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Current my interest check is up... my interest check is up... my interest check is up... my interest check is up... my interest check is up... my interest check is up... <repeat every 5 hours>
6 days ago
I think I know what you mean, datadogie, and I completely agree. That's why you have hiders to put things in sections like just about everyone else >.>
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9 days ago
Who are you strange, profile stalking faces...
9 days ago
v-- wot.
18 days ago
The drama could certainly be avoided with a minimal degree of self control, yes.


The eye is watching. It observes with a very long stare. It does not glare, but it is very intent. Intent upon what? We must attempt to find out, lest we drown in its gaze.

Guild "Wot" Moments 2017

Apparently the rules of these forums mean nothing. People act like a-holes. Disengagment isn't respected. Privacy is maintained. Harassment is considered fair play. Congrats, cyberbullies. You win..

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10 min ago
So I know that I got some explaining to do. I will get back to everyone in a timely manner.
Not sure there's a point, unless we somehow formulate a community-driven system. Plenty on the plate already content wise.
Getting tired of all these advanced rps dying before any real traction or conclusions are made. Makes me question why I even bother going through all the trouble with a big cs just to get involved enough to be greeted by the big middle finger of rp death. Not sure if this is a normal problem or not but man can I pick'em...

The apathy rate on the site is ridiculous. I don't even bother with the forum with that being one of the foremost reasons; I won't make something if I can't just rewrite it into my own lore the moment it fails, if it fails.
Welcome, [entity]!
Welcome :)
Will you guys be starting without the GM if she doesn't come back?

Speaking for myself? I'm not sure. As a player I'd still be involved, as an advisor and in the recent roles of helping to look at sheets/discuss plot bits, yes, but as a proper leader and manager at a stage where not much is even set up yet, I don't think it's too likely.
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Welcome :)

Feel free to shoot a PM if you need anything. Otherwise, this guide may come of use to you.
Hey look, a post bug. Ignore. >.>
Yes and no. On one hand, I have a couple of worlds that serve as the central basis for 99% of my plots and characters. On the other, it's not much of a roleplay verse, as I tend to just develop it myself these days.

I also stick anything and everything that flops (and really, even video games count as plot and character content) into them, in one form or another. Always heavily adapted, but in the end, I don't care about flops. As long as I see material to work with, it will be worked with.
There's a point to the OP. Going on about people dropping you all the time is not going to help you keep any more partners. It means you should have plans in place before, during or after the roleplay for when it happens. Beforehand, vet some more, and consider the kind of people you want to approach/want to approach you (which many folks do not consider). I have a bit of a vetting issue at times. A few recent ones I was simply caught off guard, and yet I've learned from those circumstances so they won't happen the same way again and so I can approach people differently to try and stop basic incompatibilities from showing that would result in being dropped. During the roleplay, to touch on what 71452K wrote - it depends. It depends on who you're with and what the circumstances are, and nobody has identical roleplay circumstances. Afterwards, what are you going to do? Learn and try to improve your mechanics, even if it's the tiniest of changes to how you approach people, or go on about being ditched so often> The latter is what I read to be the source of Odin's post - those who simply go on about how they're constantly dropped yet don't fix their circumstances, or just try again. Maybe even a new hobby where you're writing your own book, who knows.

It's not easy to tell when someone is going to drop you or if they're going to drop you. Sometimes it can be pretty bloody random and stupid. All you can do is adapt and move on. Dwelling on it won't work.

I personally approach poofed roleplays by taking the meat of the contents and sticking them into my own lore after a timeframe passes when I can't wait anymore. Anything of worth that was made is salvaged and put into my own stuff. It makes an eventual drop a much easier pill to handle.

I love to bitch, so of course I bitch about poofers sometimes, but there is a limit >.>
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