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6 days ago
Current Entirely depends on that individual's positions on things, methinks...
9 days ago
Real talk though. I'm absolutely horrid at finding character images. Especially modern.
9 days ago
Hey Dominic, how's life?
13 days ago
1x1 is where it's at, despite the 'welcoming' front door of excessive romance and smut.
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16 days ago
Starcraft RP? Who speaketh of Starcraft RP?


I like danheim.

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Apparently Elizabeth Warren is getting attacked by an Indian Women who is now her running rival, over an ad or slogan that she deemed was insensitive?

Ironic. 'nuff said.
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But I think I will pass on the request.
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Not even a vote? Shameful. Not enough attention span here to properly review anything, but for the poor bastard in entry one, at least he gets one vote.
<Snipped quote by ArenaSnow>

Or did I always exist?

: O

This is plausible...
Let's-a go!

You were a massively experienced female prostitute who slept with 3 nation rulers, a few dozen rich people, and a few thousand men who just needed to get off. Unfortunately, you met your end in a horrible freak accident involving a strapon and baking powder.
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