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Hunter x hunter is the best anime ever! fight me!
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Do you know that feeling of the hype, the rush and the satisfaction for a movie you been WAITING FOR IN FOUTHTEETH YEARS AND YOU FEEL JOY AFTER WATCHING IT...That was me after watching the incredib 2


Hello my dearest sweet hearts~ I see that you walk in to my lair. my name is sassy the one and only, come come make yourself right at home and read or play one of RPs that I am in if you~
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убийца академияAcademy for assassins DEAD
Soul Eater DEAD
The Killing Club DEAD
Mirai Nikki+ DEAD
[… Arts School[\url] DEAD
Frolam Capital and School of Mana DEAD
Kid's Next Door: R.O.L.E.P.L.A.Y DEAD
Fight or Flight
Magical Girl War

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Claymore Academy REBOOT dead
Middle life DEAD TOO SOON

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Hawkpaw and Cinderpaw : WillowClan Camp

Hawkpaw open up her eyes when the sun was shining on her face, she look around in her den to see all the apprentices, including her sister, Cinderpaw, sleeping. Hawkpaw then let out a tiny gasp when she see Fernstar coming out of her den and crouch down as her tail wiggle from excitement, when Fernstar call for clan meeting, Hawkpaw happliy jump up in the air, finally some action! "Everyone! Wake up! It a clan meeting!" Hawkpaw call out to the sleepy apprentices, including her sister. Cinderpaw jump a little bit when she hear her sister shout and then tiredly look at her "Huh?...Oh, did Fernstar call for a clan meeting?" "Yes! Come on, let go! Try to wake up Silverpaw!" Hawkpaw try to push her sister out of her moss and walk towards Silverpaw "Um, Silverpaw? It's time to get up, Fernstar is calling for a clan meeting" Cinderpaw gently say to Silverpaw and also gently moving with her paw, unlike Hawkpaw however, she is already out of the den, she didn't even try waking up Moosepaw, Cinderpaw sighs, typical Hawkpaw, always want to be first

Hawkpaw didn't care if the snow is making her paws cold, leaf bare is not holding this apprentice down! After rushing over toward the stump with Cinderpaw and the other apprentices behind her, Hawkpaw impatiently can't wait for the meeting and was overall excited about doing mark borders duty with Stormheart and the deputy, Brambletail! Cinderpaw however, was kinda disappointed to stay at camp for padding duty, she was hoping for hunting patrol with her sister and kinda hoping with the deputy. Hawkpaw spot the disappointed look on Cinderpaw face, "Boop" Hawkpaw then boop her sister nose with her paw, the two sister chuckle with each other, lighting Cinderpaw mood up with her silly sister "I hope you have fun with your mark borders duty with Stormheart and Brambletail, Hawkpaw." Cinderpaw say to her sister "I will! I bet they are going to teach some new fighting techniques!" Hawkpaw say proudly and then smirk at her silver sister "...And I hope have fun with your..." Hawkpaw move her head toward Cinderpaw and whisper something to her ear that make Cinderpaw turn red "...Mate." "UGH! Hawkpaw, shut up!" Cinderpaw yell as she push her sister into the snow and then Hawkpaw rush toward the camp entrance, laughing all the way there.

Hawkpaw: WillowClan Camp Entrance

"Good morning Stormheart! Good morning Brambletail!" Hawkpaw excitedly say to the two warriors at the camp entrance "I'm ready to mark some borders!"
Hey guys, sorry for silence, just be busy. I will try to post tomorrow or soon.
did someone say a mystery roleplay set in the 1973?

Kate feel really satisfying when they hear Rowan let out a very short burst of laughter, they never hear her laugh before, it sounds rather cute. Then Kate let out a big laugh when Rowan tell a joke about Summer. "Yeah, you're right, Summer won't probably hear us from her demon ears" Kate joke back to Rowan. Even though that Kate was joking about talking to spirits, they were kinda that spirits are quiet about the initiation, like their parents but why are both of them being quiet about it?

"What could go wrong?" "I shouldn't say that if I were you, Rowan. When people say that phase, things could go wrong" Kate say "I mean, a lot of things could happen. Like, what if group of vampires and werewolves decided to show up at the wellspring and be 'We are going to eat, blah, blah'. What if aliens show up from the sky and take us to mars? What if evil spirits came out of nowhere, possess all of us and make us go crazy?...But those are only possibilities and like you say, Rowan, What could go wrong?" Kate jokingly say to Rowan and then gently elbow her arm. Rebecca then ask Kate on how would they put Satan back down to hell, Kate smirk "That's easy, with the 'magic of friendship" Kate say sarcastically while imitating making a rainbow over their head with their hands and then chuckle.

After that, Kate then look down at their feet while walking, their heart nervous once again and start thinking about the place called the wellspring that Sister Deborah mention. What are they going to do to Kate? What are they going to do to everyone? "Soooo, um, that wellspring place that Sister Deborah mention. I hear stories about it but...What's that about? the wellspring and bonding ritual I mean."

hey, i'm not complain or nothing but why next week?

"Well Jeremy, I hope you enjoy this coven...Even if everything is creepy here." After Kate say that Jeremy, they almost jump when they hear Sister Deborah start talking into the microphone. This is probably the first time that Kate see Sister Deborah and she looks very mysterious like their mother once say, she also looks very ageless like the rumors from people say, Kate wonder what kind of skin lotion she uses. When Sister Deborah start calling everyone on the table, instead of feeling pride, Kate feels rather embarrass, they really don't want to be center of attention right now, they try to slide down a little bit from their seat, trying to disappear from the crowd eyes.

After Sister Deborah was done speaking, Kate quickly sat back up from their chair, when Deborah say that they have 10 minutes until she meet the others at the house, Kate sigh, there is no way in hell that Kate is waiting while any minute now, their aunt will start talking to them and Kate doesn't want that, it probably for the best that Kate goes to the house early. Kate was about to ask Cassandra if she want to go with them but it seems that she is talking to a another person and then smile at Rowan while she walking away. Kate shrug, got up from their sat and start walking toward the house

While walking toward the house, Kate spots two figures, Rowan and a other girl, Rebecca and they hear about her, the girl that can talk to the dead, Kate is really interested to talk to her from awhile but didn't due from study potions. "Hello ladies!" Kate say to the girls while walking right next to them "What this about talking to spirits? Are we are going summon Satan?" Kate jokingly say in a deep voice

come on, man, don't lose hope yet. It give it a few days and see if anybody are interested, if not well, it ok to have 3 people
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