the radar for a bit, thirteen super powered individuals gone without a trace was a completely different story. So, while Hugo went on to discuss this shit on the news, Zhaire elected to go to the streets to see if he could figure out anything fishy going on the night before.

Even though the kidnapping took place elsewhere in the city, all villainous activity somehow had ties to Brookside and Watervale. That’s just the way things worked in Castleburg. While he may not have had the same sway in these streets that he once did, he still had some connections and people who owed him favors. One of which was an old Brookside native who never seemed to change, Smokey the Street-Rat.

Crossing the road into an old alleyway, there he was. Cooped up in a corner behind a dumpster was his tent with him beside it and a cigarette hanging from his mouth. A corner of Zhaire’s lip upturned; Smokey hadn’t changed a bit other than some grey in his beard.

”I’ve been gone a long time. Yet here you are, still sitting in the same spot I left you.” Zy addressed the hibiscus huffing hobo with some sarcasm. The man only looked up at him from the folding lawn chair, clearly out of it. As many times as he stole food and money for the old dirty bastard, he still tried to give Zy a hard time about it. The young man rolled his eyes.

”Cut the crap, Smokey. August 13th, 2020.--”

“-Not so loud...I had to make sure you wasn’t the stick fuckin’ with my head…” The man past his prime coughed out rather thick plumes of smoke. Zy shook his head a little.

“I had to do the same when I came back to town about a year ago…How you been?”

“Same old me. But I know this meetin’ ain’t meant to be a chat between two Brook ghosts. Nobody visits ol’ Smokey unless they need somethin’.”

“You’re right.”

“Ain’t that a surprise.--”

”Look, over a dozen of the damn heroes disappeared last night. Nothin happens in these streets that you don’t know about. I need to know if any weird shit went down between last night and this morning.”

“You do realize that last night was America’s birthday nd shit right?”

”You do realize B was caught up in all that shit right?” Zhaire prodded. The mention of the letter made the older man’s eyes widen a bit.

“You mean Buzzin Brie?” The man asked with a sigh, followed by Zy’s nod. There was a small pause as the houseless man let his cigarette fall to the ground. Getting up from the lawn chair, he put his hands into the pockets of his jacket and walked out to the sidewalk.

“Couple blocks from here, y’know, where tha ol pizza joint is?” Smokey asked without looking at it. Zy stood next to him with crossed arms.


“Yeah. Well, a mac truck pulled up last night. Didn’t seem too shady at first. Thought it coulda been the place restockin. Cept they were deliverin’ to the buildin’ across the street from there. You’ll see it. Shit looks newer than everythin’ else in this part of town.”

”Appreciated Smokey.”

“Don’t go thankin me yet. Go get her outta there.”

With that, Zy took notice of Picasso’s Pizzeria down the street, on the same block as a mexican barber shop. Across from it seemed to be some walled off area that looked kind of out of place. With that, Zy passed Smokey a bundle of cash and started walking.

Going through it quickly, it was faced with a ten dollar bill in the roll, but all underneath it was a bunch of ones. It came out to 20 bucks but Zy could still hear the man suck his teeth.

Choosy beggar in the flesh...

|| Roman Replica ||

|| Morning ||

|| @CanaryRose, @Scarifar, @KaijuBaragon ||

It was a subtle change in footing as the planning went on in his head. Her scream, if piercing enough, would likely bother his own hearing for a bit, but hopefully deter the apes for just long enough. The play was to scoop Aria up and make a break for it. While he could have fought them off, if on his own, Sam wouldn't dare compromise her safety willingly. That was when he heard it.

At first it was rather subtle, as though the first sparks of a fire being struck. Therefore, it was not much of a surprise when he saw Blake still conjuring flames even from his weakened state. What wasn't quite expected, was the radiant raptor that he had crafted. The size and brightness, made him recall tales told by his people of the legendary Firebird. It was no surprise that this flashy means of power struck fear into the remaining ogres and drove them away.

As it passed them, the smell of smoked ogre was strong, but not as unbearable as before. A grateful glance went to the ginger, though he was unconscious. Quake seemed to quickly pronounce Blake dead, though, Sam could still hear his heartbeat, and further checking from Tom and Rumi seemed to confirm that he'd be alright.

The giant's paces came closer as notions of moving on came up. When it came to carrying Blake, it was rather obvious what his role would be here. The more free hands the better with the unknowns that lied ahead. Therefore, when close enough, Samson lightly, but quickly threw Blake over one shoulder; The man-child light as a feather. Walking after the path Patricia took to the basilica, Sam gestured with his head to the others.

"Come along. There's no telling what awaits us ahead."

Alexandria: The New Frontier

“What if you were different from everyone else?

Sure, everybody is slightly different on the outside; height, skin color, hair, voices, birthmarks, and even funky smells. Everyone’s brain and organs on the inside are proportionally in the same places, and their bodies function in the same way. That’s how a species works, according to modern scientific research. What if this modern science missed something; Someone like you?

What if modern science said that you couldn’t exist because they couldn’t explain you? What you can do, that others in your perceived species cannot. What if those ones hated you without even knowing you? What if those people hid in the shadows, waiting-- hunting for you? To detain, decipher, and decease you?

What if they told you you shouldn’t belong? What if they alienated you? What if they made your friends and family abandon you? What if you were lost and alone?

What if you weren’t alone? What if there were really people like you all along? Just hidden behind legends and history? Just hidden behind the ones who control common knowledge, because they can’t control you?

What if you found new friends and family? What if they were tired of running and hiding? What if they were tired of being told that they didn’t belong? What if they just wanted to be free?

What if the hateful ones wanted this ‘mutated mutiny’ mutilated? What if they constructed machines to destroy the people like you? What if the people like you took a stand against this injustice? What if they fought for the generations of difference before, and the generations to come?

What if there are people like you were? Lost and trying to figure out where they belong? What if you wanted to help them but couldn’t do it on your own? What if you needed help to help them?

What if you were like me...?”

This is an RP centered around the concept of mutants. Yes it is inspired heavily from the concepts of the X-Men, but essentially a different take on it. There aren’t going to be canon characters, though characters of similar nature are welcome. This story is going to follow the journey of mutants and the nation of New Alexandria. The year is 2030, in a world not so different from our own with similar occurring events in history.

This mutant governed nation was formed after the Mutant/Human war in the United States, splitting California into a northern and southern half. New Alexandria is the southern half, with the possibility of expanding as the nation’s growth reaches an incline. Although something of a truce has settled between the Humans and Mutants to coexist, there is still something of a cold war going on between them. The country is still young and has only been in place for 10 years.

New Alexandria has set up a task force dedicated to locating mutants between national lines, named “The First Echelon”. This team offers newly discovered mutants the opportunity to come to the mutant safe haven. This does, of course, involve rescuing some from mutant injustice where they find it. The view of mutants globally among humans is polarized and it’s up New Alexandria to tip the scales.

What does destiny have in store for mutant-kind?

OOC RP Stuff:

Rules for Superhero RPs and RPing in general are literally plastered everywhere. I ain’t gonna restate em here, again unless I absolutely have to. (Knowing me, I’m gonna probably have to add some later anyway. Just keep in mind that, while I want you to have your fun, your characters and their actions have to be able to fit within the story realistically to the world.

There will be dark themes and surely some politics involved in this, but it won’t be overboard. There will be good times to balance out the bad. The amount of characters and world building and all that can be determined as we move along.

Character Sheet: You can kinda go crazy with this, as I am not really a stickler for how the info is presented. It just should at least have these things.

For Better or Worse, Your Character’s actions will have an impact on how the world views mutants.

[Image Appearance Here or you may add a description section, or both]
Alias: (If applicable)
Species: (You can be Human, though there has to be a pretty good reason as to why you’d be involved in everything.)
Age: (16+)
Skills and Powers:
Biography: (Doesn't have to be super long. Paragraph minimum)
Other: (Any other additional information,)

Any other concerns just ask. This is OP is going to change and evolve, but I just wanted to get this up so that It’d get out of my docs. XD
Oh I Gotta Be Dreaming...

You know? He hadn't slept this good since his aunt made that uber thick gumbo last thanksgiving. Though, today was a little sluggish getting up. His body didn't really want to move...It smelled weird as hell too, like wet dirt. The last he recalled, he was coming back from a road trip with the team as there was a tournament across the way. Come to think of it, he didn't feel like he was laying on a bus seat either, this was way more comfortable.

Slowly his eyes opened and he was confronted with all kinds of greenery above. What kind of dream was this? His eyes caught pretty faces on te ground next to him. Must have been one of them good dreams...But they were asleep though. He never seen other people asleep in his dreams before. That was some inception typa shit. Sitting up a little straighter, he saw other folks up and talking.

The reality began to set in as he paid a little more attention to what they were saying. This dream was actually a nightmare; A nightmare about getting kidnapped or lost. While getting somehow Pill Huxtabled and taken to a weird sparkling forrest would be scary as hell, Walé was sure he'd wake up soon. Actually getting up to his feet, he stetched a little bit. Bones popping and joints loosening, he listened to their questions. They all seemed to be "Who are you people?" Or "Where are we?"

Walé's question was: "Brent? Is that you? Bruh, what are you doing in my dream man? You can't be here, I be done said your name while I'm sleeping and nobody on the bus is gonna let me live that down...and..." Walé paused.

"Damn, you old, I haven't seen you since..." He seemed to be going somewhere with that, but he froze. Walé hadn't seen his boy in person since like early elementary school. Now it was starting to get real, because dreams didn't age people. least he didn't think they did.

In either case, this was starting to feel less like he was asleep. Brent was holding a med-kit and peope didn't need that shit in dreams. A cold feeling was beginning to set in. Oh hell nah. There was no way.

How did he go from a bus to the forest with the Shimmer from Annihilation?

This had better be a dream where he'd wake up and his Aunt Marsha was gonna kick his ass for not getting off the bus on time...and low key, he'd prefer that than whatever this lucid nightmare was.
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