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Wolfwalkers is the best movies of 2020! Don't @ me!
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Hello my dearest sweet hearts~ I see that you walk in to my lair. my name is sassy the one and only, come come make yourself right at home and read or play one of RPs that I am in if you~
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убийца академияAcademy for assassins DEAD
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Kid's Next Door: R.O.L.E.P.L.A.Y DEAD
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Magical Girl War

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Claymore Academy REBOOT dead
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@banjoanjo@Yankee@Cu Chulainn

Sora should have taken a train instead riding their bike to the bay.

As everyone in Tokyo are enjoying their morning, Sora Bailong is tired, sweaty and their legs hurt while riding this tiny-ass bike off to battle! UGH! But Sora knows their job better well by now, transform, kick some monster butt, save the day and go to school before they are late, it kind of became a routine to them now.

Sora finally made it to the bay....Well frozen bay. Sora then run toward a hidden area where nobody can see them transform, sure Sora knows that every magical person is just ordinary people after this battle is over but they have to admit, it could be a tad awkward if everyone knows each other identity. It's like meeting people online, you can called them by their username but calling them by their real name is just flat out weird.

Sora can feel their clothes changing from something mundane, to something beautiful and meaningful. They can feel the wind transforming into clothes, it was like Sora is dancing with clouds and the two are hugging, it may seems odd but Sora think transform is the best part, no pressure or judgment from others, no distraction, no worries, just Sora and their cloud bro. Pulling their green sword out of thin air and with a smirk, Sora put on their yaksha mask "All right, Green Yaksha....Let's do this."

As Sora enter the frozen bay, they can see that the battle is already hectic! There a girl riding a motorcycle, other shooting fire balls, there is music player, other girl who is Sora pretty is satan and there a freaking shadow beast and a large-ass boat! Damn! Everyone is so ruthless! It kinda makes Sora stick out like a sore thumb who is just nervous ball while the others are fairies balls of fire.

As Sora thought they hear one of the magical people was doing a battle cry, they quickly realize it was the group of yokai charging right at Sora! With a blade in their hand, Sora hack and slash the monsters, one of them jump toward Sora but unfortunately for them, Sora feel a strong wind going on. Soon, few group of yokai are up in the air and with one swing, Sora unleash a wind slash and turn the yokais into slices!

“HAHA! Take that, you beasts!” Sora say out loud “Never underestimate the Green Yaksha! Protector of- OH SHIT!” Their voice of confidence quickly turn into fear as a giant green Yokai appear and ready to strike Sora!

Without Second thought or hesitation, Sora quickly block the yokai giant club, Sora thought they were safe……Then Sora was fling the cross the sky.

As Sora screaming and flinging their arms while falling, they need to find a way to land safely……That it! Sora can use wind manipulation! Trying to steady themself, Sora made a mini tornado below them. As Sora thought this may work, those thoughts were cut short when they landed face first on to the wooded floor……At least they are not dead.

It seems that Sora landed on a boat, er, magical boat Sora guess. Sora looks around and see that there are three people on board. There the fancy captain, a magical girl who is a unicorn and a half naked man……There got to be some context on the last one. But that has to wait, it seem that the army is coming from that gate over there.

“H-Hey…Captain? Does this s-s-s-Hang on, I need to catch some air…Man, that yokai knock me out Sora say as they gain their composure “……Ok, I am good now. Woof! Anyway, does this boat got any cannons, I think we need to destroy the gate. If not, then we can crash in to it” Sora ask the captain.
Roleplay about Psychics? Inspired by Mob Psycho 100 and Psychonauts aka my two favorite things?! Where do I sign?!

@Mintz@DClassified@Zoey Boey

Mission: A Dish Best Served Cold
Location: ”Innocuous” Warehouse

"......You do that we are in a middle of a fight right? Do less of talking and more fighting, sweetheart" Beth say to the vigilante with a smirk. Beth is starting to feel like she in one of those Saturday morning cartoon, where she watch her favorite superheroes fight crime and save day, she always wish that she is one of those heroes. But here she is now, she is actually fighting crime! It may be a slow start now, but sooner or later, she is going to be a big shot and someday inspired kids to be just like her....For now, she has to take out this shadow loser.

Her train of thoughts were at a stop however, when hunk catch the pellet before it hit Beth in the face! Ok, Beth takes it back, this vigilante is not a sweetheart! Thank god it didn't explode and it turns out it was a dud, Beth sigh in relief, she only met him for a day and already she thinks he is the luckiest guy in the world! Beth nod when he ask her get ready for round two, she did feel confident for their team up, she didn't mess up once! "All right, I'll try not to make this into a firework show" Beth say to him with a wink.....And then blush when he looks away. You wink at him?! Seriously Beth?!

Beth ready her hands if Shadow Scythe Vengeance try to escape and hopes that she doesn't blow this place up. "Then stop being a edgy dumbass, surrender and I won't!" Beth yell back at the edgy dumbass. Despite yelling at what Beth thinks is a teen, this mission is going kinda smoothly.....Then suddenly-

"AAAH! What the hell?!" Beth shout out as she struggle to get the lab goat out of her head, she just got her hair done and now is going to be ruin by a fucking coat?! Beth can hear something, is that SSV? Is she trying to escape?! Shit! Beth could shoot some sparks but that would cause warehouse to explode, killing everyone! All that Beth can do now is to try to get this coat out of the way.
You good, Noble. you ain't holding up the story at all

Damn, Akina knew this would happened but she never expect Shino Akimichi to appear. Minato could at least has a back up plan if things would go south, she could have mention that Ten Ton is in kendo club despite it being a all girl club, it would be a awful lie but it could have work. Akina have add some things to the plan, some pros and cons but her mind was somewhere on that night and what was Minato thinking? This is the big four, they could have beat the gang up if they want to, despite being in gang of eight against four. As Akina sigh defeat and about to turn away with Ten Ton, she hear a familiar yet prideful voice, it was Ikue.

Thank god for Ikue for arriving in time, Akina couldn't handle walking away in shame. "Ummm....Yes! Me and Ten Ton are new club members of Occult Club." Akina say, catching with Ikue lie, although it would be really difficult if she has to balance two clubs at the same time and hopes that her parents don't find out.

I'm interesed!
@sassy1085 I'm sorry, I truly don't mean to be rude or anything but if you'd like to fill out your character more as well as proofread them I'd gladly look it over again.

I knew you were going to say something like that. I wasn't sure how long the paragraphs was supposed to be in the CS and seeing that Pasche CS was short, I thought It didn't matter

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