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Current Controversial opinion: Bloodborne: Dark Souls Die Twice
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CEOs making huge amounts of money sure are in a bad spot when they need to fire thousands of employees because the company was slightly less profitable than last year.
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"Murder is like lovemaking. You have to be gentle, otherwise it's just wild stabbing." ~Me
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This song is extremely awesome:…


Hello, I am me from the internet. I migrated here from Kongregate's Forum Games Forum, so feel free to look for me there if you wish to follow a career in internet stalking people.

A link to some of my past characters, which I need because static tabs do not take up internet.

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A.L.M.A. Unit "Roxanne"

It appeared the search had borne fruit, at least for the first drop team. Felix had detected a signal of some sort, and relayed the knowledge to Roxanne's drop team... or at least to some of them. Eileen, still on her lonesome, made the proactive decision to pursue the signal in her own right, whilst Maria merely remained airborne, asking whether Felix saw anything yet. However, Lilliana had yet to update her status, and Luna seemed distracted. Distracted to the point of turning on a communication system that should not have been turned off to begin with, and asking if anybody had found anything interesting yet. For part of a search team, this was a bad sign.

'Luna, please do not disable your communications during a search operation,' Roxanne stated bluntly. 'If you are caught off-guard whilst they are inactive, we will not be able to help you. Felix, you have done well; please take the rest of your team to rendezvous with the agent. Luna, Maria, Lilliana, there are two options: follow Eileen's signal and assist in retrieving the agent; or continue to search fo-' She halted mid-sentence as Eileen's report came in. Not one, but two survivors. Excellent. The mission was already roughly 55% of the way toward total success. 'Addendum: There are two options: follow Eileen's signal and assist in retrieving the two agents; or continue to search for the remaining agents.' Both would likely assist matters greatly, but as drop team A were already assisting the agents, drop team B would probably be in a good position to continue searching the region, as Roxanne chose to do - though she did announce that she was doubling the range of her steps to two kilometers from now onward, in order to increase the rate at which she performed her search.
Maceroy Falthon

And there was Blorb, trying to lash out at what looked like somebody wearing a towel, and Maceroy could guess which superhero that was. Ineffectual as Blorb was, Maceroy had to admit his ability wasn't exactly impotent; it was just the ludicrous way he employed it. He could probably drown large quantities of the city in low-quality meat and cheese if he so chose, and yet the fat bastard repeatedly only attacked the high school he worked at, apparently just to screw around with the students, in such a limited fashion that somebody else could routinely defeat him with a towel. Well, he was done with that situation. If he could get Blorb arrested, and contained in a proper facility, that could be the end of things.

Hovering overhead, Maceroy calculated his trajectory, figured out the routes, then began to plummet. Partway down, his exoskeleton manifested, his body rapidly surrounded by a humanoid barrier of whitish-blue light that flared like a comet before he lowered its brightness, just enough to unveil the exoskeleton's form, complete with four wide plane-like wings to cover his real wings. Thematically appropriate, he reckoned, for both offense and intimidation, whether or not he was noticed before he reached the ground.

He might have allowed himself to simply crash into the concrete near Blorb, if he wished. He'd easily be able to survive the impact. But, that was school property he'd be messing up. Instead, at the last second, each of his construct-wings briefly doubled in length and flapped once, as guided to by his true wings, slowing his fall to something of a glide with a burst of air just for good measure, before he finally landed by the duelling duo with a thud. Arm cross for dramatic effect... aaand perfect.

Nodding to the Wet Towel in acknowledgement, Arete sternly uttered 'Blorb, it's over. Come along quietly, and there won't be any trouble,' his voice masked by his own exoskeleton. The overweight man was surely no threat to him whilst his armor was up, and if he did try to fight back, well, he had answers to those questions.
Chad Belton: Rockers HQ

Well... now what? He knew there were repercussions for harming or killing others... who had said that? Visage, right? And what was her exact wording? He didn’t recall. Even so, he figured killing those inside might not be frowned upon under the circumstances. Melting them down, dissolving them to puddles of boiling flesh in his lava. Not like he could do much else, without just charging right into Mire’s gas. But Sheila would never allow it, would she?

Oh. There was Mire. Nifty, yeah, cool stuff... and it looked like Mire had some sort of marker over her face. Could she... see through that? Damn. But at least he had a course of action now: block the entrance.

Slight problem: there was more than one entrance. He could tell, because he could sense the individual chunks of rubble through the wall when he looked in that direction. The fact he didn’t need direct line of sight helped there, even if he needed to look in the direction to sense it all... so, block off an entrance, but there were many possible entrances... the solution was obvious.

Within the entrance hall, those still inside would likely be shocked by the sudden appearance of what amounted to a square ring of lava, two meters wide on all sides, and encasing a pretty substantial area maybe fifteen by twenty five meters large, give or take a meter either way, including the entrance doors. No pressure wave erupted from the ring, but a wave of roiling heat certainly did, hot enough even from a distance that moving near, let alone passing over, should be incredibly difficult, especially from inside. It didn’t quite get everything he wanted to get, but it was enough of a hazard that passing through should be nigh-impossible.

‘Okay, let’s go.’ With that muttered out, Salem followed on after Creep, leaving the building and the bastards that invaded them to whatever fate they all met. If they melted, fine. If they were crushed to paste, fine. If they escaped, that was fine too. Just another opportunity to fucking murder them and rip their muscles off of their bones, or bend their joints back on themselves until they snapped in half one by one by one... gyeuh. No. Not now. Not yet, anyway.
Alessa Heather: PRT HQ

Agh, damn it! He had an answer for every strategy! And yet, he was still regretful, even as he continued working against them - clearly he had some distaste for Patriarch, and clearly he was still fond of the Wards, but that just made it so, so difficult to go all-out against him! Everything in her was screaming that maybe he could be saved, maybe he could be convinced to go back to normal... and that was the insidious part, wasn’t it? How could she know if that was true? And even if he did, he’d already done the damage to the Protectorate; she imagined he’d be lucky if he wasn’t taken to the Birdcage once they- if they put him- God, why did that lump of flesh remind her of the damn warehouse now?!

And everything was still happening at once. Tulpa hurled what was left of Mastar’s mass back to her; Mastar caught it and clambered into the ceiling; Lillian hurled a grenade roughly at the would-be hero, and for some reason a gun across the floor; and as the projection leapt at Protean, Evelyn called on her to hit it.

This was it, then. No freezing up now, girl. “Appropriate force” - or, so to speak, all-out. Just to make the point in her mind, she called out ‘Hit him with everything you’ve got!’ to nobody in particular. Margrave, ultimately, since all other parties had their plans.

One hand aimed at the projection as it charged Protean, an invisible beam of heat striking it and setting off its destructive aura at full-tilt. The other didn’t even move - she waited until she was pretty sure Protean wasn’t about to move before a spark of overwhelming heat and light and radiation left her eyes, and an infinitesimal fraction of time later, a trail of plasma two feet thick marked the path between her and him, at least where he ought to have been when she fired it off. A much-refined form of her attack from the warehouse, ironically, containing about half of her remaining reserves. Protean ought to survive, albeit massively reduced - and assuming he hadn’t suddenly moved. Anything else it went near would probably either melt before impact, or else survive long enough to take the spark direct and be vaporised in the ensuing explosion. And of course, she did her best to ensure she didn’t interfere with anyone else in the process... she hoped she hadn't, anyway.
Raymond Haywood: The Airport

Hrm. Okay, then. He knew the first one was destroyed with just a single round, and the extras were needless... he had plenty left in his rifle...

Target: Unknown devices. Destroy explosive trigger as primary target, destroy other major components as secondary targets, do not detonate. Move to each in sequence they are dropped. Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.

He scoped out just long enough to mutter ‘He’s coming out of his portals in sequence. Get him when he comes out of the next one,’ before scoping back in to shoot down another bomb. And they said guns were a bad thing in the world of parahumans.
I have made my post. In this round, damage control on priesty's part.
Alright, Aeryn was a touch too far into Sett's personal space to be comfortable, with her mangled common tongue and mildly alcoholic breath. Normally, it was the other way around, right before he nabbed somebody's valuables, leaving them confused minutes or hours later when they realised something was gone. He sort of realised why it was so distracting, now... honestly, he wanted to tease her eagerness even by his standards, maybe a kiss on the cheek or even the lips- he probably wouldn't get that chance again, mind- but that'd be uncouth for a "priest of the gods", so he forced himself to refrain, instead tilting himself backward, away, and into Geradin's grasp okay again, somebody was in his personal space. He needed to pray to Fineki for some bells to put on these people, Heavens above.

But, the Dwarven priest's statements did further back up Sett's outburst, believably so at that, enough that he felt the firm grasp might even believably let him "calm down" a little. 'What's afoot, dear girl?' he exclaimed, just to continue his rant, not least because he realised he was getting backed into a corner - but, safety in the form of the approaching guard, if he could just ramble for another few seconds. 'My goodness, you have no idea! What's afoot, she asks! What's afoot is...-'

Aaand there was the guard's interruption. Sett concluded with a minor flourish in the guard's direction, as smoothly as if he had spoken from the man's very mouth, before sighing almost dramatically. He didn't want to go and see what was happening, but... 'I fear for us, but alas,' he lamented grimly as he began to walk to the entrance of the encampment, 'it seems we are destined to face this visitor. I hope my yearning was not so dark as it seemed, and perhaps that warning overwhelmed me if so, but I can only pray the gods will see us through safely should this threat be dire after all.' Of course, he'd made a big scene about how disturbing and, the word he'd used was how "terrible" this thing was, but he was only just realising that if it was just a visitor, and not even one who demanded concern let alone fear, he'd look stupid. Or worse, like a liar. That meant he needed to downplay matters, as if perhaps he'd overexcited himself somewhat, or better yet that the gods' power had come into him too strongly as he'd just intimated. After all, people didn't necessarily lie when they didn't tell the truth - rather, they might have exaggerated without meaning to, was all, especially when religious fervor overtook them.

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Chad Belton: Rockers HQ After All

Hrm. Well, there was Creep... immediately, and as instructed, he looked subtly for that little white dot that proved- yep, this was Sheila. He relaxed just a touch as she gave her instructions: an archer was attacking the HQ, most people other than Pester were known to have evacuated, and it looked like they were going to fight for the HQ after all. And of course, he had to melt the arrows if he found the archer. Good call. He’d melt them. He’d melt as much of the archer’s clothes as he could, at that, melt them into the bastard’s skin, who did he think he was going after them... his ally too, just make a pool under him and watch him dissolve into cooked meat and ash, okay he actually did need to focus though.

He stuck with Creep as they drew near the HQ. Mire, it seemed, was transformed and doing her part to deal with the intruders - aggressively. Perhaps overly so. Weren’t they meant to not kill people, even as supervillains? Hell, he kind of wanted to help, but he also didn’t want to go near that, at all. Plus... well, he couldn’t see through the mist. He didn’t know what was happening, and the most he could get from it was that pretty much all of the ground in his radius would melt at his command, if he wanted it to. He even had a secret weapon, just in case somebody came close.

Which they might if Creep yelling at Mire to escape meant anything. Fuck. At least they were both still invisible, so far as he could tell, and she understood she’d given her position away since she was pulling him round the corner and all. Damn it, Sheila, what was she thinking?! That moron, he ought to shred her flesh for that- NO, no, he wasn’t going to do that. Not at all. He still needed to pay attention.

Not that the wall between him and Mire’s fight helped matters. Then again, the mist was no better, so... hrm, how could he take advantage of the situation with his newfound ability... the building had collapsed, just a little... who did that? Possibly the archer? Maybe he could figure out where that archer was, if more of the walls collapsed? Which was risky in this case, but if more walls fell, and the archer was causing those, he could figure out possible angles of attack and go from there... yeah, that’d be good...

‘I think we need to head into the building,’ Salem ultimately decided, citing his thoughts to Creep quietly. Chances were, the archer and his partner were in there, somewhere. If he could get an eye on that person, he could turn the guy into... well, he could burn the guy, anyway. Didn’t want to kill, or possibly even maim him- well, honestly, he did, but he knew he had to avoid that as much as possible. Damn unwritten rules. Anyway, the choice was on her.

Wild Ones - JFK Center for the Performing Arts

In the end, the tickets came in for the next day, and the group had a good twenty four hours or so to prepare themselves and make a plan for confronting the Crazy Crue Brothers, violently or otherwise. In fact, on the day proper, they arrived at the center with a good half an hour to spare before the show itself started; whatever their ideas for dealing with the trio were, they'd have that long before the group made the stage, and another two hours after that before they came off again. Even now, the crowd both outside and inside the building was rather large, and it was quite obvious the Crues had something of a reputation - whether pre-built, or recently developed from their stunt the day before thanks to word of mouth. Evidently, a public confrontation might be plausible, but also a tad difficult to play off if somebody powerless, or God forbid another Stand user caught them out; likewise, catching the brothers away from the crowds might require skulduggery on the SWF hires' parts, and carried risks of its own if they were seen. All depended on how they wanted to play their cards...
I'll try to upload at some point tomorrow, might as well start the headway. Five days fly by so fast!!!

Likewise within the next couple of days. I have a few other things that are slightly higher priority, but not many.
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