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Current You know what's cool? Procrastinating eternally on RPs. And literally everything else. You guys should try it sometime.
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Controversial opinion for you - Sonic the Hedgehog: Shadow Dies Twice.
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@Undead Eyes: Is your finger still dying?
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Controversial opinion: Bloodborne: Dark Souls Die Twice
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CEOs making huge amounts of money sure are in a bad spot when they need to fire thousands of employees because the company was slightly less profitable than last year.
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Hello, I am me from the internet. I migrated here from Kongregate's Forum Games Forum, so feel free to look for me there if you wish to follow a career in internet stalking people.

A link to some of my past characters, which I need because static tabs do not take up internet.

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Alexa could swear the room had turned into naught but a sea of whispers and endless eyes at some point, for all the nobility looked to her, gestured at her.

She really didn't have much else to observe on the matter. At some point between her decision to stay and the leave called upon them by Sister-Celestian Victorine, her mind decided it'd rather not remember the majority of the event, even though she was nonetheless conscious and somewhat functional. She could safely note, though, that of the nobles who had said anything at all about the resurrected girl, none had any useful, concrete information. Perhaps they ought to have left after all. Then again, they'd... she'd... almost certainly made the Order of the Transfixed Saint look pathetic. No, no, no, they'd never say that was so, not the nobles nor her fellow Sisters, but surely they'd believe they were weak, she was weak, by dint of her own flaws showing through.

She considered flogging herself for a while before falling to slumber. Instead, once she had all but torn the outfit given to her away and replaced it with her usual robes, only a minor alleviant of the tightness around her torso, her frantic mind dragged her to the dataslates of the local medical bay for some light reading.

Technically, it was the position of the Orders Famulous, the Thrice-Fold Tongue her own order's sister sect in that regard, to receive the teachings necessary both to maintain the faith of the nobility and monitor them for corruption - but it was also not unheard of for somebody to fall into the hands of a Hospitaller, only to fall into the custody (however short-lived) of the Sororitas when it was learned there was some subtle corruption in them. Records were kept of these events, signs to bear witness to, especially in those who seemed outwardly untouched by the ravages of Chaos, and Alexa forced herself to browse through them, slate by slate. Odd behaviour. Twitching or uncommon stillness. Tongues, of course. Naturally, what differences there were to non-Chaotic illnesses of the physiology. Internal mutations. Prayers under their breath, at times, in particular with no sign of the Aquila held or made. Even subtle things like too intense a glare or a glance pretended away from...

Or perhaps she only dreamt of reading up on these symptoms, for she awoke the next morning face down on a table, distinctly recalling finding nothing of the sort in the civilian medbay. Yes, that was right. She'd only meant to look through the local logs for information on odd patients, using her own mind to reference the symptoms of corruption, and at some point, she'd clearly lost consciousness and imagined she was looking through such a secretive database.

...oh dear. She'd fallen asleep in a medical office. Apologising profusely to the head of staff for the inconvenience ("None whatsoever, I promise! I'd never deny a resting place to one of the Emperor's finest!" And yet, the matter concerned the Hospitaller long after the fact), she returned to her room, caught up on the flogging she'd proposed to herself last night for about fifteen minutes whilst praying vigorously for forgiveness, abluted herself of the aftermath, then- with servitor assistance, an unusual but reasonable enough affair- finally returned to wearing her power armour and all the associated gear, the constricting space a blessing that at last, paradoxically, allowed her heartrate to slow and her breathing to slow after most of a night of forcibly-repressed hyperventilation.

And the lack of decent rest chose then to strike her, as did the soreness from sleeping on her cheekbone with her back bent over. Not to mention the self-flagellation. Her morning meal consisted of a few of the various leftovers from last night's reverie, and a hefty dose of recaf that set her pulse racing in all the wrong ways again. At least it let her function somewhat normally. By the time she felt ready to present herself to the governor's emissary as instructed, helmet firmly on even with its faulty, aggressive vox, the average person almost couldn't tell she had been up half the night doing research.

And by contrast, Sister Dominica was exceptionally eager to meet the revived farmgirl. Would that Alexandra herself could be so optimistic; realistically, Sister Lisbeth was setting herself up for disappointment. But, optimism was hardly a bad thing under most circumstances. And if she was right, well... though nobody else would be able to see it, Alexa forced herself to smile. Yes, this was going to go well. She would believe it was going to go well. She had to believe it would.

Emperor, may you show us the way. If this girl is truly one of yours, make it clear that she has received your divine blessing, or else let it be known that she is befouled by the taint of the Warp that we might purify that taint posthaste. In your name, we march ever onward.
It's powerful! It's a bit far off from the rest of the Stands in the group in terms of ability, but that doesn't make it bad necessarily. I suppose I'd want the effect to run out in a short while, and have a visual representation of the place it struck, like (part 6 Stand).

That seems like a reasonable assessment. I will make note that as a close-range power Stand in a group of largely support Stands, 「Ten Thousand Fists」 being immediately more devastating seems like it'd be a given, but I will add in those changes to balance it out, and probably make a note too that the effects would also dissipate if a target is a substantial distance away from the Stand, maybe ten or twenty meters.
Technically, the group also needs healing, I'm noticing. Arguably, this Stand would be capable of offering it. Depends on how Araki we want to go with a particular notion of its usage, is all.

I can't finish Phil himself off right now, but commentary on the power would be much appreciated.
Alright, I know I'm here a little bit late, but I did actually have an idea for a Stand that's caught my mind, semi-specifically based on how nobody here seems to be into that whole "fighting" thing. Would @ManyThings mind if I wrote up a sheet for potential future use? I don't mind if it never gets used here, I just want to get it down so that it's present.
Emperor Kuzco

Oh boy, he talked back to his superior. He shouldn't have done that. And, yep, there it went. The horse sat on him. Ahaha... Kuzco did quash his smile after a moment, considering that... well, he wasn't hurt, so that was fine. But hey, they were getting clothes! Neat.

'Uh, can we make that two more of each?' he called to the soldiers as they left. 'I have a chef, and another guy... he's not here right now, but he'll be back.' Yeah, Kronk would need some clothes. The whole vest dealie was cool, but his arms weren't covered. Everyone else here had completely covered arms and legs, and he didn't quite know what their problem with uncovered arms and legs was, but... where was Kronk, anyway? And...

...did- did Phoebus only notice the talking lizard now? Dragon, actually, as he made very clear. Heh, dang it, he was just so small and funny! And, of course, it was tragic, even more so that he'd apparently convinced himself he'd always been a dragon... buuut there were worse things he could be. Like a llama, or a bunny. Heuegueh.

Speaking of things that actually mattered, both Merry-da and Mulan made good points. If the lady in armour's money was no good, then neither would Kuzco's, and if they stood around all night, those clothes would probably get back before- oh hey, the clothes came back! In like half a minute.

'Huh. Fast workers,' he mused, gesturing for his guards to start taking some clothes, and grabbing a pair of hose for himself to... well, he'd put those on shortly, when there were a bunch of strangers watching him. 'But yeah, I could do with some of that, uhh, coin exchange,' he admitted. 'You know, just in case I run out of, uhm, supplies.' Not that he was in danger of that, not at all! Though he really wasn't used to living rough like this. Sure, he'd been out of his palace a bit in the past couple of years, but that wasn't rough rough. Sitting in a palaquin, being carried along by alpacas? That was living rough. Oh, were there jungle hermits? Gosh, he could only imagine how gross that would be. An image of a talking fly being violently devoured by a spider entered his mind, and he shuddered violently. Nope, not going back to that memory.

Meanwhile, the alpacas took long, bored looks at the three large creatures that seemed to mimic their shapes somewhat. What dull fur textures they had, however, at least one of them probably thought. They looked stubbly, and there was nothing to pull on at all, except the long smooth hair on their neck and in place of their tails, loose things with no structure to them, not at all like the alpaca's own luxuriously soft curls that covered their frames so totally. And they had bipeds on their backs. How pathetic those large creatures were. Then they went right back to eating grass, because they were hungry and really didn't care to express their opinions too much to strange beasts.
A.L.M.A. Unit "Roxanne"

Alas, they had not escaped the scene without a fight. A false alarm had been raised by Cahreli's test-firing, something Roxanne intended to take her to task over once they had returned to the station, especially considering how close it had been to injuring one of the other operatives. This, unfortunately, left most in the ship not expecting a fight. Truthfully, Roxanne herself had been expecting to escape the planet unscathed, too; she was merely more capable of being prepared for the aftermath than the organics on board.

All said and done, once the transport capsule had finished crashing, nobody other than Eileen was in the best condition to handle continued operations. Or rather, they had yet to respond in sufficient manner to preserve their own lives. The transport ship's systems weren't critical, yet, but the engines were burning. An explosion risk, potentially harmful to pilots if they remained.

'All agents evacuate the transport capsule,' she proclaimed, not so much yelling as stating much more forcefully than usual. Naturally, this came shortly after Eileen's announcement, and right before she broke a hole in the transport's side. Roxanne followed on after her, performing her own scans and ultimately spying the rogue mech. It was, of course, evident that this mech was the rogue, as it was not only undocumented, but of highly non-standard design.

And it had released drones. These would likely prove to amplify the rogue mech's threat, if left unchecked. Thus, whilst Eileen engaged the rogue mech proper, Roxanne hovered away from the crashed transport, orienting her mech to face one of the drones - and then, after some modest calculations, unleashing a flurry of plasma bolts from the four smaller emitters on its torso, the intent to force the drone to move in a certain pattern, that could then be taken advantage of to guarantee damage and probable destruction. And if successful, the process would be repeated with each subsequent drone, at least as long as Roxanne remained uninterrupted.
Maceroy Falthon

<Understood. See you there, sweetie; I'll either be in the courtyard out front or in my usual room for Bio.> Maceroy's phone returned to its pocket, and he stepped out of the still-unoccupied alleyway, once again covered up by his shirt, with seemingly nobody the wiser. Of course, if he'd seen somebody snooping around, he'd simply have dropped in in full exoskeleton, nabbed the shirt, and scarpered to a less occupied alleyway, perhaps closer to the school.

Speaking of which, it took him a few minutes more and a slight detour to make it seem like he'd taken the scenic route, but he eventually approached the school's entrance, whistling as though he had not a care in the world, and only glancing quizzically toward whatever police presence had made itself known. By now, his classroom was probably devoid of students, but it was worth taking the time to double-check, just in case. If they were there, he could begin teaching now; if they weren't, he could nonetheless wait out front for Evelyn. And he was curious to know what her big news was, anyway.
Pretty good, pretty good. All's well on my end of things, generally speaking.
Emperor Kuzco

Eh, he'd been close enough. "Parry", "Paris", what was the difference? According to the guard, offense being taken. And boy, did he know how vindictive somebody even slightly offended could be. Speaking of guards, he apparently had to cover himself and his guards- what the heck? These were official uniforms. His outfit was royal garb, dang it! How was he meant to convey his awesomeness if he wasn't in proper outfit? Ugh, and he was at risk of being arrested for indecency if he didn't? Who did this guy think he was?

...well, okay, Kuzco did know vaguely who he was and the sort of power he wielded, since he was in charge of at least thirty armoured men, but still. Bleh, he should have brought more guards.

'Alright, well, having somewhere to stay would be nice. Do you have, uhm... clothes?' he asked reluctantly, noticing how the man was eyeing one of his guards with a look of... fear or something, he assumed. 'I have spares, but... well, I guess we could rig the other loincloths up to cover them properly...' As he thought about this perplexing conundrum, the other lady introduced herself and her... dragon. And apparently her cricket, too. Mulan, Mushu, and Cri-kee. For some reason, the dragon wasn't really striking him as weird. Sure, it was super weird. People didn't just turn into dragons for no reason. Just, well, he'd been turned into a llama before now, and he had kind of lost track of Yzma after replacing her with Kronk- who was still not here, he noted- so he figured she'd gotten to this guy somehow. Plus, the lack of size and the mouthiness was pretty un-threatening. Almost cute, actually, heheheh. Naw.

'And I,' he added once Merry-da had said her bit about her name and her hhhhoesre, 'if you didn't hear before, am Emperor Kuzco, royal leader of the Kingdom of the Sun! And thse are my guards, who I am sure are more than capable of introducing themselves. Delightful to meet you, Mulan, very nice day out isn't it.' Maybe he was overcompensating for yelling earlier, but at least her voice wasn't impossible to decipher like Merry-da's. Why were they still talking about stabbing people in the... he assumed "between the legs" meant guy-bits. You know, those general bits. Nobody liked getting those hit with anything.
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