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Current Seeya next week, Guild. Signing off.
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Merry Christmas
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Elder Scrolls RP, now with the Creation Club!
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It's happening again. I have been visited by a soviet mad scientist, a king, a penguin prince of darkness, a house plant god thing, a mystical ancient member, a tired reaper (thank god) + a greeting.
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For the same reason Rome 2 was attacked by thousands of players who don't know what they're talking about. lleeeeeeemmmmings


Whattr' you stairin' at.

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If you don't want to share then that's fine, the point of this was to ask for input but I don't think what you've said so far has been of much help

Nah, I don't particularly care anymore. Input was given, and it was taken. However useful you find it doesn't matter to me.

The sorry truth is that no matter what I propose, it will either not come to fruition by this audience, or I simply won't give enough shits to see it through. So, I'll see myself out.
<Snipped quote by KillBox>


Oh Yikes! If only someone had read things properly. Perhaps you should try again and be a little more useful this time around and actually contribute something useful or if you happen to be unable to actually give any useful input...well...don't comment at all. Just saying~

Edit: Also Just to say~ Maybe by being useful and actually listing things you're interested in! you may actually introduce others to those things you're interested in and hey who knows...maybe down the road an RP may pop up for said thing you listed way back then...no one will know if you don't share.

There's a little thing called getting an impression. By what someone wants to do, you know what they are interested in, and pushing constructs through the hole that are entirely different to every option posed in the first stream of ideas is far too likely to result in an OP simply not passionate about the alternatives. At this rate, I'm not even sure I'd want to follow the ideas with this lovely crowd of gentlemen anyways. Thank you for your immensely useful input, and if you ever need a one way ticket to the gulag, I would be happy to provide at any time.
@ArenaSnowCare to elaborate?

Do you mean the items we have listed aren't very good? Or what do you mean?

The options are entirely unappealing to me, and so I found the title quite directly reflected my opinion. The kicker for commenting was the implication in the title that there's nothing good and that the thread is trying to introduce good, when I find other options are of marginal, though incomplete interest, while this provides none at all. In short, I found it ironic.
This may be too blunt, but my opinion reflects the title.
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Are you?
Edit: Seen the cast, seen the OOC; carry on, I was never here.
BT, SW, TW, OW, ES, OS, HS, TWC or S2.

No, there is no context. Only a choice. Top 3 if you like.
Live long and prosper I guess, idk
Both catch the Eye.
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