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Dahti - Genetor-General


Dahti called out over his communicator: "Mariners, report to nearest torpedo and prepare for boarding. Medicae, focus on the wounded here and get as many reinforcements of our own in working order; all others remain at your station unless commanded by a superior. I go to board the enemy vessel. Imperator Machinex Vult."

The string of binary would have meant little to the party nearby him, but the last statement ("IMV") would be said in High Gothic, for all to hear. He checked all of his systems and nodded to the rest, in a rather regular tone of voice: "Master Grimri, Sister Agathe, Roald; I look forward to this."

Dahti did not sit, nor buckle in; he did not need to. The impact of this type of torpedo was analogous to the ultra-gravity events of the Lathes - it was not going to be pleasant for anyone, but Dahti would fair perfectly well. Rather, Dahti activated the magnetic pulse on his power armor, becoming locked to the inside of the projectile-vessel, hands and feet. The clasping gasp of his helmet came down, sealing his body entirely against the dangers of the Void...just in case. His lightning gun clung in his magnetic grasp and his powermaul sung on his back, ready to be unleashed at a moment's notice. The Dragon-Scale Power Armor hummed with glorious energy, a deep crimson glow emanating from the Magos' Potentia Coil.

Standing near the door, ready for the breach, he looked to his comrades with an astounding blaze in his eyes and, saluting Commander Andamar, spoke proudly: "Commander, I am ready to fight. LET US PURGE THE HERETIC."

Edmund held his own council, but would listen to those around him, even if he chose to disregard any advice given him, such was his fancy as captain and commander.

Dahti peered out at the vessels that had come into view of His Divine Purpose for a long time.

As the Ratling and Squat had gone on, the Magos calculated in his cogitators as to what the preferable option would be. It was a difficult statement to make, but it was true: the elimination of as many variables as possible was far preferable to a lengthy boarding and search procedure. The only way to be sure of total destruction of the enemy was...well...

"Total Destruction is my recommendation, Commander." The surly voice of the Magos firmly stated, "That's the only way to be sure that the mole cannot possibly survive."

Tha Magos sighed and bowed to his Commander and the rest.

Dahti stood victoriously in front of the gellar field generators. It was a bloody, butt well-fought engagement. The Magos smiled at the end of it, breathing a worthy sigh of relief.

He accessed the secure channel on his communication array and called out to his retinue: "Martians, the enemy is fallen for the moment. Congratulations. Assist in recovery and repair, where possible. Eliminate any and all sympathies - the enemy is among us. Destroy all heretek. Omnissiah go with you." The commander then cut communications. He had to report to the bridge. He found himself following up just behind Sr. Agathe, but remained silent as he performed a strategic assessment in his logi cogitators as they ascended to the meeting area.


He and his Mariners had a provided something that any rebellion requires - crowd control. The Magos' personally constructed weapons of mass destruction, the Organic Reduction Response Unit, were quickly deployed at the front of the field when he had reached the enginarium.

The Mariners took out long, fuse-like containers which magnetically attached to nearby surfaces. Remotely-released, the ceramite canisters were effectively massive fume-dispensers. On one hand, they had their ritualistic purpose - to sanctify an area; then they had their tactical purpose - to "sanctify an area."

Indeed, when the first wave of maniacal fanatics burst through the enginarium doors, the first wave of defenders moved back, to allow as many of the opponent into a controlled area. Then, when at a calculated, critical mass - FOOM - caustic toxin spilled out onto the foe. The initial horror of the moment nearly caused a route, but the enemy pushed on. This was an interesting fact, Dahti thought. Something pushed them further, something forced them on...it was nothing less than chaotic force of will, of some being greater than any that came into the enginarium...

...it was concerning.

More concerning was the fact that he had not heard yet of any captured leaders or commanders. Killing the infection requires taking out its source...

...Andamar should worry for his safety. Mutiny is bound to happen again unless there is a quick resolution.

The quick transition into realspace was smart. Any longer in the Immaterium, the carnage itself would have attracted some...unsavory attention. The Mechanicus would have no issues in the transition department - they were quite literally built to hold their position in the transition from the Void into realspace.

But now they were here, in the middle of nowhere. Trying to find what they ought to do. This is not good.


"Commander Andamar, Magos Dahti reporting." The Magos entered the meeting with a salute to Lord Andamar and another to Sr. Agathe. "Great work out there, Sister. And to the both of you, apologies for the stench."

The Magos would brightly smell of burning flesh, engine fumes, sulfur, ammonia, and all kinds of foul scents.

"We've confirmed that there is a cell of heretics aboard the vessel, sir. Unfortunately, as Agathe has expressed, there has been no word of leaders being captured or executed. This leads me to conclude that the cult may reach into even higher-ranking members of the retinue you've gained, over time. The bowels of a ship rot quickly, if left unchecked - and this by no means could be your fault, as my Lord has only just obtained his vessel...

...no, someone has set you up to fail, I believe. Mutiny is undoubtedly the conclusion of this infection should it not be cleansed. I am at your service, my Lord. You have my sympathies."

The modulated voice carried a bold honesty found rarely in the Imperium, let alone among Mechanicus. But, in reality, the situation couldn't be more blunt: they'd been shoved up shit creek without a paddle, by the sponsor of the vessel.
Genetor Dahti - Fight for the Enginarium

"Of course." A deep, guttural sigh of disappointment uttered from the respiratory unit in Genetor Dahti.

The Genetor had been busy distilling an improved solution for the preservation of organ tissue, now on his 52nd run of the product. The blare of klaxons and sudden emergency calls over his communications array were not unexpected. No, the Genetor had already seen too much of the Void to have hoped for an idyllic and picturesque journey of safety in the Immaterium. The distillation would have to wait.

After carefully and calmly storing the experiment in a refrigerated container, the Magos unslung his Lathe-pattern lightning gun and barked orders in Binary to his medical staff. They were about thirty, altogether, which wasn't too bad, but it wasn't the best. It was likely only about half of those present actually knew anything of live combat, however, so it was better to put them to use in what they knew best - medicine and surgery.

Through his communications array, Dahti sent a message out to his whole staff, the Commander Andamar, and the local Mechanicus command staff.

Genetor Dahti and Medicae Staff, reporting to Commander Andamar, establishing order of operations. We are moving out.

Objective 1: Establish a field station in the middeck, near the cargo lifts, to evacuate and convalesce as many casualties as possible. 17 personnel dedicated. Designation Bravo Team. Led by First Caretaker Victus, accompanied by Mariner CL1-25.

Objective 2: Secure the Enginarium and deploy Organic Reduction Response equipment. Designation Gamma Team. 10 personnel dedicated. Led by Genetor Formidatus, accompanied by Mariners CL1-88 and CL3-14

Objective 3: Secure Genetorium from external threats. Total lockdown permitted. Designation Echo Team. 3 personnel dedicated. Led by Second Caretaker Lucia, accompanied by Mariner CL2-20

As the communication ended, Dahti shouted in his sonorous, grinding voice: "Martians! Get to your positions!"

As the majority of Dahti's Mechanicus marched out from the Genetorium, the echoes of combat already began clattering through the halls. The calculations began forming in the Magos' mind. Bravo and Echo teams should be alright, but his team faced the steep challenge of clambering down to the Enginarium. Luckily, the Genetor was no slouch in close-quarters confrontations and his personal Skitarii would prove their use onboard the vessel.

The first obstacle was a barricade erected by the cultists, made from pieces of the bulkhead and scrap metal. Coming up behind a contingent of House Troops, Dahti's caretakers were quick to aid the wounded. Dahti and his Mariners, however, charged directly towards the barricade. Slugs and small-arms fire neatly ricocheted off of the Skitarii war plate and the Magos' own Dragon Scale armor. CL1-88 and CL3-14 began returning fire with their assault cannons.

A cultist with an improvised flamer stood within the barricade, hoping to cover any incoming enemies with promethium. The righteous thunder-clap and blinding photons of Dahti's lightning gun turned the poor cultist into an improvised explosive, as the lightning arcing from Dahti's rifle ignited the promethium barrel strapped to the cultist's back. In the blink of an eye, the barricade was engulfed in green flames, the stench of burning flesh, and the screams of dying cultists.

Dahti stepped first into the wreckage, his power-maul crashing down on a bewildered cultist's head, her skull cracking and popping like a walnut, blood and viscera flying off in all directions, spattering across the Magos' chestplate. Pressing a trigger on his broad, bronze chestplate, three toxin grenades flew out into the crowd of cultists recovering from the initial blast. The initial blast blinded and deafened some, but the indigo gas which poured out from the grenades made the skin boil, flake, and eventually slough off the person affected. Dahti's toxin worked as planned: cultists screamed in agony as their eyes became puddles of liquid which fell out of their ever-widening orbits.

Of course, Dahti and his Mariners were safe from this, but undoubtedly a number of the cultists would survive. Thus, the Mariners' assault cannons opened fire as the two Skitarii entered behind their lord, the cacophony of screams united with a thunderstorm slug-fire. Pools of blood and flesh quickly accumulated before the Genetor and his Skitarii, who gathered good specimens in hermetic containers as they moved along. Altogether, 2 captured, 22 dead.

After the smoke cleared, the House Troops quickly formed up with the Genetor and, together, cut a scarlet swathe into the lower decks to support the Enginarium.

After about 10 minutes, Bravo and Echo established their posts and confirmed security in location.

Dahti to Bridge: I've sent you my teams' locations. Bravo and Echo are secured. Moving into the Enginarium now.

Dahti to Hishiryn 08-MN Kappa: What's your status? We are moving in to support you. My medical squad can aid any fallen.

Dahti to Sister Agathe: What's your status? I am moving to the Enginarium and I plan to deploy countermeasures. I do not recommend anyone enters the Enginarium in 20 minutes unless you can survive the gas.

Dahti to Grimri and Roald: Give a sitrep when available. Enginarium needs support. Cultists trying to do something stupid.


The Grand Liturgy - Magos Dahti & Sister Agathe

"...And remember: with the eyes of not only the people of the Imperium, but His living son, and thus the Emperor himself, we cannot afford not beget idleness. For it is as the Prime Edicts of the Holy Synod say: duty to the Emperor and the Imperium is what makes us human, and to forget this duty, especially in a time of such great importance, is tantamount to betrayal of what makes one human. The one who shirks his duty, then, is no longer human, but has become a beast with no place in His heart nor in the arms of His comrades, and should thus be destroyed. We must all do our part as is asked of us. We must help our fellow man, and we must certainly stay vigilant for those who seek to sabotage our great work or, worse, to turn us against each other."

Agathe breathed, letting the scent of billowing incense and the faint smell of smoke fill her lungs - she found it calming, reminding her of home, and of her time training with her fellow Sisters...

And to a relatively novice Battle Sister, with so little experience leading her fellow man, any way to bring calm was valuable.

"...Now, of course," she continued, smiling. "Despite the hardship that will surely face us, we must also remember that it is a time of great joy in which we can serve His Son, and that is something certainly worth celebrating. That, more than anything, is why we are gathered here today. Few people are granted such opportunities, and we should absolutely be glad for them."

On the lower decks, amidst the steam and machinery of His Divine Purpose, the vox-casters carried the solemnly ordained voice of the Sororitas echoed through the chambers, landing on the audio-receptors of hundreds of menials, servitors, artisans, logi, lexmechanics, enginseers, electro-priests, and rune priests.

Arrayed before the Genetor were the varying members of the Mechanicus, each orderly and organized according to rank and file. ‘Twas a beautiful thing to behold, the regiments of the machine brought together to anoint such a grand vessel. As Agathe ordered the opening of the celebration, magnificent vats of sacred oils were carried upon the backs of servitors, upon platters made of platinum and palladium, the vessels themselves made of non-reactive ferrous metals which absorbed the heaviest of the ointments. Vaporizing coils emitted a fine, holy mist which wafted through the whole bowels of the ship, removing the ill-gotten spirits of isolation and rest, replacing them with the spirits of ignition and lucidity.

In return to Agathe’s words, Dahti spoke over the vox-casters as she finished her part, “And so too an opportunity for Mars to fulfill her promise, to the Omnissiah, the Most Holy Spirit of the Enthroned Emperor. This journey is most blessed by the Machine Spirit…for though it may seem that we enter into a shrouded night, surrounded by the Void on all sides - this is not so! No, brethren, both man and machine, WE ARE A BEACON! Our vessel is a flagship of the might of the Imperium, a glorious symbol of our Emperor’s Divine Will! Indeed, this beautiful machine is HIS DIVINE PURPOSE.”

The invigorated, zealous fervor of the stout Magos Biologis thrummed through the halls of the cruiser, “We are on the precipice of legend, of sanctity, and His Most Righteous Favor. Let us embark on the most ancient of all callings of the Imperium: THE GREAT CRUSADE FOR THE GALAXY!”

Upon the conclusion of the speech, a clanging bell and hymnal chorus sang out, carrying its signal through the laud-hailers on His Divine Purpose. As the Ministorum chanted praises of the Emperor in High Gothic, summoning the prayers and souls of the flesh; in counterpoint arose a binary dirge in Cant Mechanicus from the tech-priests, summoning the Machine Spirit to christen the journey ahead of them. A dual-procession began, one beginning in the heights of the ship, the other beginning the depths. Over approximately twelve hours, Sister Agathe and Magos Dahti christened, anointed, blessed, and sanctified every corner of the Ambition-class cruiser.

And throughout it all, the voice of a blessed choir - led by the Sister herself - was carried through the ship by vox-casters and laud hailers, filling the vessel's public spaces with the chorus of thousands of marching feet, thousands of voices chanting out prayers, and a song that sounded so angelic it was almost supernatural, carrying with it the notes of hymnals of hard pilgrimage in the God-Emperor's name. Others spoke of glorious heroes of the Imperium's past, of the tragic-yet-noble tale of the Cadians who fought in His name despite the annihilation of their homeworld, of the dashing and daring people who plied the stars to claim new worlds for the Imperium...

And, most of all, of the heroes of the present - the lord Roboute Guilliman, and the people who fought in his Indomitus Crusade.
Genetor Dahti, Chief Medicae and Xenobiologist


The retort from the Enginseer was expected; Hishiryn's words were so...trite. Dahti had heard many times over the critiques of his Order before and it came as no surprise that even one below his rank would have the gumption to comment on the Genetor's vat-grown muscles. It was of no consequence. In truth, the commander did good by cutting both of the tech-priests off from their ancient argument. There would be time enough to convince the Enginseer of the value of flesh, especially if they were going as far as the Dark Imperium - and it was this mission which was most peculiar, even moreso than the Squat.

Dahti listened intently, reading over the High Gothic that sprawled across the screen in front of them. So little was evident from what he could decipher, besides the direct information being given by the commander. Undoubtedly, it was in fact a missive from the Primarch himself, which was remarkable to say the least. That he would be so privileged to be a part of a mission from the Righteous Lord Guilliman himself, Dahti was visibly excited (as much as a Magos could seem).

The logistics began formulating in his mind as they spoke: the dangers of the journey were far more complex than just Xenos, Daemons, and Void-beasts...supplies, such as food, water, medicine, bandages, tools, ammunition and firearms (God-Emperor knows how much is needed), fuel, sacred oils, promethium, and, most importantly, manpower. The data-arrays of the campaign on Driantum and the Indomitus Crusade flooded back into the cerebral cogitators of the Magos. The Daemon-infested Forge World had been so close to the Maledictum, it now came as no surprise to Dahti that he had been given this opportunity aboard His Divine Purpose.

His Calculus Logi produced inquiries that numbered in the thousands, but much of that data could be retrieved with the aid of the Enginseer in accessing the ship's data-stacks (as long as they were undamaged). If anything, the Magos had several questions of great importance about the people arrayed in front of him. However, as he formulated his ideas, he listened to the others before his sonorous tone broke into the conversation.

"Blessed be our venture, to have come from Holy Terra itself! I second Sister Agathe's request! To righteously sanctify our honorable vessel, our noble bodies, our blessed machines and weapons, would both mentally steeling and tactically wise. The spirits aboard this glorious vessel, both organic and inorganic, are protected by His Divine Blessings, from the torment and terrors of the Enemy, most particularly those Whispers of Chaos which can infect the mind as insidiously as the body."

The Magos continued, a holy fervor and zeal invigorating his speech.

"More than once I have been witness to capabilities of the Ministorum's wards...most especially when combined in a Grand Liturgy with the litany of the Machine. Should we have the capacity to perform the rite of a Grand Liturgy, it would be the same ritual as is performed for those about to embark on Holy Crusade, which seems most fitting for our Ordained journey."

His rising speech pulled back, however, as he looked towards the others and the Enginseer particularly. The Magos then spoke with the gravitas of many years spent in the Void.

"Under Lord Andamar's auspices, I do not doubt we will make it to our destination. However. I would do a great disservice to all of you if I did not share the truth of the Maledictum. It is unlike any Warp-Storm which has touched the face of our galaxy. The machinations of the Enemy are nearly infinite and the foul Spawn of Chaos will, without a doubt, make an attempt on our vessel."

The Magos paused for a moment before continuing, the mechanical tone of his voice clicking and shifting to a new thought.

"In light of this I have several queries; 1. With the permission of the Chief Enginseer, I wish to access the data-stacks of this vessel, so as to know the minutiae of its staff, its faculties, and its vulnerabilities - if I know where to expect danger, I can have my staff prepared to assist; 2. I would wish to physically examine each of you, so that, should I need to save your life, I will know the specimen with which I work - especially you," the Genetor pointed to the Squat, Haldengard, "as I have only ancient data on your kind. And, 3. A question for the Commander - are we to make contact with any support or are we to complete the assignment alone? The strategic analysis will fluctuate depending on our resources."

Arbusculus Formidatus (Dahti) - Magos Biologis, Mechanicus

Dahti listened intently, a content look on his face as the pieces of His great puzzle arrived to the board. The Magos' pleasant posture was aristocratic; he was a tech-priest by His design, manufactured in the gravity of the Lathes...and he sensed a wonderful tension as the room began to brew with more organic intensity. It was the kind of feeling that one had watching a sacred engine be brought to life with the Ritual of Awakening...it was drenched in the atmosphere of a holy occurrence. At least, that's how it appeared to the Genetor. There could be no coincidence here.

Although he gave a gracious acknowledgement of those who appeared, he awaited, as the Captain Andamar, the rest of the party before he would speak further...until the Enginseer arrived, wherein the Magos was forced to acknowledge more deeply his brethren. After the Enginseer spoke, the clatter of Binary spilled out of Dahti's mouth.

"The Chief Enginseer Hishryn 08-MN Kappa, I presume? Omnissiah's blessings from the Mechanicus Calixis, I offer you; I have heard of you and am always glad to work with my brethren..." A devilish glint reflected in the fleshly eye of the Genetor as he continued, "...but I offer too a query. Is the organic social convention not ritual, as are the litanies and incensed chants of the Machine Spirit? Undoubtedly, you too remember the Warning, 'to break with ritual...'" The Magos let the statement rest in the air as the rest of the party arrived to the Central Dome.

Quickly breaking from the Binary into Low Gothic as everyone who was expected came to the table, "but regardless of this, Chief Enginseer. You would have been most useful at Driantum. The daemonflesh certainly has an adverse response to promethium and I do forsee productive efforts in our future." Finishing his thought, he turned his calculating gaze to the people arrayed before him.

"Noble Commander, this is a most peculiar regiment. Who are we to be so blessed with one of so few Sororitas Errant? Most Honourable Sister Agathe, you exponentially alter the statistical analysis for our venture, as I am sure the Chief Enginseer and the Captain are quite well aware, for you are magnificent specimen of the Emperor's Will." The bionic right eye of the Magos was passively scanning each and every person who came into the room, examining data and extrapolating upon it in milliseconds. The Sister of Battle was more than capable on her own and he looked forward to working together with her, especially in combat. "And two unique variables join us."

Turning to the Squat and the Ratling, the Genetor continued: "Mr. Haldengard and Mr. Cliffbloom. I can't wait to see what it is you do so excellently as to be brought here...As for myself, I can offer many things, but the most practical of which is: stitching your intestines back into you; recasting a skull plate; rebuilding you, blood, bones, and skin, and so on...provided you don't terminate before I can help you, of course." The content smile never left the face of the Mechanicus, becoming more disturbing as one gazed into his mechanized face.

One, eerie green laser broke the darkness of a crammed passageway, glaring out from beneath the heavy, white-gold, and crimson hood of the Mechanicus. The hissing and whirring of the machine spirits accompanied the Genetor on his self-guided tour through the maintenance tunnels. The heavy clang of Dragon Scale boots echoed in time with the clatter of the maul and Lightning Cannon hung ceremoniously on Dahti's waist. Although no Enginseer, in truth, the Magos still recognized the mystery of the Void-spirits which drove the hulking engines of His Majesty's Crusades. It was a sacred rite and duty for every Mechanicus to know precisely the machine with which they worked - the companionship of Mechanicus Navymen with their spirits - was a holy and righteous thing. Every embodiment of the Omnissiah's power is owed due respect, but most particularly those monuments to the Grand Glory of the Machine-God, such as the Ordo Titanicus and the many Voidships which guard Imperial space.

Thus, Dahti conducted himself to the Medicae Station and the Xenodomes through the various veins and arteries of His Divine Purpose. Seeing to it that his (now much smaller) staff had become acquainted with the many blessings bestowed on them, Dahti finally ascended to the Central Observation Dome to meet with his erstwhile commander and honor-bound master. Of course, the sound of the Genetor's approach would alert him, but his appearance would likely surprise the Commander Andamar. Though quite old by standard human years, Formidatus' body was sculpted (literally) to be a firm and undying example of the human machine. What look like slabs of muscle have been morphed into the machine of Dahti's body.

The Squat-like Magos climbed up to the dais, and performed an honorable bow before his new liege. The respiratory filter crackled with its binary intonations as the Genetor spoke. The pale Dahti spoke with a more spirited tone than most Mechanicus.

"My Most Venerable Lord Andamar - The Omnissiah is made glad by your acceptance of my passage aboard your most righteous vessel. I thank you for your hospitality, for your most sacred blessings of the machine, and for the opportunity you provide me in my own Quest for Knowledge. I do believe you will greatly profit from my presence here...particularly if you maintain your training regimen."

The bionic right-eye of the Genetor pierced across the room, instinctively processing the sensory data into physiological analytics.

"And, in turn, so do we all profit."
Arbusculus Formidatus, Genetor Carniculae, Magos Errant of His Divine Purpose

Born unto the Lathe World Het, Arbusculus Formidatus led a rough and painful life from his first day. The belching smoke and muttering anvils chiming throughout the numerous data-halls surrounding the youth. The only thing louder than the incessant manufactorum-beat were the Mechanicus Chants which echoed, reverberating on the walls and datastacks. The Sacred Rites of the Databanks, the Holy Liturgy of the Omnissiah echoing through the chains; the servitors grating out a chorus of binary;the bells clanging in-time to the dispersal of fragrant smoke…there was a sacred nature to the operation of The God of the Machine, Deus Ex Machina – Imperator Machinex.

Arbusculus Formidatus (Dahti) was born into the Mechanicus Simplicius, the son of two poor manufacturers. His body was sickly, like so many of the Forge Worlds, but the Lathes pounded the genetics of his people. He was born with “mounds of flesh,” the corpulent nature of his gravity-bound brethren. Such are the consequences of ultra-heavy gravitational events forever altering the bodily structure of the inhabitants of the Lathes in the Calixis Sector. Sometimes mistaken for Squats, his people have become the center of the Mechanicus Calixis. And Dahti was gifted in the ways of memorization, of code, creed, architecture, structure, fundament, nuance, and further.
As on many other Forge Worlds, Dahti was given the opportunity to advance beyond his social class at various ages. At 14, when still thriving on the gruel served at luncheon, cooked and served by the Holy Machine, Dahti tested out of his social class…but his movement was halted by Administratum legislation. Again, at 16 years of age, Dahti tested far beyond his social class. The Lathes would needs permit him, at the second testing, to at least attempt an apprenticeship with an Enginseeer. Yet, again, the datastacks, infinite in their movement, disintegration, and reformation, prevented his upward movement. Finally, at 20 years of age, Dahti moved upward, venerating his parents, his elders, his lineage, being granted a Holy Ascension – he was inducted into the rite of the Lathe-Covenant, a full member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Cultus Calixis.

Dahti spent many years foraging the datastacks of the Lathe-World Collective, delving deeply in the Quest for Knowledge, to prove to his superiors the inherent value of his work. He had dedicated himself as an apprentice of the Genetori, the Magos Biologis, in the hopes of one day entering their ranks. Dahti became a prodigy of Darcais Rex, a forthright Forgemaster, one of the foremost Magos Biologis in the Sector. At 36 years of age, he was already Consul Adeptus for Het’s Biologis Sector, nearly one of the youngest in his post. Dahti battled in the Quodlibetus Sanctus, the Great Debating floor of the Lathe-World Het, arguing that the human body itself was a complex and vehemently adaptable machine itself, just as worthy of of consideration, If not moreso than, the inorganic machine.
As Consul Adeptus, he was made Magos Biologis, a Genetor, at the age of 56. However, that was when the Indomitus Crusade descended in 999.M41.

Genetor Arbusculus Formidatus was drafted in 999.M41, and was assigned to lead 4 Skitarii regiments, descending from the Veracitus, in battle against the Chaos hordes on the Forge World Driantum. Under his command, the Mechanicus regiments were to support the Imperial Guard and a chapter of Space Marines, the Black Guard. There were two Medicae regiments and two defensive-arrayed Skitarii regiments. They were to come behind the forward advance and provide necessary supply. Of course, this was not how it would work. The memory of the invasion still haunts the memories of Dahti…the screams…the trenches…the promethium and the stench of daemon-flesh.

In two months, his Skitarii had been reduced to half. Dahti became bogged in Daemonic warfare stretching across the swamplands of Driantum. In that time, his medicae had managed to save the lives and limbs of countless Guard and Marines, but now the medicae themselves were starting to come under fire. Calls for resupply, for reinforcement, were met with a staunch – “Hold your position. Reinforcements are coming.” When, you did not know, but you held your position. Then, there came a call over the vox-caster…”Find cover, find cover, seal yourselves in. 77th Death Corps of Krieg inbound, relieving position E48.” Then came the nuclear hellfire. The sound of oblivion. It was a righteous sound, the screams of a thousand and ten daemons. The front moved forward, and the vast majority of the mutant and daemonic scum were eradicated. A basic line of defense was secured.

Now it is a dream, a nightmare, long past. Having served his time, the Genetor Dahti was awarded for his “heroic valor” in the face of overwhelming odds. Their position had held out for three months. As it turned out, they were 20 km behind enemy lines at the time of the Krieg relief effort. For Dahti, this proved a most lucrative opportunity. Being in charge of the front for so long gave him plenty of opportunity to experiment on behalf of the war effort and his own Quest for Knowledge expanded in proportion to the number of corpses which flooded his way from the frontlines. During the Invasion of Driantum, Dahti became quite the Xenobiologist, his deep interest in the inner functions of organic life extending beyond the human form and into the daemonic, eldari, and more. His horrific methods came to the fore in the push on Verghaz, a central manufactorum-city of Driantum, when his soldiers began to display unique biological implants. For his work, he has been both commended and condemned, depending on who reviewed his actions.

Now, Genetor Formidatus has leveraged his honors and his position to afford the opportunity to be aboard a Rogue Trader Vessel as a Magos Errant, working aboard His Divine Purpose, under Edmund Andamar, as the Medicae Genetor-General. Formidatus is a most excellent ally in uncertain situations, as he and his medical staff’s capabilities often far exceed the standard of so many others. The Magos Formidatus himself is certainly…eccentric…and experimental. However, his loyalty to the Emperor is unwavering and his will relentless. Formidatus is sworn to House Andamar, and his word is unbending.

o The Genetor is a broad, stocky, and burly fellow who stands at about 5’4”. As far as Mechanicus Magos go, he is still rather fleshy and his face is mostly unaltered, aside from his eyes, which still appear quite human. His skin is a pale-gray and his hair is white – this is not from ill health or age but are his natural tones. His countenance is usually stern and contemplative. He wears the traditional white and red robes of the Mechanicus Medicae.
o Potentia Coil, Respirator Unit, Electro-graft, Cybermantle, Cranial Circuitry, Mechadendrites - Medicae
Pattern, Electoos, MIU, Calculus Logi, Synthmuscle, Second Heart, Bionic Eye (Right).
o Lathe-pattern Power Maul
o Hetti Lightning Gun
o Mechanicus Dragon Scale Armor
o Guardian Skull

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