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Current @Phantomlink: But YOU can fix that sense of smell, with just a small application of Flex Seal Liquid! It stays in, and bonds tight, so once it's in, you'll never smell again!
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My family got a new kitten. He is adorable, and I already like him a lot.
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@CAS1006: Dude, embrace looking 17 for life. The alternative is growing old prematurely, or at least at a regular rate.
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Here's a thought: the apocalypse begins, angels versus demons, and then aliens show up, turn things into a clusterfuck, and the fighting comes to a screeching halt on all sides. Now what do humans do?
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@Odin: The MEPs voted in favour of article 13. I sure as hell didn't.


Hello, I am me from the internet. I migrated here from Kongregate's Forum Games Forum, so feel free to look for me there if you wish to follow a career in internet stalking people.

A link to some of my past characters, which I need because static tabs do not take up internet.

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Yurel - Jaggi

Yurel screeched to a halt as Sauron roared out at the crowd of his minions, unable to make any counterpoint about who did or did not like crunchy bits. Over the mass of others, he could very clearly see how little meat was left on the aptanoth, and he found himself unduly upset by this notion. Oh, he could just hear Tik and Tak laughing at him once he got back.

Then again, since Sauron had just called Yurel and Scrap to take off with him at all, that was an opportunity. An opportunity for awesomeness! Maybe. 'Coming, sir!' Yurel barked, glancing briefly yet longingly at the aptanoth's skeleton before following on after Scrap and Sauron. And as they headed out of the nest, he thought about how Tik and Tak would surely be made to eat their words once the trio came back from their hunting trip. Speaking of which...

'Sir, are we hunting for anything specific this time?' Yurel asked, suitably submissive as to be respectful, but not so much as to appear weak. This particular tone of voice was tough to pull off properly, at times, but he'd practiced it many times before, and he was pretty sure Sauron was in a decent mood right now. Else, why would he want to go out on a second hunt today?
@IcePezz Alright, well, it's good to know you have plenty of writing experience. If we get some open spots in this game in the future, it'll be good to have you on board.
@BCTheEntity Ice Pezz is a she. But thank you for assuming her gender.

Kidding, but seriously she is a she.

@BCTheEntity hello hello :) very nice to meet you! I am a she and have written with a few that have or are currently participating in this rp:) your name even looks familiar to me :) I’ve been a bit Mia the past yearish or 2?

Whup, sorry about the incorrect gender. I don't recall seeing you around, honestly, but I imagine you're probably good at writing, and you seem to generally be a nice person. If something comes to me about past interactions between us, though, I'll bring it up.
I wouldn't know, having never spoken with him. For the record, though, he seems pretty decent.
Raymond Haywood: The Cruise Room

Hmph. At least she wasn’t a total rookie, then. Sadly, in explaining her power in such depth, she was making the same rookie mistake he had... though, it occurred to him now, perhaps another member of their group being taken by the PRT at this point would simply lead to their receiving more detail on everybody’s powers anyway. Besides, they potentially knew what his power was, but if they did, what could they do to counter it? Pull in a second Thinker, perhaps, and even then he still had his own combat skills going for him.

‘Thank you, Alloy,’ he murmured, nodding once her explanation was done. ‘That’s quite useful to know... I imagine you’ll be very capable on the front line of a fight.’ A profligate armoured soldier, of course, but equally a very potent electrical conductor, well-suited to stun or, if need be, kill her opponents fairly easily. She'd do well to round out the gap Heartless left in their group. After another moment of thought, he stepped forward and offered his own hand for her to shake. If he was trying to be a leader, then shouldn’t he act like one?

‘For the record,’ he noted, since it happened to be relevant, ‘if you like cute girls, I’m sure you’ll love Whimsy. Just be aware of her age.’ Did he care if they did anything with one another? Not really. He imagined Alloy might have an issue with Sofia being underage, of course, but they were both big enough girls to hunt people down for their abilities and fend off more dangerous villains than themselves, so he wasn’t going to get in their way if something blossomed between them.
Yurel - Jaggi

'Mubuhbuh what? Wazzat?' Yurel mumbled, rudely awakened from sleep by Scrap. He liked the guy, really, but sometimes he was... overzealous. He heard the words "Sauron" and "aptonoth" and stumbled upright abruptly, only to realise it wasn't quite so dangerous a situation as expected. Actually, it was breakfast - and as Tik and Tak both pointed out, it'd be gone soon if he didn't get moving.

'Mmbleh. Alright, I'll get going,' Yurel huffed, his voice as always just a bit wheezy. That was an unfortunate and persistent memory of a fight he'd much rather not remember, all told. Even so, he was pretty dang hungry, and charged out of the cave alongside Scrap, salivating a little in the process.

'Why do you reckon everyone is always in such a hurry to eat, anyway?' he asked his friend as they ran on. 'It's not like it's gonna melt in the sun quickly, is it? And if there's a bit of sand in it, so what? It's just extra crunchy bits.' He knew some of the larger members of their pack liked eating the bones in their kills anyway, and that was hardly different from sand, was it? They both crunched in the mouth, so if you thought about it, there wasn't really a difference in the texture after all.
Alessa Heather: PRT HQ

Alessa fondled Lillian's hair for a moment as she leant on her shoulder and inhaled - these were a normal relationship thing to do, wasn't it? Yeah, probably, though she didn't have much experience in the matter. Plus, she knew Lillian's enhanced senses were a thing, so maybe that'd help. Regardless, Alessa nodded and obediently followed Director Kens and the other Protectorate heroes to the conference room, her hand intertwined with Lillian's along the way. He was right; to have a fight about whatever this situation was in a public area would just be unprofessional as anything. And as far as her input went, well, she was the leader of the Wards at the moment, whether or not she was very good at it. She had to wonder about that, given how Margrave had seemingly vanished, right?

But, well, she could make a difference here, she considered as she took a seat. And from what she was reading - moderate autism, hospital records indicating injuries from his fellows that he was lucky to survive, oh dear God, she didn't know specifically what effects autism had on a person but if they contributed to Shatterpoint's wailing earlier... oh God, that must have been hell for him-

She caught herself hyperventilating slightly, and forced herself to breath in and out very slowly. No wonder he'd turned to villainy, then, if he'd been subjected to all that abuse even after Triggering. She honestly wondered if she wouldn't do the same, under those conditions - just as Kens had stated. Well, she wouldn't normally, of course not. But then she didn't have autism. For her part, she'd not had any other choice but to become a hero, since most of her family had died after all. By contrast, Shatterpoint- Dexter- seemed to have had no other choice than to become a villain. Surely having everyone around you be an enemy, or at least seeming like it, was worse by far than just losing one's loved ones, right? And that just got her angry. They saw something different, and they attacked it, even when they should have known better. No wonder, no wonder, no wonder.

Lillian's statement basically confirmed what Alessa was already thinking. 'I think we should make him a Ward,' she agreed, nodding even as she tried to quell her outrage at his circumstances. 'It seems like he's never been given a fair chance in his whole life. Even Ceramix turned out to be willing to kill others, regardless of if it was for Dexter himself or not. How can you ask a person to do good things if they've never been given the chance or the exposure to something like that?' she asked, beginning to gesticulate in tandem with her words. 'How can you tell somebody they're terrible, when you're not the one who's treated like a monster, who's- who gets fucking beaten for something they can't control? How is- that isn't-!' She breathed in, then out again. Breath in, breath out. When had she stood up and starting pacing, again?

'It's not fair to tell a person they're irredeemable when nobody's willing to try in the first place,' she concluded, sitting back down and gritting her teeth with her frustration. She honestly hoped Evelyn would see her argument here, because if not, well... there was going to be an argument otherwise.
@POOHEAD189 Alright, cool. I thought it had been delivered already, just wanted to make sure nobody was off in that regard.

@Fetzen Well, then. Good thing he's not.

EDIT: Dammet, Sett's blessing was on the child proper after it was born. I just... there's reading to do when other people are involved in your scene dammet.
@Gardevoiran might be right on that front, actually. In which case, I'm the one who'd need to edit. Please answer soon, @POOHEAD189, this is an important matter.
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