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The object of the Beholder’s wrath thrusted out from the magical dusk, an eventide to which the jester’s fiendish sight was akin; the moniker mumbled was Sauron, a seemingly adept mancer of shadow puppets and terrible first impressions. However, that sly smile reminded her of the abandoned pretense she so readily summoned at a moment’s notice.

A manacled man fashioned after her own labyrinthine and deranged heart. He would fit nicely in the dungeon of her glass castle, the vision where each playmate had their own room in the magnificent mansion of her sacrilegious mind.

Once the real captain rematerialized and introduced the newcomer, the snowy joker sent tumbling with her foot, a conjured frozen chair, rippling into the waters of the deep, glinted with an abrupt bright and light cerise, thanks to an abused prestidigitation, pushing the edge of attention and annoyance. The rosy throne spindled along the marine trek to the assembled trio, hopefully distracting the audience from the playful magician’s antics, mirroring an additional illusory tornado slowly enveloping her blanche body, leisurely pulling white tendrils away from her, dissolving her disguise and manifesting a Gothic shimmer her drow dermis artificially beamed. She recognized the twigged ruse as a yester Kor, discarded with Askia, the night prior, would provoke draconic envy. The kobold would be jealous, no doubts about it.

This was worth the betrayal.

The stilettos’ moist clicks soon dampened as she trotted to the many-eyed pirate scrutinizing the newcomer, as Cynthia’s tour was waylaid. Her sloughed footsteps left snowflakes in a wake, as her legs performed a swizz waltz aided by the bleached whirling dervish as a façade, sprinkling the surrounding with a hoary blight, a frosty darkness spreading from the shapeshifter's hurricane.

“Wanna drink pink?”

Grasping the seat jerkily from its aquatic orbital, the murky half-elf plopped its four legs next to Dyn. After the verbal diarrhea completed its course from the interrogating tentacled abomination, the now sultry woman formed an eschewed quadrilateral, where her vertex was beginning to abut more and more the position of the warlock. Her steamy bubbles fluxing into his face, cuddling a current of sensual undertones.

Koan had the hots, and it glowed.

Her gloved hands purloined the shoulders of the fallen aasimar, caressing him deeper into the floating cathedra. Her talons gripping his throat, a loose noose enthralling the novel hostage. The jester’s hips began to elude control. Working her twerk orgasmed like second nature, maneuvering the boogie over his lap, as a long slender sliver of a sickle stiffened with rime, its frigidity matched by its blade. The clown pirouetted the shear, to stroke the pale skin of the devil. The li of the stripper was purposeful.

A maniacal sacrament. Since horror and comedy oft are requited lovers.

As exsanguination delicately oozed from the meager bare flesh by its razor, the ritual swelled as the blood coalesced, into a blossoming chalice, molesting and overflowing the brim of the goblet as his freshest future soon to be bed partner persisted to make waves about his flowing locks of hair. The instance became uncapped in light of the tiny theatrical flare, once the skyless sea screamed adultery.

However, the incestuous magma was then poured over both their faces, overhead, intentionally shielding the smooch to be laid upon the cheek of the vampire, before soon breaching the vermilion borders. Her grin harmonized with the burgundy tilt of their now shared pew, until their slimy splashes broke due to the tenacious weight of their scarlet sins. Long illustrious eyelashes burrowed like hungry worms above the bridge of her nose; like trumpets, announcing the angelic ascent of its new queen, the fiery wreath circumscribed the circular void ingesting all sights around the femme fatale. With each triad blink, the inky geisha batted her eyes against the sacrificial damnation. Her watery breath commenced to invade his nostrils as she heaved and sought promiscuous permission to bite, with a tiny tsunami of sound.

“You’re thirsty, aren’t you? Me too.”

@Hekazu@The Grey Dust@JBRam2002
Alek's Condemned Shop: Rest of Combat

>Collaboration @rush99999, @JBRam2002, @The Large Dumbo and @Cu Chulainn

Uregaunt frowns, watching Halflight dash back up to the room. He didn't have time for this. "Come with me!" He shouted to the invisible lady, before casting Armor of Agathys on himself and running at the portal.

The AdAM's family pick their victim's door as the more legged blessed wraps up the loose ends.

Halflight draws his longsword in one hand, shuffling his armor on as he dashes for the portal.

Once through the portal, pandemonium breaks the loose, realizing Thanath and Mara have been battling seven Albinos with strange tattoos.

Uregaunt raises his free hand and casts Hex on the unconscious Albino closest to him before rushing into the store, whereupon he slashes at the Albino once before taking pause and aims a strike at the Albino's right arm, severing it. "Don't let any of the albinos escape!" He shouts.

Mara will feed Fern one of her potions (+8 HP) and then mount the wolf, urging her through the gap between the bookcases to flank around her albino opponent. Fern Dashes forward, carrying Mara to freedom as she yells out "Leave me alone!" Her warhammer is leveled at the albino, charged with thunderous energy as it smashes into him, and the duo crash into the doorway, hoping to break into safety! Unfortunately for them, however, the door is barred.

Thanath starts off his turn by throwing his light hammers into the air. He then drinks a healing potion as he begins to glow with the radiant light of Tempus' divine fury and snaps the neck of the Albino in front of him before catching the light hammers on their way down, moving to the map square to the immediate left of the closest conscious Albino, and sandwiching the Albino's head between his hammers.

One Albino retaliates and strikes against Thanath with two daggers. It hits with the first swipe and missed with the second, inflicting only 5 damage.

Another Albino will throw a dagger against Invis Lady via its readied action, somewhat terrified seeing an unseen female bloodied.

The invisible Lady takes 10 damage. The Albino, opposing Thanathm will leap over the small table, unsheathing a dagger (free action) and strike with two handed daggers against her. He misses with one dagger, but hits for 9 more damage. Due to her concentration being taxed, she loses her concentration on the Res Sphere, and the encircled, unconscious Albino with the Diamond falls to the ground. Enraged by the inflicted damage from the Albino's sharp steel, her body reflexively absorbed the blood into her unseen corporeality, with just enough of a glimpse for the Albino to witness to powerful fists heading directly towards, being beaten with 26 bludgeoning damage.

One Albino pierces the hide of the monk's mount, delivering it swiftly to the realm of unconscious dreams. The other dagger swiped at her owner, Mara, gashing her arm for an additional 10 damage.

"Oh, did the orgy start without me?" Ysalain smiled.

Thanath laughed at Halflight's words. "Orgy!?" Thanath boomed "This is a fight man! Get you head in the game!"

"Well, I could argue that they're the same." Halflight shrugged, nonchalantly, although there is a clear indication of disappointment in his tone and face. He starts walking towards the unconscious albino in order to determine what exactly those tattoos are. ".. What happens when they die?"

"They die of course!"

"Right. What say you, friend?" Halflight directs to Uregaunt, who is the closest to him, it seems.

The Diamond-studded Albino was dragged from the safety of Mara and Fern's side. He remained unconscious.

Cerise and her Corgi attempt to break the door down from the outside, visibly, in front of onlookers. "Hey, what are you doing?" An official cry is heard from the distance.

As Mara hears the call, she yells out from inside: "I'm a member of the City Watch! We're under attack in here!"

Two City Watch Guards hearing the yells of Mara approach next to Cerise and her Corgi. Frightened she attempts to run away. One Guard gives chase and the other attempts to open the barricaded shop door. The door breaks open!

"What in Waterdeep is going on?" The guard proclaims loudly, with no hesitation, after viewing the blood pouring from a dire wolf and the Monk, Mara.

"A fight is going on!" Thanath boomed "Feel free to join in!"

Mara will point at her wolf. "Help us, please!"

He draws his sword, yelling, "Cease and desist!"

"How many times has saying that worked exactly?!" Thanath asked out of curiosity.

Uregaunt frowns as he hears the words "City Watch". He'd never really been a fan of them in the first place, and if they saw the group now... He could only imagine what their reaction would be. He needed to think about how he could effectively take care of the albinos, when suddenly he had an idea. Uregaunt moves to place himself in front of Halflight, before performing a quick flurry of movement.

Both unconscious Albinos take simultaneous gasps of air, attempting to stabilize their internal milieu to stave off expiration.
The City Guard (Initiative 17) chasing after the fairy and her four legged mount, misses with throwing a net. He audibly curses his luck, "Damn it!!!"

"I don't know what you're doing, but I have an idea..." Halflight says to Uregaunt while glaring at the guard.

Uregaunt's eyes flicker for a brief moment, and he nods to Halflight. "As do I, friend. As do I."

Halflight pulls the holy symbol to Lurue out of his pack, raising it in the air, facing the guard. "My friend and I are sanctified witch hunters and we are in a den full of necromancers! Help us!"

"WITCHES?!?!" The captain belted. "I knew it!!!"

"This building is desecrated ground! Help us out and burn it down!" Halflight communicates to Uregaunt, quietly. "... Let me do the talking. Just do what you are doing."

Mara was quite confused about the state of things at this point. The paladin claimed he and his friend were witch hunters, which meant that these albinos must be the witches. This made sense when combined with the odd jewels placed in their chests. Mara pointed to the albino nearest her. "The whiteys are the witches, and the rest are friends!" she called out, intuitively deciphering what the paladin had claimed. "They been hurting us all, and I just been tryna get away!" With that, she kicked her fury up a notch and slammed her hammer into the albino nearest her (To hit: 20, Dmg: 15)

"Death to the witches!" Thanath bellowed before pummeling the face of the Albino closest to him into a bloody pulp with his light hammers. With another Albino brought low, Thanath put away his light hammers and pulled out his maul as he charged as far down the map as his movement allows.

The Albino previously next to the unseen woman, became enveloped with shadowy energy, striking at what appeared to be thin air, but drawing blood nonetheless from the Invisible lady, now drenched in sanguine fluid.

In turn, the crimson stained girl returned punishment in kind to the changeling, imploding his chest with two thunderous blows. Quickly the dusky runes fled its corpse to feed the last two remaining Albinos, albeit they were now consumed with more darkness than white skin. The guard, witnessing the Albino in front of him and next to the monk, previously calling for help and hearing the ploy of witches, attempts to strike the grey mass like creature now transforming before him.

"... Bloody demons!" Halflight says, with as much zeal as a totally holy knight like him would have.

Hearing the paladin from yonder, the captain of the local City Watch raised his sword in the air with both hands, neglecting to don his shield, striking the grey goo of a man before him for 9 damage. The other Albino, eyeing Thanath slay his bethren, began to shapeshift into a spitting mirror copy of the Goliath Barbarian, as he opened the lesser barricaded of the two doors, with a front kick, dragging the Diamond encrusted Albino alongside with him. The silvery Albino filled with more shadow runes, instills a sense of madness among the ambiance of combat, raising his two daggers and slashing against the naive guard.

Halflight watches everything unfold, interestingly, as if waiting for something to happen...

The daggers pierced through the guard's armor, delivering the last lethal blow to send him towards a crashing flight of unconsciousness.

Well, the guard still has a chance. It wasn't to his knee. Halflight thought to himself.

>Mara, Thanath, Ysalain and Uregaunt can assume that when one Albino dies, the others receive the fallen's dispersed rune tattoos, making them stronger.

Halflight shakes his head when the Guard goes unconscious. He'll have to make due with it, he supposed. Ah, well, time to curry favor with his other allies, Halflight supposes. "I'll look for our Goliath friend and give him aid. You should help that woman." Halflight tells Uregaunt, pointing at Mara before heading towards where Thanath was last seen.

Uregaunt nods quietly. He wasn't going to let his friends fall, not now.

While he walks past the dead albinos, Halflight scornfully stomps on one of their skulls once he has the cover of the bookshelf to aid him.
Once Halflight makes it over to where Thanath was last seen, he notices that the Goliath is heading south. "Friend! Wait!" Halflight calls as he dashes down, "I can heal you!"

Thanath waves Halflight's offer of healing away before gesturing to the 1 remaining healing potion he has on his person. "I have my own method of healing!" Thanath booms politely "So you can save yours for the others! Thank you for offering though!"

The unconscious bearer of the Diamond was dragged outside, as Cerise saw Thanath outside. She yelled, "A little help over here," as she dismounts and flies up 2 stories to the roof. Her Corgi dashes into the crowd.

"That's not me!" Thanath warns "That's an impostor!"

Uregaunt frowns and licks his lips, clenching a fist as the blade he held in his hand dissipates. His eyes nervously pan around the room as he watches the chaos unfold before him. He wasn't going to fall here, not now. He had to help out, no longer could he idly stand by and use the unit that Kelemvor had granted him. He places himself in front of his bloodied servant and drops a tinderbox on the ground before him. "My friend and I are witch hunters!" He proclaims loudly. "This building is full of witches! Burn the witches! Destroy them all!" He shouts, in a fit of curious behavior before casting Eldritch blast, aiming two beams of crackling energy at Mara.

>On his way, Halflight snatches a scroll.

"Oi! I'm on your side, you half-wit!" Mara called out angrily before pulling the stopper of her other potion off the bottle with her teeth and jamming it down Fern's gullet (healing for 6 HP). "Come on, Fern, let's get out of here," she muttered. As the wolf got to her feet, Mara pulled her City Watch badge from her pack and held to up so the other guards could see. "I'll check outside!" she called before darting into the forming crowd. Although they made way for the wolf as needed, Mara's intentions were more to put space between herself and anyone wishing to hurt her. Both she and Fern darted low to the ground and around a corner, taking cover among the citizens and breaking line of sight.

"It's only you left now!" Thanath calls out to the last conscious Albino in the building "Let's see if you're any better in a fight than the others!" (Prepared Action: Thanath attacks Albino twice with maul. Action Trigger: The Albino gets Thanath's attack range.)

The scarlet servant obeyed her Warlock master, taking and striking the flint over the unconscious changelings, igniting their dying cadavers ablaze. The scrolls, wood, and timber within the shop began to feed the fiery inferno, thanks to the aberrant oil spread earlier.

Then, the ruby lady commences its disappearing act, once again cloaked by Invisibility. She dashed next to the blackened Albino riddled with revolving tattoos, its darkness hindering the ambient light and warmth to reach him, but welcoming the unseen fool to its proximity.

Eyeing the mighty force next to it, the conglomerate of tattoos and bitter darkness strikes with Disadvantage against the unseen servant of Uregaunt. However, both swift swipes missed the intended target. Angrily bellowing a howl, the Albino moved away from the burning building, and of course the woman in cognito, provoking an Attack of Opportunity. The enraged changeling stumbled upon the cobbled rue, as the crowd, overwhelmed by the frightening spectacle, began to flee rampantly. The chaotic riddle of a man inched near to their new found quarry, the One with the Diamond, but also haphazardly closer to the guards attracted by their Captain's yells.

>The Thanath imposter will ready an action after stopping dragging the unconscious changeling studded with the large Diamond

Halflight, thinking fast as the shop begins to burn down, decides to try something sinister- he runs towards the bookshelf, attempting to push it over the Goliath as a means to impede him. Sadly, however, his strength failed him. Cursing to himself, Halflight holds his holy symbol close and whispers a short prayer, touching his dagger's blade. Soon, he begins to fade from sight.

Cerise, witnessing the mutated Albino, now engorged with height and tattoo, focused on her fairy shield in, praying to her deity in hopes to summon a sacred flame upon the monstrosity, ironically ignoring the crackling fires beneath. The radiance split the heavens and descended upon the rune riddled behemoth, but to apparently no avail. Her Gossamer wings flew her higher to building, to witness the surrounding landscape and the sun overhead nearing the flanking horizon of Waterdeep's cemetery, the City of the Dead.

Uregaunt frowns, realizing he didn't have his holy symbol with him. Regardless, he hoped that this would work. He walks 30 feet forward, before turning to face Thanath. "Stop, heathen!" He shouts, throwing his hands in the air in what appears to be an elaborate gesture. "The powers that be command you to stop!" Thanath would feel paralysis overcome his body. Once he has done that, Uregaunt lets his hands fall. "Forget destroying the witches. Come with me," he says, his voice no longer a shout.

The footsteps of the invisible lady follow her master's voice, drowned out by the surrounding flames.

"Hey!" Thanath booms as he tries in vain to move "I'm not a heathen! Why did you cast that spell on me!? Do I really look like 1 of those Albinos to you!?"

All three city guards hear Thanath's last words before succumbing to paralysis. As they approach, they see their fallen captain and question the looming impostor of a Goliath. "Stop! What happened?" one questions, while the other interrupts, assuming the man was pulling the unconscious Albino out of the building in regards to safety, "The house is on fire! We need to get everyone else out." As the further guard moves, the Barbarian impostor attempts to stab (an Attack of Opportunity) against the sentry as he leaves his proximity. Seeing the attempted assault, the guards, with swords already drawn, strategically flank the unknown phony. "Stop!" They yell in unison as the other guard runs back around the corner.

The glow caused by Thanath's divine fury begins to fade away as he struggles against the magic holding him in place. "Now let's see!" Thanath booms to himself as he tries to remember what 1 of his sisters advised him to do should he ever become paralyzed "If I remember what Onegeo told me correctly, I just had to do this then that, then that then that, then that then that, then that then...erm...this?!" Unfortunately for Thanath he had not remembered his sister's advice correctly. "Oh bother!" Thanath says as the flames licked ever closer.

The unseen woman watches Thanath struggle, awaiting his master's next desire. The captain sliently crawls nearer to death's door; his strewn body gasping upon the previously barricaded frame.

The dusky, enigmatic albino rushed the nearest guard, swiping it with dark daggers of angst. With one swoop, the guard plummetted like a ragdoll before it blade. Using the other arm, a bludgeoning backhand rotated to catch the City Watch sentinel off guard. Thwack! However, the man remained standing, only for the adjacent Goliath to bare its facetious dentition. With an abrupt downward stroke, the man's armor and corpus was filleted, literally split in half by the thunderous blow.

Dragging the man with the Diamond between them, they fled southeast towards a gate of the City of the Dead.

Halflight gripped the dagger eagerly in his hand as he eyed the now paralyzed Goliath. Approaching him, Halflight lunged his leg at Thanath with the intent of kicking him down, his magical guise shimmering away as he appeared. The Paladin then raised his dagger in the air, a look of fanatical zeal in his face... "Fairest Lady! I dedicate this sacrifice..." Halflight began, stopping in a quick trance of thought as the heat of the burning building became apparent to him. Yes, this could be even better... Halflight retrieves a clay flask from his belt, uncorking it before pouring it over the downed barbarian. "I dedicate this sacrifice, bequeathed in flame, in your name!" Halflight exclaims to the sky, before looking back down at Thanath. "I envy you, to meet her before I..." Halflight shook his head, dropping the flask before turning away and heading for the exit.

The winged cleric belted another ray from her deity but the target was again ready, dodging easily without much effort, the brilliant holiness sent from the heavens. Seeing the guard below, she feared making an appearance once more, hiding again above the building's shingles. She knew this refuge would succumb to fire, as flames began to fan outside the door, with its bellowing smoke attracting all those nearby.

Uregaunt bats at the fires that start to overwhelm him, realizing the tactical issue in lighting the house that he's in on fire. In retrospect, perhaps that wasn't his best idea. "This way!" Uregaunt shouts, reinforcing his order from before, before exiting the burning building. As soon as he is out, he breaks out into a mad dash to the east. He wasn't going to let himself get caught, and he hoped that the fire would provide a sufficient distraction for his escape.

In an effort to strike when opportunity was hot, the last standing guard attempted to impale Uregaunt but lost his grip with the sword plummeting inside the burning house of all places. Now, devoid of weaponry, the sentry pulled his dead captain from the ablazed shop, unknowing that he had already succumbed to the grim reaper's scythe moments earlier.

Just as Thanath began to make another attempt to escape, he felt the ability to move return to him. "Well that's conveni-!" Thanath boomed before being interrupted by a flame licking at his arm. "Gah!" Thanath yelped as he jumped to his feet "I should probably get out of here!" Thanath said before putting away his maul and exiting the shop. Upon doing so, Thanath spotted Halflight trying to get away. Thanath began to glow again as he charged towards Halflight and attempted an choke slam. Thanath chugged down his final healing potion before looking down at Halflight and pulling out his maul. "Thought you could leave me to burn!?" Thanath boomed as he hefted his maul for a powerful downwards strike "You thought wrong!" With that said, Thanath brought his maul down on the traitorous paladin.

Thanath laughed in anticipation of a good fight as Halflight avoided the maul strike.

The unseen servant followed, bitten by the bitter flames ignited by her new master. She hugged close to his shadows, but glancing over her invisible shoulder towards the Albino with the diamond, hauled off by the two fiends, which was soon interrupted by a half-orc fighter.

Ragnar, a sellsword, stepped up to the Albino duo and the Goliath. "What the HELL is going on here??? Whoa! Does that man have a giant diamond in his chest??? GIMMEE!!" The half-blood fighter reared his scimitars upon the Albino riddled with tattooes, and released a surge of green angst upon the duo.

The first blow hit the towering changeling with accuracy, felling it to the ground, with a gash across its chest. "I SAID GIMMEE!!!"

The avocado luck continued onto the barbarian, as the half-orc continued its rampage (Action Surge after non-dominant strike), savoring four lethal stikes against the faux Thanath, rendering the now reverted changeling extinguishing and dying. Ragnar, completely exhausted, hoisted his leg in Captain Morgan fashion over one of the dying Albinos, to his right. "WEIRDOS!!!" He realized the stage was now set, and he was vulnerable, until he rallied to reap his reward.

Halflight avoided the maul gracefully as the burst of divine light scorched him. Thanks to his Celestial blood, however, he was able to withstand the sudden burst of energy. Annoyed that his sacrifice decided not to stay as one, Halflight spun his dagger in his hand. "You should've stayed dead," he remarks, before he prepares for a lunge.

His feint, having been successful, results in Halflight lunging his blade into Thanath's chest while saying a quick prayer to his patron deity, causing a burst of holy light to coalesce from the tip of his blade. The poison of treachery, lathered on his dagger, stings much more as the Goliath was distracted from the earlier feint. Leaving his dagger in the Goliath's chest, Halflight stepped back as he watched the poison work its magic. With a smug grin, Halflight looked the Goliath straight in the eye, with one last quip before he retreated towards Uregaunt, avoiding the guardsmen as he does so.

"Consider it a souvenir. Keep it, you filthy animal."

Thanath cried out in pain as Halflight's dagger pierced his chest with extraordinary force. As Halflight stepped back to admire his handiwork, Thanath attempted to stagger forwards after him, but instead the Goliath faltered and fell onto his side. He saw Halflight's mouth move, but couldn't make out what he was saying. Something about animals? Either way, Halflight retreated after that, once again leaving Thanath for dead. "It only took him one hit." Thanath breathed as his vision began to darken "Incredible"

"You never told me your name, by the way, friend!" Halflight said to Uregaunt out loud as they ran from the guards.

The fairy shrugged behind the gutter of the burning the building, concentrating on a gigantic simmering scythe. It materialized before the barbarian's bloodied body, exhuming from the ground itself, in a spectral fashion, a spiritual weapon to guard her friend. Descending on Gossamer wings, she dropped next to the Goliath, to both protect and persuade him to end this pandemonium. "Thanath, please rest and stop. I am afraid we are gonna kill each other. We need to figure out why these stones are in us." Her plea was eavesdropped and she waited for this verbal treaty to be overhead by the red gemmed assailants.

"In due time, friend," Uregaunt nearly shouts, while trying to formulate a plan. He looked over at the combat, as he slowly eyed the field. He didn't want to deal with any more potential threats to his plan, and to that extent, with a whisper and a wave, he sent two blasts of crackling energy flying towards Thanath, before fleeing even further. The guards should deal with the two of them, but with his cover blown, Uregaunt knew it was only a matter of time before he was in deeper... "We need to leave and get as far away as we can from here, follow me!"

The guard blows a whistles and readies his weapon. He hoped his brothers in blue would heed the holler.

The half-orc sheathes one of his blood stained blades, allowing his non-dominant hand to grapple the expensive unconscious changeling, dragging the ragdoll body, bleeding and paralyzed on the floor.

"Very well!" Halflight nodded back, watching the half-orc and keeping a mental note to himself. "Half-orc! If you wish for better bigs and shinies, then I have a proposition for you!" Halflight says, before taking a small pouch of 50 gp out.

He ignores the treacherous paladin and his meager bargaining chips, focusing rather on the big ass diamond, he had in tow.

Halflight sighed, then ran back over to Uregaunt's side. "We should try and find a way to get that body back. It may hold secrets as to what we were doing in there." Halflight told Uregaunt once he had caught up.

"Why?!?!" The cleric questioned the knight, as she ran to the exsanguinating pile of sculpted flesh. Her hands full of comfort were placed on the shoulders of the collapsed goliath, healing Thanath for 21 HP, saving from the vile grasp of the grim reaper. The scythe maintained its poise, unwavering in a possible defense against any further threat. "Are you okay? Thanath, was it?"

Uregaunt gives a dry chuckle. "Oh, it has something of interest, alright. I'll tell you once we're out of harm's way." With that, he dashes even further away from the battle, waving for Half-light to follow.

As the healing magic began to do its work, Thanath sat up and watched Halflight and Uregaunt run off into the distance. Even after the healing, he was still too injured to pursue Halflight successfully, let alone fight him. So instead Thanath got to his feet, pulled the dagger out of his chest, and smiled thankfully at Cerise as he leaned on his maul for support. "Thank you," Thanath said.

>Collaboration done with @Ms Ravenwinter@corneredbliss

I am an eye seed of Sylanus planted three centuries ago by Mystra herself into a remnant shaft of Khelben's black staff. My roots sift the forest for those who pose a danger to Waterdeep. I have guarded your friend, waiting to grant the six powers to those worthy, of which each of you have received your due dew.

The roots trembled beneath the pair.

Now, you must go. They are coming for me.

Suddenly, crimson vines, dripping blood, reached out from the quicksand, lunging at the druid and her friend. They blindly grappled with the air, easily missing their targets and telegraphing the disaster that was soon upon them.

Evlynne tumbled aside, one of the sanguine tendrils sweeping just short of her only to thrash at the air in vain. Once grasping her bearings, she squeezed at the arcane crystal dangling from her wrist as she reached out for her companion. Fingers clutched the druid's hide with urgency as Eve's eyes pleaded with her to flee. With a sweep of her hand, focus glowing faintly with magical energy, she forced a projection into being. Floating over, just out of reach of the reddened vines, was a still image of herself in a shocked stance, as if petrified. Only glimpsing back long enough to see the air bend into her image, Evlynne turned away and darted in the opposite direction.

The two of them toppled away from the attack, and just as Yna was regaining her feet to turn back to the action, she felt Eve grab at her. All thoughts of possibly staying and providing support for the Tree-being fled the druid's mind at the sight of those pleading eyes. It was probably more than capable of fending for itself, right? Feeling a touch guilty, but knowing where her responsibility really lay, she gripped Evlynne's hand tightly in her own and barreled away from the illusion of the mage, leading her the safest way through the trees that her eyes found in their hurry.

The eyes communicated, reaching to their minds and providing confidence of their flight. The scarlet whips soon multiplied in number and effort. Their thorns growing and piercing the bark of the Tree, slowly slaughtering the sage with the death of a million paper cuts.

Run, daughters. Flee!
With sarcastic mockery, the morning filled with unsung felicitations, considered proper with the supremacy over the smoky bandits. The aloft cleric maintained her astute vantage, doctoring a distance to which she and the monster slayer enjoyed. Ascertaining another wisp of dusk, the reborn sage reveled in the gemmed gavel, its Daedalaen root in the form of a staff to which she had leaned and cherished as an elf, now harnessed the Archfey’s visceral and mystical brawn. The wood bolstered her worst moods and most sinister emotions.

Like the gifted scythe, it made her feel powerful, but transparent, in her angst and ferocity.

Finding fault in this prejudice and predisposition to this potential perversion, Wick understood the repercussions of this other life, a second chance to right wrongs and rewrite her millennium of apathy and indifference, into a viciousness and savagery against the pranks of the devilish darkness. This quiet, absorbed querulousness often culminated in a burst of rage whenever shadows stood afoot, impregnating and spurning her soul to an inevitable explosion.

However, as the blast departed from the warlock’s bedazzled walking stick, she admittedly always arrived to the same conclusion with each attempted strike.

“Triumph compels further than virtue alone to purge this world of evil.”

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Brim Gehenna

For two months, the fugitive, Twice-Orphaned, named decades ago by his clan, endured absent mindedness, now suddenly staring into the Heraclitean river, alongside a rag tag group of similarly assumed rejects, to which he now haphazardly belonged. Brim encountered and conquered this suffered social meningitis, a vexed flux for the majority of his lanky life, effervescing as an outcast through the ranks of villages and towns, denominated by the fervor and fever of civilization’s conformity. His demeanor could have nursed etiquette as an only child, devoted and tended by mimicking the behaviors of others, blending into the wall of obscurity. However, his towering height, capacious constitution, and offensive bodily odors prevented such a facile camouflage, especially with those kindred not sheered from the same Goliath cloth. He enjoyed the forceful stench of skunk pelts and intentional soiling of redundant prestidigitation, which provided a worsening schism, a reek he himself doted, as his aroma broke most, if not all social mores of camaraderie. The stink, though, was also somewhat of a fragrant façade, easily rectified by the very same cantrip, to force others off his anticipated scent, when being hunted.

The day stood, alongside the stone sorcerer, upon the banks of a quiet tributary. If he committed a crossing, such a valuable defense of smells would likely be washed away, baptized in the Rubicon of combat.

Dawn and dusk, he had watched, patiently enduring all the annoyances that irritable nerves and a shaken reason could inflict. Though, rumors remarked, what had saved him from the grave would only recompense his attention to dirt and disgusting pongs by forming the source of constant future anxiety. In fact, his health was being sacrificed to preserve a mere ruin of humanity. He obviously observed no limits in sarcastic gratitude and joy when his nose was fumigated with said redolence, declaring danger to those who smelt such a familiarity before. Tracing the gradual return to reality, flattering his sanguine hopes with the illusion that his mind with the aging aid of potential wisdom, would eventually settle him away from this nomadic life style, the Herculean man judged the neighboring, young wizard’s reflection, gingerly, as others marched ahead into battle.

The barbarian, bard, and rogue had chosen to wade into treacherous territory, addressing an enemy, which was lost upon Brim. This would be the first time, he could prove the commencement of his worthy companionship. He had been gifted with the morning of magic at a young age, hewn to now only a handful of golden nuggets. His eye, long stranger to any gleam of pleasure, caught someone beyond the foliage to which Kiki and Bar had ventured to. Witnessing bodies fall with bloodied screams clued that their foes remained, as a silhouette had cemented its stance against Cas and Pebbles.

Delighted, he dashed into the waters, hopeful for the woody fray beyond. His tongue gathered, in a very high-pitch, his accustomed shrill Tysonesque lisp to rally his flowering comrade.
“Theethe, leth go!”

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Drawing blood, from the helpless and hapless prisoner, demarcated the situation perfectly, constraining the righteous fury of the cleric to symbolize as a beacon to all those that stood between them and Tiamat's hoard. The furry kerchief over the ursine druid, begged curious laughter from the enveloping trees and forest, as the green barbarian nonchalantly followed his stomach’s orders, once his brawn was no longer required. Carefully, with energetic firmness, looking, with a changed and inspired expression, at the spot where Brannor motioned over and stood, after loosing an arrow, the brown animal trotted slowly to the previous weapon's cache.

Something seemed not right.

The kobolds had fled unscathed, but were mythic in their talents to regroup and outmaneuver others with treacherous tactics and numbers. Such menaces forced the old pirate to remain in the shell of the bear for a moment longer as the battle's song grew brisker and the time duller.

A decision was to be made.

They were to either seek the route of either the rear guard, or to race further ahead in earnest quest for the monks’ bequeathed master, Leosin.

His paws cinched strings of dirt and leaves between each gritty claw, snapping branches in his wake. The ground appeared littered by someone who was gathering firewood to bolster their recently interrupted meal. Rearing on his hind extremities, Torus wailed in an imploring tone; exhaustion had already riddled the youthful beast’s demeanor. He bore teeth and smiled seriously. His semblance mimicked both a naive and precise attitude, as if he was in a youngster's dilemma, not participating in a foreign folk dance, awkwardly hugging the perimeter as Orchid feasted.

The raven cackled, as its woolly throne, below its talons, sat itself. The fowl fluttered its wings waiting to strike a chord of balance and vigilance, in case enemies were to unexpectedly recede back into the camp.

It was an odd scene.

The bear did not seem to want to throw off the avian shawl from his left shoulder, imbibed with the need to wait for half-blood to finish his meal. Until complete, the sailor remained eager to send again Judgment into the heavens as a flapping guillotine.

Or better yet, a soaring omen for those perceptive of their impending hunt.
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"Mostly correct," the rogue mimed to himself, disparagingly.

The appreciation of the obvious, stemming from the latent mouths of babes, itched the fossils of palpable discernment buried deep within the bones of Bah’im. Elvish ancestry, coached his cultured mind to stomach the repetitive mistakes of other races, since they generally could not stand against the polished test of time. History ebbed and flowed like a river, to which the arcane trickster enjoyed wading and mingling in and amongst the prominent diverse tribes of the last few centuries. Gnomes and dwarves heralded as exceptions, but bore their own revolting idiosyncrasies. Evanesstra being an exclusion to that exemption, of course.

Such a luxurious longevity was both an exaltation and a curse. But mostly a blessing.

This heterogeneous squad of varied members, however, defending the entrance to the earthen fissure, already appeared to be accusatory. Without missing a beat, the magnificent cape wearing dragonborn had now taken large offense, labeling himself as the figure head of the crew, demanding a meager satisfaction. The swindler was savvy to the warlock’s charms, refuting slander but providing a venue for service, subconsciously allowing a societal redemption, if such a strident crime was not intentional. This abrasive countenance for introductions and verbal dismemberment is exactly what the charlatan desired from his fateful company. And…

A potential fall guy.

It made him hold his breath in expectation of hearing the wilderness burst into a prodigious peal of mirth that would shake the fixed luminaries in the obsolescent sky above. Nature beckoned to Him. And rightfully so. Taking a high seat amid the devils of the land, the bladesinger enjoyed the canopy the forest provided near the cavern, as the bands discussed and dealt with each other. Stepping ever so delicately close with untrammeled feet yet taking the advantage of the mist, the wood elf enjoyed the faithful whispers from yonder, rather than the unholy terror of a potential scandal, if combat reared its ugly head. This particular happenstance reminded and mimicked that of a lunatic asylum, deaf and blind to the policed sights and sounds abroad.

These villagers obviously accosted them, either out of pure ignorance or fear.

These were notions of an exotic enormity reigned by an august munificence. It made Bah-Bah tingle with enthusiasm, a bound power of eloquence, burning to speak nobility. However, his words became practical, hinting to a ritual to detect the mystical current likely gracing this vicinity, scrawled evidently in an unsteady hand by a force, yet to be recognized.

It was very simple.

At the end of Angela’s moving appeal to altruistic sentiments, luminous hands with elegant sleight continued to weave the incantation. His vice grip on his spell book curved the fog, like a flash of lightning etching radiance into the night. He remained hidden, but risking and butchering some of the stealth he garnered earlier. The hope of gilt and trophy over laced gallows would make all the difference. And.

Would be enough to appease the unostentatious holes in his greedy, little heart.

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