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Sorry for my absence! A Volunteering position suddenly turned into a Volunteer Leadership position I was not expecting at all so things have been hectic.
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Look at you posers, having to bang dragons or sell your soul for magic when you could just play a lute for some. Anyways, here's Wonderwall. - Bards
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Sometimes we live in a society. Other times, a society lives in us. Occasionally, society.
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Hishiryn 08-MN Kappa, Chief Enginseer

"Slight concern: To traverse the Great Rift is..." There were about a dozen different words Hishiryn thought of putting in, ranging from "stupid" to "suicidal", but even he could tell this was not the time. They had been given a mission from a son of the Omnissiah himself. To disobey a senior Magos was unthinkable enough but even he had enough respect for a Primarch to not question their wisdom. And order was an order and just like a Castellan Robot being given a new data program slate, he would obey them.

"Inquiry: Are there any conditions or stellar dangers to be aware of?" The tech priest slightly changed his tone, "Confident: While there are certainly numerous dangers which may befall the ship, given enough time, awareness, and resources I will be able to manufacture suitable counter measures or deterrents for all of them."

Hishiryn remembered how his first captain thought it wise to not inform any of the engineering crew about stellar hazards because "he could handle them". The memory of being hit by solar radiation, plasma stellar lifeforms and getting rammed by some space whale titan beast and the ensuing decompression ran across his mind. He was extremely glad that he did not require sleep or at least could rely upon a circadian half-cycler to put half his brain to sleep and utilize the other half for in his dreams, Hishiryn was still haunted by the image of a space titain bursting through a bulkhead and devouring him whole as he was pulled into the cold vacuum of space.

Hishiryn 08-MN Kappa, Chief Enginseer

Hishiryn looked at the gathered crew; an assorted collection of meatbags who were no doubt top of their own particular little hobbies with their own quirky skills that might be useful in one scenario or another. It was all pretty standard-- wait, was that binary?

The Chief Enginseer's ocular lenses focused in on someone he only barely noticed before hand, a Genetor. Just by looking over him, Hishiryn could get a list of all the relevant data he needed, having Neuro-Data Links was helpful like that. The man's flesh was even more distasteful than the others, the Chief Enginseer only had limited interactions with Genetors but knew enough that they grew their own flesh and grafted their organs after growing them in tubes and chem-vats. It was understandable if someone outside the Omnissiah's clergy did so -most Imperials seemed oddly hesitant to part with their inferior organics- but for a scion of Mars to do so was somewhere between blasphemy and stupidity.

"Do not lecture me on proper rituals and rites." Hishiryn sneered in binary, "I need not be entertained by a fool in flesh who forgets that there is only strength in steel and certainty in iron. Undoubtedly you too remember the Creedo Omnissiah: There is no truth in flesh, only betrayal. There is no strength in flesh, only weakness. There is no constancy in flesh, only decay. There is no certainty in flesh but death.

Diplomacy was certainly not one of Hishiryn's stronger skills, but he proved himself through action, not words. Plus it wasn't like you needed diplomacy to work with machines. As far as he was concerned, he had a single task and everything else was secondary.

A trio of junior tech priests watched over the inert plasma reactor, mumbling binaric chants as a servitor recited automated rites of reignition behind them. Most of them still had flesh on them and thus could feel the figurative and literal heat behind them that watched their every move. They were mostly at least a decade older than the spritely 57 year old Chief Enginseer who stood on a balcony overlooking them, yet it was clear to all that age mattered little as one of them misspoke and the engine began to suddenly crackle.

"ERROR ON LINE 1041, VERSE 229." Hishiryn screeched in binary. He tapped something on his data slate and the plasma reactor went into a forced shut down. He scolded the youngest of their number, the one who made the error to begin with, with eyes that burned like ship engines. "Fool, the ritual is to recite the litany on every third turn of the knob, not second. And each recitation is to last no more than 12 standard seconds! Do you need to be taught how to count again!"

The last bit was entirely personal preference as official cult teachings said that this particular litany had no true time limit so long as the knobs were turned in the correct order. However, Hishiryn maintained a strict timeline to be followed when it came to maintaince and his exacting standards where the thing that more than one tech acolyte feared. Yet it was because of those standards that he had been assigned to such a hallowed vessel.

Before he could continue to rip into the poor junior tech priest, a servo-skull floated by and a message ran across Hishiryn's vision as it plugged into one of his mechadendrites.

"I will be back." Hishiryn said in binary as he turned his back to the trio of tech priests, "The captain calls for me. I want this reactor fixed by the time I get back or I will have you reassigned to the organic maintenance of servitors."

A pair of servo-skulls with black iron braziers heralded the arrival of the Chief Enginseer Hishiryn whose eternally smoldering robes crackled with fading flames and left a light trail of ash where he walked. When he talked "naturally" it was with the voice of a roaring kiln mixed with the mechanical monotone so common among tech priests complete with the unnatural breaks.

"Apologetic: I was attending to the plasma reactors on deck 47b. They were 7% under standard efficiency coefficients." The Chief Enginseer did not bother with proper formalities, in his mind his status as the man in charge of running the whole ship made him at least as important as the Captain himself, "Frustrated: There seems to be a great many things which are under standard efficiency coefficients. Elated: But I am never the less thankful for being allowed such a prestigious position aboard such a vaulted vessel."
@Silverwind Blade Sorry for not being on, I'm just going to drop out of this.
Hishiryn 08-MN Kappa, the Prodigal Pyre Priest, Chief Enginseer

Born on the mining and refinery moon of Ezot Secudunus on a small Mechanicus outpost set up to watch over the world's machinery, Hishiryn 08 is of the 8th designated generation of the world while his Kappa designation marks him out as the 10th child of said generation. MN is short for "Machina Navis" which is a reference to his current role aboard Edmund's ship (previous it was PCP, "Prefectus Conflatorio Prothemius).

From a young age he demonstrated a great aptitude for the learnings of the Machine Cult, quickly and easily taking to its many rituals, rites and ceremonies. Consistently at the top of his class, it was believed that he was fated to be sent to a true forge world to study more and rise through the ranks of the priesthood instead of languishing on a back water refinery moon. However when he was 16, he was in a terrible accident when one of the world's largest refineries exploded while he was shadowing a more senior tech priest. For three days he was trapped under burning rubble, inhaling near lethal amounts smoke and fire and shouting until his voice was burned by the flames it self.

But some how he survived, if only barely. That fire did something to him and he claims to have seen visions of the Omnissiah and the Machine God in the fires. His charred and broken body was nursed back to health but the ashen smoke turned his mind from a devout, promising acolyte, to a fervent pyromaniac with a fanatical faith of fire. Ezot Secundus' religion and culture was always fire based, the local worshipping the Emperor as a fire god who gave them livelihoods through his holy blood and such beliefs even seeped into local Mechanicus, but Hishiryn became obessessed with the "holy fires of the Omnissiah".

The position he was once destiant for was given over to someone else, but Hishiryn cared little. He was engrossed with prothemium, flamers and meltas. By day he would attend almost exclusively to the refinery systems and by night he would meditate surrounded by open flames, letting the smoke and fume fill his prosthetic lungs. His worship would eventually get in the way of his duties as a tech priest and too many near-accidents were catalogued under his watch so the senior clergy of the outpost decided it would be best to have him "exprience the Omnissiah's other gifts" and through political connections got him assigned as a tech acolyte aboard one of the many ships that occasionally entered Ezot's atmosphere.

Over the course of years and decades, Hishiryn's pyromania dimmed, turning from a zealous wildfire into a controlled burn of faith with only the occasional fanatical flare up. He served aboard several ships from short haul merchant vessels, a handful of Imperial Navy vessels of various sizes and even a short stint on an ultimately doomed Mechanicus explorator fleet. His genius, however muddled it was by the fire of his youth, clearly did not dull at all as he proved just as prodigious, adept and skilled at becoming a master of the star ships of the Imperium.

Now at the comparatively youthful age of 47, Hishiryn is among the youngest Chief Enginseers aboard a starship to command tech priest who are older than him. His position was aboard a new Rogue Trader vessel belonging to the Andamar Dynasty, word of his skills having spread far enough to where his talents were deemed necessary for this new vessel to operate.

Hishiryn is excited of his newest assignment, giddy only the vigor of youth can provide. To serve aboard such a rare class of ship is an honor to him while he hopes to use this position as an opportunity to go on a long awaited pilgrimage to forge worlds and tech shrines across the galaxy.
@GingerBoi123 Yeah sure welcome aboard!

@Eviledd1984 No problem.
@Cao the Exiled Oh sorry, yeah brewing is fine!
Also throwing my interest in here! Only question is will there be any sort of specific stylistic style or aesthetic? Or will we be able to use any sort of ship (within reason) since we're a rag tag group of rebels using whatever we can find, standardization be damned?
@Eviledd1984 Yeah I'm planning for the characters and mechanics to be the same. In all honestly I am probably going to copy paste the OOC thread. Here is the character creation stuff if anyone wants to get a headstart on Character creation

Player Characters

Players will take control of a group of goblins called "gangs" who are specialized in one area such as hunting, building, crafting, fighting, preforming or whatever else as a Goblin Boss. The exact number will be random at the start of the IC don't expect too many at first. As more goblins come to the fort, you can recruit them into your own gang if you so wish. You can have your gang do something they aren't specialized in (IE a gang of hunters being used as ranged soldiers or a gang of builders being forced to help farm) but expect limited results in most cases unless their is a skill overlap.

There will also of course be GM-controlled NPCs who might form their own gangs and do their own thing on occasion. Depending on their temperament, they may only take orders from someone in a position of higher power or only work certain jobs while others are more flexible. The addition of Goblin nobles like those of DF is still pending.

Bosses will be able to add additional supplies to the initial starting stock (pending GM approval first of course).

@Eviledd1984 Yeah its still open, just havne't done much due to IRL things.

@Cao the Exiled Welcome aboard! I linked the previous RP to help people get a sense of what posting and the rules are like.
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