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@Willy Vereb
What places are you considering?
Unknown. I might be more of an actual company without any strict territorial holdings.
I am thinking about retooling my White Corps faction to fit this NRP.
Alternatively I might do a "Space Hungary" but the faction being more of the successors of a pan-slavic expedition to Alpha Centaury which went through a lot over the centuries and by now think about Hungary as a mythical body or legend than anything strictly with the nationality or culture. It sounds a bit of mess and it is but in the good way. The only pitfall could be if interstellar expeditions were not done until very recently or you wish to not have anyone from outside the Solar System.

BTW, did you think about creating a Discord server to players? This is the newest trend for RPs to supplement the OOC chat and allow more through interaction/planning.
>Stable microscopic black holes

Yeah, you'd need a quite huge black hole to accomplish that, actually. Likely at least a few orders of magnitude heavier than the said planet.

What would a micro black hole do which was magically made stable? It'd keep falling in and out of the planet while likely excavating a relatively small hole in the process. So basically it'd be more like an unstoppable bowling ball which keeps circling in and out of the planet while growing ever so slightly in the process. If light enough it might also stop in the core and stabilize there, basically just adding a tiny mass to the planet. Although it might influence tectonic movements on the long run.

In the end all that the black hole is just mass. Highly concentrated for sure but it still behaves like any other object.

Also realistic micro black holes would be akin to a mini sun if not even more intense, they would be white-hot as they spread radiation leakage everywhere. That's actually how they are supposed to work as energy source. Basically you just replace nuclear reactors with a black hole and you can keep the rest of the apparatus.

@Willy Vereb
Not rock solid, but hard enough that stuff like avoiding detection while in a spaceship shouldn't be considered as anything but a lost cause. No FTL exists, but you could if you wanted to beam copies of your mind or an AI at the speed of light between different locations you have the certification for.

I tend to be case-case with tech, as I know people can be rather creative with Sci-fi technology and generally I look at balance more than realism. So I'm unlikely to allow for instance, Starlifting and kugelblitz black hole generators or Death Stars.
Makes sense. Would artificial gravity be okay, then?

Also the point of Kugelblitz is to generate a tiny black hole so it's dependent on how much power you have.
Also micro black holes aren't behaving like their larger brethren. They are unstable and emit radiate out their energy rapidly so rather than a doomsday scenario where any black hole can consume the planet it's better to think of micro black holes as tiny stars or on the extreme low end as outright explosives.

Without some GM authorized technobabble Kugelblitz would also have lot of issues. First, the amount of energy required for a semi-stable black hole (radiates out its energy under years rather than seconds). Second, you can't move these since we talk about an infinitely tiny point of space holding large amount of mass. You can't just push them with a plate or use propulsion to move a black hole (electromagnets might work for certain types albeit we talk about ridiculous mass). Yet they are effected by gravity thus you should absolutely avoid any large astronomical body and their gravity wells. Basically a realistic Kugelblitz generator would be put on a "stationary" remote plant which absolutely never could maneuver and its purpose would be perhaps to provide cheap energy.

If you allow gravity manipulation tech then maybe Kugelblitz can be a bit more widespread as power source but regardless you shouldn't think of weaponizing them.
How hard sci-fi are we talking about BTW?
Soooo... Expanse the NRP?
This reminds me of Comic Vine roleplays and (before it shut down) Anime Vice. Big shared universe, teams, meeting places, shared roleplaying world, character tiers and so on.
It's good to see this being done elsewhere and while my time is too limited nowadays to engross myself in a huge shared universe the very least more people can experience this through RPGuilds.

As for not letting powerful people ruin the world... this is difficult. Neither AV nor CV really had a hard cap on the powers of characters. Tier systems were made after a few years but nobody was prevented from making characters as powerful as they wanted. So how the hell did we keep this thing intact? One could say we didn't, we always had certain messes and the powerful characters were constantly an issue in terms of fighting balance. Or when you tried to stage a war for the globe while everyone and their sick dog could blow up the planet by accident. So in a sense it was just madness, especially on the AV side. Reboots had to be done a few times. That being said things were stable and usually drama free. Before the invention of tools to keep out unwelcome players or GMs step in when somebody RP-d maliciously or anything similar we had one "weapon", if you can even call that as such: Ignorance. RP-ing is a community and when somebody acts against this or attempts to disrupt it the roleplayers can just isolate that person without much of an effort. Actually, it can be described as a lack of effort. Did X write a post about blowing up New York for no reason?(potentially destroying multiple hero/villain bases as well as killing a number of player characters)
Ignore it. That never happened.
Of course this methodology can be also misused but worked well enough to handle the occasional weirdo who lacked in the roleplaying etiquette. Overusing it was obviously something that should be watched for and be sternly avoided. Since it would also reinforce a negative behavior otherwise frowned upon. So yeah, it kind of worked but not sure if people would wish to resort to this now. As an alternative you can just call the GMs/Mods to check a certain post or posts, give them a reason why you think it's disruptive and then upon their judgement they can just declare that event non-canonical. This could be an RP that got out of hand, a certain action, a post or even just part of the post. It's still good if most power levels are locked away from the playerbase but the very least it gives the GMs a tool that they can push in case of things went out of control.

As for allowing Tier 5s... I think the main reason for this need is perhaps not for the desire to nuke cities or own DBZ-lite characters lording over people. The reason is simply because the way tiers are worded it seems there isn't enough freedom to create a character with supernatural powers. RPGuilds being known for a huge influx of anime based roleplays this could easily be traced to that, I suppose.

  • Your overall character
  • Each item, ability, or other feature to which a power level might apply.


  • 1 (self) – a person; not particularly special; no magic; mundane.

  • 2 (local) – exceptionally talented in a particular area, such as gymnastics, sniping, persuasion, hacking, slight-of-hand, extra-sensory projection, sensing magic or minor cantrips, unusual luck.
    Ex Sp: detect magic, stabilize, ghost noises, prestidigitation.
    Ex Eq: assault rifle, flame thrower, sword and board.

  • 3 (regional) – physically or cognitively augmented; able to cast weak spells, although not reliably; skills pushed beyond the limits of mere talent and practice; noteworthy in their field.
    Ex Sp: phantom image, cure poison, cure light wounds, glitterdust, obscuring mist, levitation, telepathy.
    Ex Eq: missile launcher, attack drone, exoskeleton, x-ray vision.


  • 4 (national) – prominent in their field as someone whose talents defy reason, this is where magic begins to manifest as something beyond mere illusion into something potentially dangerous, mental tasks are almost of a psychic nature, and the expense of technology elevates it beyond the reach of all but a few.
    Ex Sp: fireball, resuscitate, invisibility.
    Ex Eq: light saber, interplanetary shuttle, brain upload/backup.

  • 5 (global) – untouchable by the proletariat, yet still unworthy of worship; few challenge beings of this magnitude. They may have weapons or spells that can level towns and their intrigues shape governments to their will.


  • 6 (planetary) – this being may as well be a god to those lesser than it, such is its might and knowledge, but its influence is limited by time and space to a handful of worlds.
    Ex Sp: true resurrection, meteor shower, tsunami, tornado, matter/energy absorption/manipulation.
    Ex Eq: IPBM (interplanetary ballistic missile), terraforming spaceship, colonization ship, fast-as-light travel.
I should note this in advance that barring a couple of posts I never visited the Arena so my understanding of its tier list is not quite comprehensive. I'm generally far less active in RPGuilds than to possibly claim I can comprehensively judge things going on here. Nor I was really active enough in the community to have thoroughly followed the growth of Expanding Horizons. If I were, I'd have been present months ago. With all this I fully acknowledge my understanding could be quite faulty yet at times you might at least bear to listen to the occasional outsider.
So yeah, bear with me.

What I see here is that we have two ranks of normal, one for the realistic and other for the fictional "badass normal". That's fair, people shouldn't be forced into powering up their characters just to fit the norm for the tier. Things get weird when the third and fourth tiers come up. In theory Tier-3 allows you to use augmented and supernatural abilities but then the description of the fourth tier comes and states any magic which can be no longer explained away just as an illusion is T4. An as the ceiling T5 specifies capability to destroy towns which likely invokes the "walking nuke" trope. So you mixed anything from D&D's magic missile spell to anything sorts of Lina Inverse's Dragonslayer into one tier. That's what I see as an issue. This leads to a dichotomy where one GM thinks T4 is any guy with magic attacks thus if somebody is stronger than the generic conception of that is already T5. This is restrictive to any kind of powered characters sufficiently "interesting". Also blocks the idea of having an influential person with a squad of powered characters as NPCs. The other end is that a GM interprets T4 just as I defined, basically the type mentioned above is T4 but so is a kind of character who'd be way out of the other's league. Think of a guy who can run faster than a speeding jet, is tougher than a tank and can crash the World Trade Center with his strongest attack. IMO this is the kind of powered character who would be called "national level", a kind of threat an entire nation's military might struggle against. I don't think such a character would be unreasonable in Expanded Horizons but well, see my paragraph above.

Before I get into details I wish to tell two things. First, both AV and CV had (the latter might still do have) "tier caps" for specific roleplays. So when you had an event the organizer could determine what character tiers are allowed to participate. Also we had a sorts of OOC most of the time for both meta discussions and for sign-ups. Generally only players who have previously signed up for an event can join. Mid-game sign-ups were usually allowed, though. Second, aside from the above explained "tier gap" the other issue I have is that the tier list singles out specific abilities when these often are just as dependent on the character tier as anything. Say, fireball in D&D is effectively an artillery spell with huge AoE. World of Warcraft? Single target attack spell. Another random fantasy setting may have it as a nuke or a multi-hit ability. Or matter manipulation. There are plenty low tier matter manipulators. Do you think Alchemists like Edward Elric is a planet-wide threat? Also I am pretty sure you meant this in the context of character speeds rather than anything else but "fast-as-light-travel" and "faster-than-light-travel" are vague enough that people could think it means spacecraft. Bye-bye plots involving alien visitors or last survivors of X planet.
As I said the way it's worded is restrictive beyond its probably intended purpose.

Now back to the tier gap or at least what I perceive as such. I know, you made this circa 4 months ago. Changing things now could be quite a mess. Also keep in mind that I am just a random user who just happened to RP a lot. I have no authority and neither intend to have such. I'm merely posting a suggestion which you may or may not consider. You might as well ignore it if you want. I merely thought I could waste a few hours of my life to help you. Nothing more, nothing less. So, I perceive a sorts of mess with T3-5 here. How to solve that? Of course by introducing new tiers. The way I see it most of the "interesting" characters are currently sitting at a mandatory Tier 4. Which is a mess,IMO. I wish to spread this to several tiers to reflect the difference. At the same time I wouldn't wish to force dozens of people to rewrite their tier lists. So yeah, it isn't easy. I go back to the usual feature of half tiers to solve that.

Tier 3 - As explained. Augmented, barely powered characters.
Tier 3.5 - Beginning of the "interesting" (read, supernaturally powered anime character-like) tiers.
Tier 4 - As described, living artillery, tank or similar (basically their capabilities can be roughly equated to a combat vehicle)
Tier 5 - Low-tier flying brick which has the combination of say a jet fighter, a tank and a bomber. Alternatively excelling in one category. Say, TV Flash from Season 1 barring the more high end feats or a walking brick of a character who can shrug off anti-tank weapons with ease.

Tier 6 - Higher tier, an intermediate between a T5 and the walking nuke level which will be T7. This is likely not allowed by player haracters.
Tier 7 - Previously was T5 but now made more definite.
T8 and onwards - follows from T6. Technically you could split those tiers up, too. But for what purpose? Only GM characters are allowed to be like these and they are so beyond the PCs the difference doesn't matter in general.

This is the relatively simple suggestion I have. I know it's vague as hell but I'm short on time so this is the most I can provide for now. If you are even vaguely interested I'll be glad to share more details once my time allows it. And yes, it ironically results in "allowing Tier 5" but only because the scope of T4 got expanded. With just the addition of those two tiers I think you can handle most variety issues and also help hosts to determine the "power level" of player characters more correctly.
Again, I am assuredly talking from a limited experience with Expanded Horizons so I mostly used a quick research and my pool of experience in other roleplaying communities. Hope this would be of a bit of assistance to you.
If not... well, I wasted 2 hours of my life on worse things.

IR1211 (5 years ago)
1st Imperial Morte Expeditionary Fleet
Approaching the Blume System

The Morteans survived a sector-wide disaster, weathered multiple wars yet what brought down their centuries long isolation was ironically peace and prosperity. It was a simple matter of overpopulation, a crisis Morteans could have never imagined to happen. Yet here they are, with their farms and habitation facilities steadily reaching their limits. Thinking back the Morte Empire could've avoided this with birth control. Yet for death world inhabitants like the Morteans the idea of limiting procreation was nearly unthinkable. Indeed, even if they were no longer target of either neighboring Xenos clan's invasion anymore the threat could be renewed in any moment. Intentionally weakening themselves was simply not an option. So with the new generation the Morte Empire had no choice but to expand. Yet with so many enemies, and even more mouths to feed, finding a suitable planet was no easy task. It took scientists and astronomers over 4 Mortean Cycles to discover a distant planet almost 20 light-cycles away. They dubbed the system Blume, reflecting their hopes in its future growth. The planet in question was the fourth in the Blume system, temporarily named Blume Vier.

As such the 1st Expeditionary Fleet had taken form. Given what the Morteans had experienced in the past they knew that space isn't a terribly welcoming place. The importance of this mission was vital and the Morte Empire spared nothing to ensure the safety of its first colonists towards Blume Vier. The 1st Expeditionary Fleet had no less than 128 warships forming its backbone. They were supported by 455 escort ships providing screen and fire support. The fleet closely guarded a huge caravan of civilian vessels, ferrying not just the fleet's supplies but also resources, tools and machines essential for colonizing Blume Vier. On the other hand millions of colonists were kept on dozens of Assault Transports, kept in the same landing pods Morte deployed their troops. Thanks to the wonders of stasis technology they have yet to experience any discomfort.They were supposed to be the first wave of Morteans to set foot on their would be new planet. Meanwhile the fleet's duty was to make sure their territory is secure.

The commander of this new fleet was the famous Kampführer Alexander von Sterbstahl. Veteran of no less than 3 wars, it was no exaggeration to say he had more experience than the rest of the fleet combined. Aged 180, he lived far longer than the average Mortean. This feat is partially thanks to the skill of Reichswehrmacht's medicine and cybernetics departments. The accumulating battle injuries forced him to gradually exchange his organic parts with machinery, latest checkup said Sterbstahl is nearly 70% cyborg. In anything but the name Sterbstahl was a living ghost, only exist to haunt his enemies for his remainder years. This man now commanded the 1st Imperial Morte Expeditionary Fleet, the key of the Reich's future. Rest assured, the irony was not lost on the elderly Kampführer.

"Reaching the system's perimeter, switching to low-warp navigation now." Noted Oberleutnant Herbert Braun, navigation officer of the 1st Imperial Morte Expeditionary Fleet's flagship, the Sieglinde. It was fresh and the first in the line of the Morte's new Sieglinde-class Dreadnoughts. In spite of its size the ship was capable of matching or even surpassing the warp speed of the fastest Frigate and have power to defeat dozens of them in a single fight. It was a design and technological marvel but, as expected, with comparably high price. After a few seconds the entire fleet switched down to low-warp, allowing ships to maneuver and engage in case of combat. According to estimations it'd take 41 minutes to reach their destination. They were at full readiness, expecting to react quickly to any sudden threat.

"Sir, I'm picking up multiple hyper-pings, it's an unknown fleet!" Sensory chief Gerald Henlein said. It hasn't been even 5 minutes and they've already spotted a xenos fleet. Normally this would've called for immediate battlestations but the Kampführer reigned over his instincts (or the cogitator in his upper left brainstem did) and issued different orders. "Hail them! Our first priority is to establish a colony on Blume Vier. Let's not multiply our problems." The elderly war veteran made this surprisingly diplomatic decision. "Aye sir, hailing them in all known languages." Leonore Kranke the communications officer aboard the Sieglinde said. The Morte Empire made contact with four xeno species prior, none of them were friendly. Yet overcoming these statistics Kamführer Sterbstahl attempted to negotiate with the fifth. Besides with a fleet of this size any attempt at ambush was already impossible. Talk was cheap and if it achieves something then all the better. Unfortunately the Morte Empire didn't know the Galaxy's interstellar language, neither the IUC's.
As such on the other end the IUC fleet only heard the following:

"Grüße, ist dies der erste Expeditionsflotte der Morte Reich! Wir haben es mit Ruhe kommen und die vierte Planet auf diesem System zu erreichen." (Greetings, this is the 1st Expeditionary Fleet of the Morte Empire! We're coming with peace and to claim the fourth planet on this system.)

Overcoming the language barrier was the first and perhaps the greatest huddle.
Oh right, so I was supposed to introduce what the Far East is like. Basically it got re-imagined into a sorts of "alien landscape", the part of the world yet untouched by Justinian's purges and where numerous races that otherwise would be long extinct thrive. This mostly concerns the two main Yuwanist faction, Lamash and Yllendthyr. Albeit some elements might spread to other nations in the East. This can include weird landscapes, objects flora and of course fauna. Even intelligent species.

Things are weird in the Yuwanist Far East. That being said everything you see there is completely natural. Yuwan won't spend her energy just to make things look unique nor reality is messed up over there. Just different. See dragons as a good example, they can fly and breathe fire without using magic. Same way landscape and creatures in the Far East just have natural abilities to allow this. Floating rocks, for example. They are unique volcanic rocks filled with a certain gas and translucent but tough mushroom species bind them in place. Bullshit? Absolutely! Magical? Absolutely not!

Welcome to the Far East, the reservation of ancient and weird creations of deities long forgotten!

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