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Do you know that feeling of the hype, the rush and the satisfaction for a movie you been WAITING FOR IN FOUTHTEETH YEARS AND YOU FEEL JOY AFTER WATCHING IT...That was me after watching the incredib 2
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Guess who got GRADUATION?! ITS ME! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


Hello my dearest sweet hearts~ I see that you walk in to my lair. my name is sassy the one and only, come come make yourself right at home and read or play one of RPs that I am in if you~
Role plays that I'm in
убийца академияAcademy for assassins DEAD
Soul Eater DEAD
The Killing Club DEAD
Mirai Nikki+ DEAD
[… Arts School[\url] DEAD
Frolam Capital and School of Mana DEAD
Kid's Next Door: R.O.L.E.P.L.A.Y DEAD
Fight or Flight
Magical Girl War

Role plays that I made
Claymore Academy REBOOT dead
Middle life DEAD TOO SOON

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it's ok
Serendibite stay silent as the small gem was studying her, when the small gem ask her who she was and if she was a crystal gem, she still stay silent. Serendibite knows it rude to stay quiet but she doesn't know who this gem and what side this gem is on, Crystal gem or Homeworld? Friend or Foe? But Serendibite stay silent.

When the small gem device make a sound, it make Serendibite jump a little bit, Since when Homeworld make that device? Serendibite thought. The small gem talk about the wonders of technology and ask Serendibite where would we be without them, Serendibite respond with a shrug. Small gem say that there is certain significance in this building and suggest to enter the building, Serendibite sign, "Ok, if you really want to go in there, then we shall. But we should probably pull out our weapons..." With a glow of her gem on her palm, Serendibite pull her knightly sword and rest blade on her shoulder "...Just in case if there danger up ahead." and with that say, Serendibite enter the building.
The Wind of the hot desert was hard on Serendibite but she keep walking through hard wand anyway. This is not first time she been walking through the desert, she been wandering around though earth for who-knows how long, so she got used to walk a lot of sand but overtime she started to not like sand, it's coarse, it's rough, it's irritating and it gets everywhere but she doesn't care, she just hope to stars that her dear Eudialyte is not hurt or worse.

As the wind die down a little bit, Serendibite walk up a little sand hill and pull down her hooded, her long hair fall out and the wind blow her hair a little bit. As Serendibite stands on the small hill, she see a building that looked like it's in ruined, she also see what look like a gem about to enter the building, Serendibite slide down from the hill, walk toward the monolith "Do you think it wise to enter this monolith?" Serendibite say to the gem "Who knows what in there, it think this is a trap."

i'll try to post something tomorrow. sorry for being slow, college and stuff

it edit it, if there any I should to edit, I can do it
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