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26 May 2017 21:36
Current Someone say spooning?
26 May 2017 16:57
The words people chose can sometimes give very good insight into the people that say them.
26 May 2017 16:22
The ultimate question. Why friend gents when they're destined to be removed from the list due to their competence in debate, instead of friending people that have proved themselves again and again?
24 May 2017 3:53
No-life boast: I'm good at the least popular FPS game on the planet, SC: Battlefront. RIP me in First Person Shooters.
24 May 2017 3:26


The eye is watching. It observes with a very long stare. It does not glare, but it is very intent. Intent upon what? We must attempt to find out, lest we drown in its gaze.

Yes, I'm a male. Yes, I roleplay males... and females. I roleplay young and old people; I roleplay PG, child friendly stuff and I roleplay deep into the other spectrum. In case you were wondering. Thus, I don't particularly care where on that spectrum you are - as long as you can roleplay. If we can settle that, I'm sure we could settle just about everything else, eh?

Posting activity varies. On a very good streak, I can do it multiple times a day. On a less good streak, daily. On a normal streak? A few times a week. Bad would be once a week, but bad has happened, and it likely will happen in the coming month when I need to take care of a few things of note.

Post lengths for me range from ~150 words in heavy dialogue or not having much to say to ~400 words in "long" posts. Average is 250-350 based on two roleplays I've been involved in recently. Intros range from the aforementioned long post length to just shy of 1000 words, depending on how much I have to say. Longer ends come from my starting introductions. If I compile my text into solid structure paragraphs, I'd say about 1-3 paragraphs would be my norm. I do make use of new lines fairly often, especially in dialogue scenarios.

I have many characters that dwindle into lack of use, doomed to die of owner-induced old age without an external interaction and sometimes without a story to remember their names by. If you want to make use of one of them (typically set in my old fantasy canon or general sci-fi canon) you can poke about them directly.

I do not believe in restarting a character for every roleplay or scenario, and my plots are continuous - even if I must adapt the plot to be more general and count as experiences. Yes, I do that character development thing; everything that is done contributes to the characters I make, including their presentation in the future. I do make new characters, and have some adaptable ones for multiple context. Yet I won't take one character from, say, Star Wars and throw him into a Starcraft context and completely change the core of the character to fit the new context.

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A medieval 2 based roleplay where people take factions on the campaign map and roleplay the agents/generals/individuals of note. And/or letting multiple people divide a faction.
I conceive the ability to make toenails grow at a hugely accelerated rate.

Well. That was easy.
Murdered horribly in a video game so the hero has a good reason to go after BIG_BAD.
The Amazing Invisible Nether Lurker
A battlemech banging a portal is one hell of a concept. Lets just say the best idea is to run.

Base concept for a lord and territory is in mind. Now I need to pull the inspiration - running short as of late - to throw it all together. Hopefully my inspiration holds to pull that through. If it does, I should be well in.
Welcome :)
Welcome :)

Ah, queen of sparta, now that is a juicy soul
Or we could make a collective effort to throw it into our sigs for welcoming posts.
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