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College student, studying political science, planning on attending law school, she/her pronouns. I'm interested in a wide variety of roleplays, but I tend toward prefering High Fantasy and High Sci Fi settings (think Elder Scrolls or Warhammer 40k). Whether it's a Nation Roleplay (I love digging into fictional politics) something on a smaller, individual scale, or something in between, there's a good chance I might be interested! I especially enjoy fantasy setting with weird, esoteric fluff - up to and including the nonsense that happens in Elder Scrolls, or, occasionally, Age of Sigmar.

Credit for profile pic art goes to TemporalZergling. Vivec won Elder Scrolls.

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Two Days Ago -- FEU Stealth Drones pass into PUNT territory, performing reconnaissance sweeps. After returning, the General Assembly promptly votes to declare war, with all members voting "YES".

New Europe High Orbit, Aboard Supercarrier Strasbourg

Six hours.

Six hours, and the Strasbourg would begin steaming toward the TRAPPIST system's gateway, on a course to war with a fleet of hundreds of ships in tow, and many more on the way.

Drazenka wasn't sure exactly how to feel, staring into the mirror on her bunk's wall, the rumble of the titanic vessel impalpable beneath her. It may have been a military vessel, but it was designed to be comfortable for its soldiers too, from maximally comfortable bedding to reasonably tasty, nutritionally robust food and adequate time for rest and recreation, all made possible by an abundance of resources -- and a relatively low count of actual flesh-and-blood soldiers.

Well, technically flesh-and-blood, she thought, glancing down at the pair of gunmetal grey arms extending from her body, clad in flexible, carbonous weave. They did the job far better than flesh ever could, and they nicely got rid of the aches and pains that used to plague her, all with the help of the intricate piece of technology that reinforced her back, replaced her damaged nerves, and and kept her brain in tip-top shape.

Most of her body below the neck, really, was cybernetic, and even her brain had bits and pieces replaced by powerful machinery, those essential parts holding most of her memories kept from aging by expensive nanites, a typical thing for most FEU citizens.

Still, she thought, staring into a reflection of her artificial emerald-tinted eyes, some small part of her was afraid of the war ahead, even if it was nearly impossible for her to stay dead. She'd done it before. Hell, most of her squadmates had, even if there were a few hiccups along the way. Minor cosmetic defects.

It was well worth the immortality in combat, though.

Pushing herself away from the mirror with one last look at her massive body, clad in a thick, grey bodysuit, she walked out the door of her quarters, down the Strasbourg's halls. Drones deftly darted past her as she walked, some ambulatory, others hovering, and a handful speeding past her on wheels or small treads. Each one provoked a response in her brain, identification numbers and specifications numbly streaming through her mind as her implants analyzed them. None were deemed threats, of course, though each was systematically noted for any possible way it could cause her harm. A few, she recognized, waving at them or greeting them -- acquaintances she'd met on the Strasbourg or elsewhere.

She passed by a few living beings, too humans, insectoids, and a smorgasbord of other aliens that she only recognized ocne her implants told her what they were. Still, they were far fewer in number than the machines.

She finally stopped at a medium-sized set of double doors, three or four times the width of her body, smoothly stepping through them as they slid open to reveal a room full of chairs, most filled with familiar faces engaged in conversation. At the head, behind a small podium, stood Commandant Amenabรกr, and Drazenka quickly sat herself down in one of the empty chairs.

"You all know why you're here," Lierรฉ began, speaking in the carefully constructed lingua franca of the FEU. "In a short few handfuls of hours, we will pass through the solar gate, and into PUNT-held territory. Preliminary drone reconnaissance indicates that, while their naval presence is relatively reduced compared to normal, we expect heavy resistance the very moment we arrive in-system." She said, calling up an in-colour hologram of the system of New Terra., along with vague fleet arrangements.

"We are, by a large margin, outnumbered, and technically outgunned. However," she continued, "the Signals and Analysis Corps data strongly indicates we have a few key advantages: competency, technology, surprise, and logistical resilience. Put simply, the PUNT military appears so large that we expect their logistical chain to be both weak and poorly managed. Sensor pings show such an enormous volume of transit through the gates that, not only is it likely impossible for them to consistently supply combat units, but it is nearly impossible for them to be trained to a level that would be considered adequate. You are probably more experienced and vastly more resilient than any one of their soldiers. However... We have no such indications coming to their officer corps. Nevertheless, data provided by our Ishtari comrades leads us to believe that, despite having generally skilled officer corps, their fascist ideology will, as history has played out again and again, encourage jockeying for prestige and glory. Therefore, while you are advised to anticipate competent operations at the tactical and strategic level, and extreme fanaticism at the squad level, except from slave battalions, keep clear in your minds the likely attitude of their command structure."

"Next, technology. As you're well aware," she said, gesturing to the few dozen soldiers in the room, "we've equipped ourselves with the best technology available. While we can't know exactly how the enemy's weapons will operate on such short notice, what we do understand is that, likewise based on provided data and our own analysis, we possess substantial technological superiority, both on and off the field. Not only that, but while they do expect retaliatory offensives, what they don't expect is for us to do it. Quite simply, they don't even know that we exist. That is what we will exploit. We breach the gate, strike their fleets with everything we have, and lock down New Terra. Next, we'll discuss the specific role we, the Strzyga, will play in the initial landings..."

Stonehill District -- West Gate

Varathira felt her eyes slowly creak open to the sound of grating, guttural laughter, roused from her lazy slumber at the side of the carriage to her immense chagrin. The noise was entirely unpleasant, not that the sound of cackling ever was -- but the air of smugness it was laden with made it far, far worse.

Reminding herself that violence now would, indeed, solve nothing, Varathira resolved to try to talk her way through...

After listening a little longer, in hopes of better understanding what drove the ogres, surreptitiously closing her eyes again to keep up the appearance of still being asleep.

Every second she did, though, only made her wish she could deal with the ogres -- violently -- even more. Every filthy word that spilled out from their lips was utterly intolerable, either poorly veiled threat or a disgustingly childish expression of ignorance. Ignorance itself was no sin -- but whatever these ogres had about them made her sick to her stomach, concern growing for her companions, each second spent listening and evaluating a grueling exercise in restraint which Varathira could only manage by casting her mind back to better times, spent in the company of centaur maidens and orcish warrior-women and with the heiresses of noble titles. That was enough to quiet her, at least for now...

Until vague threats turned to extortion. Varathira quietly sighed to herself as she fully stirred, rising from within the wagon to deftly sling herself over its side, the thin outfit cladding her marble-sculpted body fluttering in the air.

"Ah, excuse me," she apologized, her voice like honey as she moved to join the rest of the entourage, forcing herself to put on the appearance of being tired-and bleary-eyed.

"...But surely, such measures are hardly necessary? If you'd simply let us pass through this gate, we'll be out of your way. Won't have to lift a finger about us again that way." She chuckled, hoping to disarm the ogres with a self-deprecating joke -- if her preternatural charm didn't do the job by itself. At the very least, she wasn't about to let the party build itself a reputation for being extort-able... And besides, she was eager to enjoy the company of demons and devils, however dangerous they might be. Whatever was inside, it'd be much better than dealing with this brand of pointless childishness. Worst came to worst, she could offer a couple drinks of her most powerful liquor. Probably. Or the ogres would insist on greed, and chaos would ensue.

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Karma dictates how others perceive you before youโ€™ve even spoke to them.
High karma means you pass the vibe check, low karma means theyโ€™re immediately suspicious.

Understood! I have an idea for the Magician I'll work on.
Hey! If you're still taking people, I'm interested, though I'm admittedly having some trouble with the stats, Karma in particular. Does low Karma directly translate to being *evil*, or is it more about your relationship with polite society? I.e. can someone have low karma and still be a morally good person?

I had an idea for a magic warrior-monk, or a very socially reclusive warrior-druidess. Was also wondering what survival is, since I didn't see it in the OP.
I'd also like to express my interest! I was wondering, though -- are the corps all going to be privately owned, or might some be semi-nationalized, i.e. Canada's Crown Corporations?
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