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2 days ago
Current For somebody who is literally, provably racist, elitist, Islamophobic, and an outright liar, Blowjob Johnson sure has avoided all the media smear killing Corbyn. Can't imagine the cau$e of that $hit.
7 days ago
I'm not so upset about that whole "being born" thing. It's more the stuff after that they dropped the ball on.
7 days ago
Nobody is ever back, and everybody is alone in their own minds. But uh, corporate-owned chat sites don't count as any form of "-body" except in US law, so they're allowed to be back and not alone.
8 days ago
It's back, boys! We did it! *airhorns*
10 days ago
My guts have been horrible to me over the past couple of days. I'm wondering if maybe I ate or drank something that likes living in my intestines and making my stomach ache like hell.


Hello, I am me from the internet. I migrated here from Kongregate's Forum Games Forum, so feel free to look for me there if you wish to follow a career in internet stalking people.

A link to some of my past characters, which I need because static tabs do not take up internet.

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Mistiel 2 yrs ago
I misread your status as "meat god".

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