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Current Viva la revolution
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6 yrs ago
Looking for someone to draw a map for a 1930's mafia rp
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the soundtrack to my life
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Trying to upload images from ScetchBook.


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@Wernher that's just about perfect, although it would be useful if you could name at least some of the major roads and railway lines.
@Wernher to be completely honest, I don't entirely know. I'm thinking after we have the map labeled?
Sorry I haven't been very active, just having a busy week. I'll try to get a cs ready this weekend.
Great! Right now you can either work on making a cs, (I have a template on the first page although I'm planning on editing it) or you can help make the map by choosing a peace of it, (about a fifth) and giving it street names and a description. And if you have any suggestions for improvement please say so!
@Dannyrulx mobsters and smugglers and hookers, oh my! Yeah, I'd say taking those islands and maybe a bit of the big island looks like a good area.
That makes sense to me!
So if people could start thinking of road names, that'll be really helpful!
@Dinh AaronMk thanks a ton man!
This link has a few, and Wikipedia usually has prices as well. At least it did for the tommy gun.
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