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I have an announcement. I'm actually a secret Mahz alt. In fact I'm an alt for all of the mod staff individually. I'm a very schizophrenic alt account, I know.
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Shakespeare on Twitch: "Fair Juliet, would you please dance with me?" "Of course Romeo, it would be poggers."
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The field of psychology was basically created because so many people wanted to kinkshame Freud to hell. Second circle of hell to be exact.



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Can't wait to see whose next in this game of thrones to appear in Dawnhilt!
Sounds like from everyone's character ideas that people are taking the more comical side as opposed to the more serious side I originally envisioned

Not an issue though, I can adjust things as needed although I would like to remember that the Underynth is not exactly a pleasant place and plenty of Arrivalers end up dead in the caves without ever finding anyone or anything, either starving to death or being killed by something (don't worry, its not going to happen to you guys). Basically think of it as Metro Last Light instead of like, the Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks (I'm using the connection that they're both about/have trains but very different tones.)
Guess its going to be more D&D-like with a story and narrative with larger scale stakes and consequences.

Out of curiosity, is anyone here familiar with a HOI4 mod called "The New Order: Last Days of Europe"? Just checking.

The Light Below

We all know of issekai, how a plucky protagonist is pulled into a fantasy world. But what if everything in a world was pulled in and issekai'd from every possible dimension, setting, timeline, world, universe and history? That is what the Underynth is, an endless plane of caves, tunnels, caverns and rock full of things pulled in via the many Mana Wells scattered all throughout, strange arcane portals that fill the Underynth with magic that is wonderous, strange, sinister and everything in between.

The Underynth is a rough place that most would rather not be, its full of dangers, monsters, strangers and who knows what else, not to mention the sheer stress of living in a place underground you don't really understand. Its tone is best describe as "nobledark" (as opposite to grimdark); things are bad with tons of monsters, evil organizations and terrors and many believe life in the Underynth is meaningless since they've been taken from their previous lives but there are also people who have made a living and changed things for the better. There are cities and village and good people willing to help. Basically the Underynth runs on Earn Your Happy Ending energy.


- Standard Guild rues
- Be mature and nice to each other
- Do not purposely try to kill or harm another PC unless they've agreed OOC
- Do not be "that guy" and try ruin the RP or otherwise be malicious
- Try to keep OOC knowledge separate from what your character would know IC
- No posting requirements but please show effort. If you make a long post, I encourage you to make a summary at the bottom.

(Taken from the Int Check, will be replaced with a proper lore post later, probably in the 0th post)

Character Creation

Starting characters are all going to be brand new arrivals (Arrivalers) to the Underynth. Many of the people who are taken are not the super elite spec-ops or heroic chosen ones but fairly run of the mill and average people: office workers, students, steampunk merchants, truck drivers, line infantrymen, peasant farmers, starship mechanics, monastery monks, wasteland survivors, etc. They can be skilled, but they should otherwise be "mundane". If you want to play as someone who was really powerful in their old world, then please talk with me so we can figure it out. They are going to be nerfed quite heavily coming into the Underynth having weakened or even none of their old abilities at all.

Additionally, no one remembers how they ended up in the Underynth. They can have memories of their past lives that could be true, could be fake or maybe lack any memory at all, but no one remembers the events leading up to their awakening next to a Mana Well in the Underynth. They will also be starting largely unarmed. You can have personal effects on you such as wallet, keys, notepad, backpack, cell phones, tools, but in most cases you will not have anything like a knife or other melee weapon and will certainly not be starting out with a magical sword or automatic rifle.

Your characters are no super heroes or chosen ones. Hell they probably wouldn't even be considered "protagonists" starting out and would more than likely be background extras, but they don't need to be special to be great characters for this RP. You will get stronger throughout the RP and while I might main or seriously wound your characters, I won't go out of my way to kill them unless its been discussed and agreed upon.

The following is a character sheet guide. Your sheet can use any format (as long as its readable) but it must have all of the information somewhere.

As for what I plan on playing, I have two words: Skeleton Cowboy.

<Snipped quote by rush99999>

And here I am thinking of making a centaur bandito. Mover over medieval fantasy, we a western movie now

@deadpixel101 Welcome aboard and hey, until I actually have an OOC up we ain't quite at the next stage yet
<Snipped quote by ClocktowerEchos>

I second this notion, though on the other hand it might defeat the purpose of this being an NRP.

Still, I world build as a hobby so I don't mind filling up the world if need be with background nations, then if anyone wants to use them they're free to do so.

That's the idea behind the "you make a character and someone else can help make a domain". People who NRP tend to be more active world builders and don't find it as daunting. Basically lowering the barrier to entry as instead of wondering how to make both a fleshed out character and country, its just a character.
So I don't mean to sound impatient or rude, but how many players are we looking for to start this proper @Wavy Wallaby?

If we're still wanting some more, you could try to post another int check in like general or advanced sections. Can even say that they don't have to make a nation/kingdom and get help from another member who can do that, they just need to make a character. I know that for some people, making a nation is a big difference than making a character that they just don't feel as comfortable with.
CS time! Here is what should be on your character sheet, feel free to use whatever format you want. Some additional things to keep in mind:
- You character is coming in as closed to unarmed as they can be. They can have something like their wallet and keys, school bag or tool belt but they aren't going to come in with a gun or 2 handed sword.
- They can basically be whoever you want in their past life but if they were a powerful mage or legendary warrior, their are going to be scaled down/nerfed heavily. Going from level 100 to level 5 at best.
- Its possible that your character might have lost some memories going through and not know or misremember certain things (this is to give some flexibility if you want to alter your backstory later on).

Example Character:

What kind of plot do you guys want to have? Something mostly freeform and exploratory, a story more akin to a D&D plot with larger consequences or a story with a narrative but less consequential?

OOC Thread to come soon-ish, probably around the weekend!
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