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Current Regarding furry dick, I would like to reiterate: "Here we ahre in tha fyucha, YEAH! Here we are in the fyuchar AND IT'S WROOOOOoOoOoOoOoONG!"
12 days ago
Accurate description of real life: "Here we ahre in tha fyucha, YEAH! Here we are in the fyuchar AND IT'S WROOOOOoOoOoOoOoONG!"
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25 days ago
Ugh. God, we're screwed as a species.
26 days ago
Oh for pity's sake, they made Dark Rey. GRAND TIMES.
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30 days ago
Considering our past, I have no doubt that if we ever achieve FTL travel of that sort, we WILL stick things up other intelligent life's butts "because we are better than them and also science maybe".


Hello, I am me from the internet. I migrated here from Kongregate's Forum Games Forum, so feel free to look for me there if you wish to follow a career in internet stalking people.

A link to some of my past characters, which I need because static tabs do not take up internet.

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No more invaders for now. Humies gettin' ripped to shreds had put off any other flanks for the moment, so far as Snekart could see - at least, none that Da Shiv wasn't able to get the brunt of. Snakey git deserved it, naturally. Anyway, Snekart found himself back in the area they were stuck in, putting the 'eavy bolta on his back for the moment as he crawled back to da boss. "Crawled", but more like a fast scramble between bits of cover, because otherwise he'd be seen, and being seen was bad for not being shot. To not be shot, you had to not be seen, obviously. Kargut hadn't figured that out yet, but even if he had, his stupid giant armour made it real difficult for him anyway.

'Psst. Boss.' Snekart was real quiet-like, which was still pretty loud, but quiet for an Ork. 'Wot's da plan, an' 'ow do I... er, wot do I do innit?' Turns of phrase weren't his strong point, but they weren't really any other Ork's strong point either, so that worked out fine for him. And of course, Gutsnaga did understand at least the basic bits of how to fight with kunnin' instead of just brutality, so best to make sure things were working the way he wanted them to. If they were working how Gutsnaga wanted, they were probably working how Snekart wanted too, obviously. That was why he'd signed up with Da Mad Boss to begin with, obviously.
Ladies and gents, a post is made. Enjoy the kunnin' brutality of Snekart 'Eadsmakka.
Keep 'em busy. Yeah, Snekart could do that. It looked like Shef and Kargut were already doing a swell job of that - but then, the way they did it wasn't kunning at all. He could enjoy it, yeah - but it wasn't proper Orky, because it was only brutal, which meant they were forgetting about Mork's side of the fighting. On the other hand, sneakin' round with a 'eavy bolta in hand, then unloading on a group that never saw it coming... now that was what you could call "kunning brutality".

Speaking of all that, Snekart was already doing his bit, sneakin' round innawoods to find whatever humies he could. And oh, he'd just found a pretty big group - one with the kunning to try and sneak round the side of Da Devilz Brigade. Outflank 'em, as it were. He imagined Mork might be proud, if they were more Orky - but nah, they were just runty. An' they didn't even have any purple anywhere on 'em! Or red! Big mistake.

The 'eavy bolta was primed already. He didn't have too much kustom ammo left, maybe a quarter of what he'd started with - but he certainly had enough to open fire wildly on the humies, effectively outflanking the outflanking group with a volley of explosive dakka, and even keeping it in mind to hold back his almighty 'WAAAAAGH!' until after he was already shredding 'em. He'd learned that keeping the weapon ready for a sneak attack, and keeping quiet until he was already unloading it, was key to making sure he could properly sneak round, otherwise they'd hear him and open fire first, which was the opposite of what he wanted. Sometimes they'd even manage to call more people in, and that just meant he hadn't been quiet enough, didn't it?

Naturally, he considered as he realised they were all dead and stopped firing into their corpses, this meant he was doin' better than Shiv. Shiv, obviously, was a less effective Kommando than Snekart, not least because his Squig was always making too much noise. But, he was still smarter than a lot of the other boyz, who just wanted to krump gits without any kunnin', which was obviously the opposite of what Mad Boss Gutsnaga was tryin' to do. Anyway, didn't using kunnin' to krump better mean you could krump more, meaning you were actually being more brutal an' Orky than just gettin' krumped yourself by bein' a lout? Yeah, that was just obvious. To Snekart, anyway.

Making sure the 'eavy bolta was fully loaded again, he went on, lookin' around for more humies to kill. Maybe if he looked round the next side, so they couldn't flank over there...
It's only been a couple of days, yo. This is on my schedule of things to do, don't ya worry.
@POOHEAD189 It's a pity to hear it, but I do hope we're able to start again soon. Here's hoping everything goes well for you!

Name: Snekart 'Eadsmakka

Nickname(s): "Boltagit"

Klan: Blood Axes

Role: Kommando

Common Armament: An Imperial 'eavy bolta purchased for a lot of Imperium cash. Otherwise, standard Kommando gear - soot-blackened choppa, a couple of stikkbombs, and camouflaged hide jacket, trousers, and boots.

Anything else: Snekart is very proud of his 'eavy bolta, insisting it be referred to as such instead of the proper Orky name of big shoota, and given "da roight kustom ammo" to properly explode his foes in battle. Other Orks find this tendency infuriating, hence his nickname. He also wears stripes of purple and red on his back, his reasoning being that the enemy won't be looking for any purple, so it'll make him sneakier, whilst the red will let him sneak faster - but, since he won't be sneaking away from enemies anyway, they're on his back so the other boys can see where he is.
My God, three accepted characters, and not a hint of that Blood Axe core in sight. Guess I'll have to correct this imbalance.

Also, that meme is wrong. Astropaths don't chart courses through the Warp, and Navigators don't scream in agony in the process. MY GOD HOW DARE THEY GET IT WRONG AHH.

EDIT: Turns out we do in fact have a Blood Axe in sight. Pardon me. Still, better to have two Blood Axes than one, and better to have two Kommandos sneakin' about as well.
@The Fated Fallen For me, yes, it's going quite well. How's life for you?
So, uh, guys? Is everything alright as far as posting for this?
Mercy to those innocents fallen today. Damnation to those who would slaughter so many.

Alexa really didn't have much else to consider here. Or rather, she didn't want to consider the possibilities too much at the present time. For now, there was need to slay a foe, and a crude mask on one such corpse made it simple to determine what future enemies would look like. And, admittedly, brought a touch of relief, for it was clear that possession was not the cause of such devastation.

The enemy in question arrived on the heels of a brigade of guardsmen. And, thank goodness, the guardsmen this time were seemingly on the side of the Imperium. Their foes, the heretics that had evidently brought such slaughter to this place, seemed... well, ineffective. Certainly not enough to break their morale, not with the Adepta Sororitas to rally around - and that, somehow, brought a touch of joy to Alexa's heart. They were symbols of the Emperor's might and righteousness - and, at Sister-Celestian Victorine's command, she brought her bolt pistol up toward the foes facing them.

It seemed obvious that the biggest threats to guardsman and Sister of Battle alike were the flamers. Whilst it normally had her stand out from others, here Alexa's unusual height gave her the advantage of being able to see over the throngs, to identify those with flamers at the ready - and then, with a burst of pistol fire for each, to snuff them out before they could cause further harm, their masks shattered and their heads turned to paste by the bolt rounds detonating inside their skulls. Three trigger pulls, three dead heretics. Retaining the final round in the magazine for the moment, she quickly reloaded, hoping the rest of the heretics here could be quickly dealt with by her allies.
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