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Have a few days off. Look for posts for sure today & tomorrow!
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Just found out an online friend I used to RP with passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. Didn't know them super well, but the news is saddening all the same =(
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Family ate Thanksgiving a night early because of schedules. Will be tending to all my various posts tomorrow since I'll have time to do so!
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I'd be cool with this.
Sorry for the radio silence, work's been hectic. I will look into a post on Monday!
Apologies for the radio silence, I've been tied up by work and getting ready for summer stuff. I can get a post for Seth done on Monday. As to the various other matters...

I'll have to think about Pikachu and whether or not I want to take him on. I don't mind having a typing overlap on my team, I just need to figure out if I'll be able to give a 4-person team the attention they deserve with the time I'll have.

As for Hestia, I think I'll have her go on adventures in the Wild for a bit. Part of the reason I made her in the first place was a plan with Raijin and Feisty, and that's obviously fallen through, so I'll just go with the flow until I think of something else for her.
Don't know, Salt would be a better person to ask than me. All i know is that she hasn't reallt been present here for a while, for whatever reason.

I know she's been even busier than I have, but not much beyond that. I can ask if she's still able to RP the next time I get a hold of her.
Posted the collab for Seth and Z/Senka. I'll take care of getting to the campfire proper once I figure out a handful of things, plus I'll also get Hestia out of the city at the same time.

Just to clarify, is the timeline presently that Day 2 is the day AFTER Operation Rescue Vix, and it should end with us all round the fire at dusk?

Seth stretched his arms into the air as he emerged from the Trainer Lodge. He'd managed to drag himself there after the raid on the underground hideout and somehow gotten some rest, but now it was time to get back to his journey at last. What a way to begin, he thought to himself, going in after a criminal gang to recover a lost partner of someone he'd met trying to break up a fight in the park. He started to wander toward the parking lot, his mind sorting the best way to fix a glaring issue at present- his entire lack of a team.

Zorua waited for something that felt like years but knew it wasn’t. The feeling coming from the focus he was putting into waiting. Yet there it was, a trainer he had a good feeling about. The trainer had red hair, a color similar to his own red steak. It made Zorua wonder briefly if his father or mother had such hair color. A nice strong red. The trainer was wearing glasses and a red jacket. He waited for the person to pass by and then took a deep breath. He needs to get strong. He cannot do it on his own.

He changed his form, from small black fox to his ten year old self just as he climbed from under the car he hid. His appearance not the most presentable with the cuts that barely started healing and a slightly blue and a bit swollen nose, courtesy of Larvitar punching him. His black fur ruffled with grass still hanging on him at a few places. On his tail a small bit of fur missing where it was pulled from with the bite.

He tapped the trainer shoulder to gain his attention. Eyes big and blue and ears pulled shyly behind. He was nervous, and barely made sure his voice was loud enough to be clearly understood.

"Hey, I know we just met and this is weird, I am a Zorua. I really like you, so train me maybe. I was searching for a trainer for a long while." It felt like forever to him as he watched the trainer house, every second where he observed them felt like an eternity. "If you train me I will win for you. If you let me stay outside a pokeball, I will protect you at any time of day or night. I truly believe you are just the right trainer for me." To use in my grand plan "Free bat." Zorua added silently in his mind. Smiling happily at his plan name and goal.

"Its quite a deal isnt it? Please." He said trying to look cuter as he raised his scarf to slightly hide his face but not his big blue eyes. He opted against puppy dog eyeing the trainer as he was looking miserable enough to get sympathy without it.

Seth turned at the tap on his shoulder to find, of all things, a Zorua- one that apparently wanted to be trained! It was unusual to say the least; Zorua were usually very distrustful and defensive, but this one was being very open. On closer inspection, Seth noticed a variety of bruises and scratches, not to mention a missing tuft of fur on his tail. He’d been in a fight, a pretty nasty one at that from the looks of it. Maybe that was why he was looking for a trainer?

"Oh! Uh… sorry, my mind’s a little distracted and I wasn’t really expecting this sort of thing to happen,” he replied, “Gotta admit, it sounds like a smoking good deal to me though!”

Then he thought about it some more. Hadn’t he just watched a very real round of something being too good to be true? “But… why go out of your way like this? Most Pokemon don’t look for Trainers like this… Not that I don’t want you, of course, it’s more curiosity than anything else.”

Well Zorua would have lied if he said he didnt enjoy that he surprised the trainer with his request. It was always nice to see them speechless even if it was for a second or two. His tail started to swing faster, happy it was this easy to catch a trainer.

Well nearly that easy, for some reason, he questioned his motives. He lowered his head, and tugged his scarf up more, frowning once his face was covered. Making himself even smaller. It would have been such a perfect moment to tear up, sadly he didnt know yet how to cry on command. Definitely on his to learn list. With the limited option he needed something else.

“I-I am sorry.” He made half a step away from Seth. “I just dont want to be other pokemon punching bag anymore. I thought it would be nice to have a friend, get stronger together....I am sorry to have bothered you with my request.” HIs voice half muffled thanks to the scarf still covering half of his face, stepping away and looking at Seth as longingly as he could. Imagining there was ice cream on his head. A stupid move because his stomach quite loudly announced that he didnt eat for nearly two days. Well that was embarrassing, maybe it will work?

“Oops, sounds like you haven’t had lunch today. Let me see…” Seth said as he dug into his backpack again. He managed to find a slice of bread, which he held out to the illusionist fox. “Here. It’s not much, but it’s something I hope?”

Zorua was offered a piece of bread. He looked at it and than at the trainer. Leaning closer to it he sniffed it, it wasnt old or dried, actually it smelled more on the fresh side. It was no ice cream but at the moment it would work. He looked at red hair of the trainer… his trainer. Zorua bit on the bread and tugged the piece out of his trainer hand. Just like that he slipped under the arm that was offering the food and behind the human. A hand placed on the back of the black jacket and Zorua started to shift mid jump. Landing with a easy on his goal in his smaller pokemon form. On top of his trainer head, making a mess out the red hair around him.

He didnt want to show his shift to his trainer as he usually used it to scare people and scaring this guy away was anything he didnt want. A instinct made him relaxes completely, now that he was surrounded with color red. He felt safe on top of his trainer head, this was now his place, belonging to him. Nibbling on the bread he was given he asked. “So, boss what our team name?”

The little Zorua nestled in on top of Seth's head, seeming to make a nest out of his hair and make himself comfortable. Then he asked about Team Name; truthfully, it wasn't something Seth had even considered, but in hindsight it made sense. Dad's team had always been called the Azure Thunder after all, and Seth had once upon a time wished he would one day have as cool a name for his team. "You know, I actually haven't given that a whole lot of thought, but I probably should, shouldn't I? Hmm..."

"What about 'The Scarlet Squadron'?" It made sense, at least to him, what with the two founding members both sporting red in their hair.

Zorua was about to protest and call boss a idiot for not having a team name ready, but as the human started thinking Zorua became much more curious at what he will pick. Not that it mattered in the big plan. He hoped it wasnt something stupid. He was awarded for his patience with the man giving an answer that wasnt half bad.

"The Scarlet Squadron" He repeated the team name, eating some of the bread, it was a really good tasting bread, or maybe he was hungry enough it tasted really good. "Thats a great name boss." He throw the last bit of food in his snout swallowing it and nuzzling himself into the red hair. Breathing deep and getting familiar with the trainer sents. Zorua didnt want to risk to lose his caught trainer somewhere on the way. What would he do? Find another? That would slow his plan down... That on the side the dark type pokemon had one thing he was really curious about. He just had to know. "Now that we have a team name, no bad luck will come after us, with out it horrible things could have happen."He nodded confidently. They could have become victims of thieves or even pokemon kidnapping! All that because they lacked a team name. "... Can I ask another question?"

The little fox seemed to be content with the name, and as he finished his bread he settled down on Seth's head further. Apparently a team name was particularly important to him; how apt that a Pokemon often considered to be a trickster was so superstitious. But, he had another question, it seemed. "Go right ahead, what's up?"

"What does the pokedex says about my species?" The zorua asked, so often watching trainers scan pokemon in the forest at times even hearing the robotic voice reading the text aloud. He himself never got the chance to steal one of those devices to check himself with. It didnt mattered in the end as now he had access to it thanks to his trainer. His tail twitched, feeling more than comfortable. Maybe he could nap here after his curiosity was satisfied...

"Well, let's see..." Seth replied, pulling his Pokedex from the cargo pocket of his pants. He pointed it up to his head, and with the press of a button a series of red lasers locked onto and ran across the fox pokemon atop his hair. "Zorua, Dark Type, Tricky Fox Pokemon. 'To protect themselves from danger, they hide their true identities by transforming into people and Pokémon.' Well, I guess since you're not in disguise, you don't think you need protection from me then!"

The fox didnt look away as the lasers scanned him over, having seen the trainers in the wild do it all the time. His ears twitched with anticipation, and they twitched anew as he heard Boss call him a tricky pokemon. Would that put the trainer on guard? As the rest of it was read, Zorua eyes briefly shined, did that mean many other pokemon of his species behaved just like him? Did so many of them loved to pretend to be humans and trainers for their safety that it became a fact in the pokedexs? And here he thought dressing up as a trainer and having Noibat play his pokemon was a revolutionary idea of his.

He chuckled in glee, the idea of another boy like him passing off as a human boy or girl giving him comfort. "Yup, boss. You riiiigth." A yawn broke his last word, curiosity satisfied the tiredness returned full blow. He put his head down on Boss red hair. Mumbling. "Dont forget... to register me." Something he knew had to happen, but had actually zero idea how it was done. Hopefully the trainer had some idea on it. And he would learn it as well, maybe for another time when he pretends to be a trainer again. Knowing such things would be good...

"...and we should be on route 2 ...before nightfall Boss." He added as an afterthought, he had to make sure the trainer with his friend wouldnt get too far ahead of them. Eyes closing, from the fox angle everything has been said and done, from the human angle it most likely was not everything done and said, but the pokemon was on the edge to go into a light dose.

"Fair point, fair point, I think I can make that happen. But first, I think you need a name," Seth said. He thought about it for a decent bit as the fox slept atop his head. Names for partners were very important; they helped forge the bond between Trainer and Pokemon, and made your partner distinguishable from any others like it. He'd need to make sure he picked a good one. "I think I'll call you..." he mused aloud, "Got it! How does Senka sound?"

He was slipping off in a dose, only keeping one eye half open as Boss told him there was a need for name. The dark type about to point out that he named the trainer Boss already but the word yours caught up to him. Yes, he was the pokemon, he was getting a name. It felt strange as he had his eye closing and opening dozing off as he waited to be given one.

He will make sure he doesnt get too attached to the name, and even if he does once he pulls him plan it wouldnt even matter he will be carrying the name of a evolved Zorua. It would simple be another alias on his disposal. Yes that sounded right. He already used Z and Rua Zo, a third name to play with will be great.

The trainer settled on a name.


Now the fox raised his head and blinked in confusion. "But thats a..." He stopped mid sentences for a brief moment, realizing how useful the name will actually be, in the next few routes. Especially if he plays the role up a bit. He wasnt sure if Boss was aware of what name he just gave him or if it was a coincidence. But he continued the sentence having a giggle break out him. "... a perfect name, Boss!" Oh the surprise he will give Boss was filling him with glee. "I am Senka of The Scarlet Squadron."

Seth was nervous when the Zorua paused mid sentence. Was the name not to his liking? That wouldn't do, he'd have to make sure his first partner had a name they could both be proud of. He was relieved, then, when Senka said he loved the name and started giggling. "Well, I'm glad you like it! Now, one final thing, more of a technicality than anything else..." Seth said as he reached around to the back of his belt and pulled a red and white Pokeball off of it, "We need to get you registered to a ball. I won't make you stay in it if you don't want to, but I do need you to hop in it for a bit. Otherwise someone could nab you, run off, and..."

He trailed off, remembering all the events of the earlier morning. The very idea that something like what Jaden had to go through could well happen to him made Seth visibly shudder. "And there'd be nothing I could say about it," he finished solemnly. "Ah, but that's not something to dwell on, this is great! In you go now, Senka," he concluded as he tossed the ball lightly into the air so it would fall right over him and tap the top of Senka's head.

Oh, registration was that. The dark type eyes went wide as he watched the pokeball. All the bad stories and fears Noibat told him about that device made him imagine horrible things to happen to anyone inside. Why else would there be so much hate and fear towards the pokeball... Yet his ears picked at the tone Boss had. One that made it feel like something bad he was remembering. Without really thinking about it Senka rubbed his snout against boss head nearly as if he would silently say there-there.

He didnt say anything as he watched the ball fly up and spin gently. His tail managing to nervously flicker in the the moment. He was doing this for N so a bit of pain he could handle. It was temporarily anyway, until he evolved. The pokeball tapped on his red streak of hair and he was pulled in.


Darkness hugged him from every side.

And senka blinked at it, feeling confused. He was awaiting a lot of things, some form of torture yes, but a enjoyable darkness was not one of them. He felt the blackness respond to him as it slither and wrap around him, keeping the places on his body that hurt stable. He liked it, the safety of the shadows were always something he loved. The darkness of the night always there for him to offer safety. Just like this darkness was doing it. He closed his eyes, relying on his other senses. He was floating, it was a funny feeling but not one he enjoyed the next moment after he was thinking that the darkness felt heavier and his feet gently landed on a surface.

A black surface in a black world. Nothing but void. So nothing that could hurt him either, a place where he could hide with ease. He really liked this. So much so that he dropped to lay on the surface and simply enjoyed the feeling of safety and darkness. Sleep coming to him in mere moments.

In the outside world, the pokeball announced a critical capture, as the pokemon inside it didnt even attempt to break out.

And then it was done. Seth could hardly believe his senses- he'd found a partner! At last, he could actually call himself a Trainer and start his journey properly! And from Senka's phrasing, it sounded like Route 2 was the destination of choice. So, without another word, he spun on a foot and set off into Viridian Forest to do just that.

What a way to begin!

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Well, the time I thought I had, obviously, did not come. However, I don't believe there's anything major I need to have Markus do in reaction, so I should be good to move ahead.
Sincerest apologies, I got hammered by things I needed to get done this past week. Monday and Tuesday are my catch-up days, and that will include posting for this RP. Many thanks for the patience, I'm sure I must be quite the nuisance at this point.
I should be able to post this evening, just been extra busy this week. Thanks for the patience!
Well i would like to clarify that Sunfields are a Duchy and have a blood connection to the royal family (strong enough to be loyal followers but not high enough to even become rulers)

Adjusting the language accordingly, thanks for the heads up.

EDIT: Done.
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