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@Phoenix347Is there any prerequisite knowledge about the Gundam series needed? I have no idea about the series but just want to try to get a hang of thing.

HP 350/350 SP 87/300 MP 0/0

With the tree being uprooted, the fight should have been over. And yet, the fact that there is no level up notification suggest otherwise. It took Klein quite a while to realize connect the thing in the tree stump was a human spine. Seems like the man grew in the tree? Creepy. Not the kind that would make Klein forcefully log out, just something that would give him goosebumps at night.

So, with his cleaver raise, the man is back at his work to kill this "haunted" tree. If Klein is correct, he just chopped the other half with his cleaver. This should be no different. Cleave the remaining half out and ... That should be it, right? Like, uprooting the tree stump or just removing the spine from the stump should be enough right. While his mind wandering around to search for clues of how to end this, the cleaver still performs its duty wonderfully. Raise, hack, and pull out. The whooshing sound replacing the Thunderstruck Grove constant scream and murmur of the wind for a short while. The sound of earth moving as the tree roots closing in. How strangely beautiful in its own way.
@The Ghost Note Is the cat pain emote still there?still open?


HP 350/350 SP 128/300 MP 0/0

With another swing and his cleaver half way from chopping off the tree branch, Klein couldn't help but to ask if he has over committed in this. His Sp was draining because of some reason he can't tell. Perhaps it is because of the sap that is spewing from the cut, or the flower petals touching his skin. Nevertheless, Klein wonders what would happen if his SP went to 0? Is he gonna be unable to move, reduce movement, or just outright dead? Still, with the branch closing in on him, Klein decided to hurry his pace.

One.holy shite .Two I'm gonna die here.

One.Aren't I?.Two

After a few swing to cut the majority of the branch down, Klein lowered his stance to the ground before attempting to uproot the tree. With the majority of its root out from the ground, it should be a much easier task. And of course he would chop the other roots that are still secured into the ground, he aren't dumb enough to rip a tree's roots with bare hand yet.


HP 350/350 SP 240/300 MP 0/0

Oh my god, ohmygod, ohmygodohmygodohmygod,...

Klein's scream echoes the areas as something caught his ankle, sending him to kiss the ground beneath. And while most people would instantly turn back to check the obstruction, Klein was momentarily paralyzed by his fear of ghosts. The ghost, with its long and overgrowth hair covering its face, had just caught his ankle. He could feel its unhuman like temperature washing over his back. Its long fingernails hover behind his skull, waiting for him to turn his head. Meaningless words, throat-cutting screams now blasted into his ears. Sadako is here. She wants to kill him. And holy moly, he was afraid. Like any moment now, she would instantly jumpscare him. He would peer into those void eyes, experiencing her scream as she got thrown into that well. The sadistic laughter of those that left her there.

He will taste the suffering. The Severed. The Rend.

But Klein will not see this horror. He will not die like those idiots in the Ring.

So, with all his might, Klein refuses to turn his head and stick his body as close to the ground as possible. That is until he realizes how slow the "spirit" is pulling him backward. Perhaps because he is too heavy? But the spirits shouldn't be impeded by his weight. Like shouldn't it has supernatural strength because... you know? Supernatural activity? And while it pulling is certainly not slow, for a person with double the human's average speed, it sure feels so. Carefully peeking through the space between his palms, Klein quickly realizes his predicament. He was caught by some sort of a haunted tree? Like it is not that scary... He was scared two minutes ago, even prepared to die for seeing his killer... It is like when you had so much anticipation and the result was lackadaisical. Like he expected more? Like the Ring. Or Freddie. Or the Thing. Maybe Sadako? But now, he can only felt somewhat enraged and embarrassed for his previous reaction.

Raising his cleaver above the head, Klein decided to free himself from the root before giving a better look at his opponent. The haunted tree is taller than his head, with dead branches now overgrown with pink petals that lid up a small area where they stand. Its roots, some smaller and some larger than the one he just cut, writhe like tentacles.

"Miniboss?" Klein asked before closing the distance between him and the tree trunk. It would be wiser now to start chopping the tree down before it is able to free most of its roots. So, with his Brutal Cleaver raised and 60 points worth of Sp being drained, Splitter was activated.


HP 350/350 SP 300/300 MP 0/0

Birds cawed and grass moved like a thousand legs chittering on the rocks. The sky heavy with the dense cloud while the cold wind blew from multiple directions. And the ground is just like a reflection of the sky above, carrying this grayish color and having a similar texture to ashes. There are nooks and crannies where unfamiliar noises echoes. Sudden screams blasted through the thick grove. And already, Klein is fiddling with his thumbs, hoping no one would jump scare him.

To be honest, Klein was never a man of horror. He could play gore, enjoy it even when seeing the fragility of the flesh being displayed on the screen. He had a few good scares when comes to cannibalism and zombies. But the day when the Ring get remodeled into VR for consumption and Klein decided to buy it? He was so glad that he did not watch it together with friends nor anybody in his room that day. For he wet the floor. Shit scary. Nuff said.

And this place reeks of that traumatizing experience. So, with his head low and weapon in hand, Klein decided that he would tiptoe through the grove to find any oni or reanimated warriors. There maybe some spirits that have a great bounty on their head, but Klein doesn't want to clean the VR suit in real life so he takes the easy way out.

"Should have look for more guides... " Klein whispered before continued his tiptoeing journey into the mist, determined to find some reanimated warriors or oni and not pee his pants. Preferably the latter.

HP 120/120 SP 130/130 MP 0/0

"Yes, I was looking for a mixture between single hand and double hand? Like something that deals normal damage with one hand and extra damage when equipped as two-handed? Or something that allows me into a bloodlust state? If it also comes with gradually destroying the enemy's armor over a certain amount of hit would also be great? It would be even greater if the weapon is in some sort of set?"

Klein paused, stroking his avatar's beard, feeling its roughness poking against the tip of the fingers before adding more to his request.

"And can I also buy a set of armor from the Gakui-Re? Something that raises their relationship to positive?"

The orc rubbed his jaw. "Those er sum fancy words yer using. Gimme a moment or two, ye? Gotta warn ye ahead of time though. Those bloodlusting weapons ye looking for? Bad news to be dealin' with."

He strode off then, motioning Klein to follow. While much of his stock were simple products, common weapons for new adventurers to buy and gauge their interest in, the products over here had more care and polish put into their construction. Greataxes with a gleaming edge, halberds with armor-breaking spikes, masakaris of ensorcelled jade. The price varied, uncommon weapons fluctuating at 10,000 rishi, while rare weapons floating at 50,000 rish.

"As fer armor...dunno why yer set on em, but the Gakui-Re don't have their own brand, y' know? Not the same way those other clans do."

“Can you be more specific about the bloodlust?” Klein asks the orc, confusion clearly shown in his eyes as he picks up the great ax to test its weight. “Like shouldn’t the bloodlust go away after sometimes?”

The orc smith breathed, then pulled out a pipe to smoke from. "The nature of weapons is empowerment and extra abilities. Some enable you to cast bolts of lightning, others make your attacks more powerful. When a barbarian rages, their rage comes from within. It is something that they are a master of. But when the weapon pushes into its wielder such emotions, cursing them in some way? That's when a weapon is demonic, pulling their wielder to ruin."

A puff of smoke escaped between the orc's lips.

"Only came to Horogi recently myself, but there are stories of cursed weapons all over Gala. Heard even, that within Erid, Sin-Eaters use them specifically to lay waste to their foes. Deneb has their Dark Knights too. For the common warrior though? It's just a liability."

Klein thinks about what the man said, placing the great max between his feet and then use its pommel as a resting point for his elbow. The Caco reason and warrior’s belief for cursed weapons are interesting, to say the least, although not completely alien. Usually, in most games, you can either make the devil or curse to go away, or at least able to neglect the curse by doing some quests. But in this case, Klein wonders if his demon, his passive, can improve through the consumption of these cursed items.

One thing for sure, that passive thing. Whatever he conjured every time Klein entered death's door? Felt very real. He could still remember its warm embrace, its chaotic eyes every time its aura dance upon his skin. And it’s something. Not hunger. Not thirst. Just something there every time it is called to manifest.
Summoning his status page, the info about his passive confirms his suspicions. This was but a first stage, meaning there has to be more.

“What can I get for 14000 rishi?”

And after giving some options, Klein decided to take the cleaver.
Brutal Cleaver - 12,000 rishi
Uncommon Weapon
+10 STR
After hitting an enemy, reduce the damage of their next attack against you by 20.

Although it wasn't what he expecting when getting into the store, at least Klein got his first weapon, Klein thinks as he felt the cleaver that is neatly covered in a brown paper sheet. About 60 cm from tip to handle, or 42 cm for blade portion only. The weapon, as the Orc introduced, was too long to be a cooking material, yet somewhat too short to be used as a sword. And even then, it would not be an effective weapon for its blunt tip and thick blade. Suitable for chopping through armor and slicing bones, not very much to display a feint or flowery moves which most Immortal seems to be after. On the decorative aspect, the brutal cleaver is not that eye-catching. While it does have this dark and brutish vibe as one would expect for such a barbaric weapon, like the curved spine and rustic color for the blade, it is very normal in a sea of broody and gothic-like weapon. Hell, there is even a weapon that bleed... Like a fountain level of blood, which makes sense why there is a bucket beneath it...

Wait, why did he get this again? Klein thinks as he started to wonder whether buying at this smithing was the correct option. But the "no refund" board outside was enough to stop Klein from demanding the refund from the orc.

And with his newly bought weapon in hand, Klein walked back to the Keystone Plaza to get his first-class. And as he placed his hand on the rock, a message popped up on his vision.

[Class: Mountain Man]

    +5% HP | +10% STR | +5% AGI | +10% END
  • Max END equal to or greater than 10. (Current: 17)
  • Consume 5 Monsters without preparation. (Current: 22)
  • Sleep in the wilderness.(Completed)

Requirements fulfilled. Would you like to accept this class?

  • Yes
  • No

Of course, Klein clicked yes. Now, all he needs to do is wait for his status updated.

HP 120/120 SP 130/130 MP 0/0

While the grinding was successful for others, it was not so much for Klein. He has no item. He still doesn't have the class yet, although its requirement had been fulfilled like ages ago. And while he is not angry about others' item distribution, he was malding for the fact that he only gets Goblin Warpaint. And judging from the text, they even keep playing with others without inviting him.

Of course, he understands why they wouldn't want to play with him. Comparing to others, his addition to the group was more recent. He was invited by Amulak when the group first hit the newly released FPS. And while Klein thinks he had exceeded the acquaintance part, his "friend" status is still a little bit flimsy. He didn't understand the incident 3 years ago, nor the references being made in the group chat. And, to be honest, he just felt a little bit lost.

That was why Klein did not want to respond with others after he exits the game yesterday. And although Ames was kind enough to offer him the halberd, Klein is giving some thought whether or not he should take an offer. But still, he is going to set up an emergency fund for Ames should he needs some money.

Now scanning the items between the shelves in the Orc's Smithing, Klein is hoping he could his first weapon from here. While the market could offer cheaper price items, he doesn't want to place a bet on others' reliability. Especially after the talisman thingy that sucks XP from others. Besides, perhaps the smith would have a set of armor that gives some positive relation to the Gakui-Re clan. After that, finally getting his darn class. If he isn't wrong, the class should be able to activate through the starting stone thingy. That, or the game just rigged.

"Excuse me, do you have any war ax. The one that fit for my size?"

Klein asked the orc smith before picking a normal ax up. While it would be a fit size for someone shorter than 6 foot, the ax is something laughable as a main weapon. Not bad for a surprise. But it is for sure does not utilize his range as an 8 feet tall human.

Half dead and...

Nah, crossed that. Barely alive and after eating a mouthful of dirt, Klein couldn't help but to feel very conflicted about what the frogman just did. A part of him was so happy just for the fact that he is still here and not himself 3 hours earlier. But on the other hand, there was this greed in the back of his mind, saying that if the group are just a little bit more committed into the frogman, perhaps they could have all gain a set of rare items from this. Speaking of rare items, Klein grabs the tiger plate beside him before handing it to each of the group members to inspect.

"Maybe some kind of rare jobs?" Klein said as he handed out the item. The group theory on the talisman was very interesting. The fact that it could possibly drain xp leaves Klein to wonder why would the talisman owner do it? Or, perhaps, did not give them any warning about it? And to be honest, returning to the village would be the best option for Klein right now, seeing how his passive is barely holding on its own. Perhaps he will rest in the village and go out at night, just before the village close its gate to the outside world. He just need to survive the wilderness for a night to get the mountain men class. To be honest, is it even worth it at this point?

Klein can't imagine a group of newbies, with no class, can kill a kappa, let alone 2 of them. And already, he had lost like 4-5 levels. Kinda huge if you are in here to get some early fame. But he ain't here to voice his opinion about class diff. So, it is whatever. Beside, he is more of a late bloomer anyway.


It took Klein's brain a second to process the loss of gravity. A quarter of another second to notice how gradually he is climbing. After that, 2 whole seconds mixed between awe and fear as he freeze mid air, noticing how small his friends has become. If it wasn't because of Magpie's area of control, how insignificant this battle would be in the grand scale of thing? Klein asked himself before staring to presumably where the starting village is. But before he could take anything into details, the gravity slowly dragging him down, increasing faster and faster in velocity and the imminent impact.

This is when he started to notice about Ames's growing head and how fast it is approaching him. And if his Agility was higher, perhaps he could change direction mid air, maybe even move in the air. But... what he can do but to warn Ames from their imminent impacts? But, just as he is about to shout for Ames to watch out, Magpie just grab him mid air, flipping him so he would fall head first, and launch him toward the frog man.

All Klein could do is clutching the spear tightly around his chest, and hope that his passive carry him through this impact.
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