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Wait... so we have 3 "new" apps for a game which ended 7 years ago? Wtf?

Perhaps somebody can reboot this in earnest?
Probably not but the activity since the first necro is just confusing for me here.
I wonder if I somehow messed up my wording or perhaps laid the premise a bit too thick. Morte Imperium in all previous iterations were peaceful, the most "action" I got when NPCs attacked my flagship conducting diplomacy in a game around 2017. You may at first think a race which was in perpetual war may want to be aggressive but in reality they would be the most averse to further conflict. They can and if neccessary they would be forceful but conquest and just starting war with another culture they barely even know is not on the list.

To be fair in all previous games first contact was the most I could achieve before the game died (or I dropped out). In many of these scenarios the Morte also had nothing to gain from aggression. Nor was a genuine clash of objectives which could have resulted in conflict. I also admit in retrospect I played the Morte more passive than neccessary and wanted to rectify that this time. But that doesn't mean thr Morte would be some world-burning non-stop aggressor or any sorts of conqueror.

One of the storylines I always wanted to write with the Morte is what would ineviteably happen as the Morte could settle outside their deathly sector. What would happen if the Morte would no longer need to fight for survival? If radiation wouldn't curse them with abyssmal health. If the so-far ironclad social order would gradually dissolve.

Anyways, the Federation's fall happened more recently than I thought. I may need to adjust the history to account for this.
@Willy Vereb After a review from both me and Commodore. I'm sorry to say that we feel that the sheet doesn't exactly match the setting. Sorry about that.

@Hakaishin626 After reviewing the latest update, it's a bit rough, but as said, there's potential and we can work out the patches later in the IC, approved!

@Lucidnonsense Currently reviewing your sheet, we'll give a reply soon.
I didn't even write their history section so it feels odd to be rejected before seeing how they could even connect to it. Federation fell 100 or so years ago but before that there had been many breakups. I don't know when did FTL systems began to malfunction, though. With the Stromlosweg being considered FUBAR I think there are many ways they can fit without feeling out.

The only way I can envision them not fitting in is if the species or the techbase raises concerns. Since none of this was brought up though I assume that wasn't the case.

Anyways, roughly how many years ago did the
Federation fight against the unknown alien invaders?
I guess it's time to bring up an oldie in new clothes.

I'll work on the history, map claim and other details later.
Border gore is just the way things used to be. My more OOC trouble with accepting the Rhine is that it's Catholic majority which changes important dynamics in Prussia. Kulturkampf, for example. Thr other is that I wanted Ptussia to be weak enough for Saxony to influence them more.

If border gore is a concern we can just list non-Austria and non-Prussia as the German Confederation. Rhine itself may be part of an even tighter confederation of small states of which some are Prussian territories.

If I must take Rhine tho, I can manage. It'd be ugly but with the magic of narrative control it is possible things develop towards religious freedom. Well, more of a religious cold war where Saxony keeps their faith, Prussia keeps their faith and the Rhine is also left alone. All the while they are under one ruler.
But you can see how this all would lead to me dedicate way too much effort into pacifying/subjugating religions and not everything else. Which is why I am so vonflicted on this.
<Snipped quote by Willy Vereb>

Here's a current lore-accurate map
Thank you very much!
Although probably I am taking the version of Prussia before they gained significant territory in the Rhine and only had a few exclaves. I don't see Prussia keeping those AND being awarded Saxony, IMO. Maybe I am wrong, though.

BTW, anyone can help me drawing up the map? So I have none of thr Hannoverian territories. No Rhine terriyories aside from some dots. Typical Prussian territories otherwise except that Saxony in its entirety belongs to me, even if in a personal union.

Also no Zelleverin until a few years later. Prussia only reborn since 1825 tends to push back a few things.
@Willy Verebwho said I gave you Hannover? Disagree.

That's fine, btw do you find it agreeable that Prussia is restored and given the rest of Saxony but only with the condition that Saxony becomes a separate kingdom and basically a personal union with Prussia (this later is mostly to appease Austria).
@Willy Vereb

It's fine for a start, could probably go into more than religion. I know in personal channels me and a few others have talked about some aspects of Prussian society since the end of the wars.
Religion was one sticking point for Frederick William III. So I wanted to cover it. Also long term said attempt had far reaching consequences. It can be reasonably said that in this timeline there will be no Kulturkampf, or if it still happens it'd be quite different. I know quite a few things happen but as a non-German I am not as familiar with this period even after weeks of sporadic research so I left it there. It took me half a hour to confirm that Prussians do believe in God-given right to rule (granted, I wanted to make extra sure for some OCD reason).

Another problem is that between 1809-1825 the details are a fuzzy mess thanks to Nappy destroying Prussia in this timeline and that there aren't enough details in the OP and the Char section to have me know whatever the hell I can even include. A destroyed Prussia is also a gigantic butterfly effect for, surprise, Prussia so I preferred to gloss over the pre-1825 era.

I did include enough implications about social changes to know more about this Prussia. For example it being mainly protestant and liberal-ish leaning gives it less favor by certain German states so Austria has a bit more of a leeway. OTL, the German Empire united by Prussia was almost set in stone after 1815 and Austria was desperately trying to unfuck their very slim chances (and of course failing). This Prussia, ekhm, Prussia-Saxony is weaker than OTL, has a bit more mixed support and didn't exist when OTL the Frankfurt assembly wanted to crown the Prussian king the emperor of Germans.

I do plan to have other sections than just history in the writeup, hopefully it clarifies things further. For example Prussia didn't get all of Rhine-Westphalia. They have a presence there but mostly their pre-war territories. This will also have an impact on Berlin's development and generally the Prussian industrial power. On the other hand they got all of Saxony but then effectively also lost it (it becoming a separate state under the same king). So yeah, an interesting scenario IMO.

This is my story writeup about my potential claim. What do you think?
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