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Having some personal issue. If I am due for something, know I do not wish to ghost. My sincere apology nevertheless

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@Achronum The character is done. Do tell me if there is anything that needs to fix or add. Thank you.

[X] - An outline of a sickled knife shaped from shimmering candle-light. The iconography of Amun-Oh is stamped on the hilt; a scarab with eight legs and a snake’s tail is stamped on the hilt.

A weapon would be useful in case of coming to anyone else. Or, give us more leverage against other travelers when making demands.
The sandy winds whisper your name to you………
What a strange name. The vowels bring back some memories from a distant dream. Hazy and filled with laughter. Ghost murmuring against the howling winds of the desert.

The stars flash above, dying constellations painting a picture of your past. Clouds of comets swirl in an image only you know is true to your heart, the truth for why you left the safety of your clans, it was because….

>>> Write in...

At first, it was a forbidden love. Then, it was out of exploration, traveling to the distant land in myth and legends. But then, it was simply out of necessity. Because, apparently, there is no longer a home once I embarked on this journey. I called the world my home, its multitude of people as my people, forfeiting the safety of my birthplace in exchange for the vastness of the world. So now, I wander off to the distant shore and its people. Traveling become the only constant in this life.

I became a nomad.

Your thoughts are interrupted by a snide comment that scrambles your mind for a moment. Your Vaarnish is well-spoken but many years wandering the phtalo plains of the Vaarnish Interior have left your verbal lexicon lacking. The snide comment repeats itself again, as it grows closer in your ear.

“ Well, look who we have here.”

Roll 4d20 and post result in OOC
>>> 45 (link here:

@Bork Lazer
>>>A pair of bolas wound tightly around your blue-skinned ankles. You can make out the whorled tattoos of the sand krakens that your clan has worshipped for millennia.

@Bork Lazer
@fledermaus Hi, I’m very interested about the rp. But for some reason, the discord invite link doesn’t work for me. Is it possible to ask for another invite link? Thank you.

HP 3010/3010 SP 500/500 MP 0/0 Shield 0

And while the guys were busy with bombarding the recruiter with their messages and questions, Klein ventured inside the clan office to see what is inside. Usually, there are more to be expected coming from a clan. Its associated perks, daily quests for clan contribution, clan contribution store, exchange,... Klein needs to know if "Dead Soldier" is even open to exchange. If it is deadlock into a something like a clan leader requirement to be open, he would just be a merc then. But then again, maybe he would still stick with these guys, seeing how going solo this low level is basically a dead wish.

Question like the topic suggested, how do I write a Nation? Like I understood that we roleplay the nation's citizen, but how about policy? I have no education in policy making, fiscal budget,... And while I had been spending a lot of time in reading wikipedia pages about the nation's policy/ agenda, how do I make the policies and the subsequent situation to not be an outright nationalist's wetdream?

Any suggestions on policy making, writing, and the whatever that related to nrp are much appreciated.

HP 3010/3010 SP 500/500 MP 0/0 Shield 0

"Alright, listen to this." Klein talked to the group as he showed an image he was able to capture during his relationship grinding missions chain. In the image, a giant, accompanying a group of people of various appearance, was traveling across an old jungle. But the most noticing thing was not about how Klein was flexing his muscle with one of the fellow travelers, harassing the twink with his god chiseled eight packs, but the rows of wooden coffin behind them. Despite coming with various shape, size and engraving, the coffins convoy stretch beyond the narrow mountain paths and disappear under the banyan's shade.

"Looks, I think the Mora-Sho had a secret class." Klein points to one of the image before looking at Amulak. "And if we raised enough relationship with them, it would be open to us!"

Still, convincing Amulak alone is not enough. Mag, Ames, and Raime had also grown considerable during these last few days. Leif on the other hands was more of a mystery as Klein have no idea what he do. Wolf- calling? Druid? Nevertheless, persuading them for the cause would certainly increased Klein and Amulak's chance to receive this class. Although it is a low level class, it is still rare. It gotta have something special about it for it to be so rare.
"And based on my in-game research with the Gakui-re, it is the "dead soldier. A rare class. But that is as much as I know." Klein shrugged, expectingly looking at the others. Amulak are sure gonna go for Mora-Sho. The others are just looking to make some quick bucks and dip to other regions.

Calculus 2. Fuck chain rules, I will only recognized implicit rules as the only way to properly solve multi variables.
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