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Current I used to play on Roleplay Online (rpol.net) that site did more group games and not 1x1 games. Also a lot more 'rules game' like DnD, Pathfinder, ect
9 mos ago
Don't forget it's his first Mother's Day as your husband. Different families have different expectations. Maybe his family never did Mother Days/Father's day gifts. [/soap box]
9 mos ago
Of my current story partners, none of them are from the US. (and I'm impressed with all of their English)
10 mos ago
Stay Plucky
2 yrs ago
See? I'm smarter than I look.
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I'm a long time RPer. I play group games and 1x1 games.

I only play MxF in my 1x1 games. Group games, doesn't matter.

I'm a guy and will only play 1x1 games with people 21 years or older. I'm trying to avoid going to jail.

I can't play fandom canon characters. I just don't know the characters well enough to do that. But love to play OCs in a fandom story.

I'm pretty flexible. I don't have any demands. Just have fun. One request, if you tire of the game or me, shoot me a PM and tell me. In your PM blame the game and not me ;P I'll let you know if I can't keep up with any game we are in.

I'll be honest, I enjoy romance and smut in my 1x1 games. I do enjoy the build up and plot.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you wanna play or just hang out and chat.

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This is a tough call.

* Defend self from cut
Rockmar is just lookin'
'Happy' couldn't help but watch Widry as she danced and played the flute. His drum beats matched her movements. He watched her hips as they swayed in time to the music. ~Haflings aren't too different than dwarves. Are they?~ He doubted he could keep up with her energy and constant happiness and cheerfulness. But he liked to watch her move and dance. He chuckled to himself as he watched her dance. He thoughts he had...

When Widry asked if Grimi needed her, Rockmar just shrugged. "I dunno. Should we ask?" He took his drum sticks and stood up. The other musicians were still playing. Rockmar headed over towards the table where the Doctor and everybody were sitting. He wanted to see what was going on. Steal some stone? Yeah, they could do that. Easy. Rockmar was in.
but you will need formal wear,"

FORMAL WEAR?? WHAT THE HELL? where am I gonna get formal wear at this time of night? Does it even come sized for dwarves?

...freaking formal wear...
aaaayyyyy [thumbs up]
I say they fight. Attach the thug that is closest to Aika. That helps her not get surrounded and gives her more freedom of movement. Might be easier to strike closest with some surprise.
Me just realizing how squishy our party is.

I'm standing right here! I can hear you, you know.

Just hide behind me and throw your old man magic at them. You're be fine.
Rockmar Granitehart

After waiting a few minutes for the doctor to sign, Rockmar rolled his eyes. He walked up after Lota and pricked his finger like the other times he has done this. He didn't know what the big deal was. He's signed before. But it made Grimi happy. So, Rockmar played the game and signed the damn thing every day. Because, 'he was a team player'.

After he signed, he nodded to the doctor. "Just like that. Easy." He then sucked his finger to clean the blood off. He looked at his finger and wiped the clean, but wet finger on his pant leg. He took a mask and cape without looking at them. He never wore them, but we wanted everybody to see him take them. he went into 'his' room to put on his clown makeup and get dressed.

After a few minutes, a deep and rhythmic beating could be heard approaching the common room from behind a door. Happy the Clown kicked open the door. He was dressed in red and black with a jester's hat on his head. He face and bald head were covered in white make up. Over the top of his beard, an angry frowning mouth has been drawn on. The makeup made Happy's eye's look angry.

"Let's get the damn party started!" He matches the beating of his drum to the other jazz band members. He sits to the side of the other musicians glaring at nobody in particular as he pounds his drum.

OOC: It's a sad fact that only 1 in 7 dwarves are happy.
Arthek: Why must you put these restrictions on my writing?
Grimi: This is to keep us safe.
Arthek: This is censorship!
Grimi: Do you want to get caught by the authorities?
Arthek: What are they going to do, execute me again?!

Rockmar: I don't want them killing me for somethin' you wrote.
DnD food chain called The TavernTM. Serves stew, cheese and cold cuts. Every city, town, village and settlement has one.
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