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Baek Ji-Min

𝓐𝓰𝓮 & 𝓑𝓲𝓻𝓽𝓱𝓭𝓪𝔂
Twenty-One; November 11 1999

Scorpio ♏︎

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Closeted Non-Binary; They, Them, She, Her

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Seoul, South Korea


History; Political Science

𝓕𝓪𝓬𝓮 𝓬𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓶
Byun Jungha

Born important, Ji-Min knew they were going to be one of the few that would make their mark on history. Whether it was going to be for good or ill, they couldn't have honestly cared less. As long as they were remembered by everyone around them, that's all that mattered. Still, they wanted to be remembered for the right reasons, so the politicians' child always made sure they were on the right side of the right people, and the right people were always the people they chose. Wanted to ask someone out? Sure, no problem, just sign here and Ji-Min would be your perfect wingman. Wanted to ask out one of the most popular kids at school? Haha, no - at least not until they've had a chance to be seen with them first.

The main Baek family comes from a now longstanding line of politicians, with other branches now recently starting to gain footholds in the entertainment industry. Raised wealthy, but not luxuriously, Ji-Min grew up wanting nothing except for love, companionship, and guidance - all things they had to find outside of their family. Some of which they found with W4 as they laughed with them, played with them, cried with them, but ultimately never really connecting with them. At least, not in a way that satisfied the empty feeling in their chest. Still, they were fun to hang around with. For a while.

Then the Scandal happened. No one outside of the main family knew what exactly happened. Nothing ever publicly surfaced that could serve as concrete proof of the Baek's crimes, and Ji-Min's father was allowed to ride out his final term as a member of the National Assembly, but rumours raged about what brought the family down. All anyone knew was that it started with an accusation of Ji-Min's parents each being a part of their own separate torrid love affairs. Ji-Min knew it was true, of course, but then so did their parents. As did their brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins. Everyone knew. Yet Ji-Min knew that together, their parents craved power, indluged in it, bathed in it, and something as silly as rumours of an affair were something they could have quashed easily. Yet they didn't. The Baeks said nothing, carried out the last terms of their more public roles gracefully, and stepped away from society.

And so their fortunes came crashing down, and W4 were nowhere to be found. The only people left around Ji-Min were themselves, and their family - a family still ravenous for power.

making all this reminds me i should probably go out and get some soju. maybe some calpico to go with it.
I'll throw my hat in

Cravin' something cyberpunk
A small tug pawed at the edges of Lokkir's lips, pushing it upwards, but the trained royal knew how to quash such motions quickly. Even if the sight of a Qaeltine, no, his wife, attempting to speak Hudvalri was adorable. "Yes, he began in his own rough Qaeltic, his tongue feeling heavy and coarse. "Equals. A unity...? No, ah, team." Revealing a flushed smile, he smoothly moved back to his own native Hudvalri. "I look forward to being an equal partner with you, dear wife -" But, somehow, that title for her felt wrong. Not enough. Instead of dear wife perhaps... "- Aeris. We'll make quite the team indeed."

It would have to do.

The sudden shift in her tone afterwards made him sit a bit more at attention, listening carefully and silently to what Qaeltic medicine could offer. Did he want to be rid of his breasts? They were the most constant reminder of his gender, but not the most uncomfortable. He didn't know how to take the knowledge that he didn't know what he would have preferred.

Still, like many things, that could be a topic reserved for later. For now, he hoped a simple "Thank you. I will think on it," would suffice as a reply. Seeing her struggle with her hair, Lokkir stood and rummaged around for a comb, amusingly finding the one presented as part of a betrothal gift to her. Placed there by a maid, perhaps. The task would normally be done by a maid, he supposed, but before he was a prince, he was a brother to several demanding sisters, and that meant he was no stranger to proper hair care. It took a devilish amount of time to sort his own dyed hair at times, after all.

Sitting next to her on the bed, he motioned for her to turn so that he could start sorting her hair out properly. The young prince hoped Aeris wouldn't be bothered by it too much if he was the one to do it, but at the same time he imagined that she would be the type of person to not mind so terribly. Where that observation came from, he didn't know. They had only spent one awkward night and now a seemingly lengthy morning together, after all. Then again, they had also been enemies for years, and Lokkir was no stranger to being frustrated by the movements and reports of a certain "Death Knight."

There were still a number of things they had to do to actually cement their alliance. Their union was simply a first step among countless many. One of them in particular would have to be completed quickly, lest its stirrings draw too much unwanted attention and ire. Whatever the Vardaskr line may have been labeled over its many years on the throne, there was one, thing that formed the core of their identity and fiercesome reputation: dragons. His family - their family's pact with them was what allowed them to take the throne in ages past. And not just one clan of the noble beasts, but multitudes over the years. No Vardaskr would be seen as a legitimate heir if they weren't bonded to one.

Unfortunately, they were also the same beasts that allowed Hudvalr to cling onto their position in the war for so long, calamities following in the wake of every battle a bonded pair was involved in. Oceans have risen and dried from their passing, mountains and forest rising, crumbling, and burning, all calamities which have doubtlessly taken innumerable Qaeltine lives. But if Aeris was to have even a chance of surviving in Hudvalr - no, not Hudvalr, her - Aeris would need to bond with a dragon of her own. But perhaps in all this planning, they hadn't accounted for all the secrets and power that Qaeltic science held? There was a reason why the two countries had been locked in a bitter stalemate for years, dragons and their bonded weren't all powerful. Lokkir himself had helped to bitterly prove that, as his scars had attested to.

Lokkir quickly realized he would reach nowhere by thinking himself about this to death, however. The other half of the problem, and solution, sat right in front him, her hair being combed through by his own hands. "Aeris," he began, slow, hesitant, and awkward. "How do you feel about dragons?"

"Or rather, how do you feel about bonding with one?"

Here lies Vox

Hi, I'm back

"... Epodyni Philia!"

A brief shimmer hovered over both Kori and Obenn, before the latter was swallowed in a torrential sea of grime and mud spewed forth by the giant lizard. Though nothing impacted the cat girl physically, the magic caused all her nerve ends to flare as the magic shared the crushing impact of the attack, her body being assaulted in every direction. The phantom pain wasn't anything she wasn't used to, however, though admittedly her previous uses of the spell had been in situations that were much less dire and life-threatening. At the very least it wouldn't cripple her, evidenced by how she immediately leaped back into the fray after Penn opened a wound in the beast's skin.

Kori raised her long, heavy blade, driving her blade into the fresh opening between the lizard's layers. Obenn would have to be helped later; the advantage the party had now could not be given up.

Kori let out an exasperated exclamation of complaint as the beast seemed to ignore her completely, instead choosing to fill and distend it's belly in an uncomfortable manner with an even more uncomfortable amount of dirt. Varan remained comfortably above away from it's attacks it seemed like and Castor was skulking out of it's sight. That left only Oben as it's only clear target, especially after his blade seemingly got stuck in its gullet.

Protective instincts immediately flared seeing him standing alone in front of the giant lizard, but as nimble and motherly as she may be, she liked to think she wasn't too self-sacrificial or stupid. There was no telling how wide the lizard's attack would be nor how soon it would release its move, so there was no telling whether she'd run fast enough to either push to drag him with her away from the attack. She could very well save him, but she could just as easily get them both caught in the attack.

Instead, the best course of action that she possible was to use to the falna granted to her by Hecate while moving into a spot that should be relatively safe from the lizard's attack, which seemed to be behind the lizard itself. Her legs automatically moved into action once she had decided her course, all the meanwhile extending her hand out to Oben, her mouth chanting the arcane words that would grant him her divine protection.

"By the fate that binds us, by the chains that weigh us, join me in this sacred ritual. Share me your burdens and I in turn will share in your wounds..."

Party Boat
Party Time

Put it between your lips softly, breathe it in slowly, and give it not an ounce of attention. Feel it in your mouth, let your tongue play and roll around with it, savor its taste. Hold it until you can't breathe, then hold it on longer until finally, release it with one, last, pleasurable blow.

Remi watched the smoke roil away and disappear above her, watching as it was whipped away by the rushing winds as the sounds of those young, drunk, and in love with life seized every moment they could around her. She let ashes fall down the side of the ferry as she turned her eyes to the waves and the horizon, allowing her last cigarette to burn its last moments away brightly and quietly alone. She held onto it even after it had died out and stood a statue on the rolling railings, a still painting amidst the frenetic motions of ecstatic energy that surrounded her. And then she got tired of being all mysterious and pulled a nearby handsome boy that had caught her eye. He was stumbling, laughing, and could barely even register any surprise before realizing that she had put his arm around her waist, her hand trailing down his outer thigh. Chocolate brown eyes stared up into his own, soft lips slightly parted. The moment lingered between their gazes, her face gravitating steadily closer before twirling away out of his grasp, a hand leading him towards somewhere a little more private.

She needed something to wash out the taste anyway.

Welcome to Paradise

With Rachel, it was always amusing to see what sort of ostentatious display of wealth she would present to those around her, whether it be in friendships, favors, or just plain old money, and with the Krakens' welcome, Remi felt that the girl had certainly outdone herself this time. It almost seemed as if the entire uni was present to listen to Rachel's speech, to hear that the entire island had been reserved exclusively for them, and to see just how big that playground was.

Overall, a solid performance.

It didn't take long for Remi to settle in to her new cabin, mostly because she just left her suitcases on top of an empty bed still packed and unopened, having already changed into her beach attire back on the ferry; it seemed only appropriate. Dressed in a loose white blouse, a pair of booty shorts, and a yellow bikini for modesty, Remi was ready to continue the party. She debated on bringing some sort of jacket or sweater, but considering that it was five-thirty in the evening and still hot and the fact that she wanted to be hot, she decided against. Even if the weather would turn a bit more nippy later as the night dragged on, either she'd be too tired to care or already in someone's cabin. Besides, worst comes to worst she's sure she could just borrow someone's and return it back maybe, if she would remember who they were.

That aside, there was still some time until the bonfire would actually start. She had no plans to spend it cooped inside, of course. Immediately venturing out onto the beach where the bonfire was going to be held, the first thing that caught her eye was the beach bar with all the empty stools, the second being the impressive display of alcohol arrayed behind the model stunner of a bartender, and then the chiseled man currently sitting there. Remi didn't think she knew him, but she never had the best memory of people in the first place. Not like that would have mattered to her anyway as best case scenario, she would make a new friend as she glided over to the bar. Worst case scenario, it becomes a bit awkward, then it won't, and then she'll have re-made a new friend.

As Remi settled down onto the seat right next to the man, catching most of his comment. "How many do you think it'll take before she pretends to be impressed," she snarked with a smile, sliding herself into the conversation. "Gin fizz," she ordered as she lazed down into her seat.
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