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Matsushina Suko

Matsushina Estate --> Amegakure Academy | Interacting With:@Vox@Odin@Vexxed Vex

The bad part about being a heavy sleeper is that waking up tends to be a long, drawn-out process. But on this particular morning, Suko woke up to a wet pinky being jammed into his ear. The result was a bout of flailing limbs and a string of curses from Suko, who ended up face to face with his grinning little sister in a tangle of blankets.

"Suko! Yesterday, Naya told me about wet willies, do you know what those are?" How Fumika had so much energy so early in the morning was beyond Suko, who was in the trenches of his teenage years at this point, meaning sleep seemed a lot more important these days. Suko squinted at his younger sister, wiping the gunk out of the corner of his eyes and letting out a brief yawn. He then dramatically raised one finger, making sure he had Fumika's full attention before placing the appendage into his mouth, prepping a wet willy of his own. Finally understanding the danger she was in, Fumika let out a squeal and attempted to flee the bed. Unfortunately for her, Suko struck faster than she could react, drenching her ear, inspiring disgusted laughter from the both of them.

"If you stick any of those grubby little fingers of yours near me again I'll bite 'em off!" Suko always feigned seriousness when he threatened his sister, and Fumika always feigned fear until they both would burst out laughing. Their mother happened to walk in during their latest bout of this, and if it had been any other day their conversation wouldn't have been as clipped.

"Suko! Why aren't you dressed yet? Your father is already stressed as it is, he shouldn't have to worry about his son being late to his graduation ceremony. Fumika, come on sweetie, it's your brother's big day, one that he'll be late to if he doesn't get his ass into gear." Fumika pouted as she hopped off her brother's bed and stomped out of the room, making sure Nishioka knew she was mad for ruining the siblings' fun. Suko's mom sighed and shook her head, "have two kids they said, it'll be fun they said..." Suko chuckled, sliding out from under the mess of blankets he had created and began rifling through his clothing to find something suitable for the day.

"Nervous?" Nishioka asked tentatively, knowing that Suko had been training nonstop for years in preparation for this day. Suko shrugged as he stepped into his outfit for the day. The teen shifted over to a mirror in his room, checking to make sure he looked presentable. Presentable always seemed too vague for Suko, who for the most part refused to wear clothing that covered his tattoos. Today was an exception though, because despite his complaints, Suko was dressed in dark joggers, a white shirt (most shirts are normally a no-go for him), and his trademark black vest.

"I'm probably less freaked out than Dad is, to be honest." Nishioka just nodded sympathetically. "he'll be fine, it's not every day that your son becomes a genin though. Have I mentioned how proud I am of you yet?" She came to stand behind him so that both could see their reflections in the mirror. Nishi ruffled her son's hair before ushering him out the room. "Dad said he'd be waiting outside for you after you eat and everything." Suko nodded, wondering why his father wanted to walk him to the ceremony instead of eating breakfast with them all like he normally did. Maybe he was doing work right now and was going to walk him to the ceremony because he wouldn't be able to attend the actual event. This type of skepticism was normal for Suko, who operated under the assumption that his dad was always up to something. Breakfast seemed to tick by like molasses, but Suko kissed his mother and sister goodbye with a full stomach. "I'll see both of you later at Saito for dinner, tell Dad that if he's late he's getting thumped right in that old, wrinkly forehead of his," Nishioka clucked her tongue, "Watch yourself bub, I'm the same age as your father and I don't look a day over thirty," she called out after him.

Suko opened the front door of his house and wasn't surprised to see his father waiting at the bottom of the front steps. Matsushina Tanji was a stone-like character, made of strong angles and what seemed like an absence of softness. As his son approached, the man unfolded his arms from his chest and smiled, a gesture that looked weird to Suko just because of its rareness. Once in range, Tanji clapped a hand on Suko's shoulder and drew him to his side. "Excited, bud? Your journey as a shinobi begins today, is anything pressing on your mind?" The man began walking as he talked and Suko fell into step with him, pondering the question given.

As his son ruminated, Tanji seemingly pulled a pack of cigarettes out of thin air, along with matches that he kept who knows where when he wasn't using them. The man took a cigarette for himself and then, after hesitating a moment, offered one to Suko.

Eyeing his father suspiciously, Suko hesitated to take the tobacco product before finally relenting. "I figure, if you're old enough to fight for our village then one of these can't be the worse thing for you," was Tanji's explanation. After lighting it with a match, Suko put the cigarette between his lips and inhaled lightly. Tanji chuckled when Suko's face scrunched up as he coughed lightly. "Ugh, Dad, you do this for fun?" Tanji flicked some ash away from his person and shrugged, "It's actually kind of calming when you get used to it." Suko grinned, "Calming? I'll take nerves over this shit any day."

"Fair enough, bud, fair enough."

Anticipation was practically palpable in the courtyard of the academy. Suko stood with his classmates proudly, feeling the contagious excitement vibrate through him. He did his best to soak it all in, the Amekage, her assistant, his classmates, all of it. Since he didn't know much about his own Kage, Suko was curious about what kid of person she was, she certainly acted in an interesting manner. It was hard to not be drawn into her words though, which sat in his mind-space to be chewed on later. Being a shinobi of Amegakure no Sato means you bear the burden of sacrifice so that others do not have to. And then what followed that, the rain weeps for you, and the suffering you will cause and receive. Suko repeated those words in his head as he looked down at his forehead protector, as if repeating them enough times would reveal something he didn't notice at first.

You finally did it, you're a genin now, do you feel any different? Do you feel like you've done something of worth? Suko pondered this as the ceremony came to a close and he came to the decision that he felt good about today, but his work was no where near finished. In fact, it had only begun. Pulling himself out of his thoughts, Suko grounded himself in the present moment. The next thing to do was head to Saito
for the meal with his family.

Taking the back roads, meaning the rooftops, Suko arrived at Saito in record time from the academy. Slipping through the back door, Suko managed to sneak by without attracting too may eager adults wanting to ask him questions about graduation. Finding Nishioka wasn't hard, as she was sternly giving orders to one of her newer cooks, the poor guy looked like he wouldn't last 'til the end of the week the way he had his tail tucked between hid legs. "Sorry to interrupt but where are Dad and Fummie sitting?" His mother gestured to a table in the quieter section of the shop, where the rest of their family sat.

As if right on cue, Suko heard Sadako's loud voice enter the shop. The newly-appointed genin shifted past his mother and out to the front of the restaurant where he could see if his ears were deceiving him or not. Seeing three of his classmates drew a smile to his lips and he waved enthusiastically.

"Sadako, Hikari, Masae, those are some cool looking Hitai-ate, are they new or something?" He asked this with a grin as he ushered them deeper into the restaurant. "But seriously, what's up guys? Come here for some post-grad grub?"

Fourth's finished charrrr

Interested, I liked the show and I'm curious to see where you'll take this.

I just got back to college so I won't have time to play two characters, if anyone else has a character ready or an idea feel free to make it instead of me.
Shikkaru Nara

Shikkaru took another sip of Tesshin-sensei's special blend of tea, savoring it. He feigned frustration when the Hokage revealed the tea was a product of some secret recipe that even his own son didn't know. SHikka made a promise to himself that some day he would figure out what the hell was in that tea!

"I'm holding you to that, Tesshin-sensei, this tea is too good for me to not know how to make it."

Trailing off, he looked over his shoulder as Kanzaki introduced herself to Yarin. Now that he thought about it, though Yarin was in his class at the academy, he had failed to talk to her. It was so odd realizing that he had seen so many kids but had actually gotten to know less of them than he thought. Shikkaru slowed his pace and fell in line with Yarin and Kanzaki.

"Speaking of introductions, we haven't really talked much either, Yarin. I'm Shikkaru, I'm looking forward to working with ya. Let's do our best today, eh?" He gave her his trademark grin before drinking more tea. As he was clipping his canteen back onto his belt the group left the building and entered the courtyard. Shikka paused, resting his hands on his hips and took a deep breath. For some reason, the view of Kohona never got old for him. It was always refreshing to look out and see what he was trying to protect. All of these people, going about their lives, they were who he was trying to protect. He loved his village, and for the first time in his life, he felt as if he was taking significant steps towards giving back to his community. Granted, he was doing it in an extreme way, one that could likely lead to his death, but hey, he was a shinobi, that's just part of the job description.

Shikkaru turned his focus back to the Hokage when he announced that it was time to start their mission. Shikka looked around, wondering what laid in store for the newly assembled group of genin. As he took a few steps back to give Tesshin-sensei some space he observed cautiously. What the hell did he have in store for them? Shikkaru soon found out what the Hokage's plan was when he pulled out a kunai and imbued his chakra into it. He watched curiously as the kunai crackled with electricity. His mouth fell open slightly as he watched his teacher wind up and fire off the kunai across the whole damn village. If Shikkaru didn't have great eyesight, he probably wouldn't have been able to guess that the kunai was lodged in the tallest cliffside in the village. He wondered what the point of that was, was Tesshin-sensei just showing off or what?

Shikka soon found out that their mission was this, retrieve the kunai together, and return as a group. He would have assumed that something like this would be too easy but he wasn't naive enough to not realize that there was probably a catch. Shikkaru perked up at the mention of "surprises," and filed that away for later, he'd have to stay alert.

Shikkaru shook himself off and bounced on the balls of his feet lightly, people that knew him well would know that he always did that when he was anticipating something. He looked around at the three other genin, "You guys ready? Let's get this done!" And with that, he broke out in a light jog, slow enough for the others to catch up easily. When they did, he would pick up the pace, careful to not outpace any of them too much. He took Tesshin's words seriously, they should definitely all stick together.

You have my interest as well.

Shikkaru beamed at Kanzaki, she actually seemed pretty nice! At least he knew one of his teammates could show emotion and communicate. Speaking of anti-social, Keizo slunk over to the group and maintained his stoic, quiet demeanor. Figuring that he couldn't force the guy to talk, Shikka just shook off his thoughts and graciously accepted the canteen that Tesshin-sensei gave him. Shikkaru watched as the Hokage tossed a scroll to Hisaki, Tsukai's new mentor, and raptly paid attention as Tesshin began to speak. It seemed as though it was time for their first mission. Shikkaru felt more energized than anxious, he had been training for this very moment for years. It would be embarrassing if he caved now, after all his hard work. He also noted that Tesshin-sensei implied he would most likely need to use ninjutsu during the mission.

Team One, eh? Has a nice ring to it, but Shikarru was sure he could come up with something better in time. On their way out, Tesshin-sensei a genin he hadn't noticed earlier to join their group. He remembered her name was Yarin right as the Hokage told her to come along. Shikka figured it wouldn't hurt to have an extra set of hands for the mission.

As he fell in step behind Tesshin-sensei, he took a pull from the canteen. "Mm, green tea is a favorite of mine... Is this Matcha?" Shikkaru gave the canteen an inquisitive look and then took another sip, enjoying the taste.

"So, Tesshin-sensei, what's our mission?" He asked curiously. A part of him hoped it would involve some ammount of teamwork between his new squad mates. It would give them a chance to work together and see if they had any sort of innate chemistry. Shikka was aware that sometimes his teamwork wasn't the best but it was something he wanted to work on, and what better time to do that then now?

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