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Current Wolfwalkers is the best movies of 2020! Don't @ me!
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Hunter x hunter is the best anime ever! fight me!
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Hello my dearest sweet hearts~ I see that you walk in to my lair. my name is sassy the one and only, come come make yourself right at home and read or play one of RPs that I am in if you~
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убийца академияAcademy for assassins DEAD
Soul Eater DEAD
The Killing Club DEAD
Mirai Nikki+ DEAD
[… Arts School[\url] DEAD
Frolam Capital and School of Mana DEAD
Kid's Next Door: R.O.L.E.P.L.A.Y DEAD
Fight or Flight
Magical Girl War

Role plays that I made
Claymore Academy REBOOT dead
Middle life DEAD TOO SOON

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"The human mind delights in grand conceptions of supernatural beings"
- Jules Verne

Ever since the world began, there were little beings called humans. At first, they were mindless things, doesn't know what to do and kill the first things they see, but overtime, they evolved into intelligent beings and created everything, they invented homes, vehicles, technology, religion, weapons and war. These beings go on with their life like all others do, just having normal life and living their normal world.....But, little do they know, that are another beings, beings that look like human and act human, beings that have magic, beings that can transform, beings that can live forever under the moonlight, beings that are.....Supernatual

Witches, werewolves, vampires and many more supernatual beings have live on this world along with humans and just like them, they also evolved, Even though there is a possibility that humans and the supernatual can co-exist with eachother in peace and harmony but that possibility sadly however, is not that simple. You see, even though humans mind did grow, they can't however, process something that is not normal, the humans may see them as monsters, monsters that deserved to be hidden and if they try to show a hint of the unnormal, they will be hunted

So, in order to protect their supernatural race, they form a organization called Division of Supernatural Investigation where supernatural agents served and protect every supernatual species from hunters and evil supernatual forces that threaten them, human race and the world.

Since the supernatual world is huge, there have been stories of lives of people both human and supernatual, both D.S.I agents and hunter, both good and evil, both of tale of the old past and the new future, this is D.S.I LOST FILES


Hi and welcome to D.S.I LOST FILES, a series of short stories about my characters from every supernatual roleplays that I was in over the years. Whenever a roleplay dies, I always feel disappointment cause I want to tell my character arc further, see their character developed and see their relationship with the other characters grow, so instead leaving them in the dust, how about making short stories about them?

And before you ask, no, my love of the supernatual wasn't inspired from the show, Supernatual (cause that show suc-) Rather, my love of the supernatual was inspired by books that have the supernatual and the urban fantasy in them, like Brooklyn Brujas series (mostly from the second book) by Zoraida Córdova, Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey, Bone Witch series by Rin Chupeco and many books that I want to mention but that would take like a whole day LOL.

I hope you guys enjoy these stories as much I love writing these characters cause I want to tell their stories even further, see their character developed further, see their relationship with the other characters grow further and see their world getting bigger and bigger.

Thanks for reading this opening and the author note and I hope you love this series. :)
DONE! If you feel like some parts are small and I edit them if you want

How real would you want it to feel? (For example, going into politics, law, military intervention and injuries/death)

Hmmm, not sure how real I want it to be. I'm just going to see what the other users think

Would you want the story to focus on a group (like how HTTYD focuses on the Draong Riders) or individuals (perhaps scattered as far as world-wide).

Like start the roleplay with our characters individuals after they met their dragons and then overtime and after our characters meet eachother, then they will form the group

How do you feel about allowing dragon species from other franchises or custom made species?

I think that a good idea

How do you feel about allowing some individuals to speak with dragons (though magic totems or dragon telepathy).

Same answer to the first question, I'm not sure. I do like it if our characters know what their dragons are thinking by their expression and body language but again, I'm just going to see what the other users think
I will try to make character and finish it today or tomorrow
I'm interest, I love Infinity Train!
Same here, I’m interested
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