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Been on this site for 6 years, but was on the previous version that crashed. Found this site in its original stage not long after the fall of Quizilla forums.


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Oh, that's an interesting premise. I've seen the Winchester home through ghost shows, so that would definitely make for an interesting base. Shoot me a PM :D
Oh ho! That does sound like fun! We can either create a thread in this part of the site if you'd like, we could PM, or do Discord, whatever floats your boat :)
Howdy folks! Sana here :) I mean obviously.

I love a good roleplay and while I have some going on on another website, I'm looking for something more frequent. While I more than understand when life is straight kicking people in the ass, writing is my means of diffusing and escaping the humdrum and stress of everyday life. I used to have a writing partner I would write with every day but after some differences in opinion on some things, we went our separate ways. But because of that experience, I am used to writing a vast majority of story types. I personally love a good fantasy or sci-fi setting (my favorite genres to read as well!), but I can do a modern slice-of-life kind of thing as well. I've also done anime/manga-based rp- though we tended to focus on ones like Ouran High School Host Club, Black Butler, My Hero Academia, Inuyasha, and Naruto. We also sometimes did video games, but mostly Kingdom Hearts in that realm. I had others I wanted to try but she would never explore the universe beyond what I force-fed her to get her to try it. I also would have loved to get her to try worlds I've explored via my reading (like Diabolic or right now Fourth Wing) but she didn't read actual books much. All this is to say I have a wide variety of material to draw from and have no shortage of ideas or means to come up with ideas for any universe.

I also enjoy writing my own stories in my "spare" time and have a universe I've created. I've tried to roleplay on here before in large, advanced groups, but alas, large-group RPs that I try to join always end up dying off because people lose time. Which, again, I understand, it's just sad XD. If you're interested in that, you can probably find them through my account.

While I am fine RPing on here as well, hence my reaching out on this site even though I think it's been years since I posted on here specifically, I tend to live more on Discord than anything else. I'm fine with most pairings and can play either male or female characters. I'm always interested in trying new things, so if you have something you want to try, let me know!
Hi there :) I see quite a bit on this list that I think would be very interesting to do! Which of these do you feel you muse is calling to do the most? I like your options 1 and 2 and the royaltyxguard idea.
Seeing a message from you is like Christmas in July, so glad you're back! I'm in the midst of moving myself, but I'm ever around!
I have lived with roommates for years and I hated having to move back home. I will do whatever it takes to not move back at this point.
I absolutely love the quiet and the solitude as depressing as that may sound XD
It's the beginning of the school year for me, but I also moved into a new apartment Wednesday- finally in a space all my own!
Hotaru didn't flinch away as he approached her, having faith that he wasn't going to attack her, no matter the look in his eye. That being said, she was still surprised when he hugged her, her eyes getting a little wide and a blush dusting her cheeks. She started to hug him back, but by then he was moving away, so she let her arms fall back to her side as she listened to him.
"I wish I could say I sympathize so that I could understand all the stuff you're going through, but unfortunately, I can only empathize and try and be there for you through it all. Our stories are... very different from each other at their origins, but I hope that they don't have to be at their ends," she gave a little smile then laughed softly, "Being around them," she motioned towards the inn, "Has left sounding a little cheesy," she shook her head, but then smiled again, "But seriously. No matter what the past is, I really want you to have a happy future, and I'll do what I can to help with that," she said before turning and starting to walk back, biting her lip as she turned away realizing she probably sounded like a lunatic. She just hated to see him so...lost? confused? She didn't know, but she just hoped it wasn't one of those things that she was completely useless in trying to fix.

Mera frowned when he said he was going to have to leave and sighed as he finished talking, "I really hate that you do those kinds of things alone," she muttered, "Especially after what happened before," she shook her head before looking towards the window, "Though, I suppose, as per the norm, any of my concerns will just have to sit in my chest until the end of it because absolutely none of you listen to me," she sighed like a mother trying to deal with unwieldy children, "Can you at least try to come back in one piece?" she looked at him, her hands still clutched together. Between the lot of them, she was really starting to feel like some old woman trying to manage youngin's that just kept managing to get themselves into heart attack inducing problems. She wasn't innocent by any means of staying out of trouble, there was a lot that followed her, but she worried about her siblings, about Hotaru, about Larel, and about Alari. When Kaori had been there, she'd worried about him too and a part of her still felt the loss of him. Her wrist still tingled from the tattoo that would always remind her of him.
There was a slightly inhuman sound of excitement out of my lips when I saw you replied <3
Where did the summer go? DX I don't want school to start back yet!
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