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Current @Otaku: Worse still, it could at any time attack you, and get you trapped inside a meat pod.…
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What's weird is when you look at somebody's personality, know that they aren't a bad person, and yet realise that you'd probably clash horribly if you tried to talk with them. Such is life.
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Joke's on you. I, too, made a joke about cutting the cheese.
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Yeah, well, you try making a cheese-based rhyme for Allstar.
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she was looking for her gum with her head down and her bum in the shape of a heart in mid-air
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I can't promise participation, but colour me interested.
Legio, God of Mankind

For years now, Legio had been considering what was to be done with the Throne of the King of the Gods. The former King, rather; Ephra’s death had been unfortunate, and perhaps avoidable if he hadn’t separated War and Life, but it stood that it was his death that left it empty nonetheless. And whilst Legio had felt himself content to let sleeping dogs lie, as the phrase went, he had been struck with ever-increasing awareness that for as long as the throne went unoccupied, the more likely it was that… unsavoury forces, he could say, would make a move to take it for themselves.

And that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing on its own. Only, if a god rose to supremacy who did not have Man’s best interests in mind, it’d almost certainly mean their suppression for a very, very long time. Knowing the nature of gods, it could well be eternal - though his father’s reign was supposed to be essentially eternal too, and that didn’t pan out. Nor would it, when Mankind finally achieved their utmost… if, should a deity with bad opinions of them make themselves ruler.

And alas, that could be any of them. In truth, Legio lacked many enemies - though he’d certainly never forgive himself if Sylendre somehow managed to crown herself Queen - but many deities had views of Humanity Untainted that were, to put it lightly, neutral at best. And in truth, even those who held positive opinions of them now might change their minds if they perceived a threat. Even Telios, a staunch companion with no reason to see humans as dangerous now, might well decide later on that they needed to be put down. And for what? Achieving what was in effect their birthright as a race, pulling themselves up when all other races were handed the laurels to sit upon by the deities who formed them?

Or, perhaps he was being paranoid. Over-thinking things too much, and admittedly giving his allies less credit than they deserved. Yet… humans had achieved so much in such a short time. It was his very purpose to guide them, to greatness if he were to be asked. What sort of god was he if he allowed them to squander the abilities he knew they possessed, the tools they had already produced and those they might yet create?

This train of thought was processed but slowly, for it was a matter that required careful thought to avoid any missteps. In the end, though, Legio came to his conclusion.

And so it was that he appeared one day in the grandest cathedral of Ephrum, armed and armoured in his full splendour, to hover before a congregation of worshippers and priests who had not expected him to appear to their cries of “come before us, O Master of Mankind”, and who were justifiably awestruck by his appearance. The words he spoke to them and to the city as a whole, laced with grandeur that would be unnecessary in the presence of another deity, and in time in the presence of humanity itself, were thus:

‘Heed me, my children, for I have come to a decision about the future. Mine, and indirectly yours. I do so charge ye, to let it be known throughout the world, in the settlements and cities alike of the human race: Legio, the Emperor of Mankind, seeks to claim the divine throne once held by Ephra, to become King of the Gods, that I might better serve the human race who I was created to protect, and to ensure Mankind as a whole can bring themselves to ever greater heights. Spread this message, and ensure all of humanity is united in this, what might be the single most important endeavour of your race to date. Succeed, and the glory of Mankind shall be eternal.’

The god of Man had never been one for subtlety. He knew full-well that word would spread relatively quickly to the lands of the other gods, who of course may take exception to his announcement. That is, if they didn’t learn it from Legio himself first; the human masses were ever active, and so too must he be if he was to succeed in his quest. The most likely places he’d succeed would be those he currently considered allies, of course, and once they were persuaded, he’d have the support to extend his diplomacy to other, less amenable deities… and then, beyond.

His first stop, the most likely ally of his, would assuredly be Koritomo. The Goddess of War would be invaluable, should it come down to war in the end. And since he could, he decide to fly himself to her lands rather than teleporting directly; he felt the scenic route might be nice for a change. It wasn’t often he got the opportunity to gaze over the landscapes of the world as he soared above them, after all, and if what came next was as time-consuming as he imagined it would be, he might not get another chance.
I can't promise participation, but colour me interested.
Bisuto Ketsu

@Old Amsterdam

If Ketsu had had a chance to reply to Seto, he'd have suggested that that was just as viable a possibility, but didn't account for how the Quinques had gotten involved without Investigators being present. As it happened, the enemy Ghoul attacked before he could say anything - Graye barely avoided getting her face ripped off by one set of kagune, only to get slammed in the chest with another and hurled bodily, two hundred meters away. Holy fucking shit.

Two flavours.

...wait, what the fuck was he thinking? One of the strongest Investigators in the CCG was out in literal seconds, batted away like a human-sized cricket ball with himself and Seto next in line, and here he was, thinking about his next meal! Speaking of which, Ketsu had pressed the button to manifest his Kakuja Quinque almost before the Ghoul had begun to charge - the crustacean-like armour surrounding his body, covering even his eyes with lobster-esque lenses, and in essence replacing his hands with a pair of oversized claws. Though he certainly had the speed to try and dodge, that wasn't what a koukaku did best. No, his plan was to play to his strengths and this oddly-feral Ghoul's weaknesses: step aside just before one of the bikakus reached him, snag it out of the air with both claws, and use the Ghoul's own momentum as leverage to swing it overhead and slam it into the ground as hard as he could. Which, even whilst pretending at humanity, could be pretty damn hard, considering the suit's intended strength boost. And then, perhaps, to repeat the process, one side to the other, as many times as he could achieve, if he wasn't beaten down somehow.

And, of course, to not let go of the tail he grabbed. That might well be catastrophic.
And I posted. Whoop whoop.
Dirk Messir - Relegated to Boatguy

Luckily, nobody was forced to fall off except for Spidersman, who turns into Monkeysman to return to his ship and become a fool. And after that, Dirk stopped turning his ship, and turn into a real boy, on what is flat ground now so nobody else fell off. And he was doing great! Except that Lord Krabbe Douche decided that now Violent was somehow WAAAAY more of a threat than before, because CLEARLY that's how it works. Stupid nerd idiot.

You're the stupid idiot. You nearly killed the rest of the crew with your insane maneuver.

No, DEREK, that will be YOUR move that does that. I am just turning the ship, like his Divine Purpose tells him to do, so what did HE have to say about THAT?

That you're stupid and I hate you. You should've thrown yourself overboard with Saban, you trash.

Well. Shut up. Divine Purpose doesn't want that, no. Won't. Instead, Krant wanted them to fight Shrampz Brigade Oneth, but stopped because he stopped talking. Plant Horse already left, so Dirk's original plan to go and be on fire wouldn't work... or WOULD IT?

Obviously not Fool! You can't survive fire Dumbass!

Okay but Jamewithaniintheexactmiddle, Slice has oil which only burns itself. He wouldn't hurt a real good boye. It doesn't work like that. Besides, you can't. You have to do what Captain Cedric says, which is steer the bote like a well-ridden gote. FRICK, we wanted to go on the enemies! DARNO.

'Yes, Captain Cedric.' But it is a smart good point, because otherwise, how do you get to the bote? Other bote, where is in the enemies got to. And the Dirk is a stronk, but still not that as stronk as the regular other crews people. He had to fix that. That was how he did with Feya. She was nice. She also needed to get that help, because she was on the other ship... SO, TIME TO STEER THE BOAT TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

Do It, Dirk! Steer That Boat!

I'm doing it, Big Guy! Yeah, Dirk was the best Dirk in the entire ship, and the Divine Purpose confirms it! Heck!
Bisuto Ketsu

@Old Amsterdam

'Oh, your fifth? Impressive. I guess I have a ways to go, then,' he shrugged, nodding as Seto called for them to get moving, and began walking after the man himself. Graye, nudging him, asked how he managed to get paired off with the leader of Ward 8, to which he lightly responded 'Who are you calling a runt? Fourth in my graduating year, remember? Though to wit, I do have Seto to thank for that, if indirectly - funny story, I had no idea he was as important as he is when I first met him, just that he was a high-ranking Investigator. I challenged him for something, we made a bet over it, and that motivated me to push myself to where I am now.

'As for why he's picked me to go with him on this mission specifically, well, we have our numbers to think about,' he continued, a bit of a smile crossing his face despite himself. 'We have two other Investigator pairs doing their part to contribute to this case, and not so many spare beyond that to my knowledge. Plus, as I'm sure you've surmised, we have some history, if not a heck of a lot. Maybe you and I will one day be allies of that nature too, Graye.'

By now, they'd reached their destination: what appeared to be the scene of a serious fight, a park with some sparsely-scattered, but heavily damaged trees. A nearby bench had taken harm too, one leg bent to tilt the whole construct despite being made of metal, and there was blood spattered across the ground. Though he dared not make it obvious, his nose told him quite a bit right off the bat: there had been both ghoul and human fighters in this, though it had been too long with too many other humans present for him to tell how many of each. That said, it didn't take him too long, maybe a few minutes, to come to the conclusion that the scale of the damage dealt and the blood spilled, human and Ghoul both, suggested three fighters total. So, what would be the most likely scenario...?

'Alright,' he spoke up matter-of-factly after about five minutes, raising his voice a little bit to catch both Seto and Graye's ears, 'here's my theory, short of any other information that might be missing. Do tell me if I've missed something crucial, such as whether we have any surviving witnesses?' The extra time had been taken to figure out how to phrase his theory in a way that didn't out himself, but if he wasn't interrupted, he figured it ought to be fairly foolproof as a result.

'The scale of destruction suggests more than two people fighting, but not many more. It seems logical to assume that it started off with two humans walking through this park, minding their own business as it were, or possibly on a job for CCG. Suddenly, a Ghoul attacks; it's unlikely to be two Ghouls attacking one human, as to my knowledge, it's reasonably uncommon for Ghouls to work together in a hunt, and two Ghouls against one human is a fairly extreme amount of overkill unless the target is a skilled Investigator. As it happens, one or both humans are in fact Investigators, or otherwise have access to a Quinque or other anti-Ghoul weapon - the lack of bullets in the area suggests they weren't using a gun or Q bullets in any form, and the amount of blood spilled suggests that the Ghoul was also injured in the fighting, so clearly they weren't completely defenseless. If we could get some test samples of the blood spilled, we might be able to distinguish who was actually involved, if we haven't done so already.

'In any case, both sides of the combat are injured, but eventually, the Ghoul makes its escape, either fed or unfed. Considering what you said about the bodies our suspect left behind earlier, Seto, I'm willing to bet they were in fact fed upon, with some flesh stolen by the Ghoul for its own ends if that still applies; it may also have been, as proposed earlier, that the Ghoul had a Quinque on its person, or perhaps snatched the Investigator's Quinque, killed them with it, then abandoned it afterwards. Speaking of which, did you say the wounds dealt were consistent with a Quinque, or with Quinques in general? Because if it's the latter, it could be that the Ghoul is actually targeting Investigators specifically, killing and mutilating them with their own weapons to hide what exactly their kagune's injuries look like.'
@Lugubrious@ProPro Fiiiiinally posted as Motley. Once again, I apologise deeply for the delay; my procrastination knows no bounds at times. That said, what I plan to do with Erina is have her make her way to a location where she can get the drop on the Thule siblings, and then make a sneak attack to try and kill at least one of them a little ways down the line. This will happen in... let's say "a few rounds of posting", assuming nobody tries to go for Erina in that timeframe. Keep errbody on their toes, right?

Really, that was her plan? Try and distract him with two conflicting sets of missiles? At least that taught him a bit about her Stand - the rockets it fired could alter their path in flight - and whether or not she knew aught about his own ability was up to question.

Even still, it was barely worth justifying any extra effort; the slight sting of some blood vessels and a fingernail being destroyed by an explosion, not to mention Heavy Fuel burning up a little before he demanifested it just enough to cut off the burning section of Stand, was almost more pressing, but even then, both blood vessels and fingernails were already beginning to recuperate as they drew back to him. Her rockets were no threat to him - though Runch and Erina were another matter entirely, lacking in defensive options against Stand attacks as they were.

One hand moved up to follow the path of the initial sextuplet of missiles, continuing to generate the gaseous field of his Stand to detonate them as they drew closer; the other, repeating his earlier maneuver, had him firing off four of his fingernails as harpoons, the blood vessels trailing between them and his fingers proper, trailing Heavy Fuel itself with them, to target the newer group of four which headed in his direction - and if those missiles twirled out of the way, why, wasn’t it convenient for him that he had nearly perfect control over his body, could twitch his fingers especially hard and turn those harpoons into a sort of twisting cat-o-nine-tails, sending his Nega-Ripple into the missiles the moment it made contact with them? And he felt that was somewhat unlikely to fail, though he’d certainly try to react appropriately if any missiles made it past his defenses.

He had the sneaking suspicion that these two had only recently acquired their Stand abilities. One was failing to attack at all, and the other’s attacks were, whilst stronger than he may have first assumed, not exactly difficult to predict. He reminded himself that at any moment, they could both display some new property he wasn’t aware of, but nonetheless remained confident that he could succeed… if he could close the gap.

It was about now that Runch, digging out of his defensive cereal dome, confirmed his suspicions: they had no other tricks up their sleeve for now, though the girl’s missiles scaled between guidance and strength depending on their size, whilst the man’s own abilities prevented Motley from causing him any harm. But, if Runch had it right, the girl was exempt from that… if he was wrong, of course, it could mean there was literally nothing Motley could do to either of them, but that didn’t mean stopping them from harming Runch or Erina was off the table either. Besides, he’d seen into that booklet of his. It was pretty reliable.

'I never intended to ask for help from either of you,' the vampire clarified dryly. 'Of our trio, I am by far the most well-equipped to engage this duo.' Of course, almost before he’d finished speaking, Runch had gone and rushed off ahead, creating a boat of cereal for himself to ride in. Rolling his eyes, and considering that being left behind by a fighter with better ranged attacks than himself would be beyond untenable, Motley began to run in the appropriate direction, Heavy Fuel layering itself under his feet, keeping him suspended above the water as he charged across it.

But as for range… really, what was inhibiting his ranged capabilities? He could already fire his fingernails out by super-pressurising the blood behind them. Would it be so different if he did the same thing with, say… the fluid in his eyes, or the acid in his stomach? Yes, he could visualise that already… and by simply focusing, he could feel that pressure building up within his eyeballs accordingly. He wondered how he might produce a suitable blast from his stomach, though… had the Cereal Killer said something about the man’s Stand negating Stand attacks? Well, he hardly needed his Stand to empower his eye beams, judging by how strong his harpoons could be already.

Erina, meanwhile, had already assumed Bend’s guise, and at the words of the Cereal Killer simply nodded and drew her sword. Stalking off in a different direction to Motley and Runch’s direct charge, behind a row of buildings, she made a show of glancing round at the shadowy figures as they stood in place. Was their attention focused on Motley entirely, or could they still see Erina as she moved off? Not that it mattered - she’d make her way to the two who had threatened her, had threatened both Motley and Runch, and she’d kill them before they remembered she was there to begin with. It was really that simple… though it might take a bit of time to get in position, given that she didn’t quite have Runch and Motley’s speed to work with.

@Jbcool Yessirree. Let's shoot for the moon.
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