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3 mos ago
Current I spent a lot of time, money, and effort child-proofing my house, but somehow them little bastards keep getting in.
5 mos ago
Elden Ring? I still haven't beaten Turbo Tax.
11 mos ago
Hear me out: Dirty talk, but you use your customer service voice.
1 yr ago
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried in the first place.
1 yr ago
*superhero landing*


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@Eternal Dreamer

It was for you haha! I'm on mobile and hit the wrong mention button. Whoop!
Welcome and good luck with all your roleplaying ventures!
Welcome to the Guild!
Free bump and my general interest. I will send you a DM.
Free bump. You'll hear from me in a bit, I'll just be taking the time to form a proper response for you.
Free bump and tentative interest. I'd like to discuss further, if you're still looking. If you'd like you can reach me on discord
I'm not sure if our writing styles would mesh (I tend to lean on the darker, heavier stuff — And I never do fandoms) but I wanted to drop a bump because Pendragon <3

If you think you might want to discuss a potential RP with me you can reach me on discord. I'm on the guild server.
Tentative interest. I have a few questions and, perhaps, pitches for the story but first and foremost: Would this be in the realm of casual or advanced?
Up for a fantasy epic?

Dead, for the time being.
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