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I am interested as semi nomadic techno barbarians aping ancient cultures from eastern europe. Actually I feel that's thmain appeeal of playing as an East European faction.

I also wish there would be an Enclave expy with EU origins instead of USA. Should be amusing.
EDIT: Oops, GB only. Well, I managed to sneak a Hungarian expy to Yellowstone Fucking Park in a previous RP like this. Don't underestimate me.

Ten Years Ago

Fenizia, the radiant capital of the Fenician Dominion. Built on the ishtmus connecting Falcola and Albator. It's a maritime megalopolis where waterway transport through intricate channels is considered a regular form to commute. As a maritime trade and overall economical powerhouse Fenizia is the thriving place. Skyscrapers and similar giants are a rare sight, though. Most places lack solid foundation, restricting buildings to light construction. As a consequence population density is relatively low, mostly offering homes for the rich and influential. In contrast Fenizia has twelve "slum cities" right at their borders, offering homes for workers, secondary docks and of course the warehouse space for storing goods. Not including them would be unfair thus the so-called "Greater Fenizia" has the total population exceeding 10 million. A galaxy of shining stars during the night, the city of Fenizia often felt like a gigantic lighthouse for sailors. Yet today the radiant capital is covered in near complete darkness.

Fenizia was far from empty, not yet anyways. While the eruption of Monte Vesvia lead to the rapid evacuation of the entire Falcola Island it was determined that the capital situated at a safe enough distance. Being the commercial and economical keystone of the entire Dominion the city could not stop either way. Normally Fenizia would shine in the radiant light of millions of solarite bulbs yet at the present time such feat is beyond them. Unlike electric lightbulb, solarite based light works through re-emitting the sunrays absorbed during the day. With dense volcanic ash covering the skies solarite bulbs are practically useless, only a limited number of them are maintained through alternative means like direct mana transfer. It's been exactly a month since the catastrophe. Thousands of miners died within an instant, entire settlements flooded in lava. Without the slightest warning Vesvius blew its mountaintop into the stratosphere. Thanks to its odd vertical pattern the collateral damage was minimal yet the gigantic mountain threatens the entirety of Falcola. Furthermore the explosion sent many million tons of dust and volcanic rubble into the high atmosphere, throwing a literal shade over the glorious Sunrealm. Experts say the dust should eventually disperse, slightly weakening its effect yet also covering most of the globe. If it's true this might effect not just Fenice but the entire world. Fenizia was considered a frail city made secure through the naval superiority of Fenice. It would not fall to any invasion. Yet it appears the city might just fold under nature's might.

Like a sole star in the vastness of dark space, the royal estate of Albaminissare shines brilliantly, defying all odds. Several tons of magic crystals are consumed for a singular event, a statement of the royalty's excess. Yet today's occasion is a bit special. Instead of the standard niceties the Imperator called upon the royal family to discuss a grave emergency. The crisis of Vesvius' eruption provides a yet unparalleled challenge to Fenice. Depopulating Falcola and persistent night over the homeland obviously hit the economy, changing the value of lands dramatically. Aristocrafts and royalty alike have their very lifeblood put in these lands and as such the catastrophe is risking their financial security. In order to remedy this the Imperator plans to reshuffle holdings and reaffirm the status quo. Discussing frivolities like the fate of commoners is something better left to the Parliament, that's what they're for.

Leonello IX Fontana di Alberinis, reigning Imperator of the Fenician Dominion oversaw this celebration from a distance, sitting solemnly on the throne. A hero for many people, his rule brought forth a golden age of Fenice with territorial expanse unlike any before. Being in his 80s, his magical affliction began to show and his bones creaked with pain and an uncomfortable chill. Rumors say he could barely stand for an hour and even taking a short lap around the palace could drain his stamina. That was his official excuse. In truth he felt no connection to his own lineage anymore. Greedy nobles and spoiled heirs, that's all he saw beneath him. Using the lure of re-allocating mainland ownership he had hoped to gather the once mighty elite of Fenice to discuss grave times. This past month had been the worst of his life. He was an ambitious leader, proud emperor and pious Dionist. All three were squashed by the eruption of Vesvius. Seeing his efforts crumbling by a literal act of God shook his entire existence. It broke him. For all he knew God may had forsaken this entire world. It might not happen today, not even in ten years. In all likelihood he'd die before this divine punishment is fulfilled. He may had officially gathered these people to reassign lands and riches. In reality he was desperately looking for a successor, somebody to lead his people through these desperate times. For this purpose he planted agents everywhere in the palace, acting like his eyes and ears. Nothing. This charade has been going on for all day yet he found nobody to inherit his will. The former giant who carried the entire Dominion on his shoulders realized the harsh truth. In his anguish he silently recited a plea for God.

His prayers seemingly answered the entire palace shook. The sky lit up as Monte Vesvia erupted for a second time. No, calling it an eruption would be inaccurate, it was an explosion. The gigantic mountain held back overwhelming pressure until it reached critical phase and monumental mass of rocks transformed into a pillar of orange fire. That was just the beginning. Masked by the perpetual darkness a wave of rocks and volcanic ash swept over the area, not just the capital but almost the entire mainland of Fenice if not beyond. Unlike the previous eruption this wave propagated horizontally at a more modest velocity. Royalty and the remaining citizens of Fenizia cried in panic yet they barely had a chance. A particular spike of ejecta headed right in their direction, destroying almost all in its path. That was the last day of Fenicia and the day when 80% of mainland Fenice transformed into a realm of ash.

Albator, Trieste
on route to the Paesedione region
~ 47 hours after the Catastrophe

Endless seas of grey snow. Ashen ruins. Desolated plains. Yet when observed from bird's view one could see a tiny convoy escorted by 8 riders spewing up dust in the distance. Many would doubt their eyes over the unusual sight yet they'd be outright maddened to hear this rundown and shoddy looking vehicle is transporting royalty. Being in the last month of her pregnancy, Princess Celeste Dietto di Alberinis remained in her mansion in Arizia when the volcano had erupted for a second time. Though only hit by rock showers and a seemingly neverending cloud of ash, such environment was unfit for a frail pregnant woman. Grabbing a military halftrack and a small entourage of knights from the Phoenix Order they chose to undertake the risky journey for the health of both mother and the child. This small yet elite team was lead by Vettorio da Vigo Contarini, grandmaster of the Phoenix Knights. How such a prestigious person ended up leading such a small band during grave times is a long story but mostly can be explained by unique circumstances. Vettorio would normally be attending the royal meeting in Fenizia yet excused for personal matters, namely the birth of his daughter. Unfortunately, her wife Isabetta caught a strange affliction related to unrefined solarite and currently she's fighting for her life. With their home situated in Arizia he wanted to do something to draw his attention away. And now they're on the run with two pregnant women. The situation is grave and if telegraph messages were to be beleived, it's far worse than anyone could imagine. Almost the entirety of Fenice is under volcanic ash save for a relatively small portion situated southeast, often referred as Paesedione due to the proximity of the Dionist holy land and the sacred city of Torredios.

The landscape underwent a dramatic change since the last two days and there's no guarantee they could navigate safely to the south. Yet they must, this environment is poisonous and while ordinarily the sun elves were tough enough to survive, they couldn't risk the health of the Princess. Isabetta also needed medical attention and unfortunately the only solution was to travel southward and at least reach the nearest city in Paesedione untouched by this blight. Vettorio could bet it was either Armas or Ostias. On their way, they met numerous refugees who likely had a similar idea to them. Vettorio and his men occasionally requested goods and supplies albeit most often the refugee caravans were stringently packed just as them. By Vettorio's calculations it'd take another day to escape the ashen wastes and his men were exhausted. He ordered them to set up camps and rest. Yet he could've never imagined what happened next.

They woke up to shrieking and thundering noises. Rockets. The impacts were random and inaccurate, meaning whoever was using them either lacked skill or used them from extreme distances, or both. The rattling noise of water cooled machineguns and constant rifle fire could be heard. "Signore Vettorio, it's an ambush!" Shouted one of his paiges. The experienced knight leader tried to supress his shock before turning towards the youth. "Calm down and raise the alarm! Run to the servants and tell them prepare to move!" Only a few words, no encouraging speeches. Nothing to add, just telling him what to do. The enemy were surely inexperienced, unlikely to be regular soldiers. Yet they owned rocket projectors that had yet to be adopted by even the military. Vettorio wished to know more but for the time being he was preoccupied with assessing the situation. His troops of elite knights were already engaging in combat, their experience and skills allowing them to act prior to any orders. That was fine, mere rabble shouldn't even faze the bests of the Fenice. Numbers don't mean anything if they lack discipline and proper direction. On the other hand something just felt off and he didn't like this one bit.

Without a second thought Vettorio ran towards the medical tent. The close noises of gunshots unfortunately confirmed his fears. Without even confirming who's inside the knight leader weaved a wind spell in a hurry, literally blowing the assailant away. With the assassination foiled the figure in back faded into the shadows, unwilling to challenge the seasoned veteran in a single combat. Or just fearing his identity might be discovered? Whoever planned this intended to keep everything under wraps. Vettorio of course had no luxury to linger because one of the servants got grievously wounded. His name was Bonaccorso Albergati. His vigilance, bravery and ultimately sacrifice saved the princess who might be now considered candidate to become the Imperatrix. Listening to his final words the servant Bonaccorso passed away in contentment, immortalized by his deed. Vettorio felt almost envious yet he understood there's something far greater for him to do. Meanwhile the Phoenix Knights were busy halting the enemy forces. They bad no time to waste as the servants resumed the preparations for their escape...

They were no longer safe. Hunted by an unknown group and isolated from the rest of the Order or even the military, Vettorio had to avoid more predictable routes and lose yet another day for it. He originally intended to treat Princess Celeste and his wife at one of the more prestigious hospitals in a big city but the threat of assassins made this impossible on the short term. Yet the clock was tickling and they had to risk a backwater clinic with barely two rooms. On that day two lives were saved and the face of the Dominion irrevocably changed.

The tenth anniversary of the Catastrophe is approaching. Preparations are long underway but currently regent lord Vettorio Da Vigo Contarini spends his well-deserved rest at his personal estate. In spite of effectively becoming the ruler of Fenice the regent's residence is hardly out of the ordinary by the standards of nobility. If anything his preferences may even seem simple or puritan in nature but that came with cultural shift. The glory days of the Dominion are over yet the country still exists. 80% of the mainland are uninhabitable ashlands while the rest struggle with massive overpopulation. Industry consolidated yet their current output is merely 30% of what it's used to be before. Emigration is still an issue, even if the country is no longer bleeding its loyal subjects by the millions. Yet they still hinge on. In spite of all expectations Fenice is far from finished. And thanks to a borderline miracle the last member of the royal family survived. Registered as Bonaccorso Dietto de Alberinis, the youth is less than 10 years old, nearly a decade away from becoming a proper adult. In his stead rules Vettorio Da Vigo Contarini, grandmaster of the Phoenix Order, witness of Princess Celeste's death and last will and practically one of the most powerful aristocrats left after the volcanic disaster. Being a true military man it's a miracle he could adopt to the life of politics.

But matters of the country currently enjoy the backseat as Vettorio spends his free time catching up with his favorite books. This pastime is interrupted by the calm and measured steps of one of the housemaids. Even though she's out in the corridors and at least 30 paces away Vettorio possesses ears and senses honed by decades of training. The next minute is spent by regent guessing exactly which refined lady's steps he's listening to. Turns out to be Stella, a young maiden and one of the more recent hires. She's still learning the ropes and this inexperience shows in the uneven steps she makes. "Stella, come in." Vettorio exclaimed before she even had an opportunity to knock. "Lord Contarini, your daughter Celeste's practice is about to start." "Thank you Stella, I would never miss it." Vettorio said as he jumped off his seat, letting Stella escort him to the courtyard.

Name: Fenizia Dominiqua dell'Dio (Phoenix Dominion of the Sun, often abbreviated as Fenizia/Fenice)
Government: Constitutional Monarchy (transforming into a theocratic-military junta)
Head of the State: Maestralto Vettorio da Vigo (regent)
Dominant Species: Calavenyr (Sun Elves)
Population: 55 million

Previously a great power Fenice had significant ambitions with influence in several portions of the Othea. Their momentum came to an abrupt halt when the supervolcano Vesvius erupted, covering most of the main islands in a thick layer of ash. Losing their capital and nearly the entire royal family Fenice is at the brink of collapse yet still intent on retaining their former status.



Fenice is an empire with its domain stretching across the globe. Their mainland Fenizia consists of three islands: Albator, Falcola and Yelinor. Used to be an abundant land with nearly 90% of the Dominion's population the supervolcano reduced most of these into borderline unlivable wastelands. Even the neighboring island of Giazol bathed in dense ash, although its inhabitants of hardy trolls managed to survive. Even after the catastrophe Fenice retained considerable control over the Verronto Sea with a couple of territories held near the shores. As far as the Western continent goes Fenice has two major holdings in Firoir (North) and Kazatrea (South), the latter currently being the largest agricultural region of the entire Dominion.

Fenice is an empire ruled by the Sun Elves. Their magical prowess and overall positive attitude defines the nation. Only a decade ago they made up the majority of the Dominion but after the catastrophe they are forced into a minority rule of only 47% of the population. The second most common race are the humans, of course. Forest elves also compose a respectable portion of around 5%. Trolls suffered great loses during the disaster but thanks to their fertility and massive government aid their numbers are steadily growing back, their strength and resilience finds great use within the Ashlands. With colonies nearly everywhere it could be said that Fenice has minorities of nearly every species from Othea.

Fenice has a state religion and it's called Dionism, named after the Sun. It celebrates the Sun and views it as an abstract meaning for all that is good in life. Dionists are taught to revel in the daylight and despise darkness. This of course goes beyond just celebrating the day, to a Dionist the Sun symbolizes enlightenment, revelation, cleanse and purity. They also view fire as an extension of the Sun and respect it accordingly. Although they similarly accept other sources of light. While in theory religious freedom is allowed (since the 18th century) in practice Fenice offers considerable benefits to Dionists and has various restrictions on the temples of other faiths. That being said Dionism is flexible and accepting of other dieties. In order to quickly assimilate other beliefs they allow these religions to be part of Dionism. They retain their traditions while also adopting Dionist system, gradually becoming similar to the main Dionist faith. As such there are dozens of sub-variants to Dionism, even a type that outright denies the existence of god. This so-called Atheist-Dionism is gaining traction among various Fenician thinkers. Altogether it can be said that over 95% of the empire is practicing some form of Dionism. The leader of this faith has the title of Genitrix and always assumed by a woman. As the symbolical Mother of all Dionist she commands considerable influence and growing sway over the politics.

Fenice is technically a Republican Dominion, a form of democratic republic turned constitutional monarchy ruled by the Imperator. While the duty of the Imperator is somewhat ceremonial in effect he or she has almost complete control, only delegating his authority to various ministers and the Senate. The Senate itself is democratically elected although validated by the Imperator. In turn the Senate has the right to accept a new Imperator among the heirs. Unfortunatelly the current Imperator is only 10 years old, born not long before the catastrophe. Until Imperator Bonaccorso Dietto de Alberinis is of age (20 years) he's under the tutelage of Vettorio da Vigo, Maestralto (Grandmaster) of the Phoenix Order of Holy Knights (Ordine Sacro Fenicio). Thanks to that and the dire times the military is gaining steadily in influence, threatening to turn Fenice into a military dictatorship. Since Vettorio is a regent and not the Imperator the Senate is powerless against him.

Sun elves are gifted with magic from birth and thus magecraft is part of their everyday lives. Neglecting that the errant magic energies are bound to result in health complications and random accidents. Sun elves regularly channel their powers to some purpose and this lead to a fruitous industry of enchanted household items. Fenice used artificial lights run on Solarite centuries before the invention of lightbulbs and if you show them a lighter they might laugh at its flimsy design compared to their magical firestarters. This does not lead to technological leaps but does result in the average Fenician having more conveniences than others.

True to their religion Fenice is almost enamored by the element of fire. Also dubbed as the plasma element they excel in magically producing or controlling heat energy which can be channeled to various utilities, usually with Solarite as the medium. Fenician Blaze Masters are known for their dreadful destructive potential in battle although at home they are more often viewed as weirdos. In truth sun elves view magic as a tool, an utility. They view it as a gift and rejoice in its use yet don't feel particularly empowered by it. Thus Fenice had rather limited emerge of mighty magic users with agendas and delusions of grandeur. It is just not something in their culture.

Fenice used to be powerful merchant nation and its wealth lead to early industrialization. Yet unlike elsewhere Fenice approached industry in moderation, unwilling to sacrifice their beautiful landscape for more output. This didn't stop them to create massively successful industries and they certainly had less reservations from exploiting territories outside their mainlands. After light industry flourished Fenice focused their efforts on steel, became known not for the volume but the sheer quality of their production. Fenician metallurgy is still sought after in many parts of Othea. Given their overall obsession with fire and other energetic events they quickly adopted steam and gradually other types of engines. Turbines in particular are Fenician inventions, although the original required the cooperation of fire elementals to function. Of course magical enchantments in both the production and the function of the goods is standard in Fenice. Electricity itself was understood in Fenice but treated like a curiosity rather than something practical. It took decades of rapid development in the field for Fenice finally deciding to adopt electric devices and they only really began using lightbulbs in the last 10 years.

Of course in their recent history the event with the single greatest impact to their economy is the supervolcano catastrophe. Half their entire population dead, 80% of the mainland covered in ash. Even after massive restructuring Fenice only has 40% the industrial capacity compared to 1927. Fenice's once prosperous light industry is in ruins and since the government focuses on rebuilding their heavy industry first it continues to erode. Agriculture is restructuring but still insufficient to sustain as many as 55 million men. The treasury is bleeding away money at record rate and it's unknown if it could be stopped before the Dominion goes bankrupt. Yet outwardly Fenice maintains a strong front, presenting its best side.

As an island nation populated by the eccentric sun elves Fenice took unique approaches to developing their science. For starters magic is part of the common domain and its use is an everyday practice. It comes at no surprise that Fenician inventions very often include magic in their operation. This doesn't make them inherently superior, though. Fenice juat views magical solution the same as you try to choose between different engine types or other mechanism. Speaking of engines Fenice developed blaze turbines that since then spread everywhere in more limited quantities. The obvious advantage for a blaze turbine is their compactness as they are powered by a huge solarite core heating up a steam or occasionally gas turbine. While compact they are also having limited range and outside Fenice they are considered expensive. Various hybrid blaze systems are developed for more economical uses, including the blaze engines where an internal combustion engine's performance is supported by a solarite energy for compact performance. Aside from engines solarite has widespread use in many applications, most notably heaters and light sources. While electric lights are nowadays more affordable solarite lamps are still in use. Aside from solarite Fenice is also known for using elemental devices, an offshoot of golem tech. While golems require the creation of artificial souls Fenice sidesteps this by calling spirits to inhabit their objects. While technically cheaper this method relies on delicate spiritual contracts and personal compatibility, for example inheriting an elemental device could be tricky. Based on this Fenice developed semi-elemental controls but due to its reliability issues everyone else rather uses the more stable pseudo golem system.

Nation Relations
As a major power with presence all around Othea Fenice often invokes polarizing opinions. Their ideologies are also strong enough to provoke this. Fenice views magic as an absolute good and evaluates others by their capacity to it. Their theocratic stance in the enlightened world is also somewhat controversial. They also used to be opponents to overindustrialization and corporate overreach, although their stance weakened considerably. In addition several countries have territorial claims to the Dominion which of course provides tension if not outright hostilities. On the other hand making enemies also resulted in them making unlikely allies to which Fenice makes full use of.

- Volsinii Empire: Fenice abused the Volsinii civil war for territorial gains while also providing support to the elven side. The occupied territories were put under elven leadership and treated humans like secondary citizen. Both garnered resentment from the now human-dominated Volsinii. Although elvish elements still provide partisan support and many of their important people fled to Fenice.

- Hastur: The great empire shares many ideologies with Fenice yet the two nations focus more on their differences. This is partially thanks to Fenice's approach towards Hastur as a bounty, a land to exploit. After their near-collapse 10 years ago Hastur struck back and now provide non-stop trouble.

[to be continued...]

Fenician military is sworn to protect three things: the emperor, the senate and the Dionist faith. While there's a state army in effect they are often split up between Fenician militant nobles who treat them like retainers. Thus even above these three the soldiers tend to be loyal to their Lord and his/her family. All lords own "castles" that are mobile fortresses while also acting as their living quarters while in action. These "fortresses of war" (rocca di guerra or roguerra in short) can take the shape of armored trains, air cruisers or most commonly giant naval vessels. This keeps Fenician army constantly on the move with a complex yet flexible line of logistics to maintain it. This is the natural evolution of their fighting style adopted for securing territories as the first priority while requiring relatively small active forces. Indeed the Fenician military focuses on quality of soldiers over the numbers, although recent events lead to a rapid expansion of their forces.

Fenician infantry unites the style of old and new. Their soldiers wear high-quality steel armor to protect the vital areas while altogether adopting modern equipment. This is partially due to their traditions and appearances but also because of the value in each soldier. They consider armoring up troops cheaper than training new ones.

Due to Fenice's history of golem usage they became enamored with walker vehicles rather early. Thus their AFV development quickly shifted for creating legged vehicles, relying on their semi elemental technology and dubbed Camminarmato (abbreviated as CA, roughly translates as "armed walker"). Initial models were slow which was frequently criticized by the cavalry branch. To answer this they created the "rolling legs" concept where the legs housed either wheels or track propulsion along with the capability to shift their posture and lean on said surfaces to behave like conventional vehicles. While added complexity the system ultimately allowed faster and more economical travel while giving it rough terrain capability uncontested by wheeled vehicles. An offshoot of this development are the non-bipedal Passarmati (PA) that are quad-, hexa- or octopod designs made for stability. Passarmati can be also a collective term for all walker machines used for combat, including those used by other nations.


Air Force

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