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3 days ago
Current When the furries are gone
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9 days ago
Haha yes I'm going to vote for the party whose wizards' only protest is to sing Amazing Grace in the House and then not do anything
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9 days ago
Wow I'm so glad democracy means being ruled by councils of aged wizards
12 days ago
NFTs looking at in-game currency/in-game purchases like: "Hold my beer"
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12 days ago
They use all three at the same time. And one is to just drop whole-sale a Western/Latinized word mid-sentence.


Harry Potter is not a world view, read another book or I will piss on the moon with my super laser piss.

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Dark Cloud 5 mos ago
I still appreciate the sentiment.
Dark Cloud 6 mos ago
Donkey Kong December
Mistiel 3 yrs ago
Jurassic Weeb 4 yrs ago
What do you get when you cross an Unggoy and a Kig-Yar? Your mother!

Now, have some cookies, courtesy of Anna.

Jurassic Weeb 4 yrs ago
Вы знаете путь?
wisteria 5 yrs ago
I just love your avatar plain and simple and I had to tell you
Clockwork giant 6 yrs ago
Hello, I'm working on an rp set in a 1930's Chicago-esk city. I was told you could help me get a map for it. Can you?

Here's the rp- roleplayerguild.com/topics/154241-1930..
Moth 6 yrs ago
where da OOCs at
Dinh AaronMk 6 yrs ago
CaptnCaptn 6 yrs ago
Howdy, Ah'm Applejack Bloom!
Blizz 7 yrs ago
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