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Location: Saito no Kureraisu | Time: Morning
Interactions: @Vox@Odin@FourthKing

Masae could not contain the small chuckle that escaped as he watcher Hikari profusely apologise to the Matsushima's. Only the Sunbeam of Amegakure no sato would forget to invite someone to an after party at their own family restaurant. Thoroughly amused at the situation, the effeminate boy gazed about the room. He saw so many happy faces and carefree smiles, children who seemed to be completely unaware of the danger they had agreed to put themselves through for the sake of their village. His amuses grin fell at the idea, briefly wondering if he himself was prepared for that same danger. These thoughts lingered throughout the duration of the party and only settled, slightly, when he decided that it was time for him to leave.

He arrived home shortly after having excused himself from the restaurant, only to be met with a sight that he was unprepared to see. His mother was on her knees before the small shrine in the living room, a single picture of a man with white hair and pale yellow eyes. Her late husband, his father. Keeping himself quiet and out of sight, he listened as his mother prayed.

"What am i going to do Shirai? Our child has your bullheadedness and refuses to listen to reason. I dont want him to face the hardships that we did, to meet you in the afterlife long before he's had a chance to truly live!" Asane cried before her late love's altar, voice thick with emotion. Furiously, she tride to rid her face of the tears as she continued, "If only you were here, perhaps he'd listen to you."

With tears threatening to spill from his own pale orbs, Masae crept up to his room quickly. He couldn't bare to continue to intrude on such an intimate and private moment.

Location: Yakuzaishi no Takamori - Takamori Apothecary | Time: Afternoon
Interactions: @Odin@Vox

As the break between team assignments and meetings began, the young man found himself spending most of his time either training or working at his mother's apothecary shop. There was a strange tension between them since the day of graduation. They had not spoken more than idle pleasantries or the occasional "pass the salt" at the dinner table since then. He didn't know how to breach the subject of what he had overheard that day without it being extremely uncomfortable. So, he has simply dedicated his time to the shop and training since.

It was while he was out delivering medicine that he caught sight of Hikari and Sadako shopping. He hadn't wanted to intrude and simply greeted the duo before saying farewell, though not before agreeing to go on an outing with Hikari and a few others at a later date.

He caught himself blushing when he thought of the day, not used to going out with others due to his dedication to training. He was pleasantly surprised that shortly after he recieveda note from his sensei, that he was to be on the same team as the silverette.

Location: Amegakure Temple | Time: Early Morning, 4AM |
Interactions: @Vox@FourthKing@MesuOkami

On the day that he was meant to meet with his team, Masae found himself waking up much earlier than he had expected. Whether that was sue to nerves or excitement, even he couldn't tell you. Nevertheless, he rose from his bed and started to go about his usual morning routine before starting some light chakra control training. The exercise was rather experimental, using one's chakra to balance the tip of a kunai on their finger. Needless to say, he was cut quite a few times.

After trying, and failing to complete the exercise for the fifth time in a row, the blond decided to head to the temple. It was still as dark as night outside, the low lighy peaceful as the young medic tried to clear his head of all the thoughts about what was to come.

Taking his time to arrive, it wasn't long before he met up with his teammates and the three of them were escorted by one of the priestesses to a dark haired woman with a ponytail that seemed to exude an aura of strength and tranquility. This was their sense - Amaya.

Having been entranced by the aura of the Jonin, Masae was caught off guard when she told him to introduce himself first. Saying the first thing that came to mind with a blush, the effeminate genin spoke.

"I'm Takamori Masae and I am working to be the greatest medic in the elemental nations." He sputtered slightly when his response registered with himself. Before he could second guess it he continued, eyes locked on the floor, "My hobbies are studying anatomy and medicine as well as training my chakra control. I hope that we can all get along and live to be successful shinobi. When he was finished speaking he simply gestured to Suko, too flustered to voice his request that he speak next.

Location: Amegakure Shinobi Academy| Time: After Graduation| Interaction: @Odin,@Vox,@Fourthking

If one thought that Masae's face was flushed before speaking to the girls, then he must have been fluorescent upon hearing the new nickname from the platinum haired kunoichi. "M-ma-macchi?" he stammered to himself as Hikari entertwined their arms in her all but patented arm lock. Knowing that it was practically impossible to break the surprisingly firm hold without hurting himself of the girl, he sent a resigned smile Sadako's way. He remembered her approaching him a few month's back but figured he had pushed her away with his obsession toward becoming a medic.

As he listened to Hikari speak, the blond found himself paying closer attention to the ravenette of the group. He could tell that she was becoming uncomfortable however, whether that was due to Hikari's offer to pay for the meal or the way she was speaking about Kyosuke was unclear. Nevertheless, he wanted to helper her get more comfortable. So doing the only thing he could think of he opened his mouth to speak. At least was going to, until Hikari mentioned the next week being perfect for a date.

Sputtering at the notion, Masae stumbled on his feet. Fortunately he was saved a rather embarrassing faceplant due to said silverette pulling her, partially, willing companions closer.

'At this rate I'm going to catch a fever.' He thought to himself while trying, and failing, to will the blush from his cheeks and ears.

As the subject of being placed on the aame team was brought to light, the feminine boy found himself nodding as he spoke almost quietly.

"That is one of the most common patterns for teams. A ninjutsu expert, close combat specialist and a medic/support member. The go-to set up for an assault team." Upon hearing Sadako's view on her own abilities, he sent a reassuring smile before adding,"Hey, those Black Rods are pretty useful. Besides, your no slouch in a fight with out them if I remember those taijutsu spars correctly."

Upon entering the family restaurant, Masae took in the decor. It had a homey feel that he could definitely get used to. He didn't make a habit of eating out, a trait he shared with his mother, preferring home cooked meals. Despite that, he could see the appeal.

He smiled at Matsushima's joke before gesturing toward Hikari with a cheeky smile.

"Perhaps should ask our resident party planner?"

Location:Amegakure no Sato| Time:An hour before Graduation| Interaction: @Odin@Vox

Footsteps echoed through out the apartment, the steady staccato rhythym would have been almost peaceful if not for the loud clacking of hardened plastic on wood that followed with every step. Having put up with the noise for over an hour already, a tall, slender woman with pupil-less golden eyes made her way toward her child's bedroom. As she drew neared, a steady mumbling accompanied the pacing, a mantra that she had overheard far too many times in her opinion. Not bothering to knock, the mother simply pushed open the door before ducking her head. As if on cue the dull thud of metal on wood sounded behind her, she didn't need to look to know that it was one of the senbon needles hidden about her son's person. It wasn't the first time he had thrown the weapon when startled, and probably wouldn't be the last.

Raising her head toward the ceiling with a sigh, Takamori Asane brushed a few stray hairs from her face before locking eyes with her son. Arm still outstretch in the throwing position, Masae had a sheepish if not outright embarrased expression on his face. Pale blond hair disheveled from constantly running his fingers through the un even locks and his pale golden eyes, so similar to hers were blown wide. Stumbling off the ceiling when the realisation of who had just attacked caught up to him, the younder blonde just barely managed to catch himself as he reached the floor.

"You're going to be late if you don't hurry." Asane said with a roll of her eyes at the child's antics. However before he could respond she continued, "If your going to do this, do it right." her voice clipped in disapproval.

Knowing that trying to explain his reasoning for wanting to be a shinobi would only be an excercise in futility, Masae simply nodded his head before excusing himself to clean up.

After a quick shower and breakfast, Masae caught wind of the time and rushed toward the academy. As he hopped from rooftop to rooftop, ge couldn't help but wonder if he had overdressed. His dark blue changshan shirt was formfitting, with silver waves that curled from his hips, up his sides and finally ending at the cuffs of his capacious sleeves. He thought it may have been too formal, even when paired with a pair of simple black harem pants but he wanted to make a good impression.

Fortunately his worries were for naught as many of the graduates had thought along the same lines and decided to dress up for the occasion.

During the ceremon, the pale blonde couldn't help but focus his attention on the Amekage, even as her assistant spoke and handed out the Hitai-ate. She was almost ethereal, with her elegant charm and apparent quiet nature. The antithesis of how the history books described the now bearly extinct Kaguya clan. A shining example of how anyone can overcome the stigma of their family with enough dedication and work. He was so lost in his admiration for the village leader that he almost missed the symbolic tying of the headbands that concluded the ceremony.

Sighing in relief that the formalities were over with, Masae trudged through the crowd looking for a certain silver haired girl that had invited most if not the entire graduating class out to eat. Upon sighting the girl he hurried over making it just in time to see a boy in slightly too large clothes jump away.

'Kyousuke was his name, right? I'm pretty sure we shared some of the specialised medic classes.' He thought to himself before addressing the two females before him.

"Hikari, um...Sadako? Right? He asked reluctantly, not quite sure he had gotten the dark haired girl's name correct before continuing with a small blush, "We're still celebrating at that restaurant...right? What was the name?"

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