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Current While online responsibilities are to be taken seriously, real life always has to come first. It's tough striking a balance but it's necessary for one's own sanity.
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One's own mental health is often overlooked but I urge everyone to take care of themselves. <3
8 mos ago
I've been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately and to be honest it has me considering going on a temporary hiatus. If I do, I will inform my partners but I need to take care of myself. Still unsure.
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In a kitchen related accident I cut off the tip of one of my fingers this afternoon. Typing is gonna be a lot more tedious and slow for a while.
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I don't care what people say, Iron Man 2 is a good film and I'd say I prefer it over Iron Man 3.


I'm only human.

Aren't we all?

Eventually we all fall.

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I didn't feel comfortable getting the IC post up until I felt we were both on the same page and for a bit it seemed like we weren't. But now it seems we've got things settled which makes me feel more at ease so I should get something up soon. Though if you wanted to get it up sooner I wouldn't have opposed. XD
Working on a post right now.

Just to clarify, can we also do two characters? I have no intention to add one right now, but maybe in the future?

Sure, no problem!
I don't think it's out of Raven's character to want to bring down Transigen and help the mutant children though. I think that's part of her motivations. I see Raven as a bit selfish and impulsive even at this point in her life. While she wants to reconnect with Charles and help Laura and Logan, I think she still would take the fight to Transigen if/when possible which I do expect to be met with resistance. If you're not sure about how I'm characterizing Raven, we can go with another plot though. I want us both to be comfortable with direction and intent.
I understand, school is picking up but just be sure to keep us in the loop. Any post is better than none IMO. :)
Aww Bolin can only do so much lol

And thanks. :)
Aww Bolin can only do so much lol

And thanks. :)
I understand, life has been real tough on my end too. I hope we can catch each other another time.
I do see Raven as selfish though, while she values Laura's freedom and wishes to help her and the others escape Transigen, I can still see Raven wanting to confront Transigen now that Laura is finally without restraint. Raven isn't who she once was, phsycailly, I think she'd want to use the strength behind Laura to tip the scales. I also see Raven as having been able to snag a few vials of serum to help those like Charles and Logan, it wouldn't be a permanent solution but I think Raven has been preparing for this juncture for a while. Logan wouldn't want to fight the large scale fight Raven may lean toward, Laura would have her own reservations but I don't see Raven's choices fueled solely on kindness. Laura as an ally gives Raven a chance to bring down a few Transigen lab. That would be another source of conflict for the group. Head to the border, go on a detour, etc. If you're not on board with the idea I understand but I do see this RP as an opportunity to change some things and explore different tactics on each individual's desires.
As he found himself suddenly bound, he fell to his knees as his body settled into a heap on the arena. His limbs twitched as he tried to break free, knowing he had to help Korra. Somehow. Moments ago he and Korra had been in a heated argument. While he had stood by most of what he said to her, he knew some of his words had been sorely out of line. Bolin was disgusted that he had let his own personal anger get in the way of helping Korra, someone who was precious to him. While he wasn't sure where he and Korra would go from this point on, he knew he had to get to her side to help her. Current personal feelings aside, he had to do something. He wouldn't let her face Amon alone. With his arms and legs bound, he wiggled slightly as he tried to earth bend something, anything but it seemed futile.

A light grunt left his lips as he looked over his shoulder to see Korra crossing the pathway he had crafted. His gaze turned back ahead of him to where Amon was with the other pro-benders. Fear was threatening to seize Bolin's very core. It was as though a heavy chill had fallen over his body. Breathing became harder as he tried to push away the words he and Korra slung at one another. Now they were stuck in this battle, so much was at stake and he was unable to help her. Bolin groaned as he finally pushed himself to his knees. His entire being wanted to tell Korra to flee, to get out while she could, that saving face wasn't nearly as important as saving her life, that the world needed the Avatar and now wasn't the time to play Amon's game.

But no words came.

He was frozen.

He was pulled up to his feet as he was pulled towards the other hostages. He flailed his legs but they did little to stop what was happening. "Korra!" He called out, trying to find some sort of optimism to spur her on. Usually he was a fountain of confidence but he too was feeling the pressure. He couldn't fathom what Korra was feeling. It had to be ten times worse than what was torturing him. There was so many things he needed to say to her but now was not the time. She had to be ready for one hell of a fight. "You can do it Korra, you have more to fight for than he does!" Amon wanted to extinguish Korra and the hope she provided many people, including him. Despite having disagreements about her motives and their personal feelings for one another, he knew the greatness she was capable of.

Withering against the metal restraints, he could feel the metal bending slightly but not nearly enough to allow the earth bender to break free. 'I gotta learn to bend metal, damnit!' He thought angrily to himself. When Korra aimed a fiery punch toward Amon, the heat could be felt from where Bolin and the others were positioned. His heart raced as he watched Korra and Amon begin their duel. Bolin clenched his jaw as he felt his nails dig into his palms, almost deep enough to draw blood. He felt so useless and knew because of him her mind was probably not in the best of places. "I believe in you Korra, so does everyone here!" He exclaimed, not wanting her to feel alone. She had to know that he would do anything he could to help her as he went back to trying to somehow manipulate the metal binds, every fiber of his being needing to join Korra, needing to fight alongside her.

- - - -

As the dark haired woman observed those at the park, she continued to reflect upon her friendship with Korra. Asami had thought they were friends but now she really wasn't sure Korra held her in the same regard. 'Friends don't kiss their friend's boyfriend.' She thought. In her mind it was such an obvious conclusion to come to but since Korra had done that, Asami was left to consider that she and Korra were not friends. 'If she was my friend and had genuine concerns about my relationship with Mako she should have talked to me. Korra's actions were selfish and I don't think I want to see her for a while.' While she knew the blame didn't fall entirely on Korra's shoulders, Asami took great offense to Korra's impulsive behavior and had to eventually confront the girl.

For now Asami wished to focus on her and Mako.

Asami stood up and walked out of the gazebo and made her way back toward her car. While she was repulsed by Mako and Korra's betrayal, she did not wish to just cast Mako aside and try to move on with her life. While that would be the sensible thing to do, her heart was incapable of simply moving on. The memories she and Mako created continued to resurface to the top of her mind as she finally reached her car. Ever since Mako broke the news to her, a dull ache began to torment her heart. Asami knew that pain would linger for a while as she learned to trust Mako slowly. But still, when she heard Mako's voice call out to her, the pain went away for a moment. Worry and doubt lessened as she turned to Mako. "Mako..." While he seemed happy to see her, the same joy was more difficult to summon as her mind once again thought back to him and Korra together.

While he had been correct in noting their meeting time hadn't been very precises, they had managed to find one another well enough. When Mako presented her with the red rose, a smile finally found its way back to her polished crimson lips. "Thank you, Mako. This is very thoughtful of you." She took the offered rose from him. She studied the flower before she leaned back against her car, her hips settled against the sleek exterior. She let out a heavy sigh, knowing they would need to discuss their relationship. "So you spoke to Bolin?" She asked him. Before she and Mako had parted ways last night, she had asked him to tell Bolin the truth as he had a right to know if he had personal interest in Korra.

"I didn't sleep very well last night." She mentioned as she pressed her fingers together and spun the rose around between them. First counterclockwise and then clockwise. "I don't know how to move forward from where we are...I want us to stay together and make this work's not going to be easy." She told Mako, raising her head to look to him. "I never had doubts when it came to your friendship with Korra but now I have them and they won't stop haunting me. I want to trust you both but right now it's gone. It's going to take a while before I feel comfortable again. When you're training with Korra I'm going to worry. When the Fire Ferrets go out to celebrate after a match, I'm going to worry. I wish I didn't have to but I'm going to worry, I wish there wasn't a reason because believe me, I was never worried before last night. I trusted you completely."

"I don't want to give you conditions like not being alone with Korra. I want you two to remain friends, I think you're good for one another but you need to understand I won't feel comfortable for a while and it'll take time for us to get back to where we were. But I do care about you and I would like us to find a way past this somehow." Asami knew time would be the best healer and she was fairly certain Mako understood her need to be cautious. Reaching over, she placed her right hand over his left, squeezing it lightly. "I think it's only fair the one who broke my heart should be the one to help put it back together." She smiled lightly. She wanted to try, unwilling to walk away. Even though she was hurting, she knew Mako was hurting too and that someday they would both be able to overcome this moment of hardship.
Thanks guys. :)
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