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I'm still working on my sheet, holidays were busier than I thought they were going to be.
My favorite is purple and I'll be working on a sheet, not sure when it will be up because of holidays but I'll try my best.
I'm interested, I'd love to heard What else you can come up with.. Subbed.

Kyoji Sonoda
Interacting with Kian @Kaesus

It seemed like Kyoji and Misaki's mundane conversation had turned into some weirdly dramatic event. How had such simple pleasantries attract such attention? The blue haired girl who initially showed hostility towards them seemed adamant about butting into their conversation. And then like a domino effect, more people began speaking up. Kyoji reserved himself to silence, maybe making friends with his class would be more difficult than he first assumed. It was a weird idea for him, that people could come dislike him for quick. Kyo was used to being friendly towards most people, and for the most part, people were friendly back to him.

Maybe it was just one rotten tomato in the bunch, maybe not every was so easily annoyed. With that happier thought in mind, Kyoji leaned back in his chair, stretching his legs out in front of him, back to his usual self. It would be pointless to let another's opinion bring himself down. Though he did note that a boy with the came hair color as himself walked by.

"What's the fuzz here? If you can't control yourself here what will you do when trouble comes?"

Kyoji leveled his gaze with the boy, refusing to get worked up again from people's condescending tones.

"It's nothing, we're just, uh, introducing ourselves..." Was his reply, hoping his words would spark no further conversation. At this point he was itching for the assembly to start, so he could focus on more important things, and then maybe he could try and talk to different people after. He wondered what the school would have them do today, would it be more like an orientation or would they immediately begin working on hero academics?
I'll be able to get a post up tomorrow hopefully.

Kyoji Sonoda
Interacting with Misaki Kaito and Yoshiba Mizuhana @Tenma Tendo@Inkarnate

Kyoji liked who he soon would be told was Misaki Kaito, the boy didn't seem to be annoyed at Kyo's interest in his quirk. Sometimes people became offended or annoyed when Kyoji asked them about their abilities even if he was genuinely interested. Kyoji enjoyed being around people who were open to new experiences and knew how to carry on a conversation. He believed that being a hero wasn't all about your quirk or your skill in combat, there were many people who could be heroes even without the most flashiest or powerful abilities.

"They get really sharp when I'm dehydrated, but n-now their harmless! You can touch them if you w-want!" Kyo immediately took Misaki up on his offer, his curiosity spurring him. He tentatively poked Misaki's arm fin a couple of times, even squishing part of it between his index finger and thumb. "That is so cool!" Kyoji exclaimed before retracting his hand, already he had met someone with a cooler quirk than himself and it had taken less than five minutes of being at the school.

"Oh, s-sorry! Uh, name is M-Misaki Kaito! It's a pleasure t-to, um, m-meet you..." Misaki drew back, and it took Kyo a second to realize it seemed to be from some sort of anxiety and not something he had said. Kyoji grinned once again as if to say, don't be so nervous! "Nice to meet you too, my name is Kyoji Sonoda and I'm gonna to be a Pro-hero someday! And if your quirk is as awesome as it looks then I'm sure you'll end up being a Pro-hero too." Kyo held up his right hand for a high-five, but let it drop when he was distracted by another voice in front of them.

“Maybe you morons should pay attention before you get excited. This isn’t a playground. This is a hero academy.” The voice came from a small girl with blue hair, and Kyoji noticed with a flare of annoyance that she hadn't even turned to face them. What was the big idea? All they were doing was socializing, this was a school after all. Kyoji was quick to answer, and you could hear the surprise in his voice that someone would be so outwardly rude to someone they had never met.

"Hey, what's the big idea? There's no one even on stage yet." He pointed out, gesturing towards the empty assembly podium. "All we're doing is talking, since when did that become a crime? Why don't you just mind your own business and we'll mind ours? We're here for the same reason, we should all be friends. Being a hero means helping people, not calling them idiots..."

Then Kyoji turned back to Misaki like nothing had just happened and restarted the conversation he was having with him. "Sorry about that. So can you breathe underwater too?"

Kyoji Sonoda
Interacting with Misaki Kaito @Tenma Tendo

Kyoji "Kyo" Sonoda had been up since dawn. Instead of subjecting himself to restless sleep filled with thoughts of the upcoming day, he set his alarm so he would have enough time to get in one last training session before moving into Chihaiten to begin his journey to Pro-hero. Luckily, unlike most teenagers, Kyo was a morning person, and was either up when or before the sun rose. So there he was, tip-toeing around the kitchen as to not wake up his family while preparing for the busy day ahead. Kyoji's duffel bag was already waiting near the front door, having been packed the night before. While shoveling a quickly prepared breakfast down the hatch and intermittently gulping down a steamy mug of coffee, Kyoji busied himself with checking the news app on his phone. He searched articles for updates on any Pro-heroes and was elated to see a team of said heroes had captured a nuisance villain crew based near his city. Those muggings that have been happening recently might stop with those guys finally behind bars... Kyo commented in his head, teeth flashing briefly before another splash of dark beverage was swallowed.

With the dishes washed and put away, Kyoji exited his home and hustled to the shed out back. Inside the wooden structure was a body opponent bag and he spent the first part of his training running through some drills to warm up. His full routine was a mix of martial arts training and actual workouts. At the end, he was practically bursting with energy and ready to take on the day. When Kyo returned to the house, the rest of his family was eating breakfast. "Got a workout in before your big day, eh?" His older sister guessed, as she lovingly eyed the pile of food on her plate. "Just my usual morning stuff."

The Sonoda's sent Kyoji off with quick but meaningful goodbyes, knowing he couldn't stand being late. "Make sure to take pictures for us!" Were his mother's final words, to which Kyo answered with, "That's what I do best!"

Kyoji spent the long bus ride with headphones in, his "Amped Up" playlist playing on shuffle. The boy took in the scenery of the drive while bopping his head to the rhythm. When it was finally his stop, Kyo bounded off the bus and stared in awe at Chihaiten like he had never seen a school before. He made sure to take a picture of himself in front of his new school for the family back home. He quickly posed, holding out his own palm in front of him, the lens that sat there emitted a quiet shutter noise and a quick camera flash alerted Kyo that the picture had been taken. He set a reminder on his phone to email the photo to his mom later. "This is where it's all going to happen then, huh?" He whispered to himself, not being able to hide his smile. Not wanting to get too caught up in the scenery and miss out, Kyoji speed-walked like a grandma on her way to bingo. Once he found his bearings, Kyoji found himself bouncing down a hallway packed with students, not hiding his interest in other people, especially ones with mutation quirks.

Kyoji managed to find his class without too much of a hassle, having asked an upperclassman where he was supposed to go. They were surprisingly helpful and Kyo thanked her for the assistance. Finding himself with the other early birds, Kyoji couldn't keep himself quiet for long. He had been nonchalantly, or at least he thought he was, checking out the other boy who arrived before him. No, not "checking out," but the guy had a really interesting mutation quirk, his body resembling something like a fish. Finally he had to say something. "Are those things sharp?" Was the first question he thought of, followed by, can you swim as fast as a fish? Can you breathe underwater? Does water smell in the same way air does? But he kept those follow up inquiries to himself, opting to gesture towards the boy's "fin" like appendages and grinning to show his interest was genuine.
Finished my character finally, let me know if there's anything I need to change in regards to my character or his quirk.

Okay, seems like this lost steam. I have finals coming up so I'm going to officially drop this one. If it gets rebooted or gains interest again, just drop me a PM.
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