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My name is ClocktowerEchos, otherwise known as Clock or Echos. Before you ask, yes Echos is misspelled. This is totally because I did it fuck with people and totally not because I don't know good Ingrash. As a professional Asian, my Ingrash is well versed. Still learning English though, tricky language that fucker is. On a serious note, my English is a bit all over the place even though I am an ABC (American Born Chinese) since I've picked up a whole bunch of different bits from different places like books, TV, movies and just being around a diverse amount of people.

I live in the US northeast and thus in the EST timezone, although given how I life my life (read: not paying attention in class or staying up far later than I should), I can have some wonky ass online hours. That said, anything past 10:00 PM-ish and I tend to get a loopy and even derpier than normal, you have been warn. And yes, that's possible amazingly enough. As of right now in my life, I'm currently getting my ass handed to me while going through the wonderful American educational system and in the process of getting my ass shipped off to college that I got into by some miracle. (No its not Yale or some shit like that; I'm a professional Asian, not a stereotypical Asian.)

Personality wise, I've been best described as "a ball of contradictions", I'd call it some lowkey form of multiple personality but its probably more like mood swings in reality; my views and actions can vary depending on my mood. Don't worry, doesn't mean I'm going to be all sweet one second and then wanting to kill you and your family the next, its more of a slider of optimism vs cynicism (its more or less always on the cynical side as of late). I fully admit to my own flaws such as being a liar and being a hypocrite, I'm only human and accepting one's flaws makes one stronger; personal strength always triumphs over excessive safe spaces and cowering.

As of writing this (Dec. 20, 2016), I have been RPing on RPGuild for about 1.8 years (holy shit that's a larger number than I thought o_o). I have interest in a bunch of different areas but generally inhibited by my flirty interest in RPs which depends on mood and whatever captivates me at the moment. I take pride in my creativity but it seems to also have the unfortunate consequence of making me every easily influenced by neat things I see, generally on YouTube.

I have a personal fixation on Nation RPs (and even made a basic introduction guide here), having done everything from fantasy and sci-fi to World Wars-era nations and primitive Neolithic tribes. My love of NRPs stems from a love a strategy games I've played since my childhood. That said, I do RP more traditional character-drive RPs on a equal if not greater level due to how much more common they are compared to NRPs. Characters I make tend to be eccentric in one ways or another, just because I have a distaste for the generic average-antisocial-but-helps-friends-edgelord-blood-darkness-magic-katana-teenager-wanting-sexy-romance. That said, I do enjoy smut RPs whenever they pop up and catch my fancy, my favorite kind is perversion of canon types and I've been told I write good smut but that's for a 1x1 interest check to be made in the future. I enjoy deeper writing and little subtleties, if my viewing of dissection and analysis videos I watch on Youtube are anything to go off of.

In terms of GMing, whenever I get off my ass and do it, I am a hardass GM. I am not going to sugar coat it, I can get what other people consider nasty or rude or oppressive. This is because fundamentally my goals as a GM are different than that of a player and even myself when I'm just a player; if "creative freedom" is clearly leading down a path that's causing issues, than I have no qualms about heavy handing a norm in. If someone's character is clearly just shoehorned into the RP since the player just wants the character and not wanting to really form anything to the RP, than I will shoot it down mercilessly.

That said, I am more than willing to help people create characters/nations should they need help, same goes with RPing assuming that it catches my interest.

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Need to finish history and write up the meeting and his appearance.

@dragonmancer Hey I think your discord link expired. Also I have an idea for a character I'd like to run by you
Raiden Zheng & Beatrice

Finishing his greetings with the royal hosts, concluding with a short, polite bow. Without much direction, he let himself calmly meander through the great halls but he didn’t let himself relax too much. A dozen things were racing through his mind at any given time, seeing how the air vents could use fixing, how the chandelier could “accidentally” drop on someone by their chains, how many roof tops could a gunman trace a line through a window, and how stunning that painting was over there.

Marching over in his shiny boots, he looked at the painting. A Field of Flowers by Edward Jorenns, a beautiful piece portraying a woman, her white dress and sun hat blowing in the wind, atop a hill of flowers from a dutch angle. Zheng remembered hearing about this piece, mostly because one of his college friends wouldn’t shut up about how much he wanted to buy it at an auction or something. He’d always thought the whole idea of auction to be foolish, but now looking at the piece up close, Zheng could start to see why people put so much value on art like this.

From down the hall, his peripheral vision caught a glimpse of a pair of people walking down, one Beatrice Mei Koing and one Raiden Zhao. Putting on his best smile and straightening his military jacket, he did his best nonchalant walk over and tipped his hat when Beatrice finally noticed him approaching.

“Princess Beatrice, an honor to see you here. I do hope that Königreich der Welten and its queen are doing well.” Zheng bowed slightly as he approached closer. He noted the slight way Beatrice looked uneasy at this whole thing, even though she was doing a wonderful job hiding it while introducing him to Raiden. Zheng just stood by until Beatrice was finished before offering a handshake to Raiden, “The illustrious Zhao Raiden... I am honored to finally meet you in person. I have heard many wonderful things about you and your pet rabbit.”

"Ah yes, I think at this point, my rabbit is a lot more famous than me. Everyone seems to know him so well." Raiden met the man's hand and shook it firmly. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Prince Zheng." He had heard a few things about the Prince and how he had gotten the title, which only made him respect the man even more. "I admire what you have done for Liang so far- I only hope to have as much dedication as you have for your country."

Beatrice kept her expression arranged in one of mild, and polite, interest. It was….pretty fucking ironic, really, that Raiden and Zheng were standing there talking to each other as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

She laughed softly at Raiden’s comment about his rabbit being more famous than he was. “Well, Tao is quite charming,” she pointed out lightly, smiling at the two of them. “Anybody who tries to claim otherwise is wrong.”

Zheng simply chuckled as Raiden finished his firm handshake, returning his own hands behind his back and smiling hearing the prince’s admiration, “It is good to hear such words Prince Raiden, thank you for your kindness. What I do for Liang is for its protection, and I know its heavy price.” Zheng flexed his prosthetic hand open and closed next to his side while looking down at it before shooting a look at Beatrice, he wondered if she even knew about the circumstances around his little robotic arm.

Taking a deep sigh and nodding towards one of the many food tables, Zheng shifted his feet and pointed towards one that had a trio of small pyramids of crackers, cheeses, pickled vegetables and spreads, “Hors d'oeuvres? It is one things I am personally looking forward to is the food here. Unlike you Prince Raiden, I am not fortunate enough to have brought along a fair princess to dance with.”

Raiden gave Zheng a nod. "We must do what we can for our countries and the people. It's a burden we all bare here, but I wouldn't have it any other way." He wasn't a stranger to sacrificing personal life for the crown and the people. Raiden had only gone along with his betrothal with Beatrice this long to find a way to be selfish in the safest way possible and dissolve it when he knew the consequences would be minimal. Though, he really admired Zheng for what he had given up for Liang.

"I'm not much of a dancer," Raiden smiled at Beatrice, "I hope you can give Prince Zheng a chance to dance, perhaps? I'm afraid my feet don't know right from left when I'm on a dance floor." It was a lie, of course, but Raiden didn't do much dancing anyway. He knew how to dance perfectly, but one thing was dancing in a club, and the other was waltzing in a ballroom. It would also be the perfect opportunity to sneak to Henri and finally talk to the man.

Beatrice caught Zheng’s sidelong glance, and duly ignored it, because what the hell was she supposed to say in front of all these people? Oh, sorry my dad’s a dickhead, but no worries because my mom and great-uncle are going to put you onto the throne and then we can somehow get my dad to stop trying to annex Liang????

She did, however, let her smile turn slightly sympathetic as she glanced over in his direction and murmured her agreement to what both of them said about doing what they must for their countries. “I would love hors d’oeuvres, and whatever else they have,” Beatrice admitted, smiling again. She was slightly taken aback by Raiden’s suggestion that she and Zheng dance (it seemed - improper, perhaps?), but...maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, if the music was loud enough to obscure whatever conversation that they may have.

“I would be happy to dance with either of you,” said Beatrice, laughing softly. “Provided that we find some snacks first, of course.”

With a smile and a nod, Zheng lead the trio further into the ballroom towards white draped tables with silver platters, stacked high with refreshments and delicacies; he presumed the full meals would be served later once everyone had been settled int. With a plate in one hand, Zheng gracefully pluck various selections of cheese and meats onto his plate with tongs.

Raiden let Beatrice stand in front of him. "I think I will pass the snacks," He eyed the various meats, cheese, and fruits on the table, but nothing seemed appetising to him., Instead, he waved down a passing server and asked for some whiskey on the rocks. Raiden knew his stomach wouldn't do good with food now, and alcohol was the only thing that would calm his nerves for now. After receiving his drink and thanking the server, he made his way back to Beatrice and Zheng.

"Are we all set, then?" Raiden glanced between Beatrice and Zheng, a natural smile playing on his lips.

Beatrice followed along as Zheng made his way towards the food, aware of Raiden walking beside her the entire time. When they arrived at one of the tables, Zheng grabbed some snacks, and Raiden went for another drink.

Beatrice decided to opt for snacks, as well, figuring that a bit of fruit couldn’t hurt. “Oh dear, it looks like I’m so boring that Prince Raiden can’t wait to be rid of me,” Beatrice answered, her soft smile making it abundantly clear that her words were nothing more than a light-hearted joke.

“I think we’re set, if you also agree, Prince Zheng.”

Raiden glanced over at Zheng then at his betrothed, wondering is they had met before the ball. While it wouldn't be unusual, he did find it interesting. It would be a good opportunity to excuse himself while both of them talked and snacked. "I will have to apologize since I have to excuse myself." Raiden looked at Beatrice. "I have a few things to do before we go back to introductions," he turned to Zheng, "please keep the princess some company. I'll try to be quick." He gave them both a curt bow before turning on his heels.

It only took him a few seconds to spot Gen and Henri walking around the dance floor, hand in hand. He couldn't wait for Henri to be alone, so he'd have to introduce himself to Gen before anything.


Today we have finally arrived on Dathon, homeworld of the Dathu species and member of the New Eden Federation. Despite a minor engine malfunction aboard the AMS Ravenspire, some well-placed donations ensured that we were always queued at the front of any Gate lines for FTL travel. We were greeted by one Mr. Yilam Ras, a Dathu working for the Federal Department of Commerce. As per usual, a dozen or so drones and reporters hounded us for pictures and questions, for use in serious new reports or over sensationalized tabloids I do not know nor particularly care.

We entered the Tatara Towers surrounded by our small army of clerks, advisors and lackies where we were treated a special meal at the penthouse offices before we were to move to the public conference rooms for negotiations. I must admit that while our accommodations aboard the AMS Ravenspire were certainly not lacking, I will never tire of sampling the best the galaxy has too offer. The meal consisted of a Dathon Horned Mugut Steak (a cattle-like creature with a set of four large horns on its head), a light spring salad of local water greens, a Gelberry Custard and Tommy Hawker’s Black Label Reserve Whiskey (courtesy of us of course). I joked that I would be willing to sell him everything I could in exchange for the recipe for that Gelberry Custard, Mr. Ras quipped back that it would take more than my own Stock Share in Atlas for it.

Upon finishing our meals and pleasantries, we moved to the grand conference room that had been all nicely set up with flowers and flags. And cameras. Lots and lots of cameras. Every day I feel glad I paid for those public speaking courses at the academy. Our talks, as largely ceremonial as they were as most of the terms had been agreed upon earlier, where still quite conductive and interesting. In the end, we agreed upon the following conditions:

  • The Atlas Corporation is to finance and deliver materials needed for the construction, expansion and development of the city of Jadara on Dathu until the completion of all major points as listed in the Jadara Development Charter.
  • The Atlas Corporation will provide up to 6 full mercenary divisions under exclusive long-term contracts for use by the Federation of New Eden who may use them at their discretion so long as it does not violate the Atlas PMC Terms of Service or the Atlas Mercenary Usage Contracts. These mercenaries will be paid for in full by the Federation for the length of their service.
  • The Atlas Corporation will be given preferential treatment for advertising within the Dathu system as well as the ability to operate recruitment and mercenary enlistment centers for recruitment of individuals into the Atlas Security Divisions

To conclude I do believe that these terms shall satisfy my superiors and increase our revenue flows for the foreseeable futures. Predictions will have to be adjusted accordingly, should all go well I may expect an increase of my Stock Share. I must retire now to my mistress for the night.

- Chief Senior Extraterrestrial Commerce Negotiation Director Charleston Jekorva

I wrote this at like 2am in a weird headspace I'm so sorry if I messed something up or this whole post came off wrong @_@

Unlike many of the other nobles and gentry, Zheng wasn't exactly at for wine and crackers. He had no lady waiting on him and that was okay, since he had a nation waiting on him instead. The weddings and the betrothals and the endless amounts cake would have annoyed the man on any normal day, never mind the super charged royal egos that would be behind it all. Officially, he was here as Liang's delegation and representative to such a major event that would surely draw the eyes of the world over; hearts and mind, publicity and good intentions, Zheng knew this song and dance well enough by this point that he no longer grumbled about to it who ever gave him an ear. In reality, he was here as part some greater scheme for the Emperor, although he'd be lying if he said he wasn't hoping for good cake either. He knew that his presence here wasn't exactly the stealthiest, he had already been given a very romantic death threat by Black Lily wishing him both a brutal, public death and to have a fun time, so he might as well try to enjoy himself.

"Sir, we are arriving at our destination. I would recommend final preparations." Zheng was brought back into reality by his driver, waiting for the numerous cars ahead of them to pass. It was all there, the glitz, the glam, the show, the lights, photographers and tabloid journalists were obsessing over every royal who walked by. A dozen cameras flashed and a hundred more cell phones went off as all of these well known princes and princesses walked down the red carpet in their dresses and suits. Putting on his white gloves and adjusting his cap, Zheng confidently opened the door of his car without waiting for a servant or driver to open it for him. With his back out straight, he marched down the aisle in his fresh Liang army dress uniform, both hands behind his back and chin up to project confidence and to hide his prosthetic arm.

There was actually a moment of confusion among the crowd as Zheng was not a very well known royal, even in Liang. There were at least half a dozen other Liang nobility who could count their social media followers well into the millions, but instead the only one of them here was a young man who looked more than little out of place. A few cameras eventually decided to start taking pictures again, if not for the fact that this oddity might make a decent clickbait article somewhere. "Mysterious prince from Liang!", "Guess who this man is and win a prize!", Zheng had tried his best not to be in any sort of spotlight but to be honest, some part of him enjoyed being the center of attention without exactly having to worry too much about it.

With precisely order strides, he marched his way up to the entrance where the royal family were greeting guests and gave a short bow before extending a hand to them collectively, "His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Queen, Her Royal Highness, and Princess of Aciras," Zheng turned to each of them while putting on his best fake smile and most welcoming expression, "Thank you for hosting this event. I am Prince Zheng Hu of Liang; on behalf of the Emperor Ming of Liang, I am honored to be here."
Mostly done, just need fluffing out.

Lovingly called the "Flying Brick", the Atlas Frigate is a mixed design ship, capable of being fully militarized, fully civilian or a hybrid of both. A favorite tactic of Atlas is to have a mix of different configurations of Frigates to ensure pirates never know which ones have guns or not until they open fire. It was originally envisioned as a transport for volatile minerals and unstable compounds, many of the armor upgrades and interior bulkheads meant to protect the crew in case of a leak are just as capable when under combat situations.

[u][h3][url=XXX]OLYMPIAN-CLASS FRIGATE[/url][/h3][/u][sub]Lovingly called the "Flying Brick", the Atlas Frigate is a mixed design ship, capable of being fully militarized, fully civilian or a hybrid of both. A favorite tactic of Atlas is to have a mix of different configurations of Frigates to ensure pirates never know which ones have guns or not until they open fire. It was originally envisioned as a transport for volatile minerals and unstable compounds, many of the armor upgrades and interior bulkheads meant to protect the crew in case of a leak are just as capable when under combat situations.[/sub]



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