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Who is next in the clinic scene?

(I'm hoping that someday it won't be necessary to ask that question every time someone posts.)
The owner of the arm had been surprised when Marcus pulled it, but it recovered quickly and even after having barely been pulled down, it was clear that it was already getting back up, pulling back its arm with inhuman strength beyond even that of a Hunter, retracting slightly Marcus' grip. It was fortunate that Arcturus acted quickly, or the chance their unexpected method of attack had bought them might have been wasted.
As it was, Arcturus managed to drive his spear through the beast's hand and into the floor below it in time, prompting the creature to let out an angry, pained grunt, which soon changed into a growl as it started pulling on its arm even more intently. Almost immediately the hand started moving despite the spear, its flesh ripping and tearing with a terrible sound as it demonstrated its willingness to destroy its own hand to regain its freedom.

In the meantime sound generally passed more easily into the room with the Hunters now that there was a hole through the door, allowing those within to hear the hoarse man produce an exasperated sigh, accompanied by two strong, clear chimes of the bell they had heard when he had first approached. The sound seemed to strike terror into the Messengers left in the room more intensely than anything else, and in an instant all the Messengers had vanished.
Oh, okay, nice. Lucky timing, too, I guess; I was actually just about to open my text editor to start typing up a post puppeteering Joseph into impaling the hand. I'll probably drop a short post later today.
So... does Joseph pin down the arm, or will Arcturus or Ishin beat him to it? (Spears are really popular with these guys, with good reason.)
New bit for the collab. Contrary to how it might seem, the inclusion of Victor just now wasn't reactionary; I had actually planned it for a while. Still, there it is.
Though the bestial creature on the other side of the door had clearly anticipated being attacked, swiftly stretching its fingers grasping blindly with its murderous claws for Marcus' arms, it seemed completely taken aback by the nature of the attack. Upon being pulled, the arm was drawn through the hole and toward the floor with surprisingly little resistance, accompanied by the sound of something heavy stumbling and falling into the door.
This maneuver being a well-practiced and surprisingly quick one, he could afford to perform it with just the one arm, as the other struck out in an attempt to grasp the beast’s bicep, due to their now very close proximity.

I presume this is what you're referring to... which seems fairly inconsequential compared to everything else? I mean, I'll edit what I wrote to acknowledge that Raine did this, but it doesn't change anything. Raine holding the creature's biceps would at most prevent it from moving its forearm, but wouldn't affect its ability to move its arm past the elbow.
Regardless, a small alteration has been made to the paragraph.
That's quite all right, Habibi. Better late than never and such similar sentiments, but actually it hasn't been too long since we heard from you, even if I was somewhat bothered by not getting a yes or no on my question before. In any event I'm sorry that you've been in a bad place and I'm pleased to hear that you have taken measures to get better.

EDIT: Also added a paragraph to the collab.
“No speak? No open door?” the voice asked on the other side, a tinge of annoyance and impatience detectable under his troubled speech. “We open door. If Hunter no fight, no hurt. If Hunter fight... very hurt.”
There was a short pause before the hoarse man spoke again in a louder, more commanding manner: “Come! Hunters past door! Take Hunters!”
The sound of the room past the door being vandalized seized, and many footsteps could be heard approaching the door. It was almost eerily quiet on the other side now that the sound of breaking furniture and apparatus no longer filled the air.
“Break door.”

Something next to the hoarse man, right on the other side of the door to their room full of cots, let out a furious, inhuman snarl just a second before something slammed into the door with tremendous force, shaking it visibly in its frame, but failing to break it.
A voice that sounded more canine than human let out a guttural roar as something struck the door a second time; far from as hard as the first blow, but accompanied by the sound of cracking wood and followed by a terrible sound of wood being continuously rent by something sharp, moving from top to bottom of the door. It repeated another time: a strike followed by something raking down the other side of the door, ripping the wooden obstacle apart. There was a faint sound of small pieces of wood hitting the floorboards on the other side. The canine voice growled.

The fourth blow striking the door proved more than it could handle, and suddenly a left hand – easily three times as large as a human hand should be, with long fingers each tipped by a black two-inch claw and the back of the hand clad in thick gray hair – penetrated the door all the way through, palm downturned. It curled up its fingers, preparing to sink its claws into the wood of the door immediately below the hand, clearly intending to rip a hole straight through it.
I wrote a bit for the collab as well.

What about you, @Habibi359? Do you want to post, or shall I move things forward?
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