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@CollectorOfMyst I'm still in, just finishing off some of the origins of my character.
@Vexxed Vex The base for 27-point buy always starts at 8, but it’s best to calculate it with racial bonuses in mind.

Just checking, I've only ever rolled for stats or used the standard array.
@CollectorOfMyst Thanks for making that clear! Also for the stats; the base is 10 with a 27 point buy, right? Or is it 8 like the calculator you put up?
@CollectorOfMyst For the tiefling Subraces, do you also use decendants of devils. I was really into the idea of my character being descended from Levistus.
I think I going to scrap the Lizardfolk ranger and go for a Tiefling Barbarian instead.
@CollectorOfMystI was thinking of making a Lizardfolk ranger that would eventually go into the beast master I'm not so sure.
@CollectorOfMyst How are the stats distributed? Would i use the standard set, roll here, or is it a set amount of points that i distribute around?
If this is still open I would very much like to join!
Very interested in the either the Digimon of Pokemon ideas. Did you have any ideas for those?
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