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Russian bot? Possible? Want some new hairstyles in Russian?
you know what, I am in. If you would have me, that is.
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@MaeI'm heading out to hunt in the North Forest
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@MaeNo objection from me either.
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>"None from me," Buford said before looking back at his group, "I think we just need something to start off. Something to get us up and familiarized with ... you know, being an 'adventurer.'

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>With caution, Buford introduced himself and his teammates as he did with the female commander, "Sir, we are the villagers from the nearby village. My name is Buford and this is Daniel." He said, pointing to Daniel before continuing. "We have come to ask why our village no longer receive the protection it deserved? It has been days if not weeks since the guards came, and... we were wondering if we did something wrong that upset you."
@Holiday One question, do you want us to use our own cs or you would provide your own version later
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>Taking the look at the bulletins and the pieces of information being pinned, Buford could only grow more concern for the dire state that locals are in. Already, two hostiles forces are in the area. Without fooling around, Buford headed to where the commander should be while Daniel is still asking his group members about the potential to complete some mission. At least someone is still positive enough though.

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>"Thank you." Buford said, clearly taken by a surprise by the female commander's explanation. "Beastman?" Buford muttered to himself while letting his group follow Daniel.
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