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Current My internet at work is down. So no posting for now. Yes, I sometimes post from work.
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@Garlanddahero, Oh my god! Are you on drugs? You're on drugs! YOU'RE ON DRUGS!
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Heading out of town. I think I check a few times during the day. However, I may only be able to post once a day.
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@Otaku95 I think I've seen that movie.
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It means that tomorrow is Sunday



I'm a long time RPer. I play group games and 1x1 games.

I only play MxF in my 1x1 games. Group games, doesn't matter.

I'm a guy in my mid 20's and will only play 1x1 games with people 18 years or older. I'm trying to avoid going to jail.

I'm finding that in the 1x1 games, I'm a free to low-casual writer. I like the quicker shorter posts (1-3 paragraphs) and no need to add colors and stuff. If you like the color quotes and what not, I will try to keep up, but it does slow me down.

I can't play fandom canon characters. I just don't know the characters well enough to do that. But love to play OCs in a fandom story.

I'm pretty flexible. I don't have any demands. Just have fun. One request, if you tire of the game or me, shoot me a PM and tell me. In your PM blame the game and not me ;P I'll let you know if I can't keep up with any game we are in.

I'll be honest, I enjoy romance and a little smut in my 1x1 games. I do enjoy the build up and plot.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you wanna play or just hang out and chat.

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Oh my god... Are we crazy?

Rule #1: Never split the party

We are doomed. DOOMED, I say. *cries* We are all gonna die.

Tell my mama I love her.
Zarwin looked up at the older man. "Oldrik, I will need a good bow and arrows. Also, a lock pick set if you want me to open any locks in the old building in the marsh." Zarwin didn't like the idea of kidnapping the kid. He was more bugler type. He didn't mind breaking in to places and taking what he wanted. He was also a fair archer. He's killed before, usually from a distance. He liked it better that way.
if we divide up, Zarwin will go to black marsh. But I think we have few enough people to stick together.
Zarwin shrugged to himself. Magic, the gods, that type of stuff didn't bother him too much. He thought himself to pragmatic to be superstitious. Now he knew why Dulcena had him brought here. He was an archer. But more importantly he was a thief. He bragged..maybe once too often... that there wasn't a lock he couldn't pick.

He didn't give a rat's ass about defending the land. But if this job would buy his freedom, he would be in.

"er.. M'Lady? You said the place was sealed for a long time. How was it sealed? Is it a mechanical lock?"
Zarwin just came up from the basement stairs. He was brought in from one of the rural jails in the countryside. He was well built from his work on the farms and pulling the great bow. He was a little awed by seeing the other warriors and the Lady.

He made a clumsy bow towards Dulcena and said, "I'm sorry I'm late. They just barely brought me here. They said to bath and come up as fast as I could." He was embarrassed but found a place towards the back to lean against the wall and try to figure out what is going on.
Welcome! Hope you like it here! If I hurry I can be the first to welcome you! Ha!
@Lady Amalthea

Lady Amalthea is a great GM. She took me under her wing when I was brand new here. She did teach me a lot. Her games are always fun. If you can, get into one of her games.

I don't play with her anymore. We have different styles. Nothing wrong with that. Our styles are different. I find I enjoy the 1x1 games and a more free to low casual style.

But I still love her to death and grateful for the welcome she gave me long ago.
Sorry that is more of a gush... moving it

Looking for at least two more partners. :)

That sounds so naughty...
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