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So… I’m hearing no 1x1x1….?
Love it! If we’re not in a mad rush to start I’ll have a CS up in the next week or so.
I’m willing to hear a medieval RP idea
I’m still floating around if it takes off.
Bocri Sauburc

An hour later the two Jedi were already a kilometre from the crashed pod, their tracks in the snow erased almost immediately by the wind that howled across the frozen landscape. Beyond them, in the far distance, a massive debris cloud was climbing into the sky from where the cruiser had slammed into the planet. Nothing could be seen of the ship but it took little imagination to know what the wreck was going to look like. Local scavengers would feast for months, if not years, on a prize that size.

They wore survival suits from inside the craft. One size fits all and one suit fits all climates was a hopeful claim printed on the interior label. He doubted the manufacturer had ever left Coruscant.

He was luckier than Hirani, the suits were designed for humans and not a Twi'lek; the downside of all the Clone troopers being of one species. Her lekku were wrapped in the salvaged pieces of a third suit and then crammed into her hood as best they could manage. That meant more of her face was exposed to the cold than they might have liked but at least they were alive.

Kijimi was a remote, frozen, and mountainous planet, but it boasted one major settlement, Kijimi City. The pods programming had brought them well within walking distance of the city and only Bocri forcing it to land sooner had put them down beyond the actual edge of the city proper. They had agreed that arriving on foot would attract less attention than slamming into the ground within shouting distance of any buildings.

Bocri brushed a hand at his eyelids as they threatened to freeze together. His mechanical hand, even inside the suit, was moving sluggishly under the onslaught of the cold. He would need to get into the warmth soon to make sure it hadn't been damaged during the fight on the cruiser. He would have cursed his bacta allergy if he hadn't done it a million times before.

Hirani had taken the lead for the last half a kilometre and her pace quickened as the first out buildings of the settlement now came into view around an icy outcropping. Bocri plowed after her, sinking almost up to his hips in snow that barely seemed to reach her ankles. He was physically and mentally exhausted. If they were attacked again right now he would be utterly useless to Hirani.

She stopped as the building took shape from a dull grey thing in the driving snow to a more substantial looking structure. It had small recessed windows that glowed light and, judging from the size, could fit several families, if it was a house. There was only one way to find out.

"Lead on, oh fearless one." He spoke at a normal level but brought his mouth close to the side of her head. The wind might be strong but it was blowing from behind them and would easily carry his yell into the settlement.
I'm willing to take a crack at it.
I’m keen to give this a go… I’ll work up a CS in the next little while.
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