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22 May 2017 19:55
Current Still craving a Logan RP...siiiiigh.
16 May 2017 19:13
I'm back from Portland, OR. I'll work on posts tomorrow once I've settled. :)
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9 May 2017 7:20
Insomnia is stupid.
5 May 2017 18:44
Gonna be busy today and tomorrow, expect me to pop on Sat late at night or Sun afternoon guys.
4 May 2017 23:06
Looking forward to my road trip to see my bff in Portland. Eeeeek~!


I'm 26 years old and enjoy baking and eating sweets because life is sweet and you should enjoy every bite!

I graduated with a BA in Creative Writing and I'm moving to Sendai, Japan come mid-June.

I am very close to my family and they will always come first. Now that I will be a full time employee teaching kids, I'm bound to vanish for a few days at a time for that reason. On my days off I will likely spend time here but doing other little things like cleaning and making teaching props. I ask that my partners be patient with me as I may only be able to pop up briefly to chat in the OOC but I will do my best to make time for my current partners. At present I don't think I can accept any new RPs until I have moved and adjusted to my new life in Japan.

I can do original and fandom RPs but do have a love for fandoms these days. I write as canons and like to write against them, as OCs tend to bore me, and more often than not they're poorly constructed and clearly don't belong in the fandom universe. I usually give several healthy paragraphs. I do roleplay on two other sites so my time is also spent on them. I do have a skype that I am trying to use again so if anyone wishes to contact me there, feel free. I also use Google Hangouts too.

I consider myself fairly easy-going and forgiving but I do like my independence and space. I have other writing projects and sometimes I may not even feel like writing for a while. Should I go MIA for a few days or even a week or two, just know I will come back when I can. My track record has proven I'm trustworthy and willing to give folks the benefit of the doubt so I hope I can be given the same. I look forward to writing with those partners I have now and hope in a few months I can accept another one or two more if permitting.



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Still looking!
In [ migration ] 22 May 2017 19:51 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
At this point, I think anyone who should post, should do so. Those who do not post, I will be writing out in my next post.
I'll get something up today I'm hoping, also fiddling with work prep. Urgh, gotta take tests before I depart. I thought I was done with that stuff. -grumbles-
In [ migration ] 17 May 2017 18:40 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Any ETA on posts?
Tried to get a post before I left last week but that clearly didn't happen. I'll work on it tomorrow though. :)
Bumping this.
In [ migration ] 10 May 2017 19:37 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Yep, I'm gonna have my next post write the other two off to the side so everyone else still here should feel free to post!
You guys are cute with your gun jargon. XD
May take one more of these, seeking a Logan or a Matt Murdock or a Kilgrave.
Oooh posts! I'll get something up tomorrow after I get up and fiddle with chores.

Sorry to hear you guys are busy. I do not miss finals or studying. ^^;
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