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I apologize for the long wait! Hope the post is sufficient. Interested in continuing as well.

Nurses came and talked to them, updating them on the Pidove's condition. Though Asa had long learned not to get attached to patients and subjects. Of course he hoped the pokemon would be okay but in his heart, he had already accepted the worst possible outcome. To be a medical professional you had to prepare for the worst case scenario, after all.

In other words, the Pidove's fate is out of their hands and there's no point in worrying. Seeing the set up of the hospital and what he can glean for his future studies sounds interesting and productive, so he agrees to go with the Nurse. Their first stop is seeing the Pidove as some pokemon doctors are setting the wing. He tries to pay as much attention as possible. If he can glean something... maybe the next hurt pokemon he sees, perhaps he can set their broken bone. Although it's definitely a stretch and he knows it, that doesn't stop him from trying. The Pidove still looks fragile but the doctor's look capable and Asa is left feeling a little more assured.

They move on to another operating room where the nurse explains that the pokemon in question is getting an open heart surgery.

Amazing... TV isn't the same as seeing it in real life. He feels his hands shake just some. His precision in a lab is pretty good, but beakers and chemicals are not living things. And at least you can repeat experiment steps even if you have to start all over. The dexterity needed to do actual surgery is an entirely different matter. There is no starting over if you make a mistake... I'll need to see about an internship with the Doctor. Or one of the medical professionals here. I know I can study, I know I can learn. But I'll need a good mentor.

His thoughts are interrupted by a question. "What kind of medical specialty do you want to go into, Asa?"

There are so many different medical specialties that his mind drew a blank when she asked the question. He knew that he wanted to specialize, narrow his niche instead of being a broad generalist. "Well you see... I like pharmaceuticals and developing medicine for pokemon," Asa said, mask still over his mouth. "There are so many illnesses that don't have cures. I'd like to be the one to find those answers. I know I want to do research and have my own lab, but as for other my actual medical practice, I'm not sure." He shook his head. "I'm still figuring that out. Do I need to know before I meet with Dr. Graham?" If so, then I'll figure it out beforehand.

@wisteria @LuckyBlackCat Apologies for taking some time. But I should be able to post shortly, hopefully over the weekend.

The rest of their dinner continued in silence as the only sounds that could be heard were the occasional plink of silverware and their Pokemon playing together. Sometime during dinner, Tim’s Rockruff barked at a startling sound. Tim got up to check out the balcony and Asa heard him mutter ‘no’ several times. When he turned around, Asa’s eyes widened. There was an injured bird Pokemon in his hands. Tim was certainly right, the poor thing did need help badly.

”Here.” Getting up and making his way to the counter, Asa reaches into his pocket and gives a mini hand-sanitizer to Tim, along with a pair of nitrile gloves. He thinks about Tim’s suggestions. ”We can try spraying a potion, it’ll relieve some of the pain.” His brow furrows. The bird Pokemon’s wing was a different story. It was crumpled and bent in a painful looking way. ”But it’s just a temporary fix. There’s a lot going on with these injuries and a potion isn’t going to be enough. In particular, this wing needs to get taken care of, stat.”

Asa runs to his room and grabs a potion, some bandages, a shoebox, a soft blanket, and some antibiotics. ”First, let’s spray the Pidove with some potion and see the effects that has. This may sting… Hang in there.” The potion is sprayed on the Pokemon.

Truthfully, Asa doesn’t think there’s much he can do. Similar to Tim, he’s only helped out during medical procedures, but has never actually repaired broken bones or done any kind of surgical work. His knowledge of medical sciences and medicines is sharp, and his lab techniques are precise, but his actual applied medical skills are still green. Still, he doesn’t want to seem clueless. And there are still things they can do to alleviate the circumstances. “Happiny, come here. You need to comfort the patient.”

The little Happiny leaps onto the counter and sits close to the Pidove, a worried expression on her face. Gently she strokes the Pidove’s face with a delicate touch and tries to warble something reassuring to the Pokemon.

Next, Asa stuffs the blanket in the shoebox creating a little bed for the injured Pokemon. And places the bird inside.

”… That’s a little more comfortable.” He glances at the bandages and antibiotics he’s brought. ”I can put some stronger medicine on the cuts, but… I don’t know how to bandage this wing.” He’s angry at himself for admitting it, but trying to bandage a wing when neither of them know how to do it would be dangerous. ”Isn’t there a Pokemon center on campus? Let’s transport this patient there. I think they'll be able to help better than we can.”

@Crimson Flame@wisteria
I guess Tim will be Asas Waifu now. :P
As long as Tim can put up with him, yes, and I think Asa could mature into a fine husbando as well.

I don't want to post too much, so I shall post after you have responded.


Asa scowls just a bit underneath his mask as the boy in front of him lets out a scream. Well whatever, Asa thought. I should expect a reaction like this, since I know how gloomy and weird I look. Asa takes a moment to analyze the boy while he stammers out a response.

”Um... uh... um... I-I-I...I’m sorry. Um... I-I-I’m T-T-Tim... It looks like we’re roommates... I guess..."

Hm, can’t tell what kind of career track he’s taking based off how he’s dressed… He looks pretty young though. Are we even in the same grade? He felt twinges of jealousy at Tim’s youthful mop of black hair and his cartoony childishness. After all, Asa felt like he looked like twice his own age.

”I suppose. It’s unfortunate, though nothing much can be done about it now…” Asa mumbles quietly in response, still taking the situation in.

“Um... D-d-d you want anything to eat? I-I-I was just making dinner..."

Asa shrugs. ”…Since you’re offering.” Asa didn’t know how to cook. His choice of meal was often just a sandwich of some kind, since those were easy to throw together. Asa took a seat at the table. ”If we’re going to be roommates, we might as well discuss some ground rules over dinner.” The tone of his voice was cold and formal. And why not? There was no point in making friends. Once anyone found out about his choice of study… Well, he didn’t blame people for thinking he was a monster. He is one, even if it was painful to admit. ”The name’s Asa, by the way.”

The food was served and Asa removed his mask to eat. He was surprised to find the food was pretty good in both taste and presentation. Still, he wanted to hold off on the complements. He didn’t know Tim and didn’t feel like inflating anyone’s ego. There was some silence as they ate, and Asa broke it after a few minutes. “I keep the AC at 70 degrees. I’d prefer it we kept it quiet around here, no parties or anything of that sort. And let’s make sure we pick up after ourselves. I don’t want to have to pick up anyone’s laundry or trash... Alright?”

Happiny had readily accepted Rocky as a new friend. She patted his face with her small arms and had a huge smile on her face as she did so. The little egg shaped Pokemon hopped up and down, trying to climb on Rocky’s back. She wanted a ride too, apparently.

@Crimson Flame
That would definitely be Asa in his twenties. As for a theme, not sure. Possibly the pokemon centre theme heh.
@wisteria Not sure if I have the same items as the other characters since Asa skipped class. I can go back and edit once I know for sure.

Asa was rudely awoken by the sound of slinging around pots and pans in the kitchen, some way too cheery singing, and the occasional yapping of something else. He briefly wondered whether he was in hell or not. No, it was after the first day of school, sophomore year. Though he'd skipped and had been shut up in his room since he just hadn't felt like going. And who cared about the first day really? All they did was go over the syllabus and have class battles. Pass. Good thing Mom had bought his excuse and written him a doctor's note.

He'd spent the day napping, studying some, surfing the net, and let Happiny out. The pokemon was very insistent on getting cuddles, which he couldn't bring himself to do and instead maintained an icy cold polite distance from the little one. This pokemon would be working with him in his career in medicine, and it was best that they were trained strictly to respond to emergencies and other necessary things.

Besides, he was much too dedicated to become a doctor to play around. And it isn't like he could bond with his pokemon anyways. It would just make him a hypocrite, wouldn't it? Someone who experiments on pokemon cannot love them, after all. Even if Happiny would never be the subject of an experiment, he did it to others... He is a hypocrite. That was why it was best to keep distance.

Luckily, Happiny seemed plenty satisfied with the toys and snacks Asa had packed. After a few hours, the baby tuckered out and had a long nap herself... Which was now being disturbed by whoever had come in and decided to start making noise. Happiny stirred and whimpered.

Asa felt himself getting more and more irate. Quite frankly, the singing and clamoring all sounded like a hideous orchestra and was pounding into a headache for him. Asa groaned and groggily threw the covers off. He shuffled out of the bed into his slippers, looking very much like a zombie. He found a mask to put on his face, as who knew how many germs the intruder had? Ugh... What the hell? Who was inside his suite? He has a single, right? Well, wait, he'd let Mom fill out some of his application... She had insisted. His eyes widened and then one of them twitched. Don't tell me...

He stepped out of his room and stares blankly at the boy in his kitchen who was cooking and singing like a cartoon character on TV. This couldn't be happening. He shuffles up so quietly that the boy probably didn't hear him until he croaked, "Who the hell are you? What are you doing? You're making so much noise..."

Happiny had followed him out too. She made little "pipipipi!" sounds and jumped up and down, pretending to be mad but she was just excited to see some new faces.

@Crimson Flame

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