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6 mos ago
Current Finally saw Endgame and don't know what to do anyone.
6 mos ago
In a mood for some GoT RP. Anyone else?
9 mos ago
It's been a while hasn't it?
2 yrs ago
While online responsibilities are to be taken seriously, real life always has to come first. It's tough striking a balance but it's necessary for one's own sanity.
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2 yrs ago
One's own mental health is often overlooked but I urge everyone to take care of themselves. <3


I'm only human.

Aren't we all?

Eventually we all fall.

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@Nyxie Were we doing Canon x OC? I was kind of hoping to stick with canons for MHA. I have yet to find anyone with a well balanced OC I'm afraid haha. ^^; It's most a lot of self-inserts that left me burnt out of MHA OCs honestly.
@Nyxie Okay, you're about 2/3 of the way done I'd say. Were there any roles you'd be open to playing as or looking to play against?
<Snipped quote by Genkai>

Well I haven't finished it but I think I'm on s3? Would love an MHA rp though, if you're down :)

Sure! Around which part of S3 are you on?
Bumping this again.

Finished MHA and craving it badly lol
Bumping this again~
@Nomadic Sure, that would work for me.

@rebornfan320 Aww, I don't know if I'd be open to any canons except for maybe Pokemon?

@Arondight Not at all lol
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