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@OzerathSo this came up early on regarding ship classes. Where would you put the Ashtar vessels?
While we have an unofficial "headcanon" on relative powerlevels some clarification could help.
If we'd face them again would Ashtar cruisers be the equivalent to modern battleships or greater? How large were they?
(asking as if they were cruiser sized as their name implies or actually bigger)

Second, where would the "Ashtar capital ships" be ranked at? Would hyperdreads be of similar size to them (small moon) or perhaps smaller? Would the capital ships of the Ashtar be still leagues stronger than whatever hyperdreads we are making?
Speaking of which what interpretation of "small moon" we should use?
My personnal impression is that they were the length of Phobos (~23km) but nowhere close to the same volume.
They were gigantic but we aren't talking about Death Stars.

Some clarification on this front could of course help.
So I'm making a faction called the Draetor Empire, who are, well this.

"The Draetor are an ancient race of biologically immortal humanoid aliens, rumored to be as old or even older than the Ashtar themselves, who achieved a form of energy based ascension in ages past thanks to their experiments into the nature of energy in the observable universe and several close joint research projects with the Ashtar and their psionic technology. Also, despite being structured and operated like a traditional empire, the Draetor value scientific and cultural advancement over conquest and imperialism, meaning that they are a rather peaceful race and, as such, did not participate in the Great War.

It should be noted however, that even though they are not a warlike people by nature, the Draetor still see the benefits of having a reasonably strong military presence in their sector of the galaxy and will not hesitate to go to war if attacked."

Anyway, I was thinking that instead of living on planets, they instead live on one massive hyper-dreadnought around the same size as Jupiter (possibly), which is powered by the energy siphoned from stars. And let me make this clear, the drained stellar energy would be for travel purposes only. Nothing more, nothing less. Other than that, I was thinking they move from star system to star system every hundred years or so and exchange knowledge with other races.

So, does that sound acceptable? Or is it too OP? Also, I might just limit their involvement with the Ashtar to brief interactions rather than long term research projects as I'm not certain of all the lore in play here.
I think you interpreted a few things differently here.
Ashtar are still considered an "endgame purpose" as far as advancement is concerned. They also have an aura of mystery around them thus having too much interaction with them would be discouraged.

As for the idea, it can be salvaged. I only mention a suggestion I came up with in a spur so bear that in mind. Draetor are an ancient species doomed to perish. Yet in their plight they were saved by the Ashtar who gave them new semi-ethreal bodies. Consequently you revere the Ashtar as gods and wish to be like them. With your homeworld gone your civilization settled on giant "lifeships" many miles in diameter. Your new ethreal bodies require no food but your souls will erode over the time. To slow this you wear suits to contain your energies and better manage it. In order to replenish you must siphon the souls of the living, a practice you intensely loathe yet begrudgingly perform, never taking it lightly. As "ascended" people you have innate psionic abilities and your technology also use psionics to function.
Bulletpoint changes:
- You didn't work with the Ashtar, they saved you and then went away
- You don't live on one gigantic ship but multiple colony vessels
- Your ethreal bodies bleed away energy fast without their protective suits
- You are in a constant moral struggle over the fact you feed on the souls of others

How does it sound?

I have read your replies and i have come to the decision of not creating any type of Hive Mind or infestation. Instead, I will be creating a human Nation, like everyone else. Thank you for your help. I think this will be better for me and the other players.
Only a small portion of the playerbase has human factions and by that I include those who were inspired by them but no longer related.
If you want a real easy to make nation I'd suggest starting with an alien faction.

Rookie's toolkit to create alien civs:
- pick a non-human fantasy/sci-fi picture you like, give them a cool name
- make it empire because they get the 4X game feel across the best (if you don't like empires you can pick other governance)
- Choose cool pictures of infantry, vehicles and starships you like (write up some lore to them)
- No fourth step, you are done

The beauty of simplistic alien civs that they are essentially humans but without mankind's history to consider. They are just play-doh for you to mold the way you want. The extra issue with human civs here is that you have to coordinate your lore with multiple other people. I believe an alien species sidesteps all these issues and allow you to start with a clean plate.

Oz mentioned to distributing discord link to those who made sheets so I figure that's what is going to happen.
@ClocktowerEchosI also understand your concern and worded similar in the first page. The way I see it this can be worked out in some form through the following:

1.) Oz only handles out invites to those who already made a sheet. Not twiddling your tumbs here.
2.) We can mandate that important stuff have to be posted in the OOC so it won't lost
3.) Try enforcing a posting regimen so inactivity be averted.

How does it sound?
Btw, what about the discord server?
Would Oz make it or perhaps we can let somebody else?
That's opening a can of worms that I've never once seen end well in all my years in RP. I'd make a sweeping generalization like "nothing except hyperdreads can be significantly larger than 6000 meters" and leave it at that.

EDIT: To better clarify my thoughts: design doctrines are going to be wildly different across military forces. On one hand, you're liable to create hurt feelings if someone ends up getting caught on the wrong side of arbitrary thresholds. On another, by creating upper bounds, you're inevitably going to have minmaxers going right up to the line to maximize their power.
Since size is mostly just an aeshtetic factor here I don't think it is going to be an issue for powergaming. Also I think this is exclusive to warships. If somebody wants gigantic colony or merchant vessels those wouldn't count.

As for being co-GM I don't think I have the best track record in it. Assistant or adviser, zes. Brainstorming partner, sure. But my games tended to not hold out well even though I craft them meticulously. Sigma might be more apt id it is about contribution to this thread. Though it depends on how free he is.
Well according to the original post the Ashtar had a cruiser the size of a small moon that already says How big can be space ships here

EDIT CAPITAL SHIP not cruiser sorry
Ashtar are also way stronger than us and their "cruisers" likely be worthy of hyperdreads. Ashtar capital ships would be way beyond our current scope. Partially which is why all the fighting is going on.

@Willy Vereb It's a can of worms and I'm not entirely against it but maybe we could use volume or tonnage instead of size? My ships are rarely of the long cigar shapes so that wouldn't really be fair.

Alternatively, if nobody specifies the sizes then we can just adhere to the hierarchy and people whose ships are "treaty breaking" would have to specify so. (Or, when skirting, say what they skirt.) That way we can leave the technicallities behind while maintaining a semblance of powerlevels. As I assume most ships would also have a specified weakness.
I explicitly stated that non-longitudal ship designs or similar shapes can work with smaller dimensions. I would rather not specify volume because that's on the "too thinky" side. I can go into *WAY* more detail but I feel anything but a simplistic list would be counter-intuitive.
I CAN give you a diameter list for saucer and spheroid/cube ships which follows this scheme if you want, though. Would that suffice?

Spherical/Cuboid Ship Chart:
- Hyperdread: >2000m
- Dreadnought: 800-2000m
- Battleship/Battlecruiser: 400-1000m
- Cruiser: <500m
Others should follow a roughly similar scheme of decrease. In case of strike craft you just have to be conscious of making your fighters noticeably smaller than the average.

Saucer/Plateoid Ship Chart:
- Hyperdread: >2500m
- Dreadnought: 1000-2500m
- Battleship/Battlecruiser: 400-1000m
- Cruiser: <500m
Again, you can figure out the rest according to this. As for strike craft you don't even neccessarily need to reduce their dimensions. You still use the base plane form for both, in case of flying saucers the "wings" are just circular.

Hope this could help.

EDIT: If you plan to use Star Trek Federation style saucer-longitudal mix kind of warships then those could be either follow the saucer or the longitudal ship size limits. Either works, really. At times there are as much as two orders of magnitude difference between ships in the same class here in terms of volume and that's fine. Good enough for what is a space opera here.
I know I might be opening a potential can of worms but how should we settle on ship sizes?
We have actual treaties limiting them so I believe there are some sorts of standards the entire galaxy agrees on to classify them. I am partially ask this since one of the White Corps' military shtick is to skirt around these rules and field ships that might appear to be in a certain class but in effect they are more powerful.

Since without an opening argument this would take an eternity here's my potential list on starship sizes, using the largest dimension (usually length) to measure:

Heavy Strike Craft:15-40m

This is merely a suggestion of mine and mostly used for standardish shape ships. For example if you have spherical or flying saucer shaped vessels this number might get lower to compensate. It depends on you, of course. Furthermore as you can see I included a fair bit of size variance so people have decent freedom to pick what they feel the best. Overlaps are also a thing since reasonably thinking the heaviest destroyer and the lightest cruiser shouldn't be that far apart (and might even be switched as far as relative powers concerned). Battlecruisers have almost the same size limits as battleships because historically BCs are basically BBs with lighter loads and different roles. The difference between a BC and BB is more in terms of tonnage and armor/weaponry than anything else. Lastly I split "strike craft" category in two to account for gunships/bombers that are less maneuverable and the true starfighters. This way it's even less likely one would have "starfighter corvettes" which the GM was apparently fearing.
That being said this is just a list of values I put together in like 10 minutes.
Feel free to criticize it.

EDIT: I am also not claiming that the treaty only limits the size of vessels. If anything that's just the start. As the GM implied with the description of capital ships there's a fair amount of minmaxing going on with Detente era warships so likely the power generation/consumption is another key element they limit. But I leave that to you, the size chart above is only there for aesthetic purposes. So we don't get things like 500m long hyperdreads while the other side has kilometer long corvettes.

EDIT2: Spellchecker trolled me (see the last bold) so I went to fix that.
Interconnected world, long history of space travel, everyone knows each other. Hmm.. yeah, I guess it's time to revive White Corps. For those unfamiliar, White Interstellar Corporations is basically a megacorp like civ. In terms of plot relevance they engage in a lot of trade and they like to deal in high tech, as well as exploiting stuff to earn more profit. White Security Services is their mercenary/PMC branch which can and frequently does lend assistance to outsiders even if their primary function is to provide security for White Corps. As a multi-national megacorp their employees come from a myriad of backrounds and races, pretty much a corporate meritocracy.

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