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Current Thirsting over Pedro Pascal.
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Finally saw Endgame and don't know what to do anyone.
5 yrs ago
In a mood for some GoT RP. Anyone else?
5 yrs ago
It's been a while hasn't it?
6 yrs ago
While online responsibilities are to be taken seriously, real life always has to come first. It's tough striking a balance but it's necessary for one's own sanity.
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I'm only human.

Aren't we all?

Eventually we all fall.

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Hello everyone!

I'm seeking someone for the following: The Mandalorian, The Last of Us or Kingsman: The Golden Circle. All characters are 18+ years or older.

As I'm in my 30s, I'd like partners who are at least 24 years old and can write over discord (I have Nitro and use it for most of my posts). I have no qualms about doubling if you'd like and I do try my best to give both main roles equal word count and attention, as I don't want either of us to be going through the motions for one pair. Both should be loved and respected, if we're doubling. I can offer a post a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. That said, I love an active OOC where we can chat and get to know one another. Posts for me are in third person and tend to run several beefy paragraphs.

I'd love a Din Djarin for my OC or Canon.

I'd love a Joel Miller for my OC or Canon.

I'd love a Jack Daniels for my OC or Canon.

Message me if you want my discord or to chat via PM before moving off-site. Suggest other fandoms if you'd like, yes I'm on a Pedro Pascal kick!
I have found a wonderful partner for this but I may have room on my plate for more! <3
Looking for someone to write as Din Djarin for my OC. I want this to take place over discord.

We can do something before the series or in between S1-S2 or S2-S3. I'm open-minded. I will say my knowledge of Star Wars is limited, however I'm happy to read/watch what might be necessary to know beyond the show itself. Generally I give 4-6 paragraphs and write in third person. Smut is fine in small, reasonable doses, but I value plot above all else. I know this is a brief interest check but I'm happy to share my CS below for my OC:

Name: Alyla Tane

Age: 29

Home Planet: Onderon

Present Location: An unnamed backwater planet, habitable akin to Earth.

Bounty: Wanted alive for 20,000 credits.

Skills: Proficient in throwing knives and climbing, as well as endurance.

Weaknesses: Close combat, swimming, confined spaces and navigation.

Personality: Stubborn, sheltered, impulsive, naïve, generous, humble and trusting.

Background: Alyla was born into a family of farmers. They grew produce in the mountains of Onderon for generations, keeping to themselves with the exception of traveling to trade in towns and villages. She has three younger siblings she watches over as needed. A year ago, a wealthy young man and his family were passing through on vacation and stumbled upon their family farm. The man was immediately taken with Alyla and proposed on the spot. Her parents readily accepted with the promise of wealth though Alyla was uncertain. But her family had been struggling for their entire lives and Alyla felt duty bound to comply.

However, the more she spoke with her betrothed, Alec, the more disgusted she was with his lack of integrity. He was cruel to his servants and cared little for helpless creatures. He also had a temper he wasn't shy about showing her behind closed doors. As the days passed, she found herself torn between her own happiness and helping her family. Just a week before the wedding ceremony, she ran away in the middle of the night, stealing an old ship from her soon to be husband's warehouse. Without knowing how to operate it, she was flying blind, until crash landing on a planet and deciding to call it home.

The planet was lush, full of wilderness and scattered villages. Alyla was able to barter for a hut and used her farming knowledge to start a local farm to help the locals. There was a nearby wealthy city that she began to target, deciding the wealth should be more evenly shared among those providing for the city. Meanwhile, a bounty was placed on her head to bring her back alive to undergo her arranged marriage.

Thus far, Alyla has managed to live for two months on the planet while making a new life for herself. The freedom invigorating. When she does sneak into the nearby city, she disguises herself and carries with her a set of throwing knives Alec had given her. In her mind, it was a perfect tool for her to break down the barriers between the well-off and those who struggled. Of course, Alyla makes a point not to harm anyone and only acts in self-defense. But now the nobles are growing worried and have put a (unknowingly) second bounty on the thief's head.
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