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Current As an employee of Home Depot I can confirm we have done nothing about COVID-19 and we are already pretending nothing happened. So if you get sick: probably from a Home Depot.
3 days ago
Ya'll gotta sleep in the beds ya'll make. This is only right. This is pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.
5 days ago
A gale storms from paradise, lifting the angel of history into the air. Its wings are locked open by the tempest, it can not turn to face forward. It can only see behind itself at history's wreckage.
9 days ago
Organic Centralism now!
9 days ago
To the cartoon overlords of The Guild cdn.discordapp.com/attachme…
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Harry Potter is not a world view, read another book or I will piss on the moon with my super laser piss.

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What do you get when you cross an Unggoy and a Kig-Yar? Your mother!

Now, have some cookies, courtesy of Anna.

Jurassic Weeb 2 yrs ago
Вы знаете путь?
vaguely 3 yrs ago
I just love your avatar plain and simple and I had to tell you
Clockwork giant 4 yrs ago
Hello, I'm working on an rp set in a 1930's Chicago-esk city. I was told you could help me get a map for it. Can you?

Here's the rp- roleplayerguild.com/topics/154241-1930..
Moth 4 yrs ago
where da OOCs at
Dinh AaronMk 4 yrs ago
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Howdy, Ah'm Applejack Bloom!
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