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2 yrs ago
I'll be away on a trip for a few days so my activity will be low
3 yrs ago
I'll be on vacation for a few days so my activity will be low


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To be fair the OOC activity of the past gave only a faux sense of activity. The true activity are sheets and especially IC posts.
In that aspect we indeed need to be more alive. Though yeah, not so dead here.

I might be seriously missing something, what this setting is about?
Second question, do you have a Discord?

EDIT: Wow, so my nation name is being used, huh?
Yllendthyr I mean. I just hope those peeps aren't speaking in Old Elvish.

I'll probably write up more about my islands and such but as far as the essentials goes, my sheet is complete.
Posting my sheet here for now. I probably add it to the characters tab soon. There a few sections I might fill out later but I guess I've got most of the essentials down
@eemmttYour sheet is approved. Feel free to post it in the characters sheet.
Although I'd suggest fixing the typos but it isn't essential. It's 99% readable even in this form.
I like that so it gets my fullish support.
I thought Aaron deliberately did not make a discord channel but if it's about casting a vote I'd be in favor of Discord. I know there is a minority opinion that Discord takes away from activity but in my opinion it keeps the group together and also helps fleshing out background and various other OOC stuff which would be too clunky in the thread itself.
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