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Two week long trip down to Florida and Disney, activity will be spotty.
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Being home for Thanksgiving reminds me why I hate being home.
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Bricks are just domesticated rocks.
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"Did I just accidentally reform the postal service?" #JustNRPThings
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Sick... why do summer colds exist? (╬ಠ益ಠ)



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Map Time!

To clarify things:

  • Blue is Sol and its currently locked down by the Confederate Guard meaning no one gets in unless they allow it. They're also the best militarily out of anyone starting out and having access to the best troops and stuff.
  • Both Yellow and Green mean that the system has at least one recognized, inhabited world that likely had a seat on the Parliament. Yellow simply means that they were an important enough word to have had a Rift Station built to make FTL faster.
  • Think of it like a highway: if the Rift Routes are highways, then they link the Yellow worlds that are cities and major urban centers while Green are things like rural areas, suburbs and smaller towns who don't have a direct link to the highway so have to go through/near a city to do so.
  • This being said, ships can jump from one system to any other system; the Rift Stations just greatly speed up the process.
  • There are three main direction, the Northern Expanse, the Southern Systems and the Western Reach. North was settled first, followed by the South and the West is currently the newest with the most new colonies and undiscovered places.
  • This is only recognized worlds so its possible that there are plenty of unmarked smuggler ports and unrecognized colonies.
  • Most people will be starting with one system unless your faction is ex-Confederate military/government. Most of the map will be filled with NPC factions once things get underway.
Thread updated with a concrete idea and concept. Discord Here!
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@Yam I Am Okay wow holy shit I was not expecting something like this but I love it!

I was doing some thinking and I think I'm leaning towards a sort of mix where its sci-fi but all focused on one planet. This planet would be a part of a greater Space UN confederacy or whatever and the planet itself is rich in valuable resources but also unstable politically due to having been ruled by a military dictatorship for a long time that wasn't that great to begin with, only got worse but was better than what was there before. Prior to the dictatorship, the planet was basically run mafia-style with gangs and crime cartels running the planet and exploiting people; the entire reason the dictatorship got into power was because it had the popular support of the people who didn't want to be ruled by a mafia. This also opens up the opportunity of "loyalist" factions who still believe in the ideals of the dictatorship (justice, order, stability, etc) or might even claim to be the legitims continuation of it. The reason the dictatorship fell was due to a single terrorist attack that detonated a huge chain of explosives around the capital along with random killings and accidents that left most of the executive branch dead and a whole lot of people with power without a central authority.

Of course, the Space UN sent in their own peacekeeping forces while nearby planets and systems who wanted the valuable resources of this world sent in their own expeditions. Same story with the megacorps who also have their own security teams to protect their assets and maybe "expand" a little. Something like buying up property or a resource point that was recently attacked by "unknown agents" that just so happen to kick their competitors in the nuts. The reasoning for this, the Space UN is more of a loose confederacy of planets and laze faire capitalism.

On idea I had is that these tensions had been simmering for a while now with a lot of the rebel and soon-to-be warlords hoarding their own stuff because just about everyone could see what was coming but are now acting openly. The incoming heir/dictator was a promising candidate who was one of those "once a century" miracle leaders who could do everything and everyone liked but they got killed in the attack with everyone pointing fingers at each other.

As for stats, yeah I don't want to do "hard stats" where every post you gotta do a calculation. I was thinking something more like the NS would have numbers in certain things like troop morale, equipment, popular support, etc to make the three playable faction types feel different as well as letting the events be more interesting. Do you do something that can get you a lot of resources and equipment but will loose you popular support? Or do you gain popular support but make your own troops more dissatisfied. Stuff like that. The alternative is that there is just a strengths and weaknesses list on the NS itself for people to list it out and then there's a lot of OOC talk about what happens going forward.
Crisis of the Confederacy
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It is 2259 AD, and the Stellar Confederation is dying. Decades of mismanagement, political instability and economic collapse was capped off by the destruction of the Human homeworld, Earth. On March 15th, 2159, the very nation-states that birthed the dozens of planets of the Confederacy, had obliterated themselves, taking the seat of Confederate Parliament with them. Now, billions of souls across the stars look to what remains and all ask one single question:
"What happens next?"
- = + = - = + = - = + = - = + = -

Galaxy Map

White = Sigma
Pink = Mao Mao

Confederate space map to come along with pros and cons suggestions.
Discord Here!

Need to finish history and write up the meeting and his appearance.

@dragonmancer Hey I think your discord link expired. Also I have an idea for a character I'd like to run by you
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