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(Please excuse the plain-ness of this post. I’m doing this on a tablet...)

Sol was up quite late the night before. He was messing around on an old laptop, running an old version of GarageBand. Hell no he didn’t pay for it. He is too damn poor to pay for the premium instruments they offer in the program.

Waking up in the morning, Sol quietly walked down the stair, giving a half-assed greeting to anyone he would meet along the way. Peering into the fridge, he noticed that he had forgotten to make himself a coffee the night before and therefore he has no coffee in the morning. He doesn’t like hot drinks. He would much rather take them cold. Sighing slightly, he looked around the room, seeing if anyone is up and about...

“Did someone say Starbucks... Can we get going... I need caffeine....” He said, in his usually charming, albeit slightly deeper, voice since he had quite literally just woken up not half an hour ago...
@QueenNuggetHey, my sheer is up. I accidentally posted it in the character tab though...
@QueenNuggetThanks. Sheet, although very abbreviated, is up.

I've been not in the best shape lately. However, I should have my sheet up this weekend at the latest.
**Generic G Dragon CS intensifies**
I'll definitely put a character here if you will have me.
What she said :D@PrinceAlexus
I'm still around. I'm just waiting for epilogue to wrap up since I joined so late.
𝕮𝖍𝖊𝖓 𝖃𝖎𝖆𝖔𝕭𝖆𝖔

The clock struck midnight.

Keyword, Struck.

XiaoBao is late. As per usual.

It is not so much that he cannot get up in time to make it to work. It literally is because he chooses to hit the snooze button. After all, he doesn't really need this job, does he?

In any case, XiaoBao hops out of bed, and take a look in the mirror. His hair is at least presentable and not in the typical shape of the proverbial 'sex hair' which he often wakes up with, regardless of his rendezvous the night prior. Opening his closet, one can see his collection of neatly pressed and hung dress shirts, in various tones of grey, from stark white to charcoal. He decides on a smoke grey shirt and a pair of dark jeans. Peering into this rack of shoes, it is decidedly a high top Jordan 1s kind of night. So, naturally, he reaches for his trusty Jordan 1, colored in what they called Sail and Red trim. After he is all dressed, he hastily grabs a random watch off his dresser to pair with his outfit and heads out, bike helmet in tow.

Putting on his headphone, he started scrolling through some music. This song was the first one on so he decided to just let the playlist play and headed for work.

After a short ride, he would arrive and see that the rest of the evening crew had already arrived. Sighing, he parked and locked his bike and headed in, music still playing.

Without much more than a small wave of nod to any crew he would pass by, he first headed into the back area and dropped off his helmet, one that is haphazardly decorated with stickers and graphics. Taking out his earbuds, he made sure his phone was set to 'vibrate' and tucked it along with the headphones into his right pocket. Straightening himself out, he headed out to the front and approached Matina. "Hey, sorry about being late. Where do you want me tonight?" He said to her, while fixing his hair in short, ruffling movements.

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