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2 mos ago
Current Electricity may go out/stop working for 2 months sometime around Easter. (This sunday)
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5 mos ago
Got a stable place to spend the holidays. Should be around more. Life's hard man, but things are looking up. Stay sane these holidays.
1 yr ago
roleplayerguild.com/posts/5… Biblically inspired vampire shadow cabal and Jewish priest vampire hunters?
1 yr ago
sorry y'all. back from homeless.
1 yr ago
The be callin' me Tom Foolery the way I be getting up to no good shenanigans.
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Hunting for the Perfect Thought.
Apologies for my lateness. Life is busy. Sometimes I struggle to write as well as I want.

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I'll be honest I forgot about this.

But rereading it I remember why I was interested and will gladly tag along if it's still on the table.

My time is pretty limited ATM but if there's enough interest I'll throw it back up.
Hi, I'm very late to this. Completely understand if you're simply not accepting. I understand it's a case-by-case basis, but I have an idea for a lither trickster/illusionist type that could contrast well with your cast. I also really enjoy your writing style and have been looking for this kind of character-driven plotstyle!

Please let me know if you'd take a CS submission or if you'd rather stick to your current cast. Thank you.
Posting interest.

Fascinating. Subbed, and interested.


Thanks for the interest. Apologies for the slow response. Confirm if you're still interested.
@Dead Cruiser
Is this still in the works?
Interested. Will get a character brewing.
Do you love works set in the far future? Works about humans that live so ffar ahead of us they possess a sense of alienness? Do you enjoy working at a scale that dwarves modern society? Do you like the extreme, over the top, and mildly satirical grim dark settings?

I do.

I'm looking for a group of people willing to collaborate to develop a sci-fi universe filled with characters of our own making, inspired by some of our favourite pieaces of media.

I'm inspired by a myriad of sources for this project: Warhammer 40K, E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy, Dune (especially the aesthetics of the 2022 movie), IS12 Reborn, Cowboy Bebop, Dishonoured, and in general (my home country) the UK.

I'm looking for friendly people who are comfortable to share ideas freely, and work with me to expand this universe.

I expect a reasonable quality of writing. Other than that, very little is set in stone. A consensus can be reached on any devisions needed. It's really not that deep.

With all that out of the way, the concept so far:
They year is 88,567 AD (Arbitrary Date). The civilised galaxy has adopted the Sol Calendar, not because humanity is the dominant Galactic race, but because it just so happens that every known civilisation's calendar and timekeeping system aligns seamlessly to begin at the same exact moment in time. Scholars believe this time is the birth of a mysterious and semi-religious figure known as Messiah, though certain religious sects believe his actual name was Keith Nolan.

The Galaxy is rich in resources, full of sentient life, and incredibly racist. Each civilisation grappels for power. The perfect example of the current political climate is a conflict that happened 2 years ago. The official Human Inter-Planet Government (a largely ineffective and powerless organisation that faces constant ridicule from all) report sheet was less than a page long. This unnamed comflict saw 30 million Prekossian farmers from the tithe planet KUI45783 armed with basic farming implements elementing via Inter-Orbital Geological Bombardment (they threw big space rocks at them) by the Human mega-corp W&B Solutions The motivation for this armed conflict was that W&BS efficiency auditors calculated that the cost of supplying Heroin to the populace of KUE45783 to keep them under control was less cost effective that growing the staple crops they grew on automated solar plantations.

Our patchwork mix of species and backgrounds are crew aboard the GVFV Miranda. We work for a wealthy human man named Fernandez Hupar. It is his personal courier vessel, used to transport what he wishes. It's a pretty cushy gig, with large periods of down time and low expectations (normally). He may request just about anything for the ship to perform. And he will pay enough to make it worth the crew's time. As long as his little expectations are met, and the ship is largely undamaged, the crew has a free range of the galaxy.

You are an employee and within a company. You need to eat to live. Fortunately the company is small, and your servings are generous. You could be in a far worse situation.

Your character could be anyone from anywhere. But you need a good reason to be on the ship, and you need to fulfil a necessary role on the ship.

FTL is not a thing per se, but the vastness of space is made smaller by Luuten class lifeforms. These beings are godlike beings of immeasurable sentience that can traverse an unknown number of dimensions. The Inter-stellar Commission takes it upon themselves to capture these entities with gigantic gravity wells, using their power to transmit ships into one dimensional objects before transmitting them to other Luuten sites via 'wiretravel" this allows for distances that would seem likes thousands of years to take only years. Luuten sits are absolutely massive slow moving space stations, that house trillions upon them in order to sustain the massive resource consumption of containing these entities. The Commission acts as an important political figure and benevolent superpower as very few groups have the resources and information required to conduct effective wiretravel. And no other group would permit the free and nearly impartial usage of it that the Commission does.

There are ethical issues relating to the usage of wiretravel. Therefore some opt to never use it, instead travelling the deep void via meatfreight when interstellar travel is a necessity. The ethical issue is that wiretravel is not survivable by almost any living being. (One of the few exceptions being jellyfish.) Therefore entities are scanned into the banks, fed to the Luuten-form, and then 'reformed' at the other end.
This looks really cool, at first I was getting a kind of Cowboy Bebop vibe, but with all the latin terms and the massive chronological scale I'm getting more of a Dune/E.Y.E. kind of far future vibe from it.

I'd enjoy either, but I'm still kind of confused on the scale you're going for.

Who maintains and operates the hyper-rings? Do they house enormous populations themselves, or just skeleton maintenance crews? Would a maintainer have to be trained from birth to limit the chance of them defecting with trade secrets? I'm imagining they are something like navigator's from Dune. A clandestine, almost pseudo-religious organisation.

I have some possibly interesting ideas for a character. Don't want to spoil you, will DM you with more details once the ball gets rolling.
I'm in a similar boat. I really like this, but life is busy. And I'm also not sure I can consistently provide a writing quality I'm happy with.
Also still interested.
I could see myself developing a bond with Violet once he knows it has a tribe too.

Everyone else has a fair chance, as long as you are willing to accept a grunt or two.

If anyones techy they could try to unravel the secrets of the bubble suit. (If you get in his good books) I have much background about it. I'd also like to talk to the GM and see if any of it works for him.

Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe they connect over their alien appearance and shared foreign attitudes? And Parma is pretty techy, so he could try to figure out the suit business while at it...
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