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@CycloneZero also asked you for a set of rolls in the discord chat. Just telling you.
Also is there a reason the OOC is delayed?

I sure don't have time to be GM-ing but I sure would still participate in the game.
Damn shame I already have an RP I'm Gming else I'd be up to help out on this and even support it on my own of need be. That said, I'm open to helping out where needed, whether that be in plot-brainstorming or as one Co-Gm.

Would be nice for there to be a true Warhammer Fantasy RP for once.
It's a bit closer to Warhammer inspired, as in the setting and its aesthetics are in use but people are free to make whatever with their nation. Even invent new races if it can fit.

@Willy Vereb T'was the plan, though given how I've written them up, the Ogre Kingdoms are moving to engage in conquest on a pretty widespread scale, so your contact with them is likely to be... combative, at best.
Actually I feel it would be boring if you spend most of your time fighting me.
Rather I leave a strip of land which your Ogres can conquer and we could be relative friends. This way you can trade with me thus get in contact with the rest of the world, send mercs to places you normally wouldn't reach and so on.
Much more healthy in the RP sense.

Looking at what Aristo has to say, it occurs to me that perhaps I've been approaching the Ogre Kingdoms in an over-literal fashion. So, there will probably be changes to that in the near future, though I need to figure out what changes exactly first.
BTW do you start where the canonical Ogre Kingdom was?
IIRC that's further than the Dark Lands so my faction might be the most frequent contact you get.

Also since I pick Dark Lands I wonder what culture my human population would get.
Kazars? Russ?
It's basically the territory past the equivalent of the IRL Ural Mountains.

Apologies; I'll be withdrawing interest. I'm more interested in roleplaying settings and factions of players' own creations rather than copies or imports of existing material. I certainly don't mind Warhammer influences in roleplays, but going through the sheets gives me the impression we're straddling a fine line between total fandom and alternate-fandom.
I'm playing as Mongol inspired not-orks so while it could fit in WHFB's theme it certainly wouldn't be directly inspired by it.

@Willy Vereb If I said that then I use GM power to modify it ay my whim but I don't remember saying "this is strictly going to be Free Form". I'm using the WFB map becuase I'm lazy and I really don't want to be bothered with making a new world map so I'm using WFB map plus I know its just notEurope in that map, its where most of the factions currently are so I decided that I decided it would be best to just get a map focused on that area instead of overwhelming with a world map.
My point wasn't to demand you trying it to be as freeform as possible. It just seemed weird that with highly encouraged custom factions we'd need to occupy the borders of one of the canon nations.
Anyways, that map lacks the territory of chaos, Araby, Tomb Kings and the Dark Lands which is another source of threats to the Empire.
Okay, it has a tiny portion of them sticking out at the edges but that's it.

Personally I'd wish to be coming from the Dark Lands now, no spooky skeletons and ork tribes to fight through before I get to be a threat to "civilized lands". I can immediately do that which interactions wise is far preferable.

Super detailed version of the world map.
Hmm, didn't you wish to have something more freeform?
Wouldn't this clash with the idea of having hard set locations?
BTW, here's a full map on the Old World:

My problem is that WHFB map is a bit too linear and doesn't focus on anything aside from not!Europe.
If we can remove Nagash corruption as a must for example we can gain plenty more freedom.
Currently as I chose Araby I'd be hard pressed to ever capitalize on the actual benefits of my nomad cavalry.
If possible I'd wish to have borders with the Empire and its allies.
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