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B R O N S E R E S I D E N C E:

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 7:40 AM

There hadn't ever really been a time when morning in the Bronse household had been calm, but adding a one year old to the mix made the already too-small kitchen downright chaotic. Both patriarch and matriarch tried to develop a plan for the day by way of speaking over each-other while the former attempted to put on a jacket while eating buttered toast, and the latter negotiated with the baby to keep his bowl of banana on the highchair. It at least worked out for Chloe, who was able to survey the scene with a large mug of usually forbidden coffee, sweetened to a point that would bring her dentist to tears.

"Well I'm off then, have a good day." Curt Bronse leaned down to lay a crumb-laden kiss on his wife who pointedly pushed him away.

"Your face is already filthy. And wish Chloe luck, its her first day back today." Chloe put down the mug and looked for an escape. But the door was on the opposite wall, and two giant arms wrapped around her before she could make any movement.


"I know, I know." He released her and offered a far more acceptable grin instead "I'm walking to work today if you want to take the car."

"You're walking because Thomas has an appointment with the pediatrician in an hour. Sorry Chloe, do you want a ride?"

The only thing worse than taking the family's decade old sedan to school would be to get dropped off in it. Chloe shook her head vigorously and changed the topic as her father sent his last good-luck wishes and headed out the door.

"What's wrong with Thomas?"

"I think his rash is coming back and he coughed last night." The both waited a brief moment, listening for some demonstration of suffering. Thomas took the opportunity to knock his bowl to the floor.

"My cue to leave." Chloe drained her remaining coffee and escaped the final few well wishes for her first day of senior year.

M A T H E R M E M O R I A L H I G H S C H O O L:

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 9:48 AM

Despite her best efforts, the assembly was still going when Chloe got to school. She'd taken the long way out of the Port, a route which had the added benefit of keeping her from smelling like the morning's catch when she got to school, and stopped for her second coffee of the morning. Not the wisest decision she soon realized when her hands began shaking as she opened her locked. Other few student, stranglers or fellow hooky-players roamed the halls. A few made passing marks of greeting which Chloe returned with little more than and icy stare that sent one poor freshman sprinting.

She was preening herself in the locker mirror when the bulk of students were dismissed from the auditorium. Physics, Biology, Lunch, English, and Chemistry. The last class of the day was decidedly put out of her mind since the moment she signed on for it. A thing easier said than done when the new teacher -the only exciting thing to happen in the Hallow all summer- was teaching her first class.

"Isn't he kind of hot?" Gabby, a short and too-perky blonde who continuously proved immune to Chloe's unapproachable demeanor had joined her in the back of the class.

Chloe looked at the tired-looking, bald, middle-aged man, then back to Gabby with a skeptical brow. She was brushed off in response.

"You know what I mean, he's got that smart, professor look. Besides its not like we've got a wide spread here. Everyone know Mr. Lindsey is unavailable. Good choice taking that weird extra-credit class, maybe I should sign up?"

Chloe didn't get the chance to ask how the hell Gabby had heard what classes she was taking before Mr. Lehrer himself began the lecture, but was left with a distinct smugness when Gabby was forced to leave the class with a new crack in her phone.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 02:30pm | The ‘Loft’

The first day of classes was always tedious -what with teachers trying to discern where the previous one had left off and the students unaccustomed to the monotony of school life after the summer. It didn't help that after cooping herself up since the beginning of the month, Chloe was already well ahead in most of the classes. By the time Chemistry had rolled around she'd grown bored enough to swipe Mr. Oswall's wallet from his desk on the way out. The man had it coming; too old for even Gabby's standards and well past the point that should have called for retirement they'd barely covered anions after a full hour.

It took eight minutes to lose Gabby at last break, she kept insisting Chloe join 'the group' on an outing to some cottage or other over the weekend. Eventually, she made it to the top floor of the school alone. She kept looking over her shoulder, paranoid someone would see her. Not that there was anything for her to hide; as far as anyone was aware she was just taking the easy bird course with the ignorant new teacher to lighten her heavy course-load.

She walked into the classroom, grimacing at the look of the place. Mather Memorial wasn't exactly state of the art, but no classroom she'd been in before had a such distinct smell. She took a seat by one of the open windows and examined the pass card and syllabus before carefully scanning the small class, avoiding prolonged eye-contact with anyone, until Lehrer began to lecture.

Every mention of hyper-humans had Chloe resisting the urge to shrink into her seat. Eventually she settled for staring out the window, trying her best to look mildly bored. It became genuine when the lecture was turned towards the class, and she actually rolled her eyes when the first kid stood to give an answer. She turned to see Ivy, hyper-human social outcast of the senior year. Even when she was the ugly bullied kid, Chloe had been careful to avoid her. Now she scoffed.

"Isn't the whole idea that no one wants to be hype in the first place?"
Niicee I'll get started on a post later today.

Just a question @Lord Wraith I get that you probably don't want to list a teacher for every subject under the sun but seeing as there is physics, could we also get bio and chem classes? Or should we just be making up teachers that aren't on the faculty list?

Chloe Ilya Bronse
Age (17) || Bisexual
Physical Profile

Abilities, Skills and Resources
Appearance Details
Chloe towers over the other girls and half the boys in her year. Whatever insecurities she had in her youth have vanished and she presents herself with the confidence of what she is; damn hot. Her style isn't modest; favoring expensive and unique clothing, often uncomfortable and unsuitable for small town living.

Character Synopsis
Born and raised in Crestwood Hollow, there wasn't anything about Chloe that made her exceptional. As a child she was smart enough, but plain and painfully shy to the point where even those who'd gone to school with her since kindergarten were hard pressed to remember who exactly she was come each September. As much a blessing as a curse, Chloe's childhood was spent isolated, free of both friends and tormentors. Her family did their best to fill the void. Her mother, Harriet Bronse worked in the middle school as a secretary and her father Curt Bronse, was part of the City's port administration. To them Chloe was something of a miracle for even having been born, and they doted on her enough that she rarely felt the lack connection to her own peers.

She remained the invisible ugly duckling of the Hollow until part way into her sophomore year. Not that things got better right away; the sudden change in her height left her gangly and clumsy; just awkward enough to draw attention. High-schoolers aren't known for their kindness, and they latched to Chloe without mercy. Her smarts, her body, her hair was all fair in the game of torment. Her clothes in particular, which she seemed to grow out of by the month, and more often than not were found in charity stores to keep up with her demand, were a constant source of amusement for others. The already trying time was aggravated when another 'miracle' joined the family by way of a younger brother Thomas, and the only two people she relied on in her life became too busy to help her through high-school troubles.

That was the year she began stealing. Only small things at first; a lipgloss from the drugstore two blocks from her family's apartment, or a pair of earrings from the juvenile jewelry store. Eventually her petty crimes escalated to entire mall raids, where she managed to get a summer job at a clothing store. She came back to school completely transformed. Her body had finally caught up with itself and filled out nicely, her braces were removed and once frizzy hair had smoothed into full wild curls, and of course, her new wardrobe. In no time a very different sort of attention fell on her.

Junior year quickly became the best year of her life; aside from one or two run-ins with local law enforcement, it seemed nothing could go wrong for Chloe. She found herself turning away friendships with girls who had once mocked her and thrived on the petty feeling of justice it gave her. Her confidence blossomed shortly after her beauty and she was changed completely. Her grades slipped for a time, but platitude at a respectably high B, allowing her to pursue an offer from a modeling scout for a winter fashion week in New York.

The revelation of her abilities didn't occur until the very end of junior year. It wasn't any traumatic even or grand display. One morning she simply couldn't get up out of bed. First she had though she was still in whatever nightmare had plagued her in the first place, but as the sun rose and she remained immobile she realized something was terribly wrong. As soon as the new class in hyper-human studies was announced over the summer, Chloe signed up for the credit offering little to no explanation to anyone who asked.

For most her life, Chloe was the nice girl. Not that many people remember those days, back when she practically blended into the walls. She didn't do much to change it; remaining quiet and bookish enough to go unnoticed throughout middle-school and her freshman year. Then after the awkward year of being 15, Chloe's personality was remade as much as her appearance. She remains bitter from the loneliness of her younger years and resents most any of the classmates that have approached her in the name of friendship ever since. As such Chloe has largely remained aloof and isolated among her peers; only now they all notice.

A younger brother Thomas, aged 1 year old. Lives in a small two-bedroom appartment above a laundromat with her parents a few blocks west of the Port's boardwalk. While she's managed to talk her way of of getting a proper criminal record, a few of the local police are slightly more wary of her.

To my understanding, the main application of this ability will be super speed, but have you thought about other applications? Depending on the circumstances, increasing friction between two surfaces could create heat and thus allow Chloe to actually ignite surfaces. I know you touch on this in her weaknesses but I was wondering if you had any ideas on making it controllable or purposeful in the future. Her ability could also make her 'untouchable' at least in the same way that a greased pig is due to the fact she could slip out of the grasp of any would be captor or assailant. Not sure if those are developments you had in mind or would want to apply in the future, but just some ideas that came to mind when I was reading the sheet.

Yepp the applications are kind of my favourite part, I didn't bother including all of them mostly because I doubt my ability to do so in one sitting. Once she actually figures out what the heck it is she's doing, she should be able to slip out of tight situations while never losing hold of anyone she herself captures, climb walls, even stopping bullets if she ever managed to manipulate drag. For ignition I have toyed with the possibility and while I'd like for it to eventually come up, she herself has no heat resistance and with the need for 'direct contact' doing something like that would probably burn her as much as any opponent, but I'm glad you're open to more uses than 'sticky&slippery'.

I have no real issue with the limitations however the line that I bolded took me a couple of tries to understand correctly and I'm not sure if it's just phrased awkwardly or if it's me. But I know this is the line that caused both Roman and I to do a double take in the first place. If I'm correct, what you're trying to say here is that 'Thus far she is only able to change the friction of solids and some liquids.' If that's the case, the addition of fiction might be a good idea to add to avoid any future confusion by other readers. The line in italics I'm just wondering if the comma is a type and if it should just be 'cannot adjust drag'. Beyond those two wording hiccups, the limitations look good to me.

I type good. Yes I see the confusion, took out the bolded part and the comma, "can't do air stuff" should be clear enough I hope.
<Snipped quote by Tackytaff>

Wraith and I have had a quick discussion about Chloe and have both found ourselves taking issue with her powers.

Note that the powerset itself - i.e. the immovability/speed/unstoppability (that's not a word) - is great! It's neat, it's interesting, and personally I think it could be a lot of fun. However when it comes to the limitations Wraith and I both feel like you're talking about a completely different set of abilities. Her powers seem self-orientated, but her limitations talk about changing other objects (from what to what?), altering states of systems (What states? What systems?), and manipulating surfaces and objects (manipulating them how?). It almost feels like the limitations are coming copy/pasted from a completely different powerset. Additionally, I feel like her weaknesses are irrelevant to her power - the biggest weakness you've given her is a classic 'her power isn't durability-related, so that's a weakness', which is a big bugbear for me, and poor eyesight and kleptomania have nothing to do with the power itself.

Clarify the hell out of her powers - what she's capable of, what she's actually limited by - and give her some real weaknesses, and we're good to go.

Maybe my wording wasn't as clear as I meant it to be. By system I just mean the relationship between two interacting surfaces, isolated from the surrounding area. What she's changing is the coefficients of friction between herself and a surface she is in contact with, in turn lowering or raising the kinetic energy needed to move her from any surface she's manipulating. Her powers could technically work for other people, though only one half of the 'system'(the surface she touched) would be 'changed' and thus would be about half as effective. Just talking about it this way opened my mind to new points for her limitations which I've hopefully cleared up a bit in the CS. As for weaknesses while I was going off of what most other people put down I have also added more.

While it's a power I've wanted to use for a while it's my first time putting it down on paper, so I'm happy to clarify any questions as they come. Granted trying to come up with explanations at 3am probably wasn't the best choice either so thanks for patience. Cheers.
Phew. I'm a bit rusty so am fully expecting to need a few changes. Even have a back up ability set in mind if the current one doesn't fit well with your theme.

Hopefully not completely full yet at least?

Throwing in some potential interest for Blackwood if there aren't too many of the more minor noble houses on the table just yet.

-Currently Closed-


So I'm looking for someone, anyone, who is willing to do a roleplay surrounding the Queen's Thief book series. Canon, non-canon, eleven wooden cannons, it's all game. Mostly. There are some characters I don't think I can pull off very well, but that's later.

I'm looking for a partner willing to take on multiple roles (as will I) and develop a plot with me. The setting can take place at the critical point sometime after the most recent entry, during any of the 'absent' periods throughout the series, or before it altogether (my personal favourite). Even playing the Medes or the gods themselves are options. I have no idea how popular this series actually is, so I'm being as open to ideas as possible.

That said. Here are the restrictions I do have:
- Plot; I'm not here for Gen/Irene, Helen/Sophos, or any sort of tortured romance fanfic. I want a wide array of characters focused on keeping their tiny countries peaceful and independent while surrounded by conquering empires. I'm not going to do smut.

- Length; don't force it. I'm not going to write paragraphs to respond to one of your character's yes or no questions and don't expect anything different from a partner. Of course, with multiple characters, over a large areas, there will be a lot of longer solo-posts. I don't expect much, just so long as I can tell you're trying or at least enjoying yourself it's all good.

- Frequency; I don't have the time to respond much at the moment. This will eventually change, but even then I've rarely been a daily poster. For now you can probably expect a post or week depending on any number of things. Quick ooc chatter is fine, I won't ignore you.

Canons I'm comfortable playing:

If you'd like to hear any of my loosely developed plot ideas shoot me a PM.
@Master Bruce
I apologize, but it's time I bow out of this one. My new job has me working almost 80 hours a week leaving me struggling to catch up with just reading the IC which is causing me more stress than fun at this point. Maybe I'll drop by for year two; with a more planned out arc, and more certainty in my schedule. For now, thanks for putting up with me and good luck, I'll be reading this whenever I can!

"Another way of saying good luck. But it was something more.
A dark wink to the fact that there would be no expensive burials for people like them,
no marble markers to remember their names, no wreaths of myrtle and rose."

World Map
Katterdam Map



Gangs of the Barrel:

OOC Information:

A roleplay based off the Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo. It will have minimal if any reference at all to with the Shadow and Bone trilogy, but remains in the Grishaverse, with a few things taken away and a great deal supplemented in to fill out the empty bits. Having any foreknowledge of the books isn't needed to participate, it is after all only a backdrop to the important bit; characters.
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