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@Ollumhammersong Still here. Working on it.
Dining Set in an apocalyptic world?
@Ollumhammersong my only question for this is how do you intend to balance the power difference between infantry and mech driver? A Light mech could easily crush an armored vehicle so...? Otherwise, quite interested.
@ScreenAcne Great, time to abuse my power as an OS
@ScreenAcne May i ask if this is still open?
wow. Speechless here, ty for giving me a new way to formatting a post.
I'm a simple man. I see goliath and barbarian. I subscribed and interested.
@Bell Yeah, just read the first post. Do you happen to need a gunner or an engineer? My character could be your secondary gunner and engineer. Like a jack of all trades?
@Bell May I ask if this is still open? I'm thinking of being a chef or a janitor of some sort, seeing there are none applying for the job.
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