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Finally saw Endgame and don't know what to do anyone.
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In a mood for some GoT RP. Anyone else?
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It's been a while hasn't it?


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Hiya, I'm looking for a literate RP partner via discord!

I'm looking for an Oberyn Martell but I'm open to a Joffrey or Jaime, if we want to do multiple pairings.

My posts tend to be several paragraphs in length and I have ample free time. That said, I don't need quick replies, as I understand life happens and I'd rather not rush someone or add stress to their life. As long as we communicate and stay in touch, I'm patient. If you'd like to double, we can hash things out. I can write as an aged up Arya or Sansa for Oberyn but I do have some OC ideas below that I'd love to flesh out with a partner so we're both happy. I do have some Jaime x Sansa and Joffrey x Arya plots if that is of interest, otherwise see below for my Oberyn ideas.

If you wanna add me on discord: genkaichan

One idea is that my OC encounters Oberyn in King's Landing. My OC is a servant working at the Red Keep. She is a baker and cook and has spent her life in servitude but is able to provide for her family, so she doesn't see her job as a negative. Once Oberyn joins the Small Council, my OC is assigned to assist Oberyn with his day to day needs (non-sexually of course). The two end up sparking a connection as they spend more time together, as Oberyn isn't frequenting brothels as much, so he can spend time with my OC at the castle. In his free time, he offers to teach my OC some self-defense tactics as he's noticed some men have been mistreating her and he wishes to protect her, when he's around but if not, he'd wants her to be strong to take care of herself. I would like to push the fight against Clegane back and take the pace slower regarding the trial. Of course, Oberyn will win or we have him fight someone else who is defeated.

Another idea I have it to start things prior to Oberyn's arrival to King's Landing. My OC is living somewhere in Essos (we can discuss details). Background is flexible! She and Oberyn cross paths while he's with the Second Sons. Oberyn could be hired to protect my OC or happen to save her from harm of his own volition from dangerous men. Or maybe she is also a mercenary and they work together, perhaps she's new to the Second Son's and needs looking after. Regardless, they have cute banter and begin to court one another. If Oberyn is still sleeping around, it would take even longer for my OC to warm up to something serious and exclusive with him. If we go this route, we can flesh out the locations of Essos and build up to the pair visiting King's Landing and dealing with the politics there. But this gives up a good foundation going into King's Landing.

And one last concept, is my OC is from Winterfell (or nearby?) this take place later, with Oberyn not being in King's Landing at all. Instead, he is there to aid in the Battle of Winterfell against the White Walkers. My OC needs extra training and Oberyn takes it upon himself to train her as the group rallies to defend against the icy undead army. This one isn't as fleshed out as the others but I figured it would give us room to tackle whatever the last season was and do some rewrites. But I'm also open to suggestions!
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