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Zerul City

Morning came to the companions in Zerul City, for some sooner than they would have liked and others much too slowly, and with plenty experienced throughout the night that left most of them with minds abuzz trying to figure out what to do with these new discoveries.

Angora spent her night with Olan after her nightmare, who happily enthused her with wild stories and theories about the world for as long as it took. Though most of his anecdotes were outlandish and his theories hard to believe, there was a certain sense and rationality to his words that Angora might have noticed, and nothing he said ever actually contradicted what she already knew. Though she might sensibly be unable to believe that any of the things Olan described had been experienced by him personally, especially things that did not seem to have occurred in his lifespan, she would be unable to shake the feeling that the stories themselves were true, just for someone else. Like a true explorer extraordinaire Olan seemed to have collected and memorized numerous stories from others, either people or books, and either because of his confused state of mind or just for entertainment value inserted himself into those stories. He would tell her of far-off lands, strange peoples and cultures, of celebrations and historical figures, and always do so enthusiastically and with a notable focus on the positive, the beautiful, fantastical or amusing. Every now and then his expression would darken for a second as he fell silent, his gaze growing distant, only to immediately spring back and start a new incredible tale, lively and smiling as ever.
He would continue this all night, if need be, and would only stop his performance and retire if Angora managed to fall asleep. He seemed extremely dedicated to distracting her from her troubles, quite unbothered by his own lack of sleep and perfectly chaste all night.
One thing Angora might notice, however, was how much more frequent one of Olan's habits seemed to have become: whenever he was not using his hands to gesture wildly in the air before himself or somehow mimic the things he described, they almost always seemed to find their way to his hips, thumbs turned inward and fingers outstretched as if to grasp something there, only to fumble for a moment before either clutching the hips themselves or moving to cross over his chest.

When morning came and the companions started to stir, Jaelnec did so to his own grim discoveries. By the time the young nightwalker was dressed and out of his room, people might have noticed that he seemed to behave a little unusually, tending to either keep his arms crossed over his chest or hold his left arm in for him unusual ways. Someone perceptive and insightful might have realized that he was trying to keep his left arm raised, his left hand away from the hilt of his sword, though he made no move to explain this newfound reluctance to even get near Roct.
After a breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs and fried potatoes at the hands of Angora, it was not long until Jaelnec and Olan found themselves drawn back to the streets in search for their missing comrades. Jaelnec wanted nothing more than to find Aemoten and be relieved of the burden of leadership he felt had been placed upon him once again, longing to discard the responsibilities their knowledge brought with it and leave it in the hands of the semi-immortal man. Olan, meanwhile, just wanted to keep his promise to Thaler: “I promise. I'll never abandon you.”

The two of them ended up wandering the city for a couple of hours, asking around the city, concentrating on the southern part – since that was the direction Aemoten and Thaler would have entered through – in search for their friends. Much to Jaelnec's surprise it actually proved challenging to find anyone who knew anything useful at all. It was to be expected that few would notice Aemoten, who merely looked a bit like a foreigner, and maybe only a few more Thaler, since daywalkers – white-haired youths in particular – were rare, but he had been sure that Etakar would have been noticed by absolutely everyone.
As it turned out though, most people in the city proper were so used to domesticated or caged beasts of one kind or another, be those vulgors, belagons, yths and even the rare lohk or wyvern, that few of them paid much attention to something like a dekkun unless it was doing something in particular to attract attention to itself. Etakar being as well-behaved as it was made him and his riders exceedingly difficult to track. At one point Jaelnec remarked to Olan how the people here probably would not even bat an eye at Murchad, and that their biggest concern with the wolf would probably be that he was not wearing a leash.

After a while of wandering like this, hoping against hope to find someone who more clearly remembered Etakar and his riders and could offer more useful directions, it was ultimately Jaelnec who spotted something familiar... only, it was not what he was looking for. While wandering down one of the less populated streets of the city the squire recognized a face among the relatively thin crowd. He was not entirely sure how he knew the guy, just that it had been at least several months ago, when Freagon had still been alive. Jaelnec remembered mostly because the man was unusually tall, that his demeanor had been almost disturbingly similar to Freagon's, if less aggressive, and that he, too, was a knight. When Jaelnec had last seen him it had been in... Etlon? He thought so, though he did not remember where in Etlon. This guy had also been just one of several knights, others of which had been more impressive.
Jaelnec stared at him for a moment, momentarily distracted from his search, as he tried to remember this person's name. Something with an f-sound, he thought... Falcon? No, that was one of the other knights. And it was a title, not a name...
“Viper,” he said out loud, lowering his gaze to the ground, prompting Olan to stop and look at his younger companion curiously. “He is the Viper.”
Okay, so he won't immediately interact with Yarrow. Then it should be safe for @WaywardK to post in the meantime.
Well, just to better gauge what is safe or not to progress, what do you think Arcturus is broadly going to do? Will his attention be on Victor, Yarrow or Marcus, for example?
Well, I have been holding back mainly because @DrabberRogue reserved the post after Habibi's, so I've been going by the presumption that he will be dropping a post in the near future. Depending on what he posts I'd then think it would probably make the most sense for you to go next.
Eastern Yharnam, Hunter's clinic, back room

The human forms surrounding Yarrow seemed mostly intact, asleep and dreaming, despite the fact that many were bloodstained from the struggle that had preceded his awakening and had fallen from their overturned cots. One in particular towards the center of the room was very obviously dead, his abdomen torn into ribbons of flesh, marking him as the likely source of the intestines that lay draped over some of the surroundings. Another had had their slumber ended by an obviously broken neck. A few who still lay squirming in their dreams, even fallen to the floor, bore some minor visible injuries – bruises and scrapes, mostly – many of which seemed to be slowly healing before Yarrow's very eyes. Three still human bodies were notably different than the rest, being deathly pale with visible black veins under their skin, dead despite the lack of injuries.
Each of these human shapes around Yarrow had its own little gathering of what seemed like diminutive ghoulish humanoids, no bigger than infants, with misshapen and horrid features that marked them as anything but human. Their torsos seemingly emerged straight from whatever surface they were sitting on, except the ones surrounding the human corpses. The dead bodies, more so than those who seemed to be merely sleeping, seemed to be positively swarmed by these little creatures, so much so that they were climbing on top of them, and crawling on top of each other, in an effort to get a closer look at these lifeless forms.
A little further away lay one body that seemed mostly ignored by the little ones, much bigger and hairier than the others in the room. A grotesque half-man, half-beast that would be obvious to Yarrow, a native Yharnamite, as someone badly afflicted with the scourge of beasts. It lay still and lifeless, however, its head in an unnatural angle.
When Yarrow awoke, jolting to his feet screaming, several of these little figures had recoiled from him and vanished into the floor, leaving no mark of their passing. But a second later more figures appeared, emerging from the floor as effortlessly as if they had merely been swimming in a puddle, not breaking through the fabric of reality itself. They stared at Yarrow – as much as creatures with no eyes can be said to “stare” at anything – and seemed to very curiously watch his movements.

But a few seconds after Yarrow's awakening, hurried footfalls could be heard approaching the single door to the room he was in. A sturdy, shortish man in peasant's clothes appeared, wide-eyed and wielding a hatchet in his hands.

Eastern Yharnam, Hunter's clinic, reception

Barely had the halting question left Victor's lips before a scream of horror pierced the relative silence from the back room, where Marcus, Arcturus and Torquil had emerged from just minutes prior. Victor frowned and clutched his sword more firmly, but made no move to investigate, instead keeping his focus on Marcus, who seemed the most forthcoming of these new strange fresh Hunters.
Torquil reacted immediately, however, seemingly forgetting about Victor's question and the strange lantern all at once, instead running back to the door. He stopped in the doorway, axe in hand, and stared at the newly awakened figure in there as if suddenly uncertain what he was going to do.

Very good. I also can't help but notice how gender-neutral pronouns are consistently used about Yarrow's lover. Hmm...
It's quite all right, it was more for what impact it could possibly have on how others reacted to him... but it seems like pretty much any socialite in Yharnam might have a chance of being familiar and/or acquainted with Yarrow. I will keep that in mind for future encounters.

Anyway, I see no reason not to accept your character anymore. I'll go ahead and add it to the list in the OP, and you are free to introduce Yarrow IC at your leisure.

The conditions for his awakening will be thus: he will awaken in the room described in the very first IC post (either on a cot or sprawled on the floor, your choice), only the room appears to have recently been used as a battlefield. Several dead bodies lie among the hibernating people, including a "large huntsman" (enemy type taken straight from the game) with a broken neck. Cots (possibly including Yarrow's own) have been knocked over, blood and intestines have been scattered over a portion of the room, and the single door has been smashed to bits. He will also be hearing voices beyond that door.
And, of course, he will be seeing crowds of Messengers surrounding the sleeping Hunters, including a small crowd curiously examining himself.
As a rule (as much for you as for any future potential applicants that might by chance spot this post), at least in my RPs, if the first word in the tag-list under the RP title (also visible on the RP page itself by the words "Join status" says "Apply" rather than "Full", it is accepting new players.
Regardless, I'm happy to see interest so soon after posting in the Interest Check. Welcome!

Hmm... interesting. There's certainly something for me to work with on this character, which bodes well for how interesting its story will turn out in the long run. I only really have two points that I feel need clarification:

In the last paragraph of his background, you state that Yarrow discarded the ideals of the Greywoods and became a socialite, presumably trying to build relationships with some of the people he wasn't allowed to interact with before. Anyone in particular? Did he just get buddy-buddy with random (predominantly newly risen due to the Night of the Blood Moon) aristocrats, or do you imagine there's certain people he would have been more or less inclined to associate with? The easiest would obviously have been the Healing Church (specifically the White Church, since the Black Church isn't known for its social graces and doesn't waste their Hunters' time by having them attend parties), but I suppose he could have built other relations if he was cautious enough.

The other thing that needs clarification is the "race" being (False) Paleblood. You aren't the first one to write that, and I see how it can be confusing, so just bear with me for a moment. I use Paleblood about naturally occurring, "true" Paleblood. False Paleblood is the artificial imitation of the former. (False) Paleblood is a shorthand way of referring to both of these collectively. Using (false) Paleblood might be correct if there was doubt which one he was (though it wouldn't make much sense initially, when he'll (probably) still just think that he's an "ordinary" Hunter), but I would like it specified for your characters.
So long story short, please put the race as either Paleblood or false Paleblood.
(EDIT: Considering that Yarrow became a Hunter for profit rather than to treat a disease, I suspect he would be a false Paleblood Hunter.)

Beyond that I don't think I have anything to interject.
Well, hello there. I'm just throwing in a post here, just a week after the one year anniversary of the RP, to let anyone interested know that the RP is still recruiting, and that we (the players and I) would love more players to invigorate the story. For ease of entry, here is a quick summary of what has happened so far:

Obviously the story is only just getting started, even a full year after the start of the RP. I have prepared lots of things for the characters to explore and discover, decisions to be made and dangers to (hopefully) overcome. Introducing new characters - especially (false) Paleblood Hunters - would still be relatively easy and natural, though it may not stay that way for much longer, once the characters leave the clinic where people have been transforming.
Would you like to post in the meantime? DrabberRogue hasn't logged on RPGuild since last time he posted (currently 19 days ago), so... yeah, don't wait for him right now, I think.
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