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Current Just got back from a Con, trying to catch up now
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Been swamped with end of semester work, trying to climb out and get posts in @_ @
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Why do I have back pain? I'm not even old and wrinkly!
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Two week long trip down to Florida and Disney, activity will be spotty.
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Being home for Thanksgiving reminds me why I hate being home.


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My name is ClocktowerEchos, otherwise known as Clock or Echos. Before you ask, yes Echos is misspelled. This is totally because I did it fuck with people and totally not because I don't know good Ingrash. As a professional Asian, my Ingrash is well versed. Still learning English though, tricky language that fucker is. On a serious note, my English is a bit all over the place even though I am an ABC (American Born Chinese) since I've picked up a whole bunch of different bits from different places like books, TV, movies and just being around a diverse amount of people.

I live in the US northeast and thus in the EST timezone, although given how I life my life (read: not paying attention in class or staying up far later than I should), I can have some wonky ass online hours. That said, anything past 10:00 PM-ish and I tend to get a loopy and even derpier than normal, you have been warn. And yes, that's possible amazingly enough. As of right now in my life, I'm currently getting my ass handed to me while going through the wonderful American educational system and in the process of getting my ass shipped off to college that I got into by some miracle. (No its not Yale or some shit like that; I'm a professional Asian, not a stereotypical Asian.)

Personality wise, I've been best described as "a ball of contradictions", I'd call it some lowkey form of multiple personality but its probably more like mood swings in reality; my views and actions can vary depending on my mood. Don't worry, doesn't mean I'm going to be all sweet one second and then wanting to kill you and your family the next, its more of a slider of optimism vs cynicism (its more or less always on the cynical side as of late). I fully admit to my own flaws such as being a liar and being a hypocrite, I'm only human and accepting one's flaws makes one stronger; personal strength always triumphs over excessive safe spaces and cowering.

As of writing this (Dec. 20, 2016), I have been RPing on RPGuild for about 1.8 years (holy shit that's a larger number than I thought o_o). I have interest in a bunch of different areas but generally inhibited by my flirty interest in RPs which depends on mood and whatever captivates me at the moment. I take pride in my creativity but it seems to also have the unfortunate consequence of making me every easily influenced by neat things I see, generally on YouTube.

I have a personal fixation on Nation RPs (and even made a basic introduction guide here), having done everything from fantasy and sci-fi to World Wars-era nations and primitive Neolithic tribes. My love of NRPs stems from a love a strategy games I've played since my childhood. That said, I do RP more traditional character-drive RPs on a equal if not greater level due to how much more common they are compared to NRPs. Characters I make tend to be eccentric in one ways or another, just because I have a distaste for the generic average-antisocial-but-helps-friends-edgelord-blood-darkness-magic-katana-teenager-wanting-sexy-romance. That said, I do enjoy smut RPs whenever they pop up and catch my fancy, my favorite kind is perversion of canon types and I've been told I write good smut but that's for a 1x1 interest check to be made in the future. I enjoy deeper writing and little subtleties, if my viewing of dissection and analysis videos I watch on Youtube are anything to go off of.

In terms of GMing, whenever I get off my ass and do it, I am a hardass GM. I am not going to sugar coat it, I can get what other people consider nasty or rude or oppressive. This is because fundamentally my goals as a GM are different than that of a player and even myself when I'm just a player; if "creative freedom" is clearly leading down a path that's causing issues, than I have no qualms about heavy handing a norm in. If someone's character is clearly just shoehorned into the RP since the player just wants the character and not wanting to really form anything to the RP, than I will shoot it down mercilessly.

That said, I am more than willing to help people create characters/nations should they need help, same goes with RPing assuming that it catches my interest.

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Remaking my regiment since unique regimental composition apparently isn't one of my strong suits.

WIP for later use and storage, not done yet.

Being remade into something else.
Loheir leaned on his sword, his nostrels flaired at the scent of burnt flesh and ash. It was an odor he was far too familiar with and one which still tugged at his being. The voices of Holoheim haunted the very back of his mind, their cries blowing in the distant winds. Although none of them knew and many would rather him not, Loheir remembered all of them by name and face. There was Wilburg the Butcher who'd give him raw scraps of venisons on occasoin, Brunida the Innkeeper who gave him the cold bed and an even colder stew, little Dietsar who-

Emotion dragged the Bretonnian's heart down as he lost himself to his memories. Years of "questing" had taken a toil on him for all the comrades he watched die, all the innocents he failed to save, all the vows he couldn't up hold. He sniffled spat out a wad of spit on the ground; had he been younger he would have likely started to weep right then and there. But he had since long cried all his tears out and just like him, his eyes had no more tears to sacrifice.

The knight's mind shifted to a memory of a distant battle on the Bretonnian-Imperial border against a mob of vile Orks. Loheir remembered how he cried out for a surgeon, an apothocary, a priest, anyone to save his dying friends. But no one came and he watched them all die one by one in his arms. A voice rang in the distand winds, just barely louder than the shrill cries of help that paused for a second, "You watched them as they fell. You held their hands tight as they died, hoping they'd drag you down with them."

Through gritted teeth, Loheir banished the voice from his mind and forced himself back into reality. The voice was getting louder everyday it seemed but the man only allowed a fraction of his mind to wonder what it really meant; he dare not focus his entire mind and truly ponder its implications. Still in the recovery period, his veteran senses forced him to duck the second he heard the "thwunk" of an arrow embedding itself somewhere. By whatever was still out there in the heavens, Loheir hoped that it was either that halfing or that hunter and wasn't someone trying to add him to the number of bodies in front of him. At least not yet.

Might as well chuck in my interesting since I'm already making a backstory; basically a cynical Bretonnian knight who forgot his vows and is trying to subtly find a way to go die in combat or something like that.

Husband of Arden @Pupperr and Sorrin @WeepingLiberty

Heccarim looked at Sorrin with greater disgust as she vomited what little her stomach held out the window. Her cries for Arden did little to improve her standing. The scale for Sorrin was definitely leaning towards "House Pet" at this rate the Drakkan thought as the small Gem attempted to find solace in the arms of the stronger one. She didn't even know how heirs were produced and her general exuberance was… annoying. The Warden wasn't used to prisoners having this much energy and cheer when they were told they were being dragged to Harand Kor. Sure they were Gems who had never heard the storeis that Drakkans did but even then, Arden seemed at least aware of the gravity of the situation. Sorrin looks more like she was being unwillingly dragged to a party or a ball instead of a prison.

While he would never consciously admit it, this happy-go-lucky demeanor chipped at his personality; anyone with such a personality always did. Perhaps it was because of how grim Drakkan tended to be that he never learned how to deal with them. Perhaps he just couldn't comprehend how one could be so happy while knowing so little. Sorrin would break first, her eyes would go from filled with happiness to filled with tears. Her voice would cry out for any who'd listen to her agony instead of just Arden. Her frail limbs would drag behind her as flesh chains, if she still had them at all.

The whips below deck cracked as the ship groaned to the sound of drums, the waters churned as slaves pulled oars back and forth. Hoblars dashed between their legs either screaming obscenities or pricking their feet with needle-like brambles. With the carriage loaded and strapped down, its hooded driver rang an ancient bell. Vultures and crows flocked to the ringing instead of running form it like a carrion call and the ship rocked its way into the currents north.

The Warden sat in his cabin, staring intently at the two gems for a moment of silence that seemed to have lasted forever; only broken when he chewed on a thin slice of very red meat. The silence was clearly making everyone in the room uncomfortable, but Heccarim hide it well. Mostly due to his mask. His mind was trying to figure out the puzzle that was breaking these two. If he really wanted it to be over quickly, a lobotomy would be all that was necessary. However, missing part of your brain doesn't do wonders with trying to rear a child in its infant years. Plus given the Gem's constitution or lack thereof, so much as a bad paper cut might as well have caused them to bleed out and die.

As the two tried to comfort each other, the Warden called over for another plate of food. A trio of Hoblars nodded in unison and scampered off to fulfil their master's orders while the Warden himself got up and produced a new set of collars. Through his strength advantage, he picked up each girl without a sound and replaced their old collars with a new one before chaining them to either side of the room on opposite walls. Their new adornments had small barbs that while only irrating under normal circumstances, had a grated and chaffed with any pressure.

"Where you are is of little importance." Heccarim turned to face Arden, her stomach growled faintly as the wind, "Harand Kor is where you will be shortly. The meat however, isn't for you, but this is."

A plate of mostly fruits and vegetables clattered through the door on the back of three hoblars which Heccarim instructed to be placed between the two Gems and chained each of their hands to a handle on the side of the platter. The idea was that if one of them got hungry and wanted to eat, they would have to pull the chain and platter to their side while also pulling the other into their barbed collar. With any luck, it would erode their trust in each other or at the very least starve them for what would be next if this plan didn't work.

Rapids hit the boat hard and the deck jumped up. Below the cries and shouts of the rowers hitting the ceiling or the walls echoed off the crack of whips. The beasts that pulled the carriage were spooked but Heccarim stood as still as a statue, unmoved by the rough waters, "Your naivete is… unwelcomed Sorrin. But I suppose your enthusiasm is something worthwhile. Arden however, what about you? Are you so willing?"

Honestly it didn't matter, its not like the Gems had much of an ability to resist but it was nice to be able to try and pry some more information about them out of their pristine beauty. Plus this was going to be an amusing form of entertainment should everything go to plan.

@Antarctic Termite Just higher than the counter roll, which happens to be 5. If you can roll a 6, you will suceed and also be able to gain a level in shooting or melee depending on your choice. Alternatively, you can just spend one of your XP to instantly pass but not level up any skills.
Sparks fly out of the ceiling and rain down like small bright stars on to the mass of orks. Although the hat would have no doubt helped Adruk's claim to fame, it would seem that simply shouting a war cry was enough to motivate some nearby orks. One of many cries, it managed to rally 18 boys none the less who have stopped fighting each other and have begun to fight orks currently around the trio in a manner that could be called a "protective circle" in the loosest of sense.

Most of these boys also seem to be having mixed emotions about the Ork Gurl in the origami captain's hat.

@Lauder Congratulations, you've successfully inspired some boys with your Waghh! 18 in fact! You now have 18 assorted Ork boyz looking to you as their nob.
If any of you would like to roll to obtain Kunklefunk's hat, you'd have to roll against them.
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