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The elf was a few paces beyond his doorstep when he heard the cheer from the hilltop. He paused, squinting slightly against the sunlight, and then groaned audibly. The keg was heavy on his shoulder, and the wood warm to his cheek, but no one would be drinking its contents today.

"I'll be damned if I am going to waste any of my darlings hard work on a bunch of seaborne scum..." He muttered as he turned back and made his way inside. The warmth of the sun vanished at once and was replaced with the cool relief of the shade. The earth smell of the home always made him feel better but not today. Whenever that braggart and his band of murderers came to town, Kadoka headed out of town.

With a sigh of regret he set the keg back down in the store room before collecting his bow and spear. A sharp whistle brought Kita to her feet. She stretched, her shaggy coat a dull brown in the sunbeam she had chosen to occupy. Pudge stirred for a moment, eyeing them from beneath her wing before settling down on her perch again. She only joined the night hunts.

Kadoka slipped out the rear door of the house, made his way through the bee hives, and into the woods. He could be away for a day or two, with any luck, the pirates would be gone, or better yet, dead, by the time he returned.
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The hum of thousands of bees was almost deafening at times as Kakoda moved carefully through the cone shaped hives. The air around him was thick with small yellow and black bodies that occasionally bounced off him as they zipped through the air. None stung him, that rarely ever happened; only when they felt their hives were in danger did they lash out.

Around the hives, spreading in reckless abandon from the rear of his house, right up to the edge of the forest, were meadows of flowers that crawled with more of the industrious insects. It was a beautiful thing to behold, the workings of nature. His late wife had loved flowers and he did not have her skill with them. The bees had taken over the roll for him and as long as the rain fell and the sun shone, the flowers grew. It was a simple time.

He made his way back into the house. His bow and quiver were racked by the door, along with a short spear and a longsword. Kita, her shaggy tail thumping on the floor, eyed him from a nearby sunbeam. She licked her chops as he knelt and scratched her belly; she stretched out at the touch, all four legs pointing into the air. A last scratch of her ears and he was headed into the cellar. Unlike many, this one was above ground. He had obtained a scroll of freezing from a wandering mage and cast it on a stone that sat in the middle of the floor. The temperature in the above ground stone room, mixed with the freezing stone, was ideal for storing both honey and mead.

Two dozen barrels sat neatly to one side and he selected the one closest to the door. It was mead from a month ago and in its prime now. The barrel itself was not much larger than a Pudge, who hooted from a room behind him, likely at a passing person. The dog never moved, and the owl hooted, whenever someone came by. An odder pair he did not think existed.

Lifting the barrel he shrugged it onto his shoulder, closed the cold cellar behind him and made his way outside, pulling the door closed behind him. He took a breath of air and made his way toward the tavern.
Name: Kadoka
Race & Appearance: Wood Elf [200]

Birthday: 31st, Fallsa
Occupation: Hunter, bee keeper, and maker of fine meads.

Background: Kadoka, like so many others, hails from somewhere else. Unlike others, however, he came to Lorenstad on purpose after meeting a young woman from the region and falling in love. The pair wed and had two children before returning to the village where they bought a large property. They made a living as a tailor and hunter, their children growing quickly. Being of half-elven descent they outlived their mother who died in her early forties. Both children chose to leave the village while their father remained.

He still lives in the house they bought together so many years ago and continues his work as a hunter and steward of the forest around the small hamlet. In more recent years he has begun keeping bees and making mead as a way of passing the time. He now lives with a his wild companions, a wolf (Kita) and an owl (Pudge). Occasionally he has a female visitor who helps pass the time. His life is simple and honest, perhaps that may change but for the time being he is happy and content.

Home: Kadoka lives in his family farm right on the main street, the front door only a single step up from the well trodden laneway, while the rear of the property looks over his bee fields and into the forest beyond.
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