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Current Back from vacation! :D And now back to normal life and responsibilities DX
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Will be on cruise with no internet from the 9th to the 16th.
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"Did I just accidentally reform the postal service?" #JustNRPThings
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Sick... why do summer colds exist? (╬ಠ益ಠ)
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Man, I'm in love with the new Super Marion Odyssey song.


║ Idea Generator ║ Professional Asian ║ Asshat Extraordinaire ║

My name is ClocktowerEchos, otherwise known as Clock or Echos. Before you ask, yes Echos is misspelled. This is totally because I did it fuck with people and totally not because I don't know good Ingrash. As a professional Asian, my Ingrash is well versed. Still learning English though, tricky language that fucker is. On a serious note, my English is a bit all over the place even though I am an ABC (American Born Chinese) since I've picked up a whole bunch of different bits from different places like books, TV, movies and just being around a diverse amount of people.

I live in the US northeast and thus in the EST timezone, although given how I life my life (read: not paying attention in class or staying up far later than I should), I can have some wonky ass online hours. That said, anything past 10:00 PM-ish and I tend to get a loopy and even derpier than normal, you have been warn. And yes, that's possible amazingly enough. As of right now in my life, I'm currently getting my ass handed to me while going through the wonderful American educational system and in the process of getting my ass shipped off to college that I got into by some miracle. (No its not Yale or some shit like that; I'm a professional Asian, not a stereotypical Asian.)

Personality wise, I've been best described as "a ball of contradictions", I'd call it some lowkey form of multiple personality but its probably more like mood swings in reality; my views and actions can vary depending on my mood. Don't worry, doesn't mean I'm going to be all sweet one second and then wanting to kill you and your family the next, its more of a slider of optimism vs cynicism (its more or less always on the cynical side as of late). I fully admit to my own flaws such as being a liar and being a hypocrite, I'm only human and accepting one's flaws makes one stronger; personal strength always triumphs over excessive safe spaces and cowering.

As of writing this (Dec. 20, 2016), I have been RPing on RPGuild for about 1.8 years (holy shit that's a larger number than I thought o_o). I have interest in a bunch of different areas but generally inhibited by my flirty interest in RPs which depends on mood and whatever captivates me at the moment. I take pride in my creativity but it seems to also have the unfortunate consequence of making me every easily influenced by neat things I see, generally on YouTube.

I have a personal fixation on Nation RPs (and even made a basic introduction guide here), having done everything from fantasy and sci-fi to World Wars-era nations and primitive Neolithic tribes. My love of NRPs stems from a love a strategy games I've played since my childhood. That said, I do RP more traditional character-drive RPs on a equal if not greater level due to how much more common they are compared to NRPs. Characters I make tend to be eccentric in one ways or another, just because I have a distaste for the generic average-antisocial-but-helps-friends-edgelord-blood-darkness-magic-katana-teenager-wanting-sexy-romance. That said, I do enjoy smut RPs whenever they pop up and catch my fancy, my favorite kind is perversion of canon types and I've been told I write good smut but that's for a 1x1 interest check to be made in the future. I enjoy deeper writing and little subtleties, if my viewing of dissection and analysis videos I watch on Youtube are anything to go off of.

In terms of GMing, whenever I get off my ass and do it, I am a hardass GM. I am not going to sugar coat it, I can get what other people consider nasty or rude or oppressive. This is because fundamentally my goals as a GM are different than that of a player and even myself when I'm just a player; if "creative freedom" is clearly leading down a path that's causing issues, than I have no qualms about heavy handing a norm in. If someone's character is clearly just shoehorned into the RP since the player just wants the character and not wanting to really form anything to the RP, than I will shoot it down mercilessly.

That said, I am more than willing to help people create characters/nations should they need help, same goes with RPing assuming that it catches my interest.

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Might try and throw my lot in, got two ideas although I have a question: Was gunpowder around when the Dark Lord was around or is it recent?
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Being way more apathetic to suddenly being dragged off by a strange girl in a clown suit, Tachyon the "Bone Boy" had found a party it seemed. Well more like the party found him although "forcibly conscript" seemed to be a better word for it. Tachyon didn't mind much though, he was heading to the front line anyways and it would be nice for him to have someone to stand in front of him being a squishy caster class of course.

Looking at the incoming horde of oni however made him wish there were a few more bodies in front of him. Undaunted, he let his new team maters charge ahead of him as he raised his staff. Dark energies gathered around as the wind blew those unfortunate spirits towards Tachyon's scythe-staff as his <Bell of Lost Souls> rang with an ethereal cry. Spirits danced to his unholy, arcane melody as Tachyon chanted just for dramatic effect (and his own amusement), "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Arise from your shallow graves! Awake from your eternal slumber! Let death take you naught for thou shall serve unto me! May my will be done!"

Slamming the end of his staff into the ground, a circle of energy burst out and quickly fissile as the earth rumbled and toiled. Rotting hands and decaying gauntlets thrusted themselves out of the cold earth and crawled their way out of the ground. One by one, an army of the dead in decrepit Japanese armor rose from the ground, it seemed like Tachyon had gotten lucky. Before him stood over a dozen warriors dressed in the same samurai and ashigaru armor they wore when they were slain; their rusted armor absorbed any light that hit them and their tattered sashimonos blew creating a ghostly howl as the wind blew through them. Clutching rusted, broken or bent spears and swords, they turned their hollow eyes to the necromancer who summoned them.

Tachyon ignored how creepy their undead gaze was and focused on casting a buff for his little shambling army. Of all the Necromancers in Kyoto, Tachyon was probably the one of the few who could reliably summon his minion in a battle without scaring the shit out of himself. "Seasons of ash and seasons of blood, listen to me! For harvest is upon ye! Spill their blood and water the earth with their lives!" With a wave of his staff, a red mist trailed out of the <Abyssal Celeste> like blood in water and wrapped itself around the undead soldiers like a crimson ribbon; Tachyon had buffed them with the spell <Blood Tithe>.

With an unearthly screech, the undead samurai clutched their weapons with the grip of rigor mortis and charged at the oni, uncaring if they were smashed to piece in the process for what use does the dead have to fear death?

<Don't need to make one up, the username already is one>
I hear filling your OP with spicy memes and smutty porn tends to make it stand out real quick.
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I honestly don't know but I'd assume it would either be solid waifu material or basically every sexual picture of my avi.
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<Snipped quote by BrobyDDark>

Cory in the House and Shrek are the exceptions, right?

No exceptions, even for masterpieces. The Mona Lisa is still a painting regardless of how renowned it is.
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