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Current You know what's my favourite? Freaking out about health concerns that could be entirely minimal and exaggerated by your own stupid anxiety, haha! Amazing!
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@ImmortalJaskier: Characters? Depends on the ratio of humour. Players? Not too young at all! The experience will surely be good for them, so long as you make it clear what behaviours are acceptable.
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Time chamber, go to past.
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Are you looking at THIS? *slams… at you*


Hello, I am me from the internet. I migrated here from Kongregate's Forum Games Forum, so feel free to look for me there if you wish to follow a career in internet stalking people. (ಠ_ಠ) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A link to some of my past characters, which I need because static tabs do not take up internet.

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“I really don’t follow how your faith believes its perfectly acceptable to doom 4,000 years plus of sentient beings, on a pre-set path of no escape from sin, just so their descendants can be offered the ‘chance of salvation’ when the god murders its own son.”

“Don’t be an ass or a pussy, ’lest you get screwed by life. Being a mouth or a hand is somewhat safer, and an eye socket is pretty much sacred in this regard, so always keep a look out.”

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Interacting with Kirsty @Lugubrious, Liam @CriticalHit, and The Raven @LetMeDoStuff
Alina Sanford

Events moved fast. A little too fast for Alina to fully process before everything kicked off, in fact.

First came Kirsty's clone. That wasn't just wordplay, even - save the fact this clone had yellow eyes rather than red, and was dressed to the sodding nines, they were doppelgangers of one another, and the clone was insistently polite about being a good host. The fact Kirsty failed to realise it, even after extended consideration, had Alina sort of... looking between them. Like, seriously? Kirsty. Kirsty. That's you Kirsty. Or... something?

Next, the... Alina assumed one of the things stalking them before. The human-sized one. The... the human, yeah, definitely human, even though she dropped out of the sky like a rock. She assumed, anyway, since she was at least human-shaped, albeit masked, and was definitely holding a long knife and a gun at the trio, insisting that Kirsty and... Kirsty? Step away from each other. On top of this, the arrival once again of one of the boys from before only added to the confusion, as he himself loudly demanded an explanation for what was going on.

Where, uh... where did she get a gun? And why, inexplicably, did Alina agree with her? People didn't just grow identical twins, that was the thing. Not to mention the clone's response to the woman's arrival, immediately losing her cool and generating a wave of shadowy dark, dah, what. What in the-


Alina's voice went practically unheard here. Not least because Kirsty agreed that they needed to get rid of the- well, on the one hand, it was her clone. On the other hand, she manifested minions. She... manifested... minions.

Her mind finally ticked into something like anger. What the fuck sort of nightmare situation was this? Was it a dream, or was she psychotic or something? What the actual hell? At least Kirsty herself recognised it, anyway - after a little too long - that something was in fact wrong with this fake Kirsty, to the point that she actively denied it being her. Which...

Made it turn into an angel with cow legs for wings.

'Oh what the fuck.'

The part of her which had been angry just shut down at that point. Nope, no, she wasn't dealing with this bullshit today. What had she expected out of the day, anyway? Not fucking this, but apparently that was what fate had decided was good for her, and for the rest of the gang who were gathered, so goody. And at first, this surge of utter acceptance drove her to start walking away, to the point of turning a corner away from the fight. Start booking it? She didn't need to be told twice, especially once the bullets started flying.

But then she stopped as she realised. Where? Where the hell was she going to book to? Elsewhere in this palace? Things weren't safer anywhere else in it. Back into that foggy not-reality? Not with those horror-beasts prowling. So... what then?

She didn't know. She had no idea what to do, or if she should help, or how she could help, or if she even wanted to help against this, this, thing. In the end, she rested her back against the nearest wall and slid down to sitting, wrapping her arms round her knees as she listened to the ensuing battle, and steadily twisted whatever feeling was left in her back upon herself.

'Coward. You coward. You suck. Can't do anything. Pathetic little Alina.'
Suffice to say, the cafe and likely former resistance outpost was a mess. The once-fancy dining room was left riddled with bullets, shells, circular holes and the corpses of the resistance members who had not been lucky enough to escape the wrath of the Germans, not to mention a roughly human-shaped hole in one wall from Lillianne’s tender ministrations. Cleaning and rebuilding would likely take a lot of time and money; restoration of the place to a safe resistance stronghold would likely never happen, not with the understanding that the entire city might as well be under the Reich’s watchful gaze, let alone the cafe.

As for that precise moment, however, the only obvious eyes were those of the gang - and, not too much time later, what appeared to be a returning customer, still dressed up for a night out in a long black ballgown, revealing herself from behind a chunk of table she was covering behind. And, seemingly, armed with both an expression that could melt lead, and a MAB Model D pistol, both now aimed at the quintet.

‘A-alright, you creeps,’ she uttered in perfect, if stammered French, ‘prove you’re not with the Wehrmacht. Prove it, or- or I’ll blow holes in the lot of you!’ This may or may not have been a wise threat to make, since she was outnumbered and threatening five Stand users with or without knowing it, but she did if nothing else have the advantage of already aiming a gun at them.

@Zoey Boey@Yankee@OwO@knifeman@Lady Selune

Interacting with Kirsty @Lugubrious, Liam @CriticalHit, and Tate @CondorTalon
Alina Sanford

She was kind of glad the other girl took the lead on communication. The less she had to talk, the better. She had a headache from trying to process all this shit, on top of everything that had been happening before now, and the less she had to actually communicate with this group, the better. Not to mention the guy who, against all odds, actually had been shaken awake, and started threatening everybody like some frat boy trying to get into a club. He was a dumbarse, and the more talkative woman of the group was clearly in agreement, or would be if she said anything about it.

Not that she got the chance to. Apparently, it wasn't a person hidden in the mist - but dogs. Hounds, rather - shadowy, black, pronounced teeth, and eyes that were at once monstrous and horrifyingly human. No dog had eyes like that. No thing did. But, here they were, with baleful glares, and one more as their apparent master, this merely a furless mess of mottled skin, but no less awful. And it was about now that the worst thing in the world occurred to Alina: this whole time, she had been entirely lucid. Sickened and a bit confused, certainly, but not out of control of her own reactions, not the way a hallucinogen would have produced. Which meant she wasn't on a trip.

Which meant... this might... be real.

'Oh shit.'

The combined howl from the lead beast, and Kirsty's scream of utter fear, rather set Alina into Kirsty's own mindset, and indeed mimicking her own frenzied flight in a panic of terror and frightened shrieks of her own. Emotion wasn't out of her grasp, it seemed, just deadened; a negative emotion this pure, this intense, would not be denied its hold. Unfortunate, then, that Alina was not a runner, or indeed a fast person in general; adrenaline and panic kept her body moving through a hellscape that seemed more unnerving by the second as her prior realisation took hold in her head, even as these hellish beasts corralled, harassed, gnashed at her heels and barely failed to rip her limbs off, until suddenly, they weren't - until suddenly, there was light to chase, something other than the twisted nightmare she'd been in, Alina taking the darker-skinned girl's route no more than half a second behind her.

And after that... the hounds were gone. Or at least unable to follow. And, granted, there was still a great fear that they'd come after her once more, but with that fading, Alina couldn't help but admit... this was a nice palace. Exorbitantly so. Except there wasn't a palace like this in England, let alone London - not that that stopped the other girl from staggering forward, awestruck and mumbling something about a dream.

A dream... no. Couldn't be. She had to remind herself once again that, despite her best efforts, she remained lucid, too much for it to be a bad trip. If this were a dream, even a lucid one, she'd be able to command the world to change, for a car or something to drive up. No such luck.

'I think this is real. Or, sort of real.'

Though, again, she had to be frank and point out to herself that an ostentatious location such as this didn't exist, never had existed in the United Kingdom. Their country wasn't one for temples, but cathedrals, and certainly not marble-paved streets lined with them. No matter how you sliced it, something was off here. Hell, maybe this was a dream. Maybe the entire day had been, and she'd never even talked to... uh. This girl. Or either of the two boys.

'By the way, it's generally polite to offer your name when somebody else offers theirs.'
The enemies of the Grey Knights had posed little threat thus far. In tandem with Brother Basilious' purging flame, Sirius' blades and weapon had torn them asunder, sending their souls to weep at their dark masters' feet. All that remained in their wake was ash and ruin.

It came as little surprise when Brother Bieito announced the inevitable: their arrival was anticipated, and with it came daemons of Chaos. But why else would they, scions of the Emperor's divinity, be called but to fend off the maleficient spectres of the dark gods of the Warp? Basilious answered for him, and so he merely offered 'Received, Justicar' to the command to head toward the gate. Their movement, then, was swift: no quarter could be brooked, not for such a time-sensitive matter.

Which was why, when two more small bands of foes entered their line of sight and aimed their weapons, Sirius offered no bladesmanship to the one he set his sights upon. Unwilling to lose focus on the current goal for too long, he instead raised his hand, and launched a salvo of psy bolts even as he continued to move forward, the gesture as smooth as it was deadly. In seconds, the humans were no more than meat, the threat of their possession done.

No matter. Onward to the gate.

Well, Dolly soundly answered his question, after pouring the cereal and milk and going around looking. Nobody here had a triangle - all squares, including his and Mute's, but they were each squares of different colours. Weird... maybe a triangle meant they were less smart or something?

'Like animals...' he murmured to himself, taking another spoonful of his breakfast. Nice of her to deal with that for the three purples; he made sure to give her a pat on the head for the good work, both investigating and breakfasting. Everyone else seemed occupied - except for Druggie Dougie. He'd stumbled a bit and made some weird groan a few moments before Dolly got back, one of the few noises he'd made up to that point. But why? Was it the blood? If it was anything like with Dolly freaking out before...

Whatever. He looked a little more in-there than he had, anyway. Just in case, though, Blade called out 'Ay, Dougie, you back in the real world yet? Your cereal's getting soggy,' trying to get his attention on to the cereal. Fucker needed to eat, too, even if he was having a crash. Heh, he probably had the munchies going, at that.
Here is my interest. It says "Astropath is pretty neat".
Interacting with Kirsty @Lugubrious, Liam @CriticalHit, and Tate @CondorTalon
Alina Sanford

Alina was a little bit focused on the girl's intent to help the guy who'd fallen over, and her own thoughts to boot. Thus, it took her a moment longer than her apparent companion to realise that, yeah, there really wasn't anybody else around - nobody on the street, nobody coming outside, nada. And here she thought the university had just emptied out - which, by the way, looked like it had been through a grinder or something, along with every other building in the area. Hell of a trip, then, and she had no answers to the darker-skinned lady's questions about where everyone was, or indeed where they were.

No, wait, she was wrong. There were a couple of new people: somebody came along, asked like five different questions in a row, then started shaking the unconscious guy. Gee, the other two people here wouldn't be happy about that.

'He tripped. I mean, I'm pretty sure we're all tripping, but he fell over. Caught himself, at least... still, shaking him won't help.'

And as for the second person... there was somebody in the fog. Barely visible. Hiding, it seemed like, as ALina stood to get a better view. Their shape was indistinct as a result, but they certainly weren't keen on approaching. And honestly, Alina wasn't too keen on having them come closer either. Whatever. Not like things could get worse right now... except that she needed to introduce herself. She didn't know why that thought came to mind, it just did. They seemed to be sharing their hallucinations, so they probably needed to complete some bullshit "spirit quest" in order to get out of here. Or at least converse to pass the time until the drugs wore off. Ugh.

'I'm Alina, by the way. I don't think I said yet. Probably polite of me to tell you.'
Justicar Hektor Autark

At long last, the Guard arrived. It was impossible to miss the Guard, as they were singing loudly as they came, blowing any semblance of cover as they did. Having been relatively hidden in the first instance, of course (at least as much as a cadre of loud vehicles could be), this was highly displeasing to the Justicar; yet even as their commander sent a B-Company (they had a B-Company?) round to assault the mansion from the north side, Hektor was thinking about how to make best use of this change of plans... the plan had been to burst into view abruptly and send the hounds in to take out the heavy weaponry. But now...

'Handler Ceras, Verispex Frea, take the cyber-mastiffs and a Rumbler,' he ordered. 'Look for a side entrance. The moment you find one that isn't outright barred, blow it away, and send the mastiffs through to take out as many heavy installation pairs as possible. Do not die.'

'Yes, sir,' uttered Michael, a little tense on the idea.

'Yessir, sir!' replied Ceras, smiling with wild abandon. Well, she was going to have a good time, at least; as for Frea, he imagined he might be slightly safer when he wasn't out in the open, and would be far more capable of finding any necessary evidence from inside the complex. Even as they and the dogs made their way off and around the complex, through streets that ought to be hidden from enemy fire for the most part, the Repressor made its appearance at last, its full payload of soldiers in tow. With the element of surprise thoroughly eliminated anyway, Hektor raised a hand in acknowledgement, then gestured affirmatively, directing the tank around and toward the front entrance. To the other two, Arbitrator and Judge, he simply uttered 'Weapons primed. Lockshields ready.'

Their approach toward the front was led by the tank, which halted within fifty meters of the outer wall as the apparent leader of the enemy forces appeared atop it. The triad of Arbites on foot approached behind three thick shields, a wall of plasteel and ceramite magnetically bound into a three-segmented barrier to deflect all but the most egregious weapons fire. And yet, for their heavy armament, the enemy was almost more heavily armed and armoured in kind - aside from what they now knew of their weaponry, the front entrance of the estate was closed and locked. It'd take more powerful equipment than what he'd brought to break in - which made it a good thing the Guard had their own options, after all.

And the man in charge, the dog who claimed they themselves were but dogs, made his statement. Claiming he was "the legitimate authority on this planet", and that he'd have them all gunned down if he was taken out now. What a disgusting joke. Angered now, Autark pushed the comms button on his shield, activating its voxhailer function and those of the lockshields to either side of him, so as to ensure his message was perfectly received by all ears on that battlement.

'This is Justicar Autark,' he announced, his voice naught but contempt. 'In case your Enforcers have forgotten, this Hive operates under the same rules as the rest of the Imperium. The governor is not the law. I am the law.'

He let that sink in for a bit before continuing. As Justicar of the Yunnalin System, his authority superceded all others within its bounds save the Lord Marshal of the Yunnalin Precinct and her superiors. The Inquisition were a grey area, of course. Mere Enforcers were not. 'The presence or absence of Inquisitorial activity is null. You are hereby charged with obstruction of justice and failure to uphold the laws of the Imperium, and ordered to relinquish all firearms and allow the Adeptus Arbites to enter and investigate this estate for evidence. Failure to comply will be taken as admission of guilt, for which the sentence will be death.' Granted, they were all going to die anyway, but if they were willing to open up and let the Arbitrators in whilst thinking otherwise, it'd be an easier entry by far. He might even allow them a quicker execution.
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