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Current I hope you're having good lives old friends ^-^
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My Youtube favourites playlist is basically like a timeline of my life phases xD It's fun looking back, helps me keep a hold of who I am.
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Happy First Day Of 2019 Fellow Inhibitors!
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I don't have any reason to come back on here full time as I'm currently not role-playing, if you'd like to get into contact with me my discord is AbiNephilim#5349, feel free to send me a message on there ^-^ Also, I'm not afraid to block trolls.
Hey There! ^-^

A little about me: I'm friendly, very chill and open-minded. I enjoy RPing (of course), but my favourite RPs are mature since I like the freedom to explore multiple themes and scenes :P I prefer RPing with Anime themes, I'm not a fan of using real people images for characters and stuff. I don't like RPing as canon characters, I much prefer using OCs.

I don't bite so feel free to DM me if you like ^-^

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Itsuko Hoga

The very moment Yusuke and Itsuko set foot back into the Soul Society, the former gave a quick goodbye before scurrying off. "O-Okay, later then" Itsuko waved off her teammate as he left her sight. Now it was time for her to also get a start on something important.

Weaving through the streets and alleys, Itsuko made her way to the Squad 13 barracks and immediately to her room, cutting all interaction down to a simple wave and smile whenever she came into contact with a familiar friendly face. Once in, she shut her door and took a deep breath in relaxation, lingering in the exhaled state for a mere moment before balling a her left hand into a first to place on her right hand's palm. "Right, down to work!" She declared to herself, walking to sit in her working space while fetch a writing apparatus and a couple sheets of paper. Her first order of business was to complete the previous mission's report, if she took too long before starting it now doubt she'd end up forgetting details. It was best to get a start asap while her memory was still fresh.
Itsuko Hoga

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Itsuko listened as Yusuke contemplated the reason for this mission and the reason behind a load of other factors that occurred today. Honestly Itsuko thought it was really unnecessary for him to try and rack his brain over rhyme and reason to anything requested by the upper powers. "A job's a job so who cares" She shrugged her shoulders, at the end of the day they were performing a service for money, unless there was a personal reason behind it, why bother question? Perhaps this is another thing that made Yusuke different to the usual lackeys in Squad 11; it seemed Yusuke liked to ask many questions.

Humane or not, Itsuko was in no position to question. If something morally bad was really going on in the background, what could she even do about it? She'd much rather be ignorant until she actually had power to change things, otherwise knowing the ugly truth about anything would only serve to haunt her thoughts.

Her burgundy eyes watched Yusuke open a Senkaimon before sliding the tip of his Zanpakuto back into his sheath finally. "Ulgh, how annoying. Look, if we get paired again, the least you can do is keep the music volume to a reasonable level. I may as well be paired with a brick wall otherwise." Itsuko followed behind Yusuke, giving her last retort as they made their way back.
Itsuko Hoga

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Focused on the hollow situated directly in front of her, Itsuko continued to strike one after another with calculated moves in order to output only the minimum amount of energy necessary to make each strike fatal for these weak hollow. Since she was now in the brunt of it, she felt she had to be very careful not to overexert herself in-case back up was delayed for any reason.

With another leap, her next target disintegrated before she was even able to budge her sword an inch. This hastily caused Itsuko to stop and widen her view range. 'Well that was quicker than I had expected' It seemed she didn't need to think too much about conserving energy as the back-up arrived sooner than she expected; none-the-less it was still good strategy practice, even if it was just for a short amount of time. Catching a glimpse of mint, Itsuko shunpoed over to her teammate as he voiced his confusion as to why so many members of Squad 13 had been dispatched. She managed to arrive just in time to hear what the recently arrived fellow shinigami had to say. Crossing her arms, her eyes swayed to the main target hollow as it was captured within a kido created box. Needless to say she had a feeling that the reason they were on the lookout for said hollow in question was due to it being of some interest to others back in the Soul Society, otherwise they would have been given the order to eliminate it.

Tagging along, Itsuko followed Yusuke as he made his was closer towards the allied shinigami. They spoke once more, however their short speech lead to Itsuko mentally facepalming. There she was trying to follow orders, Yusuke decided to act upon his own accord which in fact turned out to be the correct course of action. If he wasn't here the hollow would have escaped, atleast that's what Itsuko assumed based off of what the allied shinigami had just stated. "Your praise should only be given to Yusuke. I had no hand in the capture... which is rather frustrating but I have to admit that he took charge here and I didn't do much other than watch." With that said, Itsuko may have came across as seeming defeated, but in fact she simply did not want praise for something she didn't do as taking credit for would have been a blow to her pride.

After the allied shinigami along with the captured target left the scene, Yusuke decided to speak up yet again. "Dummy, it's pretty self-explatory. If that hollow is dangerous and different to the others, perhaps Squad 12 want to examine why it is different and what caused it. Sure that might not be the exact reason, but researching it makes more sense than killing it since there might me more hollows like that lurking about. How else would we be able to prepare ourselves?" Placing her hands on her hips, Itsuko sent a small smile in Yusuke's direction. "You're rude, and I don't like that about you, but I have to admit you're strong. This mission would have failed without you so I commend you. But I sure as hell hope I don't get partnered with you again" Slight malice may have been heard in her final words since she was still annoyed at being ignored so heavily, however Yusuke still preformed well so some of that annoyance has dissolved at this point. "We should head back and give in our report"
Itsuko Hoga

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Itsuko watched Yusuke's altercation with the hollow; watching in confusion as he spoke to the being as if the beast could understand him. There may have been a few chances where she could have stepped in, however at the same time Yusuke didn't really leave much room for another to join the battle.

It wasn't until another hollow appeared outta-nowhere to shield the hollow Yusuke had been fighting did Itsuko begin to really get worried. 'That idiot! Now look at what he's done, we came to report the hollow not draw multiple to our location!' The time to standby was certainly over, Itsuko prepared to launch herself off of the current rooftop she was observing from when she promptly stopped herself at the sight of the glow of a cero. Said cero blasted Yusuke point blank, appearing almost like it was revenge for the earlier kido Yusuke had fired but Itsuko knew better; hollows are just mindless beasts, there is no meaning to their madness.

Taking off towards Yusuke, she stood at an acceptable distance from the mint-haired man, watching as his headphones crumbled to his feet. Itsuko stifled a chuckle, but soon her neutral expression transformed to a scowl. "Now that you don't have your headphones you think you can order me around after ignoring me for this whole mission." She mumbled under her breath, now wasn't the time to start arguments, but later Itsuko will be having words. Whipping out her spirit phone, Itsuko called for backup as asked before putting it away, Yusuke was unfortunately right even though he was the one who caused this mission to get out of hand in the first place.

Swiftly Itsuko unsheathed her zanpakuto and immediately got to work. Springing off of her right foot towards her first target, she slashed in a motion from her bottom left towards her upper right to begin her attack, landing it cleanly. This hollow was one of the weak ones so she didn't have any difficulty taking it down... It was the volume of these weak hollow that would cause issues, also not to forget to mention the strange hollow that was clearly much stronger than the hollow they would have faced during the academy days. Itsuko kept quiet as she got to work, oddly she preferred not to talk while fighting in order to fully be able to concentrate, this lead her to of course ignore Yusuke so she could focus on her next targets.

The one to win 3 games of Uno out of us gets to go for their Shikai first! xDDDD

I'm down for this xD
Off to a flying start.

It appears so
Itsuko Hoga

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"Hmpf. Fine, be like that" Itsuko turned her body around, arms still crossed but eyes closed whilst her eyebrows knitted together in hopelessness. How could she work with a teammate who purposely ignores his team? They were meant to work together, were they not? Her hearing dulled as she thought, drowning out Yusuke's babbling as she thought of a way to work around the situation since who knows how long they'd be on the lookout for. 'I guess I'll just have to watch over the whole area since I can't rely on Yusuke... How annoying, just a waste of time'

Just as Itsuko was ready to make a move, Yusuke's voice seemed to have gotten louder all of a sudden as he yelled a word. Swinging her head to send a glare in Yusuke's direction, she once again spotted his unsheathed Zanpakto but this time Yusuke jumped off the roof. Itsuko's attention now held on the latter, she turned back to jump in the same direction as him, hoping not to lose him since obviously he must have spotted something of promise. "Give me some warning before you do that! Baka!" Itsuko yelled despite knowing her words would fall on deaf ears.

Yusuke's battle had already commenced before Itsuko finally caught up. Her eye's twitched, widening a touch as she eyed the hollow Yusuke began battling. 'That must be it... I have to report this' Her eyes then landed on Yusuke's form. Seeing his headphones again made her grunt in annoyance, but he appeared to be... enjoying himself. '... I can't just leave him here and he won't listen to me. I guess it's too late, damn guy already started fighting it. Dammit' Itsuko wasn't one for leaving someone behind, mainly because she hated the thought of not knowing what might have happened to someone she was meant to keep tabs on, even if they were annoying and rude she still couldn't bring herself to head back without her teammate.

Disgruntled, Itsuko placed her right palm on top of her Zanpakuto hilt, her eyes fixed on the battle, searching for an opening just incase things turned bad for Yusuke. She wasn't just going to stand by and let him get all the glory anyway, that would make her look bad and have an impact on her pride. She'd rather risk her life than let that happen.

As the fight went on, she had made notes on the discoveries she was making on this hollow; gathering information. 'It looks stronger than a usual hollow, but still it's a fundamental fact that the mask is a weak point... Won't really know for sure unless we test that theory out...' Watching Yusuke fight was making Itsuko feel almost pumped up. He made it look easy, or maybe it was just easy for him... maybe he was stronger than she initially thought.
Itsuko Hoga

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'Surveillance mission, this is going to be easy money!'

Grinning, Itsuko walked to the opposite side of the rooftop herself and her temporary partner were occupying to get a better look around the city's streets. Their mission was simple, find and report a potentially dangerous hollow but do not engage. Her eyes sharpened all of a sudden as she narrowed them on the hustle and bustle of human life below them.

'Scanning... scanning... target still not acquired...' Making the situation a tinge more humorous for herself, inside Itsuko's mind she thought in a robotic voice, playing a role as if she was a terminator of some sort. 'Scanning... location of interest found... still no target in sight' Her burgundy eyes focused on a shop, covers of colourful books decorated the window next to the entrance in which humans were entering and exiting frequently.

Kicking her out of her thoughts, her partner behind her suddenly shouted something. She only caught the last half of the sentence which lead her to promptly pivot on her right heel and run over to him. Quickly catching his unsheathed Zanpaukto, she immediately peaked over the edge of the building, expecting to spot the target in question... only to be disappointed. Her gaze now uncertain, she looked over at Yusuke just as he sheathed his Zanpakuto. Taking a moment to just watch his movements, all he did was unsheathe his Zanpakuto just to sheath it again.

"What the hell are you doing Yusuke?! Don't false alarm me like that! We're supposed to be looking for a hollow Re-Mem-Ber! Not... jerking our swords... or whatever you're doing..." 'What a weird guy...' Raising an eyebrow, Itsuko crossed her arms and grunted in annoyance at the silence she received as a respond. "HELLOOOO?! Is anyone awake in there?! Are you even listening to me?!!!" Itsuko spotted the headphones but she assumed Yusuke would have some sense to not play his music so loud that he couldn't hear his surroundings. Alas it would seem her judgements were incorrect.
@KillBox@Kurisa@Saltwater Thief@FourthKing

I'm very sorry for letting you lot down, I had completely forgotten to post. I'd be lying if I said I still had motivation to continue, unfortunately I don't. Please can I be skipped? Perhaps an npc Jounin came and got Yarin to take her to a new squad? I feel like 5 people in one posting order is too much anyway...
Well I'm ready when you guys are ^-^
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