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It is possible to be infected with false Paleblood before becoming a Hunter, thus effectively making you a false Paleblood Hunter, yes... though it will probably be a lot more challenging. The batch of false Paleblood Hunters currently under metamorphosis or in the currently active scene were created en masse as a test of the treatment, to see how well and reliably it worked across a broad range of subjects. Anyone receiving the treatment to become a false Paleblood Hunter henceforth would do so after the procedure had been tested, meaning that the Healing Church would already know that it has a high probability of working, which in turn will mean that the church will be a lot more selective about who they decide to effectively turn into immortal soldiers.

A character would need to either be very highly favored and deeply trusted by the Healing Church to receive such an offer (as opposed to just being made a Hunter, which they would be much more eager to accept), or they would need to steal the means to infect themselves with false Paleblood and then become a Hunter.
Yes, the RP is indeed still open to new applications and recruiting. Don't worry too much about the advanced tag on the RP; as I already wrote in the interest check writing ability (and/or willingness to put in huge amounts of effort) isn't paramount, and not being constantly active is also acceptable as long as you keep us/me informed so that people don't end up waiting for you to post before doing so themselves, and (in extreme cases) allowing some mild puppeting of the character to keep the story moving.

Feel free to throw in an application over in the OOC whenever you like, and to speak up if you need information or advice.
My apologies for triple-posting, but there's something I wanted to bring up with you guys that I have been pondering for a great long while but haven't been able to decide on: the name of the country in which the game takes place in. Yharnam is the primary city and the current seat of power and likely to always have been its capital, and I'm personally pretty confident that at some point, (some of) the country was (part of) Pthumeru, though it obviously isn't recognized as such anymore. But none of the lore actually names the land.

So since it didn't feel right for me to just think up a name on my own, I wanted to ask for suggestions. What do you think the country should be called, at least for the RP?
Just so it's known here and to you, @DrabberRogue, Decimate has informed me that it'll probably be a week or so before he can do his opening post, so you can feel free to post in the meantime.
Oh, it's not Ludolf's age I took issue with; that seems to fit pretty well with the timeline. My only issue, as I concluded at the end of that paragraph, seems to be that the use of "several" in that context is confusing and misleading, because it would typically be used for a smaller number. To me, at least, "several years" would not be 29, but rather 3-9 or so (with bias towards the lower-to-middle of that range). It's one of those nebulous terms that don't really have an exact definition aside from "not many," where "many" itself isn't exactly defined either. Still, I would probably say that 29 years is closer to "many" than it is "several." It may just be me, though.

And no, your character doesn't interfere specifically with anything I had planned... not in a destructive way, at least. I mostly wanted to know more about the two background characters for plotting, as I said, as living "relatives" - even if not actually related - are always worth keeping in mind for the GM; all interpersonal connections are, really.

Now, with that little bit of confusion out of the way I think you're free to start posting IC. Do you want me to write an introductory post "placing" your character into the scene, or do you want to do that yourself? You can use this post as a pretty close descriptor of what Ludolf will see when he awakens; the post was originally written for another player character, but that player only ever posted once IC, so I feel that it's not too much of a stretch to say that the character relapsed into coma immediately after waking up.
Hmm... Okay, just a couple of small things:

Race: (False) Paleblood Hunter

So which is it? I need to know that for my handling of the character, at least, even if you don't want to make it publicly known. Just as a reminder, (false) Paleblood is my shorthand way of referencing "false Paleblood or real Paleblood," which means it can reference both the false and genuine disease. I'd assume that you mean false Paleblood Hunter since you included the parenthesis, but I do need that part clarified.

Ludolf Reinhardt was born several years before the events of the Night of the Bloodmoon

Age: 34

This RP takes place about five years after the events of the game
First sentence in the OP

So, something about this timeline doesn't add up. "Several" is defined by the dictionary as "more than two but not many." In this case, however, "several" would appear to mean 29. From the rest of the CS it seems as though it's simply the word "several" that confuses me, really, because it seems to acknowledge that a long time has passed and seems to generally have a fairly orderly timeline.

Is Ludolf's caretaker and/or his adoptive sister (for lack of a better term) characters that we would be familiar with, or also your original creations? If so, if you have any further details on them feel free to write me a PM so I can maybe use them in my plotting.

Other than that everything seems to be in order. Mostly I just need to ascertain whether Ludolf is a Paleblood Hunter or a false Paleblood Hunter, and then the character is accepted.
Well now! Heh, as luck would have it I have actually been contacted by someone else in PM who wants to join, and who has been somewhat at peace with the idea of being the only player, at least for a while, given that no one else had been active here for... quite a while.

To that end I'm not only interested in continuing the RP, I fully intend to do so. However... I have to be honest. I always maintain that real life comes first and that it's all right if you can't always post within the one-week window I'd ideally like to stay inside regarding new post frequency (which is not even to say that I expect each player to post once a week, but rather that the RP as a whole gets at least one post a week), and that absence is all right as long as it is informed absence (that is, let us know if you're not going to be able to post for a while).
But disappearing entirely for weeks and months at a time without a word isn't going to work, especially when it happens so regularly that it's become a pattern. I've been checking you profile intermittently, and you haven't even been logging in to RPGuild. Going forward, if you want to give it another go, I need you to promise me to get better at not disappearing. Be active, and if you can't, at least drop a sentence or two to let us know it'll be a while before next post.
You know, lately I've been thinking relatively often of the Greek myth of Sisyphos, who was made to push a boulder up a hill only for it to roll back down again each time he neared the top; doomed to eternally repeat that very same hopeless task over and over again, with no way for him to use his wits to think his way around the problem.

No one responded to the recruitment thread. Not a single one. Not even in PMs.


Hello, and thank you for even taking a look at this recruitment thread in the first place.
I will try to be as brief as possible, as most of the pertinent information regarding the RP can be found in the OP of its OOC thread, to be perused if you decide that the broader idea of the RP interests you. You are also always welcome to ask any questions you might have, and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.

Why a recruitment thread now?
This recruitment thread is being posted now in part because March 10th has been the date of the annual event “Return to Yharnam” since the game came out, and though I cannot track down any information regarding the event being repeated this year, I still hope the timing will mean that any Bloodborne enthusiasts out there are reinvigorated about the game and its lore. Ironically I realize that it might also mean that these very same Bloodborne enthusiasts may be playing the actual game rather than spend their time here, but I'm still hoping to catch some interest.
The reason the recruitment thread being posted at all, meanwhile, is due to it having lost practically its entire cast of players since its beginning over a year ago. Each disappearance came with its own explanation, though several seemingly just disappeared without a word. You will pick up the story where the old cast left off, and I will let you be the judge of whether this is a deal-breaker or not.

Night of the Hunt takes place about five years after the events of the game, and starts out in a mostly rebuilt and revitalized Yharnam. Scarred by the horrible events of the Night of the Blood Moon (the IC way of referencing the events of the game) the city and its infrastructure has changed some, though blood ministration and -healing remains the primary features that lure newcomers to the lands. The Healing Church was essentially founded anew, since the old church was all but annihilated, but has also fractured into two fractions: the White Church and the Black Church, each with their own virtues and agendas, existing in a fragile state of peace. The Vilebloods have resurrected, stronger than in the game, and new insurgent factions – the Fire Dancers, the Harrow and the Followers – have emerged, all fighting the church and each other, while simultaneously contending with the ever-present scourge of beasts.

Night of the Hunt is, as will become evident in due time, not limited to one night; it will become clear that another paranormal event akin to the Night of the Blood Moon is taking place, causing this night to last indefinitely until forcefully ended. This occurrence coincides with the Healing Church having just conducted a major experiment, in which they tested a discovered means of artificially creating Paleblood Hunters; Hunters who are linked to the Hunter's Dream, like Gehrman, Eileen the Crow, Djura and the player in the game. They tested this on a large amount of subjects, all gathered in one place, and all who slept the sleep of metamorphosis. These Hunters resurrect from death, can relatively easily traverse the borders between the Waking World and the Nightmare, and they can perceive things from the Nightmare... but these “false” Paleblood Hunters are not perfect replicas of the real thing, though the exact consequences of this will be for you to discover.

I have heard multiple times from various players I have played with that they either don't feel like they are on my “level”, or that of other players, in terms of writing quality, or that they end up taking a long time writing posts to produce something they feel is worth posting. Others yet have downright declined posting at all because they feel that they don't have “enough” to write about.
I get the feeling that this RP being in the Advanced-section comes with a stigma of expectation, but I want to put this here so you know: while I appreciate good writing, reliable posts are more important than long posts, and good roleplaying is more important than impressive writing. It is okay if you don't have much time or energy and can only muster one or two short paragraphs once in a while; it is okay if your character don't have much input to the situation, anything is better than nothing.

I think that about covers my sales pitch for the RP. Finally, for your consideration, I decided to include a longer IC teaser portraying the RP world in action. Please note that this is not representative of my expectations of you or my usual IC posts, and can only be written like this because I play every character in the scene. My posts will almost always be significantly shorter than this.

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