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Current Finally saw Endgame and don't know what to do anyone.
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In a mood for some GoT RP. Anyone else?
4 yrs ago
It's been a while hasn't it?
6 yrs ago
While online responsibilities are to be taken seriously, real life always has to come first. It's tough striking a balance but it's necessary for one's own sanity.
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One's own mental health is often overlooked but I urge everyone to take care of themselves. <3


I'm only human.

Aren't we all?

Eventually we all fall.

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About me:

I write on discord and I can offer 5-6 paragraphs per role I undertake. I can post a few times a week with an active OOC.

I play both genders with a preference for playing women. That said I am happy to double/triple/play side roles as needed.

I enjoy M x F ships mostly but am open to same-sex.

All characters are aged up to 18+ years of age.

If you want my discord handle, drop me a line or comment!

The Last of Us:

I haven't played the games but I have seen the series. Ellie will be aged up of course. I am cool with adding other fandom characters here like say Katniss from The Hunger Games, could be interesting. Mostly looking for a Joel but am happy to double as Tommy.

Joel x Ellie
Joel x Maria
Joel x My OC
Tommy x Your OC
Tommy x Maria
Your OC x Ellie

The Queen's Gambit:

I've seen the series and read the book, but prefer to keep the source material to the Netflix series if possible. I have AU plots too and an idea if you've seen Godless. I'm also assuming Beth is 18 years old as mentioned. I play Beth, Harry, Townes, Jolene and maybe Cleo.

Benny x Beth
Benny x Annette
Benny x My OC
Harry x Beth
Harry x Annette
Townes x Harry
Townes x Cleo
Townes x Your OC
Your OC x Cleo

Game of Thrones:

It's been a long time since I've RPed or seen the show. I am not a book-reader, as heads up. And yes, all canons are aged up by a good 5-6 years. I have plots for some of these.

Ned x Cat
Jaime x Sansa
Jaime x Arya
Jaime x Dany
Jaime x My OC
Joffrey x Arya
Tyrion x Cersei
Petyr x Cersei
Your OC x Cersei
Theon x Sansa
Theon x Sansa
Jon x Arya
Jon x Sansa

Alice in Borderland:

I've seen both seasons, something post-season two would probably work well enough.

Arisu x Ann
Arisu x Your OC
Chishiya x Ann
Chishiya x Usagi
Chishiya x Kuina
Chishiya x My OC
Kuina x Usagi
Kuina x Your OC

Other fandoms: Naruto, Pokemon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Star Trek, The Orville, My Hero Academia, Gravity Falls, Yokai Watch, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, or Harry Potter.
I'm looking for a Maverick for Phoenix or my female OC.

I am happy to double up as Rooster or Hangman for your selected canon or OC if you want.

I primarily work over discord and am looking for someone who enjoys slice of life with hints of danger/action. This would be a slow burn without a doubt and a slow pace fine with me. When I do write, each role gets 3-4 paragraphs so in the event we're doubling, expect to get twice the amount and that it's a fair distribution of development and attention. I've seen people double where a pair feels skewed or someone is going through the motions. If we double, we should both be invested in each pairing and having fun. Crossovers are cool too, I think Mission Impossible or Whiplash could be fun, given the overlap of Cruise and Teller with those films.

At any rate, drop me a line if you're interested.
Bump. Happy 10 years to Gravity Falls!
Bumping this.
Still on the hunt
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