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Current I have been really sick the past 8 or so days, but I am slowly getting energy back. Sorry about vanishing for a while guys!
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Still feeling really sick, will try to get to things tomorrow.
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No matter how old I get, it's awkward hearing your parents fight over something petty. Why can't we all just get along?
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14 paragraphs later and I'm done with that post. Phew, time for bed.
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I hate forced small talk but I also hate awkward silences. So...yeah.
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I'm 26 years old and enjoy baking and eating sweets because life is sweet and you should enjoy every bite!

I graduated with a BA in Creative Writing and I'm moving to Sendai, Japan come mid-June.

I am very close to my family and they will always come first. Now that I will be a full time employee teaching kids, I'm bound to vanish for a few days at a time for that reason. On my days off I will likely spend time here but doing other little things like cleaning and making teaching props. I ask that my partners be patient with me as I may only be able to pop up briefly to chat in the OOC but I will do my best to make time for my current partners. At present I don't think I can accept any new RPs until I have moved and adjusted to my new life in Japan.

I can do original and fandom RPs but do have a love for fandoms these days. I write as canons and like to write against them, as OCs tend to bore me, and more often than not they're poorly constructed and clearly don't belong in the fandom universe. I usually give several healthy paragraphs. I do roleplay on two other sites so my time is also spent on them. I do have a skype that I am trying to use again so if anyone wishes to contact me there, feel free. I also use Google Hangouts too.

I consider myself fairly easy-going and forgiving but I do like my independence and space. I have other writing projects and sometimes I may not even feel like writing for a while. Should I go MIA for a few days or even a week or two, just know I will come back when I can. My track record has proven I'm trustworthy and willing to give folks the benefit of the doubt so I hope I can be given the same. I look forward to writing with those partners I have now and hope in a few months I can accept another one or two more if permitting.



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Not feeling much better but tomorrow I am off to the doctor which I hope helps! :/
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Gardenia's focus moved from Hale to Cynthia who remained silent and observant. Gardenia knew this was a massive amount of information to take in so she wanted to go at whatever pace each individual required. Her eyes glistened as Lola inquired as to whether or not it was possible that they could unlock their shards before dinner. "Oh!" But before she could reply to the gilr, Luca spoke up and began to prattle off. Gardenia grinned and placed her hands on his shoulders once he sat back down, needing to feel his excitement as it was endearing and entirely refreshing to have someone see the same vision as her. "You understand! This place is rustic, you won't find many modern-day amenities like robotic servants or camera surveillance systems. We make all of our food ourselves so I do hope dinner is a delight for your senses. I shiver at the thought of having to eat such processed bland food day in and day out."

Stopping herself, she stood back and looked to the man known as William who asked about not cooperating. Her smile faltered as she cleared her throat. "Mmm that would be disappointing. A shame to waste such potential." She said carefully, her arms circling to cross and press against her chest. "It is of course your choice to participate, no one is by any means forced to stay. But to turn down such a fun life seems like a missed opportunity. That said, if you truly refused, we could attempt to remove the shard but such a procedure has never been attempted its success remains an unknown likelihood. It's possible the shard's removal would render you unable to use any magic whatsoever."

"With the outcome being so tentative, my advice would be to keep the shard unlocked and to walk out the door right now. That would be your best course of action." Gardenia concluded simply with a shrug. She could see both William and Cynthia on the fence about the whole revelation. Her attention focused on them, "Because we understand no one has outright consented to the shards being implanted in the first place, we understand the risk of unlocking a shard and having one of you just walk off into the sunset. You could use that power and exploit the world around you, become some kind of pretty little murderer if you so desired." She stopped herself from getting too ahead of herself.

"It is our ultimate intention for us all to reach a beneficial relationship that suits us all. We wish to put on a wonderful show, simple as that. You wish to train your new talents and maybe make a life change, that's hopefully what you'll come to want. You have all been given wonderful talents and you may either abuse them, ignore them can hone them and take the world by storm. The spotlight is thirsting for something that has been long forgotten. You all have shards that give you powers not even the best storytellers from centuries ago could not employ." It was baffling to consider some might be ambivalent to such a simple and enthralling concept but she had to consider the monotony of the daily grind probably beat out any desire to be individuals.

Hale glanced to the others and got up, stretching his arms above his head before looking to Gardenia. "So you'd prefer us to just leave now if we're not interested in working with you." He said, wanting to get the bottom line if it would help move things along. "But otherwise after we eat and get to know each other, you'll unlock our shards and we start training. If at some point we decide to leave...we're free to do so?"

"Y-yes, of course!" Gardenia nodded to him.

"Do we have to sign any kind of agreement or contract?"

"No, no we don't wish to keep anyone like some sort of prisoner." She shook her head.

Looking to William and Cynthia, Hale put his hands on his hips, "Then why are you two so nervous? Gardenia is putting her trust in us to do the right thing but evidently we're still able to leave at any time." He said. "I think we should give it a go." He smiled. Gardenia looked to him, wearing an appreciative smile.

"I understand your trepidation but you do have some time to consider even unlocking your shard or not. Over dinner I encourage all of you to ask whatever questions are needed." Gardenia said before bowing her head. "I believe dinner is about ready, please follow me." She said as she moved to the back of the theater and into the grand foyer of the mansion. She took a left and led the group down a wide hallway, the purple walls were decorated in thin white lilies which had been stenciled onto the walls. There was gold crown-molding and the floor was a rich hardwood oak. Everything was lavish but careful to embrace a true feeling of cozy nature. While other homes would be simple in taste and design, the five strangers were now surrounded by may colors and textures.

They finally arrived at a long table which had several dishes spread out. There was fresh sliced bread, boiled and salted potatoes, honey glazed ham, roasted carrots and asparagus seasoned with butter and garlic, and red wine. "Everything here is grown on site so please eat carefully, your bodies may respond differently to natural foods but I assure you it is very safe to consume and we believe healthier than the foods normally consumed in the outside world." She said. Normally food was bland, only meant to serve as fuel for getting through the day and getting necessary vitamins and nutrients. Like fashion and media, the idea of eating for enjoyment had been one long scoffed at.

"This looks amazing! I've never smelled something so inviting." Hale took a seat and noted it was padded and quite comfortable. "So will your father join us? He is the man who set all of this into motion after all."

"He is quite tired so I'm afraid introduction to him will have to wait until tomorrow."

Nodding, Hale began to serve himself, not wanting to let the food get cold. He couldn't believe there were people like this, people who still seemed to cling to old lifestyles. He had only thought the future was the direction to look but he was beginning to consider that the past had much to offer. His eyes traveled to Gardenia's attire, enjoying the bright color of her dress as well as her hair. He wasn't sure how much he'd be able to contribute but he decided there wasn't much he had to lose. He had so much to gain. He looked to Luca who seemed to be on the same page as him. "This is all pretty strange and wonderful, isn't it?" He commented as he passed Luza a warm dish containing the tender potatoes. "My name is Hale Westlake and I hope this is the start of something extraordinary." He smiled.

"Controlling air sounds really cool, I'm jealous you probably get to fly!" He commented to the other male.
Whispers in the Dark


Thousands of souls coexist in a modestly sized town in rural Japan. Four strangers attending the local high school have their own aspirations and dreams. Some wish to leave town upon graduation while others simply want to settle down and start a family, content to continue to live a low-key life. And yet fate has delivered these four strangers, an unexpected opportunity. While these four high schoolers are at school, a fire starts and claims their four lives. Before their families and friends can mourn, these four people find themselves floating above, watching the flames consume the school.

Somehow death was only the beginning...

These four souls have a chance to return to the land of the living. As ghosts they will be put through a trial to test their spiritual awareness and strength. When these four accept their new job as detectives, they are given a new life to lead. Once back in their restored bodies, they are given cases to investigate supernatural occurrences in the area. The four detectives engage in battles against demons and spirits, solving murders, disappearances and other problems that find humans and demons at odds with one another.


This is a RP based off of Yu Yu Hakusho. Basically our characters die, go through a trial and come back to be detectives of their own town.

The co-GM is SoleAccord.

We need 1-2 more players for this.

This will be a slice of life story with an emphasis on following cases, much like chapters of a story, they will be fairly contained.

The characters should be 17-18 years old.

I am unsure if I want to require anime pictures or real life images. Should you express interest, please let me know which you'd prefer.

A post should come once every 8-10 days and should be about 5 paragraphs.
Gonna try to get something up tomorrow.
It's a bit short but I figure we could give them a post or two to converse and it might be easier for you via phone? I can add more if you'd like though!

A war?

A war meant conflict, it meant unnecessary hardship and bloodshed.

Diana felt a chill run up along her spine as she hadn't considered the other parts of the world were at war with one another. Had Ares already returned to wreck havoc upon innocent souls? She clenched her fist even tighter, clenching her sword so hard that it would leave an imprint against her soft palm. When Logan moved and shielded her from the flurry of bullets, she continued to fight the men that foolishly advanced on them. Within minutes the battle had ended with her and Logan standing among a collection of bloodied bodies.

Only when she surveyed the beach did she allow her guard to lower. Looking to Logan, she stepped toward him, her eyes scanning his body for signs of injury. "You have been hit...why are you left uninjured?" She questioned as she ran her fingers along his shoulders but saw no profuse bleeding or broken bones. She took a step back, studying him once again. He was...different. Where there should be wounds, his body seemed to be untouched by the bullets that had been whizzing through the air.

Before her mind could further linger on the matter, it circled back around to the concept of war and why Logan was in it to begin with. "This war you mentioned, when did it start?" She questioned, trying to reel in her growing curiosity. Diana had so many questions and the more she spent time with the foreign man, the more she needed to know. It was clear she would have to take him to her mother and let them question him and his motives. The Amazon women had their ways and though Diana felt she could trust Logan, she needed to make sure war was not coming to her home.

The woman thought back to the men and considered the fact that if those bullets had hit her, she would not have been as lucky as Logan. Even though he had saved her life, just as she saved his, she still felt indebted to him. Life for Diana was tough but becoming stale. She was becomingly increasingly restless and suddenly this strange man had already delivered change to her life. She would ensure he got whatever help he needed to end the war.

"Please...if you are unhurt, please come with me. There are others would need to know of this war." She said, knowing full well how difficult this interaction will be for those close to her. An outsider was unheard of and Diana had a feeling this war he spoke of was only the beginning. In her heart, she knew it was something she had to seek out and bring relief to everyone involved. In truth, she had no idea how expansive and how costly the war had been and that it wasn't the first to ravage the planet. "Why did this war happen?" She needed details. As they walked up along the grassy slope, she kept stealing glances toward LOgan, still carrying her sword in hand, just in case the enemy still lurked in the shadows.
@WildRose I'd say before civil war.
@codex I would say in Harry Potter, I'd prefer something during the trio's era as the Marauder's era doesn't quite interest me much. With the main trio and the surrounding characters (like Ginny, Luna, Draco etc) we could do something slightly AU like changing the Houses (ex: Harry in Slytherin, Hermione in Ravenclaw for example) or kill a major role like say Ron or Ginny. Or we could do something more traditional and pick things up between two books and take them in a new direction. Or even just pick things up when the trio return to school after defeating Voldemort. There are a lot of options depending on the characters and tone we wish to focus on. Personally I can play Hermione and probably Ron, Draco and maybe Luna?
@codex Do you think within Harry Potter or Hunger Games, you might be open to using a certain canon? I would also be using a canon as well, as I can't easily plot for OCs or get as invested in them as say, the canons I know and love which is why I ask.
@codex Quick question! For your fandoms, do you use OCs or canons?
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