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Nation Name/Flag: The Kingdom of the Periphery

Map Location:https://imgbb.com/T4dtmfM

Government Type: Monarchy, the Periphery is ran by the Grand Merchant King Adolphus Seigfurt and is run by the Seigfurian bloodline and works in conjunction with the Council of Elders, a body of law proposers made up of the top 6 richest men in all of the Periphery. Due to it being in a region full of brigands it was decided upon to make it a hub for where instead of choosing a life of crime those brigands can come live for free and work for the government as contracted explorers, mercenaries, or just traders. Because of this, the Periphery gained money through the spoils gained through the Mercs and Royal Navy and the Traders bringing in their own money as we.l

Demographics: The Periphery is home to those who were refugees from the Great War, as such millions of humans and xeno’s would come to intermingle and come to coexist in this society following the principles of the Aora faith which believes in two cosmic beings Aora and Dalios, Aora being goddess of light and Dalios being god of darkness.

Military: The main military force in the Kingdom of the Periphery is the Grand Royal Navy which is ran by Admiral Xal’qu Amath, a Human raised by Xeno’s, the Grand Royal Navy has around 1 million active people and has 3 million in reserves. They have fairly outdated gear and ships making them a somewhat outdated army compared to those of the Center of the system.

History: Grand Merchant King Adolphus Seigfurt, the son of a refugee trader who fled his planet 50 years after some planets near the periphery fell under siege by some decent warlord, the siege ended in the system being torched and billions being forced to find another home make home in a system held by not so terrible pirates, upon this the refugees began to inhabit the planets ans begun to thrive with the pirates. Until one day Laurence Siegfurt, a refugee began to make his way up the ranks within a local pirate group known as the Golden Scarab and took reigns after the former leader Engil Zarak died in a gun fight in Tobin X. Seeing the state of lawlessness his home was now slowly and sorely becoming decided to take his band of merry men and begun recruiting people who would be willing to do trade missions in risky systems and would participate in pirate wars, within 5 years he sized control of the planet of Loha now named Laurentia, named after Laurence. After Loha came Tobin then Hasha, it was here after these conquests, that the Council of the Periphery then held a vote on who would be their next Chief, but at this point and time the Periphery was not yet a Monarchy and was ruled by a council made up of 10 of the most richest men in the 3 systems. Here then they decided that due to his merits and his leadership skills that his title of Chief of the United Periphery Systems would be changed to King of the United Periphery Systems and the councilmen would be relocated to the capital planet of Laurentia and the Council of the Periphery would be renamed to the Council of Elders. 10 years after the foundation of the nation of The Periphery, after 7ish years of peace, the kingdom would face a threat, after a warlord from the southern regions of the Periphery would reach Hasha and begin besieging the planet of Kaith the barbarian warlord would then raze the southern half of the planet and take over some smaller dwarf planets. This whole event and the whole conquering of some neighboring systems prompted the government to convene the Council of Elders. Of which 9/10 decided to tell the king that it would be a wise choice that they meet the attackers with the utmost urgency. And 3 years after the besieging the true battle would begin. The Royal Navy sent out a detachment of men out towards Hasha system, to counter the warlords forces. Of which they were rapidly eliminated and pushed out of the and in conjunction with some smaller power pushed them out and captured their leader Alfrom Lorside and sentenced him to death by tossing into space for his crimes committed in the Periphery.After 30 years of conquest, a miracle occurred when Laurence was 60 and heir was now in line to take reins of his newly formed kingdom, which he gave the name of the Kingdom of the Periphery named after the region in which they settled. A government became a thing and the whole nation of the Periphery became a more civilized place with now the pirates, the most veterans of them joined the Royal Navy and the new ones joined the Privateer Task Company and the Trade Union. After the death of Laurence at the age of 89, and now his son after 4 years of his death, King Adolphus at the age of 32 is monarch of the kingdom. Now a new growing threat looms in the farthest regions of the Periphery, word of a great pirate king has made way to the smaller barbarian worlds, a king who has managed to conquer at least 10 systems and has razed and destroyed anything that got in his way.


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