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𝓡𝔂𝓪𝓷 𝓦𝓸𝓸𝓭𝓼/ 𝓚𝓸𝓫𝓪𝔂𝓪𝓼𝓱𝓲 𝓢𝓪𝓽𝓸𝓼𝓱𝓲 小林 慧

>>Come, let my spice mesmerize you.<<
>>NPCs, and whoever wants some spicy food realistically.<<

A subdued Ssssssszzzzzzzz can be heard from Ryan's cart. The fire is roaring, the smell be wafting near and wide. Ryan, ever immersed in his music and his cooking, is quite literally dancing behind the wok. His arms moved with precision and the contents of the wok were tossed around with vigor.

Ryan has retrieved some of the ground beef and pork combo from one of the iced coolers and began stir-frying it in the hot wok. Before the protein was added, Ryan heated up some of the chili oil and some neutral cooking oil in the wok at the same time. He wanted the protein to take on some of the chili flavor, sure, but he used the extra neutral oil to preserve the natural sweetness of the proteins themselves.

Next came the fermented beans. Namely the broad bean chili sauce from Sichuan and fermented black beans, The hot oil, both from what he had added and whatever has rendered out from the beef and pork, drew out the scent and taste from the chili bean paste and fermented beans.

The next things he added was the fried chili blend from before. He took care to not add any more chili oil into the wok as it did not need any at this point. The point of this step is to simply let the flavors of the fried chilis and the content of the wok get to know each other. (Thank you Andrew Rea)

Once the content comes back up to temperature, Ryan tossed in the aromatics. Namely, ginger, garlic, and a small amount of fresh Facing Heaven chilis, for the spice it offered in its fresh form. Mixing the contents together, Ryan took a small spoon and tasted it, to see what other seasoning it could use before Ryan start to put the finishing touches together.

The taste was on point. It was where he wanted it to be, knowing what else he is going to add to it. Sure, in its current state the sauce-like mixture is nearly inedible, but Ryan was going to transform it. First, Ryan added in some rice wine, for its distinctive flavor that is different than a sherry or regular cooking wine. Stirring vigorously to combine. Once that step is finished, Ryan stirred into a corn starch slurry that was made from a mild chicken stock instead of water. The aroma and taste of the chicken stock would be very very faint against all the strong flavors already present in the dish. Once the mixture heats up and comes to a boil, the full thickening powers of the corn starch came through. Taking the once thinning mixture to a perfect 'sauce consistency'. Giving the mixture another taste, Ryan decided to add in a little bit of honey. Not only to take some of the edge off of the spices present, but to add in another subtle dimension to the entire dish. Finally, as if to dot his 'I's and cross his 'T's, Ryan retrieve the chilled, diced tofu and gently added them into the wok. Then, as carefully as possible, to tossed the tofu and the sauce together to not only warm the tofu, but for it to take on the flavors present in the wok.

During this entire time, everything in the wok was taking on a secret flavor. One that can only be described as 'wok's breath' or 'wok-hei' A flavor that can only be achieved by stir-frying in a well-seasoned cast iron wok with high flames.

Gingerly, Ryan removed the content from the wok and onto a pure white porcelain plate, making sure to clean off the edges. Then, finally, he tossed on some pre-sliced scallions to give the distinctively red dish a nice touch of green. "Please, take this to that judge. Oh, here. Don't forget these I suppose..." Ryan place a small bowl of white rice onto the tray as well. "Well, I guess these too..." Ryan moved over to the clay oven, lifting the top. The steam and smoke bellowed out from within. The smell was quite memorable. One can pick up the smell of toasted sesame, black pepper, pork and freshly baked bread.

Of course, these are buns he made and set to bake before he started working on the tofu dish. The outer shell is baked to a toasty brown. Flaky to the point where the shell cracks when pressed. The filling inside is juicy, aromatic, and riddled with the flavors of black pepper, scallions, ginger and pork. The meat juices have been absorbed by the inner layers of the bun, resulting in a cracker-like shell but a slightly chewy interior.

Placing one bun on a small white porcelain plate, Ryan deemed the tray as satisfactory and sent the helper off.

Mapo Tofu and Taiwanese Black Pepper Buns are now ready.

(A little bit more on 'wok's breath', by the Michelin Guide)
The dish Ryan will be making is mapo tofu. A specialty of the Sichuan province in China. Sure, its spicy as hell, but its the good kind of spicy that makes you want more and more. A second dish he is preparing is Taiwanese black pepper buns. Think of it as a round hand pie, baked in a tandoori oven. The outer shell is flaky to the point of one might call it crispy, while the filling is succulent, flavorful and unforgettable.

White rice will be offered but it is not something that needs to be judged. It just plain short grain white rice.

No dessert specifically. However, herbal tea that he brews himself will be offered as accompaniment. This tea, while herbal, is slightly sweetened and served chilled. Again, not something that needs to be judged, but I can offer more detail on its blend if needed.

I think thats it. lol.
>>Leaving the bar, hopefully to embark<<

Jōichirō let out a boisterous laugh. "Well said. For an old man!" The young man exuded an air of swagger, like the old man had observed. With the combination of his fruit powers and his swordsmanship, he did indeed think himself as invincible. Other than the fact that he will die if he is killed. "So, you're a shipwright? I thought you were more than that. But thats fine I guess." He continued.

Sure. He saw the red-headed one fire out some concentrated heat beams from his eyes. He chuckled inwardly as he related the attack to some classic mech-anime where the mechs shot out laser beams. Truthfully, Jōichirō took note of the situation, thinking that the red-headed one's powers to be similar to his own. Now he is really intrigued. He wonders who is truly stronger, given the fact that some devil fruits essentially have a different, powered up versions of themselves. In any case, it seems like the old man also had some sort of devil fruit powers as he worked quickly to subdue the young girl he spoke to previously.

Pushing some of the nameless fodder aside, he approached the red-headed one directly. "Let it be known that I still don't trust you. I don't believe you to be stronger than me. And you better sleep with one of those laser beams ready. One slip. I'm taking your ship. For now, lets get out of here..." He finished and drew one of this swords. The one with a red scabbard, black guard, and a matte grey sheen to the blade.

He was ready to cut down whoever got in their way to setting sail...

@Reflection@King Cosmos
>>Bar, by the Alabasta Docks<<

Tsk. Jōichirō audibly made an annoyed sound. Sure, he was dropping eaves but for the old man to openly call him out was still quite irritating. Making a small circle with a raised elbow and his right shoulder, Jōichirō tugged and adjusted the swords tied to his left hip.

A fight is coming. There seems to be more than one pirate crew around. This will be fun.

Jōichirō grinned while looking down towards the bar where he sat. Downing the pint of ale that was poured for him, he turned in his chair and looked back. "Oi! Red-head! You're recruiting? Only a captain recruits his crew... And I wonder who died and made you captain..." He stood and peered back at the red headed one. "Old man. He your captain? Why is that?..." He said, openly challenging both of them in a sense. "Little girl, stay out of this, yeah? Go be edgy somewhere else while the adults talked. Are you even old enough to be in bar...?" He said, brushing off the the shady girl.

"Anyways. You're recruiting you said? Yeah. I'll join. I might even call you cap'n...but not before you prove to me you're worth my time...." Jōichirō said, slowly approaching the gathered crowd of pirate.

@Reflection@ladyonyx04@King Cosmos
>>Docks of Alabasta<<

Walking over, Jōichirō spotted some ships. " I'll take one of these and sail out of here before I die of dehydration..." He said, as he made his way around the docks. Sure, he had some berris with him, and he really should spend them on more essential things. But for the time being, some sort of beverage was deemed as essential.

Making his way into a bar, he carefully made his way around the doors, making sure not to clip the doors with the scabbards of his swords. Sure, these swords are not named, but to him, they are quite valuable. He did forge them himself after all. "Oi, Inn Keep! Give me the coldest pint you have!" He called out, dropping a few coins onto the counter as payment.

Of course, the Inn keep delivered his drink to him without much of a word and took the coins before walking away. Spotting a flamboyant guy with red hair chatting with an old guy with an eye patch, he quickly decided that these guys should either already have a ship or know their way onto one. So. staying a small distance away, he tried to pry some information about them by listening to the contents of their conversation...

@King Cosmos@Reflection
Did someone say fight?
𝓡𝔂𝓪𝓷 𝓦𝓸𝓸𝓭𝓼/ 𝓚𝓸𝓫𝓪𝔂𝓪𝓼𝓱𝓲 𝓢𝓪𝓽𝓸𝓼𝓱𝓲 小林 慧

>>Shokugeki no Ryan<<
>>NPCs only, currently. Feel free to interrupt him though.<<

The cart is ready. It has a small tandoor-style clay oven, a single wood-fired range, a small prepping station and a small dry-storage cabinet. The cart was being towed by a large, Chevrolet Silverado that practically screamed 'Murica. In the cab, Ryan had two large coolers packed with ice and various ingredients. Two more coolers could be seen as well, but these held no ice. Over bluetooth, Ryan said "Yeah, just bring the soft drinks. I have everything else. Wood? Yeah, its in the bed of the truck. We're good."

The call clicked off.

Arriving on the outskirt of the festival, Ryan checked in with the event staff and signed in. His location had been previous determined to be in the main sector of the festival. Not that it mattered to him. He is just doing this for fun now. He isn't even concerned with the competition. If the judge showed up to his stall, he or she can wait just the same, if there is a line anyways.

Parking his car, he unloaded the wood into the wood into the bottom of the clay oven, tied the four cooler onto any flat surface he can find on the cart and then went back to lock his car. Double-checking that he has all the things he brought, Ryan gave a small nod before beginning his push towards his location.

As he arrived, he wiped the sweat from his brows with the towel around his neck and parked the cart. Securing the wheels of the cart with chocks, he made some small adjustments as to how the cart would sit. Once satisfied, he untied all the coolers and arranged them in a fashion where his workflow would be maximized. Nodding softly, he squatted down and unloaded most of the wood, save for some smaller pieces. Starting a small fire, he began to condition his clay-oven and his range, wanting to preserve them even beyond this festival. Once the fire is started, he just leaves it to burn, adding wood very slowly to raise the temperature in a consistent manner. He also unpacked all the mise en place and arranged them in order. Checking in one of the coolers, he was satisfied with how the dough is proofing.

It is still rather early and his stall isn't open yet. He took out his dough, dumping it down onto the floured work surface on the cart. Kneading softly, he just wanted to elongate the gluten chain a little bit more and thats it. Once satisfied, he scrapped the dough back up and placed it back into a lightly oiled bowl and placed the entire sealed container back into one of the un-iced cooler to rest and proof a second time.

Meanwhile, the clay over is quite hot now. He stopped adding wood to let the temperature come down a bit and he does the same on the range side as well, maintaining the fire. From one of the ice-packed cooler, he took out some fresh soft tofu. Draining them slightly, he places a pot of water onto the range and lets it come up to temperature and further into boiling. He salts the water very gently while it boils. As it is coming up to temperature, Ryan dices the soft tofu into small bite-sized pieces, being mindful not to break any. Once the tofu is blanched through, he drains them carefully and places them into a bowl, storing it back into the one of the iced coolers. Next, he wiped down the pot and heated it until it was completely dry. Once dried, he took it off the heat and let it cool off before adding what looks like a preposterous amount of chili. Flakes, whole, seeds, grounds, pulp, everything. The pot was literally half filled with various forms of hot pepper. Within the blend, Ryan had chosen Sichuan peppercorn, in various ways, chili de arbol, in various forms, a little habanero for its floral flavor, and the classic Facing Heaven pepper, because he has to stay true to the dish's roots after all. Taking out a large container of oil and drained it into the pot. Once the pepper are all submerged, he placed the entire pot over the fire and lets it come up slowly to temperature in order to extract all the flavor and spice contained with the peppers.

While the peppers are getting ready, Ryan continued his prep work by starting to cut up all the aromatics such as ginger, garlic, scallions. He had some headphones on, and one can say he is in the zone. In his mind, he knows exactly what he is doing, and what he is planning on doing next. As he finishes cutting up all the aromatics, the chili oil is done. He drains some of the oil out and keeps it separated from everything else while dumping out the rest of the pot into a different container.

Here we go. The festival should be starting soon...
@ladyonyx04Character moved and a small post for his introduction.
>>Currently, at the docks at Alabasta<<

"Ahhhh...its such a bother..." Jōichirō said, trudging along the banks of Sandora river towards Alubarna. "Its so hot here too...ahhhhhh...." Jōichirō sighed. Looking up, there was nothing but blue skies, a scorching sun, and endless sand. He might as well have locked himself in a hot cell in a marine jail somewhere. At least there he might get some water or something...

Alas, here he is, in Alabasta, looking for a way to gain the freedom he so desired...

There are ships, somehow, within his view. Even though he might not be able to man an entire ship by himself, it might be better than to simply walk to exhaustion and die of dehydration in this desert. He spots a ship, and approaches, trying to commandeer it for his own use...


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