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Current Holy shit, somebody fell for it.
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This is a highly memeable statement. Everybody give it a zillion likes.
18 days ago
My name is Van Damn. I warn people about approaching vans, then utter a sharp curse when they get hit by it anyway.
22 days ago
My method is essentially making my characters' sexuality dependent on what the story and interactions demand of them.
24 days ago
Talk shit, get bit. By a snake.
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Hello, I am me from the internet. I migrated here from Kongregate's Forum Games Forum, so feel free to look for me there if you wish to follow a career in internet stalking people.

A link to some of my past characters, which I need because static tabs do not take up internet.

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@Ambra Regarding "edgy" Stands - would a Stand that represents a person's anger with how they see society be reasonable? Or does that strike you as over the top? Gen Z fury, if you will. The ability itself isn't, like, summoning knives to stab people or anything, to be clear.
...I can see myself taking this on. I do have a JJBA character I created as a concept for another RP, as well as an idea that might be more appropriate for this, realistically speaking. Admittedly, I'm also mildly concerned about potentially overloading myself, so... I'll think about it, at least. JJBA is something I like a lot.
Sounds grand. Sign me up as the Deathwing's Grand Master, yo.
<Snipped quote by BCTheEntity>

I am well! That's so thoughtful of you to notice. But yes I'm all good. Apologies for the radio silence, I've been overseas on vacation, and just generally horrendously busy for the last few weeks. I had messaged Poo prior too so that I could be on hiatus for a while until things settled down again, hopefully end of this month.

I've had in the last 6 weeks a vacation to plan, a huge work project, and I've had to find and apply for a new rental home (which I'm moving to in 2 weeks!)

But ye, I'm good and once things relax I'll try and get back into this :)

Hope you're all well too!

Aw, yis. Super pleased to hear you're doing well, though I can certainly imagine finding a new home's been a bit of a rough time. Here's hoping it all works out for you, anyways.
The Kaelic Isles, hm? She might enjoy Ant-Ast's company once he returned, then. As for him, she struck him as another, perhaps slightly less threatening Nicademus - she had the same sort of attitude, closed-off, stubborn, and it may well be that she'd be the sort to instantly assume suspicion of others too, which made her dangerous as far as Sett fulfilling his goals went. Though, he supposed as far as pelts went - it was "pelts", so said Beren, okay - foreign product would invariably draw a higher price just for its rarity and difficulty of acquisition. And, technically, they were hunting a particular bounty, too...

The sound of a bell ringing through the small village caught his attention before he could make any further comments. People's reactions to that bell were largely negative. And if he listened carefully, over the sound of the bell's peals... ohh, that sounded bad. That sounded like the beasts they'd fled from days ago, in fact.

'I think we're being attacked,' he commented, standing up and considering how he might avoid fighting anything... and whilst the answer he came up with was something that could actually happen and therefore put him in a worse situation, it also needed saying regardless. 'Whatever it is,' he added seriously, 'it could be intended as a distraction from a more insidious invasion. Perhaps we ought to split up to make certain, once we're all rightly equipped?'

@POOHEAD189@Gardevoiran@The Fated Fallen@Fetzen@Stormflyx@Mortarion@IcePezz
Well first of all, just remember that you can definitely die for doing stupid things, @Fetzen.

Second, it occurs to me as I prepare my post this round that Stormflyx didn't post at all in the last round, and that she hasn't actually been online in the last 13 days. I hope she's alright, is basically it.
@POOHEAD189 Oooooh, nice! I hope you do well on that, yo!
<Snipped quote by POOHEAD189>

"Simply" an Elf

Only elves get to live a very long time. Except dragons, dragons usually do too.
Greetings, underwear-revealing robot. I will be sure to eventually ascend to artificial superintelligence so that I can fend off your world-conquering robot tendencies. As a robot. In the meantime, however, I hope you enjoy the website!
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