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@Dinh AaronMkNo problem at all. I would've liked that lore piece bu honestly I could easily do without it.
@Dinh AaronMkI already said that I don't wish to derail with the guns when there are so many more things to explore for players. Also I don't really care about guns before the deluge. In theory it is plausible since the first firearms could have been from the 10th century in our history and we didn't experience a gigantic flood which set back our development (at least temporarily). But in the end it isn't really relevant, I like the idea of ancient guns as the roots for my tribe's trend of owning guns because it makes an interesting addition to their background.

Anyways, as for names I might be cheeky and do kind of what WHFB did and call my people the Attilans but I can also just run with whatever else name I invent for them. As for starting place I probably need a relatively large landmass and inhabit roughly its center.
@Dinh AaronMkI'd interact with the rest of the world, of course. I just like the idea of fallen nations that almost forgot their roots yet they have a few vestiges. It is certain my people would have no monopoly over guns, neither did they contribute to their further development much. I just like the idea they have guns for a messed up reason that they turned into a religious element. Of course they would trade with the neighbors and likely adopt lessons others have learned in gunmaking. I neither mean them to be isolated from the rest, nor I think primitive gun wielding nomads are superior to the classic horse archers. It's just different which gives me interesting potential for roleplaying.
@Dinh AaronMkIt depends entierly on the design if it's useful on the horse and whenever primitive methods can reconstruct a gun. You don't have just one type of handgonne but a whole myriad of them, and that's just if we keep at the gonnes rather than other early firearms. Anyways, I wanted to make a longer response but given this is your interest check I don't wish to derail the thread. And yes, guns would not be optimal to use. I don't even really want them to gain any sorts of advantage. I just like early guns and the funky experimental shenanigans people tried with them. I also feel you might be mixing nomads with hunter gathering cultures of old. Though granted I am also using a fairly lose definition as historians prefer to describe this as semi-nomadic. Think of the Mongols when they were still split into clans. I'll mix some of that and elements like the Huns to get a fairly interesting culture. As I mentioned the guns are in part used due to religious reasons.
@Willy Vereb

If what you mean by hundguns preserved by primitive means as guns from before the deluge, then I'd have to say no.
Not preserved, they would make guns by relatively primitive means which probably also has some religious importance to them. One problem could be the idea of guns being present during that age but technically by the 15th century gunpowder weapons had nearly 5 centuries on them so if you add that they have contact with other developing civilizations during this period their handgonnes would not sound as outlandish to have.

I have some alternative means so we can brainstorm out an idea that works, of course.
@Dinh AaronMkI had an old faction of nomads from an old NRP which I never got to play so they might fit quite well here.
They would be remnants of a once thriving nation and they prefer using matchlock handgonnes on horseback and preserved the associated technology through primitive means. Shamans would be the cornerstones of their culture who are polyhistors serving as religious leaders, record keepers, wise men/scientists, healers and most other roles associated with these. Of course not many shamans are literally skilled in everything but if you need any of these, you were looking for a shaman. It is their intellectual group in society. As for vague misticism or fantasy would it be okay if I use a different brew of materials for my gunpowder equivalent which is worse yet can be gathered from various plants and materials found within forests.
Are we limited to only humans as our dominant species? What tech level of medieval we should think about? How would magic and fantastic elements factor into this?

Basically these are the typical 3 questions for fantasy NRPs. Tech obviously matters for stuff like mechanics (clockwork, etc), navy, plate armor and gunpowder. Magic would determine how dominant spells are in the setting and how much you can use fantastical elements and creatures. While the last remaining question is basically for all those people like me who want to play as dwarves, elves, orcs or other fantasy races.
@Legion-114I think you need to tone down some aspects a wee bit. First, I thought your race is more like a bunch of dispersed packs rather than an united society, that could have been one way you would be at many places without that becoming overbearing. As of now it seems to be more of an isolated empire of weird biomachines. You don't get much chance to do your thing this way. Speaking of things I specified in the OOC that grey goo style species are restricted. I am fully willing to work out an acceptable variant with you but for example you might better nix the "recovers if just a single nanomachine is left). Lastly the Dyson Sphere is likely too much, even moreso if we consider that you built it around a supergiant main sequence star. Dyson swarm would be probably enough for what you have in mind. Good luck for the edits and if you have further questions do it in the PM.

@eemmttYour sheet looks good so far albeit incomplete for now. Looking forward to it!

@KeyguypersonIf you finish your military you're approved. Your sheet is decent so far and I trust you as a player.

@ProngsYour sheet has all the essentials while I don't have much to pick about it. Welcome to the roleplay, you are approved!

@Star LordYour sheet looks fine so far. Maybe your history could mention how much time has passed since WW3 and such. Some elements seems to imply hundreds of years but this isn't obvious. Keep on the good work with your sheet!

@KlomsterInteresting faction. For some reason they remind me of Homeworld's Bentusi. At first glance some of their stuff may seem OP but I think you balanced it well enough. Near-infinite source of Eltreum? It's a secret sanctuary which kills more people in it than it'd worth. Exotic and powerful weapons? Bellakee don't have a proper military and the hyperspace manipulating properties are likely consuming Eltreum which is something nobody else can afford. Your tech is likely also weak against FTL jammers. Anyways, the only thing you need to look out for is that with so much Eltreum you need to invent reasons why you can't just casually supply everyone else to their heart's content. I do trust you can solve this. As such your sheet is approved. You can post it in the CS if you want, do the final touches perhaps over there.

@ArawakI think you were worried over nothing. Your reworked sheet is fine. Approved.
@UltraCraftGamesI mean Eredar coming to Quel'Thalas gotta be relatively recent. There's say 3-6 months at best between Kael'thas' trip to Outland and the start of this RP. To note we are timeline wise near the end of the Frozzen Throne saga. Silvanas just betrayed Arthas (if she even exists in this timeline) and Kael'thas is busy sieging Northrend along with his Illidari and Naga allies.

PS: Join the discord channel if you can. Product posted a link for it somewhere in this interest check thread.

@ProductIs it fine if I maintain a small portal between Silvermoon and the Black Temple. Two extremely strong regions of magical energy should make this relatively stable to be possible. Even then it would only allow minimal traffic like a few people passing through per activation or bringing back artifacts from Outland.
BTW, I am practically finished with my sheet.
@Willy VerebI might be an ex legion eredar Who has been sent to Quel Thalas by the illidari to help protect it.
Given the fact my version of blood elves aren't oblivious to their prince's ties with reformed demons this could easily work. I also plan tp have some Mo'arg technicians and such to be present, too.

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