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18 May 2017 23:18
Current tfw I have traded bats for wasps. I would rather bats. Got a jar with a wasp I just caught, he was hiding on my computer mouse
13 May 2017 23:57
"Yo, tack day bro. Five sets of tires bro. Track day, bro. Left foot breaking bro. Track day, bro. Let's kiss."
11 May 2017 0:33
That feel when you realize it's that time of week where at work we gotta deal with some twelve pallets of paint before going off to our regular duties and you don't look forward to it, tired as fuck.
10 May 2017 22:56
"To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency; to pardon them is barbarity." -Robespierre
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6 May 2017 23:50


>You venture onto my profile
>You read this

>You will never a Green Hornet

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If I could go back in time, retaining everything I know now: then sure. I would be an economic oracle when it comes to the financial crisis and I could actually do good in school, not take speech classes, and probably skip out on all that stuff they put me through because of my ADHD diagnoses back in the day.

I'd be the nineties again and I would be guiding my parents through the dotcom boom and we'd be golden.
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Replace a word in the post above yours with 'George Soros'.
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0/10 not Cold Steel the Edgeog
"How long have you been 'involved' in politics?"

Since the years of George W. Bush, even if then I was way too young to do anything.

And if arguable: dimly aware of the fact a president existed when Bill Clinton was president. But at that point I was more interested in stomping about the creek and catching snakes in the woods when not playing Age of Empires 2 to actually pay one iota of attention to anything.

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<Snipped quote by Dinh AaronMk>

We've already got groups LARPing like Boston Tea-Partiers and fuckin' Nazis, might as well go full-out.

The Revolution will be a costume party.

It will begin at ComicCon and spill out into the streets.
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<Snipped quote by Dinh AaronMk>

No general interest?

Actually, now I think of it, our local Ren Faire always has a few dudes who dress up as 18th European dandies with makeup act as French Ambassadors to the King's court.

I'm sure in this world of AntiFa vs Whoever we can revive interest in the San-Culottes and Muscadins.
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<Snipped quote by Dinh AaronMk>

Because in the 16th century European-American history was pretty bleak. By the 18th century we have stuff to do, so we don't need to borrow from Europe anymore.

But we're America

A country of appropriate

We got pizzer
In We have Renn Faires... 19 May 2017 23:42 Forum: Spam Forum
<Snipped quote by Dinh AaronMk>

Living history exhibits in the United States. We gots them. Also, the camps that spring up around Civil War reenactments. I think the East coast does more 18th century stuff for obvious reasons.

Now, that is shit relevant to the US, obviously we don't get too many coffeehouses or Prussians or wars of succession. It's Europe's job to do the European stuff.

tfw we have Renn Faires en masse and rip off European history for the purpose of commercially enriching the American experience that is flat bread.

Yet you're proposing we can't continue to appropriate European history and pretend it's not American. :c
In We have Renn Faires... 19 May 2017 23:23 Forum: Spam Forum
Where are our 18th century Enlightenment Faires?

Including such activities as:
Picking between San-Culottes and Muscadins and initiating in team-based mob warfare with foam clubs.
Going to the coffeehouse and sipping coffee while debating the latest and greatest in scientific achievement.
Constitution drafting
Initiating fifty wars at once over succession
Fancy dress parties
Bicorns and tricorns

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