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Current I don't know any Astolfo, but what is his opinion on armour? Positive, or "hah, that's dumb"?
5 days ago
Alas, dumb people remain dumb. They also tend to raise dumb children. Thus does the cycle of dumb continue. (Oh also I don't know that cybering isn't technically a form of pornography, so no chances.)
10 days ago
Well, some people do say the bourgeoisie could do with being taken donw a few pegs.
12 days ago
Wasps are usually okay, though I say that as somebody who dislikes flying insects in general. Hornets are the real nasty bastards. And mosquitoes? Disease vectors. SLAY THEM
17 days ago
Characters changing is often confused for characters developing. Of the two, the former is preferable to the latter, and you don't strictly need both for a character to be good.


Hello, I am me from the internet. I migrated here from Kongregate's Forum Games Forum, so feel free to look for me there if you wish to follow a career in internet stalking people.

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Marxello Catchanale

'I've fought Dark Elves,' Mark pointed out as he strolled around and looked in the various rooms, blade still hoisted, 'and beings far worse. None have matched up even to my partner Syszi, let alone me.' After a few seconds of thinking about whether the boast was necessary, he sighed, switched his thinking to how the situation might even help him, then explained matter-of-factly 'Look, I'm from Andrale - have you ever heard of Andrale? Nice place, sadly borders a Demon Realm. We have treaties for keeping that situation stable. Anyway, we have spells there, spells that basically provide monsters with benefits as far as their interactions with humans go, and the owner of this guild heard about that and asked for somebody from the kingdom to join the guild. That would be me, and the Salamander I'm- ...who I fight alongside. We fight alongside each other.

'So, you can take it as a promise that I do not intend to kill you, or physically maim you, or anything like that,' he concluded. 'That said, I do need you to come out, because there are... well, it's not exactly "your place" to roost in, unless you also happen to be a guild member. And, you know, maybe I can give you that benefit I mentioned, about interacting with humans, if you'd like it.' And if she did want that, well, maybe he'd be able to make his first in-roads to cleansing this part of the world of its corruption. It'd at least be useful, that was for sure.
@PaulHaynek I mean, I'm enjoying myself. But, uh, obviously, the game doesn't work quite so well if it's just one person being part of it... I can get a post done relatively soon, anyway.
Your turn, @Jbcool.
@ClocktowerEchos The character sheet of Essidi Milo is complete, if you want to take a look at that. Also, regarding @mattmanganon's desire to play as an Ork... maybe he could pretend to be an especially ugly Ogryn? Just needs a little bit of facepaint to cover the green bits, shave down any particularly oversized tusks, have him pretend to be especially dense, and he's good.
Dirk Messir - Blargh

Dirk's eyes bulged as his stomech got... the opposite direction. He thought it would be blood that was out of my mouth, from my stomach being stabbed, but apparently they didn't go far enough in. They did hurt though.

See? Your so-called "Divine Purpose" is worthless. Didn't make a damn difference there.

No, Derek, it obviously means he needs to be the le shadows faster. If he isn't fast enough, we cannot get to the Divine Purpose. Also, fast is needed again, because there's about to be more punch.

You aren't strong enough to block a punch Idiot! How do you expect to block a punch Idiot!

Who's the idiot? I will got maybe his helmet, and would held it over his fist so that he before the he punch the punch gets into the helmet. When he punches, if the helmet was there got. Yes.

Doesn't even matter, because when the Captain told him to get out of the Blue grasp, that meant he needed to fight. So he did, and said 'Finger Pistol,' again in at his eyeballs. The weakpoint of the sea. Especially if the helmet of the sea was not covering the seaballs. The. Them.

I am shocked at how ineffective your tactics are.

My tactics are great, and my Divine Purpose is also great. Great enough to get me out of his grasp and back to where I need to be, probably, because that is how the Divine Purpose works forever and always.
Marxello Catchanale

Quiet... very quiet. Where was Bart? Where was Neil, for that matter? He supposed he couldn't expect them to remain there constantly, but it was getting pretty dark. In fact, the only other visibly-living being there was a winged figure on the roof, swooping into the building shortly afterward. A new member of the guild, or just a random winged monster seeking something?

It wasn't like he could leave her in there, anyway. She'd be obstructive... or worse. Either she had to come out, or he would have to go in after her. Non-lethally, of course, since he had the option. Drawing his weapon with one hand, Mark strode in through the front door, cautiously glancing round as he called out 'Hellooooo? Harpy lady? Come on out... I promise not to kill you, I'm not that sort of Hero... you just need to show yourself first, is all.' It was clear he wasn't being very persuasive, but it was also clear to him, as he began to climb the stairs to the upper floor, that she wasn't going to make an appearance until she could get the drop on him. That was almost always how it worked with monsters, especially those seeking a mate; he was more than ready for it, invoking the Sylph amplifying his reaction speed to account for the inevitable.
@TheWindel@KoL Yeah, no, I don't think I can keep playing this game anymore. There's a large combination of factors at play here, not all of which involve the GMs, but that last dismissive comment from KoL pretty much seals my opinion on both you and the game, and I don't see myself enjoying this to a greater extent in the future. @Banana, you can have control over Maceroy and Harvester; kill them off, turn them into NPCs, I don't care, but obviously give Harvester back to Spiffy if he wants control over him again. Maybe I'll see some of you around in other games; if you want to chat with me, add me on Discord, or just PM me on this site. Goodbye.
@KoL Yes, I know how math works. I understand the logistics behind exponential growth. I'll thank you not to patronise me as if I'm stupid. My problem isn't with understanding how the ability functions; it's why you the GMs think an ability that has an exponentially larger area of effect over time, with no extra energy input from the creator beyond the initial offering (and as Silvan points out, no stated method regarding how it gathers energy to grow in that exponential pattern), and which is on its own strong enough to kill every enemy PC, is not in any way "broken". Maybe it is technically legal by the game's rules, but for some reason, I highly doubt you'd let any bog-standard player have an ability which was anything like as devastating as Victoire's blood roses.

Moreover, there seems to be an assumption on your part that players should be forced to build their own characters in a manner that actually lets them counteract an ability like this, in particular to handle the manner in which it's deployed. The specific build they'd need involves... well, running it through my head, I'd say easily-repeated teleportation, some form of cleansing aura strong enough to erase all the roses in an area that may or may not be very small, a very wide-ranging detection ability that lets them sense demons and demonic constructs so that they know where Victoire and the roses are to begin with, and most likely abilities specialised toward countering Victoire's moves such as anti-teleportation. Those are all pretty specific powers, and lacking even one means the character cannot stop the roses alone, either because they lack the means to do so outright, or because to do so would involve metagaming that I can only imagine would be slapped down immediately; I could write up an example sheet for such a character, and it may be that a teleporter could gather a team of characters with those powers in tow, but at the end of the day, it's a lot of effort to go through to stop one character from winning every fight for their faction.

@Silvan Haven@Lonewolf685 Technically, Victoire is still in the game as a PC right now. And I am trying to be as civil as I can about this. I'm not flinging insults around or anything, merely voicing my thoughts.
@KoL@Silvan Haven I'm kind of inclined to agree with Silvan here, since you mentioned me specifically in your post. As far as I'm concerned, the numbers you put up could mean anything, and as Silvan says, the D&D version has a set radius which Victoire's seems to lack. Besides which, saying it's derived from D&D doesn't necessarily mean anything depending on how much it's been upscaled; if the flowers are strong enough that they literally grant victory once they manage to grow out far enough, there ought to be an associated, presumably extremely high energy cost that, so it seems, simply isn't there. One drop of blood can easily kill everybody within a hundred kilometers in minutes, and the way Victoire sets up means there's not a damn thing anybody can do to stop it. You understand why some people might have their concerns about something like that?
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