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5 days ago
Current I can't say there are many decent RP sites that offer the same kind of thing as the guild. There are other decent sites, but none I know of that I would consider too similar to this one.
6 days ago
I like medieval roleplays so I can a) bs my way due to how vague the particulars were of the period and b) bs my way through without doing the science bs thing. The technology cap appeals too.
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9 days ago
I'll stick around for the one lovely person who liked the last status. Wouldn't want him to be disappointed by my absense.
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9 days ago
Gone and mucked it with two people over the course of the weekend. Losing sight of the point of staying. Must meditate or something. >.<
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10 days ago
Fuck it. Just. Fuck it.


The eye is watching. It observes with a very long stare. It does not glare, but it is very intent. Intent upon what? We must attempt to find out, lest we drown in its gaze.

Guild "Wot" Moments 2017

Apparently the rules of these forums mean nothing. People act like a-holes. Disengagment isn't respected. Privacy is maintained. Harassment is considered fair play. Congrats, cyberbullies. You win..

[Insert my various rants here]

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Poke for an NPC, and I may create one.
Welcome :)
Here's an old one. Heavily paraphrased, I was on a Cortex Roleplay map and hosting an RPG that was to the effect of taking out a necromancer. We used a hack and slash "relative" rolling system, 1-100 for each combatant, and the higher roll wins. The difference between the numbers indicated how much of a win. There'd be modifiers based on the skill of the enemy. The first six skeletons against the four party members, party unrestricted with a minimum value of 10, and the skeletons capped at a roll of 70.

The skeletons won basically every single roll, so the best the heros were able to do was maybe smack one before getting the shit beaten out of them by a 15-65 roll or something like that. Heros lost literally every time. Of course, it was an unbalanced system that relied too heavily on randomness (that was part of the ridiculous fun of it) but the players lost so much that I had to create an NPC to come in and help, because there was only so many ways the skeletons could whack the heros without killing them outright. NPC barely broke even against one of them. Heros still lost. Deus ex machina = able to just run past the skeletons into the dungeon. Heros were promptly obliterated by the next level of skeleton that won every single roll, and that was 1 vs 4.

And then, under the same system, a time where I killed a dragon with a goblin using a cheap little spear, with dragon rolls between 30 and 110, and goblin roll capped at 45. Goblin still won. RIP dragon >.>

Ridiculous "system" that made for some interesting scenarios...
Tracy Winnow

Day 1 - Tracy's Shop
Interacting with @Themerlinhawk's Tom Finch

The day seemed quite uneventful to Tracy, at least during the thirty minutes that she spent tending to the various flowers. Giving some a boost, giving some just a little water instead, something she specialized in doing. Not that she had any intention of showing the extent of that in public.

But that was the beauty of it. She didn't have to care much, because most days there simply was no public. A little boring, sometimes perhaps. She wasn't worried about money. There was more than enough to keep the place going, and maybe advance Grace into some form of higher education, and more to spare for others. Frugally, of course. From the corner of her eyes she saw Grace step back into the shop, looking much younger, and take a position behind the counter with a grumble as the girl leaned over the counter and perched her face up on two elbows. She'd have an attitude for a while. That was fine.

Tracy had to keep herself from jumping a little as she felt a buzz in one of the pockets tucked against her body. A... slightly cheated construct that wasn't the best fit with her wear, designed to blend into the dress. Designed for a phone that wasn't supposed to just go off like that. She still had difficulty getting into the 'phone' idea, and she'd had one for a few years now. She poked her hand against her side until it slipped into the little pocket, and pulled out the old flip phone with a screen she felt she could cover with her thumb. She hated trying to get something out of it. First it was reading it, then it was pressing the tiny dumb buttons. She successfully managed to open it and see the message without deleting it.
The witch grumbled as she stepped to an obscure corner of the shop for the task of reading whatever was on that phone. There was very few people who would send her a 'text message', and she could guess which one.

A talk. Hmm. If he wanted to talk, he could have just come over here and talked. Still, she navigated the buttons, fixing a typo and finding the question mark as she created the reply "shop?". It seemed as good of a place to her as any, unless he wanted her to meet at the inn. She would prefer not to leave Grace to her own devices for too long. She loved the girl like a daughter, but the messes that girl could get herself into without being watched...
Oh dear, I need to write something.
I find the optimal interest check to be the one that doesn't say everything - if only for effective readability if nothing else - but has more than just random pairings or a very vague idea of what someone wants.

I'd consider an interest check something of a summary. You don't pour everything into it; you put in enough to give people a clear idea of the basic questions. What is it, what do you want, what do we need to know about you, and do you know what you're doing. These can be answered with a paragraph or so. The interest check worthy of my attention gives the reader a basic understanding of who the partner is and what they're dealing with; it answers simple questions like "what kind of rps do you do/don't do" and "how often are you expecting a post from your partner". It also gives an indication of what the partner's ideas are. A list of pairings with a theme, a few simple plot ideas, a detailed plot idea, whatever. Just a few pairings or "I want romance" doesn't give an idea of what someone wants.

All about the balance. That, to me, includes the formatting - I couldn't care less about your fancy black-on-guild-background text with fancy fonts and then a dark purple preface or whatever, but if it's just a blob of white (huge bloody paragraph without spacing or with poor spacing and grammar) then it's not really worthy of attention. Likewise, a single paragraph that doesn't attempt to satisfy the above curiosities and comes out to "i wanna rp" indicates laziness on the part of the poster to me. Indicate what you want, and give a concise presentation to a prospective player. It doesn't have to be too long, but it ought to have some sort of substance to it.

But it is ultimately a matter of perspective and style. I've just found that people who meet the minimums set above are more likely to actually stay and invest something than the people who post a paragraph looking for a fling and soon drop because they figure they had enough of that 3 week whim.
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Welcome :)
The time has passed to wait for stragglers, methinks, so to follow the above, door's open to simply carry on.
Welcome :)
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