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Hmm, I guess this means I need to post an interest check one of these days... hmm...
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inb4 updade status button crashes
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Come hero, face your fate at the hands of the Omegagod o- oi! Those are my chests. No, get over here and fight me, stop looting the- goddammit. Are you done now? Now? Come on, wa- did you just reload?
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A mismatched crew indeed. Well, that was what the old mage summoned, and that is what he got at any rate. He sensed others, late to arrive, but not far away. No matter. They would come or they wouldn't. There were already more than enough individuals for the task.

The first person spoke. 'Old Mage'. Well, it was a name. The rest of the question was simple and well presented. He would grace that with a... relatively straight answer.

"Well, to tell you that, perhaps I should say what I once did." The old mage leaned forwards and placed an elbow on his leg. "My task for the past... ten... twenty... fifty... oh, never mind, long time-" he rested his head atop that elbow- "Was handling problems. Little things, larger things, all the things you don't hear about very often. The mage who burns down a city, the mage who tries to take a kingdom for himself, the child with ridiculous magic from birth, a demon popping out of nowhere, all that - that was my job to handle. You don't hear about it very often, because it is handled. Now I'm old. Now someone needs to take that job, and I figure, who better than a capable crowd of beings such as yourselves. You'll do at least."

The next question was also predictable. That one, alas, he did not have a straight answer for. "What am I. Ah..." the mage leaned back and toyed with his bony chin. "You know, I've asked myself that for a few years now. I'm not quite sure. But I can say, at an early point in time, I was very mortal. I knew magic, certainly, but very mortal. What I am now, well, that's a tricky question. Who I am, that is up to you. I have many names, none that you would know. It is expedient to have several names in this business. I have my mage name, the name I give to demons, the names I give to some mages, names for dimwitted villagers, and a few names for more practical purposes than speaking. But, you can call me Kune. It's as good a name as any..."

The answer probably gave more questions than anything else, but the mage gave a small nod, satisfied that he said that much. Then he thought. "Is it cold in here? I can't tell. Tell me if this seems off." The mage flicked his finger, casting several red sparks up into the air, where they quickly expanded into small red mists that vanished in the air. Moments later, the temperature went up several degrees. "Mmm, that might do it."

He watched the others in the room, seeing what there was to work with. One with a whiff of demon, one who seemed to have a few... health problems. It was interesting to him for watch those interactions as they happened. Especially amusing was the fact that the plague bearer was taken as the leader in one case. He didn't lift a finger to correct that impression.
I should probably post one of these days.

Mmm. That day will probably be tomorrow morning.
Use hiders.

The only real disadvantage is on your end in terms of editing later on. For that I would use a slightly complicated system involving a backup copy, but those logistics are up to you unless you're curious how I would do it.
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Welcome :)
Since we're down to single word summaries -


That is a key thing I try to look for, and if I feel that is met, other things should fall in line.
A personality section for me is almost worthless, due to the way I present a character.

A personality does not arise from a static description for me. It is a combination of three things in and of itself - a few keywords to influence my presentation, the biases of the character, and the experiences of the character. Those three things I use to build up personality, and I cannot - and will not - be locked down to a simple description that is supposedly a catch-all for the character. The best personality section you'll get from me is a long sheet of questions that I then answer with the character's personality in mind. And again, for me, personality is a combination of many factors - not a simple standalone description for how they do everything.

It is common and far easier to use yourself as a template. Far easier, yes - and not something I try to do at all. I try to make characters their own little compartments in my mind, unique individuals to remove the 'me' from the equation. I am only a parser. I am not the actual character.

Which is probably why I am half insane, considering the volume of characters I've built up over the years. But the fact I enforce my own aging mechanics does help with that somewhat.
@ArenaSnow Last week ended up being much busier than I imagined, but I finally finished. XD

Ah, christ, not another pyromancer

Right then, toss 'er over, seems fine by me. One more, guess that can't hurt way too much, eh? :p
Welcome :)
Oh, and the IC did start up
(You better be an arena RPer, or i'm shunning you xDD jk)

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