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Current Reject anime, embrace the depressively suicidal literary tradition of post-war, mid-century Japan
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Netflix really do be like, "aw shit we weren't made for an economy with 1% interest rates shit"
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Give me enough Kenyans or Filipinos and I too can write for you an AI generated article for Wired
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"Basmala senior, you must excuse this rather odd mixture of styles but I refuse to go entirely Mohamadeen"
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The aesthetic of medieval Spain can be aptly described as "The Cheesecake Factory of Europe"


Harry Potter is not a world view, read another book or I will piss on the moon with my super laser piss.

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I will also say if you want to RP Diplomacy, then just set up an actual group to play Diplomacy. All the mechanics for the game are there in it, and there's not really anything special you can add by doing a forum RP based specifically on Diplomacy. If you want to do a period RP set in the world of the 1900's then fine: just do that. Don't conditionally add to it things that would be better served by just going to PlayDiplomacy.
Man what a bad map. There's no Ireland for the Easter Rising and there's no Algeria, the integral French department of North Africa smh smh
<Snipped quote by Dinh AaronMk>

I see, so a Sufi-led rebellion might be viable in Egypt, then. Perfect?

I think they would just move to Libya.
@Letter Bee

To expand the government of Muhammad Ali IRL and in GoN assumed the role of if not all, then most of the social functions of normal Islamic institutions as a means by which to dismember the power of institutional rivals to the Muhammad Ali family. So, "They don't like Egypt" sort of involves a range of feeling from distrust to existential horror at Egypt since it implies that if they are to become subjects to Egypt, their monastic orders would most likely be destroyed, and the fact that - at least in the Western Sufi tradition - entirely dismantle the tribal relationships of the Berber tribes of North Africa. You may have maybe one or two individuals that admire Egypt for its reforms, but those are outliers.
Edit 2: What were Muhammad Ali Pasha's relations with the major Sufi orders?

They didn't like him.
dam smh who gonna be decemberists

Big props chief, best of luck.
Sorry for the delay in posting; just hit writer's block.

Take your time to figure things out. My computer decided it would become difficult and I have to figure out what's wrong with us and a few others have personal stuff going on
Always be researching

My latest RP project, though alternate history is probably one of the tightest - I guess - Alt History subjects in which compared to other topics the change is one of the slightest and the time elapsed between that change and the start of the RP itself is pretty short. So to keep myself on track, and to moderate other's I've been doing a lot of research on everything from cultural trends of 1830's France to "what the fuck was happening in Libya during this time"
Compelled mostly to always be researching, I have come across some material that is relevant to you @Letter Bee and how you might be perceiving Egypt.

Legacy Of The Development Policy of Muhammad Ali

tl;dr - Muhammad Ali's centralization policies had a dire effect on the Egyptian economy. While it aided in the industrialization of the Egyptian economy it was predominately centered on a mono-culture of cotton only which devastated agriculture on the long term, as well as provided the basis for an unstable development cycle where the state rose and fell depending on the global market. Egypt did well when the cotton economy was at a high and supplies elsewhere were generally low, and The State could charge European merchants higher prices according to the whims of market forces; but did not bring in that much money.

Likewise as I have told you before; all lands in Egyptian being owned by The State and Muhammad Ali by decree, as well as the rates to tax collection and Islamic charity to weaken the base of his opposition made everyone in effect an employee of the state. Where as before the Egyptian peasant merely paid tax to a local noble at a certain rate of agricultural produce per season, he now owed substantially more of it to the central state because Muhammad Ali's tax policy also meant many communities paid ten to a hundred times more in taxes than before. He also demanding mass corvee levies on the regular of his people meant that a lot of work in the field went missing to go work on a canal project somewhere which regularly killed thousands, if not tens of thousands. As the article goes on, this proved to be even worse for the development of the peasants as a monied class because even the forced break up of the state monopoly meant that all those functions just went to a few hands within the Muhammad Ali expanded dynasty, and also a mass of displaced peasants that ran away or mangled themselves to avoid any conscription what's so ever.

Combined of course in this RP of there being a much wider Egypt, and cotton prices probably being at a low because there's no real major crisis affecting the market means in all likelihood the Egyptian state should not be doing good. And I say this in urging of you to consider sparking off some rebellions for the long term. Combined with the impulse of the Mercantilist State to always be expanding to seek out new places from which to extract more wealth for use by the state. But the use of that wealth for development will be of course hindered, because it needs to maintain an army in a state of permanent mobilization to police its extensive frontiers and wastelands. There will be no end in sight either, no doubt; because Muhammad and Ibrahim were both very invested in this state and even accelerated under Ibrahim.

Which is to say: there must be war with the Arabs and there must be war with the Libyans for tithes must be paid in wealth or slaves and there must be revolt in Egypt. These are my missions to you, and they must be developed and launched.
@Dinh AaronMkI love that.
Simply a dot can help allot and maybe if needed a grid on toposcopic terrain where one can have [x,y]
Maybe I can along with mile lines examples there can be sample ones for general movement based on player type where one could use a ruler too

I wouldn't get that titled since doing x,y stuff and drawing straight lines for trajectory is some like, early naval combat and radar stuff. But using a map you can either make a point on your position and draw some healthy assumptions from post details and like, how fast a person moves while walking and how much time should have elapsed between posts, give or take. You shouldn't have to ever give specific metrics unless the whole point of the post is you're doing Highfleet the Roleplay.

(And even then in a "lost in the wilderness" situation people are probably moving slower than they normally would even because they may be bushwhacking)

But as general use then maybe x,y is useful for OOC chatter and it's mostly left out of IC posting because it would be purely dead weight on narrative flow.
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