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Current… Biblically inspired vampire shadow cabal and Jewish priest vampire hunters?
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sorry y'all. back from homeless.
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The be callin' me Tom Foolery the way I be getting up to no good shenanigans.
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It's daunting having a family with such a rich oral history. I just hope I'll be able to live up to my father's standard. And I hope one day I can tell tales of my family to the next generation.
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I should be writing or studying but instead I'm writing love poetry for my friend's mothers.
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Hunting for the Perfect Thought.
I can only type the last letter of the alphabet on mobile.

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Limited interest so far. Shame.
[As a preface, this is not meant to make light of religion or anyone's beliefs. I am merely fascinated by Abrahamic mythology.]

Noah, son of Lamech, cursed the second son of his second son for a crime lost to the annals of history. These people came to be known as the Canaanites. The sons of Canaan. They were cursed to live lives of torment and hatred for a crime committed millennia ago by a common ancestor.

Homo Sapien Khanaan is a peculiar human subspecies originating from the Levant, having co-existed and been subservient to the Semitic peoples of old. However, over generations, they grew hateful of Shem's God. Yahweh. In the second temple era, an underground group of the dwindling population of Canaanites turned to the dark god Moloch for his favour. This ritual became known as the first supper. The boon granted to them for their heinous deeds? A child born tainted with the blood of Canaan is blessed with the burden of a deep-ceded desire for the flesh of their peers. This hunger provides them with abilities incapable of the sons of Shem of Japheth. With this boon, the Cabal was able to live to an age not seen since the antediluvian period and the days of Methuselah.

Using the powers bestowed upon them by their forbidden gods, this secret group began to accumulate knowledge and power. They were some of the first scientists, philosophers, and artists. They had a vast administration keeping track of the genealogy of all Canaanites. Using their influence to hide their growing population and vast human farms.

However, they couldn't hide forever. Someone noticed something was off. The methods of their reveal are another of history's great mysteries. But an ancestor of Levi, a devout Kohen priest would discover the Canaanites' generations of heresy and debauchery. He continued to investigate, not yet noticed by the watchful gaze of the Cabal's administration. He would secretly spread the word among certain devout Kohen, of the purest blood and most pious nature. This group would become known by the few aware of their existence as the 'True Levites' and they would hide in the shadows, planning their first actions against the Canaanite superpower.

When the time was right, they attempted to tear away the veil, revealing to the Israelites the cannibal enemies hiding beneath their noses. the True Levites had managed to capture fragments of the Codexes detailing Canaan genealogy. Using this information, they provoked a violent and bloody all-out war, ending with every single one of the names listed in the Codex fragments being purged from history.

Unfortunately, this would prove to only be a small percentage of the Canaan population. Canaanite elders used the first Levitic-Canaan war as a lesson. Before promptly erasing all knowledge of it happening from all records nigh the Levitican records and their own. They soon instituted strict population control to prevent the rediscovery of the population. And secondly, they began developing a new method of feeding their population.

Despite this still happening in the middle Roman era, the Canaans used their highly advanced and secretive technology to crossbreed human livestock and animal livestock to create monstrous and horrific animal-human hybrids. These heretical creatures had the intelligence of livestock, and were almost undetectable from their normal animal counterparts, except for subtly closer human features. This human-animal livestock was then disseminated across the globe and is prolific across the entire world. Levitic estimates believe that they are outbreeding regular livestock and currently comprise nearly 80% of the current livestock population and will likely completely replace animal livestock within the century. Because of the integration of their food source, Canaans were then capable of almost indistinguishably integrating into normal society.

From then until today the True Levites have gone back to working in the shadows, attempting to route out the despicable blight on humanity that is the Hidden Nation of Canaan and its monstrous citizens, Homo Sapiens Khanaan. It is believed by our Levite Knights that many powerful and influential historical figures were Canaanites or put into power by the Canaanites to help them achieve their goals.

For example, it is believed Hitler, and the entire Nazi regime was orchestrated by them. As well as almost every notable scientist ever. Archimedes, Einstein, Newton. Almost every world leader is believed to be Canaanite, and if not they are a Levite. The entirety of the organisation of Free Masons is Canaanite, it is believed.
Extract from 'The Levitic-Canaan Conflict' by High Kohen Uzziel Cohen.

Your character can be either a member of the order of True Levites, or a true-blooded Canaanite. Both sides are responsible for atrocities and are morally grey. One side is not 'good' and the other is bad. However, Canaanites are required to be cannibals to survive. Also because of the nature of this being a large-scale global conspiracy, you should take into consideration that your character should be fairly influential/powerful, otherwise, how will they realistically influence the story?
Brown L. Cheeseman

Brown blinked. The mysterious girl had vanished. And again, he was alone. In the crowd. He looked around, shocked and dazed. What had he just witnessed? Who was that poor scared girl? Even more isolated than he was, a grieved misanthrope among a field of joyous celebrants. Seemingly the only being in this land not dosed with the euphoric drip of the song...

Maybe all was not as it seemed in this land.

Brown would come to find the truth. For now, he had become separated from his group. The only link he had to his home. He looked around again for some evidence of them, his head peering out above the fair majority of the crowd. Still, he could not spy a single familiar face. Nor his guide. His worry began to grow. He stood, an unmoving rock amongst the flowing river of the crowd. When suddenly, his brow was unfurrowed and his trance of thought was broken. He felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. And he turned.

A small fairy-like gentleman was hovering in his eye line with a smile on his face. Brown noticed the glowing symbol on his neck, and after the being's gesture to follow Brown decided to go with him. Find his compratriots.

He continued examining the wondrous sights in his surroundings. A humanoid being made of twisting shifting abstract shapes. Something resembling a Queztalcoatal. And what appeared to be a moving cloud of flour. He made tried to remember in as much detail everything he took in as they passed through the city, going up and up towards the palace.

Finally, he arrived, the huge doors opening with the sun shining directly through them, casting his silhouette across the opulently decorated floor. He arrived just in time to see an amphibious girl, who if he recalled correctly was Audrey, take the hand of an elegant woman of an otherworldly (even for here) nature. He blinked thrice, staring down at his group, and the various courtiers and spectators.
Should be getting up a post ASAP! If not before work, after work. B)

Happy with the assassination of the mech pilot, Stafford righted himself and gave his person a brisk dusk off. He released a slight grunt as he stowed his rifle. Old age had treated the man well, but the wear of combat inevitably would take a toll. He engaged his suit to a brisk, yet comfortable pace as Queen called for the squad to rally for extraction.

He was skirting past the ship's fore on his way back to the DPV when he was made aware of the incoming blast, whilst desperately trying to disengage his suit without breaking his legs, he slowed in time to be caught in the first stage of the high explosive blast. Knocking him back just far enough away to not be pulled into the second more lethal stage of the explosion. He landed painfully on his large rifle, and a gruesome crack sounded below him. Unknown if the sound emanated from himself or his prized rifle. A secondary bolt of pain from his lightly armoured calf shot up through his person. After the short patter of spall from the ship against his visor he looked down, spying a gnarly hunk of rusted hull poking out of his leg.

His hand made its way to his belt, where he drew a pen-sized autoinjector from a pouch and dosed himself with expert precision. The ringing in his ears sounded, disorientating him. He searched for cover, not knowing fully what was going on. He spied a cavity under the main deck interior, presumably a ballast. He dragged himself over and took account for him person, drawing a revolver with one hand and unslinging the rifle with the other. He started by applying a thick sterile bandage over his suit, wrapping it carefully around the violently red piece of earthen metal. As the powerful stimulants he had injected himself with began to wear off, Stafford's vision began to dim and he felt his body go limp as he blacked out. For the short amount of time he was out, by the time he had awoken he was surrounded by the din of combat. Sadly it looked like he had missed the majority of the fight, but he was just in time to pick off a few straggling opfors with his heavy revolver, the heavy pop of the weapon being dulled by his apparently damaged hearing.

The injured man spied the incoming extraction and propped himself up against the hull of the ship. He placed the butt of the rifle securely into the ground and propped the folded bipod under his arm; he was using it as a makeshift crutch, ensuring no sensitive parts were bashed or the barrel was dug into the ground in the process. He limped his way over to the dropship, giving a disgruntled nod to the team lead as he emerged from his covered position.

Gloomily the elder emerged from his chamber, his crutch shouldered with grim experience. In the end, the mystery crunch in the battlefield did originate, from his wrist in fact. Fortunately, his dominant hand was left intact, but his right hand could not have the same said about it. His left had been through the wringer. With the wound cleared and cleaned, the extent of damage was revealed. Fortunately no major damage to the bone. But that was the only good news. It was a deep, ragged injury that would leave him crutch bound for longer than he would've wished.

He morosely entered the rec room, silently pouring himself a glass of port. He sat himself vaguely towards the back of the room gazing out at the sunset panorama as Skye fiddled away her quaint highland tune. He took a moment took recount his mission. In his eyes a failure on his part, the successes tainted by his lackluster performance after his injury. He was deeply disappointed in himself for letting his team down. As the beautiful melody came to an end he wearily began, "I let you and the team down out there, I should've been able to help more. I'm sorry, old friend."
Sorry for my unannounced absence. Had some life stuff. Should be back now pretty stable.

As the young man groggily regained his balance after the failed de-limbing of the lion man he found that the combat had decisively finished before he could recollect himself to counterattack. The short but powerful burst of stimulants had already exited his system and as he collected his machete from the remains of the ringmaster he tiredly looked around, listening to the conversation at hand.

The strange figure had piqued his interest, but nothing she had said up until this point had really been understandable to his unknowledgeable self. Upon her mention of the book's uncomfortable qualities, he glanced at his robotic arms, then at Yasu beside him. He offered his assistance with wordlessly stretched out his arms; his logic being that a combination of his limited vitae and his cybernetic limbs would prevent him from feeling the effects as much as any of the others. And he could put it back in the classy plastic bag.

Until the second brick hit. His head raised, cocked to one side as his semi-synthetic voice butted in. 'Used it? How did you use it?'
Sorry for my absence. Hopefully back now. B)
Howdy! Just checking in with folks, haven’t heard from anyone in a little bit :)

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