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I would like to vote for Haiku for the Ox
Nice aesthetic. Gonna pop in and say i'm tentatively interested.

HP 143/400 SP 180/300 MP 0/0

It took Klein a fraction of seconds for his left foot to rise, and another fractions of a second for his right foot to rise while the other to fall. Some say that when in danger, the human's fight or flight system kick in and resulting in the release of epinephrine. This allows human to do impressive feats like lifting a small car or just fighting tooth and nails. Klein doesn't really know if Caco if that natural yet. But for the first time, he felt how fast a 21 AGI character can run. He felt the cold breeze over his scalps and the dead branches pricking beneath his foot with each step he take. And yet, no matter how fast he ran, the sound of something massive behind his back doesn't grow any smaller. If anything, the sound of air being force to move out of way grew more unbearable.

"GOOD LUCK MATE" Klein shouted from the top of his lungs as he ran away from the soon-to-be center of impact. He knew he has a shield of 520 health, but god know how much damage would this flying meteor cause when it crash landed.

@Mae I'm down if you will have me.

Can someone delete this post. It was a mistake. Ty for the problem.

HP 140/400 SP 210/300 MP 0/0

Was it only a punch or two? Klein thinks to himself while slowly sliding down from the tree's branches. His status right now can be describe as less desirable with multiple huge cuts on the body. The left shoulder was bend out of its normal position. In the back, the purple color reigns predominant. And while he has long change the pain settings back to 1 or 0, Klein could still felt his virtual body begging him for its to rest. What its need right now is maintenance, is time, is a bath with some sope inside it to disinfectant, some meat to regain the energy for the next fight. His eyelids feels heavy. His body felt out of place with every steps taken. At the very least, the [b]Mountain Wind [b] seems to somewhat relieving himself from this sluggish feels.

"Stand still," Klein told Amulak before using his right arm to attempt to pull the crushing detach arm out of his comrade's head.

"We need fire. Have any fire spell?" Klein asked.


HP 400/400 SP 240/300 MP 0/0

"Klein, 86 on my lead and pop them."

Wait, what 86? Pop what? Klein shouted, visible confusion on Klein's face as he attempts to work out what their leader just asked. Is 86 an angle? Or 8 o'clock and 6 o'clock in the military? And pop what? Like what is there to pop.

Even though a few seconds behind Magpie, Klein followed her charge and leaped toward one of the two onis. And like an angry gorilla, if such comparison is suitable to compare a man to a beast, Klein raised his fist into the air before bringing it crashing down onto the awaiting oni.

"Fucking Died." He shouts, feeling the bloody mess sensation from his palm.


HP 400/400 SP 300/300 MP 0/0

Wait. So it's not four months, but a week? And not even a real life week, it is like 3 days? Amazed by the statement of his comrades, the switch in Klein's brain just went from "for fun" to "try hard." Initially, his purpose playing this game was to kickstart another series of walkthrough on his stream. Those with the "Max Title visiting the Starter Spawn" usually gain a lot of viewership. But more importantly is that there is an event happening soon.

"Wait. We are wasting precious time then. Like I don't know about you guys but I'm fulling intend to gain second class in two days... So, we are heading to Spring Blossom yes?" Klein urged, eagerly to just head out and get xp. He could spend sometimes later to find items. Now, getting second class is top priority.

@Crusader Lord Aya, but i was intend to make a small commotion so we can make establish some relationships between characters.
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