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5 days ago
Current Some days you slap ass. Other days you slap fish. But today could be the day you slap yourself if you believe hard enough.
20 days ago
The field of psychology was basically created because so many people wanted to kinkshame Freud to hell. Second circle of hell to be exact.
29 days ago
Real men wear jorts and crocs to formal events and nothing else in accordance with Mazso's Hierarchy of Needs.
1 mo ago
If you really think about it, the Geneva Convention is actually a decent any% speedrunning checklist.
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1 mo ago
"Lovers to enemies" is just any story with a divorced couple who hate each other.



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@Landaus Five-One Looks good now.
WIP, based on the CS from the previous version. Any [Data Missing] is just a fancy way of saying "WIP" in character.

Throwing my hat in since this is as close to an SCP RP I can find atm lol
I'm in favor of staying where we are and just trying to improve the housing situation there. And I'd love if elephants were more than a reference, just sayin

I mean its not like you have anything actually built in the current area outside of some shallow holes in the ground and your supplies. Plus easy access to a river brings a ton of boons; there's a reason why so many cities are built on rivers.

Also what would you like to do with the elephants since I can easily just make them Boatmurdered elephants
Lot of Lurkers


Eagerly moving foward
Okay because clearly I misjudged everyone's reaction to it. The elephants are just a joke reference to Boatmurder, consider them more of an Easter egg than an actual game thing. The river is safe. The elephants are gone, their murderous intent was part of the joke, and it was all for humor hence why I wrote that they moved AWAY from both the river and the camp.
@Dark Cloud I'd argue taming an elephant is different than taming a wolf or a dog. He could probably train it but not fully tame it, he's at least skilled enough that he won't get flattened by the elephant in his attempts. If he finds them again, he could try! It'll likely take a few turns though.
Ooh, some neat discoveries. Too bad about the no info towards the north or east, yet. Also, I vote for not moving (the camp) closer to the murder elephants.

I should clarify, the elephants moved away from the river in the opposite direction.
Nice turn zero, I like it. I assume all of our Gangs have shared their findings and progress with each other? Also, it might be fun to use the poisonous berries Bizz found in the forest to try and hunt the elephants sometime. Or Twig's goblins could try and tame one.

Yeah, unless you specifically say in your post you're hiding something, its assumed that you share your findings with everyone at the end of the day. Also I'd argue that it would take more than a handful of berries to bring down and elephant, they're mostly a fun reference to Boatmurdered anyways and not much else.
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