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Current Remember the indigenous people of the Americas today.
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Critical Role? More like Crunchical Hole, haha. But yes, it's pretty uh... well, the Mercer Effect exists for the same reason people think porn is an accurate depiction of sex.
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@Dagger: Don't worry. Being an Uber driver will soon kill your love of driving forever through a combination of absolutely dreadful customers and terrible pay rates.
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My biggest fear is that I'm secretly a piece of shit masquerading as a good person, and I've somehow managed to fool most people into believing it.
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The Necron-omicon is probably much more dangerous than its traditional edition, on account of it instead awakening robot skeletons that fire atom-flaying lasers.


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@Savage Ah, hey there! It has been a while, for sure; I believe we should still have spots available, so if you haven't already, feel free to join the Discord channel for the RP.
The Northern Treaty

Featuring @BCTheEntity as Varangyrian, @TheRedWatcher as Mertavodah, and @ShadowSunRisen as Egil, plus assorted NPC dukes and duchesses of the Frostmark and Mistlands

The hall was filled with the sounds of dukes and duchesses chatting with one another as Velikynaz Varangyrian Vyapult VII took his position at the table, quieting the discussion down immediately. It was a pleasant enough scene - more or less a dining hall in one of the Mistland’s cities, not quite so bold as his own keep, but sufficient for this purpose nonetheless.

‘Greetings, my fellow Northfolk. I’m sure it’s no surprise to you why we’re here,’ he began, choosing to start proceedings frankly, and with little fanfare. ‘Protection, alliance. Support, most importantly. Ours are not grand regions like the Arbormark or Stormlands, and we are not flush with resources despite our best efforts. Though I and my fellow Knyaz are who lead the Frostmark and Mistlands respectively, the war that looms affects us all, down to the most diligent of layfolk. Best, then, to lay differences aside before the situation grows dire.’

The hall of ancestors from the Engelhardt family was a morbid setting for a meeting, but served its function well. It was a long house of rich wood textures and solemn engraved images to represent them. Most apparent of them was a tall figure stretched up to the ceiling, dwarfing all the others in height. A figure of a bearded man with a sword in one hand and a dove perched on his other, a crown annoyed by a priestly figure. The first convert to the Twin Faiths, and the Saint of the Mistlands.

Egil sat underneath the tall figure, hearing the movement and chatter and focused intently on Vyapult’s words. It was an auspicious day, a day of a proposed grand alliance in the face of war. The setting felt strangely fitting to the young duke.

“I agree wholeheartedly, and your words ring true. We must cooperate so no violence transpires in our realms without our say. Although, I wonder what terms each of you may bring. I know no alliance comes without strings attached.”

Egil stood up from his seat and wished to cut to the chase. With war looming so soon, there wasn’t time to waste in his mind.

All this talk seemed like war talk. Or perhaps that is his interpretation of the Marble People. They talk all gravely and dire. Their what they call politics - seemed in comparison - so bloody. True the Frozen Tears had their territorial dispute though they were often settled through the community and rarely ever ended up so brutal. Though Merta is also aware that this has something to do with the Marble People and their Kings. He never understood the relevance. It’s why he came to understand it in better detail. To better know how to prepare his people and relay the Marble People’s perspective.

Though it was hard to do so, when he spent an unnecessary amount of time having to focus on what they were saying. Why were these places so busy with noise? Varan is easy to understand, he has spoken to him a number of times and it was easy to follow. Egil - is it? It took considerable focus to determine his response.

“My people,” Merta begins, “We do not often deal with things like war. While our people hunt and use the land like a sleeping beast lying in wait. We have traditions against violence. Not that we are - what’s the marble people word ah -pah-si-fist. I do agree that it is necessary that we assure the safety of those who live here. That is something I do understand. If there is to be an alliance, then I need the good faith of both Varan and yourself - though I understand Varan’s position, my people are recognized as people. Not every Marble People sees this. We’re treated like com-mah-dities, is that the word? Accessories to the silver in the mines as if we eek out of stone like ore.”

Varan nodded as Merta spoke, certainly in agreement, even if some dukes made minor complaints on the matter. In a way, the positions of the Archduchies compared to other regions were not too dissimilar from that of the Silver City - though much less extreme regardless of the angle taken, for land potency alone if nothing more.

‘I couldn’t agree with you more, Duke Mertavodah,’ he proceeded. ‘War is not ideal, even for many of the Archdukes, and for the Duchies of our nations even less so. But, two vying candidates for the position of monarch is something that has instilled tension into Adanion’s people; refusal to choose a quarter will simply mean it is chosen for us. Certainly, there will be no desire on my end to see any Duchy’s people diminished, least of all yours. And,’ he made clear, ‘I will expand on this as a portion of my own terms: that the same courtesy be extended from all, to all, within the context of this treaty. If we are allied, then I believe we must be clear on our allegiances, rather than ranking amongst ourselves by perceived traits.’

Egil would appreciate the two speaking with careful eyes and a blank face that hid his true emotions. Internally his mind was awash with tons of questions and concerns, assessing risks and wondering if this was worth all the trouble. In many ways he felt his hand was forced by circumstance but he yearned to believe there were still individual actions he could do to change the course of history. Something he simultaneously thought was foolishly idealistic and needed in this moment.

“Clarity will be needed not just for the other lords, but ourselves as well. This alliance will combine our levies and we’ll have to divulge any secrets we may have to work best together. This will also mean you may have to risk people and resources for the defense of another realm that’s not your own.”

“We’ll also be attacked for this. Not directly, at least not immediately. The southern duchies will retaliate with tariffs, merchants denied or other services denied. There is no doubt in my mind that when this alliance leaks out, and it will, that we will be targeted. War may become inevitable very quickly, even though no one here wishes for it.”

Egil clears his throat, he looks among the guards posted downstairs and sees Marya among them. A source of strength.

“So I apologize if it seemed this was motivated to take advantage of resources” He would gesture to Merta; “Or to put people at risk.” He’d then gesture to Vyapult. “But there will be a retaliation upon us the second this is agreed upon, and I want to make sure everyone here knows and understands this and is willing to weather the coming storm.”

When he went on this journey he knew that he would be submerged into the politics of the Marble People. He decided to go on this path in order to guarantee his people’s security in the new Marble People future. Because he knows they will continue to expand, he feels the pressure of their power, the pressure of their expansion and the worry of their leaders. His people feel like they are simply attached like a tumor. That one day, someone will cut them off. He also worries about accepting and becoming more involved in the Marble People’s politics. The Echoes in his past have dealt with the Marble People by keeping themselves isolated, and distant. That will not protect them in the end. But Merta wonders if this is the right path. When will this alliance falter, as they all do? Because the Marble People’s words are often like the tides. First they bring bounty, then they retreat. Perhaps it is distrust, but then again the people he has seen haven’t shown themselves to be trustworthy. He tries not to generalize. Yet. He is uncertain.

What do the spirits say? What does the Mountain Father and Mother say, what does the Forest Father say? Is this protection? Is this security? Is the path that he has begun to walk is the right way? As an Echo he is a guide to his people.

“My worry is not about the resources, things are things, the Marble People seem obsessed with land and power, they do not seem to see people as people, my concern is that my people are and will be seen as accessories or objects in the end. We have no long lasting power in your court, we’re an aside, an attachment. An attachment. What my concern is that again,” Merta pauses, “And I mean this not in disrespect to Varan.” he nods politely towards him, “Is that my people will not be seen as separate entities. Currently we are in a position of vassal to House Vyapult. We’re in an awkward position making alliances. People will see this as a grab of power on my part. Though I admit honestly and selfishly, with full trust that I wish my people were not seen as merely eyesores. This is the position I am placed in when making these decisions. It’s not just war that is at sake. Or who brandishes their sword. But I am thinking of the long term consequences. I want no part in your power. My people want no part in the Marble People’s Kingdom. But the more they expand. The more their power exerts pressure. I wonder what our role is in it. If you understand these things, then I will accept what you have to say.”

‘Of course.’ Of course he understood; he’d been involved with Merta and the People of the Silver City for who knew how many years now. He recognised their plight - and he knew he wasn’t one to talk, he was an archduke in quite a stable position, especially with the Mad King’s demise. But damn it all. ‘I reiterate my insistence. All must see each other as equal - as people, no matter the culture. Rest assured, I will personally speak with those who refuse these terms…

‘And on that note,’ he continued firmly, ‘we must as well make a decision on who we support collectively. In this, I am perhaps foolish to propose that the choice be allowed at all; but, I allow it in understanding that we all gain more from Sharles’ reign than Anyamara’s, and that all recognise this idea. Anyamara’s supporters, in many ways, feel impelled to do so by the money they are offered. Rest assured, if we are truly seen as lesser for our limited export, then she will not provide equivalent due for our support as to the richer regions of the South, and in the meantime will only lessen the standing of the common people all over, those who cannot afford the lessening, least of all in the Frostmark and Mistlands. Under Sharles, I dare say we shall all be brought upward - and, to be sure, it will be those who have most to lose under the Bastard Maiden who will have most to gain under the alternative.’

Egil again retreated into himself to process Merta’s speech. It was a new perspective that he did not immediately understand. He’d think back on the strange feather he was offered as a gift, one that appeared important to the Echo but to himself had no value. A collective alliance would be complicated in many more ways than originally thought.

“For all intents and purposes, Lord Merta. In this alliance we are one people by just how our soon to emerge enemies shall perceive us. Although this process won’t be painless or without misunderstanding, if you allow patience I think it will protect us all from the ‘marble kingdoms’ as you call them. Although I share a lot of their traditions, the people of the Illemani river are still yet their own and there was a proud culture and religion here before any southerner set foot in these woods. As Vyapult has noted too, our support of Sharles will bind us together through the ugliness of politics. Another Mad King is something I simply cannot tolerate.”

“I hope that is convincing to you both that you will not be taken advantage of or seen as lowly pieces on a chess board. There will be a need for much sympathy between us here, but I am confident we will come out stronger on the other side. Our first step should be the security of the border and to deny any army professing loyalty to Anyamara passage through our lands. The people will come first, that I can easily agree to and their security will be seen to.”

It had not been a question whether Merta supported Sharles or Anyamara. The question was more or less him stepping forth in this world or not and beginning to make plays on a chessboard, “I only saw one option in your politics, which is Sharles. So the three of us are in agreement there.”

‘Our borders can be secured readily if need be,’ Varan cited. ‘A region loyal to Anyamara will likely make themselves known one way or another; until they do, we can retain our trade routes with them, and benefit for as long as possible.

‘But what say the rest of you?’ Varangyrian asked the other assorted nobles. ‘All in favour of Sharles as King, raise your hand and call “aye”.’ A chorus of “aye!”s rang out; though some resolutely kept their hands down and their mouths shut, there was a clear majority in favour.

‘Then it’s agreed,’ he concluded. ‘Unless or until extreme circumstances deem it necessary to state otherwise, the duchies of the Northern Treaty recognise Sharles of Bremerant as the rightful heir to the throne.’ A small chorus of cheers followed after this. And he wouldn’t admit here that it’d be so in word more so than thought for him, not until the man had proven his worth.

Although more details needed to be ironed out, for the moment the alliance was set in place. Joining in with the other lords, Egil threw his support behind Sharles as well.

“So it is decided. We’ll work out more later, but for now this alliance will be for Sharles as the rightful heir to the throne.”
Alina Sanford

They'd done it. They'd met back up with the others. But no sooner had they succeeded there, than the worst came to pass: not one, not two, but three of those "Warlord" people had come out. And one was new, even... great.

She was tired. Tired of all of this. Which was why she didn't even question this new Spindle person's idea, or the idea that maybe jumping off a cliff was a bad idea, or that it'd probably aggravate her ankle even further. She simply followed after her as fast as she could, a modest hobble rather than a sprint by now, and when she came to the cliff's edge... hesitated.

She'd die. She'd die if she fell down there.

But everyone else was doing it. God, that brought back that old idiom about everyone's friends jumping off a bridge, didn't it?

Fuck it. She closed her eyes, screwed up her face, and tossed herself off the edge as best she could, folding her body together. She didn't want to tense up for the impact...
Behold, the new Discord server. So that we can chat about characters and such, if anybody needs helps with their initial ideas or what have you.
So we're clear on it, who would have interest in a Discord server for this game?
@Dark Light@Jasno If you both wouldn't mind joining the Discord server, @TheRedWatcher and I will want to chat with you about your characters later on.
@Dark Light I should make a firm point, first off, that the family surname is not Varangyrian. That would be Varangyrian VII's given name. If anything, he'd be Karl Vyapult, or Karl of House Vyapult if the general setup for noble houses is that you get the house as a family name when you inherit the house in full. Secondly, it should probably be made a point of that he'd share the vulnerability Varan has of being of mixed blood, namely from their grandfather Varangyrian VI's partner. That might be important to delve into somewhat.

To wit, if you want to discuss this further, it may be a good call to head into the Discord for this RP, so that we can communicate more swiftly on the pertinent matters in future.
While that position sounds interesting I’m kinda feeling like playing someone’s younger brother or cousin.
You know, just tagging onto another players house (can work out exact reasons later) and being less important but still of a noble family.

Anyone keen?

Archduke Varangyrian has a younger brother Karl. If you're interested. I can edit them to be a younger or older brother or sister too, whatever wants changing. And for reference as to the current lineage of Great House Vyapult:

Vyapult Line (starting from Varan I's designation as High Lord of the Frostmark)
1. Varangyrian Vyapult I x Duchess Mariya of D'yavoles
2. Varangyrian Vyapult II x Duchess Eleonora | Duke Dzhek, the Treefarmer x Lady Alison of Arbormark
3. Alekzandr Vyapult I x Duchess Ruthenia | Duchess Anastasia of Azkuzia
4. Varangyrian Vyapult III, the Cruel x Duchess Miriam of Stormlands
5. Erik the Hunter (formerly the Outcast) | Alekzandr Vyapult II x Duchess Arianne of Wildwood
6. Duke Garl't x Countess Alina | Varangyrian Vyapult IV, the Suzerain x Duchess Vyatik, the Wanderer | Duchess Aleksandryr, the Lawbinder
7. Count Varangyrian of Mirkuzi x Lady Dzhezika of Severoreka | Duke Varangyrian x Duchess Lilianna of the Crownmark | Varangyrian Vyapult V x Warden Markus of Westmarch
8. Varangyrian Vyapult VI (recently the Barbarian) x Dikynima | Duchess Novgoriz x Duke Izboryk
9. Duke Dyr of Bastion | Duke Dvini x Duchess Miriyam of D'yavoles | Duke Varangyrian of Eastfrost x Duchess Ayla of D'yavoles | Theophania Vyapult I x Warden Jacques
10. Varangyrian Vyapult VII | Duke Karl, the Guildmaster x Duchess Natalie of Mistlands
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