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Current See? I'm smarter than I look.
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A joke?
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Blaze, just be glad that only is porn was out and nothing else.
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I love the shark from "Jaws"
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Those little brats!



I'm a long time RPer. I play group games and 1x1 games.

I only play MxF in my 1x1 games. Group games, doesn't matter.

I'm a guy and will only play 1x1 games with people 21 years or older. I'm trying to avoid going to jail.

I can't play fandom canon characters. I just don't know the characters well enough to do that. But love to play OCs in a fandom story.

I'm pretty flexible. I don't have any demands. Just have fun. One request, if you tire of the game or me, shoot me a PM and tell me. In your PM blame the game and not me ;P I'll let you know if I can't keep up with any game we are in.

I'll be honest, I enjoy romance and smut in my 1x1 games. I do enjoy the build up and plot.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you wanna play or just hang out and chat.

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oh my goodness

(That IS one word)
Thad Ironhart - Dwarven Blacksmith

Strength 14 (+1)
Agility 9
Stamina 12
Personality 15 (+1)
Intelligence 10
Luck 13 (+1)

Birth Augur: Seventh son: Spell checks

HP: 2

Fortitude Save (0)
Reflex Save (+0)
Will Save (+1)

Equipment: 28cp
Hammer (as club, damage: 1d4)

-100 xp

OOC: I need to add equipment.

Edwin - Ditch Digger

Strength 16 (+2)
Agility 13 (+1)
Stamina 9
Personality 11
Intelligence 9
Luck 7 (-1)

Birth Augur: Born on the battlefield: Damage rolls

HP: 5

Fortitude Save (+0)
Reflex Save (+1)
Will Save (+0)

Equipment: 48cp
Shovel (as staff, damage: 1d4)

-100 xp

OOC: I need to add equipment and pictures.
Roland - Farmer

Strength 10
Agility 13 (+1)
Stamina 8 (-1)
Personality 10
Intelligence 12
Luck 11

Birth Augur: Speed of the cobra: Initiative25

HP: 3

Fortitude Save (-1)
Reflex Save (+1)
Will Save (+0)

Equipment: 28cp
Pitchfork (as spear, damage: 1d8)

-100 xp

OOC: I need to add equipment.
@Ambra I'm still here too.
I'm looking forward to playing too.

@Ambra, can we ask when (ball park) you're been finished with finals? I don't know about English majors. Is the final an in-class test or do you write a paper outside of class?

Either way, I'm looking forward to playing with everybody.
Other: She is not religious, but she believes more in the False Gods then the creator.

Wait... what?

Sorry. I'm just teasing you.
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