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Just found out an online friend I used to RP with passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. Didn't know them super well, but the news is saddening all the same =(
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Family ate Thanksgiving a night early because of schedules. Will be tending to all my various posts tomorrow since I'll have time to do so!
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"I'll get right on that," Alexander said, glad of having something to do. It would take his mind off things, even if he wasn't all that fond of going down to the basement. Being underground wasn't his thing. In fact it was the opposite of his thing, in all technicality. But, the house was in need. And when the people he lived with were in need, there wasn't any time for waffling about things he didn't like; he sucked it up and took care of what he needed to. So, with a nod of his head to Eleanor, he turned around a couple of times to orient himself, and then started walking toward Christopher's room.

Alexander rarely spoke to Christopher, unless Hannah and Sumi dragged them both to the same table. And even then there wasn't much interaction. There also wasn't any animosity, at least not that Alexander knew of, so that was nice at least. It mostly just came down to being from different Doors and having little common ground. Like it usually was for Eleanor's wayward children, or so it seemed to the lost sky pirate.

Also, the candy skull thing was a little bizarre. Odd thing to think for someone who knew the skull and crossbones well, but it was still truthful.

"Hey Christopher," Alexander called as he knocked on the door, "You down here mate?"

Ericka Yumia

Location: Camp Half Blood, Mess Hall
Interaction with @rivaan@Bee@Tonks@KazAlkemi

The rush came and went while Ericka sat eating. Nobody had really bothered her, all of them being too engrossed in their food, but it was certainly quite noisy as the hall filled up. Eventually she decided to pack in the maps and plotting until later and folded her things back into her backpack. As she looked around she didn't manage to see any familiar faces; a pity, really, eating with friends and family was always a highlight of the day. But, she had things to get done at the armory and didn't have the luxury of loitering about waiting.

As a pleasant surprise, however, it seemed she wouldn't have to. As she cleaned up her dishes and walked out the door, she noticed a small gathering of people she knew just outside- including Zoey and a blonde girl with Brynn's face. When on earth had she done that? It hadn't been that way the day before... Ericka shook her head slowly. Yet another sister going the way of the sunshine head. Soon she'd be the only one left without it, probably. A quick look at her phone told Ericka that she had some time still, so she sauntered over just as Zoey mentioned tackling Ryland regardless of his team.

"Well you'll have to do that after we win," she said as she walked up, "He's with us tonight and we're going to need him uninjured."

"And just when did you sneak off to do this?" She asked Brynn as she reached out and ran her hand down one of the newly blonde tresses, "My goodness it's going to be all of you before the summer's out!"

It was shortly thereafter that Zeke approached and started making his usual ruckus. Ericka never had much of a taste for the Apollo child... but now was hardly a time for hostilities. So she settled for a brief disapproving glance as response to his question's phrasing and nothing more.
Would like to note that Wednesday or Thursday I will be posting for Ericka. In said post she will be moving from the Dining Hall to the Armory unless she becomes occupied before then, so if anybody wants to interact with her at the Dining Hall they should make it happen shortly.

Ericka Yumia

Location: Camp Half Blood, Mess Hall

It was going to be an exceptionally busy day.

When it came to Camp, few things boiled the half-deity blood of all the campers to a higher temperature than Capture the Flag night. And to call the game's ruleset "full contact" was an understatement; most campers treated it like a small war. But, since weapons training never really took a day off, that made the day leading up to the contest one of the busiest days of the week in the Armory. Ericka had hung a sign on the door the night before that read "All weapons MUST be returned by 3:30 pm" just so she and anyone who was up for helping would have time to run last second inventory and maintenance before the game. After all, if a critical engagement was lost because a Nike daughter, or gods forbid an Ares son had their rental weapon break they'd spend the following week raising hell about it.

"To say nothing of the grief they're entirely likely to dredge up about the arrangements regardless," she sighed to herself over a bowl of cereal. There would almost certainly be at least one group that got vocal about her trying to rig the game with the weapon rentals. There usually was. Nevermind that she had done nothing of the sort in three years. Nevermind that most of the ones who complained had their own personal weapons anyway. Nevermind that she actively invited whoever was concerned to help and see for themselves that nothing untoward occurred, yet was mysteriously never taken up on it. It was honestly such a headache.

But, Ericka mused as she studied a map of the campgrounds, it did also provide ample motivation to simply hand them all their rear ends in spectacular fashion. She paused to take a bite of cereal, then turned her attention back toward the CTF area. This week's game was going to be a difficult one; the cabins had been divided in somewhat uneven fashion. Assuming everyone showed up, her team would be looking at numbers of 78 versus 119. Even the Aphrodite cabin had been pulled off the sidelines to keep it from being almost two to one. Numbers weren't the end-all be-all of course- the games against the Huntresses proved that in spades- but they did still merit significant strategic weight. And, she reminded herself, she didn't have the Huntresses to work with. They DID have Ry, Kiera, Ash, and Arthur, each of whom was a boon in and of themselves, but they would have to be used carefully. A thousand thoughts turned in her head as she sat with her breakfast, mulling over as many strategies and plans as she could in the time that she had, barely taking notice of anybody else entering the hall for the morning...

Alexander didn't say anything further. What on earth could he say? That he could sympathize? That he knew what Astrid was going through? That he did almost the exact same thing the first time he heard the sound of a bird larger than a pigeon outside? Such things wouldn't help right now. No, he reasoned with himself, he had nothing that could be said about that. So, when she walked past shivering in the rain, he almost absentmindedly shed his jacket and placed it around her shoulders.

"I'd like it back, when you think of it," he said to her, "No rush." And with that he was walking back inside. All of today's events had him in various degrees of unsettlement; he needed to spend a little time holding onto his knife.
Should be nice, neat, and ready for review.

Eavesdropping was hardly a new thing for Alexander. The make of the doors was different, but the idea was the same; sound carried, and while walls and doors could muffle it, usually it couldn't be blocked out. You just had to get real close to said wall and keep your ears sharp. Katalina got to the wall first, so she got the better audio, but he still caught most of the conversation. Kade was worried. About what, Alexander had no way of saying, and he didn't catch whatever the end of the conversation was.

Before he could check with Katalina, however, the storm outside broke at last with a deafening crash. Alexander nearly jumped out of his skin, and amid the noise he heard Astrid yell something about being present before racing past them toward the front door. Seizing on the convenient distraction that stood opposite getting scolded by Kade and Eleanor, Alexander stood and bolted toward the door after her.

"Astrid!" he called as he reached the door, "Come back inside, lightning's dangerous here!"
I'd be interested. Been a while since I was in an FT-based RP, and even longer since I got in on the ground floor.
Post is up. If I go more than a week between them again, shoot me.

After he finished dinner Alexander was faced with the question of what he wanted to do with the rest of the evening. There was always his usual pastime, but it looked like it might storm tonight so that was probably out. He sighed somberly to nobody in particular; storms used to be no issue for him. In fact he used to make sport of going out in them just for the thrill. Those were the nights, he thought, as a memory bubbled up in his mind.

The airship had been in port for the night, and a good thing for that because the winds were picking up and the thunder was setting in. But while the rest of the port had buckled down and stayed indoors, Alexander and First Mate Marco had donned heavy coats, raced to the edge of the floating island, and leaped over while whistling for their birds. Julie and Edward came soaring in to catch them, and together they swooped through the darkening clouds. The wind howled in their ears as lightning flashed and cracked around them, the rain assaulted their faces and soaked their coats through to their bones, and the sky itself seemed to roar in displeasure at their presence. But the birds danced upon the air and swooped around the electrified bolts before they struck, all the while screaming through the dusk air at unfathomable speeds while their riders laughed and yelled. There was no real danger to them; Stormwings lived up to their namesakes incredibly well and were designed by nature for flying into and through such unfriendly skies. Even lightning, the most destructive force in all the air, was nothing to fear from Julie's back.

But that was then. Here, on plain, boring earth, storms were a thing to be wary of. There was no Julie to detect and barrel roll away from a lightning bolt long before it lashed out. And climbing up onto the roof with all its metal when there was even a chance of the weather turning south was out of the question, if for no other reason than Kade would yell at him again. That left him in search of something else to do, he reasoned, but as he turned down the hall to go find it he found himself face to face with Katalina... who was being awfully quiet when she greeted him.

"Hi," he said in a response that matched her volume, "What are you up to?"
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