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Current Gonna be without power for a bit today, apologies if I don't speak much.
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Have a few days off. Look for posts for sure today & tomorrow!
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Just found out an online friend I used to RP with passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. Didn't know them super well, but the news is saddening all the same =(
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Family ate Thanksgiving a night early because of schedules. Will be tending to all my various posts tomorrow since I'll have time to do so!
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Long timer roleplayer, been at it for... god, almost 15 years now all told. Hasn't been all sunshine and roses, but I like to think I've improved somewhat steadily as time has gone on.

I generally like to play older characters, or at least toward the higher end of an age range. Also, just about all of my characters are caring and protective in some capacity, even the rare meanie that I make.

I play a mixture of male and female characters. I myself am a guy.

Generally speaking I try to post at least once per week.

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It wasn't something Edward was used to. Noise had followed him wherever he had gone since he'd been a boy. But not here. Here the silence was eerie, almost oppressive. Or maybe that was just his ears still ringing from the final detonation. No, on second thought it was definitely just utterly soundless in here. And for that matter there was no color in the walls or ceiling either.

"Hello?" he called as he sat up from the floor where he lay. His voice echoed as though he were in an empty concert hall, but no reply came. Was this the afterlife, then? He certainly died, there was no getting around that, he thought as he rose to his feet. As he looked around, he realized why his voice had echoed so- the room was and empty concert hall, the one he'd performed in on many occasions. But it wasn't quite the same, and it wasn't just the paintjob that told him that.

"What's going on here?" he asked to nobody. To his surprise, a knock from one of the backstage doors answered him. Out of shock he whirled around and, on pure instinct made to call Lucy to his hands- and to his further surprise she came, appearing out of thin air. But something wasn't quite right. He could feel no power within her, felt that he would not be able to use her to wield the sound, at least not yet. Still, his guitar's presence in his hands was a comfort, and he began to slowly stride toward the door. Which, he only noticed as he got closer, had a knob instead of its typical pushbar.

"Something is definitely weird here," Edward said warily, "And damn if I'm not going to find out what!" he declared as he grabbed the knob and flung wide the door...!
Yes, me. Will be doing so today.

"Ahh. Right. 'See the wind, feel the wind, be the wind'," Alexander replied as he finished eating the apple, "Just in a much more literal sense. It'd be pretty useful to be able to do that everywhere, but that would also be kind of unfair."

He stowed the core in his jacket pocket, mostly out of habit because he used to feed them to Julie, but also because it was never really a good idea to leave the things lying around wherever. Then he took to keeping an eye on the surroundings while Astrid drew something on the ground. He had no idea what it was; magic was something entirely foreign to him. But, it was obvious she was focusing on it, and when someone was doing that during a task everyone else's job was to either watch them so they did it right or watch around them so nothing stopped them. It was just how you did things in the crew, and this was hardly any different. So, since he couldn't watch her so she did it right, he watched around them so nothing would stop her.

He did notice, however, that her necklace grew into a spear. Which seemed incredibly useful, even though his preferred weapon stowed nicely on his belt. And, thankfully, it was still there as he confirmed it by running his hand along the hilt.
I'm still good.

Is the characters tab open for accepted CS's, or would you like to do some per-emptive posting in there?


Exiting slipstreams was tricky, but once you knew the process it was pretty easy to do. The key was to disperse the momentum you'd built up without crashing into the ground, or rather the white void that acted as the ground. And as Alexander was ejected from the stream he started wheeling his legs until one of his feet struck something solid, at which point he allowed himself to tumble forward, landed on his upper arm, and rolled for a few more feet. As he got up, it struck him how utterly bizarre this place was. He didn't mind emptiness- an empty sky was an absolute joy to fly through after all, but this wasn't quite the same.

Before he could think too much about it, Kade was handing him an apple and he realized just how hungry he'd gotten. "Much obliged," he said as he took it and began to chomp into it from the side. While he was eating, Astrid approached and asked him a question.

"Honestly? The hell if I know," he said between bites of apple, "Never done anything like it in my life. I kind of just... felt the wind, and tried commanding it like a mount almost. And somehow it worked. Maybe because of whatever was in that tunnel?"

He took another large chomp. "Your guess is as good as mine."
Should be ready for review. Apologies it took me a while to do.

@Saltwater Thiefare you still in this?

I would like to be, yes. I've been having PC troubles over the weekend that have interfered with a lot of stuff. I can work on a CS tonight and tomorrow!
I'm glad I saw this before I posted in your Interest Check. This sounds a bit like Drifters, I'm definitely interested if you have the space.
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