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"Deconstruction is when you spell things wrong. The wrongerer it is spelled the more deconstructer it it." -Jacques Derrida.
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We got the guillotine, you better run.
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Five million ways to kill a C.E.O.
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^ What this thread has failed to achieve


Right, so only three? We gonna get any more takers here?
@Willy Vereb

It would be sensible to say that there are ancient guns. BUT, it's not the thing I want to go for. In the end, I'll have to maintain my position.
@Willy Vereb

I'm under the impression that you think there'd be guns as handovers from the world before the deluge? Am I right or wrong? I think this is where we're both being tied up at.
@Willy Vereb

I don't want to sound like I'm saying you can't have primitive hand guns, but I am worried about the way you're suggesting why you have them. What I'd like more is less, "my people dug them out of some ruins or whatever and maintain them" and more, "my people interact with the wider world through trade and acquire them". The later would establish them in my mind as less like ocean Mongols off in some far corner criss-crossing and island or through a series of islands where their capability to arm themselves depends on not just how rich in food the area is but also how they might acquire the materials and keep up a manufacturing environment to manufacture and produce the parts in isolation. It wasn't until the invasion of China that the Mongols even learned of and acquired siege engines, let alone gunpowder for rockets and the like.
@Willy Vereb

If they're a nomadic peoples I'd doubt they be able to pick up their own handguns. They'd probably be buying them from other people using raid loot, or stealing them. But by the measures of the period as well early hand canons may not be the most effective an option, though I'm also probably thinking of mounted combat terms. You can't really use this on a horse:

@Willy Vereb

If what you mean by hundguns preserved by primitive means as guns from before the deluge, then I'd have to say no.
Are we limited to only humans as our dominant species?

Keeping it limited to human here today, basically. For fantasy's sake I may permit a cameo of one or two elves as free agents from regions outside of the current narrative area, elves and shit. Dwarves may as well be a minority if we apply the Tolkein logic of them living in underground cities, in which case they either drowned early or somehow managed to seal themselves off and are forever lost. Either way, less a political factor than adventuring elves or the like.

What tech level of medieval we should think about? How would magic and fantastic elements factor into this?

Late middle ages. About 15th century equivalence.

How would magic and fantastic elements factor into this?

I'd rather not literally involve magic. I'll permit it in a sort of esoteric, mysticism sort of way though. No magic missile or enchantments really. But a veneer of magic can be applied.

They say the rains that flooded the world began four centuries ago. By the accounts of some scholars it was five. It was a deluge that began not without our knowing, having wrought it upon ourselves by our own making. It was atonement for the sins of humanity, whose vast and glorious empires dominated the world. The glittering lances of our knights and champions were hoisted defiantly against all those who would challenge their nobility. All had succumbed to their pride, lent their hearts over to their emperors and their Worldly Gods. And that when the great world spirits saw what had become of mankind they sought to punish humanity and sent great beasts.

But these monsters were not seen as a collective punishment, not by man. No, the lands they dragged their tails through and the villages they scorched was not a mere punishment. But a challenge. The billowing earth-shattering calls the great serpents issued were not a warning to the proud of heart and the vile of intention but a challenge. The self obsessed grandees took to them like the horns of war and the tourney. For over a century valiant souls set forth and one by one slew the beasts in combat and through treachery until man claimed ultimate victory and the divine beasts were laid upon the earth and their bodies salted the soil as they boiled in necrosis.

But the gods, stricken and taken aback saw what man had become, beyond their control and their capacity to rule through their divine providence. In their wisdom they felt shame. In their humility they felt sorrow. For their creations, small to terrible they wept for the sinful curse that had fallen man and their tears fell upon the world in a torrential rain. A rain which did not relent and as it poured across all four corners it began to sweep aside civilization in a flood. At once the men who had proclaimed themselves gods were without realms. The Emperors watched as they fled as their territories were broken and washed into the growing great sea at each fall of the raindrop. Mankind was sent into retreat and crowding onto shrinking high grounds they fought to escape the tide, entire people's forced into one another in a retreat of tragic poetry. The terminal sounds of war clang out under thundering storm clouds as a century of battle as kings lead their retinues to war against one another, always seeking to stay one step ahead of the other. The boots and hooves of men and horses turned the ground and weakened it until it too was washed away into the great rivers and made them greater. The gentle slide of marble palaces and granite castles crumbled away into broiling froth.

As the waters rose mankind scrambled upon its rocks, where sitting perched as the sirens they rose their heads to sing their invective rage against the great gale. With no more man to fight, and the rains washing away the civilization of man the barbarity of the gluttony and pride they had so carried revealed themselves to be barbarism and there was naught but anger. But as the rains continued, the rage turned to remorse as greatness faded to memory, then into misery as the sirens of man became husks in their meager existence. Finally the rains ended as the misery of man became its own storm, and the gods ceased crying. As the rains ended, and the sky opened for the sun to emerge the world slowly normalized.

Though the land as it once was would never return, as the gods had released such a storm of sadness, man could again repopulate it. Coming down from their rocks they dispersed through swamps that dried to forests, and were cleared for farms, and in the centuries after kingdoms returned. Man, tempered rebuilt and saw themselves across wide channels and ocean rivers. All had not perished, and all still holds promise for further songs.

This was their new world. A world for thalassocrats.

Oh hey shid, Aaron's looking to make an RP again. And... he's not taking over someone else's when the GM mysteriously disappears? Strange!

Anyhow, how about islands? Welcome to Our Children of the Thassalocracy, an RP set after a medieval fantasy apocalypse forces man kind to live on islands. The apocalyptic event, having happened centuries ago has passed into myth in its own right and has washed with it the magical empires that once dominated the world. Mankind had to see itself adapt to its now new island-strapped life-style, at least in this region of their world. And we pick up well after, while history has been washed out with the tides or buried under mud and surf the new kingdoms are now capable of reaching out their hands to begin again with their ambitions in the land that the gods cried on.

As is habit for me, I want this RP focused primarily on the narrative aspect. I don't observe statistics and numbers since I want good interwoven stories and I don't want to do any paper work. I work enough as it is. That said, the map is made and I've marked the area I want to hold in reserve. You are invited to do the same, but I'm holding off on issuing my app. But if you know me at all, you also know what the app format generally is so can probably get to hashing stuff out. That said:

I'm open to making additions to or edits to the map and such with some feedback.
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