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Name: The Federal Dominion of Riksaand, Riksaand Federation Tre Kronor (three crowns)
Government Type: Federal Constitutional Monarchy
Head of the State: Riksuurd/Kejser (loosely translates either as king or emperor)
Capital: Drachenfel
Dominant Species: Human
Important Minorities: Dwarves, Elves, Trolls, Minotaurs

The history of Riksaand began a long time ago when the rifts sent through people from diverse set of worlds. Not having a way home these people have created their own communities fighting off raiders, monsters and each other. Yet these small communities would not survive long term so they formed an alliances, confederated and ultimately 3 major countries emerged. These countries ultimately merged together and formed Riksaand. The kingdom has diverse races and cultures, each with significant degree of autonomy. Though seemingly a single cohesive country, Riksaand is anything but truly united.

Governance & Structure
Riksaand is a federation of many states but especially the kingdoms of Fröjtand, Sveogard and Amsel. These three major nations contribute 70% of the landmass and 90% of the population of Riksaand. Aside from them there are over a dozen small autonomous states. This is not counting that the three kingdoms are also far from united, each have their own small autonomies usually inhabited by major non-human populations. The main governing body is the Riksdag, an assembly of representatives from all member states of the realm held in Drachenfel. Riksaand is formed as a personal union of all three kingdoms and as such officially the Kejser is ruler of the entire realm. Yet in practice his power only exist on paper and for emergency situations while the true governance is done through the Riskdag, the individual parliaments of the three kingdoms and the autonomous governments of the miscellaneous states.

Demographics & Society
Riksaand is diverse realm of humans, dwarves, elves, trolls and a number of other races normally you'd only hear about in mythology and folklore. Even members of the same race often originated from more than one universe. As the majority race this applies to the humans the most. Scientists still disagree on the exact count of Rifts and the exact number of worlds from which humans have arrived. Conservative estimates put it at just twelve for Riksaand but more radical theories support a much larger number. This lack of united culture further motivated Riksaandi people to make connections and work together. The realm's official language is the Rikerōst ("voice of the realm") which about 96% of the nation speaks or at least understands. Aside from that Riksaand has a myriad of local languages, reflecting their mixed culture.

Military Overview
The Riksaandian Federal Forces are the major organization collecting all the diverse military units under one. The Federal Army doesn't strictly have their own forces. Instead they can request its member countries to provide troops for a purpose. That being said they do have enough authority to dictate more united standards for armies, including their equipment or the amount they can field. As such the kingdoms of Amser, Sveogard and Fröjtand all have their own military, same is true for various small autonomous states.

In terms of doctrine and equipment, Riksaand is relying on conventional weapons enhanced by the usage of Ragnarite. They are the most common power source and it's even utilized for weapons. Ragnerite engines glow with blue light and they need special radiators to vent the heat. These radiatiors often need to be exposed and the biggest liability for the tech. This is less problematic for naval vessels which can just put the radiators below the waterline. Another element where Ragnarite dominates is firearms. Be it a pistol or even a warship cannon they use Ragnarite Catalyzers. These can be thought as controlled explosion devices which produce most of the energy while the cartridges only contain some additional fuel to help. This makes Riksaandian ammunition more compact and also significantly increases performance but at the cost of complexity. Other utlizations of Ragnarite include warheads, sensors and curiously enough also medicine. Ragnarite radiation in particular is renown for its healing and rejuvenating properties. Although overdosing Ragnarite can be dangerous.

Basically this is a mix of RIFTS and Shadowrun. You could have wacky civilizations in a post multiversal catastrophe, dimensional invaders and more. Or you can also tackle the situation of people from different dimensions trying to live together. All of these appear to be fine.

So this is sci-fi but with strong fantasy elements. Basically science fantasy but I like to use this term for something which is organized as a meld of the two from the get go, not being a chaotic mix.
So this would be heavily inspired by the actual RIFTS setting, I gather. Mayhaps less sci-fi because there you got power armors as the "norm" for more civilized factions and also magic was strong enough to easily keep pace with the highest tech.

Alright, my initial feeling was that you wanted to make an ISOT setting where everyone nation just freshly drops in this world, or perhaps got here relatively recently. But instead you want a massively multiversal setting where elves from a fantasy universe have to find their place alongside sci-fi robots and other races within the same country.
@Willy Vereb If you mean the world map, that's my bad entirely. I just posted it up. If not the map, could you explain further?
Sure, but before that I should say that the map definitely helps a ton to envision what you have in mind. Although can you tell us the size of the landmass we work with? Is it a Britain-sized island? A continent? A supercontinent spanning the whole world? No need to be exact, just help us to envision what sizes we should be thinking of.

Still, there are questions of basically what kind of nation and organization concepts you want to approve. Otherwise you can get anything from self-replicating world-ending nanobots to MLP pony empires to creepypasta BS. Even on less bullshit scale the difference between various apps might be too great. So in order to encourage players and give them some means to better grasp the kind of apps you want to accept. So with that in mind I ask a few more questions.

What tech level would be the norm, how much it can be deviated from? Do you plan to balance the size of nations/orgs by their size if they are too advanced compared to the average?

How about magic and supernatural elements? What would be the most you can feel adequate? While not related to magic, what about weapons of mass destruction? I mean nukes and things that can be equated to nukes.

What about fandom/crossover elements? Do you support somebody to just port the Fire Nation from Avatar into this game? Do you mind sheets that are done thoroughly but are heavily inspired by a known nation from fiction?

Do you plan to have NPC nations in this setting or you'd prefer to populate the map with player characters?

These would be the questions I have in mind right now and I feel the players would be the most interested to know. BTW, do you want to make a Discord channel or you're against it?
This concept is interesting but hard to judge the scale you are going at. Sure you can both join as org or country and this is supposed to be a multiversal mess (which actually helps to alleviate some of the "custom" nature of nations created in this site) but we don't really have anything to measure with.

Can you perhaps help us out in this aspect?

Titanic beginnings
"Once before time the Seven Divines existed. They had a harmonious yet unsatisfied life. To alleviate their eternal boredom they created the sky, a vast infinite realm, and populated it with countless stars, the Aesur. They could not move, and only speak through their radiance. The Seven Divines found this good but the Aesur wanted to destroy their chains and chose to rebel against their creators. This war lasted eons but ultimately the Aesur triumphed, rendering the Seven Divines powerless to oppose them. With their newfound freedom they created many new worlds, including our land of Midurd. Yet they could not finish this task alone, they needed helpers. They created numerous races, slaves to the Aesur with the task of shaping the world. Among the first of these creations were the Guarni, giants taller than the tallest mountains. Our very steps parted the seas and created new mountains. Over the time many other races, animals and plants spread across Midurd. Yet this peace would not last. Unwilling to be treated like the lower races the titans, including the Guarni, rebelled against their creators This heralded the beginning of the devastating Titan War. The dry land, once whole, split into many pieces and the Guarni-led titans were slaughtered. The survivors were henceforth stripped from their former size and power, with the very Sun (Malawun) being their eternal jailor. Malawun is a benevolent yet strict god who bestows gifts upon Midurd yet punishes those with overt ambitions. His shine grows the fields, spreads life and fills the heart. Yet this very light also robs us of our true power. Ever since the Titan War the Guarni live in punishment, forced to struggle in the same dirt as lower races do. The Sun shall be a reminder of our folly and shame. Yet not all hope is lost. Ogynn, the first of the first giants, is alive and continues the fight. He hides deep within Midurd, beneath 777 layers. His gifts are subtle yet present everywhere. He is our All-Father, our beloved ancestor."

Carnog the Eldest concluded his tale. The blind old giant sat in front of the pyre, seeking its wrathm. His son Eadan already took over his responsibility as remembrancer of the entire tribe. Yet the old Carnog still liked his tales. The eon old giant was supposedly the grandson of the legendary Gargat, a minor actor during the Titan War. Carnog was just a child when winters been long and ardous, when food was scarce and families divided. He was present when the once scattered Guarni families united under a single tribe and he actively participated in the grand task of retrieving the tales and legends of his kin. He was an old man from a time when Guarni died young. It's been a great many seasons since the old Carnog could even walk more than a few steps without assistance but the people respected him.

Yet being respected and leading the tribe was two different matters. The Guarni tribe always followed the mightiest warrior, the strongest fighter whom they titled as the Kaano, the one rule above all. His name was Baldar, his towering 34 feet tall figure and muscular build alone was enough to discourage anyone to challenge him. He was the strongest of the tribe and his orders were the law. Baldar had a large family of three wives who were tasked to manage the tribe's daily lives. As the strongest fighter Baldar had a reputation to maintain. He participated in big hunts, headed raids and wanted to take all the riches. As such the Guarni life in the village was dictated by the whims of three women. Brynja was a hardy matron and Baldar's first wife. She was so far the only wife providing Baldar with a heir so she enjoyed special status. Frida was the youngest of the three with intellect and knowledge which belied her age. Ingerd was the most down to earth of the three who often worked with the rest of the tribe and kept everything in order. Without these three the village doubtlessly would've never gotten this far.

Speaking of which, the village itself was massive in size for only 47 adult members. The perimeter were surrounded by earthen walls 4 meters tall, insufficient to keep out a fellow Guarni but more than enough to protect against animals. Thanks to this they didn't require gates, you could just walk past it. The most obvious sight to visitors were the gigantic yurts, tent-like structures made of felt with wooden reinforcements. Though appropriately giant in size these tents had a secret, they were rarely built on level ground. More often than not the construction began by digging a (by human standards) deep hole thus giving more space to leave in. Felt was valuable afterall. The reason behind this particular choice was simple, the Guarni were semi-nomads. They practice agriculture and keep animals but they never remain in the same place for long. Once the fields deplete of their nutrients they harvest everything, gather up the seeds, slaughter all animals and leave for the next place.

Yet covering the basic infrastructure of the Guarni misses a very important aspect of their lives which is art. While vibrant colors are rare to come by the Guarni loves their statues. Wooden carvings, totem columns representing the Guarni image of the world are practically everywhere. The center of the Guarni village contains a towering obelisk, taller than anything else. This piece been carved up just after the Guarni settle down in a region. It contains symbols, drawings and simple writing depicting Guarni culture and eventually be filled with the life of the villagers spent here. According to their creation myth the Guarni once were part of the titanic races who shaped the very mountains. The obelisks symbolize their past and serve as reminders of their presence in the region. Their sturdy construction means they shall remain for eons for other races to see. In rare times when they settle in an especially abundant region the Guarni gets more creative and they create megaliths, an arrangement of multiple huge pieces of rock meant to represent their understanding of the world. Races who pass these stone structures would know one thing: they are treading into the region of giants.


  • The Guarni settled down in the mountain plateau
  • Hunters gather new animals to breed and domesticate for their stay
  • They are also looking for animal companions to help herding the animals and guard their sleep
  • Encounter with other sapient race would be also encouraged

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