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So I'm looking for someone, anyone, who is willing to do a roleplay surrounding the Queen's Thief book series. Canon, non-canon, eleven wooden cannons, it's all game. Mostly. There are some characters I don't think I can pull off very well, but that's later.

I'm looking for a partner willing to take on multiple roles (as will I) and develop a plot with me. The setting can take place at the critical point sometime after the most recent entry, during any of the 'absent' periods throughout the series, or before it altogether (my personal favourite). Even playing the Medes or the gods themselves are options. I have no idea how popular this series actually is, so I'm being as open to ideas as possible.

That said. Here are the restrictions I do have:
- Plot; I'm not here for Gen/Irene, Helen/Sophos, or any sort of tortured romance fanfic. I want a wide array of characters focused on keeping their tiny countries peaceful and independent while surrounded by conquering empires. I'm not going to do smut.

- Length; don't force it. I'm not going to write paragraphs to respond to one of your character's yes or no questions and don't expect anything different from a partner. Of course, with multiple characters, over a large areas, there will be a lot of longer solo-posts. I don't expect much, just so long as I can tell you're trying or at least enjoying yourself it's all good.

- Frequency; I don't have the time to respond much at the moment. This will eventually change, but even then I've rarely been a daily poster. For now you can probably expect a post or week depending on any number of things. Quick ooc chatter is fine, I won't ignore you.

Canons I'm comfortable playing:

If you'd like to hear any of my loosely developed plot ideas shoot me a PM.
@Master Bruce
I apologize, but it's time I bow out of this one. My new job has me working almost 80 hours a week leaving me struggling to catch up with just reading the IC which is causing me more stress than fun at this point. Maybe I'll drop by for year two; with a more planned out arc, and more certainty in my schedule. For now, thanks for putting up with me and good luck, I'll be reading this whenever I can!

"Another way of saying good luck. But it was something more.
A dark wink to the fact that there would be no expensive burials for people like them,
no marble markers to remember their names, no wreaths of myrtle and rose."

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Gangs of the Barrel:

OOC Information:

A roleplay based off the Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo. It will have minimal if any reference at all to with the Shadow and Bone trilogy, but remains in the Grishaverse, with a few things taken away and a great deal supplemented in to fill out the empty bits. Having any foreknowledge of the books isn't needed to participate, it is after all only a backdrop to the important bit; characters.
Lets save the demotivational fandom devoted to merely the comic book related things then, shall we? :P

I'm so ready to be dissapointed. Doubly for the new Night Force.
Extra-terrible-nothing phone-post is up.

Can we all just pretend it was there 24 hours ago and I was never on the list of shame? Thanks.

Trenton, New Jersey

Bobbi had regrets. Five big fat ones she couldn't shake off; she didn't want too. They had names, haunted her thoughts in the quiet moments, and were the reason she couldn't add her abuse of Fortune to the tally. Even after over twelve hours of guilt-tripping from Twitch. Not that she'd ever be able to explain that to him. Bobbi picked at the scab that had formed on her knuckles as Twitch finished his latest panicked tangent.

"I don't see what your problem is," She grumbled when he took a moment to breathe "He hardly seemed so bothered." It was Bangs who cut him off before he could start again.

"Really, I just want to hear how the wings worked." She was trying to keep the peace, but Bobbi wasn't in a peaceful mood. The scab came loose, she put her fist to her mouth as the blood began to flow and scowled at her laptop.

"I just want to find Fortune."

"And Delanden?" Was he accusing her? The kid had finally grown a spine, and she wanted nothing more than to tear it out.

"Have you found him in the past twenty minutes and just forgot to tell me?" That was met with the first beat of silence she'd had in nearly eighteen hours. "Then Fortune it is."

She looked at her screen more closely, flipping between security cameras, hospital logs, and a very recent police report. Nothing, and with every passing second the less likely it was there would be anything to find. Still, it wasn't like he could walk down the street in broad daylight with a gunshot wound and whatever other injuries he got from his fall. Even in Jersey. Bobbi moved her hand away from her mouth and began rapping her blunted nails on the motel desk. There were times, she thought, it would nice to tire a bit more easily.

"What about vet clinics?" The idea was too terrible to get a response. That, or Twitch was too angry to speak with her. She found she didn't care much which. The icy silence dragged on longer the second time before Bangs tried again.

"Fortune is a bad guy right? Hardly seems worth it to fly off the handle." Bobbi groaned.

"How much of that time did it take you to come up with that?"

"I have no idea what you mean. I'm always winging it." She paused for only a moment,
"Not going to chirp in Twitch?"

"You've ruffled his feathers."

"Or he's hatching a plan"

"Can't do much from his nest"

"I don't know about that, he's quite talon-ted." It was terrible enough to cause physical pain, but Bobbi caught herself grinning anyways. She took solace that Bangs would never have the satisfactiong of seeing it. Even Twitch spoke up.

"If you two are done I'm going to catch some sleep. I'll keep the computers scanning Mock, but don't hold your breath."

Bangs left the call shortly after him. There wasn't any reason for her to stick around, and she had other work to tend to. Bobbi's levity left with them, and she was alone with her regrets; always close to the surface of her toughts. The return of Fortune in her life only made it worse. She closed the laptop and stood, looking across the room to the window, the cheap curtains failing to block out the midday sun. A run would her good. She was reaching for the Mockingbird suit before deciding to. Fresh air would keep her from getting too worked up. Anxious. And if she just so happened to find herself southside again, well, a pair of eyes could look places cameras couldn't.
Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I realize I'm kinda tired of superhero movies in general.

I've spent practically every goddamn day for the past two years on the defensive about liking BvS (five years, once you include MoS), and have made zero headway. Any time I say anything nice about it, I'm met with the same insipid memes, deliberate oversimplification, and name-calling. Really stains your ability to enjoy something when you open up a giant can of worms every time you mention it.

And I'm bored to death with the Marvel movies. Yeah, this is partly resentment since every time Marvel does well, it's taken as another excuse to drag everyone's proverbial balls across my face, but I've watched every one of their movies and have never had any desire to watch any of them a second time. I find most of the characters to be basically interchangeable, I think stylistically they're samey and uninteresting, and I think they lean way too heavily on "fun" (which is mostly just Whedonesque mumble-speaking and lampshade-hanging) in place of anything of substance. At this point I only watch them to keep up with the Joneses.

So really, my only two options are to keep being hounded for liking I'm not supposed to, or going along with the crowd and pretending to like something I don't. Neither of which really feels like a winning choice.

People just gotta stop caring so damn much about comic movies.

Come join my in my denial+nostalgia box est. 2012 were there are no modern superhero movies at all; only good ol' certified good superhero cartoons. And pre-52 comics.
Phft secondaries. I'm just planning to kill of my primary to make a bigger better primary.

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Because I know these things

totally wasn't because it was the only Question meme I could find on short notice

That you don't have an entire folder of Q memes dissapoints me greatly.
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I still have a few posts to read, and so wasn't sure if you had made another.

Being forgettable is the kind of mediocrity I strive for.
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