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In Vox Box 3 hrs ago Forum: Character Sheets

I already have an idea in mind for a Misfit, but I'm equally comfortable floating over as a Gearhead if need be.
Looks like there's a full 12, but if there's still some more room I'd love to grab a seat
Still here!

At the mention of obligations and of the sudden admittance of his hardships, Fuyuko suddenly found herself looking at Ji, eyebrows scrunched and raised in a mixture of worry and annoyance. "I always pay all my models fairly. Always," she stated seriously, all previous hesitation gone from her voice.

Still, she found herself looking away from him again. Most of her anxiety with the new situation had simmered down only to be replaced with the ones that continually plagued her, ears twitching in irritation as she laid a cheek down on one hand resting on the guitar, the other fidgeting and plucking away at the strings muted by her palm. "I make good enough money to afford it," she mumbled, words to more reassure herself than Ji.

But he had nothing to do with any of that and she knew it and knew that he probably only said what he did to be considerate. After all, he was trying his best to relax the atmosphere for her, and it was working. 'Don't think I don't notice what you're doing you... you... you-person-who-I-didn't-think-you-were-you,' she thought to herself.

"Sorry," she eventually sighed, "sorry," adjusting her face so that her chin now rested on her hand and so that she could look up at Ji, which didn't take much effort considering (and she had just noticed) how he was maybe only a few centimeters taller than her. "I've just - I've just worked really hard for a really long time to be where I am so I get a bit snippy when anybody suggests I'm not good at what I do."

"Besides," she said with a small smile, "I bet you don't know the first thing about modeling so you wouldn't know if I under or overpaying you anyway," eyes moving back down onto her instrument in a most conspiratory fashion.
I swear I'm trying to make things normal
Fuyuko continued to hide behind her guitar, but her ears were still keeping track of every movement and word that Ji made. When she heard him say that he was a drifter, guilt and relief flooded her veins, physically deflating as she breathed out an "Oh my goood so that's why you don't have any luggage. I was so worried I-"

"Ah!" She suddenly realized, shooting back up again in her seat. "T-That is, I, um..." her voice getting smaller with every word, "I, well, just thought that you were a burglar or something." She sank behind her guitar once more, eyes shut and trembling. Unable to bear the shame any longer, however, she quickly slid off her bed and bowed low to Ji, instrument across her chest, words rushing out of her mouth as she said, "I'm sorry that was wrong with me but that was why I was acting so weird because I didn't know why anyone would come here without carrying anything and I thought that you needed to know and I didn't want you to think that I was some scaredy cat who jumps at strangers and, and, and..."

Fuyuko quickly found herself running out of breath, still bowing but at least feeling a little bit better about herself. She also managed to straighten herself out once more and look at Ji in the eyes before having to climb up back into her bed. She crossed her legs and laid the guitar in her lap again, but this time allowing it to rest in a much more comfortable position with it in its proper playing position, her hands holding it for comfort. Once she sat down, however, she found her eyes only able to occasionally meet Ji's gaze before they flitted off to another corner of the room. "And yeah. I'd, um, I'd be grateful if we could just kinda forget what happened, ah, Ji."

"I'm Fuyuko Wakana," she continued, voice soft but at least trying to hold a conversational tone. "I'm a photographer. I'm actually here on a job because the owners asked me to do a photoshoot of their place." She wanted to make it up to Ji somehow for putting him through everything that happened since the moment he walked in, but there really wasn't much that she could offer him (or really, felt comfortable offering him), except...

"If... if you're looking for a job I sometimes have people model in my photos, but, uh, with the weather it'd be kinda hard to find anybody right now and I was hoping to start tomorrow. Oh and, I do pay my models. If you're interested."
It's up to you! Personally I do find it a bit strange to have two sets of ears so Fuyuko doesn't, but there's nothing stopping us from having both types of hybrids.

EDIT: I also feel like it won't ever really be too relevant anyway haha, so again you do you
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