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"Family is stronger!!!" Klein yelled before laughing to the reference he made. Don Torito would be proud of him. Maybe Amulak would have hate the Fast and Furious 15 and their adventure in the Death Star, but he was begging for it with that line.

But other than that, Klein doesn't do much outside of standing menacingly behind the group. He isn't the most talkative, nor the most suave of the group. Beside, he trust the group to name a right price for their service. Although, he won't save the kid for free though. They are NPCs. If the team isn't the one save the kids, surely someone else would've done it either way. No reason to waste valuable time for no reward.

[Klein]: Where kids? We have to save kids?

If he doesn't acknowledge the quest, the quest will never exist. Easy solution for something none of their business.


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Now this is something new, there is a whole colony of snake people? But what does she meant by pushing into the goat people's territory? Is this some kind of a quest? Klein eyebrows' raised before filling with exhaustion. If Lugh is here, it wouldn't be very nice to directly ask for loots for doing the quest. But, if that is the case, Klein really doesn't wanna do it for free. Like the mud warriors already pointed out how weak the team is. So can we PLEASE GET BACK TO GRINDING? Klein groaned to himself, feeling frustrated for the past 2 or 3 running around doing nothing. But still, Klein can't steel himself to ask the question to the snake lady. Not in front of the kid.

Klein: Like should we ask for loots? Like I dont really wanna waste my time... venturing into the cavern and probably died for no reason.

Klein paused, before decided to remind the team of their weak nature.

Klein: We almost got manhandled by a single guy. Who knew if there is something like a frogman?

"We would love too, madam..." Klein respond before stopping himself to said any further. He found the snake lady to be lovely, especially with her titties almost fall off the kimono like that. He does found her to be a trustworthy folk, not that there are any reason for her to lie to the team. And again, she has a big personality. Still, that is as far as he gonna go. Big personality is a loveable trait. Still not as worth as his grind though.


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"Yeah, lets go." Klein shrugged before following suit with Magpie, who is slowly slinking into the background if the team doesn't move up. And like a child playing hide and seek, just substitute a two meters tall giant for a kid, Klein made his way through the rubbles and the ruin before meeting up the quest's objective. Lugh didn't seems hurt at all. Moreover, the man didn't show any discomfort toward any member of the gang, which was a plus consider his absent.

But still, seeing him getting chewed like this make Klein to pity him. Just a tad bit.

"So, if we are all here. Maybe the temple lady can give us something nice? We found her most "devoted servants" after all." Klein asked the group, trying to gauge the populace's interest about what to do next.
My vote goes to Despair.

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After retreating from the mud warrior, there wasn't much for the team to do except moving forward. Maybe it was because of the first defeat the team received that the mood is a little low for now. The conversation barely stretched more than 5 sentences between each members. The quietness was kinda lovely, just not Klein type.

Fortunately, he didn't have to suffer long as they have reached their destination.

"Huh, so this is the lamia lair?" Klein asked, looking around. This isn't similar to what he had envisioned to be a nest of the half-serpentine monster. There are no lights. Lack of foods. And was that some kind of a goat monster corpse near Lugh? Definitely not a great place to raise kid. But then again, who knows if these serpent folks are even reptiles.

"Sure." Klein said before letting the scout to take the leads. All they need to do now is grab Lugh and get the fuck out of here.

And maybe question why he didn't answered the text on disc. Maybe?

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With his body plastered on the wall, Klein started to regret his decision. His image of ramming the mud warrior into the wall did not become a reality. Instead, it was his that stick on the wall. The knock back was unexpected from a mob as he didn't recall any monster able to push him back while [Stout Heart] was being active. And as such, suggest the difference in strength between him and this no name low life monster.

Fine, maybe not a low life. Definitely a no name though.

"PSSSH, MAG. What now?" Klein asked his comrade, who seems to suffer a worse outcome compared to him. And as he waited for a minute or two for an answer that would never come, the situation back there seems to die down a little bit. There aren't any flying bodies or muffled attacks. Certainly no more holes on the walls though, which is a good thing as Klein was this close to runaway from the fight.

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At first, Klein thought that the mud drench thingy was just another low-level monster. It was only until Amulak body completely collapses into the cave wall that Klein realizes his recklessness. And without a doubt, this guy is saying some fighting words for a person within throating distance.

"Shut the fuck up, you piece of turd." Klein said before starting to close his distance to the mud warrior, arms raised to prepare for the coming tackle. Perhaps he is wrong for feeding the trolls the attention it craves, but who gives two cents? His body glowed with [Boomer] and [Stout Heart] activated as Klein slowly increased his velocity. Not that a 24 Agility and 13 Dex gave him much speed.

"Choo CHOO!" Klein laughs, rushing forward.
Ghost told me to drop interest, so I’m here to drop dead.

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With the wind howl next to his ears and the slithering whisper that seems to just out of reach, a sense of unease begin to bloom in his mind. And Klein hated it so much. He hated dealing with incomplete information, with no knowledge of what he would expect at the next corner. So he laid his eyes upon the outline of the largest thing in this room, the gargantuan tree trunk in the cave. It's root is purple. Purple . It reminded him of one of the largest milk cow franchise antagonist of the last decade, Thanos. He is also purple. So it must be some kind of a hint.

"If you have to burn anything." Klein said, pointing to the tree roots. "You can burn this."
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