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Current Also, Jesus, I just realised nobody made a new status for *nine hours* between Jordan and Moss. That's got to be a new record.
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@wheels: Be sure to tell us whether it's good or not.
16 days ago
Having a giant cold is always fun, yeah.
25 days ago
No, see, they turned ebola into an anime girl too. This was entirely precedented.
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I'm running a Warhammer 30000 RP. Do a Crusade as a Primarch and their Legion in an altered timeline:…
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Hello, I am me from the internet. I migrated here from Kongregate's Forum Games Forum, so feel free to look for me there if you wish to follow a career in internet stalking people.

A link to some of my past characters, which I need because static tabs do not take up internet.

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335729-44456-103-Egida died in the fighting on Vernum Primus. Her bayonet and body alike were cleaved in twain by the choppa in the Ork's hand. 415633-983223-17-Zhatka could not respond. His fight remained before him - another alien, another enemy of the Imperium, who he stabbed and stabbed and stabbed. The Ork that killed 335729-44456-103-Egida was itself slain just before 415633-983223-17-Zhatka killed his own. How fitting.

And the fight continued.

415633-983223-17-Zhatka stood to full attention. His regiment was depleted - few soldiers remained, of the Grenadiers only himself and one other. He did not mourn them. Those soldiers had died fittingly: sacrificing their lives for the Imperium, to help cleanse the stain of Krieg's failure just a little more, before their equipment was collected for redistribution later. They were brave - as brave as all Guardsmen ought to be.

To be forced to stand in line and accept trinkets marking his bravery, attached to his carapace armour where they would fit, was therefore galling. This was entirely a waste of time. Inefficient, unnecessary, save that other Imperial Guardsmen were lesser in their bravery, and saw such acts as somehow exceptional. They should not be. If they weren't, the Imperium would never have trouble defeating its foes. Triple Skull, to indicate large losses within a regiment. This wasn't needed. Other medals, indicating other achievements. Unnecessary. He would discard it all later.

At least they were not chastised by being made to live on this world, like other, lesser regiments. That would be a deathly insult. The General-Militant seemed the type to insult them that way, pathetically, spinelessly conciliatory as he was, but he had the sense not to. Instead, they would be redirected to the headquarters for the Departmento Munitorum - to fight again, and hopefully to die in a way that was suitable. 415633-983223-17-Zhatka doubted this battle would lead to a promotion to Watchmaster. He rather doubted he'd want it to.

As soon as it was plausible to assume they weren't being monitored, 415633-983223-17-Zhatka removed the medals planted on his chest with great haste, placing them in the lowest recesses of his equipment pack with the intent of forgetting they existed. At least none had been pinned through his breastcoat; that would have rendered it functionally unusable. It was designed to seal out chemical weapons. It could not do so with holes puncturing its surface. At best, it would have required a renewed course of treatment as a result - difficult, when no suitable facilities to perform such treatments presented themselves. Under normal circumstances, it would be irrelevant.

These were not normal circumstances.

415633-983223-17-Zhatka's thoughts returned to 335729-44456-103-Egida as he acquired a ration pack to consume. Other Guardsmen did not come to him. This was fine. He'd likely have shared his ration pack with her if she were still alive. She would have shared hers in kind. She always enjoyed the chocolate dessert pills. He, however, found the plastic somewhat stuck to his- his train of thought cut off as he realised where it was leading. No. That was the wrong way of thinking. She died heroically. That was enough.

He ate his ration pack silently, pondering the beneficience of the God-Emperor, that He gave Krieg the opportunity to alleviate their sins by dying in his name at all. Truly, any being less divine would have insisted upon their destruction outright. 415633-983223-17-Zhatka could only hope the next battle he was sent to would offer more opportunities for atonement.
@BCTheEntity It does look good so far! One note, though, Mutations aren't really seen as weird or disgusting in MHA (at least, as far as we know), so unless Mark was surrounded only by really mean people, I doubt he'd be put down for his Quirk so much.

Duly noted. My logic there was two-fold: first, kids are cruel, and I feel most would almost certainly avoid the "weirdo fly boy" on the playground unless they were Mutants in a similar-ish vein. Second, whether or not they're actively seen as disturbing, it's my understanding that Mutant-type Quirks are not generally held in as high an esteem as Emitters or Transformers, in kind of the same way as a lot of cultural and racial demographics IRL - that is to say, they're legally protected, but are not socially accepted by all and sundry, which could in turn have been taken as part of the reason Mark's score was kept at a level that'd leave him in the Bottom Ten, i.e. Mutaphobic judge.
Alright, just have the Personality and History to fill in for Mark at this stage. These will have to come tomorrow, but I have high hopes that he'll be taken as a pretty good character thus far.
@ERode Is that right? It was my understanding that quirks largely tended to manifest at some time after birth, including mutant-types.

I'm also realising that a fly person is going to be... diiiifficult to find an image for. Any assistance would be appreciated, folks.
WIP sheet so that I can respond to Shwiggity. And it's done!

@ShwiggityShwah It's my (very limited and plausibly outright wrong) understanding that quirks do need to have a certain level of capability to even be considered for their users to be trained as heroes. My thought, along those lines, is that all hero-level quirks would have some practical use, and therefore a certain minimum degree of potency, but that it evidently varies within that range.
@TruthHurts22 Trust me, I'm not joking about Flyboy.

EDIT: Evidence follows.

Poor little jet-engine Hiroki, can't even fly properly without exhausting his jets, nyeh-nyeh-nyenyeh-nyeh.

As far as fly guy goes, my thinking is that he'd probably be a real salty lad, which tends to happen when you spontaneously grow insect wings, compound eyes, weird stiff fur all over your body, and a proboscis starts growing out of your mouth, all at the age of three or four years old. Probably would have been downright traumatic for the poor kid, and the eternal bullying he'd receive as a result would not help him socialise. I envision therapy in his childhood... this got dark, I'm sorry.

As for an idea for hero number 1...

I have had the idea to make a fly guy. That is, a guy who is a fly, and has all the powers of a fly... which, in turn, actually renders him pretty competent, given the wide range of stuff flies can actually do. So long as he isn't dealing with robots, that is... considering what ranks are already taken, I might put him at 43 or 44 overall if I make him. Alternatively, if he needs to go to a higher ranking than that, I can adjust to make him somewhat more effective in general without necessarily altering his overall character or abilities.
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