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In Pkmn Tri 3 yrs ago Forum: Test Forum
𝑷𝒐𝒌𝒆𝒎𝒐𝒏 𝑻𝒓𝒊

You three are all trainers looking for a new start in a new region. Cue adventure, mystery, and pokemon.
Things work a little differently here in the Marvolo region. Lush streams of infinity energy swirl about, mysterious ruins float in the skies, and legends from other lands roam about. But there's also wicked people, corruption, and amidst it all-a great calamity coming. Your trio is thrown into the middle of it all. And only you three can stop it. On this journey you'll go through ups and downs, thick and thin, bad and good. And you'll come out stronger because of it.

This is your story.

This is going to be a relaxed and casual pokemon rp for 3 players. It'll be about three characters traveling the region together and going on adventures. Posting speed is going to be once every 10 days.

Hello everyone! Long time no talk. I apologize for bearing bad news, but things have been super busy and I can't really dedicate time to this RP anymore. I do really appreciate your patience and sticking with me. This RP was a lot of fun for me and hope it was for you too. I've definitely learned a lot from this experience, and in the future I hope to run a better game! Thanks and peace
All good. Still dealing with some family things, but I am hoping to roll out a post by the end of June :)
@Crimson Flame very much alive! I actually am planning on posting a plot moving post sometime in mid to late June because I had a ton of family stuff come up all at once. Thanks for posting! Looking forward to geting back into this soon :)
@LuckyBlackCat what do you think? I don't think it's completely outside the realm of possibility but I'm not sure if other electric pokemon be able to do this too. Pikachu or elekid for example. And If other electric pokemon were not able to do this, then why would a Magnemite be able to? I know a chinchou or lanturn would but that's because they have light specifically built in to their anatomy.

I'm leaning towards no, but I'm not sure. Would like to know your thoughts!
and there's a post. let me know if you have any questions~
The trials continued...


The Minccino saw as Troy began to help clean up the garden. It was quite moved by the display. And the human did such a good job cleaning too, with one human paw nonetheless! Minccino was impressed. This human truly seemed to care… And perhaps that was why the Minccino—after swatting away the pokeball that Troy had thrown—did not run away. Instead, they ran a circle around Troy and then went to the green clearing area. The Minccino mewled and jumped up and down, then crouched down, fur bristling. The Pokemon was challenging Troy to an official fight it seemed, as they wanted to see if this trainer truly was worth joining… Assuming Troy took the challenge, the Minccino would allow him the first move.


As the three of them ventured to where Sobble had been lost, they began to search. When Netty commanded Mellona to use Sweet Scent, a flowery and sweet fragrance blossomed in the air. Still there was no sign of a Sobble to be found.

Bennett hiccuped. “I think he’s too scared to come out… I just don’t know what’s scaring him though. It was a loud sound, then he saw something, turned invisible and ran away!” He nodded at Zaria’s question. “Socho likes sour things… His favorite is Pinap berries but he likes Aspear berries too…”

They ventured further into the rooms and the different hallways that branched off from what they would realize was the East Study Wing of the castle. As they explored this wing, they’d realize that many of these rooms were undergoing redecoration and repairs. Students were still allowed to be here as long as they were quiet and well behaved, since the wing hadn’t been completely closed off. Anyway, with all of them split up, it was Mellona who would be the first to find some wet little footprints and the distinct smell of onions that made her numerous pair of eyes blurry. If they came to where she was, they’d venture into an older classroom that looked like it had been unused for quite some time.

The room itself was a large classroom with plenty of space for a close quarters Pokemon battle to take place. The lights were flickering some, the few desks around here had been pushed to the far end of the room, and there were some soft, dusty Pokemon toys lying about. Small wet footprints led to a cramped cranny behind a bookcase where Socho was clearly hiding.

“Socho! We’re here! Why won’t you come out?” Bennett sniffled. “Please come out. I’m here, it’s okay. Just come back.” But Sobble did not appear. If Zaria did use her berry to try to draw out the Sobble, that would not seem to work either. “I don’t understand why he isn’t coming out… I did scold him earlier but… Socho, are you upset about that? Is that why you haven’t come out?”

That was when the lights flickered and then went off completely. Suddenly they were all bombarded with the soft toys on the ground. It didn’t hurt, but it was certainly bizarre. When the lights came back on, they would also notice something else (if Zaria had used a berry to draw out Socho earlier). The berry she had placed would be gone.

“What’s going on? Socho please stop!” Bennett pleaded. “Just come home with me! There’s no reason to act like this!”

The light went out once more. Now it was completely dark. Socho had certainly chosen a good place to hide. Now what?

@Crimson Flame@zeroSH

The potion managed to alleviate some of the pain, though it certainly wasn’t enough to stabilize the Pidove. Asa and Tim, not knowing how to handle the emergency situation, made their way to the Pokemon center. It was a 15 minute walk from the dorms. The late afternoon sun hung in the sky and a gentle breeze whipped about. It would have been pleasant to bask in, had the situation not been so urgent.

As the two boys burst into the Pokemon center, they were able to get a nurse’s attention.

“Oh my!” The nurse, whose name tag read ‘Rosemary’ exclaimed. It didn’t take long for her to assess the condition of the Pidove. “Broken wing, fever, covered in lacerations, and very young to boot. Where did you find this little one?” Hearing their answer Rosemary nodded. “I see… No doubt it must have gotten attacked. Well you boys came to the right place. Incidentally…” She looked at Asa and Tim. “What are your names? And what track are you boys following at this school?” She nodded once more at their replies. “Asa and Tim. Medical and breeder track… Well, thank you for bringing attention to this Pokemon. Believe it or not, not every trainer cares for wild, injured Pokemon.”

The Pidove cooed feebly and turned her neck towards Asa and Tim, as if frightened of this strange new human and the surroundings. “This Pokemon is already attached to you two. You did a good job of making this Pidove feel cared for. Hmm… I’ll be right back. Just wait a few minutes.”

They didn’t have to wait long. Rosemary came back with another nurse, whose name tag read Joanna. “I know it’s just the first day, but plenty of breeder and medical trainers take up study here. Asa, why don’t you come with me to the Emergency Ward? I think you’d find there’s quite a bit for you to learn."

Joanna piped up. "That's right, and you're Tim, correct? Well there’s an Egg Ward here as well. Trainers on the breeding track learn about the care of special case Pokemon eggs here, or pokemon eggs that are medically abnormal in some way. It's similar to the Daycare, where you'll be spending more time, but here you'll specifically learn about catching certain conditions early so you understand how to deal with them.” Joanna then paused and gave them a gentle, comforting smile. ”If you’re worried about the Pidove, I completely understand. We’re still waiting for more updates. I know you may be worried, but try not to be. We have some of the best equipment and professionals here in the region.”

They had impressed some faculty with their ability to care for and comfort Pokemon. Getting initiated into some tasks may have seemed intimidating, and the sick Pidove may have loomed in their minds, but it was also a good opportunity for them to learn. Would they accept? If they declined there would be no penalty, of course. It was up to either of them.

@Ryik it's okay that you controlled the Minccino, though my post may change some of the things you wrote about in regards to the Minccino.

@LuckyBlackCat Nicely posted!

@jujube go ahead and get a post in if you can. I'd like to post after everyone. if you're not able to get a post in before friday, no worries. The scene can carry on and we'll assume Zaria agreed to help as well.
@Crimson Flame@zeroSH nicely posted, i aim to have a reply by friday!

edit: also, zero, your Happiny is allowed to have all of the egg moves in addition to their level up moveset. so go ahead and add egg moves to the move list!

@jujube so, a lot of times i use pokedex entries to try to create scenarios or problems to solve. (as long as those entries make sense... the whole macargo being as hot as the sun is something i wouldn't take too literally, for example).

I'm also kind of winging this as I go lol honestly i don't really have a good way of giving a hint. i'd say you can just try different ways of looking for sobble or attracting it. like maybe it has a favorite food/ berry. just have fun with it, honestly. you don't have to worry too much about it, as i will help guide the scene. :)
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